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KaSh Heaven:KaranShilpa:The Hottest Jodi-GR8 Mag (Page 38)

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Aish wat was it yaar ???????? where are the rest of the parts???

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hhehhe riduuu

Zahra is here post it again ridu :) 
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wb aishh :D

rida, aww did the printscreens help? :L lemme know if it didn't, i'll explain in another way LOL..:P

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zahruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu we continued page 37 ashuuuuuuuus awesome
nd i made my 2nd vm lol 2nd cum 1st on pg 38 i knw its really not at all gud but u stl plz wach nd tell me how was it =D

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heyy again amber :P and heyyy zahruuu! :D
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here u goooo amber di zahru
the whole ov it is here
riyaaaa u wanted to read the whle na completed i dnt thnk i wd continue it ths is just so so so perfect i cant evn thnk ov tuchng it !! =D

she finally smiled seeing him coming towards her as he handed her, her favourite chocolate. she snatched it from him and started eating like a child. he smiled seeing her childishness but she looked extremely cute and adorable.
"Sid wow i so love this nuts and rice one."
"shilpa and i so love this smile on your face." she looked at him smiling whole heartedly and she shook her head at her silly friend.
"well mr sid u always lose the bet not my fault." she again reminded him of her victory. "i love loosing from you." "why?" she asked getting curious
"because ur a monkey, if u lose ul start attacking me." he laughed as her mouth hung open in shock and she fumed in anger.
"sid ke bachhe il nt leave u." he ran for his life as she ran after him.

"dekha armaan sid and shilpa came so close nai, nowadays theyre always together, i think they are falling for each other wow this will be so amazing nai even JP was tellng me about their closeness." riddhima said while hugging him. but little was he paying attention to her he didnt like this, not at all. he just didint know wat was happening to him from few days. hecudnt see this closeness btw sid and shilpa. it pierced his heart. whenever he saw them hugging laughing spending time with each other he started feeling angry. he didnt know why but he wanted to just go and kill him for touchin her. he himself was not aware of wat he was thinking and why.
he excused himself from rddhima, his anger rising badly as her words again echoed in his head
"i think they are falling for each other wow this will be so amazing nai even JP was tellng me about their closeness." as he went after shilpa

coming in the store room, he locked it behind. she turned startled to see him standing there. she heaved a sigh of relief, greeted him and started to go out when he held her wrist agressively turning her around he pushed her towards the wall. she winced in pain as her back hit the wall. coming closer he jammed his body upon hers and his red bloodshot eyes displayed rage and anger

go on =D

Shilpa stunned with his action speaks in a low voice... " Armaan... what are you doing... Leave me... "
Armaan looks at her in rage.... " Whats going on between you and Sid.... Are you now falling for him... "
Shilpa looks at him confusedly... " Armaan... what are you talking about... We are just friends... "
Armaan speaks sarcastically..... " just friends... Ya right.... Thats why you are always with him  right.... Only spending your precious time with Sid.... And still you call him as a friend... "
Shilpa's eyes get welled up hearing him.... " Ok i spend time with Sid... but what about you.... You are always with Ridhima di..Did i ever complain.... Then now why are you disturbed with this.... "
Armaan stares at her not knowing what to say... He himself didint knew why he was angry on this....  " I dont want to talk about it.... "
As Armaan proceeds to go he hears her trembling voice.... The pain in her voice disturbed him....
" Armaan.... the truth is you never understood me.... You always took me wrong.... i wish you understood me ever.... "
Armaan look back and sees Shilpa crying.... He felt a pain come in his heart... Slowly he moves closer to her and looks in her eyes.... For a second he felt he saw something for him in those eyes... With this the thought escaped his mind... Does she love me...
Armaan slowly moves his hand and clears her tear strained face.... " i am sorry... I know i have hurt you a lot... I have been a complete jerk.... "
Shilpa stares at Armaan loosing into the moment.... Armaan himself gets lots in her beautiful eyes.... He didint knew what was happening.... Something was attracting him towards her... he didint want to think..... In his heart he knew he was loving the moment....
Armaan press his body close to her... Sooo close that even air couldnt pass between them..... Shilpa gasp feeling him sooo close... She didint understand what was happening... " Armaan..... "
Armaan moves closer to her and gives a longing kiss on her cheek.... " Shilpaa...... "
Giving into the moment he starts to give several kisses on her face..... He then moves down to her neck and starts to nibble her skin... Shilpa slowly moves her hand on his hair gently caressing it....
As Armaan moves up and brush his lips on hers Shilpa's eyes pop out.... She come back to reality at once..... Stunned she look at Armaan who was going to kiss her.... But Shilpa roughly moves away from him and run out of the gallery......

Armaan comes back to reality as he understands what he was upto. he moves a hand in his hair shocked and startled at his act. what the hell was that he thought. he knew he loved riddhima he only loved riddhima, from the day he knew what love was he had only loved her. after her marriage he was broken, he had thought he wud never be able to live, to smile to love but with her comeback he was happy beyond limits. but why did it feel so different now. after shilpa made her way in his life everything changed. he changed. he didnt feel the same for riddhma any more. why? he cud never answer this question. all he knew was shilpa had made a very strong place in his heart. he started to harbour feelings for her.
once again her words flashed back in his mind.
"Ok i spend time with Sid... but what about you.... You are always with Ridhima di..Did i ever complain.... Then now why are you disturbed with this.... "
he cudnot answer this question all he knew was now this was it. he wanted the answers to his questions. he wanted HER to answer his questions. why did she affect him so badly? was she falling for Sid? thinking about this he felt an unbearable pain in his chest as he felt scared. "NO" " she does not loves him, i know she dusnt. enough of runnung shilpa i want the answer to all my questions now. i cant see u with him. i just cant." he confessed to himself.

coming to the fire escape, she cried hysterically. as all the moments again flashed in her mind she felt guilty and shameful. riddhima divorced sid becoz she luvd armaan. shilpa had promised herself to forget armaan for her di. and now she was cumng in between of her dis love. No! she cudnt let that happen at all. she cudnt let her ruin her dis happiness.
"if u think i luv sid armaan then let it be that way, atleast you and di wud be happy. if this wud bring u both togeter then il do it. i can go o any extent for my dis happiness, any extent. il show you that me nd sid are a couple." she wiped her tears with determinition and will in her heart

continue =D

Next morning Armaan walks into the locker room and see Shilpa again with sid.... He starts to feel the pain again... He didint like when they were together.... He looks at Shilpa who was laughing with Sid... he  wished she would be happy with him like that.... Armaan gets shocked on his own thoughts...what the hell was he thinking..... He loved Ridhima... But still Shilpa's thoughts haunted him badly....
Ignoring them Armaan walks up to his locker.... After a while Ridhima enter the locker room and greets everyone... then she moves near Armaan ... " heyy Armaan..... I missed you a lot.... "
Armaan just nod his head in reply.... Ridhima frowns seeing this..... " Armaan... Are u fine... You are soo quiet today.... "
Armaan turns to reply when he notice Shilpa hugging Sid... A sudden pain hit him like a jolt.... He couldnt bear to see this.... Armaan speaks in a trembling voice.... " We are late.... All of you report to nurse station now.... "

Armaan looks up from his file and notice all of them entering nurse station... he again frowns seeing Shilpa with Sid..... Ignoring his thoughts he talks in a cold voice.... " Duties for today... JP you will assist Ridhima in general word.... Sid you will be in ICU.... And Shilpa you will work with me in a new case.... "
Shilpa protests hearing him... " BUt... I want to do duty with Sid.... "
Armaan again feels a pain in his heart.... " Look Dr Shilpa.... You have to follow my orders.... Now all of u get back to work.... "

After sometime Shilpa proceeds into Armaan's office... As she reach near the door she feels someone pull her inside.... Armaan pulls her inside and locks the door... Shilpa looks at him in fear.... She felt nervous... She knew she will loose if she was alone with him... Shilpa tries to open the door when Armaan pulls her back and jam her with his body...
Armaan looks at her in rage and speaks in a painful voice... " Why Shilpa.... Why are you doing this to me.... "
Shilpa avoids looking at him... being soo close to him she knew she will loose all her senses.... " Armaan  plsss... "
Armaan moves closer and look at her deeply..... He holds her face in his palms... " Tell me...Answer me damit.... "
Shilpa looks back at him in anger... " I dont understand..... What are you talking about Armaan .. "
Armaan looks at her calmly.... He moves down to her neck and gives a light kiss.. Shilpa feels loosing her senses.... Armaan trails his lips on her neck and whispers... " You really donno why i am asking... tell me.... "
Shilpa tries to gain control.... " Armaan plss leave me.... "
Armaan moves the sleeve of her dress down and gives fervent kisses on her shoulder.... Shilpa holds on the door knob burning in the pleasure...... As Armaan moves up to her face level to kiss her Shilpa push him away .... " Stay away...just stay away from me Armaan.... You have no right to come closer to me..... What i do with sid is non of your business.... "
Shilpa storms off from the office in anger.... Armaan holds his head in his palm in shock..... he was stunned by his own actions..... He looks up to the door in tears.... He knew it now.... he was in love with Shilpa......

yes he loved her! he loved her alot. he knew it now. all the pieces were falling right. the day she had entered his life he had fallen head over heels in love with her. her smile her innocence. everything about her attracted him towards her. she was the goddess of purity and beauty. he just cudnt help but fall deeper and deeper for her. he knew he loved her madly. much more than he did riddhima. he always claimed that he loved riddhima but today he understood the power of his love for shilpa. it had so much intensity that it forced him to love shilpa crazily and deeply. he loved her beyond limits. he had never got physical with riddhima, he never felt those physical emotions erupting in hiss body for her but with shilpa he very well knew how badly he wanted her!
he wanted her and only her. her odour drove him crazy. whenever she came close he had always lost all his senses. yes he loved her and now he was adamant to make her his.
"youre mine, only mine miss shilpa malhotra and now i will make you mrs shilpa armaan malik. you only and only belong to me and il go to any extent to make you mine."

"armaan bhaiya armaan bhaiya." an excited JP came running towards him
"kya hai JP?" " hum ne kaha tha na that shilpa flower ji and sid are falling for each other, and you didnt listen. i just heard it from my ears. shilpa flower ji was saying i love you to him. how amazing? one more lovestory in sanjeevani.
"What?" armaan asked totally flabbergasted and shocked
"haan i always knew they were meant to be. they look so cute together."
armaan felt as if someone took away the earth from beneath his feet. tears started to form in his eyes as he felt his soul dying and his heartbeat stopping. no he thought. she was only and only his and he knew she loved him too. she loved armaan. he got really angry jealous and frustated.

she was walking in the coridoor when she felt someone pulling her in the store room. pulling her in he closed the door behind and locked it behind. she gasped seeing him pinning her hard to the door. his eyes were again bloodshot red and she could easily see the murder anger and passion in the. she shuddered with fear seeing this.
"Enough armaan leave me alone, what the hell is your problem god damit chodo mujhe." she tried to get out of his hold when he took her hands and pinned them to the door hard.his nails were digging on her skin making her wince.
"what is the relationship between you and Sid?" he ask with gritted teeth
"who are you to ask this question. this is my life dont poke your nose in it."
"for the last time what is the relationship between you and Sid?." he asked trying his best to control his anger and the storm raging inside him.
"i love Sid happy, now let me go." she lied to him
"jhoot, i want the bloody truth dont test my patience shilpa." he said shocked the anger rising more
"im not lying i love sid, u wanted to know this na now plz let me go." she almost yelled
not able to control himself anymore he smacked his lips hard and wild upon hers crushing her delicate petals under his hard and rough ones. he kissed her agressively wildly and harder. she tried to move when he jammed his body upon hers and slamed her back with the door. he tightened his grip on her wrists as he hardened the kiss.

Shilpa moans as she feels his lips burning on hers..... She tried her level best to ignore the feeling.... But feeling his lips become gentle on hers she just couldnt resist the temptation.... Giving in to the moment Shilpa pulls him close to her.... She moves her fingers in his hair caressing them... This makes him more passionate... Armaan holds her waist firmly and pulls her body close to his..... Burning in the passion he kiss her fiercely pouring out all his love.... After sometime both come out for some air... trembling Shilpa looks at Armaan.... All she saw was passion in his eyes... The passion of his love.... Shilpa shivers with the thought.... Was he really in love with her now.....
Avoiding his gaze Shilpa turns to go when Armaan pull her back to him... Shilpa back hit on his hard chest... Armaan hug her tightly and whispers in her ear.... " Shilpa.... You have just now proved you dont love sid.... "
Shilpa tries to move out of his grip.... " Armaan... leave me.. And i love sid.... "
Armaan spins her and pull her close to him..... " Then why did you kiss me back... If u love sid... And if you dont feel anything towards me why did u kiss me... "
Totally dumbfounded Shilpa stares at him... How could she say she loose her senses when she is close to him.... Shilpa again tries to move away when Armaan speaks in a husky voice... " Forget it Shilpa... You cant act up being with Sid... I now know u  feel something for me..... I will make u mine and thats a promise "

Armaan spins her and pull her close to him..... " Then why did you kiss me back... If u love sid... And if you dont feel anything towards me why did u kiss me... "
Totally dumbfounded Shilpa stares at him... How could she say she loose her senses when she is close to him.... Shilpa again tries to move away when Armaan speaks in a husky voice... " Forget it Shilpa... You cant act up being with Sid... I now know u  feel something for me..... I will make u mine and thats a promise "


She feels his breathe kissing her face as his chest is jammed with hers. Feeling her softness against his hardness he felt violent emotions bubbling up in his body. His heart knew it all now. He knew he loved her madly and now he even knew that how much she protests she loves him back. Leaning down he again tilted his head to capture her soft petals but she pushed him away.

"Don't you dare Armaan Malik, sochna bhi mat. I hate you, youre disgusting Dr. Malik, I loathe you. You can never love someone, Riddhima di loves you so much, she left Sid for you, she divorced him! She did this becoz she luvs you and if im correct u always claimed to love her like maniacs. You were the great great eternal aashiq. I hate u Malik, you can never love someone. Please for god sake stay away from me, di loves you and you shud luv her back." She said as tears flowed down she felt disgusted at herself. How cud she even think of it. He was not hers. He cud never be hers than why to even think of him. Coming closer he angrily pulled her closer, his eyes displaying utter anger and rage as he spoke bitterly, "Love, ahaan of course I loved her, atleast that was what I had thought ms shilpa, but you know what it was you who changed me, who changed my love. Whenever you came closer I lost myself, my senses stopped working my heart shouted to be with you. Whenever you smiled this whole world seemed nothing in front of you. You forced me to fall in love with you and now there is only one thing that I know and that is I love you, only and only you and one think il make sure that you become mine, in every way possible." His nails were digging in her shoulders as his face was just a centimeter away.

"Don't you dare Armaan, don't you dare try and come closerm I love Sid and I luv him only." She spoke stammering highly affected with this intimacy and those blue hypnotizing eyes.

"Really haan lets see how much you love him ms malhotra, lets just wait and watch. I know u love me, and today il make you mine in front of this whole world." Leaving a flabbergasted shilpa back he left the store room

She shuudered with fear remembering his words

"Today? What will he do now?"


continue =P


Shilpa set silently in the locker room thinking about today's incident.... She just couldnt throw away his memories.... The way he touched her.... The way he kissed her.... She just couldnt deny the fact that it effected her... His every single touch effected her... No matter how much she claimed that she hated  him... Her heart knew she can never hate him.... The feeling were still the same for him... And Sid... She knew Sid was just a way to stay away from him... And now all she wanted was to stay away from him... As much as she could....
Shilpa holds her head  feeling the tension rise..... She kept thinking about his words.... today il make you mine in front of this whole world.... What was he gonna do.... Shilpa felt the nervous thinking about it... what was he planning to do.... As she gave more thought about it she felt herself getting more tensed.... Shilpa tries to calm down herself when Sid enters into the locker room.... " Hey Shilpa... what wrong... You look tensed... "
Shilpa force a small smile.... " Ohh Nothing.... Just a little headache....
Sid looks at her concerned... " Ohhh wait let me give you a little Massage....It may help.... "
Sid moves near her and starts to Massage her Temple... Just then Armaan walks into the locker room and notice them... He feels jealous seeing him Touch her.... Shilpa feels someone's presence... When she opens her eyes she sees Armaan looking at her in anger.... She could clearly see the rage in those eyes.... SHilpa instantly gets up from the bench.. She knew Armaan will try to come closer again.... " Sid lets go to Canteen... i feel hungry.... "
Before SHilpa could move Armaan speaks up.... " Wait... I have a announcement to make.... "
Shilpa looks at him in fear.... She wondered what was cooking in his mind right now... Armaan gives her a devilish look when Ridhima and other Interns walk into the room...
Armaan walks into the center and speaks.... " Ok people... I have a announcement to make.... Am giving a Party tonight... Sooo all of you are invited... "
Ridhima speaks happily.... " Wooow Armaan... You never told me about the party.... "
Armaan looks at Shilpa and speak.... " I just made the plan.... I thought it would be a fun night.... "
Shilpa avoids his gaze and turn to her locker..... She starts to shuffle item just soo she could wait till everyone leaves.... Slowly she looks around and see the place deserted... Shilpa takes a breath of relief and turns to go when Armaan blocks her way and crush her body with his.... Shilpa gasp feeling close to him... She starts to look here and there with the rising nervousness...
Armaan looks at her and speaks huskily... " Sooo... You are coming to Party right.... "
Shilpa shots a accusing look at him.... " After seeing your behavior do you really think i will come to your party... Forget it Armaan.... "
Armaan looks at her calmly.... " I know you will come... You will have to come..."
Shilpa speaks up sarcastically " Ohh Really.... what makes you think like that.... "
Armaan looks at her with a smile... Slowly he moves closer to her nape and trace his lips on there... Shilpa signs and tries to control herself.... Armaan gives a light kiss and speaks huskily.... " If you dont come... i will go to your house and confront with you.... what happens rest you can imagine yourself... "
Armaan moves out of the locker room leaving behind a totally dumbfounded Shilpa..... Shilpa kept trying to digest his words..... The circumstances would be more bad if she dont go.... Unwillingly she decides to go to the Party...

continue: P


Washing her face she looked into the mirror as their memories came rushing back. Shivers ran through her whole body when she gazed at her own lips which were still trembling due to that wild kiss. She had always yearned for love, his love. This was her first ever kiss, she had for once dreamt of sharing it with him; the man she loved more than anything in the world. But before things were different, she never knew armaan loved riddhima, she was shocked and broken when she had come to know this; it felt like this word love was never made for her, she loved her di much more than she loved him and she decided to stay away from him. But maybe it wasn't that easy, when ever his blue eyes stared at her she seemed to lose all her senses, why? She always asked herself. Turning around she started to go when Armaan entered the room. Looking at her he smirked and started to walk closer when she tried to walk pass him but he held her arm and pushed her back, as her back hit the wall she winced in pain. Coming closer he jammed his body with hers as he held her wrists firmly, digging his nails in them he jammed them with the wall, bringing his lips closer, he saw her close her eyes tightly and breathing heavily. Smiling he placed his lips on her ear as his tongue lingered over her earlobe sensually licking it. She began to lose all her senses as he touched his nose with hers and rubbed it softly, he caressed her whole face with his nose sensually moving it up and down. She gasped as his lips replaced it and he began to place passionate kisses all over face, as the moisture of his manly lips wetted her soft skin. Kissing her eyes, cheeks, forehead he came down to her lips blowing soft hot breathes upon it teasing her badly. She couldn't take this feeling of ecstasy anymore and begged to release her "Please Armaan" her soft whisper and heavy breathes just made him want her more and more, how he wished he could drag her to a corner and make senseless love to her, but this wasn't the time and he knew it, but one thing more he was utterly sure about was she was his and tonight would be a night when the world wud also know about it. Moving back he stared at her, with a crooked smile plastered on his face. As she opened her eyes, once again decreasing the gap between their faces he whispered not breaking their intense eyelock, "Farq nahi parta, to jab main tumhaare qareeb aata hoon to kaanp kyun jaati ho, kyun apni dil ki dharkanon ko tez hone se nai rok paati, kyun khud ko mujhse door nai karpaati shilpa, kyunke tum mjhse pyaar karti ho, I know u luv me and I dnt need any expalanation after this, aaj main tumhe sab je saamn apna banaakar hi rahoonga nd this is armaan maliks promise, stop me if u can"


Whoooooooooossshhh sorry was multi taskng

Continue =D



Dressed in a beautiful red dress Shilpa walked into the party... The party was on full swing.. She looked around with rising nervousness.... Armaan's words kept haunting her... She was curious as she wondered what he was gonna do tonight.... As far as she knew him  she knew Armaan never back downs from his words... He do what he says.... Blocking the thoughts Shilpa walks in hesitantly.... Just then she notice Sid coming to her happily... " Shilpa.... Ohh i have been waiting for you.. Where were you haaan... "
Shilpa gives a small smile " Ohh sorry Sid.. uhh i was just getting ready.... "
Just then a thought comes up in her mind....  Ohh yes she could tell about her problem to Sid.... Maybe he could help her ... " Umm Sid... I need to talk to you.. Actually... "
Her words get caught in her throat as she hears the his sensuous voice from behind.... " Hello Shilpa... "
Hesitantly Shilpa turns to see Armaan who stood with a smirk.... Unknowingly her gaze move down to his clothes.. As usual he looked charming... She just couldnt herself but compliment him in her heart.... Shilpa notice his gaze moving down to her clothes... From her toes to her face not leaving a single part... She could see a desirable look on his face.. Armaan tries to control the demons which kept raising in him... How he wanted to take her away from all and show his intense love for her all night... Suddenly he shivers with the thought.... He looks at Shilpa who had the scared look on her face... Gaining back his confidence his speaks ... " Welcome Shilpa... You donno how glad i am to see you here... "
Just then Ridhima interrupts his talks.... " Ohh really... Then why were you not soo glad to see me here.... "
Shilpa looked at Armaan totally surprised... But again Ridhima speaks ... " Well hi Sid and Shilpa... Good to see you both... I hope you are enjoying each others company... "
Shilpa looked at Ridhima carefully... She felt she saw a look of jealousy in her... Was she jealous seeing Sid and him together.... Damn all was getting more and more complicated.... Shilpa speaks in a hurried tone... " Uhh I am not feeling well... Excuse me... "
Armaan kept his gaze on her every move.... he saw her moving up to the terrace.... He excuses himself and moves after her.. As he knew it was the best time to implement his plan....

Armaan walks up to the terrace and looks at Shilpa who stood silently gazing up at the sky.... He moves closer to her and hug her... But suddenly he hears her sob silently... Getting worried he turns Shilpa and look at her... Shilpa looked at him with bloodshot eyes.... Suddenly she gets furious and brush off his hands from her shoulders...And before he could speak a word she gives a hard tight slap on his face.... Armaan close his eyes in pain but decides not to speak a word....
Shilpa speaks in a muffled voice.... " How can you do this to me Armaan.. How could you.. Why are you behaving like this with me... You love ridhima di right.. Still "
Armaan starts to speak... "Shilpa... Listen to me thast not true... "
Shilpa speaks angrily ... " I am not a Toy... You cant use me like this.... Its pain in my heart... Knowing that you love Ridhima.... You cant use me as your timepass... "
Shilpa starts to hit on fist angrily on her chest... Armaan tries to control her... he moves closer to her and blocks her hand behind her... And touch his forehead with hers....
Armaan speaks softly.... " Shilpa plsss... believe me i never thought this would happen.. But whatever you are thinking is wrong... Truth is that i have fallen for you... I Love you a lot... I love you... I guess i have learned the true meaning of love from you... "
Shilpa looks at him stunned by his words... She looks at his teary eyes... All she could see was true love for her... Yes for her.... She felt a unknown happiness come in her heart....
Still shocked by his words Shilpa speaks in a low voice ... " Tell me you are not lying... You love me.. But you love Ridhima.. "
Armaan silence her with a kiss... He kiss her deeply holding her face... Pouring out all love he had for her.... Shilpa gives in and kiss him back with the equal passion... Slowly Armaan moves away giving a light kiss on her lips... " Shilpa... Yes its true i did love Ridhima... When Ridhima married Sid i was totally broken... And that was when i decided to move on... I guess i never knew.. But i did really move on.... After that when you walked away from my life i felt i have lost something precious.. Its you from who i learned the true love.... It took time for me to understand this.. But now as i have understood i am telling you... I love you and Only you.... I love you Shilpa.. "
Shilpa looks at him with tears of happiness running down her eyes.. Her happiness had no bounds...Armaan looks at her with a smile.. He starts to move closer when he feels a strong grip on his shoulder.. Suddenly he was turned and a tight blow comes on his face....
Shilpa looked in horror at Sid who was fuming in anger.... Behind him stood Ridhima with a blank look... Suddenly she felt this is not gonna be that easy......


Getting up he looks at sid filled with anger but before he could give him another blow he holds his hand and punches him bad. "Armaan." Shilpa panicks to see this "Omg please please stop it." She starts to sob. "Shilpa stay away from him." Sid speaks angrily getting control of his bleeding teeth. "She wont stay away from me, she is only mine." Armaan speaks with all the anger and possessiveness bubbling up inside him. "Arm Armaan how could you? I you armaan tumhe huaa kya hai? Hum donon I I love you so much armaan you luv me I I divorced sid for you, armaan tumhe ho kya gaya hai or let me guess ye larki isne tumhephasaaya haina. I knew it I knew it she was like this, how can you stoop so low shilpa? Ur disgusting ur a loose character, bi.." she spat in anger but before she could utter a single word more armaan slapped her tightly. There was utter silence as shilpa and sid stared at them shocked. Not even in their wildest dreams have they thought armaan wud ever slap riddhima, but he did! Holding her cheek a furious Riddhima spoke "Did u did u just slap me armaan? I I cant believe you you just." Shilpa stared at him with fear and shock, nothing was going good nothing at all. a furious armaan spoke with gritted teeth and bloodshot red eyes, "Don't you ever dare say a word against shilpa I swear I will kill the person who would just even see her with a bad eye." Sid himself didn't liked what riddhima said, he and shilpa had grew really close but he was just so shocked, just two days before armaan nd riddhima had finally united and today he was saying he didn't love her but shilpa this was insane and ridiculous. "Enough bas please stop it." Shilpa broke into hysteric sobs as tears fastly moved down her eyes.

Seeing her in this position his heart pierced a thousand times but he knew this had to happen. "Main main armaan se pyaar nai karti aur armaan bhi bhi mujhse pyaar nai karta who who sirf aapse pyaar karta hai di, hum hum sirf dost hain, bas." She said crying. "Shilpa."armaan tried to cut her in between but she again stopped him. "Please armaan stop it just stop it." She shouted. He got furious and holding her arms he pulled her towards him. "You wantme to stop, fine let me finish this once and for all, you all want answers and clarifications fine let me clarify everything." With this he held her wrist and dragged her out of the terrace inspite of her continuous protests he didn't leave her and dragged her down into the main hall where the party was going. Everyone stopped as they saw an extremely angry armaan dragging shilpa down with riddhima and sid following them. Bringing her in the center he brought her forward as everyone stared at them with confusion and shock. She looked at him and everyone as she cried badly. "you all want to know wat is the relationship between me and shilpa, fine let me show you then." With this he pulled her closer with her arms, jamming her body hard with his not leaving an inch space even. Placing his one hand on her waist he placed the other one on her head pulling her head closer he tilted it and smacked his lips hard upon hers. Everyone stared at them with utter disbelief, and ridhima and sid just couldn't believe their eyes

For a moment Shilpa close her eyes ginving into the kiss.. Armaan who kept kissing her roughly becomes gentle and pull her close to him while deepening the kiss... All he wanted to show was how much love he had for her... To prove that He dont love ridhima but her... Ridhima looked at the scene infront of her eyes... She couldnt believe it.. He never kissed her soo passionately like that... They didint even share a small kiss... Deep down her heart she had a feeling that Armaan felt something towards Shilpa... Even though he was  with her his eyes was always looking for Shilpa... The passion she wished to see in his eyes was towards Shilpa...  She did feel bad as she loved him a lot.. But she knew  this was happening for the best... Moving on was the best solution they had now....
Feeling breathless Shilpa move out of the kiss.. But her gaze was fixed on him... She never imagined he would kiss her like this infront of all... She couldnt deny the fact that she always loose her senses when he kiss her... His every kiss passionate.. His eyes speaking out his heart... In her heart she knew now that he  loved her truly.. The love for which she had been craving for in years....
The hall was now full of silence.. No one dared to speak.. Everyone's eyes was on the pair which kept staring at eachother not caring about the world.. But Sid wasnt in peace... He didint trust Armaan.. How can he say he love Shilpa all of a sudden..
Furiously he walks to Armaan and holds his collar roughly... " What the hell Armaan.. How could you do this to Ridhima... Damit she divorced me for you... She moved out of my life cauxe she loved you... How can you all of a sudden declare you love Shilpa... "
Armaan slowly moves sid's hands out of his collar... He looks at Shilpa who stood beside him shedding silent tears.... And then he looked at Ridhima who stood with a blank expression...
Armaan signs and speak in a low voice... " I wont lie Sid... Yes i did love Ridhima... I cant deny it.. But when she got married to you i was totally crashed... I had no reason to live... I was totally broken... That was when Shilpa entered in my life... I remember how she consoled me.. She was beside me in every moment... He beared my Anger... My frustration... But i never heared any complains from her... She was with me beside me in the bad circumstances... I didint knew this but i started to move on.. I felt i have a reason to live... But again my ego came in between... I know i was wrong.. That was wrong of me to go after Ridhima.. When she divorced you and came back to me i thought i would be happy... But i felt something missing... I wasnt happy... Still i ignored it... And then  Shilpa walked away from my life.. Thats when i felt i have lost something precious.... I felt i have died again... I needed her..  Thats when i understood i had feeling for Shilpa.. "

The hall was full of silence... Sid looked at Armaan calmly... FOr the first time he felt Armaan's words were making sense... Armaan looks at Ridhima who stood behind Sid... Slowly he walks upto her and take her hand into his... Ridhima looked at him blankly... She had nothing to say to him....
Armaan speaks up hesitantly ... " Ridhima... I wont say the love i had for you was fake... I know i did love you... But when you got married to Sid .. I guess tahts when everything changed... Seeing you as someone else wife determined me thats its high time for me to move on.... I know you also did the same.. Didint you feel something missing between us... You came back to me.. But i didint see the same happiness in your eyes like before... We both knew we had move on But never accepted it.... Yes its true i love Shilpa... Cauxe she has taught me the true meaning of love... She has taught me the importance of love.. Sacrifice.... She is the person who gave me a new life... I never meant to hurt you... I am so sorry... "
Ridhima looks at him with a smile... " You dont have to be sorry Armaan.. I guess i knew this was coming... But as you said we always ignored it... I knew i also moved on but never accepted it... I feel guilty for hurting sid.. I know i would have lived a happy life with him... But again i lost it too... But i am happy for you.. I am happy you got Shilpa... Just never hurt her plss... Always be with her."

Ridhima looks back at Sid... How she wished she could take back everything.. Leaving Sid behind was the biggest mistake she ever made... Ridhima moves near Shilpa and gives her a hug.. " Am happy for you Shilpa.. YOu got ur true love.. Always be happy.... "
With this Ridhima walks out of the party silently... Sid looked at her retreating back... just then He feels a tug on his shoulder... Shilpa speaks in a whisper... " Go and get her... See Di still loves you.. And dont ever let go away the true love.. "
Sid gives  a big smile and walks out of the party... Eventually everyone leaves the hall leaving behind Armaan and Shilpa... Armaan slowly walks up to Shilpa who stood shyly avoiding his gaze... He pulls her to him holding her waist.... Shilpa looks up at him only to get lost in those blue eyes.... All she saw was immense and pure love for her...
Armaan starts to caress her face.... " I told you i will prove my love for you infront of all.... Now i just want to know onething... Are you happy... "
Shilpa hugs him tightly... " I have no words to tell you how happy i am... I always craved for someone's love.... And today i have got my true love.. What more can i expect... "
Armaan brings her face close to his....  " I am Armaan Mallik.... YOu should Expect more from me... Well you know i still have many ways to prove my love... "
Shilpa starts to blush hearing him... She turn away from him shying out... " Armaan plsss... "
Armaan moves back to her and pull her hair to one side... He starts to trail his lips on the length of her neck inhaling the sweet fragrance of her.... Shilpa stood enjoying his touch.... Armaan slowly bents down and gives a bite which make her hiss in both pain and pleasure... Again moving up he speaks in a husky voice.... " Well you know.. I was serious about confronting with you in your house... Soo shall we move back to your house.... "
Shilpa starts to get more red.... " Armaan plss... dont tease... "
With a swift he pulls her back into his arms and smack his lips on hers... Shilpa moans and pull him down kiss more deeply.... He sucks her upper lips sensuously while she keeps kissing his lower lips.... The kiss starts to become more passionate.... Armaan starts to caress her body while kissing her begging for a entrance into her mouth....And when she opens he puts his tongue which makes the kiss more passionate... As he starts to rub her back Shilpa moves out of the kiss feeling nervous.... Armaan keeps staring at her with passion desperate for her touch... How he wanted to loose himself to her and make senseless love to her all night...Still he control his demons and pull her back into his arms.... " I love you Shilpa.... "
Shilpa hugs him shyly... " I love you too Armaan... I love you... "

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Hey BG, Aish and Riduuuu......how r uz?

guys did u both write the next part of ur ff?
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Originally posted by KaShbaby_Riya

wb aishh :D

rida, aww did the printscreens help? :L lemme know if it didn't, i'll explain in another way LOL..:P

omg they re just awesome riyaaa thnkuuuu so mch yaar il be applyng them nd tryng them nd than askng u if i wd need help coz im so onsessed about ur vms lolEmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOL

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