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FF-"DESIRE"--Part 12"the Prom night"part-2 pg 47 (Page 25)

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Originally posted by Nidhsara

Last part JoCry...and i very much hope its not Avi yelling at Arpi to get out...i have complete faith in'll keep us entertained for you

ya dear last part, but it depends on ur /everyone's wish if u all don't like the ending i hav alternate too for now try to bear with meEmbarrassed
n thanx for liking it dearEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by jes_jade

Interesting Precap!!!!!Clap Thanx Jess dearEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Just hope dat Avi doesn't believes RV & also dat the girl is Arshikha..

Plzz update soon.Smile

Thanx Jess dearEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
will try to update soonEmbarrassed

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joliefille Goldie

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hi everyone hope u all like this part too,

Part X "Storm burst out"

Arpita's hands n mouth were tied badly n her knees were injured so she can't even try to crawl away from there, she can watch Rv leaving her there

He beats her badly to take out his frustration n when he reached corridor where he slapped her she saw " Avdhesh"

She want to call him,  by the moment he left her alone on dance floor, she tried her best to get rid of all ties but all vain, she can hear their convo n see Avi too,

Avdhesh-"Ranvijay, where is Arpita?" there was a strange restlessness in his voice which force arpita to become more restless "Avdhesh I m here!"

Rv '"Avi you are pathetic, what have you done with her tonight! She doesn't want to see you again."

Avi-"Just tell me where is she?" his anger was reaching heights now.

Rv-"she is not here, she left after Arshika. You make her ashamed of herself Avdhesh, she was feeling ashamed to be with you in front of me, begging to forgive her for your deed"

Avi slapped him hard "Just shut up I don't believe you"

Rv- of course you don't, you never do that, if you trusted me last time may be Arshika's rejection didn't hurt you that much, but believe me you have to trust me again when Arpita will tell you by herself that she is ashamed of her self to be your friend, bz the way you treat her tonight she never imagined that. She never liked you; it was her kindness that she allows you, to be with her n you were forcing yourself on her."

Avdhesh turn n start moving in anger in the mid of his rubbish, but there was something which was still forcing him not to leave, he was looking back at garden area ;

 "Why can't I believe him? Why I can feel you around me, why can I feel ur essence in air, Why Arpita , why I m feeling like you need me, like you are calling me again and again?"

At the bushes Arpita was crying badly while Avdhesh was leaving "plz Avdhesh don't go! Plz don't leave me."




In a cottage by pool side,

Rv dragged Arpita all the way as he was sure that Avi is not there any more and throw her on bed, She was crying bitterly but her tears don't have any effect on Rv he turns to a devil tonight,

Rv-"Oh my love how many times I need to tell you, look  why are you crying all the time, don't tell me that you are still expecting that fool Avdhesh . You know how silly he is! how do you know let me tell you, (he start stepping toward her putting off his jacket, throw it on Arpi's face) I told him earlier that your sister don't love  him n he didn't believe me later on he had to believe me when he find me with her n she ditched him, poor thing! n today when I told him that you are not here he believed me immediately , hahaha, well why are we wasting our time talking about him, now you are mine" and he leaned on her but as he untied her mouth  a long waiting scream burst out


Before her scream can end , suddenly cottage door was shattered with thunder n before Rv can look back he got a hard blow , a kick on his ribs n next moment he was on floor.

No doubt it was Avdhesh who was roaming around n searching Arpita as his heart didn't permit him to leave he was searching around the garden , near the pool n cottage n her scream was enough for him to approve his doubt about Rv's intentions .he looked at Arpita she was quenched in her own tears n sweat shivering with fear, there was black n blues on her arms n shoulders, fingers marks on cheek which turns blue, all these n her fasten state drive Avi mad his eyes start burning in anger like never before he unties rest of knots put his jacket on her shoulders. She was constantly looking in his eyes when he put his jacket on her she hugged him by waist while she was sitting on bed n Avi was standing next to her. Before she can say anything Rv took advantage n hit on Avi's forehead with a rod, a stream of blood appear n he fell on ground, his vision was fading.

Rv-"what do you think? You will come n take her away from me, forget it Avdhesh you can't win every time. Arpita is mine n she will be mine. Do you know what your problem you are an emotional fool is! Arshika came in your life  n you fell in love with her , she ditched you n you were broken , and when Arpita came in your life you don't realized her value , n now when I m interested in her you want her, forget it , she is mine now." N he start dragging her,  Avi's sight was getting fade but he can see her, she was on floor trying to reach him, only her voice was clear for him "Avdhesh.. Avdhesh.." n her sobs , no he will not loose this time he gain his whole strength at the same time  Rv slapped Arpita in front of his eyes , that was enough to evoke the furious tiger again, he jumped  back n hit him hard on face,

Avi-"how dare you touch her in front of me!" n Rv's thrashing starts, kicks punches, flying kicks,

N that was not enough for Avi he picked up the same rod n starts on him, "how dare you call her yours, how dare you slap her, you filthy ******, never ever dare to utter her name, I will kill you if I saw you around her ever in life."

Till now Rv was fainted n Avi's face was red by his own blood but he don't care about himself, all he knows that Rv slapped Arpita n just bz of him she was in such bad condition.

Arpita-"Avdhesh, stop, stop, bas karo ! wo mar jayega."

N she grabbed his arms to stop him.

Avi-"leave me Arpita, how dare he touched you!"

Arpi-"so what, jaan le loge kya, waise bhi  hum shaadi karne waale the" Arpi said that to stop him but it affects opposite ,  he stop beating him n stare at her with anger n disgust.

Avi-"oh reallly Arpita then why were you screaming n calling me if you want to marry him." He throw the rod with disgust n grabbed her arm to pull her out of cottage. "Come-on I don't have much time to waist on you n your boy friend, n I m really very sorry to save you tonight oh what m I saying I didn't save you I just spoiled your night haan. But sorry mam now when I spoiled your plans so I think I have to drop you home plz allow me at least as a compensation of my mistake."

Arpi-"Avi you are bleeding let me help you." She tried to wipe his wound .but he step back n stop her hand in air.

Avi-"no thanks mam, aapke haanth gande ho jaayenge" n he reached to pool wash his face. Arpita was looking at him with tears in eyes. He called a boy from staff n give him some money to take Rv hospital n tell them that he (Rv) met with an accident.




At mid night, out of Rai's residence,

Avi was silent all the way but it was not hidden from Arpita that she hurts him badly by her words

N he is angry with her that's why he was not speaking to her n his silence was biting her soul when they reach at garden Avi open the gate for her n draw back to leave without a word Arpita was still wearing his jacket n he was in White shirt with stains of his own blood drops, suddenly Arpita seized his wrist when he was leaving,

Arpi-"Avdhesh andar nahi aaoge, kam se kam di se to milte jaao"

"Di se milte jaao" that was enough to trigger his anger "she still want me to meet Arshika", all the way he was boiling in anger,He turn with anger "What the hell is your problem Arpita, can't you see I don't want to talk to you or any one right now, just leave me alone !"

Arpi-"why are you so angry with me, maine kya kiya hai, I can't bear your silence, I can't see you like this."

Avi-"why the hell you stopped me? Do you really want him to be your life partner? You want him to touch you? Sorry but I can't see that any more, I can't even think you with anyone else."

Arpi -"But why! Why it hurts you so much, it should not affect you, you are going to marry some one soon, why do you care about me?"

Avi grabbed her arms n drag her close to him her face was close to his, eyes in eyes , they can feel each other breath,

 "Really Arpita you don't know why I care for you? Why it hurts me so much to think you with someone else? Waise to unkahi baaten samajh jaati ho , can't you see it why I m suffering every second , just look in my eyes , you really can't see or you don't want to see.(Arpita was just lost in his eyes) If you really don't get it till now then I can't explain it more then this" and he put his lips on her's  in a punishing manner but his punishing kiss turns to a passionate one when Arpi found herself in his arms she forget everything n kissed him back her arms encircled around his neck n her fingers starts playing with his hairs , his arms get around her waist more firm , he almost lift her in his arms , he was happy that she accepts his love n she is with him, while Arpita was totally lost in kissing him she want to feel him; is this what she wants from him , a kiss full of love and passion , is this that moment for which she was waiting for her whole life, is this for which she felt incomplete  when he left her on dance floor . She kissed him as long as she can, the firmness of his arms increasing every second with passion he lifts her n now she was in air in his arms "uh.." a soft sigh accurse on her lips, Avi suddenly loose his arms n put her on ground again, "oh m I hurting you" she smiled n nod in no, they were looking in each other's eyes, there was a different kind of shine, shine of satisfaction, of love, of happiness, N then she rests her head on his strong chest she was still in his embrace, her beautiful bliss, he kissed her forehead lightly.

He said nothing but everything is said, is this for which he was looking for, Arpita is the one who understand his feelings without a word. She said nothing but her response to his kiss was enough to confirm her love for him, now he doesn't want anything else in world.

Arpita was feeling same in his arms she was happy, satisfied how foolish she was, he was always there with her, it was always there in his eyes, she saw it many times but always ignore it, may be that's why N.P mam said that   

    "most close one is that person, with whom you share tears, you give smile to all but tears only for him, bz tears r more precious then smile specially when it affect someone. With  whom you want to live when you feel lonely, who stand by you in ups and downs and you know most important thing, that person never let you feel that he is there for you and even you don't realize it as you can't count your breath or heart beats but can't live without them."

"I m telling you bz you may need to know"

"how do she knows that I need to know that, ya she was right Avi is the only one with whom I share my tears n he share it with me , he was there with me in all ups n downs,

But never showed that he was there for me, I always need him n he was there all the time, he can understand what I m feeling without any word, like today."

She hugged him more firmly but when she opened her eyes, reality struck her world very hardly n her happiness vanished with wind.

There was Arshika was  staring them from window of their room there was disgust, anger n lots of questions in her gaze, certainly for Arpita "how can she cheat her when she knows how much she loves him"

 Arpita was so embarrassed at her position suddenly she pushed Avi back, he was shocked "why!"

Arpi- "I m sorry! I should not do that, I m really very sorry."

Avi was hurt again-"What! You r feeling sorry for excepting me, for kissing me or for resting in my arms." He seized her wrist hard this time with more anger.

Arpi-"leave me Avdhesh you r hurting me" she again looked back at window but there was no one.

Avi-"look at me Arpita, what do you said 'I m hurting you' n what are you doing with me, are you playing with me, with my emotions, just a second before you was more happy then me kissing me back with all your love n passion n now you are saying that I m hurting you."

Arpi-"just leave me Avdhesh let me go."

Avi-"let you go! Just answer me damn it what was that which I felt with you, which you felt with me , what was that moment, it doesn't matter for you?"he grabbed her waist n try to force her to look in his eyes which she was avoiding now.

Arpi-"leave me Avdhesh,(n she slapped him)that's why I said sorry to you, it was nothing but a weak moment of our life, just forget it, we were weak at that moment, that's it. Waise bhi tum kisi aur ke ho mere bare main sochna chod do"

Avi-" 'Kisi aur ka' great, (he pushed her toward the gate)ok I got it, just get out of my sight, I don't want to see you ever in my life. You bloody hypocrite, you know, you was right, Arshika is best for me at least jo uske dil me hai wo wohi kehti hai. "

Arpita got what she want she just run toward the gate when suddenly Arshika appear there, Her face was cold but she was looking at Arpi with disgust, Arpi avoid to look at in her eyes n get in the house.

She run through the hall way and stairs hit her bed with tears n starts crying.Tonight, she found everything and loose everything at the same moment , she want to cry whole night but she can't she have to compose herself before anyone see her in that state, she must have to give some explanations to Arshika for her state in Avi's  arms. She get up and start changing her clothes unknowingly she picked the same white dress which she wore on her first day at collage. When she cross the mirror of wardrobe her first meet with Avi came alive in her eyes, n then the moment she slapped him, she hates herself for that, and to punish herself she crushed her hand in the same wardrobe door. She fell on floor totally broken but she heard some voices from window it was Arshika, she was crying.

Her heart sank a bit n she run again to garden area


                                                                "Mohabbat wo bala hai,

Jo nigahon se shuru ho ke dil tak pahunchti hai,

Ek ibadat, Ek nasha hai,

Jo dil me ghar karke nigahon se bayaan  hoti hai,

Chand lafzon ki nahi mohtaz ye,

Ye to chahne wale ki saanso se bayan hoti hai"


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

hope you like this part, but its not ends here,

why Arshika was crying, ?

what will be her reaction after knowing the reality of Avita's love ,?

will she back off or try to separate them,?

does she really unaware of this fact, ?

What will Arpita do next?

lots of questions dearLOL

try to sought it all in next, plz don't throw Chappals n stylos  on me for itWink

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Hey JO Hug

me first Dancing me first  Dancing

WOW jo is it amazing and i love the way you portrayed the RV,Arpi,Avi emotions Clap Star Clap Star Clap

Avita Kissed Blushing Blushing Blushing 

that RV and stupid Arshikha AngryCensored

btw took any tips of prashuuu Wink

gosh it's me who lacks in romance Dead Dead ROFLROFLROFLROFL

love you Hug

PS update soon and no tragedy Angry


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hey friends i updated today in hurry bz of my bro Angry
So plz bear with me just want to tell u it's just part one i will update next like if u like this one. Uuuh hav to log off now .

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OMG, Neha this update is absolutely superb. Avita has found out that they love each other but Arpi is not ready to move on because of her Di. Poor Avi is heart broken continuously. I don't know what he is going to do but hopefully all their misunderstanding resolves.

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Heyyyaaa JoHugEmbarrassed

Update was...


OMG!!! Avita...Embarrassed they atleast know they love each otherEmbarrassed

U beautifully described their scenesHeart

Both are made for each otherHeart

Kya dhoya RV koClapClapClapClapClapClapClap He deserves itAngry

Why sacrifice now???Cry My poor cutie pieCryCryCry


Update sooon darlingWink

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That was so awesome!!!!!ClapClap

Mindblowing update!!!

& romantic too...BlushingBlushingBlushing

But again they came back frm where they started...again misunderstandings...OuchOuch

Plzz update soon..Smile

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