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FF-"DESIRE"--Part 12"the Prom night"part-2 pg 47 (Page 9)

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Posted: 06 April 2011 at 11:12am | IP Logged
Nice precap Joliefille. The angry Arpi is reminding me of the new avenging Arpi.

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PrashT IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Lovely Precap Jo...

Update it soooooooooooooooooooooooon

Me waitingBig smile

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged
thanx dear, for liking it,
i will update just after reading Priya's update,
her precap drive me crazy,hehe,
so just waiting for it,
this one will not be much good but having some past revelationsWink.

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Nice precap dear,
avi shouted on arpi thats quiet bad.

Thanks for the pm
waiting for the next part.

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Wonderful Precap!!!!ClapClap

But painful one...looking forward for it!!

Do update soon...Big smile

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Part-VI -- Who was She?

After that day Arpita turns a bit restless, no one from her family knows about her night stay at Avi's place, there link up rumors now just a just a thing of past as Avi's name is always linked with some girl, but some things changed from that day, she knows something about Avi, that he is not bad guy, now they are friends not close one but when ever there ways crosses they share smile, and Rv is not anymore in good list of Arpi, she even don't want to see him ever again, as later after that day one day he came to her and said that he love her, her answer was same but this time more calm bz everyone was around them and she don't want to tell everyone what he did on party night. Although now she knows Avi but not very well , she noticed that even some times he avoid to look at her, "why?" there were lots of "Why?" in her mind but she never get chance to get answers for those. One Evening Shikha called her,

Shikha-" hey arpi, how r doing?"

Arpi-"hey , Shikha, I m fine yaar , what happened we just met in collage in morning?"

Shikha-"why? I can't call you?"

Arpi-" no yaar just in curiosity, so what were you doing, let me guess, studying?"

Shikha-"wrong! Ya genially its time for studies but tomorrow is special day so just preparing for it"

Arpi-"special day! And what's that?"

Shikha-"yaar its NP's b'day! And we have planned to give her surprise party at her office"

Arpi-"but there was nothing when I left the collage? When you guys do plan all this? How will you decorate n all?"

Shikha-"just chill dear, bhaiya has all planned, everything is set just want to tell you hav to be there earlier then usual time,"

Arpi-"exactly on which time?"

Shikha-"8.30, can you be there?"

Arpi-"ok but how will you get in her office it will be locked?"

Shikha-"don't worry about that bhaiya ne keys le li hain, you know how much she trust him, just a bit of excuses and she hand it to him."

Arpi-" ok I will be there at sharp 8.30, see you there."

Next morning, at collage Arpita was on time but the there was no one yet, not even Shikha who call her there, after few minutes she heard some foot steps in corridor,

When it came close she recognized the person. It was Avdhesh, but where was Shikha, she said that she will be there?, when Avdhesh reached at the office door he pulled out the keys and start opening the door , again he was avoiding to look at her, she noticed it when he wished her morning but didn't look at her, after that he didn't even utter a word, finally Arpi asked-"hey, Where is Shikha? Is she coming or not?"

Avi-busy in opening lock, "oh Shika, don't worry she will be here in half hour, she was with me but Manjari called her at bakery to collect the cake and pastries, I think they have to  bother the baker for getting the order on time."

He unlocked the door and they get in the room. It was a bit messy so Arpi decide to clean it first while Avi start opening the dcor stuff, airing the balloons, they were alone but he was avoiding her , Arpi's mind was already full of questions she dared to ask,-"who was She?"


These words work like acid on Avdhesh, suddenly his expressions changed, and he burst-"Who, about whom you are talking?"

Arpi-"that day Rv was talking about someone, do you still love her?"

Avi-"what the hell is your problem? Why are you poking your nose everywhere? That's my personal matter, and I m strong enough to deal with it, I don't want your sympathy,

You poor fellow I m not like you, always second in life, no one can ditch Avdhesh singh thakur "

His words hurt her deeply, she just want to know, why some times she can see an ocean of pain and unrest in his eyes, she just want to help, but this time she was deeply hurt, she realized that in that unconscious state she opened her tender feelings and secret to a wrong person, again she choose wrong one to help , to be friend, tears came in her eyes but this time she hide it or her anger hide it,

Arpi-"Ok, Ok, if you don't want to share, don't do it, I m not dying to know your secret. I asked just bz I want to help a friend, but seems like we were never friends, and you know what I m thankful to god that I m not your friend, who just can preach others to face the problem but actually when it came to him just run away like cowards."

She run out of room as its hard now to control tears after such insult and hard words specially from you don't expect, she reached to balcony of the room suddenly then it sounds like something broke its sound of glass breaking, After a while Avdhesh came out of room start locking it again, Arpita was puzzled, what is he doing? Is he leaving her alone there? But he came to her,

Avi-without watching at her "Come on we have to move" he turned and start walking toward the staircase.

Arpi- "but Where? And what about the Party? You are spoiling everything."

Suddenly he turns and shouts, his eyes were full of pain, concern and almost tears.

Avi-"She needs us right now, She met with an accident out there, she don't have anyone, she must be feeling alone, She was there for me when I need, now its my turn. Are you coming or not?"

Arpi-"who needs you? About whom you are talking?"

Avi-"Nisha Mam, She in hospital, someone calls me bz I was last one who talked her in morning."

Arpi got it there is something serious with this guy, just few minutes ago he was fuming over her and now he seems so broken, without any further question she followed him, bz he moved while saying the last sentence, he was running like she matters a lot for him.

At the hospital,

They met NP when she was unconscious, the person who bring her there told them what exactly happened there she was crossing the road when the signal was green it was he who just stopped the car on time. She got some scars on hands and a broken leg, she was sleeping bz doctors give her sleeping drugs in glucose, her doctor   calls Avi , Arpi accompanied him there too.

Avi-"Doc is there something serious?"

Doc-"Physically, No she will be fine by tomorrow morning, but I think something is bothering her, when she got in, she was in half conscious but she was not behaving like other normal patients, you know crying and calling for friends and family, I think she have stress otherwise who would like to cross the street when signals are green?"

Avi-" yes Doc she must be stressed, actually she have lots of things to do in short time, once she got discharge I will take care of her"

Doc-"you are her son? Am I right?"

Avi-"you can say so; she is like my Mother for me."

His words and concern astonish Arpita is he the same guy how rude and arrogant was he in morning and now he is behaving like ideal son, while she is just a teacher,

When they came to see NP in her room Shikha, Manjari, simple and Chulbul were already there, she was gaining conscious.

Avi-"good evening mam, how are you feeling now?"

NP-"oh! Boy, I m really very sorry, I just spoilt your alls day, I have to be careful while crossing the street."

Avi give her a side look as he knows that there was something else which she was hiding from others.

NP-"well children, I m feeling much batter now, thanks for coming. Plz you guys go home your parents must be worried about you."

Shikha-"Mam it's still shining out there, we can sit here plz don't force us to go. Our parents are not at home, they are out of town"

NP-"ok baba, sit but just till 7 o'clock after that you all have to leave, I know you are here for a long time. You all need some rest too"

In the evening everyone was leaving except Avi, he was sitting by her bed on chair while others were leaving Arpita sits by her on bed.

NP-"hey Arpita dear, I m fine now, you can leave,Avdhesh, boy you too can go, don't worry about me, I will be fine by morning and don't worry I will be there at collage in two days." She winked with a smile.

Avi-" ya ya I know how strong you are, but I m staying with you, Chulbul will drop Shikha and others,"

Arpi-"mam that's not fair! Just because I m new I can't stay or just bz I m a girl I can't stay"

NP-"ok baba, you guys win stay, but Arpita your parents must be bothering for you, you are here since morning,"

Arpi-"its ok mam, I m staying with my uncle and aunt, and I have already informed them that I m going to stay here tonight with you, they are ok with it."

Avi and Arpita shared a look,

At night,

Arpita bring soup for NP and as she start feeding her Avi start peeling fruits for her,

NP-"oh my god you guys are bothering like I m little child or some serious patient"

She looked at Avi he was looking lost, "Avdhesh, why are you looking so lost, want to ask something?"

Avi-"ya, but'."he looked at arpi as he want her to leave them alone she get that and get up to leave but NP hole her hand.

NP-"it's Ok Avi you can ask anything she is not stranger for me any longer"

Avi-hesitatingly "did he call you?"

NP was shocked on his question, "NO, who told you that?"

Avi-"you were crossing the street while it was green it mean you were thinking about something which force to forget all other, and it can't be anyone else."

NP-her eyes turns moist"Ya you are right, he called and guess for what not to wish me but just to remind me court dates"

Arpit was puzzled as she doesn't know about whom they were talking.

NP-"Arpita you n\must be thinking what are we talking? He was asking about my husband, ya husband, may be in few months or days he will not be, we are getting separate"

Avi-"he is forcing you for it" he has anger in his voice. "And you still have feeling for him, he don't deserve you, why are you leaving him, you have all rights just bash him in court, don't show mercy. His name or call should not affect you; you are more worthy person then him"

NP-"when relation looses its warmth there's no sense to stretch it, and the affecting thing you are right it should not affect me but its just that this wound is fresh I will recover it, but what about you? Her thoughts, name still affect you. Am I wrong?"

Avdhesh was speechless she was right, it affects him, he just getup and leave the room.

Arpita was a feeling a bit uncomfortable as she should not be part of this convo.

NP-"you don't need to be uncomfortable dear there's nothing to hide but thing is there'd nothing to tell also, but still if you want to ask something?"

Arpi-"mam if it can help you, if you can trust me, you can tell me everything I think it make you feel relax and I promise your words will be safe."

NP-" you don't need to promise dear, I can see that in your eyes, you know why I said Avi to talk in front of you bz that feel which I saw in his eyes is also there in yours, you both are just same, may be you don't think so but I can see, well about me, I have, or I should say had a husband, a loving one, it was a love marriage, but after few years I don't know what happened he find someone else, more pretty than me, may be! He betrayed me for years and when he got tired of his game he came to me and said "Nisha, I want to be frank with you there's nothing left in our relation, I can't act more ,lets get separated" and I agreed."

Arpi-"What?you agreed how can you leave him so easily?"

NP-"see same question! that's what Avi said when he get to know about it, Arpita I know that he loves someone else just after few years of our marriage, but I ignored it to keep our marriage safe, and see how I m compensating for it, I give my whole life to a fall feeling, if you love someone just be confirmed about his feelings, when he approached me he was sure but I just liked him, and now I love him but he don't."

Tears shine in her eyes but she continued and Arpi didn't stop her as it was necessary for her to share her feelings which she never share with anyone, "you know if you love one then don't bound him to love you, he did that and now I m paying for his mistake it was just a crush and he called it love, and my folly was that I too believe him, and I realize it very late. but now I will let him go, and live my life as I want."

Arpi-"Can you ever forgive him?"

NP-"I don't know, I said Avedhesh to forgive her, bz if he don't she will affect him and spoil his life, to forgetting someone its necessary to forgive, or that one will haunt you wherever you go, what ever you do."

While they were talking they didn't noticed but Avdhesh was standing at door hiding himself behind it, he saw Arpi wiping NP's tears. He felt nice, he doesn't know why but her kind heartedness touches him too. He just opened the door and enters the room when they have done with their convo, and a nurse came in for giving her night medicine.

When Avi enter the room Arpi get out of it, and came after half an hour with two cups of coffee, Avi was standing next to window, staring at stars, she just reached there handed him the cup without saying anything, and turns, suddenly Avi said-

"Sorry for the morning behavior, I don't want to hurt you, but when someone talks about her it hurts."

Arpi-"if you don't want to talk, its ok I will never ask you again, even I will never talk you again but plz don't make fun of my feelings, which I told you that night" her eyes filled with tears.

Avi looked at her when she says "I will never talk you again" he don't know why but that thought hurts him more that she will never talk him.

Avi-"no, plz I said sorry, I saw you there with mam, and as know ur secrets so I can expect my secrets safe in you too" he tried to light her mood by a wink.

Arpi-"so can I ask 'who was she" or I should be prepared to run from here?"

Avi-"ok, that was my first year in collage and she was last year girl, beautiful, cute, young and heart of collage, everyone want to be in her friend list, but I was just a normal guy or I should say geek, who never talked to any girl except Shikha, but she noticed me don't know how, but we turn friends and gradually lovers, we played Romeo-Juliet that year, and form that day everyone recognize me, that was just perfect day for me, but the some day turns my worst nightmare"

Arpi-"Why, what happened, you both love each other na then what went wrong?"

Avi's eyes start burning, and there were drops of tears too,

Avi-"on that night I planned to propose her, but when I reached her at party after play she was busy with her friends, and guess what RV was one of his closest friend, when I said that I love her you know what was her reply, she said :"look I don't want to hurt u but that's the truth, it happens its not love its just infatuation, n it faded away with time ,u have to move on u can't cry whole life for such childish act, believe me after few days u r going to laugh at it, you are my junior, what will others say, I was spending time with you, and you were nourishing such dreams, see the difference boy, wake up ,I don't love you.''I can hear her words still as clear as yours, it haunts me, I always try to forget her but I can't. you know what she said, she said I don't deserve her as I can't express my love ever, she never felt so, bz I never tried to get close to her, you know !"

He hesitate a bit, Arpi got that what he was  trying to say,-"mean you never try to ki.." suddenly she realize what she was about to say and stopped at once, "but why?"

Avi-"bz I loved her, have respect for her, but never feel like that."

  Arpi-"you don't need to run from her memories, if you run they will follow you like shadow, just face them and accept them, she said what she believes you believe what you want to, if you want to overcome just face it accept that she don't deserve you, bz she don't know what she loose that day, just forgive her bz without it you can't move on, ok now one last question, do you still love her?"

That question was really tuff for him specially now, she can see the confusion on his face, she said-"ok I give you a trick, don't laugh it's a bit filmy, but works, my friend used it in her case and it worked, just close your eyes and think about the happiest moment of your life"

Avi smiled-"And what if I don't have one?"

Arpi-"then just close your eyes, and forget the world, whom ever you see is your true love."

"'Truelove' I think you don't believe in it!"

Arpi-"ya but try it."

Avi smiled this time more free and closed his eyes, he felt a fresh breeze on his face, like its raining he saw someone in rain but it was not clear, suddenly he felt scared and opened his eyes.

Arpi was sitting on a table next to NP's bed she was sleeping, Arpi murmured "what happened find it who was she?"

Avi-"I think she is still there."

Arpi-"don't worry if she is the one for you then she will be back, you just need to forgive her not for her but for yourself. one more thing, as now I know ur secrets and you know mine, I know you love someone else, so you r not going to love me so there's no danger to be friend with you 'can we friends'"

Avi-"ok I promise I will never propose you"and they laughed.

They sit on tables next to her bed, but as night falls they too sleep this time Arpi was first to sleep she placed her head on wall and was about to fall when Avi hold her and she glide In his lap, it was not new for him, but this time she was looking new, more fresh and more beautiful, a lock of hair fell on her cheek,  he just try to ignored it, but he can't and he softly placed it on her ears, his fingers softly touched her face, may be she was dreaming something she smiled, he was feeling happy to see her smiling and after a while he too sleep placing his head on the side of her bed, and fell asleep.

As the first ray of sun enters the room it fell on Arpi when she opened her eyes, find herself in Avi's lap but this time she was not scared of him or her state, bz last night she find the real Avi, she didn't noticed but she was lost in his innocent face, after a while he woke up they didn't noticed or don't want to notice that they were lost in each other's eyes, suddenly then someone coughed "uhuhuh" it was NP.

Arpi get up quickly   "good morning mam, how r you feeling now?"

Avi-"mam you woke up, why don't you call us,"

NP-"its ok you both were looking so cute I don't want to disturb your dreams, I already bothered you a lot, come on just get me back to my life, my collage."

Avi-"Mam what r you saying you are going to take some rest, not collage"

NP-"oh plz Avdhesh don't behave like Grandpaa! Comeon Arpita we are going. And BTW I don't forget it was my birthday yesterday, so where is my present,"

Avi-"sorry mam we had it but just in accident I broke it at your office"

Arpita was shocked that sound was that,-"how can you do that Avdhesh!  You know how longi searched for it!"

NP was pleased to see them talking like that she said-"good for me now I can ask whatever I want, will you give me?"

Both replied in one voice-"whatever you wish mam"

NP-" ok then I got my 'ROMEO-JULIET'."

They were shocked to hear her words.



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Thnks fr dedicating this update HugHeartHug

You are sooo sweet...!!!Embarrassed

Romeo- Juliet!!!BlushingBlushing So..They will become close Blushing

NP ma'am is darling........Smile

Its soooooo lovely to see both of them trusting each other....They shared their secrets tooEmbarrassed  This makes sure how lovely their bond is!!!SmileEmbarrassed The way he apologizedDay Dreaming Day Dreaming

This is update is...

Loooved the updateWink

Hugs fr you...........


Waiting fr Next Update.......Wink

Update soooooooooooooooooooooooonSmile

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hey Jo Hug

love ya for dedicating the chapter for me , angi and prashuu Embarrassed

soooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet of you and love the convo between them Embarrassed

but i am fan big of  NP mam Clap Clap

no words Approve

i am glad there is no misunderstandings between them Embarrassed

lets start Romeo & Juliet ROFL

love ya Hug

PS loads of Elephants from me Hug

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