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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 89)

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nice ...wen vl u use prerna's kangan?

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Nic part... pm me the next part
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part 34 on page 106


riddhima missing armaan planned to meet him in his office mayank and riddhima going to armaan office,

"ok mayu  I am getting in" said riddhima moving inside armaan's office,

Employs were still working in his office full office was filled with peoples and everyone busy in their work , it was full night shift for all the employs as well, armaan must be inside his cabin so she straight walking towards  his cabin ignoring all eyes on her everyone watching her coming inside and want to surely question her who she was and what was she doing here but this was not for long as the next movement  she saw armaan coming out of his cabin
"riddhima, what are you doing over here, mayu just texted me that you are here, what was the need to come here" said armaan worried he was happy to see her but on the same time being here so late was little absurd

"I thought that you are now a days loving your office more than me so came here to learn some tips from your office over how to make you stay close" said riddhima normally while armaan facial expression changed finally he smiling amused at her

"and you think you need any tips to keep me close to you, your one mere smile can do that forever" said armaan smiling

And then looking everywhere all his employs were sitting quietly and staring at them no one of them was able to hear their conversation still they all were curious to knew what actually was happening

 "what happened is there any problem back to work all of you" said armaan looking at all employs staring them while all of them immediately getting back to their work 
"riddhima come in" said armaan holding riddhima hand and taking her with him inside his cabin closing the door coming near riddhima , her back was towards him and he hugging riddhima from her back
"baby I was missing you so much, thanks a lot for coming this was a perfect surprise" said armaan kissing her lightly near her ears
"actually you always had one excuse that you have got lots of work to do, so I thought why not I go and give an inspection that are you actually working in the office or just trying to stay away from me" said riddhima smiling
"you believe that I really want to stay away from you ever, I am doing all this cause I want to get free before our perfect wedding and after that I can have lots of time with you only you" said armaan sensually nuzzling his cheeks with her

While riddhima just closing her eyes feeling him with her

"and what about this time which I want to spend with you, armaan I knew we are going to have a long life ahead together but I don't want to miss any day of this, I don't want to stay without you ever" said riddhima turning back

While armaan holding her tightly from her back and making her very close to him

"not even me but riddhima if we will just stay together all the time than what about the work I have to work for our living" said armaan smiling

"to hell with work , armaan don't you think that you already have that much amout of money with you that even if you don't earn a single penny than also there wont be any shortage for us ever in our lifes and not for us even for our kids and their kid, we can easily live our life just loving each other forever, I need you not a life full of luxuries" said riddhima kissing armaan lightly on his cheeks

"hyee if you will talk like this and keep loving me like this than I swear riddhima this will became so difficult for me to stay away from you" said armaan

"than who said you to ever stay away" said riddhima with mischief

"no one" said armaan smiling guessing her signal and ending the gap between them coming close to kiss her

when they heard a knock on the door

"damm this disturbance" said armaan irritated

"your employs need you" said riddhima

"and I need you" said armaan coming close finishing his work first he gave a quick kiss to riddhima cant take long as they heard another knock

"perfect timing" said armaan irritated and leaving riddhima as she smiling got back towards the sitting area  "come in" said armaan loud ahead

When one of his employ came inside

"sir all the final designs are ready we are expecting you in the conference hall to do the final selection" said the employ

"ok tell everyone to be in the conference hall I will be there in a minute" said armaan looking at riddhima sitting on a sofa and picking some random magazine to read, and as the employ left

"sorry jaan have to go, just few minutes and I will be free" said armaan

"its alright you go and complete your work I am waiting than we can go back home together" said riddhima smiling

"its already past nine in night  you must be hungry you order your dinner" said armaan normally

"we will eat together you finish your work first" said riddhima normally

"I will be back soon" said armaan rushing out quickly he wanted to end his work fast to be with riddhima

While riddhima getting bored roaming all the places she didn't knew what to do she tried making herself busy with some casual reading and checking few of armaan files as well when she by chance saw some files written private and confidential

She didnt knew whether she shall read it or not but then there is no harm to read

As she saw the files they were some legal papers she would have kept it back without giving attention but when she read mayank and sujal names and even armaan so that caught her attention

And as she read the papers she was confused it were sujal will in which Sujal Sharma all personal empire that is his 50 percent share in full Sharma and singhania empire and all his other personal property he have equally given to his son mayank Sharma and rest to his son in law armaan singhania

It was not that riddhima was shocked no why would she generally all the property of father is been equally shared by all his kids and so sujal shared it equally in between mayank and her not her exactly he gave all his share to armaan so what that is also same it don't matter its her name or its armaan they are same, but she was confused that what was the need for this, why sujal did this, why he have to make his will what was so hurry to transfer all his funds on his kids name

"what are you doing" said armaan getting in the room and riddhima got out of her thoughts she was so lost that she didn't expected anyone calling so she got scared with his voice and the file fall down from her hand

"oh its you, you scared me" said riddhima turning back and then bending down picking the file arranging all the papers and keeping them back on the table while armaan also saw what she was reading

"I am sorry I dropped your important papers" said riddhima

"its alright and they are not important they are waste papers, I was about to tear them and through away" said armaan normally

"tear them but why armaan this is dad's will" said riddhima confused

"yes but its wrong as in sujal uncle signed it but nor me nor mayu agreed to this will" said armaan

"but I didn't found anything wrong in this" said riddhima confused

"have you not read it properly , first thing I don't think sujal dad needs to make any such will there is no use for this and over that if he have to make a will than why it don't have your name if sujal uncle want to distribute all his share equally among his kids than it shall be named on mayu and your name , even mayank didn't liked the idea of excluding your name from this" said armaan

"but it have your name , and armaan does that really matter its your or its mine , I think dad took a right decision its his wish and moreover what will I do having property and business on my name cause its you and mayu who have to take care of that forever" said riddhima

"no riddhima still its your right not anyone else" said armaan

"my right , my right is to just be with you and mayu forever and get your complete love and care and nothing else I don't need any other right than this so armaan please agree don't change this will" said riddhima

"ok riddhima I wont say anything but this is mayu decision he have to decide what to do" said armaan

"I don't knew why are we discussing all this I don't think there is anything to decide in this and seriously if you still want to change this will than can you do something for my happiness" said riddhima expecting armaan answer

"do you even have to ask me to do something for your happiness, you act so idiot sometime"  said armaan irritated

"ok armaan I asked a stupid question still armaan I want to change this will on mayu name I want dad's complete wealth on mayu name I knew it's little big I am asking but I don't need anything armaan i want everything for mayu" said riddhima

"you knew what I understand your point of view and seriously I agree with you, we both shall never claim on that what belongs to mayu but myu will never agree to this" said armaan

"will this ever matter armaan I mean everything you and mayu have is mine and if I need anything I will get it from you both so why to divide it by names moreover mayu is dad's son he shall have a complete right on all his share" said riddhima

"that's what we believe and think but mayu , you knew how he is he will never agree on accepting everything anyways why to think so much on this matter everything we have is for each other it shall never matter on whose name it is" said armaan

"I think you are right I mean we are just wasting our time on a useless topic whatever is written on papers nothing matter what matters in that we believe in what our heart says and not what papers says" said riddhima smiling

"I totally agree but still I am very confused over one fact that why sujal dad is being so impatient in property transfers why is he suddenly forcing so much on this matter" said armaan confused

"I believe you are just over thinking maybe dad just want to get rid of all his responsibility and relax and nothing else, and now can we stop discussing this boring topic, I am here to spend some time with you not with this files" said riddhima smiling hugging armaan tightly and resting her head on armaan's chest relaxing in the most secure and safest place

"I also wish that you are right riddhima" said armaan hugging her back tightly

"I am always right armaan" said riddhima smiling

"ok my right wife shall we go back home or you planning to stay here in the office whole night" said armaan smiling

"no never office is the most boring place I suppose and specially this where I have to share my husband love cause you love your office so much already" said riddhima

"riddhima out of all world are you feeling jealous of my office" said armaan smiling

"cause now a days this place is getting your time which I want" said riddhima turning back

"oh my baby I am sorry for neglecting you so much but now I promise I will give my complete time to you" said armaan

"and your work" asked riddhima

"nothing is more important than you, ok shall we leave now we need to have dinner also" said armaan

"oh yes please lets go armaan I am starving" said riddhima

So they both left the office and armaan made riddhima sit in the car first

"so where my princess want to go" said armaan sitting on the driving seat

"wherever you want, I just want to be with you" said riddhima

"how about a romantic dinner just you and me" said armaan

"I have a little different plan, revenge plan" said riddhima

"revenge with whom" said armaan confused

"who else it can be, its been so many days they are just irritating us so much with teasing so I thought why not peep in their romantic dinner" said riddhima with a wink

"riddhima I don't think we shall disturb mayank and nupur they already get a really less time together and in that as well if we will disturb than they both will curse us to hell" said armaan smiling

"who is talking for mayank and nupur, I was talking about samm" said riddhima

"leave it riddhima samm is just to shameless he wont be effected with our presence" said armaan

"but would be irritated for sure, he have done a lot of teasing now its my time" said riddhima with a devil smile

"ok fine where are they" said armaan smiling

And he started the engine and left for the hotel

Here samrat and gunjan were sitting in one corner table In a restaurant it was a very quite restaurant and they were enjoying their complete privacy sitting in one corner where no one could see them much and even disturb

"are you sure samrat came to this restaurant I mean if samrat told you this than that can be a lie as well" said armaan looking everywhere as he cant see them

"if  samrat would have told me this than I could have never believed him , but this time I am sure they are here cause this information I got from gunjan, while having general chat she told me that they are going to this place" said riddhima

"I think you are right look there" said armaan smiling

"time for revenge" said riddhima smiling getting near them

"poor samm" said armaan to himself as he knew riddhima wont let him sit in peace

While here samrat and gunjan sitting together on a comfortable sofa side hugging and chatting

"oh my god samm hi how are you, its soo good to see you here" said riddhima shouting standing in front of them while samrat was shocked immediately as he jumped on his seat with sudden call but then getting normal

"riddhima what are you doing here" said samrat in a slow voice controlling his angry outburst he knew that she came here with intention

"what do you mean by what I am doing, this is a restaurant and I am here actually we are here for having dinner anyways hi gunji good to see you too" said riddhima holding armaan hand pretending that they were here for dinner

"oh so great that out of hundreds of restaurant in the city you both landed here" said samrat irritated

"yes right what a real coincidence" said armaan smiling

"and wow samrat what a lovely dinner so romantic dim light red wine arms in arms , I never knew you can be that romantic how lucky you are gunji" said riddhima looking at the table

"so what do you think riddhima that its only you and armaan who are given the being romantic certificate and no one else can pursue it" said samrat

"exactly riddhima I agree armaan is really romantic that really don't means that samrat cant be romantic but I till don't understand one thing that why am I being dragged in your I tease you more game" said gunjan

"gunji you yourself accepted to be included in this game , well you are yourself responsible for your state its your decision to fall in love with samrat and now when you have yourself taken this infection so why to be scared of injections" said riddhima

"hww riddhima that's really bad comparing my to be husband with an injection" said gunjan immediately

"oh hello I didn't called him injection I called him the infection" said riddhima normally sitting y gunjan

"hey hey now why are you sitting here exactly" asked samrat

"what do you mean by why comeon now samrat you shall have this much gutsy that you shall have yourself offered us to join but as you didn't so we thought why to get in so much formality with you, so shall we order some dinner I am so hungry" said armaan sitting on other side with riddhima

"so that means you are not going to leave us alone" said samrat

"actually no so what will do" said riddhima smiling expecting samrat getting irritated

"nothing I will order food for four" said samrat calling the waiter

"so what will you eat" said samrat smiling

"not bad you are cursing us from the heart still wearing a perfect smile, good acting samm" said riddhima

"well its my acting skill or my special tolerance power which I have to make more strong cause I have to tolerate you both my whole life like this, so I think I am learning  it" said samrat smiling

"I am impressed, gunji this samm is surely getting intelligent day by day" said riddhima smiling

"oh thanks all credit goes to my company" said gunjan smiling

"ya right" said riddhima smiling

"ok guys eating , what do you want to eat except my brain" said samrat

"well I am really hungry so don't want to get satisfied with empty bowls, so get me something which actually exist" said riddhima

"so what are you trying to say I don't have a brain" said samrat

"I am not trying to say that samrat , I am actually saying that" said riddhima smiling

"look riddhima now you are crossing limit" said samrat irritated pointing a figure at her

"well I never set my perfect limits" said riddhima

"guys guys chill stop fighting  and riddhima now that you and armaan are so much in love to continue your old cat dogs fight so that really wont mean you will start this with samrat" said gunjan while armaan just laughing on the two

"I am not interested in fighting with him, I have got my armaan with me for that" said riddhima

"good for me" exclaimed samrat

"oh hello what you mean you have me for fighting , here I am for loving you not fighting" said armaan immediately

"yes that I knew armaan but you are my all rounder" said riddhima

"what exactly you man by all rounder" said armaan

"well that means that you are everything I want when I need my love I have you, when I am sad and need a friend I will have you, and when I want to have a little fight I can fight with you, I can stay angry with you I will also let you make me calm, so all rounder" said riddhima

"beware armaan that means that when she feel a need of a punching bag to reduce her anger she is going to use her all rounder" said samrat smiling

"no why would I use armaan as a punching bag when I already own one sitting in front of me samrat" said riddhima eyeing samrat

"ok before you actually start using samrat as your punching bag lets order the food, and let me do that cause you three are too busy with your fights guys seriously you three stay together in same house and here you are talking as if you met after so many days" said gunjan

"well actually you are so right gunji missing the old time yaar in this work load we missed a lot" said armaan

"but not much now, tomorrow is a Sunday we all will spend lots of time together , and gunjan you also be on time tomorrow we will make some outing plan" said samrat excited

"yes I will even inform nupur , hey well what you think guys mayank and nupur alone they both must be having a great time together really wanted to see what they are actually doing" said gunjan excited

"so what here look as here we have disturbed you with dinner now sweet dish we are going to have with mayank and nupur" said armaan smiling

"mayank and nupur are already so sweet they don't need sweet dish" said riddhima

"they must be sweet but we all are not so I think if not they atleast we will need one" said samrat

"hmm lets eat fast so that we can be on time to make an attack on our sweet mayank and nupur" said gunjan as waiter served the food to them

They four had their food and later went out towards their second target, and attacking them when they both were almost leaving for back home , and then they all ate ice creams before getting back home

Next day
Finally Sunday no work , all the boys were home today
Riddhima was the one who got up early for a change while all the boys were sleeping
She went inside armaan room and found him sleeping she wanted to wake him up but then she shall not disturb him and let him rest its already been so many days armaan working so hard he needs a little rest
So she went out of the room when found samrat moving in the corridor
"oh riddhima ji on the duty of her husband fulfilling all her responsibility waking husband up with his bed tea" said samrat teasing
"well there is nothing like that , waking part is right  but that getting bed tea and other duties well that is not exactly what I am going to do anyways you tell me how your morning started so early today specially on a Sunday" said riddhima
"well don't you think that I can ask the same question for you as well, cause whichever day it is your morning never start so early ever" said samrat
"now is there a problem in that as well" said riddhima
"no not exactly , anyways where is mom" said samrat
"nandini ma and mom both are gone out I think to the temple" said riddhima
"oh no, now what about my head massage" said samrat and then looking at riddhima
"don't even think of that" said riddhima knowing well what samrat must be thinking
"riddhima , riddhima bhabhi, I am so stupid looking for mom , if not mom I have my bhabhi ma, to give me a perfect head massage" said samrat
"no ways"  said riddhima moving aside and getting in her room
"what you mean by no, wont you do this much for your one and only lovely little brother in law" said samrat melodramatically
"little but I supposed that you are 6 months elder than armaan" said riddhima correcting him
"ok you keep on calculating my age later but now its time for this oil"  said samrat
"get this sticky oil and your dirty hairs away from me samm" said riddhima
"ok that's it this was your friendship, you are saying no cause its me if mayank or armaan would have asked you , you would have happily given them a head massage" said samrat
"ok now stop god where have you learn all this drama acting from" said riddhima taking bottle of oil from his hand
"from where else it have came with my experience with girls they are the one doing lots of melodrama" said samrat
 "oh really" said riddhima moving out of her room towards her balcony
"riddhima bhabhi where are you going" said samrat following her
"you want a head massage right, so sit here" said riddhima sitting herself on a swing and making samrat sit on the floor
"what here on the floor" exclaimed samrat and then looking at riddhima glare "ofcourse I will sit here and why wont I , afterall I am the needy one so I wont get any choice" said samrat sitting in front of riddhima
While she taking out some oil applying it on his head she massaging him
"by the way samrat what were you saying about your knowledge of drama skills" said riddhima smiling
"what" said samrat with closed eyes he was relaxing and enjoying his massage
"no just that you learnt a lot from your experience with many girls other than gunjan, do gunjan knew about it" said riddhima smiling
"riddhima gunjan knew everything about my past and moreover it was never hidden from anyone here" said samrat
"no we knew your past but still we don't knew that what kind of experiences and how many experiences you have learned from them" said riddhima smiling
"and can I ask you that suddenly today why are you so interested in knowing that, or you want to knew something else or rather about someone else" said samrat smiling
"its nothing like that" said riddhima
"its exactly like that I knew what exactly you wanted to knew and you caught the right person for that cause there are few only boys secret that are shared between just me and armaan, just the same way you girls have so many secret unshared but if you want I can share them with you, you want to know what kind of relation armaan had with other girls till date" said samrat
"I don't want to knew anything from you samrat I knew everything about armaan that I want and shall knew" said riddhima smiling
"oh so that means you even knew armaan all ex relations and how much close he was with them" said samrat
"I don't care samrat I knew all armaan past relation, and as for how much close he was with them that don't matter me at all cause I knew that was armaan past and its over for me what matters is his present and our future together" said smiling giving samrat a proper head massage
"oh your present and just your future that means its you and armaan to be together that's all we all are not included" said samrat pouring
"now will you stop counter questioning my words, and idiot how can you imagine that me and armaan can even have a future without you all, I mean maybe we can have a future but not happiness cause our happiness is attached together with all of you so don't raise your expectations high that you are ever going to get rid of me" said riddhima
"oh really my bad luck but on the same time I don't think sticking with you forever will be a bad deal only if I will keep on getting this kind of perfect massage forever" said samrat
"oh so you need me for this head massage in that case mind it samm it's the last time you are getting the honor to get a head massage of my hands I am not going to do any such thing ever for you" said riddhima hitting him lightly on his head
"well I don't think riddhima you will get any option in that specially after today seriously I never knew you are such perfect in this, it was so soothing and from now onwards you are going to give me such massage regularly" said samrat commanding
"oye that mean every Sunday morning you are going to disturb us and samm why would riddhima do this for you  , soon you will have gunjan with you so ask her to do all this for you" said armaan getting in riddhima balcony he waked up soon after riddhima left and few minutes later came to riddhima room searching her when he heard riddhima and samrat voices from outside balcony so he came there
"why do you have a problem with your wife doing this for me afterall she is my official sister in law so she can do atleast this much for me, and you just stop being so jealous" said samrat
"oh hello me getting jealous and that too from you I think that's really the last thing on the earth" said armaan smiling and coming towards riddhima hugging her tightly from back and kissing lightly on her cheeks
"good morning baby" said armaan lightly
"hey stop you both what is happening here on my back" said samrat still sitting not turning back
"Is there a problem with wishing good morning" said armaan
"no its just that you never wished morning to me so sweetly" said samrat smiling
"oh is that so come let me wish now" said armaan coming ahead making riddhima aside and holding samrat tightly from his back almost choking him
"good morning bhai" said armaan smiling holding him more tightly
"get aside me armaan I cant handle so much of love from you" said samrat trying freeing himself and standing up from there
"oh why are you getting up come if you need I can provide more of my love" said armaan following him
"no thanks I don't need your love spare all this for your wife" said samrat  going more back from him and armaan and riddhima just laughing at him
"yes sure I will spare all my love for my wife" said armaan coming near riddhima and hugging her tight
"you both want me to stay or shall I leave now" said samrat smiling
"don't bother" said armaan sitting comfortably by riddhima side on the swing normally not saying anything
"that means I shall leave" said samrat while none of the two replied "I think I shall take as yes, ok I am going I need a bath" said samrat leaving the place and going back to his room
"what a perfect Sunday so peaceful no work at all this whole week have been so hectic" said armaan closing his eyes and leaning his head backwards closing his eyes
"I knew why don't you rest the whole day I am sure you will feel better" said riddhima leaning her head on armaan shoulder
"but you stay with me than only I think I will feel relaxed" said armaan "well riddhima I think my hairs are little more tidy and clean than samrat I also feel a serious need of a relaxing massage" said armaan ahead smiling
"ok you relax I will apply oil in your hairs" said riddhima standing up and moving towards back of the swing and preparing to apply oil
"riddhima why are you standing like this you come back and sit here I will sit on the floor"  asked armaan moving down
"no armaan I am fine from here you don't sit on the floor, it wont be comfortable for you" said riddhima
"but a moment ago samrat was sitting there that was fine, riddhima will you stop treating me like this why don't you behave normally with me like you did earlier like you are with samrat or mayu, be the same riddhima my best friend who can say anything to me and treat me freely on her will" said armaan irritated
"ok armaan I will make sure of that ok now sit down if you want massage" said riddhima smiling coming back sitting back while armaan sitting down and riddhima oiling his hairs
Armaan leaned back on riddhima for support and with closed eyes just feeling It was so soothing for him he was just relaxing and letting her massage his head temple and little part of shoulder also,
"riddhima samrat was so right you are surely going to have this real useful task every week now, you have to make me relax and sooth me like this for whole my life" said armaan still closed eyes
"hey include me as well" said samrat coming inside and mayank also came with him
"why are you back again you went to have a bath" said riddhima irritated and then she saw mayank coming in
"good morning guys and armaan what is all this my sister is not even your proper wife till now and you have started making her work like this" said mayank
"so do you have any problem with that" said armaan
"no why would I , your wife your wish" said mayank sitting by riddhima side  "so what are the plans for the day" said mayank ahead
"well earlier I was planning a lot going out all together but now I don't think that will be a nice plan , I feel lets just relax back home today and spend lots of time like this" said armaan still in the spell of that soothing effect which doubled cause it was done with riddhima hand her one simple touch made armaan so relaxed and this feeling right now was just out of the world
"oh really in that case mayu I think we shall leave already we have disturbed this love birds" said samrat
 "will you shut and stop using your mouth its too irritating , and why you came back I supposed you have gone for a bath and I was getting happy that we wont have any irritation for atleast few minutes but you are back" said armaan
"armaan people usually say that a man changes after getting a wife but I never knew that my bhai will change so soon, now that you are with riddhima my presence and me I have became an irritation for you" said samrat
"now that you have understood it so go away why are you annoying us more with your over acting" said riddhima
"annoying am I annoying you no not at all,  well I think you don't even knew the real meaning of annoying let me show you how to annoy someone I have a very nice idea I can do my task with my one action" said samrat smiling and then moving towards back and holding riddhima tightly hugging her from back and not leaving her
"samrat leave what kind of revenge is this" said riddhima irritated trying to free herself
"now that you have already declared me as the most annoying person here so let me show you what does actual annoying means" said samrat holding her more tightly swinging her with himself left and right
"samrat that's it now leave her" said armaan turning back
"why armaan look I am showing my love for her just the way you showed few minutes back and why are you reacting feeling jealous" said samrat
"yes samrat I am burning with jealousy, why don't now you show your love to me I can burn you with me" said armaan getting up and coming towards him
And samrat immediately leaving riddhima
"now I think its really time for me to run" said samrat to himself moving back
"oye wait where are you going allow me to love you back" said armaan flowing him as samrat running away from there
While riddhima and mayank sitting together laughing
"hmm mayu don't you need this head massage" said riddhima showing mayank the oil bottle
"no thanks I am fine" said mayank
"oye don't try and act formal take it you don't get so lucky days usually when I am myself offering oiling your hairs, and that to free, without any charge" said riddhima making mayank sit on the floor
"so today you are finally declared the official hair massager of our house" said mayank smiling
"whatever oh god what a perfect start of the morning, samrat usual irritating and then running away from armaan to save himself"  exclaimed riddhima smiling doing her work again
"I still wonder when samrat will actually grow up I am sure gunjan is going to have a really hard time handling him" said mayank smiling
"no its not like that mayu he just try and add a little more fun to our lifes but you have seen that in every serious situation he have handled everything so perfectly he is mature enough to understand how to change according to situations unlike people like you mayu bhai atleast for sometime get a little out of this serious young man character" said riddhima
"serious young man are you talking about me" said mayank in confusion turning back
"yes I am talking of you mayu" said riddhima
"oye when have I been like that never its just that I am not a chatter box like you and samrat or express all my feelings like armaan that really don't means you will call me that I agree I am the most quite compared to you three cause I am a normal person not declared crazy like you" said mayank
"oh so you meant to say that you are a mango people and we three are exceptional cases" said riddhima
"extremely exceptional and a very rare species which cant be found in any part of this world cause you three were the exclusive samples and no other piece of that was made ever" said mayank
"mayu really was that your philosophy I mean it was it was the worse theory I ever heard, and as for us so my mango man no matter how much extreme and exceptional we are you have to bear us all forever your life cause you don't have any other choice" said armaan coming back after literally througing samrat in his room
"that's my luck" said mayank smiling
"ok mayu can you come to my study now" said armaan
"oh hello are you both planning to work now just few minutes ago you were saying that you want to just relax today and here you again started" said riddhima immediately
"riddhima we are not working I just wanted to discuss with mayu the best suitable date of next week for going so that I can ask my p.a to make arrangements" said armaan
"who is going and where" asked riddhima
"riddhima I think you need to test your memory, do you remember the reason why I have to delay our wedding date, cause I had the most awaited show and deal on the same days in which kashish mom wanted us to get married" said armaan
"oh so you will have to go its your show and deal, what is mayu going to do in that" said riddhima normally
"no its me and mayank who are going together it's a joint deal of our company, its just a matter of one week we will be back" said armaan
"one week as in one full week without you both what am I going to do over here" said riddhima
"what you normally do and moreover you are not going to be alone here mom dad, karan uncle masi ma everyone is here, even samrat gunjan and nupur, you wont miss us for a single second, I mean I don't knew about armaan but I am sure you are not going me miss me at all" said mayank
"who said you that, please mayu don't go, armaan was to go I thought atleast you are here with me but you also going I knew everyone else will be here but for me I need atleast one of you with me" said riddhima pouring
"riddhima why are you feeling so sad already look baby we are going just for a week and there are still many days for that why are you feeling so sad already ok its my promise this will be the last time I am going to leave you alone here cause after this whenever I will go on any trip I am going to take you along with me, we would have taken you this time as well but kashish mom said that there are many wedding preparations and shopping which you all have to complete soon in that week itself cause there wont be any disturbances distracting you don't look at me like this its what kashish mom told me" said armaan trying to cheer her up
"ok fine do whatever you want but you guys better be back in a week and if you took a single day more than that I swear I wont be here to welcome you back" said riddhima warning
Leaving mayank and armaan smiling at her
"and where do you think you would be going" said mayank smiling
"I don't knew but I will go somewhere where you both wont be able to find me even if you keep on trying" said riddhima
"ok enough of your jokes don't ever try and say anything like this not even as a joke" said armaan in anger
"armaan I was just kidding" said riddhima seeing him getting serious
"so do I" said armaan smiling finally
"you idiot I will kill you" said riddhima hitting him again and again while armaan hugging him tightly in his embrace to make her calm
"oh I love you so much" said armaan hugging her tightly
"ahem" said mayank getting up making armaan riddhima look at him "ok now I think I need a bath be down soon guys than we will have a little outing" said mayank leaving them alone smiling
And soon everyone was together even nupur and gunjan came and they all stayed the whole day together like the old times having lots and lots of fun

Days passing on very fast
Next few days were normal this time everyone was maintaining a nice balance between their work and personal life they all spending lots of time together its just two days for mayank and armaan to leave when some work related issues occurred in their head branch that was in London from where sujal and karan use to operate and cause sujal and karan have specially came here and were not planning to go till the wedding so they send samrat in place of them
"finally samrat went to London and he is not going to come back any early and this gunjan cause samrat is not here she don't feel like staying here so she is also going" said riddhima in anger to gunjan , nupur gunjan and riddhima were alone in riddhima room
"what riddhima I have to go with mom and dad you knew all my relatives live in Mumbai and before my marriage mom want me to visit everyone and personally invite them all for my wedding, and don't worry I will be back soon" said gunjan
"yes right tomorrow mayank and armaan will also go you all are one by one leaving us" said riddhima
"don't worry riddhima let them all go look I am here with you right and I am not going anywhere , we both are going to have a blast alone" said nupur
"good we will show them all that we can enjoy even without them all, nupur we both are going to stay together alright its your place or mine we will be together" said riddhima
"so that means you are not going to miss me" said gunjan
"no why will we miss you, we didn't said you to go you are going on your own will so think what you are going to miss" said riddhima
"you knew if I could change I would have never gone but then its for mom and dad sake I will have to go, but I swear I will be back as soon as I can" said gunjan finally meeting them all seeing off leaving them alone
"nupur I am very scared everything is getting out of my hold , slowly slowly getting away first samrat now gunjan than mayu and than armaan " said riddhima
"riddhima what happened to you why are you thinking like this, look they all are out on holidays and they all will come back in next few days" said nupur
"I knew that and I completely understand it as well, still I don't knew why but I am not having a very nice feeling" said riddhima
"riddhima stop over thinking look everything is fine and absolutely normal and everyone is with you even sam gunji , mayank and armaan, they are all the time with you they are just physically not here and that to for a couple of days" said nupur
"a week, there is a big difference between days and one full week" said riddhima
"ok riddhima full week but then I am here with you or you find my company that boring that you cant tolerate me for one week" said nupur
"I cant tolerate that week when I wont get your company, not the time with you" said riddhima smiling
"ok so just chill come lets make our plans, when tomorrow night armaan will go then what shall we do" said nupur
"we are going to have a lots of time for planning we will do that when they all will go ok now you go mayank was calling you so many times and he must be cursing me that I am not letting you go and meet him" said riddhima smiling
"its nothing like that he just needed my help in his packing" said nupur smiling
"did I asked for any explanations, go ahead I am not interested in what you are going to do in his room" said riddhima with a wink
"its useless to talk with you , you are just shameless" exclaimed nupur
"well thanks for the compliment" said riddhima smiling "but nupur I need your little help we have only tonight and than armaan will leave me alone here, i want something special a special plan for tonight" riddhima said ahead
"hmm do you need my advise or you want me to keep mayank away from the house till late so that you and armaan can get lots of time alone" said nupur
"I think the second option will be better but than what about mom dad, karan uncle nandini ma, all four of them are also here" said riddhima ahead
"oh yes how can I forget them well look riddhima its impossible to send so many people out of house together so its better you get out of the house" said nupur
"but nupur that is also not a good option we want some time in peace alone and not sitting in some restaurant or other crowdy place" said riddhima
"well there are other peaceful and quite places other than this house where there will be no one to disturb you two like your farm house" said nupur
"oh ya wow nupur I never knew you are so intelligent in this matter you have so many options and ideas" said riddhima
"well its called experience riddhima and you have to agree that my experience and time in being in love with your brother is more than yours and armaan" said nupur
"surely I can see that, ok so you handle everyone here I am going to the farm house" said riddhima
"but wait whats so rush its just evening and there is still time before armaan will leave the office" said nupur
"yes I knew but I want to reach there before armaan and even have to arrange a perfect dinner for him" said riddhima smiling leaving the house

On the way she texted armaan to reach the farm house as soon as possible
She is surely going to give armaan a big surprise tonight

On the way she texted armaan to reach the farm house as soon as possible

She is surely going to give armaan a big surprise tonight she even bought special clothes she was going to try something different she knew armaan will love this

She reached the farm house it was the same place where they all use to hang out a lot but in last few years they came very less over here , it was almost on the hill top , a very quiet and peaceful and there were very less servants there just two caretakers and his family who stay in the servant quarter itself and take care of the place

Reaching there riddhima went in the room to get ready she had bought a special Indian dress a white suit she knew armaan loves her in while so she dressed wearing an indian attire

And then sitting in front of the mirror getting ready wearing silver bangles and keeping her hairs open and very light makeup as well

"are you trying to kill me today" said armaan looking at her sitting all dressed in front of the mirror applying the last coat of lip gloss

"armaan you are here already, I didn't knew you will come so early" said riddhima looking at armaan standing on the door and she getting up standing in front of him, she looked an angel pure Indian beauty, simple yet to elegant

"when you texted me to meet here I expected that I am going to get a surprise , but this kind of surprise I never expected" said armaan coming ahead

"how am I looking armaan" said riddhima smiling

"what are your plans riddhima getting me here alone and then dressed like this, and over that the restriction to stay away from you" said armaan holding riddhima lightly and coming close and more close

"if you will keep on standing like this in front of me I swear I wont be able to control myself and i will forget each of my promise to wait till our wedding" said armaan seductively near riddhima ears she cant imagine what effects her looks were making on armaan , he knew riddhima will look breathtaking beautiful if ever dressed like this but on the same time she will look so seducing even in the most decent attire and it would be so tough for armaan to stay away from her

Armaan closing his eyes and taking her fragrance getting more and more close to her and kissing her lightly on her collar bone and lingering his lips there for sometime consuming her fragrance, but his spell bound was broken with riddhima pushing him back

"armaan I didn't called you here for all this, I called you cause I want to spend some quality time with you" said riddhima

"that's what I am doing trust me riddhima there cant be any other way to utilize the quality of time other than this" said armaan

"no not at all right now we are going out I am starving come lets eat" said riddhima holding armaan hand and dragging him out

Riddhima arranged for armaan favorite dinner and asked the caretaker to get everything ready in the patio a marble hut constructed in the garden area in the backyard of the farmhouse [something like movie kuch kuch hota hai, a shed where sharukh kajol danced while hiding from rain]

"my favorite food , dressed the way I love to see my girl someone trying to impress me and make me feel special" said armaan smiling

"forget it armaan I don't need to work at all to impress you and as for making feel special well you are already special armaan cause you are my husband and being husband to me in itself is the most special thing for you" said riddhima smiling serving food first to armaan and then to herself

"oh so all credit goes to you only in all this cant it be the other way" said armaan eating his food

"well I suppose yes, and moreover I have always been the best among us two so its your privilege to be with me" said riddhima eating food from her plate

"oh hello who said you that you were the best among us two  it was me who was the best" said armaan

"no ways I was the best and I am the best I always won and you have always lost from me" said riddhima

"riddhima , dear I think you need to check your memory once it was not you it was me who won always in all the games, races challenges" said armaan

"no armaan don't forget it I won all the time" said riddhima

"no you never won properly and whenever you did you always use to won with cheating" said armaan

"that's wrong I even won without cheating, and it was you who accepted your defeat" said riddhima

"oh really and when did that ever happen cause as far as I remember you never won genuinely" said armaan

"oh yes I did armaan remember that day in Goa you said me that I won and you lost your heart to me and without any cheating and none of your victory matters and stand anywhere in front of what I won I told you one day I will defeat you and that to without any cheating and I did that" said riddhima

"well I have to say you are right and I lost I lost everything completely to my love my life my jaan and now I have nothing left in me that's mine, its all yours" said armaan

"and you are leaving your everything alone" said riddhima pouring

"riddhima you knew if it was not so urgent I would have never gone and this is my promise that it's the last time I am going leaving you" said armaan

"yes I remember and you to remember armaan last time you are getting this grace you better make sure you don't leave me alone ever again for a single day after this" said riddhima warning

"ok baby I will make sure of that its just a matter of few days and after that we will be together forever'" said armaan smiling

Scene change after dinner armaan and riddhima relaxing at the same place for sometime riddhima sitting on the floor with support of one pillar and armaan lying down in her lap closing his eyes while riddhima lovingly rubbing his hairs and they were chatting on any random topic

"so what gifts my jaan want" said armaan

"well as for the list that you will get in the morning but the most important gift I want is that you take care of yourself don't indulge yourself so much in work that you neglect your health and yes if possible please do take care of mayu as well you two please don't disturb your health at all" said riddhima

"ok ok stop god you already started talking like a typical wife, eat food on time take care of your health etc etc, ok don't stare at me like this I will make sure of whatever you said and yes I will take care of your brother as well, that's a different case that I am not sure that he takes care of me or I does of him still we both will take good care of each other" said armaan

"armaan Is going really important" said riddhima after some time of silence

"riddhima , baby what happened to you , why are you behaving like this its not the first time we are going than why are you so uneasy this time" said armaan sitting back

"I don't knew armaan I am so scared , I am not having a very good feeling, I feel everything is getting away from me please stay with me armaan I wont be able to live without you" said riddhima

"oh god riddhima what happened to you why are you suddenly getting so many mood changes and baby who is going anywhere leaving you and you again started with this idiotic talks don't ever use this words again riddhima and nothing is going away from you" said armaan

"ok ok now you again don't start with your philosophy I knew no one is going anywhere leaving me, its just that I am just over thinking  but what can I do the mere thought of staying away from you for single day makes me so restless and over that I have to wait for 7 days ,how will I survive" said riddhima

"like the way I am going to do, riddhima its not easy for me as well, earlier it was fine but now the things have changes so much the more I am getting close to you , the more my crave for you have increased each and every moment I spend with you is so precious to me and us so alive in my memory the time I spend with you is always special" said armaan

"for me as well armaan I also can never judge that all this is just a big sweet dream or my reality" said riddhima leaning towards armaan and hugging him tightly lost in his embrace

"lets make this time more special tonight with some little more addition, riddhima will you sing for me, I want to hear you singing and expressing your love to me in a different style" said armaan

"sing, no armaan I cant I mean I just cant do that" said riddhima

"please riddhima for me, look this place this ambiance is so perfect for a romantic song and I want to hear that from you please please for me" said armaan insisting

While riddhima smiling closing her eyes close to armaan and started singing what she felt at that moment

Well this is a perfect romantic track from a little old movie Dushman , and song named Awaz Do humko firstly I am very sorry I was not able to find its english version anywhere so all my advance sorry to the one reading song lyrics english translation, and here i didnt even got a single vm on ar for this ff so the original song vm if anyone intended to hear the song

Riddhima singing still in armaan arms

Aawaz Do Hamko...
Aawaz Do Hamko
Hum Kho Gaye

Kab Neend Se Jaage
Kab So Gaye

[riddhima getting a little up and than again lying back down pretending she is sleeping]

Mar Jayeenge Hum Agar
Door Tumse Ho Gaye

[getting up looking at armaan and than hugging him tight]
[Armaan singing still hugging riddhima close to him]

Aawaz Do Hamko
Hum Kho Gaye
Kab Neend Se Jaage
Kab So Gaye

[Making riddhima look at him in his eyes]

Mar Jayeenge Hum Agar
Door Tumse Ho Gaye

Aawaz Do Hamko
Hum Kho Gaye

Riddhima getting up and standing in one corner and armaan coming towards her and blocking her way between him and the wall and then singing for her

Tumse Nigahein Chaar
Karne Lagey
Hum Zindagi Se Pyaar
Karne Lagey

[as armaan coming close to riddhima she turning back to leave and armaan holding her hand to stop her while continuing singing]

Darte Na The Maut Se
Ab Magar Darne Lagey
Aawaz Do Hamko
Hum Kho Gaye

[pulling riddhima back in his arms, while she also singing with him]

Kab Neend Se Jaage
Kab So Gaye

Mar Jayeenge Hum Agar
Door Tumse Ho Gaye

Aawaz Do Hamko
Hum Kho Gaye

[riddhima still hugging him]
[While here even god also started showering his blessing to this lovely couple in form of the rain but as they both were in the covered area they didn't got wet still riddhima sitting on one corner and stretching her arms ahead to gather some rain drops feeling the rain on her palm and getting the water sprinkling it little on armaan face and then again herself enjoying the little water drops coming on her face]

Riddhima closing her eyes feeling the rain:
Saawan Ki Is Pehli Barsaat Mein
Sab Dekh Lein Sapnay Ek Raat Mein

[and armaan coming from her back and holding her tightly he also having fun in rain with her]

Kaat Jaaye Na Zindagi
Ek Hi Mulakaat Mein
Aawaz Do Hamko
Hum Kho Gaye...

Armaan singing:
Kab Neend Se Jaage
Kab So Gaye

Mar Jayeenge Hum Agar
Door Tumse Ho Gaye

[Armaan making riddhima turn and coming close and more close to her]

Aawaz Do Hamko
Hum Kho Gaye...

[as armaan getting more close to her just an inch away from her lips riddhima pushing him back and running away from the place she passing the whole ground and running inside the farm house while armaan following him both getting wet on the way]
[Armaan came inside looking riddhima standing in one corner holding the curtain and as he tried holding her she turning from there towards the other side and so on]

Mere Samne Rehna
Jana Nahi
Tumse Hai Kuch Kehna
Jana Nahi

[as riddhima running again finally armaan managed to hold her hand and getting her more close to him]

Mausam Kabhi Pyaar Ka
Laut Kar Aana Nahi

[finally armaan picking her up in his arms and climbing the stairs going towards the room]
[both singing together for each other]

aawaz Do Hamko
Hum Kho Gaye
Kab Neend Se Jaage
Kab So Gaye
Mar Jayeenge Hum Agar
Door Tumse Ho Gaye.

[both enjoying the song and their singing while armaan getting inside the room holding riddhima in his arms and making her lye back on the bed armaan kissed her ligtly in her head and then her face eyes and lightly on her lips

and then he knew that they shall stop so he stopping himself got up and was about to get away when riddhima holding his hands and pulling him towards herself making him land completely on her

"please don't leave me armaan not today not now" said riddhima with so much love she just don't want to get out of his hold and she wanted to feel him near very near to herself

"riddhima look I am wet and so are you we shall change before we catch cold" said armaan trying to distract himself from the place the situation they were in right now

"no armaan not today armaan I don't want to get away from you , I don't want to stay away from you , lets not stop ourself today" said riddhima making armaan more close to herself and almost kissing him

"but what about your wish that we shall wait till our perfect wedding" said armaan very shocked and confused with riddhima so bold behavior

"who cares the thing that matters me the most is that I love you and I want you with me forever I want to feel you so close to me that I don't feel lonely when you will leave me alone" said riddhima

"you are still in your mode to stop me, you think that seducing me like this you can stop me from going than you are absolutely right if you will stop me so lovingly than I will stay like this forever and will never leave you" said armaan kissing her lightly in her forehead

"but I knew you are just saying cause you are little lost at this moment but when you will be back to normal than you wont allow this so its better we shall stop and moreover its just a matter of few days just few days and they will fly away very soon" said armaan kissing her lightly the last time and getting up

"how can you love me so much here I am myself allowing you to go ahead and still you are leaving the chance" said riddhima smiling getting up sitting

"well I don't think I need any chances to get near my own thing , you are mine and will be mine forever no matter how close and far we both get" said armaan

"I still wonder how you get this confidence for our love maybe that's why I love you so much" said riddhima smiling

"I love you too forever..." Said armaan smiling

"forever armaan" said riddhima at last

The night went on and after lots of chat they both came back home back to their home sweet home

Ok that's all for now

Well yes as expected and as guessed next part is surely going to be again the biggest twist the real climax of this story its time for the biggest test on the word forever ...

Well that's all I am going to say in this and as for precap so stay tuned you will get your full twisted update very soon so what is the need for the precap

and as for the song i knew that was not that required still i added cause i was getting bored with only writing and i love adding music in

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gaurijw Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2014 at 4:25am | IP Logged
awesme part 
full of masti 
loved it 
y is riddhima getting so scared 

i m dreading next part 
what is gonna happen 

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megbans Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2014 at 6:01am | IP Logged
hii dear...
actually abhi m reading ur ffrebirth and afterthat i'll read ur
diss ff "yara dill daare"
and then i'll give a long comment on it...
so u have to wait a littlebutsurely i'llcomment soon
but give me updates PM regularly Tongue Wink Smile 

take care dear Smile 

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aarushi04 Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2014 at 6:21am | IP Logged
Amazing part...waiting for d next part...climax of d story...
Update soon

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pari0706 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2014 at 6:33am | IP Logged
beautiful but even I am getting the feeling that something bad is going to happen to Riddhima ... and then the ppl with whom she shared her fear are going to repent a lot

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2014 at 7:43am | IP Logged
lovely part 
ar and sam banter is very sweet
excited for twist
thanx for pm 
pl pm me for next part continue soon

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