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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 92)

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waiting for the next part

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Ohhh awsme twist...
cant wait to read the next part... post sooonn

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hmmm..wat to say...i thought dat mafia kidnapped this twist...wtng 4 d update...

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update soon  Tongue Wink 

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part 35 on page 108

"how can you love me so much here I am myself allowing you to go ahead and still you are leaving the chance" said riddhima smiling getting up sitting

"well I don't think I need any chances to get near my own thing , you are mine and will be mine forever no matter how close and far we both get" said armaan

"I still wonder how you get this confidence for our love maybe that's why I love you so much" said riddhima smiling

"I love you too forever..." Said armaan smiling

"forever armaan" said riddhima at last


The night went on and after lots of chat they both came back home back to their home sweet home

Next day as scheduled armaan and mayank ready to leave, samrat was already gone to London as karan send him for work , so mayank and armaan finally meeting first the four elders and then gunjan and nupur and riddhima one by one

"I am going to miss you mayu please come back fast" said riddhima hugging mayank tightly with her eyes getting teary

"yes exactly I knew whom you are actually going to miss" said mayank smiling hugging her to lighten this a little, it hurts him as well leaving her alone everything seems really changed and he himself is still not out of the fear that he had, the feeling that someone is slowly slowly taking his princess hand away from him

"alright lets just put a little break on this teasing part for few days and we will resume it back after you return" said riddhima smiling

"take care of yourself and everything and everyone" said mayank

"I will I promise you don't worry I will take care of everything" said riddhima smiling

"yes it look like someone is turning really mature and responsible day by day, alright riddhima now everything here is your responsibility take care I cant imagine what mismanagement is going to be here thank god we are out of here" said armaan coming ahead smiling

"I think you shall leave now you getting late" said riddhima irritated

"it's a very polite way to say shut up and get out" said armaan pouring and then riddhima glaring him "alright we are leaving" he saying coming ahead for one little hug , when riddhima getting consciously making him stop the mid way looking towards everyone standing

"what now is there some problem in saying a good bye" said armaan normally

"no carry on we all are just not watching" said nandini smiling and all elders looking everywhere but not at them

"all are nautanki here, alright bye" said armaan smiling and then hugging riddhima and kissing her lightly on her forehead they both left

"so what are the plan now" said gunjan

"plans for what look I am not going anywhere I have other plans for this week I am going to stay back home and rest" said riddhima finally

"oh really by the way whats so special that you are taking this special holiday" said gunjan

"the way you are taking your it depends as samrat is not here so you are going out of town to have fun in your holiday exactly the same I am going to do here" said riddhima smiling

"and hello girls I am also here, what about me" said nupur

"well for you I think its upto you to decide you want to go with gunjan on her adventurous holiday or stay back with me on my resting holiday" said riddhima

"well none of the two I am going back home I have so many works pending gunjan I think you are forgetting that we have 3 shows in this week lined up who are going to manage all that and now as you are also not here so that makes my work and responsibility double so I am going to be hell busy this week" said nupur   

"god this event management job is so irritating" said riddhima

"irritating really infact I think you shall also do some work you do nothing and sit at home all day I felt that more irritating" said nupur

"so are you jealous already with my carefree life, I really cant get bided in this fix job scenario ever I am happy the way I am but I can surely help you out trust me I can" said riddhima

"great look nupur I am leaving my substitute behind me so riddhima will do all my works now I can easily go" said gunjan smiling

"yes my resting plans are gone" commented riddhima

Here armaan and mayank reached to their destination and started their works

And riddhima helping nupur in her work so literally the whole day she use to spend with nupur in her office so they all have just few minutes chatting in the day with each other and all cause of day and night different timings they never got a chance to chat in nights cause if it night at riddhima place then its day for armaan and mayank  and at that time they don't get time to even breath

But still everything going smoothly 4 days passed

It was the fifth day

Whole day armaan tried calling riddhima again and again her cell switched off he tried at night as well but no luck he called nupur

"oh my god look who called me finally you got some time from riddhima that you remembered me" said nupur sarcastically

"nupur I am really not in a good mood so not now" said armaan irritated

"why didn't got a chance to talk with riddhima since past few hours" said nupur just like that not knowing that her guess was actually true

"where is she nupur I am calling her since morning even yesterday evening last I got a chance to chat with her when she was with you in the auditorium yesterday I hope she is fine" said tensed armaan

"armaan relax she must be fine yesterday she left in the afternoon she looked tired and wanted to sleep so she went and I didn't had any work with her so I myself asked her not to come today maybe she is just over resting" said nupur smiling

"for full one and half day that is heights cant she just make one call saying that she is fine or not here I am so worried even mayu she didn't called him I even tried calling sujal uncle buddy but no one picking mine or mayu call, and riddhima cell is continuously switched off" said armaan irritated

"armaan look I don't knew why it happened maybe they all are busy in work that's all I am sure she must be fine you don't worry I will go home and check now and meet riddhima and will make her call you" said nupur calming nupur

"go now nupur I am waiting for your call I will call you back in one hour go and first take a good class of riddhima and then I will do the same I am so annoyed with her right now" said armaan

"chill armaan I am going" said nupur getting ready to leave

Armaan was pacing here and there for nupur call he waited for few more minutes and then calling nupur but he got the same reply as earlier nupur first not picking his call and then her cell switched off

This made armaan more tensed and worried and more worried the day went on the same way its been whole two days no single call from home no one calling , even nupur not calling or receiving their call

Armaan and mayank getting restless

They tried calling sujal , kashish karan nandini nupur and riddhima but no one got in contact , now this was something a point of real worry for all of them it never happened that no one answered or called them in past 48 hours they even called samrat and gunjan and they both also have no idea the case was same for them

And without waiting for a single second armaan and mayank decided to go back home they were really worried and tensed now

Armaan was normally checking his personal mails which he didn't got a chance to check since last 2 days and it had one message from riddhima a personal video message just for him

He opened it riddhima sitting in front of camera her eyes told that she have cried for hours it was a small very small video

"I don't knew my this sorry will be enough or not for what I am saying ahead or I am doing, but just try and understand I don't have a choice, I am going armaan I free you from each and every promise and vows you are no more bound to me because i dont knew if i will ever be able to return, I am sorry for breaking my each and every promise I made to you and even prerna ma I hope she forgave me, I love you armaan and I will love only you till the last breath I take i knew you wont be able to forgave me ever for this i dont even have the power to ask you to forgave me bye armaan but before going i am asking you two favors if you can do on me for the sake of our love first dont try and come for me and second take care of mayu if you and mayu will be fine i will live in peace whereever i will be" riddhima saying all this in tears and this video in itself was confusing and more confusing armaan was getting more and more restless

"this riddhima and her pranks , god riddhima this is not funny at all infact its too annoying if this is your prank riddhima than be prepared you are going to repay a lot for this kind of cheap prank I am not liking this at all" said armaan to himself in anger

He just felt that all this was a prank riddhima was playing with them never in his worse dreams he can imagine it can be true but whatever it was armaan was not at all happy with this, he was very angry right now it was too bad a very bad prank

Without wasting a single second armaan and mayank left the place in their private jet and going back home in another 7 hours they were home standing in front of their house getting inside in a rush both entered calling riddhima

"where are you riddhima just get out now" said mayank restless

"riddhima come out where the hell are you" said mayank shouting in the main hall as riddhima was not yet here to welcome them armaan and mayank came back after full one week and she was no where

while here armaan eyes were restlessly looking for her and only her but she was no where, only armaan knew how he have kept his restlessness to himself since past 2 days he had no call no message nothing from her , just one last message i am leaving and i will love you forever, that suspicious message was really irritating and armaan thought that it was some sort of prank and after that she intentionally not making any contact with him she was playing her prank

but now this was getting over his nerves now that he is here and dying to have one look of her hug her or just see her she is no where in the sight and over that this very different kind of quietness in the atmosphere was killing him already

"hey dad where were you guys i have been calling you all like hundred times since two days we knew we were scheduled to return yesterday but we had to wait for another day to complete the work" said mayank happily hugging sujal who was looking at two with some different strange and a very sad look

"dad what happened is everything alright, and where the hell is riddhima i am calling her like an idiot look we knew she warned us that if we take a single day more than a week she will not be there to welcome us , but now tell her we are sorry and she just end with her pranks now" said armaan coming near sujal in frustration

"riddhima is not here" said sujal a straight reply without any sort of expression armaan was unable to judge his saying

"she is not here, thats not done she knew that we were coming still she went out, let her come back I will take a good class of her" said mayank normally

"she wont be back mayank she will never be back" said sujal closing his eyes and preparing himself for the burst out , or rather for the cyclone that was about to enter now

"ok sujal dad enough please enough of this prank just end with this now she is playing this for last two days she didnt even talked or texted once in past two days , I mean hell she even realize what i am going through where is she" said armaan in anger and frustration

"i dont knew i just knew that she left us forever" said sujal

"dad will you stop this now why are you even using this kind of disturbing words you knew dad we dont like this kind of pranks at all" said mayank seriously

"and you think i am plotting some sort of a prank, or your mom tears are some game just stop this kashish stop shedding tears for her stop shedding tears for that girl who didnt cared for us and left us alone" said sujal looking back and kashish sitting nearby crying

"dad please you knew i can believe in anything you will say other than this that riddhima can leave us, me and armaan dad for god sake she is his wife how can she leave him alright i knew she is hiding somewhere look riddhima that was a really nice prank and look at mom and dad you included them so well in this but now its enought we both cant stand this anymore so end this nonsense and come out" said mayank even more confused cause he was still so confident that riddhima can never go

"she wont be out mayank cause she is not here she didn't cared for anyone not even her husband she left" said sujal

"ok sujal dad kashish ma I knew this your game that you all are playing being with her even nupur is included and as for buddy and girlfriend where are they both I am sure they are also a part of all this, hiding somewhere and laughing at us so guys look you won me and mayank lost this time, we accept our defeat so come out" said armaan loud and clear very serious, cause somewhere he also getting a feel that all this is just not a prank and everyone is dam serious specially after seeing riddhima video he can judge well between riddhima lies and truth and all that she said sounded so true she was not acting at all her cries her tears were real but still somewhere armaan was himself giving his heart peace that she is a brilliant actor and he was not able to judge it well but his strong feeling was saying him that his riddhima is not safe  

"armaan I don't think that I have to explain you more than this no one is hiding anywhere nupur came yesterday searching for riddhima and I told her the same and she believed and left maybe she didn't had the power to tell you the real truth that's why she was not talking with you and as for karan and nandini they are not here karan also don't knew anything about riddhima leaving cause she left two days back and karan was not here" said sujal

"what the hell dad this is not the real truth tell me the real truth dad i mean why will she leave her husband her brother her parents and go" said mayank shouting,

while here armaan was standing like a dump this throat was dry he was unable to utter anything ahead, his biggest fear was taking shape in front of him

"yes she did she did cause you were not her brother and nor we are her parents she left cause she came to knew the truth that she was not our real daughter ,she went to her real family she went with her real father" said sujal in anger shouting loud and clear and making everything quite just a silent cyclone going inside the two shattered boys standing here in front of him

"don't look so shocked guys I am telling you the truth, riddhima went with her father" said sujal when even after minute none of the two reacted

"father from where this father came now you knew what I don't trust you anymore we have had enough from you both, buddy I need to talk with him its only him I can hear the real truth now cause I think you have gone out of your mind saying all nonsense" said armaan immediately

"ok you played many games with us many times but trust me dad by far this was the ugliest cheapest and unacceptable game you ever played with us dad how can you add our relation so cheaply in a game you knew well we don't like any sort of jokes in this matter" said mayank still not digesting the fact

"I know mayank armaan its too tough for you both to believe me today but still look at me do you believe that I can joke on such a serious matter trust me mayank I prayed all my life that this truth should have never came in front of you both I never knew that one day I myself have to tell you this riddhima and you are not twins you were not siblings open your eyes and see the truth" said sujal literally shaking him

"see the truth , which truth dad, which truth shall I see since I was born I have lived with one truth riddhima, we were born together, since I have grown I learned that she is my sister and today suddenly you are saying that she is nothing , she is just nothing to me or anyone of us and she left without any clarification just like that" said mayank completely broken by now

"ok lets just make this all a little more clear look what is riddhima and what she is not that really don't matter much actually not at all I just want to knew that where is she, I am sure you must knew where is she right now whatever is the fact of her identity that is just one part of her life even if she came to knew the truth still what about the rest I think you are forgetting that whatever she was in the past riddhima sujal Sharma or whatever but now she is mrs armaan singhania and that's the truth of our life she cant leave me and go like this" said armaan

"but she  did armaan she left and I don't care if you trust me or not but leaving us and going was her own decision she left on her own will no one of us asked or forced her to go so stop blaming me in all this well I made everything well clear to you all that riddhima came to knew the truth that she was an adopted child and her original family came here so she preferred going with them she wanted to be with her real mother and father so she left" said sujal

"and you let her go, no sujal dad I still don't believe you I can never believe you in this matter riddhima can never go like this leaving me there is something else something the real truth that you all are still hiding from me what is it please tell me, why are you all standing like a statue just speak up" said armaan in anger

"armaan why is it so tough for you to understand the real truth look she was selfish she just didn't cared for anyone here not even you and so she left with her new family, she wanted to go and so she went and she have specified that no one shall come behind her, she said that we all are wrong we did a real crime keeping her away from her father her mother and she didn't wanted to see and meet anyone from us ever again that's why I am telling you both just forget about her just forget her existence just forget that there was someone named riddhima ever in our life" said sujal

"forget riddhima are you serious dad forgetting riddhima is like forgetting to breath and its impossible maybe she got out of this house but she can never be out of our heart, so its better you tell us where she is alright if you think that I cant figure it out where she went than you are absolutely wrong you knew it will take me just few minutes to trace her and knew her location now I will do this" said armaan with determination

"you are not going to do anything like this, riddhima left us it was her own personal decision to leave  no one asked her no one forced her still she left breaking all her ties with us, she promised to never return and she said that she don't want to meet anyone again specially you armaan , here I have got this for you, these are the divorce papers she have signed and completed all the required formalities from her side now only your signatures are left and then you are also free from her , free to live and start a new life" said sujal giving armaan the papers

While this was a bigger , by far the biggest shock for armaan till now he was scared and worried for riddhima what all she must have gone through with knowing the truth of being an adopted baby all her existence have shaken but this divorce papers how can she do that, no all her identity issue cant be that important for her that she decided to leave armaan and his love forever like this no she cant do this, but this divorce papers were real her signatures were real

Armaan was standing beyond shock like a statue holding that paper riddhima said it all true in that video that she is going and she was making armaan free from all bounds she was making armaan free from her

"no she can never do this nothing in this world is more important for her then me and mayank and this marriage she cant take this decision ever I knew something big have happened something really big she is not safe my riddhima is not safe or else she will herself never do this you have forced her to do this to leave us I knew you forced her cause riddhima will never do this by herself" said armaan blaming sujal for everything

"yes I also think the same my princess can never leave me dad you forced her to leave right" said mayank

"look I told you everything that I found necessary and I don't have anything other than this to say she left on her own and it will be good for you as early you both accept this" said sujal walking off he went back in his room and even kashish left with him leaving the two broken and shaken to death persons rooted at their place

"I don't believe a single word he said , nor I believe in this" said armaan tearing that divorce papers into several several pieces in anger

"I just hope she is fine she is alone somewhere and god knows in what kind of trouble" said mayank panicking

"I will just find out everything" said armaan and making some calls to his persons all over the place outside the city and even country checking through airlines railways etc asking them to trace riddhima as soon as possible and get him her locations

While they were moving out of the house they both saw nupur coming inside

"nupur where were you I was waiting for you to call me back yesterday I called you so many times but your cell was also switched off you knew what is happening here you could have called us once" said armaan in anger and frustration

"I knew armaan I knew you were waiting for my call you were waiting and calling me and I myself didn't talked with you cause I had nothing to talk about what could I have told you cause yesterday after your call when I came here I also got to knew all this that you heard now what shall have I told you I didn't had power to inform you both that whom you wanted to meet and talk so desperately is not here she was gone" sad nupur crying

"did you met riddhima did she told anything to you" said mayank

"no I didn't met her that day she left in the evening and yesterday morning I talked to her last she said that she is tired and wont come to help me so I also didn't forced her much and in the evening after armaan called me I came here and what I heard and saw next left me dumb, when  reached I saw karan uncle and sujal uncle fighting karan uncle was so angry with sujal uncle on something he was almost ready to beat him" said nupur 
"that means buddy was here yesterday and he knew everything than why he let riddhima go and buddy was fighting with sujal dad" said armaan immediately
Ok little flashback of what nupur saw yesterday

Karan and sujal standing face to face , nandini and kashish standing behind, While karan in very anger came in front of sujal

"everything you did is wrong how could you sujal how can you do this" said karan in anger holding sujal from his shirt in anger almost ready to beat him

"karan what are you doing are you out of your mind just leave me" said sujal sitting straight

"I am out of my mind look who is talking, I don't think its me its you that is really out of your mind right now, how could you sujal why, why did you let her go" said karan leaving sujal shirt and breaking down

"karan trust me I was helpless" said sujal

"no don't give me that excuse and who the hell gave you that right to take this decision sujal she was just not related with you, she was my daughter as well the day riddhima was born the day you and kashish brought her here since the time I got her in our life she was even more than a real daughter to me, you were not her only father that you had all the right to take decisions for her she was my daughter as well than how dare you took this decision for her" said karan in anger

"what about others sujal before making riddhima a part of your dirty game for once you should have thought about mayank ok forget mayank atleast for armaan, for their love, their life you knew that how incomplete they are without each other than why you let her go, why didn't you hold riddhima and said her that she cant go anywhere that she don't have to make this sacrifice for the love you and kashish gave to her or that she don't have to repay for that fact of being born in a Sharma family why sujal why you let her go, how could you stake her life like this no actually for the fact that she was born in a male ruled family, for that fact that she was born in a  family where the males thinks and treats woman just like a commodity and nothing more but why riddhima why she, sujal your responsibility was to protect her not throw her like this, but I am sorry to say mr sujal Sharma you are nothing but a real butcher who take so well care of a baby lamb make it grow nourish it and one fine day himself cut it into pieces and sell it off" said karan

"enough karan you are now crossing your limits" said sujal in anger

"limits you have no right to talk about limits a person who himself destroyed his perfect family, you failed me you so failed me with protecting our riddhima all my planning got in vein for years I was just trying to get her close with armaan just to protect her even I forced them to marry like this cause I thought that after marriage riddhima will atleast never think of leaving her husband all that lies about mafia threats everything and sujal at that time you also supported me so much cause I though you also want to protect riddhima and her marriage was one perfect solution and now you did all this yourself, you trusted armaan so much that he can protect riddhima than you shall have atleast given him one chance the kids needed one chance but no you didn't let her wait for anyone not even me if I would have been here I would have never let her go" said karan crying

"karan please I have already lost much and I don't knew how much more I have to lose when mayank will be back but not you, please I don't want to lose you" said sujal breaking himself

"sujal you proved that you didn't considered me as your friend or else you would have never let riddhima leave in my absence but I am still your best friend and I will prove that to you I will make your family one , once again I will make everything perfect like it was before, I am going sujal I am going to get my daughter back I wont let riddhima suffer at all in all this" said karan turning to leave

"no karan you cant get riddhima back you knew she can never be back" said sujal

"you knew what nothing can stop me from getting riddhima back and who the hell is getting your daughter back I think you are forgetting that she is no more your daughter she is mrs riddhima armaan singhania , she is singhania daughter in law , my son's wife and I am going to get my family daughter in law and no one in the world can stop me from doing that nor you nor your entire Sharma family" said karan in anger and leaving the house

Flashback over

"that's all I heard this and after that karan uncle and nandini aunty left the house, sujal uncle went inside his room I met kashish aunty and I asked her hundred times what happened and where was riddhima but I didn't got any reply from her I just hope that karan uncle get riddhima back I am just waiting for him , riddhima didn't even called me or met me before leaving trust me mayank if I knew something like this can happen I would have ever left her alone for a single second I would have not let her go anywhere" said nupur

"I knew nupur but I am confused you said that karan uncle was blaming dad that riddhima was repaying being born in Sharma family but then dad said that she is not his daughter I mean all this is so confusing, riddhima is actually my sister and she is also a Sharma but then what were karan uncle saying all this staking her life and danger and why she left for what is she sacrificing" said mayank in one relief and once again in fear

"buddy he is also not picking my calls I am sure he is the only one who can give me all the answers he knew everything he always knew that that means buddy lied to us all there were no threatening call from any mafia in London nothing like that have ever happened he wanted me to marry riddhima cause he wanted to protect her from this , he wanted to stop her from going, cause he knew that if the truth comes out she will leave us hell what kind of truth i need to talk him" said armaan

"but we cant wait till he return hell is there anyone who can tell us the truth" said mayank in frustration

"I will tell you the truth something that I shall have told you long ago cause you have all the rights to knew this mayank" said kashish coming ahead

"mom please tell me where is riddhima how is she is she fine, is she safe, just tell me this first" said armaan panicking

"armaan I am going to tell you everything I can but I am sorry I cant tell you where she is cause I don't knew I just knew that wherever she will be , she is fine and safe" said kashish giving a very little but still some relief to them

"and now I will tell you the truth only on one condition none of you will ask me anything now I will tell you myself whatever I feel you need to knew , and yes she is your sister, this is a fact that riddhima is your sister she is blood of Sharma family just like you but not your real sister , riddhima and you were not born as twins you were born as cousins" said kashish finally in all this matter for the first time kashish coming ahead to clear all the confusions

But in her clearing she actually given the biggest shock to them specially mayank they have another family and how the hell can they be cousins

"sujal have got a family which is still unknown to you that cause he have broken all his ties with them all much before you and riddhima were born, sujal's father was a man who have taught his both son how to be a dictator how to rule how to dominate on others specially on the females of the house how to keep them beneath their feet, since the day sujal have grown he have just seen his mother being abused by his own father, womens can never raise their voice in this sharma family they just have one duty taking care of their house family kids that's all, and same was sujal's elder brother Shashi Sharma he was just his father copy garima didi his wife she is no where less than an angel she faced all the ill treatment of her husband still never raised her voice lived her life like a puppet to her husband did everything he asked but never complained, but still living with a beast was never easy being beaten on each and every small small things even when she was pregnant and going to be a mother, sujal raised his voice many times to change his house and peoples thinking but eventually he gave up and decided to leave that house he cant change them but he himself could be a better person, just after we got married sujal and me left the place the city and moved here with karan to start a new life away from that beast family away from that violence" said kashish explaining all their past

"ok mom whatever the past look I am not interested in any family history right now I just want to knew where is riddhima and why is she pulled in all this" said mayank

"I was scheduled for delivering in Mumbai hospital as per custom I was living in my mother place, when there was an emergency case in the hospital the same day a pregnant lady was in a critical condition she was been beaten resulting that doctors have to do her emergency delivery I never knew that lady was no one other than garima didi, shashi Sharma have beaten him brutally for some very little mistake in his anger not even realizing her real state and that's why she was admitted in the hospital only our mother in law was with her shashi Sharma didn't even cared to come with his wife in that critical state, I was also not in a very good condition to stay back with my mother in law but I knew that garima did was been treated in the same hospital and thankfully her baby was been safely delivered by god grace no bad effect came on the baby and the same time I also gave birth to mine just after few minutes when I was in my room garima didi wanted to meet me I was taken in her room by my mother in law" said kashish and then explaining them the flashback below


 Kashish on a wheel chair a nurse taking her to garima room where she was lying and a little baby kept on her side

"how are you garima didi, I am so sorry for you condition I feel so helpless that I could never do anything to help you" said kashish feeling helpless she cant help her

"if you really wish and want to help me than this is the time kashish look doctors have said that my condition is really worse and that I wont be able to make it" said garima taking deep breath

"please don't say like this garima didi nothing will happen to you, you will survive atleast for this baby who need you" said kashish crying

"that's why I called you here kashish you wanted to help me you tried a lot to get me out of that hell life but my fate but I don't want the same fate for my baby, I knew I am going to ask a big favor from you right now I heard you also delivered your baby just now that means being a mother you will understand the other one I just want to protect my baby from that peoples I want my baby to grow in an atmosphere of love and not in this terror and anger can you please do this favor on me, don't worry no one will get to knew this ever I will tell the world that my baby didn't made it, no one will ever come to knew that I gave birth to a healthy baby please kashish please do this favor on me please take care of my baby and love and nourish just like your own" said garima pleading

"didi you don't have to do so many pleadings in front of me I am so glad that you trusted me and found me this worth that I can take care of your child , and I promise you didi I will never let the world knew that this baby is not mine I will love this baby even more then my own baby I will protect your child from each and everything, I will protect and care for this baby even more than my own child I promise you didi I will never let the two or anyone in this world knew that they both are not real siblings from today the world will knew that I gave birth to the twins , and I promise they two will grow together" said kashish promising garima who finally closed her eyes in peace feeling relieved that her child is in safe hand

Flashback over

"and just after that garima didi slipped into coma she had a major injury in her head next day I called sujal and told him everything when shashi Sharma came to hospital the hospital authorities and doctors informed him that they were not able to save his child and his wife was in coma and no one can say exactly when and how will she recover but I knew that didn't mattered him much he carelessly left the hospital while here sujal used some money and power to change all the records in the hospital in hospital record and for the world I gave birth to twins a boy and a girl child even the birth certificates were issued to me for twins we successfully buried that little secret in that hospital itself and soon we came here with you and riddhima as our kids trust me mayank with the world even I started behaving and thinking that I actually gave birth to twins and with the passing of time I myself forgot this truth for me and sujal you both were equal and you both were our kids" said kashish coming to mayank

"I knew mom and trust me never not even once I ever felt that you ever differentiated in between me and her and seriously whatever you said till now didn't even effected a bit to me still I want to meet my princess I don't care what the world say riddhima is and will always be my princess my sister mom please tell me where is she , she knew the whole truth, she must be really broken hearing all the truth mom I need to meet her hug her and tell her that all this nonsense can never effect our relation" said mayank

"and kashish ma if that man that shashi sharma is such a beast and you yourself wanted to keep riddhima safe from him than what happened suddenly that you let her go with him I mean how could you let riddhima go with such a beast what if he hurts her where is she I need to get her now I cant even imagine what risk she must be in" said armaan feeling restless

"she must be safe and don't worry armaan I knew shashi Sharma will not hurt her and as for leaving than it was solely and completely riddhima personal decision she wanted to go with her real parents she wanted to meet garima , she was in coma it took years still she have not recovered but we didn't knew that she did she came out of coma an year ago still she never said a word about her child but one day by mistake shashi overheard garima and my mother in law talking about this secret the two ladies who were equally responsible in this secret keeping for years, but it came in front of shashi that his child is fine and its here with me that's why he came here and when riddhima came to knew the truth she decided to go with him" said kashish

"but why whats the use of going to that place to the people where she was so unwanted, mom they will never accept riddhima they will just hate her illtreat her just like they did to garima ji for years we need to get her out of there I wont let anyone even touch my princess" said mayank

"they will do nothing, shashi Sharma is a greedy man, he didn't came here for his fatherly love for his child he didn't even knew that out of riddhima and you who was his real child still he came here just for one think money, he knew that sujal money would have been equally given to both the kids he just wanted to take his child with him for money for the half share and till the time he wont get that money he wont even touch riddhima and moreover now everything have changed even shashi Sharma he is no more like that a beast in all this years he have changed he remarried and have more kids with his new wife and I heard that his new wife is very happy with him and have changed him into a nice man but still some greed was still left for money" said kashish

"mom whom are you consoling with all this excuses me or yourself why mom , why you let her go, why didn't you stopped her, anyways whatever happened I wont let my riddhima stay like this I wont let her face anything, I am going to get her back" said mayank 

"mayank you are not going anything, you will never come in front of them never I cant put you in any danger, mayank promise me that you wont go" said kashish immediately

"you cant put me in any danger but you can throw riddhima in that , why mom why cause she is not your real daughter , wow mom you yourself proved that how much you differentiated in between me and her, I hate you mom I so hate you for this" said mayank, and he turning to leave

"mayank you are not going anywhere no where for my sake or else I will be dead" said kashish warning which stopped mayank in the middle

"mom why are you doing this" said mayank

"I am warning you both no one of you will go for her, its upto you to decide you want me and sujal or her, and this is my final decision" said kashish

"mom listen to me, mom" mayank shouting but kashish left from the place

"they can bound you but not to me , never" said armaan and turning to his room rushing inside leaving mayank and nupur

That one night was going to be so long closing his room door armaan was very angry for everything over riddhima that why she left him over himself that why he left her alone and went and over their fate that why this happened to them

He picking everything coming in his way and breaking all that he saw one by one and exhausted he himself sitting on the floor breaking completely

"riddhima why , why you did this to me why you didn't trusted my love why you left me I will never forgave you for this but on the same time I will never let you think that you can get away from me" said armaan in anger and determinations

"find me the address of Sharma , some shashi Sharma I don't care in which part of the country but I want this man and his address and every detail till morning" said armaan in anger on his call

"no riddhima you cant stake me and my love for anything I wont let you do that, I don't care of anything no family is that important you are mine and only mine and you will have to pay for taking this decision, I will never let you go away from me ever" said armaan to himself 

Ok here is the next part I knew its too confusing and somewhere really boring, and you all must be thinking that what stupid riddhima was to leave for such a stupid reason , for this she left armaan , but no guys wait the truth is still waiting to be told, the real truth

By far whatever armaan and mayank knew is surely half truth and half mixture of lies, riddhima have a valid reason to go and that will be relieved in next part so stay tuned for the real truth , this flashback part is going to continue in next part as well, and after that it will be armaan riddhima together again

Still waiting for your replies had to update this cause already I had delayed a lot of this ff

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aarushi04 Goldie

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Posted: 13 October 2014 at 8:59pm | IP Logged
Interesting twist...
Waiting eagerly for nxt...
Update soon...

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..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 October 2014 at 9:06pm | IP Logged
hooo ye kya hua... I know kuch aur sach hai... ridhima aise toh nahi jayega armaan ko chod kar
But kashish ke reaction se i think its not ridhima but mayank who is shashi's son amd ridhima is sujal's real daughter...

Plz plz plzzz next update isi ka de dooo plzzz and soon wala update plzzz...ot time permiting to wrote plzzz...

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