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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 88)

gaurijw Goldie

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Posted: 06 August 2014 at 11:31am | IP Logged
pheww!!! long part
but loved it

awesome part 
loved the way gunjan and nupur made riddhima understand
and the AR part was superb 

continue soon

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karankajen Senior Member

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Posted: 07 August 2014 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Nic conversation was very gud... loved it
continue soon...

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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part 33 on page 105
Armaan and riddhima special date and making their bond more strong
Everyone was back home till night
And now all of them having their dinner together silently,
All four elders sitting on one side while mayank and armaan sitting together just opposite to riddhima and samrat
They all were having their dinner quietly when samrat started with conversation
"armaan have you shifted your office to some other place" said samrat normally
"No samrat  not yet and i dont even intend to do anything like that" said armaan irritated with this stupid question
"no i just wondered that earlier in the morning you had so urgent work that you left for office so early in the morning but than just after lunch you suddenly disappeared so i thought that you shifted your office to some other place where else can you go leaving your so urgent work" said samrat smiling looking at riddhima who was looking at samrat in anger now
"don't you think samrat you are getting far too concerned for me and my work today" said armaan
"no  I was just worried for you that's why asked, what happened to you armaan are you alright and what was that urgent that you left your office and its work like that" said samrat faking concern
"comeon now samrat you knew armaan is a busy man he have got so many works some in office some outside office  specially at home" said nandini
"well armaan since when have you shifted your office at home armaan" said karan ahead
"go ahead guys moreover it was only you elders who were left to add on this teasing session" said armaan
"oh hello why are you including all , look me and kashish didn't said a word yet" said sujal immediately
"yes see I specially asked nupur and gunjan to get few dresses for riddhima and they even did not did shopping still I didn't asked riddhima why she came back home" said kashish
"I am done with my dinner good night" said riddhima getting up she was too exhausted with this teasing now
"but riddhima you didn't eat your dinner yet" said samrat
"I am not hungry samrat why don't you eat this as well, you must be really hungry had a long day of irritating me and as for me my stomach is already full with your irritating talks and over and never ending teasing" said riddhima
"what, what have I said to you, i was just talking with armaan I didn't even mentioned your name as well in this" said samrat
"samrat that will be enough for the day now" said armaan warning
"now as armaan bhaiya said so, I think I need to be quite, and riddhima bhabhi sit and eat ok I wont say anything ahead" said samrat stressing on his addressing them
"no thanks I am going if I want I will eat in my room" said riddhima moving away
"I think its been really enough for the day , since morning you have targeted her a lot, she didn't even eat breakfast properly in the morning" said sujal
"don't worry about her dad she stuffed herself enough in the office later when we went there and now also I knew how to melt her , just get her favorite ice cream for her and her hunger will come back, I will go and get it" said mayank
"mayu I am also coming I think we also did lots of teasing in process of our revenge" said samrat
"armaan you are also coming with us right , come lets go" said mayank
"no you both go I want to have some talk here" said armaan seriously
"want me to stay" said mayank
"wont be required, buddy and uncle are fine for that and its just related to the wedding date issue" said armaan
Mayank and samrat went to get riddhima favorite ice cream , while armaan still there with elders
"will you four stop staring at me like this, don't look so serious" said armaan normally looking at elders
"now what have you to say with the wedding date look I knew its riddhima wish to fix wedding date same as mayank and samrat , but I wont allow that, look the date after 15 days is perfect and very auspicious" said kashish normally
"kashish ma I knew you are really impatient to make me your son in law and I knew well , cause you fear that already with so much difficulty you are getting someone who is ready to handle your daughter and you cant risk him running away , but trust me I am not going anywhere" said armaan
"don't you even dare think anything like that and don't raise your expectations so high, my daughter can get anyone in the world, but she have chosen you which could have been surely my last choice for her got that" said sujal teasing armaan
"ok I got that uncle, but what can you do now you wont get another choice, you like it or not you will have to be satisfied with me as your son in law" said armaan
"hello I am not saying anything that really wont mean you would say whatever you want and sujal what is ral wrong with my son, comeon now admit that if you search the whole world than also you would have not got anyone better than him for riddhima" said karan
"and so is the case either karan, armaan is lucky that he got riddhima, he also cant get anyone better than her" said nandini
"ok ok guys look just now we ended with younger fights so here you all started, look the main topic here was not who was perfect for whom , the main topic was on the wedding date , which will be same as mayank and samrat" said armaan
"but armaan what is the problem after 15 days" said nandini
"big problem cause all thanks to you all and buddy and riddhima I have to come back like this leaving my work in the middle which I have to complete first and there is the biggest deal on mom's name that I am going to sign now, and for that I have to go after 15 days, so I wont be here" said armaan
"come on now armaan your wedding is far more important than this deal you can postponed it" said nandini
"I can and I will if you want but than in that case I will lose this deal girlfriend and you knew I don't want to lose this project which I have began on prerna's ma name but I can leave it as well and its not my decision its riddhima decision that I cant leave this deal, so I had no other option" said armaan
"oh ok so why don't you say like this that riddhima have said you to not leave this project, seriously armaan from now only you have started listening to her so much" said nandini
"as if I had a choice, I tell you I mean how tough is it to handle with ladies hats off to you buddy and uncle how can you handle this two ladies so well" said armaan
"well that's called technique that comes with experience , you will also get that soon , but I am already going to warn you armaan, my daughter is just a replica of her mother , and I knew how tough its going to be for you to handle her" said sujal
"I heard that sujal, don't you dare drag my daughter here its not armaan its riddhima that is going to have a tough time , cause we knew this armaan so well he knew well the techniques of getting things done in his way, and so will be with riddhima , she always have to follow him" said kashish
"yes I agree on that, armaan knew well how to make his decisions final , and no one had a choice other than accepting them" said nandini
"so that means you all agreed to my date shifting, oh I knew that I love you all , and don't worry mother in law if you want you can consider me as your son in law from now onwards I wont mind" said armaan
"think again armaan in this its going to be your loss only, you are turning my son in law from my son" said kashish
"I wont mind, we can swipe it all the time with our convenience like right now I need my both mother pampering me" said armaan side hugging both kashish and nandini
"you both are happy right" said armaan
"yes baby we are really happy, mothers only want their kids happiness and it have no bounds right now seeing you both together happy" said nandini
"and even mom would be very happy right now" said armaan feeling a little sad
"i am sure if prerna didi is seeing at us from some where , than at this time she must be only sending her blessings for you she must have been really happy , specially after seeing this happiness in your eyes she must be glad that her son got all the happiness that he deserved" said nandini
"i wish she was here" said armaan
"so what if she is not here your other two mom's are here with you and we both will be with you forever" said kashish assuring
"ok now end with this mother son emotional scene here, and lets cheers for our kids, its time for being happy and celebrating not feeling sad" said karan
"ok you elders continue with your celebration i will just leave going to see samrat and mayank" said armaan
"or are you going to see riddhima" said karan
"not again buddy and so what if i go , is there any problem in that" said armaan
"no not at all, have i said that there is any problem, you can go" said karan
"good night" said armaan leaving the elders

 "you both are happy right" said armaan 
"yes baby we are really happy, mothers only want their kids happiness and it have no bounds right now seeing you both together happy" said nandini
"and even mom would be very happy right now" said armaan feeling a little sad
"i am sure if prerna didi is seeing at us from some where , than at this time she must be only sending her blessings for you she must have been really happy , specially after seeing this happiness in your eyes she must be glad that her son got all the happiness that he deserved" said nandini
"i wish she was here" said armaan
"so what if she is not here your other two mom's are here with you and we both will be with you forever" said kashish assuring
"ok now end with this mother son emotional scene here, and lets cheers for our kids, its time for being happy and celebrating not feeling sad" said karan
"ok you elders continue with your celebration i will just leave going to see samrat and mayank" said armaan
"or are you going to see riddhima" said karan
"not again buddy and so what if i go , is there any problem in that" said armaan
"no not at all, have i said that there is any problem, you can go" said karan
"good night" said armaan leaving the elders smiling at him
And so he went inside riddhima's room she was sitting irritated on her bed 
"I am fed up of them, I don't know for how long will all this be like this" said riddhima irritated seeing armaan getting in
"just be calm, you also knew that's its just a matter of few days look just like us this relation and seeing us like this together is even new for them they are just teasing us so much  to be little normal and its like their one and only favorite time pass as for now, and very soon when they all will get use to seeing us together they will also stop teasing us and accept us like we are, its just a matter of few days" said armaan sitting on the other side on the bed parallel to riddhima
While riddhima comfortably resting her head on his shoulder
"this is so irritating and embarrassing" said riddhima closing her eyes she was so tired its again been a long day and she was tired mentally specially with comments and teasing of others
"its because you react to them they love teasing you much, just stop reacting to them and don't care much over whatever they say take it lightly and everything will be fine" said armaan soothing her head lovingly
"its so simple for you, you are so shameless that you are not even once effected with whatever they say to you" said riddhima
"so you also get like me, and then nothing will matter much" said armaan smiling at her kiddish acts she is taking this teasing act so seriously
Here  samrat and mayank entered riddhima room
"I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream" said samrat with a bag of packed ice creams
"ops sorry I didn't saw anything" said samrat immediately covering his face with the bag when he saw armaan and riddhima sitting comfortably on the bed while mayank normally got inside sitting with riddhima parallel to her on the other side
"we are just talking normally and its really not the first time you seeing us like this so stop acting" said armaan
"really were you just talking" said samrat coming ahead
"samm do you really want me to beat you today" said armaan warning
"no I don't want you to beat I want you to eat, I mean eat the ice creams look I got for all four of us" said samrat
"samrat the ice cream will melt if you will keep on chatting like this already you took so long getting them" said mayank
"you shall thank me that atleast I got them for you, I specially went inside the ice cream parlor and ordered this all by myself" said samrat coming ahead sitting on the bed opposite them
"oh that's really a big task you did, now can we eat them" said armaan taking the packet and getting the sundaes out giving one to riddhima while riddhima looking the other way not holding it
"I knew you are angry with us but why to put that anger on this sweet cool ice cream, please princess take this and cool down ok" said mayank pacifying her
"well for the next time try some new technique to pacify me this getting ice cream and cooling me down had became to old method" said riddhima taking the ice cream
"but as old is gold, this one always work" said mayank smiling taking his ice cream from armaan knowing well she was normal now
"here are only three in this samrat you don't want to eat" said armaan
"hello this third one is mine, I thought why to get two separate for you and riddhima , you both can share one" said samrat taking the third one from armaan
"why look I am not going to share my ice cream at all with anyone so no one try and put any evil eyes on my cup" said riddhima eating and enjoying her favorite sundaes
"not even me" said mayank eating his
"in that case I am sorry samm even I don't want to share with anyone" said armaan taking the cup from samrat and started eating it
"oh hello so what am I going to eat" said samrat
"think for yourself you applied your over intelligence getting one less knowing well that I never share my cup with anyone so now you have to bear the loss for that" said riddhima
"hww riddhima now you have to share your whole life with armaan , so you cant even share your ice cream with him" said samrat
"no samm I use to share my whole life with him since childhood still I never shared my ice cream with him so why would now, even after little change in relation rest everything is going to be same specially with my ice cream" said riddhima
"that's not done now what am I going to eat and you two boys enjoying it so nicely don't even have a shame to offer me a little" said samrat irritated
"oh samm you really want to eat a little here have this" said armaan giving him one spoon to eat
"yes and its from me" said mayank giving him one from his
"that's all" said samrat when he saw them eating again
"yes you said a little so we gave you , now let us eat" said armaan
"this is just not done I hate you all" said samrat irritated like a kid
"good for us" said mayank smiling
"ok fine I really don't want to talk with anyone of you now" said samrat getting up
"end with your drama now , come back we can share" said mayank and armaan giving half half of their share to samrat, while riddhima like said didn't even gave a single bite to anyone
"so finally is our princess anger calmed down" said samrat looking at riddhima
"you knew well I cant resist when it comes to ice cream, but that really don't mean that you will again start with irritating me no one of you will say anything regarding this topic now atleast for this day" said riddhima
"ok we wont, I think in our excitement we really dragged this topic a little much" said mayank
"a little too much but thank god everything normal now" said riddhima keeping her head on mayank shoulder now
"by the way riddhima what were you both doing when we came here" said mayank smiling
"look you again started just get out of my room all of you" said riddhima pushing mayank aside in irritation while he kept on smiling at her acts
"oh my god you look so cute like this , I love you soo much" said mayank side hugging riddhima tightly
"that's the only problem with me as well that I love you too" said riddhima normally sitting back in her initial position
"ok now if you brother sister are done its my turn" said armaan smiling
"which you wont get at all atleast for the time when we are with you or till you both get married till than you have to be satisfied with me only , I love you bhai" said samrat coming hugging armaan
"oh please get aside and stay away from me" said armaan acting
"oye its siblings season going on, so I just thought we are also brothers after all" said samrat smiling
"well I feel now its too late night and we all shall go to sleep , so get up guys" said mayank getting up
"yes good night , armaan bhaiya come I will take you with me" said samrat dragging armaan
"oh hello I knew way to my room , and I can even walk at my own" said armaan irritated
"no I just thought accompanying you till your room" said samrat
"accompany me till the next room in the row really don't you think you are getting really concerned for me" said armaan sarcastically
"no actually I am not concerned for you I just wanted to make sure that you go directly inside your room and not come back here turning" said samrat
"I think its high time you really need to have one beating session now" said armaan getting up
While samrat running and armaan running behind him while samrat rushed hard inside his room locking it from inside so that armaan cant come
riddhima and mayank smiling at the two looking from riddhima room door
"few things can never change" said mayank smiling
"and its good that these things never change and everything will remain same" said riddhima
"good night princess sweet dreams" said mayank kissing riddhima forehead mayank went out towards his room
While riddhima almost closing her room door when armaan came ahead watching mayank getting inside his room and quickly kissing riddhima on her cheeks
"good night jaan, sweet dreams only my dreams" said armaan with a wink leaving from there while riddhima just smiling closing her door so that this happiness of her perfect life never go out of here
Next few days passing normally, everything was getting perfect and in place
Slowly slowly everyone started getting adapted to this new changes, and seeing armaan and riddhima together
And so their teasing also getting less but just less, not ending few things can never change afterall
All the girls normally stay together, now a days there only topic and work was preparations for the marriage, all three marriages together and it was not much time to that now it was just 2 months left for the wedding and so they started with shopping and other wedding planning , its going to be a grand affair and everyone wanted that to be perfect
The best wedding planners were short listed to final one agency for wedding planning while lots of shopping was going on specially for brides
While boys were really not a part of this preparations much, they all were mostly busy with their office works and business, specially armaan he was working day and night for his this new project, usually he left to early morning without even having his breakfasts and return late nights only dinner and little time after that was just the time he gave to his family specially riddhima they both together get very little time just few minutes alone riddhima was getting restless now, she was so use to armaan that she was missing him already so much, but still she understand his work needs it was really not the first time armaan was giving much time to his work earlier also he worked day and night in offices and even after that many times he never came for even dinners, or if he comes he is too tired to just retire in his room
Still now riddhima was impatient to get some little time with him alone she use to wait for him all day she called him regularly once in every hour to enquire what is he doing he ate something or when is he coming
While armaan on the other side was loving this part of riddhima, her restless waiting for him, her calling him all the time not even once he felt irritated with this, infact he use to wait and kept on looking  at his watch when its almost hour they talked last if riddhima sometime get late by few minutes armaan himself calls her
Even after not physically meeting each other much they both were still staying connected 
One day 
It was already late night and its been 2 days to this process of armaan coming late everyone else was on the dinner table they all were having their dinner and chatting some general discussion regarding wedding was going on even nupur and gunjan were with them today all ladies were out for shopping together and got late so kashish asked nupur and gunjan to have dinner here and later mayank and samrat can drop them
"so riddhima which one you liked the most" said nandini to riddhima who was sitting next to her but she was not even listening to any of the talks she was just continuously looking at the door hoping maybe armaan will come now , but she knew he wont come so early he have informed earlier that he will be late today and they all don't wait for him at dinner 
"what masi ma did you said anything" said riddhima normally as she heard them calling her name
"I was just asking you which theme for the sangeet ceremony you liked the most" said nandini understanding that she didn't heard at all of what discussion they all were having
"oh that I don't knew you all decide yourself" said riddhima immediately

"riddhima are you alright look you didn't even eat you dinner properly , what are you thinking" said kashish worried 
"yes mom I am fine, I think I am little tired its been a long day" said riddhima getting back to conscious, while everyone attention got towards her she quietly looking down eating her dinner don't want to get in any further discussions
While everyone knew well what have happened to her and for whom he is waiting and thinking off still they all didn't wanted to push this topic much so they let her, but cant stop smiling at her condition she really was missing armaan a lot, and seeing this they all felt really satisfied and happy that how much they both care just for each other 
After the dinner and little more chatting they all retired in their room and riddhima had no option but to go upstairs she wanted to wait for armaan but then she cant answer all elders questioning
She went up in her room but then she was getting restless she messaged armaan twice while he replied that it will still take him few hours , so she don't wait for him and sleep
But how can she, she wont be able to get any sleep until he come once hug her tight and give her one good night kiss , she was getting so habitual and use to this daily routine habits , she just wanted to feel him once near her, his special fragrance , his aura that gives her peace even if he stay with her for few minutes still she want him, she was getting restless when she got an idea
She went near armaan's room, and got inside closing the door
She knew he was not there still his presence can be felt in each and every corner of this room, she felt so much at peace at this place, she knew she was behaving so different but this was just the only way she can feel him, she never knew she was so helplessly in love with him and was so much use to him, she opening his wardrobe took one of his shirt out, it felt so nice keeping that near her knowing that this belongs to armaan, all the room was decorated with pictures on the wall, one big family picture with few separate pictures of all six of them and lastly few pictures of just her and armaan together, they all were latest and it even included their wedding picture which was clicked by marriage registrar for legal purpose
She went back towards the bed and lying down there comfortably holding armaan shirt with her
The bed sheet the pillows still posses his fragrance, she felt so nice that she never knew when she dozed off
After an hour armaan returned back home , it was midnight already and dark all over the place, he straight went up and as he reached riddhima's room he wanted to get in but then seeing lights off he didn't wanted to disturb her, but he knew that we wont be able to rest until he will see her once, still he went towards his room, even mayank and samrat must be sleeping
Armaan open his room feeling so different the lights were on and he can feel so nice and different here, as he kept his belonging aside removing his coat he turned towards bed he was for once shocked to see her there, she was here in his room and was sleeping on his bed a smile automatically came on his face seeing her like this, he knew how much she must be missing her just like him he turned back and knew that everyone was sleeping so he closed his room door as well and came back towards the bed
He went near her sitting by her side on the bed she looked beautiful while sleeping he loved staring at her in sleep, he still remember her sleeping peacefully in his arms in Goa, after their confession she had a peaceful sleep, how he missed that time with her, but he also knew that its just a matter of few days and soon they will be one and get so much of such time , then he saw her holding his shirt near her
"I caught you , so my lovely wife feeling me near her like this" armaan saying to himself slowly , he went near her and kissing her lightly on her lips , a small kiss while she was in deep sleep and just stirred a little in her sleep armaan smiling got up to change
He came back after a while and slipped on the other side of the bed opening the blanket and covering her properly first and then on himself he lye down near her watching her sleeping when she changed her position towards him hugging him lightly , she was in deep sleep still she was getting more and more close to him maybe she was just feeling that she was dreaming armaan lightly kissed her over her head and he switched off the lights getting in deep sleep himself
It would be too early morning maybe around 5 in the morning when riddhima stirred a little in her sleep she was sleeping so peacefully and she felt so warn and nice while sleeping she really didn't wanted to move, but on the same time something different was happening as she gained a little conscious she felt his heartbeat getting high, she was still in sleep to realize much still as she moved a little more she felt some movement next to her , armaan was also so peacefully sleeping holding his life but as he felt her moving he also getting disturbed, he didn't liked that much so he pressing her back in her initial position
And as riddhima felt some movements she got conscious she felt that she was not alone, she immediately opening her eyes she saw him sleeping peacefully , he looked so cute while sleeping, he sleeps like a small baby, how she was missing him this was his warmth that she was feeling and his presence so near her that felt so nice, she so wanted to be with him , she was missing him so much when she went to sleep in his room and its then she realize that she was sleeping in armaan's arms, and it was his room, she was sleeping with him in his bed
She looked at the clock it was 5 in morning that means she was with armaan in his room the whole night, everyone is here in the house and mayank and samrat are sleeping in the room next to them, what if they saw them it wont look right atleast for now
She should go back in her room, its too early and everyone would be still sleeping, no one will get to know anything,
She slowly slowly moved a little away from him and felt his stirring a little with her getting away, she didn't wanted to disturb his sleep as well, so she carefully slipped out of the bed and as she was walking by armaan holding her hand
"you didn't want to take this with you" said armaan opening his eyes holding his shirt that riddhima was holding while sleeping
"you were awake, I am sorry I didn't wanted to disturb you"  said riddhima
When armaan pulling her back towards him so hardly that she landed exactly above him on the bed
"armaan leave me please I didn't knew how I dozed off here , I was just waiting and" said riddhima trying getting out of his hold
"and feeling my presence hugging my shirt, look now I am actually here you can hold and feel me as much as you want" said armaan
"actually I was just I mean I was please let me go armaan" said riddhima smiling  looking away being caught
"what were you doing with this shirt riddhima" said armaan seeing her blushing
"armaan please let me go I shall go in my room before anyone wake" said riddhima
"ok if you want but I cant let you go like this, first I need some tax" said armaan
"what tax, didn't you got lots of chances to do whatever you wanted while I was in deep sleep" said riddhima
"oh good my wife is getting intelligent, well you are right I got lots of chances and I even captured that well" said armaan smiling
"did you, I mean I was in so deep sleep I don't knew" said riddhima immediately
"and no need for you to know that as well it was my little movement, you look more beautiful and tempting while sleeping" said armaan smiling
"I have to go" said riddhima trying to get out of his hold
"go really so you don't want to know what happened last night and what I did" said armaan
"whatever happened last night even if I was sleeping or unconscious I knew that I was with you so why shall I even care I have given myself completely to you I am all yours in all sense and you can do whatever you want with me ,as for me I was just sad that I was not there to feel that movement with you, the few little movements which I was missing which I so wanted to have with you, I was waiting for you so badly and when you came I was sleeping" said riddhima feeling sad
"well in that case you really didn't missed much we can have a replay again" said armaan turning taking riddhima along with him and pinning her down on the bed coming above her
"I am really bad I make you wait for so long" said armaan
"its alright and I love waiting for you afterall this is my right to wait for my husband, ok now please finish whatever you want I have to go before anyone wakes" said riddhima
"so what if anyone see us here you even have all rights to be in this room with your husband and what do you mean by finish with my work romance is not a project we can finish on fast speed" said armaan
"ok we can discuss my rights later and even on your romance classes but now leave me" said riddhima
"how desperate you are to go away from me" said armaan
"armaan stop irritating me specially not right now I am still very sleepy its just been my half night yet, I have to sleep" said riddhima
"fine I will take you to your room maybe then you will be little relaxed" said armaan getting up picking riddhima in his arms
"what are you doing armaan I can move and go on my own" said riddhima
"shhh you talk so much" said armaan and walking out of his room holding smiling riddhima in his arms slowly walking in the corridor reaching her room they both got inside looking that no one sees them moreover everyone must be sleeping
While someone do watching them from a very distant corner
Kashish and sujal were up a little early and were planning going on a morning walk together when they saw armaan riddhima coming out of armaan's room
"all this is not right sujal that's why I said to get them married early, than they don't have to hide like this from all of us" said kashish
"kashish our kids are grown up enough to realize and set the right and wrong parameters for them" said sujal
"yes that I can see what are their limits and where are their parameters set, sujal its not that I don't understand them and their love and that they want to be together I myself want them to stay together and be happy that's why I wanted to get them married soon I understand its impossible for them to stay away from each other living in the same house still at distances specially after being legally married and the love they had for each other, i just wanted to see them married and happy together so that we can live in peace" said kashish
"kashish its their decision to shift the marriage date ahead and its their personal decision that how far they want to stay we shall not interfere in between them don't forget they are legally married and they have all rights to be together, we have never interfered in our kids personal decision and nor we will do that ever cause I trust armaan and riddhima I knew they are capable enough to decide what is right and what is wrong for them" said sujal
"no one can understand me but I knew you can I just want riddhima to be so bounded with armaan so much that nothing else will matter her after that I want armaan to be her reason to live in all senses" said kashish
"no kashish don't even say anything ahead , our kids are our life and I will do anything to protect them I wont let anything come near my kids that anything else will matter them" said sujal with determinations
"how much we try one day we have to face the real truth" said kashish on verge of crying
"I will destroy each and every relations of any such truth which is other than my family and my kids, I will never let anything any pain even touch them, and now I don't want to discuss anything over this ahead our life is perfect there is happiness and smile all over this house and it will stay like this" said sujal
Coming back to Armaan and riddhima
Armaan left riddhima in her room and after a while he himself was pushed out of her room by riddhima and so he had no option but to leave
After that the days were again same like few past days , armaan busy in his work and after dinner they got very little time to talk and at that time also samrat and mayank surrounding them most of the time
Today there was some party where elders were invited, so sujal kashish, karan and nandini went to the party and riddhima was sitting in her main hall waiting for all three boys to come back from office when samrat and mayank came back
"good evening riddhima, you didn't went to the party with mom dad , they said you were going with them" said samrat
"yes they asked me to go, but you knew this business parties how boring they use to be, I preferred staying back" said riddhima smiling meeting samrat and mayank
"moreover now a days you all are so busy with your office that we hardly get any time with each other" said riddhima looking at the door in wait
"oh armaan didn't came back with us, he said us to leave he had some work to finish , he can be late and he asked us not to wait for dinner as well" said mayank understanding what riddhima wanted to ask
"oh ok , you both freshen up I will ask servants to get your dinner ready" said riddhima disappointed
"he must have thought that you went for the party that's why he preferred staying" said mayank cheering her a little , mayank also understand well that they both need some time for each other but what to do they were so helpless they all really wanted to end with all this work before their weddings so that they can give their full time to their wedding and few days after that as well, so they want to wind up with their work before that
"and riddhima we I mean I have asked gunjan to get ready we are going out" said samrat he felt little bad to leave riddhima
"oh I didn't knew mayu are you also going out with nupur, infact you should go with her, its really been 2 days you actually last met her, and so did gunjan" said riddhima smiling , she was happy atleast they thought of giving some time to their partners
"no riddhima I think we can go later some other day" said samrat
"why will you go later you promised her to meet today so go, she must be waiting for you, and even nupur" said riddhima smiling
"but we cant leave you alone" said mayank
"you don't need to cancel your meet cause of me and obviously you all thought I would have been with mom dad so you planned this outing  and now no need to change it cause of me, not at all and don't worry about me I am fine" said riddhima
"we already getting a very little time with you and in that as well we leaving you" said mayank
"so what mayank where am I going I am here in the same house and you can get lots of time with me later, but sometimes its good to give little time to your partners as well, you have kept them also on lots of waiting till now, ok now you both just go" said riddhima pushing them out
"ok we are going but still why don't you also come with me, what will you do alone" said mayank
"me a sandwich in between you and nupur no ways, spare me out of this infact I have an idea if you wont mind can you drop me to the office I will come back home with armaan" said riddhima suggesting
"oh so now you came to the point sending us both out so that you can armaan can be together alone" said samrat
"did I said once that why are you going out with gunjan so stop irritating me as well, can you drop me or shall I ask the driver" said riddhima normally
"no need to go alone its too late in night , I will drop you, and after that just stay with armaan and come back with him" said mayank
"as if just like you he will let me go back alone when I am with him he is also that responsible I think, anyway you wait for me I will just be back" said riddhima smiling getting in her room getting ready to leave with them
And soon she was outside their office
"I think work is going on only in armaan building area , lights of that area are on or else whole office is close" said riddhima to mayank as they were walking in the corridor towards the lift
"you go back mayu I can go up by myself and moreover nupur must be waiting for you" said riddhima getting in the lift and stopping mayank to enter
"no I wont leave you until I hand you over to armaan till than I am coming with you" said mayank pressing armaan's floor button
"now what are you smiling at" said mayank looking at riddhima smiling at him
"I love you mayu you are the best brother" said riddhima hugging him tight
"oh just cause I am bringing you here I became the best" said mayank
"no not cause you got me here or for fulfilling all my wishes and commands but cause no matter whatever and however situations are still you never fail to make sure that I am secure and protected" said riddhima
"well that's why I let you be with armaan cause after myself its only armaan whom I can trust that he will protect you more than his own life" said mayank
"but look mayu now I am safe and we reached armaan office , now you go back fast nupur would be cursing me that cause of me I made her wait so long" said riddhima smiling
"you knew she wont, but she wont spare me if she come to knew that I left you alone outside armaan office and didn't waited for a minute more so that you can get inside safely , so move inside and I will go" said mayank
"ok mayu  I am getting in" said riddhima moving inside armaan's office,
ok i think i have written enough in this for now,
next part is again going to be same lots of AR with friends , hope you will like it, and i am already warning my readers its time for the real climax for my story which will be in the next to next part so stay tuned..Wink

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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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climax are scary in ur ffs

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Awesome part
lovely ar moments
well hope twist dont separate ar
thanx for pm
plz pm me for next part
continue soon

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awesome part 
bechari riddhima tired of all the teasing 
awww simply loved d way riddhima slept while hugging armaan t shirt
mayank is such a caring bro 

oh god climax wondering what it is 
sujal r kashish ki talks se dangerous lag rha hai 
coninue soon

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Awesome update loved it thank you for pm.

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interesting i just read the entire story in one go... please continue soon... its been a while since I have read a good AR story

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