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FF-"DESIRE"--Part 12"the Prom night"part-2 pg 47 (Page 3)

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 5:47pm | IP Logged
Joliefille, thanks for the lovely update. So,  RV and Avi are bff's. Maybe they will be fighting for the same girl. I really like Arpi's attitude towards Avi, he would have to work hard to melt her heart. I can't wait for the next update.

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Originally posted by Sidda8

Joliefille, thanks for the lovely update. So,  RV and Avi are bff's. Maybe they will be fighting for the same girl. I really like Arpi's attitude towards Avi, he would have to work hard to melt her heart. I can't wait for the next update.
Hey Sidda thanx for likeing it,
ya Avi n RV r friends but not like best buddies,
n there is some twists for Avita from there past n there attitude toward life hope can explain it a bit in next chapter.Wink

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wowww yaar
tooo goooooooodddddddddddddddd

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joliefille Goldie

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dedicated to Priya ,Prashu n Cuty..

After that incident Arpi was surprised on his behavior, specially for what she had seen in his eyes that moment, was it pain, anger, sense of being cheated or some thing else, she want to know but after that it was hard for her to find Avdhesh even they both were in the same collage, she heard that he is busy in preparations of party , but only  from other girls who always talked about him or his romantic talks.

 "Oh he is so cute,"

 "Oh u know he was so busy but he bring roses for me,"

"Oh my god he gifts me a ring"

Arpita was tired of Avdhesh's name now its like head ach for her now everyone is talking  about him ,she want to forget his eyes, his strange behavior of that day, n for some extant his disappearance helped in it but these girls always remind her of him, his intense eyes,,

Arpi- "oh god!  Wat's happening with me I don't want to see him again in my life n when ever I hear his name those eyes seems like gazing me, I think I have to talk to him, doesn't matter how rude n ill-mannered is he." 

Meanwhile RV turns becomes a good friend for Arpi so she decides to b his partner for party, Manjari was with her boyfriend Chulbul, and while no one knows with whom Shikha is coming. The most surprising thing was that no one knows who is the lucky girl who's going to b with the heartthrob of collage "Avdhesh".  

At the party night Arpi joined Manjari, simple, Chulbul n Ranvijay in the party hall.

She was wearing a beautiful Red long gown with black net dcor n brooch on its waist.

But she was surprised to see that Avdhesh was not there even everyone was saying that he arranged all things for NP as she trust him a lot and he want to fulfill that trust.

Arpi-"hey Chulbul you are praising ur friend so much but he is not around here don't tell me he don't want to take credit for his work that's why he is not here"

Chulbul-"no certainly not, he just left in evening to bring his new friend for eve."

Manjari-"friend or girlfriend?"

Chulbul-"don't talk like that Manjari, if he is coming with a girl doesn't mean they r girlfriend and boy friend, if u come with your brother then can I call him ur boyfriend?"

Manjari- "what r u talking Chulbul? Mind ur language, why r u taking it personally I m not saying any thing to u or ur best friend, whats wrong in joining the party with new girlfriend?"

In all these arguments Simple was standing quite in a corner, Arpita noticed her silence and came to her,

Arpi-"hey Simple, what happened? Why r u looking lost? Your favorite boy is not around here is that only reason or something serious?"

Simple-"Arpi,I want to make clear one thing for u hope u understand,Avdhesh is not a bad guy,u know in the preparations of this party he worked hard, n in that time I tried to get close to him, n u know he was really good toward me, even I proposed him n u know what did he said, he said "Simple, I like u, you r a nice girl, I enjoyed ur company, but u r misunderstanding me I don't believe in love n all its all for befooling others n I don't want to hurt u so I m telling it clearly to u, we can b good friends , whenever u need help just call me ,I will b there for u"

Arpita was shocked to hear it all n more shocked bz of Simple's thoughts for Avdhesh.

Simple-"u know arpita I was fool I misinterpret his words everytime,he calls me sweety,beautiful n I think bz he likes me but u know what's the truth was, he use these kind of words bz he don't remember girls name n don't want to hurt them so he use such sweet words. I think now I respect him more. for his frankness."

Arpita-"shutupSimple he insults u indirectly n u r saying that u respects him? How can he say such thing if he don't like u then why he was taking Ur advantage?

Simple-"Arpi he never tried it, if he want he can do it but he didn't , that's why I respect him.belive me u will change ur opinion one day"

Arpita was quite confused when Avdhesh took the grand entry with a girl in black dress,

He was wearing a black suit with red tie as the dress code of party was "Red n Black". He was looking really dashing.Arpita was shocked when she noticed the girl she was none other then Shikha.

Arpita-"what the hell this girl is doing with him? She know him very well n how much I hate him"

Manjari-"Arpi, what r u saying? I m shocked to see them together too, but watch ur word yaar what u said u hate him, but why??"

Arpi-"not before this party but now I really hate him, now I ca understand why he ditched Simple ,for Shikha bz he want a easy task Simple was smart enough but Shikha is so innocent, I m not going to leave him for destroying her life."

As the moment Avdhesh entered with Shikha everyone start gazing them, but when Shikha got alone Arpi come to her in rage.

Arpi-"look Shikha , I really don't know what r u doing with him ,but let me warn u , its not good n how can u trust him to accompany with in night.u know well how famous he is for his Casanova image. He will spoil ur image in collage"

Shikha-"hey arpi just chill yaar he is not that bad as u think, look I m safe n sound he is not vampire believe me I m more safe with him in world then any other man in world, its a secrete but I think I should tell u? "

Arpi-"God knows what charm he knows, first Simple n now u r talking like this"

She didn't listen wat Shikha want  to tell her she cut her words n move towards Avdhesh.

When she was heading toward Avdhesh suddenly lights gone out n N.P appeared in spot light having mike in hand.

N.P-"Good evening students, hope u all r enjoying the party I don't want to disturb u all but have to do my job to select miss fresher n mister fresher so just start the competition .there will b three rounds introduction, couple dance where  u will dance with someone as ur blind date,n finally question answer round,n one most important thing everyone is going to participate seniors too."

The competition starts everyone gives their intro after a small walk on stage. It was for freshers only then the dance starts in the dark everyone was choosing there partner not by names or faces but by numbers n by announcing their position in hall. In all hotchpotch Manjari manage to find Chulbul Shikha find a boy of his class, RV team up with a girl of 2nd year n for his disappointment she was with spectes ,  Simple find someone who jus entered the party for some one n N.P pushes him with a number  which matched to Simple's n Arpi bumped up with his newly found enemy whom she was searching for ,Avdhesh.

Avdhesh-"so, fresher u want to b miss fresher,"

Arpi-"excuse me,"

Avi-"hey don't try to act like u don't know it, everyone knows that whomever is accompanied by me will b winner of the competition .u know it that's why u choose to b my dance partner"

While saying it all he stretched his arms n drags arpi close to him for start the dance.

Arpi-"oh god! some people have such great misconceptions about them, or I should say over confident. Its just a my bad luck that I end up with you, or may b yours bz I want to talk to you"

She pushed him back as he was stretching his hand around her waist.

Avi-"ok you want to talk to me ok , we can do it while dancing , I don't have any desire to dance with u but at the same time I don't want to spoil others eve specially Shikha's"

They both start pretending like dancing.

Arpi-"what do want from Shikha, Just leave her alone."

Avi-"what, u want to talk about Shikha? Ok so wat u thinks? m I going to harm her haan?"

Arpi-"I know which kind of guy u r?first u try to use Simple n when u find Shikha more easy n beautiful u ditched her , n who is going to b ur next target,?i m warning u just stay away from my friend , she is innocent but I will not let u use her!"

Something make him angry suddenly he almost throw her n again drag toward himself ,he shaked her badly n almost throw her on pillar, parting her from rest of party n people, he put his hands around her on pillar came close as much as he can n his breaths start touching arpi's face, it make her scared .

Avi-"listen think wat ever u want to think. If u doesn't know whole thing about someone don't assume things, wat have u said I want to use Simple n Sh?.. U proves how dirty mind u has! N what were u asking who is next? Don't worry girl its definitely not you, you know why, bz u r not worthy for it, I have a class, taste, n u r certainly not my type"

He leaves her alone there .Arpi was badly terrified on his behavior n his eyes ,which leave many questions in her mind last time, this time it scared her.

   After  a while when others dance get over Shikha,Simple n Manjari came to Arpi she was standing quietly in corner the final round was about to begin ,

Shikha-"Arpita what happened u r looking strange! Is everything all right?"

Arpi-"ya , im fine, just a bit tired, yaar I want to go home"

Manjari-"Home!girl ur uncle n aunt r not at home tonight, remember u r going to stay with me tonight.plz yaar stay for me we will go together."

Arpi-"ok, but plz don't force me to participate in party, I m not interested."

At the same time someone calls Arpi's name,


Arpi-(with wonder n joy)"Jagat Bhaiya, what r u doing here?"

Jagat-"what do u think? I was in town for a day before leaving I want to meet my dear lil sis, I want to surprise u , but when I went to uncle's place it was locked, someone told me its ur party so I came here to meet u but ur professor throw me in as a student.BTW mam it was  pleasure to dance with u"

Simple-(blushing) "oh, so u were searching for Arpita"

Arpita was noticing her blushing,

Jagat-"hey Arpita I hav to go now, just want to see you.R you happy here or want to come with me?"

Arpi-"no bhaiya, I m good,n don't worry about me your sister is strong n can take care of herself,hey bhaiya If u hav time can u plz drop my friend Simple."

Simple was surprised on Arpi's move.

Jagat-"ok , I don't have any prob, if mam has some time even we can hav coffee."

Arpi says in Jagat's ear "good bhaiya, but don't run too fast"

Jagat n Simple leaves the party.

Final round starts n Arpi was fourced to b its part,

But as she decided she didn't answer the question n finally Shikha won the competition.

Everyone was enjoying the party, except Avdhesh n Arpita after winning Shika went to Avdhesh first hugged him n he congratulate her.

Arpi was standing next to RV .

RV-"look how cute they r looking together, hope Avi is not going to ditch her too!"

This comment make Arpi more worried, when Shikha came to her . she was boiling with anger.


Shikha-"hey arpi why don't u answer the question I know u can."

Arpita-"leave it yaar , I told u I don't want to b part of it,I m here just for u  n Manjari,Shikha if u r my friend , leave Avdhesh, he is not a good guy?"

Someone cut her words in mid "Shikha, we need to leave now,come I will drop u n ur friends, its getting very late."

It was Avdhesh .

Shikha-in lower voice "Arpita thanx so much for ur love n concern, but believe me I m safe with him, ok come with me I will tell you n Manjari everything in the way"

Arpi-"No ways, I m not coming with this man!"

Avdhesh-" Shikha, just tell me u r coming or not?"

Simple-"but Bh..,Avdhesh I can't leave Arpita alone"

RV-"don't worry Shikha, im still in party,I will drop my friend"

Avdhesh-in lower volume"oh now is time to worry,bz u r in party!"

Arpi-"what hav u said?you were saying something naa!"

Avdhesh-"nothing about you, Shikha just leave."

Shikha-"ok arpi bye,see you tomorrow, Manjari is coming with me she will wait for u at her place"

Arpi-"no tell her I want to b alone tonight, plz don't wait for me,n don't worry I will b fine."

Everyone leaves the party except few boys n number of girls, NP had left much before,Arpi n Rv were sitting RV bring something to drink for arpi before leaving the party.

Arpi-"no thanks RV I just want to go home, im not in good mood plz."

RV-"I know that, that's why I bring this for u , take it u will feel better,I know this Avi is quite annoying you na,he is like that u know playing with girls is fun for him."

He handover the drink to arpi n she drinks it, while thinking about Avi's strange behavior  after the drink she feel strange like her head is spinning.

Arpi-"hey RV what was that drink?"

RV-"just a soft drink. come with me I will drop u"

As they reached to parking lot arpi's head start spinning badly even she can't stand properly, she was moving like a fully drunk one.

RV-"come on Arpita dear sit n tonight we r going to have fun."

By now she was totally out of her senses but only thing she remembered that something was wrong in that drink.

Arpi-"RV, u jerk, idiot, what had u done with my drink, u fool, I m not coming with u any where, n on your bike forget it man.Hehehe"

RV-"come-on dear, I have waited a lot for this time n now u r saying no,that's not fair, u know every time I got chance to get close to you someone interrupts us tonight no one can do that. not even Avi, my best buddy n ur great enemy.


Hope u all like it,Embarrassed

Precap -

Avi-"ok now will you plz come with me, I don't hav car right now so  can you manage to sit striate on bike"

Avi-"ok now will you plz come with me, I don't hav car right now so  can

Avi-seperating her from himself  "ya I trust you, I can see you r not like he said,"with a smile "but you r really very dangerous I need to b careful from you, you pawned at him like tigeress"

it was getting too long so i decided to cut it n post in two parts, Wink

don't forget to leave ur comments , thats most important for me n if any thing to critiscise plz  do it,it will help me to improve,Embarrassed

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Me... first to comment...

fantastic update...

I loved that part when Avi pulled Arpi..Blushing

I wonder what is RV doing??Angry

update soon okay..

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Originally posted by KriYa_life

Me... first to comment...

fantastic update...

I loved that part when Avi pulled Arpi..Blushing

I wonder what is RV doing??Angry

update soon okay..
 hey "Ramona'
you like it!Big smile
 will try to update by sunday.
n rv is nothing in front of avi don't worry yaar.
luv you .
 for giving ur opinion on it, Embarrassed

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Great FF Joliefille,  really enjoying the characters.  Wonder what RV's up too.... is he a bad guy?? Looking forward to next chapter...

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Aww, Jollie. This is absolutely awesome, I can't wait to read the next part. RV is such a slimy snake. Avi is coming for the rescue and Arpi lands a few blows on RV. I hope she had done that in GKD, then she wouldn't be in this much trouble.

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