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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 8:28am | IP Logged

Today we saw another episode where the story moved in a interesting direction with lots of open possibilities related to Maan , Geet and Dev ka relationship....We might be angry on Dev for giving lecture to MSK about what is right and what is wrong....we might b even angry on MSK thinking that he should not hv taken that decision of shifting the nursery to the store room without asking Geet and we might b even angry on Geet for giving that hurtful dialogue related to MSK in the precapOuch...

But these above points itself helps the story to move forward because after watching the episode there r several questions which will b raised here based on the above issues like...
1)Will MSK now feel that Dev understands Geet more than him because Dev was the biological father of the child ?
2)Will Geet-MSK sort out their issues tomorrow via communication which till now is lacking in their relationship ?
3)Is Dev trying to take advantage of this delicate situation ?Evil Smile
4)Will Geet go after MSK as usual to say sorry for those hurtful dialogues she said in the precap or will MSK go after Geet realising that she is in a state of shock and so he needs to put forward his views and make her understand why he shifted the nursery to the store room ?
5)Will misunderstanding happen here or will Maaneet come out of this difficult phase with their strength of belief in each other ?
So many questions raised in one episode and noone knows what will happen next....Isn't this good for the series that the unpredictable nature of the story is backBig smile...In fact we can say that now we hv a story and many possibilities which CVs can play aroundEmbarrassed...Lets all remember one thing with baby out of the picture,the only way Geet can get her justice is if Dev turns negative and decides to destroy Maaneet's life...or else if Dev continues to b a saint and follows the path of redemption ,then everyone will hv to forget about the justice track....its upto the CVs now which way they want to go...if they want to keep the original flavour of the series intact,then justice track should b the main focus here for which Dev becoming evil again becomes a necessity so that Maaneet can fight him togetherSmile...How and why will he become evil or how will this lead to justice track is not my concern...its upto the CVs how they make Dev negative with proper justification and proceed the story towards the justice trackBig smile...
Now coming to MSK,Dev and Geet ka different reactions regarding shifting of the baby's nursery  to store room..this is what I will say here
Every human being reacts to trauma in a different manner...

MSK's way of reacting is to pack off his past pain in a store-room and move ahead without giving it time to heal...he has done it earlier as well...Remember the attic episode where we saw a smiling MSK photo and his childhood too he feels that by packing off all the baby memories,he can give peace to himself as well as Geet...

Geet's way of reacting is to let time heal those wounds while she continues to live with the sweet memories of her past and tries to forget the bitter ones...Earlier too she did the same when she came to Delhi to give a future to her baby..and today also we see Geet wants to live with her baby memories and give it some time as she feels this can give her peace...

Dev's way of reacting is to go through the guilt trip for a while and then try to analyse the other person's pain and react accordingly and as per the situation...Dev is manipulative in his mind...he knows exactly how MSK and Geet behaves in trauma...he is just taking that advantage hereEvil Smile...
So Every human being has a different way of dealing with issues...and one cannot really change somoeone's basic natureSmile

We as viewers can see MSK feeling for the baby..crying ...sulking in pain..hving tears and all that...but did Geet see MSK feeling the pain in front of her eyes ??...all she saw was MSK normally going to office..working...asking Geet to bring her tiffin and then when she reaches the office,MSK casually asks her to get him the files ...So basically in front of Geet,we saw that MSK is trying to act as if he is not feeling in her mind she might b thinking MSK has no more emotions left for the baby as he has moved on....she has no idea that MSK is also sulking but he doesn't want to show it to all this needs to b conveyed to Geet by MSK himself..and for that both needs to COMMUNICATE HERE Embarrassed

Dev is like a silent spectator in this case..he knows what both r going through..he has seen both Maan and Geet going through the pain alone...remember Dev saw MSK going out of the hospital room in shock in saturday's episode...and then yesterday Dev saw Geet crying in the basically he has analysed both the characters clearly in his mind and so now he knows how to manipluate the situation far as MSK is concerned, its his basic nature not to show his pain to anyone... He never really showed his past pain to even Dadi...we r still wondering what turned the Smiling-attic MSK into a dusht danavErmm, its not there in his nature to show his emotions to anyone especially if the person is close to his heart and Dev knows this particular weakness of MSK and thats where he is trying to targetEvil Smile...Dev is well aware that Geet is very vulnerable right now and will react instantly whereas MSK is someone who never shows his emotions to anyone...he has analysed both and now he knows how to manipulate the situation..Evil Smile...But thats what progresses the story ahead...Thats what will make Dev evil and thats what will bring Maaneet together to fight against the evilApprove
Today  after seeing the precap,questions were raised on who is more attached to the baby...Maan or Geet ?...I will say the baby belonged to both Geet as well as Maan...they both fought for it equally...right from the HP days...Just remember those days when both Maaneet jointly fought the likes of Brij and co together to save the baby...yes MSK was not aware of baby's existence that time but still he saved the baby by saving Geet's life and at the same time Geet too dared to go against her family and society to save her both were equally attached to the baby...but a mother's and father's thinking is not always the same....MSK today felt its better he takes away all baby stuffs from this room so that Geet can get out of her depression and Geet feels that she can b at peace if those baby-stuffs remain with her as pleasant memories...both hv thought in different direction but that doesn't mean one was more attached to the baby than the other.....its just that both r thinking in different direction....and unfortunately Dev is going to take advantage of it in the future Ouch....but thats what will progress the story aheadBig smile
About what Geet said in the precap...well MSK too says such hurtful words when he is angry or hurt...Geet too did the same today....its because they both love each other so much that sometimes they both end up hurting each other badly too only to realise later that they both should hv tried to understand each other's emotions mayb...Embarrassed....Will this give rise to MU ??Well if anyone really thinks that this will give rise to MU between them ,then I will only say that the person has yet not understood the basic character-sketch of Maan-Geet or how a huband-wife reacts in such vulnerable situationsSmile...

Since MSK-Geet r husband wife they both need to sit and discuss or share the pain with each other in the next episode ..that will get both out from their depressionEmbarrassed...they need to b together both physically as well as mentally to heal each other's woundsSmile...
Coming to AA-Track ,I still don't understand what is the purpose of this track as it looks totally disjointed from the main storyConfused..What happened to Arjun ka so called revenge ??Does he even remember that NT is still in coma ??...Do the CVs remember that NT was suppose to b in coma ??Confused....In the hospital Arjun and Dev both were present in Saturday's episode...but still there was no confrontation between the two...why ??Confused...and today it seems mayb Sangram ka character will end now with Annie declaring that she loves someone else...Nitya overhears it matlab we might see Nitya turning into a vamp in AA-Love torture storyErmm...its going in circles and I dunno why I m even analysing itStern SmileLOLLOL...CVs plss put a full stop to this AA-Torture...Unite them and send them to himalayas asapBig smile...
MSK giving fitting reply to Dev about not to interfere in their lives was the best scene of the episode todayThumbs Up..GC was awesome with his attitude there and SS today looked quite cool without specsEmbarrassed....
Last but not the least Today Geet going to office and then MSK trying to divert her mind by asking her to get the files was a good move by the CVs and I hope in the future this scene is capitalised and Geet starts working in KC againThumbs Up....
Today more than Episode Analysis I hv tried to mention the future dynamics of these characters becuase today's episode in terms of content had little to offer but in terms of future character and relationship development had much more to offer...Approve
Episode Rating:8/10...I liked the episode in terms of story and character development....whether MSK or Geet or Dev was wrong today in their POVs is the main purpose of today's episode and thats what all viewers hv been discussing todayBig smile...According to me MSK-Geet r just reacting in different way just how a father and a mother will react after losing their child as per their basic nature and Dev is the one taking the advantage of the situationSmile..For me the different reactions of different characters made the episode interesting and so it worked for meEmbarrassed
Lets all remember that grief period takes a bit of time to fully recover..we can't expect Maan-Geet to start jumping in joy and romancing each other in just 2 episodes post-MC...they need time to come out of their depression or else we will again complain that its OTT Smile..

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This is particularly in light of the recent moderator warning 
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taqdir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 8:35am | IP Logged

About yesterday's episode, i didnt like dadi trying to act that nothing happened at all. Rather she could have shared her any sad experience in life. In situations like these people dont get happy easily but open up to people who experienced similar pain or people who are currently in pain. People in pain feel a bonding with other people in pain and thereby open up and move on.

I think dev shoulod start calling geet, "bhabi". Living in the same house and not respecting the relation is indecent. Besides he was supposed to run some KC office located somewhere else. What is he doing  by always overhearing other's plan and trying to be a part of it?
Episode analysis ................later :)

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 8:36am | IP Logged

The loss of a child is one the worst blows a woman can sustain
But even in this Geet must remain poised, her dignity she must maintain
This is my request to the creatives of this fine show
Please keep this in mind while the seeds of the future track you sow
The bonding between Maan and Geet is the USP of this tale
Please keep it on the forefront and avoid OTT drama which is just stale
Bring back the balance of elements you had before
Lots of positivity, with a dash of negativity and a boatload of comedy
Let us hope this is what the creatives have in store
Because to silence all the detractors this is going to be a fantastic remedy

more later

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Soapoperasrfun IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 8:38am | IP Logged

We are devils who hold the hidden key to success
Impress us and we won't hesitate to share it
Creativity I know the CV's of this show possess
I am willing to share secrets with the CV's, a little bit

The story of GHSP has always had a message positive
This is the reason why the show's audience stand by it
Stay true to the story you started to weave and be creative
And in doing so, you will reach heights you never dreamt

The next high of your show is its lead characters
The chemistry they share is sizzling
But the show is missing an antagonist, a traitor
Spice it up, unless from everyone's mind you want to go missing

You know of some characters we refer to as Non-existent
They are characters we do not approve of
To end their track and get them off of the air is important
For they landed from nowhere and should leave the same way, puff

The past couple of episodes have been beautiful
In my mind I know that today will be no different
As a devil I will be obedient and dutiful
And give my assessment of the episode - Good, Bad or Indifferent

- Rhyming Pine


Episode Analysis

Today's episode was too slow. needless to say, right? It has so much of NE's in it. 

Geet taking food for Maan was a good thing. It was a change for her to step out of the house and Maan anticipated that she will bring him the food. Everyone acted normal. It will be interesting to see how Geet perceived this normalcy. Some might think that it would all make her feel like noone cares about her loss, but I will disagree with those people. Losses such as these are beyond such assumptions. You are barely thinking of anything else and are so engulfed in your own sorrow and loss. If anything, the office was just a slight change in ambience for Geet.

Daadi is being truly intrusive in her effort to cheer Maan and Geet. There are some situations which people should just ride through instead of trying to fight it. The outcome will be better. It is unhealthy to hold back grief and will always prove better if you vent it out. Maan and Geet should be there for each other and ride this phase together. Daadi again volunteered to take Geet to the hospital. She should have let Maan take her and Maan could have asked daadi to have the room cleared. Daadi, please leave Maan and Geet alone.

Maan yelling at Dev was the highest point in the show today. Irrespective of whether Maan was right or not, Dev had no business telling him one way or the other. And Maan needed no further pushing - His, I have let you stay in my house, not to interfere in my life. Dare you say anything to me about Geet was outstanding.

Regarding tomorrow's precap - There will be no misunderstanding. Maaneet have had many opportunities to talk things out but have always chosen not to. This is yet another unfortunate opportunity. If they want to grow in their relationship, the only way to do it is through communication. I hope Maan opens his heart out to Geet tomorrow and makes it clear to her that he is greiving no less than her. They need to talk.

NE's ka band karo yaar. Bahut ho gaya. Please band karo. 


Future Storyline

Things I want to see hereafter (Till one month from now maybe. I will add more at the end of one month)

1. Maan and Geet are an ideal couple to a lot of people. They care for each other more than they do for themselves. But they do not do what most normal couples do naturally, COMMUNICATE. Here is another unfortunate opportunity present to them. I want them to make use of it. They need to talk their hearts out to each other and get over their grief of loosing the baby together. 

2. Dev should keep making lame attempts to get the attention of either Maan or Geet and should keep getting put down and told off by both. That should make Dev utterly uncomfortable and frustrated. 

3. Geet should suggest to Maan that it might do her some good if she starts working again since that will keep her mind occupied and she will get to spend more time with him. Maan should readily agree.

4. The office staff should be used more efficiently and the office scenario can be made like earlier. Everyone having fun as well as working. The atmosphere and them being with each other should help Maaneet come out of their grief slowly and things should start getting back to normal.

If Geet starts working again, then all the staff can have a common meeting where everyone is sharing their opinion about the new project. When Geet is asked for her opinion, she might feel compelled to address Maan as Sir in front of everyone (or she might do it out of habit). Maan might make a mental note of it and demand an explanation for it at home later that night and punish her for it. The punishment can then lead to something more passionate. Blushing 

6. This should be the last straw for Dev. Despite all hurdles, Maaneet learn to be happy in each other's company and while Dev has noone and is always unhappy. This fact should frustrate him to no ends leading to him wanting Maan;s debacle. 

7. NES and Arjun's track has lasted more than it should. Arjun has started softening towards NES again. This time she should just tell him the entire truth about his sister and it should somehow be validated by daadi or dev. Dev doing it is doubtful. So I will settle for daadi telling Arjun everything. Arjun marries NES and NES can take care of Arjun's house thereafter and never be shown again.

8. Arjun should become Geet's good friend and should help her and Maan out in the next negative track that comes about, which in all probability can be Sameera. 

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winona IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 8:48am | IP Logged
I am crazy about  old hindi film songs. I usually associate all emotions with a song.
This is how Geet must be feeling now.

mitti se khelte ho baar baar kis liye
toote huwe khilonose pyar kis liye

bana ke zindganiyaan bigadne se kya mila

meri ummeed ka jahaan ujaadne se kya mila

aayi thi do dino ki ye bahaar kis liye

mitti se khelte ho baar baar kis liye ........

zara si dhool ko hazaar roop naam de diye
zara si jaan sar pe saat aasmaan de diye

barbaad zindagi ka ye singaar kis liye

mitti se khelte ho baar baar kis liye ............

zameen gair ho gayi ye aasmaan badal gaya

hawa ke rukh badal gaye har ek phool jal gaya

bajte hain ab ye saanso ke taar kis liye

mitti se khelte ho baar baar kis liye ............


Coming to the episode.

Maan's plan to divert Geet's mind is successful. She goes to the office to give his lunch box. He manages to keep her busy in the office. But as soon as she back home she goes back to her shell.

Maan thinks that may be the baby's nursery is making Geet go back to the unhappy memories. 

So when Dadi takes Geet to the doctor for check up, he decides to clear that room and pack all the baby things and send them to the store room.

Dev sees this and  tells Maan that it may not be a good idea.

Though I hated Dev telling this to Maan, for me too it was too soon to get rid of all things related to the baby. Losing a child is the most horrific experience a mother can face. It takes time to heal. And all Maan needs is to give Geet time to cope up with her loss. He has to be patient.

As the pre-cap suggests Geet might mis-understand him. But later she will surely realize that Maan did it for her and not because he wanted to erase the baby's  memories by sending all the things to the store room (as he has done in the past).

as for the AANS scenes: is the same serial? 

Again fab acting by GC and DD. SS is also quite good. And he has managed to keep the suspense about his intensions.

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.YixingsManal. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged
feel like reservin afta ages ;] 

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Jyoti, I love den title, let me continue the song here!  One of my favorites!

...kahan shuru kahan khatam...yeh manzilein hai kaun si....nah woh samaj sake na hum....

My chota take for today!

I absolutely loved the episode, infact Im glad creatives are taking time in showing Geet's loss of her baby!   MSK is grieving as well, but doing a put on in front of Geet!   Well, this is where I think both as parents need to grieve together and show their tru emotions to each other!  This way both will know how each other feel, yes they might know inside, but still they need to show one another, its a healing process for both!  Geet in baby's room broke my heart, DD is just tooooooo goooooooood there, well emoted by her.  MSK breaking down in baby's room  is a pricesless scene too, GC did well too!  Again, why didn't MSK comfort Geet by going up to her.  Removing baby's things will not help healing process, they need to talk and comfort each other!  Dev advising MSK, well he thinks MSK is wrong and yes I think he is wrong too, its not a decision he should take on by himself! 

NE and ARjun scene, well I think ARjun somehow knows some truth and yes he truly loves NE and can't see anyone near her, be it a Don....Don as MSK's brother in god we would have a gun-chi too! LOLWhy was NItya listening to their convo...she is just as annoying!  Well I must say I love Romeos shirts, he wears Ralph Lauren, one of my favorite designers!  

Precap:  Why did Geet say that to MSK, well this is what I think!  What she's seeing in MSK is that he is acting very normal, she doesnt see him grieving for their loss, she's under the impression that he doesn't care when we all know what he's going thru.  This is the reason for her outburst and commet at him. Again, this is why I say they need to console and grieve with each other!  Creatives wise up here!  Angry

Well another way of looking at this would be those words will pierce MSK's heart and he might go reclusive and it would be Geet who brings him out of this!  We all know how much he was attached to baby na!

What I'd love to see in future!

Well Im totally minority here as to what I want to see!

After Geet's outburst to MSK!  I feel Geet is wrong here for saying those words, again she didn't see him grieve na!   I would love to see him go reclusive and a bit cold and intense!  This time I want Geet to feel that she misunderstood her Maan and think of ways she can manofy him!  This can be done in chota chota romantic ways which can lead up to big romantic moments!  Everything takes time so here I think they shouldn't rush into things!  Also, I want creatives and channel to top Zee TV's tip tip barsa pani!  My open challenge to Star one!

Romantic moments could be Geet giving MSK towel after shower, Geet writing cute notes and putting it on his side of bed, just little things can make a big impact! Embarrassed
I Actually want her to go in bathroom and take his towel and then him calling for Geet and Towel, can u just imagine what can happen! Embarrassed

Wardrobe for artists!

Does Geet just own two night suits, isn't she Khurana bahu now!  Since serial started, if I remember right its almost one year right!  Can't she have different night suits, come one people bring in a change u cheapos!

MSK, I must say his tight clothes need to go!  We don't want to see a phata pant phanda again!  Come one guys...loose is better! Evil Smile

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