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FF-"DESIRE"--Part 12"the Prom night"part-2 pg 47 (Page 16)

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Fab Precap Neha....

Jaldi update karo Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Updated My Posts on Page 12th and 15thSmile

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hey Jo Hug

i Updated my post at Page 8 ,10 ,12,14 in  your FF finally D'oh

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Hey everyone thanx for liking previous parts of "DESIRE"Embarrassed
lots of guesses haan,
i was bit confussed with this part so Priya helped me out, love you dearHug

PART-VIII "Shadows turn alive"

Avdhesh was shocked and speech less to see Arpita tears flowing from her loving eyes and see her tear he felt a sharp pang in his heart, he want to take her and locked her in his protective arms then take way her pain but before he could take a step a voice made them him come back again in reality and it was kind of nightmare.

"I knew you would always wait for me, i knew you love till your last breath and i know i should thank you for waiting for me also i am glad that you were always right, I am  really sorry, I m very very sorry Avi,i know that i never realized your value and love but after leaving you I came to know about it." Arshika said then she step back loosing her arms now Avi saw her face for confirming whether the nightmare was true or false.

"Arshika is it you? What are you doing here? When you came back? how do you know where i was?" it was Arshika the girl who rejected Avdhesh year ago on same day  same place, and now she is there when he almost forgot her and trying to feel again also be happy again.

Arshika-"See Arpita, I told you, "he will be speechless to find me back". Avi you didn't change even a bit still you looks so confused, but I am really glad  that you are not angry with me thank god, I was thinking how will I convince you if you didn't forgave me, but I feel my love is enough for it also i knew you still love and  waiting for me at same place but this time I will not lose the chance for telling you how i feel I LOVE YOU Avi and  i always desired to be with you forever also i know that i won't regret you this time." She said everything with a beaming smile as if she didn't gave him any pain.While Avdhesh and Arpita was still in shock, he didn't know how to react and there was alots of questions going through in his mind like  she know Arpita but how? Did Arpita bring her there, but why would she do that? even if she did that then what was that which he felt on stage but more important is how can he ask all these questions to Arpita when he is confused in himself, the storm of feelings and questions was on full swing in his soul and mind but he snapped out of his thoughts when Arshika suddenly hugs him again then Arpita turns her back on them, till now they were looking in each others eyes, there were full of questions in  his  eyes while her's was tears but she restrained her self and forced them all back.

Everyone was about to leave the hall were Rai family meet the Thakur family for the first time Avdhesh's family was there with him, there he came to know that Arshika was that cousin about whom Arpita was always talking after that they depart without sharing a word only staring at each other. In the way while returning to home Arpita recalls everything what happened after leaving the stage, how was happy she was to hug him, she want to be there with him, she knows that where he can be waiting for her, she was changing fastly to be there with him again suddenly someone knocks at her changing room when she opens the gate she become more happy to find her di there, What a perfect day for her she feel like she find everything hugged her di with affection want to tell her feelings but hard to describe, so she asked about her where about but when Arshika speaks Arpi's dreams and feeling shatter like glass house,

Arshika-"oh my lil sis is looking so pretty and happy to, you were nice tonight dear everyone is talking about you and my Romeo."

Arpi-"MY ROMEO! Di about whom are you talking about?"

Arshi-"oh I forgot to tell you about him, the guy who played Romeo, Avdhesh is the one for whom I came back and you know he loves me when I was here but I didn't realize his importance at that time but now I want him back, hey Arpi, will you help me na, you must know where is he right now? plz take me to him I will settle all things, oh god I love him so much and today I realized he is just perfect for me."

Tears start forming in her eyes as she realize Arshika is the one for whom he waited for all these years and now she want to back in his life, she loves him, how can she think to be there with Avdhesh, he must be missing Arshika, that's why he hugged her and she can't betray her sister. She came back to realize that they reached home. She was pale while Arshika was laughing and chatting all the way, she said that she is tired and just want to sleep, refuse to take dinner, she just locked herself in her room and cry as much as she can, she don't know why she want to cry but she did whole night.


Two days passed Avi was looking for her everywhere desperately but there was no sign of her as if it was she just vanished from his world but i couldn't not give up and asked Shikha about her but she too don't know much she says-" may be she want to spend time with her sweet di! And forget us all."  

He spend whole two nights in front of her window just for a glimpse of Arpita but his efforts all gone vain by god grace or his luck that no one saw him out there. He was getting annoyed day by day two days seems to him like two centuries though Arshika called him at least ten times in a day but he never talked her or return her call also Shikha helped him happily every time she said "bhaiya is sleeping, not feeling well, gone with friend or anything" but she never allowed her to disturb her brother, as she knows what she done with him last time.

when he couldn't find Arpita  anywhere so he decided to make a call at her home but luck was not in his side it was Arshika who picked  the call,

Avi-"hello, is it Rai residence!"

Arshi-"yaa sweeti you r right its Rai residence, but why are you asking address, just ask for whom you want to talk, and I m the only one you want to, m I right."

Avi-"oh Arshika! Hello how are you, Shikha told me that you called sorry yaar didn't get chance to call back, hope you don't mind."

Arshi-"its ok sweetie can understand you were busy, and its just two days when we met last time"

Avi-"TWO DAYS!" it's seems like i had not seen her from years not centuries "well you called is there anything important?"

Arshi-"well yaa there is something important you don't know it, well then how about you come to my place  tonight then you will know what's special here, see you tonight."

Avdhesh was confused " special, important, about what she was talking, how could I know anything related about her home" but he was happy that at least tonight he can see Arpita can talk to her. He gets ready for the visit, his parents were out before him, he didn't bother to ask where are they going.

When he reached Rai's residence he found his father's car out there, with other cars it seems odd to him "What are they doing here?" but he just want to see Arpita as soon as possible. He just rang the door bell, Arshika opens the door and hugged him he was amazed on her gesture how can a girl behave like this in front of her family and specially when there are guests too. But when he noticed the guests he become more amazed all were known faces, Simple's  parents, Arpita's parents, Arshika's parents , Rv's father and top of all his own parents. He was completely amazed what going on there. Before he can get anything his father came to him and gives him a hug,

 "Son what do you think we don't know what you want we can fulfill your all desires without saying, we are here for you, congratulations you are going to marry Miss Rai, but after completing Graduation."

And all laugh as they were pulling his leg to get married so soon. Avi was so happy, don't know why but he was. Arshika came forward and his father gives her a light hug "you choose a beautiful daughter in law for us thank you son. We met at the play night and she tell us everything" Once again he was shocked,

He came to know that his parents were there to talk about him and Arshika, while Arpita's parents were talking to Simple's parents about her and Jagat's relation but real bolt from blue was left for him, Arshika took him to her room which was now Arpita's too. She was standing in balcony silently but well dressed in saree, a beautiful red bridal saree  she was looking like a goddess. Avi forget whole world when he saw her but she was looking tensed, they reach to her at balcony,

Arshika-"Hey my sweet lil sis, so how are you feeling now tensed or excited they are agreed to your condition also you don't need to worry about getting engaged now they can wait till your exams. Btw congratulate us we are too getting engaged with your brother and Simple. Isn't that great, im so happy"

Avi whole world crashed when he heard Arpita is getting engaged, but to whom, why? He quickly composes himself and said-"Arshika, itni saari khushkhabriyaa, muh meetha nahi karaogi!"

Arshika rushed to get some sweet as this was first thing which Avi asked to her then he took a chance for talking with Arpita once they were alone. Arpita was staring at sky moon was not there tonight, her heart was sinking when Avi broke the silence-

"so finally you find someone for you haan, hope you deserves him, Btw who is he? If you don't mind calling his name!" he asked sarcastically, His words gave the desired effect when Arpi's face was full of pain and she couldn't show it but again why should she do that after all he too got for what he was looking for "the best Juliet ever" her sister who was gladly announcing her love for him then also waht he used to do for pleasing her when they were together, She pushed back her pain and with a fake smile replied back-"You know him, and why are you so impatient to know his name after all tumne bhi to di ka naam kabhi nahi bataya tha until she was in your arms" she give him a cold look quickly covered with a smile, " don't worry about me, just be happy with di its enough for me, I know you guys love each other so much, that's why when ever I asked you to close your eyes you saw her, and see she is here with you. Just take care of her she really loves you; give her same love which you gave her earlier."

Avi-"Arpita who is that guy?" he seized her wrist this time he didn't try to hide his anger and hold her arms tightly, dragged her toward himself.

Arpi-"Ranvijay" She replied confidently as if it didn't affect her what he did with her in past then she pushed Avi back and said he met them (parents) at play night and they like him, his sweet talks and nice behavior. As everyone, uncle and aunt were talking about you and di, mom dad was here for Bhaiya and Simple, they met RV and find him best match for me."

Avi-" you what you want for your self" his voice soften this time as he was expecting something from her.

Arpi-looking at him silently when she saw Arshika coming from his back side "di loves you a lot and she trust me too much, just make her happy, I will be happy with it."

Avi-"is that all you want from me" his voice was full of pain, but eyes were blank. She just nodded.

Arshika-"what happened guys why are you looking so silent, is everything ok?"

Avi-"ya dear, we were just talking about coming exams, you know name is enough to bring silence!" and he laughs trying to hide his real feelings and storm of his soul.

Avdhesh leave the place with his parents and didn't talk to anyone, not even Arpita.

He just cut himself off from rest of world for next few weeks, whenever Arshika calls him he talks to her happily but not more then few minutes as its punishment for him which Arpita desired for him but as everything comes to an end there exams end too, now he don't have any excuse to escape from her, he have to face both the sisters one whom he loved once and other who didn't give him chance to recognize his feelings, but still he feel more for Arpita then Arshika, he don't know why her decision hurts him but he decided to follow her wish and he knows one thing now he will do what she want and he will try to start his life with Arshika after all Arpita is doing same with Rv but most importantly this is what she wanted and for her anything even he can destroy the person who will hurt her.

So he called Arshika to fixed a date for eve as it was a last exam for him also he want to celebrate it with his would be fiance so at fixed time he reached at her place but most importantly he want to see Arpita's reaction to see her wish turning true but when he reached there he got another surprise,

Avi-" hye Shikha i must say  ur looking hot tonight."

Arshika was shocked to here this kind of comment from him he never did that ever.      

 Arshi-"well, Thanx I was not expecting this from you, u like my dress really? it surprised me though" she asked this as Avi never like any dress which is short and too much revealing and she was wearing a short knee length dress.

Avi-" of course I like it, come on dear with time even i have changed  too by the way I have planned few surprises for you tonight also  you will see how much I changed for you, well where is your sis ha ? she is not coming to see off you after all we will be late tonight" he said then winked at her

Arshi-blushed "no she is not coming to see off me, bz I have a surprise for you too, honey we r not going alone, I didn't knew that you will be in romantic mood so I called Rv and make it double date, sorry dear, if you want we can refuse them to accompany us after all they too need some privacy, like us, its their first date, u know Rv was so excited he send a dress for Arpi, oh its so beautiful, you will like it too"

She agreed to go with him in night, how could she? And more on she is wearing his dress,  "oh dear it's ok after all they are getting engaged too, they can join us so where is the new couple."

Arshika-"Rv is coming n arpi is getting ready, she was so nervous I helped her to get ready."

Just then Rv enters when he saw Avi a sarcastic smile float on his lips like teasing him, "oh Mr. Thakur is already here, Arshika I must say ur charm is still working on him, he is before time naa. Hope my love will not keep me waiting long like you."

Avi want to say something but hide his anger with a dull smile. Everyone looked at stares as Arpita was coming, She was dressed in Royal blue dress which don't have back and extremely short even she was feeling very uncomfortable in it to cover her back she didn't tie her hairs and take a shawl on shoulders. When Avi saw her he was shocked he never thought that she can dress up like this especially for Rv after what he done to her at fresher's party night. he start boiling and Rv add more fuel to fire, he step toward Arpi and about to hug her but she step back and he stopped there,

Rv-"oh Arpita sweeti I can't believe it you r looking so pretty, just one thing, why don't you tied up ur hairs, come I will do it for you" he touched her shoulders. Avi's eyes starts burning,

Arpi-" no thanks, I want to be like this," she was looking at Avi.

Rv-"comeon dear it's our first date, you have to dress up as I want not as you want to be, after all you want to please me." He said last word with all wickedness Avi can't bear it any more he turned to open the door to leave but Arpita backed again and said-" ok you r right I will make a bun of it its ok with you" .

Avi didn't looked back he don't want anyone to notice his frustration and they all leave the house in Avi's car. Avi was driving, Arshika was sitting with him, Arpita and Rv was sitting at back seats, Avi was constantly looking at Arpi in mirror as she was sitting away from Rv maintaining the distance he was ok, she knows too that Avi was looking at her she was very uncomfortable in that dress stretching it to cover her legs as Rv was looking at her constantly, Arshika broke the silence

"Avi dear why r you so quiet, say something or at least play some nice music." And she starts the music system.

Song was suitable to there situation "lost n lonely, because u r the only, one that knows me I can't live without you Bin tere"

Avi start staring at mirror Arpita was looking at it too,(eye lock through mirror) suddenly Rv put his hand on Arpi's thigh, it affect Avi like a electric shock, he suddenly pushed the break and car stops with a loud scream.  

editing by PRIYABig smile
can press like buttan if you wantEmbarrassed 

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Oooh much angst.CryCryCry.........heartbreaking.CryCryCry.........dono ko jaldi mila do, pleaseSmile
Luv the song..........Bin apt in the situation.........
Can't wait for the update.........Big smile
 Oh, almost forgot......why do I get the feeling that Arshika (nice name btwSmile) knows exactly who Avadesh loves and is doing this to make him declare his feelings for Arpi? Maybe I am wrongConfused

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Wonderful update Joliefille, Avi is in love with Arpi and Arshika and Rv are in the way. This reminds me of the movie Janne Tu Ya Janne Na where Imran and Genelia are jealous of each others dates.

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Hey Jo Hug

i will read it again n comment today ROFL

ha ha ha it's good to be editor you get to read story first Wink


see down Wink

What a twist jo and hat's off to you Clap Star Clap

that RV Shocked Angry stupid guy i think my Sheila is away better than him Angry Censored how dare he flirt with Arpi Angry

thank god Avi is there with her or else don't know what he may do more Angry

it was a Awesome chapter Jo and this is best chapter according to me Clap

you portrayed everyone emotions very well Embarrassed

love ya Hug


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Hey JoooooooooooooooHugHug

The update is

It was really beautiful..! you depicted each emotion very well..!Clap
Tht song.." Bin Tere" suited them so much..

They havent yet realised they are in love with each otherOuch

Tht RVAngryAngryAngry He can do whtver he wants!!AngryAngry

AwwwwwwwCry My AvitaCryCryCryCry

Avi is dating ArshikaCry and vil get engaged to her juz because Arpi told himCry AwwwCry



Update it sooooooooooooooooooooooooonEmbarrassed

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