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FF-"DESIRE"--Part 12"the Prom night"part-2 pg 47 (Page 5)

danno IF-Rockerz

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dear its awesome

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i edited my post in Page 2 but two more is left will do it soon LOL

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Cuty16 Goldie

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Hye dear,nice part once again.

atleast avi yaha to arpi ko protect karne aaya.
Waiting for d next part dear.

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jes_jade IF-Rockerz

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Hey Jo!!!!!!!!Smile

Ur updates are really awesome...fantastic !!!!!ClapClap

I got so engrossed in it...wish it continued...I loved it very much!!!

Plzz...update soon!!Embarrassed

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joliefille Goldie

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 hi gals, today's epi was sady sady one , just try to divert our tenstionWink don't worry , now i think Arpi will be back soonBig smile

this part is dedicated to..........Ramona for being first one to comment from last two times,and our Avita,Embarrassed


Part IV  "The Mesmerizing Night" 

 Rv get down from his bike n catch Arpi's hand as she was about to fell on ground because of drink ,she struggles to get off his hand but he she was not in enough strong for him. In anger and frustration she just slapped him hard as much she can.

Arpi-"leave me u idiot, what do u think I m girl so u can overpower me, forget it I m enough for u."

RV-"come on arpita, why r u making scene, no one is here to see us, and I have a limit of patience too, don't force me to misbehave with you" (and he slap her back)

"Hey RV don't you think, using muscle power on girl is not men's kind of thing to do"

RV-"hey so you r back Avi. Yaar what r u doing here? Don't have anything to do? What happened, any one is not interested to spend time with u tonight?"

Avi-"have a lot of work to do, but seems like you don't have that's why you need to force yourself on her."

RV-"hey , dude I m not forcing her, u know she is my girlfriend, spend several nights with me n now when she is over drunk she is refusing to come with me, I just want to drop her home safely. By the way, is she reminds you of her, at least her way of talking reminds me Arshika dude wat a chick she was!  "

Avdhesh give him groaning look, meanwhile Arpita recover from the slap, n shouts,

"What the rubbish u r talking? You jerk, spineless swine. I m your girlfriend? Spend night with you, yaaaak", she spits on ground and dashed to his neck, Avdhesh catched her in mid way.

Avdhesh- "Easy, easy girl let him say what he want to say, its ok I know him very well, just move from here right now, its very late . I will drop u,"

When Avdhesh n Arpita was busy in talks RV took the advantage n leave the spot.

(Avdhesh in flash back-They all came out of hall but Avdhesh's mind was still in it, he was still thinking about Arpita , how the way he behaved with her, just bz of his behavior she step out of contest and now she id not coming with them, she is with RV, he can't leave a girl with that wolf specially at this hour of time and what did she said wrong she don't know the truth , she was just concerned for Shikha, as everyone get in the car he was standing next to it.

Chulbul-"Avdhesh, come yaar, we should leave now."

Avi-"Chulbul do me a faver, just drop Shikha , I will come later."

Shikha-"what happened? You are not coming?"

Avi-"no, NP mam give me responsibility of this party, I can't leave in mid until every girl is out of it safely"

Shikha-in lower tone "every girl or some special one!"

Avi-"shika stop it you know it I don't like it at all.")   Thank god I stayed out here.


Avi-"ok now will you plz come with me, I don't have car right now so  can you manage to sit striate on bike"

Arpi-"you trust me na? I m not like that. How can I?"she start crying, n hug him,

Avi-seperating her from himself "ya I trust you, I can see you r not like he said," with a smile "but you r really very dangerous I need to b careful from you, you pawned at him like tigress"

Arpi-"you r making fun of me? Just go away I m not coming with u."

Avi-"ok, ok, I m sorry, just come we r getting late, come with me."

Arpi-"you came here for me na, so now you have to come with me, come no bike, no car, no taxi, we r going to walk today, come"

Saying this she start walking toward the exit, Avdhesh has no options except to follow her.  

After few minutes they were on main road which was almost deserted. only few passers n street urchins were sleeping on sidewalk.

Arpita-"hey why r u so silent? say something na"

Avdhesh-"I don't have anything to say, if you want to talk I will ok with it."

While saying this Avdhesh crossed her and get ahead her,

Arpi-"Hey where r you going? How can you leave me behind? Bad manner."

She holds his wrist and pulls him back.

Arpi-"ok, remember my first day at collage, you want my intro na, tonight I m going to tell you everything about me, everything?but first you have to say sorry to me"

Avdhesh-"Sorry! For what,"
Arpi-"arre! For your rude behavior at first day, say sorry, or I m not coming with you."

Avi-"ok mam I m sorry, can we move now."

Arpi-" that's better,ya now my intro, I m Arpita Rai , daughter of Mister Mahesh Chandra  Rai and misses Sushma Rai, sister of Mister Jagat and Chirag  Rai. And cousin of?"

Avi-"are you introducing your whole family?"

Arpi-"no dear they are reason for my life, I just love them, but you know I don't think they love me,"

Her last words shocked Avi.

Arpi-"what happened, why are you looking me like that, oh "LOVE" ya bz I don't believe in love you know everyone want something from you to love you, Papa want me do something as my di , mom want me to be like my di, chirag want attention and care more then me, only Jagat bhaiya want me to be happy and he knows that I m not happy here , away from my family and friends that's why he came to meet me tonight, but I can't tell him na he would be sad to know that  I m not happy here."

Avi was shocked to hear her feelings, how similar is she , she is talking like him, sometimes he feel the same way like he is alone his family loves him but no one knows what he want.Arpi starts crying again.

Avi-"can I ask you something? Do you have boy friend?"

Arpi-"no bz I don't want anyone to step in my life and mess it up, you know, I think love comes in life only once, I will marry the one chosen by my family, I will fulfill there dreams, n if I have to marry that one then why to waste time n you know that one who marry me will love me n me n me only I will be his first and only choice,  only then I will be happy bz then everyone will love me and I will b there first choice, they will not compare me with di."

Avi-"hey stop crying (he wipes her tears softly) I m sure you will fulfill everyone's dream"

As they move forward it start raining avi caught her wrist and run toward the shade which was actually Chote's tea stall, he was sleeping in it.

Arpi-"leave my hand where r you going? I want to enjoy the rain its fun have you ever tried it? Oh god it's great."

And she run out of shade in open and start dancing, and singing.

Arpi-"Hey, Avdhesh,oops sorry, sir ji,hehe you want me to sing a song na?"

Avdhesh was surprised to see her like this , she was looking like an angle, a wet angle in color of love and hope her smile took him in other world , he didn't noticed it but  from the very moment he wiped her tears he was smiling and continuously looking at her face.

Avi-"What, who said that? Just come and sit here, or you will get fever n cold."

Arpi-"why are you sounding like grandma?you forget you want to ragg me, hun?"

She put her hand on her waist, stand like queen of world.

Avi-"oh that day, its ok that was just formality, it was just to melt the ice between junior and seniors."

Till then it was drizzling only but it start raining heavily now, Chote waked up by the sound of rain and there conversation. As he saw it raining he joined Arpita and start dancing in rain.

Arpi-"hey Chote, see your Khadus bhaiya is scared of rain! Hey Avedhesh,oops Sirji,you spoiled my eve now you hav to compensate for it, come and dance with me."

Avi-"chote, she got bee in bonnet, at least you come in shade its enough of rain dance now"

Chote listened him and came in stall after changing cloths he start preparing tea for all of them,Arpita came in ,

Arpi-"Ok baba, you won, I m feeling cold atleast offer me ur coat be a gentleman!"

Avi putt off his coat and offer it to Arpi, but instead of putting it, she again run in open,

Arpi-"Mr, Thakur if you want ur coat back then catch me."

Avi has no choice so he get up n run after her and after a sweet chase he captured her by arm n pulled her toward him,

Avi-"cought you!"

Arpi-"dumbo, I cought you, see you are here in open rain, enjoying it, don't you?"

Avi got surprised to realize that he was really enjoying the rain was it rain only or it's bz of Arpita.

Arpi-"you have spoiled my eve, now you have to make up for it."


Arpi-"How! simple yaar you almost thrashed me there on dance floor now you have to dance with me, in rain,hehehe"

Avi-"what but theres no music, n what will ppl say?"

Arpi-"I m going to sing na,n hello who is going to watch u here?hey Chote do you mind if he dance with me? Waise bhi humko kya lena duniya se,Hum to chale masti me aag lage basti me"

Avi-"what, what you said?"

Arpi-"now don't question like kids, come on lets dance"

She hold his hand, Avi was continuously smiling n finally he agreed to her wish. He holds her by waist.

Arpi start the song, "Aayi meri subha hasti hasati, boli aake mere liye sandesa hai,han hai"

They start moving n she force him to sing male part of song, this time she didn't need to force him much as he was waiting for his part, she swing in his arms like delicate  n beautiful rose. After dancing on the same song almost five time she says

-"ok now I m tired , I want to sleep."

Avdhesh-"see that's what I was talking about, chalo ghar chalo,"

Chote-"bhaiya , chai to pee lo , warna thand lag jayegi,"

Arpi-"how cute, he loves you don't he, chalo, Chote  hume nahi pilaoge apni chai?"

And they again get in the stall for tea, after having tea they came on street again after the rain street were washed and even moon came out of clouds, it was looking beautiful and wet Arpi was looking like a goddess in its light, Avi was just staring at her, and she was moving ahead to him, suddenly she tumbled, Avi came to help her by holding her hand.

Avi-"watch it, what are you doing?"

 She turned suddenly and looked in his eyes strait and says-"what watch it, watch it,what do you think, I can't see, look I have big eyes" she shows him her eyes by widening them.

Avi was already bewitched by her beauty, he  can't restrain him self from saying this-

"Jaane kya baat hai nigaahon me teri ki doob jaane ko dil karta hai,

Bhulaya tha bamushkil jis nadaan khudi ko ,fir wohi maasoom diwaana ban jaane ko dil karta hai,

Ke zakhme dil abhi bhara bhi nahi hai,

Fir kyun teri nigaahon ke teer khaane ko dil karta hai,

Darte hai teri maasum nigahon se,

Ke ye jaga na de us deewane ko jise zamane se chupa ke rakha hai,

Kyun lagta hai bhool gaye the muskurana,

Tune hume aaj husna sikha diya hai,

Kyun lagta hai ke doob jaye in nigaahon me aaj ,

Ke hume ab hosh me aane se dar lagta hai"   

Arpi-"wah wah wah wah! Kya baat hai, sir ji  aap to shayar nikle, so that was ur secret which drive girls crazy for you, don't worry  I m not that kind of girl. You know na"

Avi-" I know" with calm expressions and a cute smile.

As she turned and moved suddenly her sandal's heel broke and she fell on ground.

Avdhesh came near to her ?"see ab gir gai na! come on give me your hand and let go"

Arpi-" dumbo, meri heel toot gai, mujhe chot lagi hai, now I can't walk"

Avi-"hello madam, I can't stay on street for whole night, leave the sandals here at chote's stall you can collect it tomorrow, and just get up."

Arpi-"see how rude you are, mujhe neend aa rahi hai, utha ke le chalo na!"

Avdhesh has no choice again except fulfilling her wish so he pick her in his arms, she coiled her arms around his neck, with a childish smile,

Arpi-" can I tell you one thing?"

Avdhesh-" now plz don't ask for loori,"

Arpi-"hehe,no, I just want to thank you, you saved me from that jerk, you are my hero"

After finishing her sentence she placed a gentle kiss on his cheek "Thank you for everything" 

As she thanks him she fell in deep sleep, as a baby.


tried some hindi phrases too, hope its ok,

and the last few lines for Ashish's eyes,heheLOL

Please give ur views , like it or not.


Avi-"Oh dear don't you remember anything? Let me tell you, you were a bit over drunk last night, I can understand, its ok. But you made my eve or I should say night, oh my god I can't forget that night ever in my whole life, God you were just amazing, BTW did anyone told you that you are a somniloquist? "

Tears came to her eyes, she starts crying and just jumped out of blanket, she pawned at him-" jerk I was always right about you, you and your friend were partners in crime, you took my advantage of an unconscious girl, don't  you have anything like humanity?"Angry

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Heyyyyyyy Darling NehaHugHug

Im the first one to commentDancingDancing




This part was juzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz superb!!!!!

They sooo close!!EmbarrassedBlushing

Tht poemBlushingBlushing   Wooooooww Neha its was really beautiful.....ClapClap I have saved tht poem...Wink

Well done DarlingClap
I was reading this part again and again....

Arpi was drunkLOL Their dance in the rainEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

He really forgot himself with herWink I Hope Arpi too starts liking him soon..........waiting fr tht partSmile

Plzzzz update soooooooooooooooooooooooooooon....WinkSmile

This is for updating such lovely partsWink

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wow realy a very nic n heartwrenching Embarrassed part


egarly waiting for d next partEmbarrassed

wonderful JOLIEFILLE Thumbs Up 

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Vistaa IF-Rockerz

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Very sweet and cute Neha...........loved itBig smileClapClapClap
 "don't ask for a loori" was drop dead funny.............LOLLOLLOL
Very very nice!Clap

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