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FF-"DESIRE"--Part 12"the Prom night"part-2 pg 47 (Page 46)

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Originally posted by danno

hey neha
awesome yaar
lovely pre yaar
me loving it
pyaar ishq aur mohhabt

Hey Sharan dear thanx for liking the pre

hope u will like the UD tooEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by Nidhsara

Precap hi dogi ya update bhi karogi...
Jaldi update kalo warna mein ro padoongi...pleeech*babyface*
Superb precap Jo...

hehe Nida dear thanx for liking Pre ..

areee u don't need to cry my sweety sweety Nidhu heheLOL

i m going to UD Wink

hope u will like it tooEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by Cuty16

Hye jo,
loved the pre i think the next part going to be a surprise package for us.

Will wait for the update.

i m glad that u liked the Pre.,

nope no moe surprises frome my side

jhtkas are Priya's departmentLOL

i just hope u guys will like this last UD too as u guys liked the whole Desire Embarrassed

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Originally posted by prash_t

Ayee Hayyee Jo

Me to fida on ur PrecapDay Dreaming

Pl update sooon nowWink

hehe u r fida on Pre..

n i m on ur last UD specially on Avi Day Dreaminghehe

hope u will like this one 

love yaa n missed u Embarrassed

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Originally posted by jasveensokhi

Awesome n vry cute precap Neha diEmbarrassed

eagarly w8ing for d update Smile

i unresed mah post on pg 42Smile

hey Jas dear thanx for liking the Pre..

yap m going to UDWink

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Hey guys thanx for liking the Pre here is the last UD of my first ever  FF "Desire"

Thanx for liking it,

N this Update is dedicated to most romantic FF Writers for me  , n m sure everyone will b agree with me here ' Sunaha, Ramona(my CP), Nmy dear Prashuu.

Love u guys u guys rock.

Part-XII"The Prom night"Part -II


After two days, morning in hospital,

Arpita was sleeping in her bed when sun's soft morning rays touched her eyes but just in sec she felt more gentle n friendly shade over her , with a sweet smile she open her eyes to see what she want to see.Till now they knew that now Arshika is no more Avi's fiance n Rv is denied to except Arpi as fiance but they didn't know about what their families had decided for them .

Avi-"Good morning my lazy bones!"

Arpi-"Good morning my "Edward"!"

Avi was leaning over her to saw her sweet smile it was his daily routine from last few days, he stay there in hospital with Arpi all the time it was just a formality to leave her at nights as he leave the room after she fell asleep n came early in mornings to wish her morning n to stay whole day with her, her family members n friends are now just visitor for her , as everyone knows their relation n no one dare to ask Avi any question .But as for its came to Avi he never realized that everyone had al ready accepted their relation n he was conscious to face Arpi's parents .

Avi-"hey now who is this Edward haan? Kahi humse man to nahi bhar gaya naa"n said it with a sarcastic smile n wink. This caused Arpi laughter.

Arpi-"hahaha, uuh my poor AST is getting possessive haan ! well Edward is a vampire who fell in love with a human, n you know why I call u that , bz he never sleeps or get tired  just like you never stops to shower love n affection on his love just like you, (she blushes ) ok subah subah bahut taarif karwa li haan , ab batao ki sab kaisa chal raha hai?"

Avi-"wow madam is comparing me with a vampire  n saying that she is praising me ! Well in that case I have to say thank you mam! N what kaisa chal raha hai? What you want to know?"

Arpi-"Avi about collage , our friends it was ur last year naa, so what about the party? Don't tell me you are going to miss it just bz I m here in hospital!"

Avi-he came close to her, put his finger on her lips "shhh,'. Bahut bolti ho docs ne tumhe rest karne ko kaha hai, n one more thing without you , there is nothing for me n with you this hospital room seems me more fascinating then any party hall ok. You are my world n if there is any Party we will go together n only then if you want n docs permit you for that ok!"n he places a soft kiss on her fore head.

A drop of salty water rolled down on her cheek with a smile,

Avi-"oh ho now don't cause me more work haan,"

Arpi-"what? Which work I caused you now?"

Avi-"are itne mote mote tears baha rahi ho ab inhe mai nahi to kya koi aur aaiga wipe karne" n he approached her cheek to wipe off tear but not by hand by his lips . Arpi got his intentions n pushed him back ,

Arpi-"you' just go back I can manage it ok"

N they both burst in laughter, Avi sit backs on the side table , staring at Arpi ,

Arpi-"now what! From last few days you are staring at me with same expressions , bas karo otherwise mere chehre se man bhar gaya to mai bechaari kya karoongi haan?"

Avi- again stretched his hand n place his palm on her cheek cupping her face in it "Arpita you are the most beautiful girl I have seen ever in my life"

His words caused Arpi laugh again,

"what? What is funny in it haan?"

Arpi- "oh god u thinks there's nothing funny in it ? ok from last three days I m in hospital , with lots of bandages on my head n forehead, with slings, n plastered leg, n add on dark circles, n you find me beautiful in this state haha, shi kehte hai , 'pyaar insaan ko andha kar deta hai'"

Avi-"huun kabhi humari aankho se dekho tab pata chale kit um kya ho" he said the words in such mesmerizing manner it caused Arpi's laughter vanish n turn her red with shyness, with proud on her luck. Just at the same moment some one enters the room n Avi jumped down from the side table.

It was non other then NP mam,

NP-"Arpita how r you now?"

Arpi-"m fine mam, thanx for coming. how r u n how z the preap for final party are going?"

NP-"oh i m just fine n happy to see you both together, u know i always knew that this will happen but don't know that you guys will take whole year ! oh btw which party about you were asking ? without the hero of collage there will be nothing ok (she looked at Avdhesh) but as now i can see you fine so i think i should decide a date for it too huun"

Avi- "mam but its ok you carry on with party i  don't think we can b part of it in any condition n i don't want to spoil other's pleasure by delaying it."

NP- "Avdhesh i m not asking for your openion ok ! just take care of Arpita bz i want to see you both on the prom night , n i have decided its after twenty days , i will take care of everything you don't need to worry anything just take care of her n yours too. ok i should take your leave now , bye Arpita get well soon see you at prom"

Np get up n leave the room after giving Arpi a tight hug full of love n affection , after all she was the one who predicted this love before they knew it . whole day relatives n well wishers visite Arpita n Avdhesh has to wait for few minutes to spend with her alone when her family members come to meet her he just vanished from the room , even Arpi didn't noticed when he left the  room , in the eve a nurse came in with some medicins ,

Nurse-"good evening mam how r u feeling now ?"

Arpi- "i m fine thanx, btw have you seen the guy who was here in morning "Avdhesh" he was here till noon , but ab pata nhi kahan chala gaya hai, itna bhi nahi socha ki itni der mai kaise rahuungi" she just murmured the last line and thought she was not audible tp the nurse .

Nurse- "oh Mr. Thakur ,  he was in corridor but just before your parents left he went out for something, i must say mam you are very lucky , your husband really loves you a lot, u know when you came here you were almost dead, docs don't have any expectations to save your life but he never loose the hope he was keep saying that you will b ok , n you know from last three days i don't think he take even a nap, when you fell asleep he use to watch you for long time n in mornings he came back after few hours i don't think he can sleep in that short time "

Arpi was listening her carefully although she knew it all , but her (nurse's) misunderstanding , to call him her husband give her more pleasure that she don't feel need to correct her , even she feel proud to hear that. Just when Nurse was leaving Avi tep in with a bunch of Red roses .

Arpi-"kahan gaye the tum? itni der kahan laga di ?"

Avi-"lo bahi ek to mam ko khush karne ke liye puri market chaan mari upar se daant bhi suno" n he makes chil like face n hand over the bouquet to Arpi.

Arpi except it with cute smile which bring a shine on Avi's face too afterall he was doing all this to see her smlie .

Arpi-"i just love roses but not more then you, if you want to see me happy just do me one faver kabhi meri aankho se door na jaana."

n they both just get lost in each other's eyes.





After twenty days at Rai's residence -

Arshi-"Arpi what are you doing? just make it fast , or open the door, let me help you naa he will be coming at any moment n you are not ready yet !"

Arpi -opening the door "di, what can i do ? you know naa i m not comfertable with these back less dresses n he knows it too pata nahi phir ye dress hi kyun bheji hai idiot , ek to abhi plaster bhi nahi hata hai four days aur hai abhi upar se ye dress , i m going to be a laughing stock in tonight's party !"

Arpi was dressed in light pink satin gown with beautiful net work on it , but she was not happy with Avi;s choice as it has only a thread on its back to hold both shoulders together . she was looking beautiful.

Arshi-"wow Arpi you are looking like a bride just comb your hairs dear haha" she said that bz in her urry to get ready Arpi messed her hairs badly n didn't noticed it eather, just then Avi's car parked on her door Arshi peepout of window "oh god he is here just make it fast let me help you ok. " she start to helpArpi to get ready .

Arpi-"di i can manag it , you have toget ready too aaj Tanmay ji ke parents aapse milne aa rahe hai naa "

Arshi-"Arpi we had met already its just a formely actually they are coming to meet mom n dad to fix a date for ingaement . n don't worry i will stay at home but you are going for party n most importent thing is that its your firt offecial date with Avdhesh , oh god can't believe my lil sis is going on date alone , well i can trust him for you bz i know you will be more safe with him then any one else in world even me "

Arpi-"di aap fir shuru ho gai, hum baat kar chuke hai naa, jo bhi hua ho chuka now we all are happy . r not we?"

Arshi-"of course we are dumbo, n i have to thank you both bz agar tumhara pyaar na dekhti to shaayad Tanmay ke pyaar ko kabhi samajh hi naa pati aur hamesha bhatakti hi reh jaati , thankyou my lil sis" n she hugged her with lots of love. "okok sisterly love bahut hua , now its time for some real romance , just get down or Mr. thakur will kill me for making you late"

At the hall of same house Avi was sitting with her parents , he was quite nurves as facing some bullet,

Avi-"Sir i hav never get chance to talk you before , so i like to introduce my self fomaly 'I m Avdhesh Singh Thakur, son of Mr. ..."

but he has to cut his intro short as Rai family burst with laughter suddenly,

Papa Rai-"beta we r really sorry , but you are introducing your self like we r meeting first time, its ok we had talked  to your Parents , n they too are coming to fix your Engagement date tonight hope this time Arpi don't have any conditions " n he looked at stairs as Arpi n Arshi was coming down Arpi heared him n start blushing which her father take as Yes . while Avi was lost again to staring at her n get up .

though there was a plaster on Arpi's leg but she manage to walk now as she steped near Avi she trumbbeled a bit n Avi cought her hand to giv her support to get stable again.

Avi-" Sir if you don't mind can i take your daughter for the Party i will drop her by 10 surely "

Mr Rai nodd in yes n they both take their leave ,

Avi helped Arpi to sit in car n start the car to drive away, he was wearing shining black sute which was giving him perfect Groom's look . when they were in mid way Avi stops the car Arpi looked at him in surprise but he looked at out of window over Arpi , so she too looked in same direction, it was Chote's tea stall

Avi-" just  wait here I will be back in a sec!"


Arpi-"are kaha jaa rahe ho mujhe bhi milna hai chote se!"

Avi-"wait naa, tum fir kabhi mil lena !"b he just get in the shop, Arpi can see him talking to Chote from the window, they were laughing n he ordered her to stay thr in car no she want to meet him now , n she opened the door to step out. In the shop-

Avi-"dek Chote wo aa rahi hai, ye kaam kar de to tujhe maan jaunga!"

Chote-"are Bhaiya don't worry! Hum bhi chote hai agar Bhai or Bhabhi ke liye itna bhi nahi kiya to kya kiya haan !"

Avi-"are waah ! chal mai chala par plz tu abhi apna muh mat kholna mere aage Bhabhi mat bolna , bas kaam ho jaana chahiye theek hai!"


Arpi-"hey Chote! Kaise ho?" she came on dragging her plastered leg behind.

Chote-"Are Aap aise kyu chali aai mujhe bula liya hota!"

Arpi-"its ok waise bhi kuch logo ko lagta hai I can't walk fir bhi Party mai saath le ke jaayenge or aise hi chod kar alag chal denge!" she give a sarcastic look to Avi which he ignores n step toward the car. "waise itni has has ke kya baaten ho rahi thi?"

Chote-"kuch nahi, waise aap keh rahi thi naa, ki bhaiya aap ko chod kar akele aa gaye pata hai kyun? Wo keh rahe the ki samajh nahi paa rahe ki aap se kaise kahe ?"


Chote-"yahi ki aap achi to bahut lag rahi ho but ye ear rings aapki dress ko suit nahi hote , keh rahe the ke aap achi to lag rahi ho par pata nahi kaan me kyaa pehan liya hai"

Arpi-"kya wo yeh sab tujhse kehne ke liye mujhe wahan bitha kea aye the, bewakoof samajh rakha hai kya? Chal bata kya baten ho rahi thi?"

Chote-"lo aap ko nahi maanni to mat mano, mujhe kya! Haan aur mujhe kun kahenge ka jawaab seedha sa hai, kyunki aap ko kehte to aapko bura lag jaata or kisi de naa kehte to unse na raha jata, waise bhabhi, aap par ye sach me ache nahi lag rahe!"

Arpi-"chal maan leti huun teri baat! One second what did you called me?"

Chote realized his mistake "what ! I just said that these r not suiting you! nothing else you heard something else too?"

Arpi-"in irritation "uuh nothing you bath are same" she started to unlock her ear rings n hand it over to Chote "ye samhaal"

Chote-"are main kya karunga inka meri to koi girlfriend bhi nahi hai!"

Arpi-"haha, acha, to koi baat nahi chaote abhi apni sister ko de dena jab girl friend hogi to naye dila dungi, jo cheej Avdhesh ko pasnd nahi mujhe bhi nahi"

Till ten Avi start blowing car's horn like freaks .

Arpi-"ok baba ok  I m coming, dekh raha hai chote party me jaane ki kitni jaldi hai, ke ye bhi nahi sochte ki mai bechaari langadi kaha se itni jaldi chal paaungi, khud to jaa ke car me baith gaye bas"


Arpi reached the car n get in n they drive for  party venue .






All the way Avi was quiet n admiring Arpi silently , while Arpi was fuming on his strange behavior

Arpi to herself '"hospital me to bahut romantic ho rahe the ab kya ho gaya saara romance khatam ho gaya naa"


Suddenly car stopped n Arpi came to realize that they have already reached at venue, it annoyed her more that all the way Avi didn't  uttered even a word she was just about to say something when Avi said-

"Arpita kya baat hai aaj badi ajeeb lag rahi ho! Gusse me ho kya?"

Arpi-"ajeeb! What do you mean by that? Ek to ye erotic si dress us par tumhare nakhre ke jewelry achi nahi lag rahi ! n now you are calling me 'Ajeeb'just do me a favor, drop me back at home I don't want any party" she stared at window in anger when she felt him close to her, n turn Avi's face was just at breath far.

Arpi- "kya kar rahe ho ! just sit back in your seat koi dekh lega to kya sochega"

Avi-" kya sochega matlab! Are I was just trying to put this in your ears" n he showed beautiful diamond ear rings n get more close to her put them one by one . "huun ab kuch theek lag rahi ho, but still something is missing" n he pulled her arm n get her more close.

Arpi-"ab ye kya hai?"

Avi- "shhh'" he put his finger on her lips n muttered I her ear "nothing just trying to complete you" n he placed a kiss on her neck it bring a shiver to her spine but just in next sec he was back to his seat . "Are Arpita kya hua kahan kho gai !"

Arpi- got her senses back n saw a beautiful necklace at her neck, "wow its beautiful you were talking about this haan isiliye chote ne mere ear rings utrvae the!"

Avi- "yaa but why did you closed your eyes when I was placing it haan! Were you expecting something else from me haan?"

His question make her blush on her own foolishness,

Arpi-"what! Nothing what else ? nothing ."

Avi get down from the car n helped her to et down too,

Avi- "just a sec you were right this dress still looks incomplete, m I forgetting something, oh yeah how can I forget you must be feeling cold naa, here we go"

N he bring a packet from back seat , it was a beautiful short white satin waist coat embroided with white beads n silk thread , it was beautiful Avi helped her to wear it,

The warmth of that coat make her realize that its all were just his plan to make her angry n enjoy her angry face nothing else, it make her smile n blush .

Avi-"what why r u smiling now haan?"

Arpi-"nothing, you know you are just like a naughty kid n nothing else"

Avi-"oh yeah! Do you think like that , chalo fir aaj is kid ki naughtiness bhi dekh lo"

Avi hold her by waist n drag her close to him.

Arpi-"Avi kya kar rahe ho, sab hamara wait kar rahe honge, specially NP mam, after all her fav student is going to b prom king tonight, but alas I can't be ur queen , plastered leg ke saath koi dance kaise kar sakta hai"

Avi-"yeah you are right ab kya Karen kisi ko to queen banna hi hai na, btw I was just helping you to get in hall you must be forgotten that there are stairs," He lift her in his arms n entered the party hall where everyone was just staring at them some bz of their entry style n some bz they were looking awesome n complementing each other, girls were feeling jealous of Arpi n same was the situation of boys the were fuming at Avi.

Avi n Arpi spend few minuets In party but as the dance started Avi was disappeared n when Arpi search for him he find him talking to NP at a corner of hall. He came back to Arpi n held her wrist "lets go"

Arpi-"but where kahan chalen , you suppose to dance here with some girl agar baahar ghumoge to prom king kaise banoge?"

Her words were effect less for Avi he just pulled her to garden area , there was beautiful decoration , but most beautiful part was just few yards away . it was small shelter surrounded by bushes n plants of flowers all were blooming n their fragrance was adding more charm to the beauty of place , Avi again lift her before she can came out of the beauty of that sight she was there in that shelter with Avi only , the music of party was reaching their but as all were busy in party so no one would come out to disturb them in their beautiful heaven.

Avi put her on her feet, n sit on his knees holding her hand,

Avi-"Arpita I never thought that I will do some thing like this ever in my life but here I m on my knees, I know I never said that, or I should say I know we don't need to say that but I have to say it now "kyunki pyaar ki baat jitney bhi kaho utni kam hai" Arpita 'I love You' will you be mine, for ever n ever, I can't think my self without you, you are my life, just be there with me n I promise you that I will love you till my last breath as I love you now, just be mine,will you marry me"

His love confession bring tears to Arpi's eyes , Avi gets up n wipe them off '"kya hua, jo dil me hai aaj jaa ke kehne ka mouka mila so keh daala hope you like all this"

Arpi just hugged him tightly '"shhh just shut up Avi, let me live this moment, I want to live this moment for ever , it's the most beautiful moment of my life time, just don't disturb me, I don't want you to break this dream by your stupid comments"

Avi-breaking the hug "ok so now my talks are just stupid comments haan , jaao maine to socha tha ki tumhare saath dance karuna but now I have changed my mind!"

Arpi-"dance ! with me ! haha Mr. Thakur ka dimaag apni jagha se khisak gaya hai, how can you make me dance with this plastered leg haan?"

Avi-"Miss Rai, don't you ever challenge Avdhesh Singh Thakur ok I can do any thing n when it comes to you , then any thing mean any thing" he hold her waist n lift her and land her feet on his own feet ,switch on the music '

"Baby , just standby my side,

Come n b my guiding light ,'..

Soniyo.. O Soniyooo'

Tumhe dekhta huun to sochta huu bas yahi.."


"so what you want to say now ,nothing is impossible for AST got it"

Arpi-"haha AST to aise keh rahe ho jaise bahut bahadur ho , n hospital me kaise bachon waali harkat kar rahe the, promis me, what ever stored in future you will never do that mistake again , If anything happened to me then I want to live in ur heart by ur breaths"

Avi-"kya karun I can't think my self without you n about bravery n cowardness just want to tell you some thing

Maut se nahi tujhe khone se darta hun

Kisi khuda ke nahi bas tere hi sajde karta hun",

Arpi-"ooh you are soo romantic kahan se seekhi itni baaten banana, '" n she go on n on like children she was enjoying swing of his strong arms, n suddenly it starts raining too which bring the child with in her out just like the first night, "ooohhh wow its so beautiful , u know I just love rains but today I can't go out just bz of this stupid plaster!"

Avi was looking at her innocent face n completely lost in her when she bang her plastered foot on his foot as she forget that she was standing on his feet.

Avi-"ouch ! watch out what are you doing? So you want to dance in rain again haan!"

Arpi-"wait a minute what do you mean by again, ooh how can I forget that night ! omg what a night it was though I don't remember much about it but sure for one thing I teased you a lot naa! Haha"

Avi again lost in her just gazing her face with a cute mysterious smile.

Arpi-"What! Why are you smiling like this haan , stop it ok you are scaring me now, stop looking at me or I will run away!"


Avi hold her waist-"huun kitna bolti ho, par kaam ki ek bhi baat nahi karti, tumne apna sentence abhi tak pura nahi kiya!"

Arpi-"koun sa !"

Avi '"bataaun!"

Arpi-"keh ke or kar ke,"

Avi-"which one you prefer?"

Arpi-"let me see!!!!!!!

Avi-"oh god you are taking so much time yaar, I can't wait that much, time over!"

N he hold her waist tight close to him n kiss her on lips, which was accepted with same love n smile by Arpi. Again it turns to be full of passion n love seems like nature was supporting them too,  Rain get a bit more dense making a white curtain between them n rest of the world. They were in their bliss, loving n kissing each other as long as they want no one is their to interrupt them.Blushing(ramona think it as long u wantROFL )

Happy beginning, what say haan!Big smile


That's all about Desire

How two souls how were searching for love find it ,

Denied it n finally realized its importance,Embarrassed

n no more updates for this FF hope u guys enjoyed it ,

Yap I know I m not so good in Romance writing but just tried to

Copy u guys hope it was not too bad hehe,

Don't forget to drop ur comments (precious one too)LOL

N press likewaa .Wink


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joliefille Goldie

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Big Thanx to all u lovely people on forum

Thankyou sooo much for liking my poor attempt of writing its just that it was few fregments came in my mind n I tried to jot it down as a story n just bz of u guys  here is Desire hope u guys enjoyed it n once again a big thanx for ur all comments n encouragement .

Love u all yaar,

N ya end hote hote ye to bata do which part u guys liked most n why ?

N at the same time which part u guys didn't liked much isme why bata doge to meharbaani hogi hehe.

N this is bz thr are few more ideas which if u guys help me can take form of FF soon may b after my exams , hope till then v can have our Avita back ! (just my wish ok no prophecy )

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-Prashu- IF-Sizzlerz

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My Dear JoHugHugHug

Im 1stBig smileTongueWinkDancingParty LOL

Wht 2 say JoConfused Im speechless yaar!!!

My EdwardEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed  WooohoooParty

There cute fights...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Oh My My..and last part...It was fantabulously fantasticClapClap

I have 2 look into dictionary fr adjectivesLOLLOLLOL

I was waiting fr NP Maam...Here is sheEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed She already knew their loveEmbarrassed  Me tooTongue

Loved transformation of Arshika...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed  All is well tht ends well...

She is darling yaEmbarrassed

His formal introductionLOLWink

Choote bhi aagayaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Yayyy!!!Dancing    Poor ArpiLOL Finally use baat manni badiLOL

Wooww..Diamond earring and necklaceDay Dreaming

Loved the proposalDay Dreaming

Maut se nahi tujhe khone se darta hun

Kisi khuda ke nahi bas tere hi sajde karta hun",

Hats Off fr these lines Jo...!!! It is as beautiful as ur FFEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedRains, romance...My My..yaar..tune meri jaan le liEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Thts was really sweet of you to dedicate this for meEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Loved it Jaan..

Congratualtions Darling

Im really going to miss My Beautiful Desire's AvitaCry  M going to Miss Desire a lotCryCryCry

Bt Im happy I got to read the story frm youSmileSmile

I will always love itHeart  I cant say thanksOuch  But I simply loved ur writing and FFEmbarrassed


Im waiting for Another FF and OS from your sideEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Nd all The Best for your Exams...Thumbs Up

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