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FF-"DESIRE"--Part 12"the Prom night"part-2 pg 47 (Page 8)

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i was thinking to post it tonight but just for change posting it in morning, hope you like it, And Priya waiting for ur update,tonightEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Part V-The New Dawn

Next Morning,

Arpita wakes up from her cozy sleep, when she opens her eyes she has her usual smile,

But when she open her eyes and realize her surroundings she looks puzzled, she was sleeping on king size bed with pink satin bed sheet, room was so vibrant and alive , she was more shocked  to notice what she was wearing, it was a night suit n her dress which she wore last night was hanging in hanger just front of her bed. She became more puzzled and about to step out of the blanket when one door out of two opens and for her surprise it was none other then "Avdhesh Singh Thakur" in wet bathroom gown, drying his wet hairs by towel. He gives her a look with a sweet smile on his face. He crossed her bed and starts preening in front of mirror.

Avi-"hello beautiful, good morning,"

Arpita was shocked to see him on that time, what is he doing there in her room, is that her room, no its not her room, where is she, whose cloths she is wearing, how did she came to that room? Why didn't she remember anything of last night? Lots of questions there in her  mind, only thing she can recall were few mute scenes of last night, few convos but its all mixed badly that it became impossible to get what happened last night,

Only thing she can get clearly the last thing before her felling asleep. She was in Avdhesh's arms the thought disgust her.

Arpi-"what are you doing here? Where the hell m I ?"

Avi got that she forgot what happened last night.

Avi-"Oh sweeti Why are you looking so bewildered don't worry, you are safe, it's my house. Just chill."

Arpi-"your house? What I m doing here? I spend whole night here?"

Avi-"Oh dear don't you remember anything? Let me tell you, you were a bit over drunk last night, I can understand, its ok. But you made my eve or I should say night, oh my god I can't forget that night ever in my whole life, God you were just amazing, BTW did anyone told you that you are a somniloquist? "

Tears came to her eyes, she starts crying and just jumped out of blanket, she pawned at him-" jerk I was always right about you, you and your friend were partners in crime, you took my advantage of an unconscious girl, don't  you have anything like humanity?"

Avi catches her hands in air before her nails can reach to his neck but he got a scratch on his hand, suddenly then another door opens and this time the person who enters the room brings her more shock.

It was none other than Shikha, what is she doing here?

Shikha-"woooaaaaoo, girl what are you trying to do with him?"

Avi-"Thank God Shikha, at least you are here, or your friend is in full mood to kill me yaar!"

He just pulled his hands back and get out of room.

Arpita hugged Shikha tightly and starts crying bitterly,

Shikha-"Arpi what happened? Why are you crying like this?"

Arpi-"Shikha, 'your boyfriend'."

Shikha-"wait, you are calling him,my boyfriend..(she start laughing lunatically)sorry'yaar but , ok you can call him that "waise boyfriend se kuch kam bhi nahi hai"

Arpi-"what do you mean by that? He is not your boyfriend?"

Shikha-"No baba, that's what I want to tell you last night while returning from party apart from you I told it only to Manjari and Simple bz you gals are my best friends,"

Arpi-" what! But why did you hide it earlier?"

Shikha-"no yaar I was not hiding it, just don't want to show it off, that I m the lil sis of most popular guy of collage, but when it came to night party my overprotective bro don't want to leave me alone and he sacrifice his date last night for me, but seems like you give him much trouble last night."

Arpi- "Wait it mean he is your brother! And this id your house too! Then what the hell he was doing here?"

Shikha-"come on yaar stop doubting on my bro's character, ok . its just that his bathrooms shower is not working properly, and bz of you he even can't get proper sleep last night, so before collage he want to get nice shower, so he used my bathroom"

Arpi-"where were you? When I wake up I find him standing by my side, and calling me "beautiful"."

Shikha-"oh yaar, just stop interrogating me now, I m getting late for first class, well ur first question, I was down there, having breakfast,  now you just get in , get shower, take any of my dress from the cupboard and after having breakfast come collage, bhaiya will give you lift and if want to ask more questions ask him bz it was he who bring you home last night so I don't know much about it, now I have to leave or we both will miss first lecture.  biii."    

When Shikha leaves the room Arpi noticed that it was a big room at least bigger then her room. so it mean they belong to rich family,  but why they behave like strangers at collage on her first day, she take shower as her head was still spinning a bit, may be night's hangover, she get ready for collage, came down the stares all the while she was trying to recall  the night's incidents all she can recall till then was that she accused Avi for using Shikha and Simple, Rv was the one who bring that drink for her, and after that some faded glimpse, not very clear but still there, she need to find out what actually happened last night, she recall that someone slaps her, someone was asking her to come home with him, and finally that she was in Avi's arms.

In the hall, Avi was sitting on dinning table may be waiting for her, she came down, Avi didn't look at her, he starts his toast,

Arpi-"Good morning"

Avi looked at her.

Avi-"I think I wished you the same when you attacked me, there in shikha's room!"

Arpi-"hey, I m sorry, but I was in sleep and suddenly you appeared and start your talks, I was puzzled,"

Avi-"Puzzled! Oh dear thank you so much for being puzzled, you give me literally kick start" and he show his hand where he got scratches. "BTW can I ask something, do you done with your vaccination?"

Arpi-"what! Which kind of vaccination are you asking about?"

Avi-" you know the way you attacked me it reminds me wild cat, so I just want to make sure , do I need to take some injections or not?" he winked at her with a cute smile.

Arpi got that he is pulling her leg.

Arpi-"Hey I have said sorry already why r you teasing me now? And even you forced me to do that by your comments about night, can you tell me, what exactly happened last night?"

Avi-"ok I will, but will you believe me?"  

Arpi-"plz stop it now, just tell me"

Avi-"ok baba ok, just have something, I will tell you everything in the way"

Arpi was badly stressed she refused to take anything apart from the night's story so they start for collage Avi promised her to tell it in the way. With proof and eye witness, the word eyewitness shocked her, as she didn't know what exactly she done last night.

When they reached at Chote's stall Avi stopped his bike and get in the shop.Arpi was a bit surprised they were getting late, he promised to tell everything in way, and now he  is in shop, she followed him , when she get in she saw him giving some money to Chote. They both saw him too, Chote give her a smile and said-"madam ji how are you feeling now?"

Arpi-"how do you know about that?"

Avi smiles and said-" mam he is my eyewitness for your deeds last night."

They all sit on chairs and Avi starts his last night story, although he didn't mention that he too enjoyed that rain, that dance, that singing with her and how can he tell her that he liked her and even pour his feelings for her eyes , whole night he was thinking  about it , why he enjoyed it? Why took her to his home? How can he talk like that about her, her eyes? Like fools! But he decided one thing he will not look at her eyes ever again. Chote joined him too in his story and tell her what she called Avdhesh last night, Dumbo, Sirji, Idiot and show her her sandals .Arpi was embarrassed but smiling all the time. When they get up to leave, Avi leaves first as he want to start the bike,

Arpi-"Chote , why is he giving you money?"

Chote-"bhaiya is very kind person, he give me money every month for my school fee. Remember first day mam, when you get in my shop and bhaiya came, he came for giving my fee, I work for my family but bhaiya says "chote, you have to be educated, if you want to save money for family its good but at the same time for them you have to be educated, he is paying for my education."

Arpi gives a look at Avi who was waiting for her on bike, and as she leaves-"Chote , no Mam again ever, I told you first day call me didi! Ok"

Chote-to himself "ab to aap ko kuch aur hi kahunga,"

When they reached collage everyone was staring them. it was ok with Avi as girls always do that when he pour in , but for Arpi it was weird, and when she stepped down some girls starts talking at their back , "wow , so she grabbed the most desired one haan!" . Someone else says, "Grabbed! Yaar directly whole night, no time waste!" Arpi was shocked to hear those comments, even Avi was surprised. They were looking at each other.

Arpi-"what the hell they were talking?"

Avi-"don't worry about them, its collage, may be they were talking about someone."

At the moment Shikha came there she was waiting for them.

Shika-"bhai, you won't believe what happened here; some spread the rumor that Arpit has spent nigh'."

She realize that Arpita was standing by her side and the news hurts her badly, while Arpita was just shocked by the news, so those girls were talking about her, how cheap. How can someone talk about someone without knowing him or her, again her eyes flooded with tears. Avdhesh saw that too, he doesn't know why but he feels like pain. Arpi turns toward the gate and start walking. Avi blocked her way.

Avi-"where are you going?"

Arpi-"just leave my way, I can't stand all these rubbish any more, this collage is just full of useless fellows, last night that jerk Rv and now these girls. I just want to go back to my world."

Avi-" so I mean you are coward. You can't face the world by your own!"

Arpi-"No, that's not true, I can do it. But I don't want to give proofs for my character and my life, but I just can't listen all rubbish."

Avi ' "then don't give it, you don't need to do that. But if you don't prove them wrong this time then you have to live with their part of truth, and I don't think you can forgive yourself for that. If you don't reply back right now you can't do it ever."

His words effect her deeply, and she decides to face them all, as she realize she was linked with Avi so its not only for her , she have to do something for the one who saved her last night. Avi has left before for where shedon't know but all she knows that she have to confront RV BZ he was only one who knows that she was with Avi last night so only he can stoop so low, spreading these kinds of rumors. She starts search for him in corridors but just after few minutes she go call from Principal office.

Princi-"so miss Arpita Rai, what kind of news is out there about you?"

Arpi-"Sir I don't know anything about it, it's all just a rumor."

Princi-"Romor! Ok then you must know that these kinds of rumors can force me to suspend you as these kind of news are affecting badly on collage reputation."

Arpi-"Sir, plz trust me its all just rumor, there's no truth behind, plz sir, give me benefit of doubt."

When she was pleading some one knocked at office door.

"Come in."

NP appears in accompanied by Rv.

NP-"Sir actually Ranvijay want to tell you something, but he was bit scarred of your anger. So I helped him to come to you, Ranvijay, come on boy you can tell him everything, he will not berate you for truth."

Rv-"Sir actually I want to tell you something about Arpita,"

Arpita was scared he had done a lot already and now in front of Princi what the hell he want to do now?

Rv-"Sir .."

Princi-"Rv I m listening if it's about the matter I m listening form morning, just speak up, its matter of reputation of collage as well this girl's, speak up."

Rv-" Sir , I want to say sorry to you and Arpita both, actually Sir, I don't know from where it all started, but I feel responsible for it, last night at party suddenly she starts feeling sick, that's why she withdraw from contest sir, really , but when everyone left her condition get worse, so Avdhesh took her to drop at her place, I was just telling it to her friends and some one makes it spicy news, really sir I didn't mean that. "

Princi-"ok so that was all matter, Good,Miss NP I told you earlier night party is not  good idea, see now what happened! Her honor is on stalk and so of our collage's."

NP-"sir but nothing happened, my students are innocent can they leave now, we can talk about it"

Arpi and Rv came out of office,

RV-" hey Arpita, how are you feeling now?"

Arpita give him angry look but didn't say anything, he thought that she didn't remember anything of last night.

Rv-"thank god you are ok, when he took you with him I was really worried for you'"

His words become intolerable for her now, so she just turns and give him a tight slap whole corridor surrounded by its echo, and that was not enough she grabbed his collar

"What the hell you were talking about me and Avdhesh"

Rv put his hands on her waist like they were  hugging and says-"oh Arpita dear I m so sorry for night, you know I just can't think you with him, but just believe me I don't want to hurt you, I think I m in love with you,"

She tried to get out of his clutches but it seems hard right that moment Rv got a hard rock strong punch on his face and get on the flour "just leave her" without looking back he recognized the deliverer ,

Rv-"Avi boy can't you just stay out of my matter, how long you will stay in my life, boy she has gone, and its not bz of me, just leave me with my girl"

Arpi-" just shut your mouth, we are just in office corridor if once more you say anything about me I will complaint to Sir and tell him what happened last night,"

Avi was about to deliver another punch when Np came out of office and stops him.

NP-"Avi enough boy, you have already beaten him enough, he has taken his words back even in front of Princi, just leave him, and all you three meet me in my office"

In NP's office.

NP-"RV I know what exactly happened last night, I m warning you this is your last chance, stay away from her, if she don't want to be your friend just leave it."

Rv leave the room giving look to Avdhesh and Arpita both.

NP-"Arpita I hope next time you will be careful to choose your friends, I m not saying Rv is bad boy, but be careful, and why don't you go with your friends last night, Avdhesh was there with them, m I right Mr Thakur?"

Avi-"yes mam, I m sorry for everything, but he was talking rubbish I just loose my control."

NP-"wow you just loose your control, you didn't loose it on that time when' (she realize Arpi was also in the room) well, I just want to warn you too, control your anger the way you were thrashing him in morning, I can't praise you for that, you have a reputation in collage, and if you don't care for it then care for mine everyone knows that I support you, don't create tuff situation for me."

Avi-"sorry mam "

NP-she take a long breath "Ok, now go and try to concentrate on your studies, I don't want my best student to suffer in it" she give a forced smile. Avi leaves the office but Arpi was looking more puzzled Avi beat Rv,for her or there's some thing more then that, about whom Rv was talking.

NP-"Arpita! You too can leave now."

Arpi-"thankyou mam, Mam can I ask something?"

NP-"ok ask what you want?"

Arpi-"mam why Avdhesh was beating Rv? He doesn't need to do it. And one more thing why do you favor him like that?"

NP-"the answer of your second question lies in your first question. Ya he don't need to step in matter specially when his father is one of collage trusties, surly no one is going to suspend him , but still he did that bz it was matter of girl's honor its not that the girl was you, I know him he would do the same for anyone, that's one reason I favor him another Is I  know him since he was child he is my friend's son, I hav seen his agonies in last few years, but the main reason I call him one of my best students, nothing affects him, he is still like that, a gold hearted one!You know he got cheated here, heart broken but he forgive her. I hope so! Well that's enough for today."

Arpita was surprised to know that he has some secrets too, she want to know them.

waiting for commentsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed



Arpi's mind was already full of questions she dared to ask,-"who was She?"


These words work like acid on Avdhesh, suddenly his expressions changed, and he burst-"Who, about whom you are talking?"

Arpi-" that day Rv was talking about someone, do you still love her?"

Avi-" what the hell is your problem? Why are you poking your nose everywhere? That's my personal  matter, and I m strong enough to deal with it, I don't want your sympathy,

You poor fellow  I m not like you, always second in life, no one can ditch Avdhesh singh thakur "

His words hurt her deeply, she just want to know, why some times she can see an ocean of pain and unrest in his eyes, she just want to help, but this time she was deeply hurt, she realized that in that unconscious state she opened her tender feelings and secret to a wrong person, again she choose wrong one to help , to be friend, tears came in her eyes but this time she hide it or her anger hide it,

hope you like this try to post the part, soonEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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hey Jo Hug

Just Awesome and Loved it Clap

That stupid RV he deserve more and more punches from Avi and also tight slap from Arpi too ROFL

love ya 

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wahhh jii
kyaaa part thaa veryy good

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Hye dear,
nice nice part.
Rv just deserves the punch from avi oh! I am just expecting the same in the show also.

This chotu is very smart bacha.

So far i liked avi's character a lot means he has all the shades anger,love,kindness,humanity,attitude,respect for elders which makes him perfect.

Thanks dear for updating it fast.

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Beautiful part Neha!!!ClapClap

I loved the cute fight between AVITA...LOLLOL

The whole update is just amazing & mesmerizing!!!!!!Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Plzz...plz...cont soon.....SmileSmile

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What a perfect Avi you are giving us Jo....i just love him.......Arpita is also gud....a girl who knows to give tit for tat......RV ko tho punch nahi 1000 punches deni chahiye......what a sicko yaar.....waise when is Avita romance starting????Blushing

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Joliefille, I love this Avi. Everything about him makes me love him and even Arpi seems to be falling for him without realizing. That RV is a jerk and I fear what he will do with Arpi if he finds her alone. Avi will always have to be with her. Maybe, she can cool Avi's heart.

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