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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 87)

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Interesting update...thanks for the PM

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Awesome update di...loved it..!!!

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part 32 on page 103


best friends meeting armaan in his office and later everyone left armaan alone , girls taking riddhima with them

"oh girls wait we can have other deals as well" said armaan
But no use till then all the girls went out and he stood there disappointed

"ok girls you think you are smart but I am armaan singhania and I knew how to get things done in my way" said armaan determined  smiling to himself 

riddhima , nupur and gunjan in the mall, they have already shopped a lot from armaan showroom and now they have moved in the shopping mall for some other shopping

"girls i really feel that it was enough for the  day we can do other shopping later now lets go back home" said riddhima irritated

"oh really from now only you are getting so concerned for your husband money that you are stopping us from shopping more cause you knew well that todays bill is going to be charged on armaan's account"  said gunjan

"oh please its nothing like that at all and as for armaan  there is no need to worry he wont even get effected at all even if you buy each and every think from this shopping mall, its just that i am to tired now, really i feel we shall go back home and rest its been two hours we are just continuously shopping all useless i mean there was even no need for all the things we are buying" said riddhima

"how can you say that what we are shopping is useless ,look at this riddhima we are shopping all this for you , this dresses and saare" said nupur

"thats why i am saying useless cause i am never going to wear all this ever in my life and this saare god i hate that i can never handle it ,i still remember the first and last time i wore something like this was our school farewell party and i fall like thrice with that , so please keep them away from me" said riddhima

"in that case we shall buy some more of them afterall now there will be some excitement in even your falling, imagine you falling and armaan will be there holding you all the time to support you , oh how romantic" said gunjan

"armaan was earlier as well he holded and made me stand and the next thing he said was that why you even wear clothes like this which you can not carry at all so i am not taking that risk again, please stop selecting this saare i dont want any" said riddhima

"riddhima shhh if you cant help us in selection than keep a finger on your mouth and sit quietly , right now let us both follow the orders of our respective to be mother in law , kashish mom and nandini aunty have asked us to buy all this they want to fill your wardrobe completely with heavy clothes before your traditional marriage , cause after that you have to wear all this" said nupur

"yes so now even if you like it or not we have to buy all this, so its better you select everything of your choice" said gunjan

"hell with my choice , anyways if you want to follow the order than do whatever you want" said riddhima irritated

"riddhima till the time we all finalize here why dont you try this, i am sure this dress will look very nice on you, please go and try it once" said nupur handing over riddhima one ladies suit

"have you seen the dress weigh how could i wear this when i cant even pick it properly" said riddhima irritated

"just go in the trial room and try it, why you all the time criticize everything look you said you dont want to wear saare so here we selected suits for you, now go and try it once please, i promise this is last and we are leaving for home in ten minutes" said nupur

"ok fine i am going, as if i have another choice" said riddhima

so she moved from there and as she reached near the trail rooms area she was literally been dragged inside one trail room cabin with force, she was for once so shocked to react and when she tried reacting her face was covered

"shhh dont shout its me" said armaan slowly

and so riddhima open her eyes to see it was armaan and took a deep breath of relief

"you knew one day cause of this kind of acts of yours i am surely going to die by heart attack" said riddhima normally

"hey dont even dare use that word ever again in your life, even death have to take my permission before coming near to you" said armaan holding riddhima tightly with arms

"armaan leave me armaan i was just kidding" said riddhima

"dont ever say anything like this ever again not even as a joke" said armaan warning in anger

and then immediately hugging her tightly

"nothing can keep us apart nothing" said armaan

"apart , oh yes the girls , armaan what are you doing here , you were in the office and see gunjan and nupur are here if they will see you they will again start with their teasing, please go armaan" said riddhima

"riddhima i came here specially for you leaving all my important works and waiting for a moment when you would be alone for so long here and you are worried of everything and not me" said armaan

"oh and whats your problem that i shall be worried for you" said riddhima

"my problem , well my problem is really complicated , and its that i love my wife a lot" said armaan putting both his arms around riddhima's shoulder getting more close to her

"falling in love with me is that complicated' said riddhima immediately

"no stealing little time with you alone is getting complicated specially with all this so called guards around you all the time" said armaan irritated

"god armaan look around you are in a shopping mall , and its ladies trial room what if anyone sees us" said riddhima

"so what i am here with my official lawfully wedded wife and i care dam about what anyone says and riddhima for once stop thinking of others and what other will think and say and concentrate on me and only me" said armaan irritated and then coming more close to her

"armaan please just go from here" said riddhima looking everywhere

"riddhima what is wrong with you here i came all the way to be alone with you  leaving all my work and all you are worried is this world, someone will see us , or our friends will tease us or what mom dad and all will say, for once riddhima can you be just with me leaving everything behind and be with me just me as my love, since the day we came back here you are just worried and concerned about everyone other than me i feel maybe you are so worried for the world than you love me" said armaan irritated

"armaan why are you saying this its nothing like that i just meant" said riddhima

"what you meant i have realized it very clearly you cared for everything and everyone other than me so be with others i wont be coming again to irritate you or embarrass you" said armaan and leaving her he left the trail room in anger

It was not much crowded currently in the mall so no one saw armaan moving out of the ladies trial room . except for one NUPUR saw armaan coming inside and she knew that he was with riddhima inside, so she also came here in the trial room just outside the cabin in which armaan and riddhima were she was about to knock when she heard armaan last statement and she felt she shall not disturb them right now so she moved back so that armaan didn't saw her while he walked out of there in anger and left the mall

As armaan left nupur came ahead from hide and saw riddhima standing like a statue at her initial place ,

Riddhima herself  was so disturbed with armaan walking over like this, she was herself finding everything so tough to maintain a proper balance in all her relations , she was just not sure what is wrong and right at this stage

And nupur can really see that insecurity and un surety in riddhima ,

"nupur I didn't changed yet I will just do it" said riddhima looking at nupur coming inside , she was here for other work and she don't want nupur to knew what happened here a moment ago

"lets leave this shopping for a while riddhima you were right this is so boring come lets go out of here, lets go on a little ride just girls day out" said nupur dragging riddhima out of the place

And talking gunjan along the three girls went in a car for a little ride

Just the moment they left armaan came back

Armaan initially in his frustration said it all, and as he just went out of the mall he realized his mistake , he cant do this to riddhima, he knew her so well and her insecurities were never hidden from him for his personal needs and happiness he cant expect riddhima to go beyond anything which she cant, atleast not so early in this relation

He understand the need of giving riddhima time to adjust with this new relation and maintaining a balance with the old one, she will need time to adjust still he and his expectation, he was mentally kicking himself so much for saying all that to her , he was far too rude , he needs to pacify her and make her normal , but he was late as he came back till then the girls were gone, he don't knew what to do now maybe he will need to wait for sometime till he is back home then only he can talk with her now

Riddhima nupur and gunjan on a ride

"what happened you look really lost riddhima , tell me if you don't want to go, if you wish we can go back home" said nupur

"yes please lets go back home I really don't feel well" said riddhima looking out of the window

While nupur parked the car just near the cliff top their favorite place where they all sit and chat for long

"ok lets it here for sometime then we can go" said nupur dragging her out

"but nupur seriously we were having so good shopping why we left and came here and that to in day time, we generally visit here at night time with everyone" said gunjan normally

"gunji is it always required that we need to tag our respective partners all the time with us, sometime it can only be girls day, we three can enjoy a lot even without that boys with us" said nupur normally

And they all moving towards the sitting area , riddhima sitting quietly and looking just in front

"why are you doing this riddhima" said nupur sitting with her on a bench

"what I didn't did anything I am sitting here" said riddhima normally confused at nupur sudden question

"are you kind of revenging armaan for something , I mean I don't think you are still angry for the past act that forced marriage whatever happened you yourself accepted it happily" said nupur

"yes I do nupur why are you asking so I am happy and why can I blame anyone for whatever happened when I knew no one is at fault"  said riddhima

"armaan riddhima , its armaan not anyone or other one, he is different now, he needs to be separated from everyone now he needs some special attention now from your side" said nupur

"oh so you heard it all" said riddhima looking away

"yes I did and even if I had not still I really felt the need to talk with you about this" said nupur

"hello girls you two knew I am getting too confused what talk what heard , will anyone tell me what happened" said gunjan

"the same common thing which every girl have to face at this stage, a balance maintaining between her newly made relation with all the old one" said nupur

"I mean I still don't knew what shall I do , tell me seriously did you both also had so much confusion" said riddhima

"our cases were different riddhima , we were still outsiders I mean we have different families parents unlike you, for us this whole scenario was really easy cause we have to leave our parents and moved forward, but in your case your parents your family and your new relation are same , not much changed, and now in this I understand you are scared to adjust with this new relation cause you are worried how will you maintain a proper balance in between your father , to your brother and specially with you newly made husband , everyone have different expectations from you , and their relation is completely different from each other" said nupur

"and I cant hurt any of them but on the end why it is always that I end up hurting only one , and that is always armaan" said riddhima covering her face she wanted to cry, she realized that in maintaining all her relations that no one feel that she is going away , none of her family member feel insecure she have herself made armaan so insecure for her , her all the time avoiding him giving excuses have really pissed him

"hey my baby its ok riddhima it happens , it happens with every girl" said nupur hugging her tight to make her calm

"I cant hurt him nupur, I cant afford him going away from me I feel nothing is left inside me the moment he passed away me I wont be able to live without him nupur" said riddhima crying

"riddhima look at me you idiot why will he go anywhere away from you, why are you scared riddhima look here no one is taking armaan away from you, no one in this world can apart you both now , no one not even god, he is your husband riddhima and since the time I got to knew your relation I understood one thing really well that he has gone far to possessive for you, and he will never leave you ever for anything in this world even if you yourself wish to leave him , that will also be impossible cause armaan is to possessive or rather I will say obsessed for you , all the best for your life riddhima you really have to tame a lot of his obsession, we all knew armaan well , and who knew him better than you, you knew all this more than me that he loves you soo much so much for you to even feel insecure" said nupur explaining her

"more than him here I can see you yourself so much madly in love with him riddhima , baby why are you crying, look here armaan is all yours riddhima and he loves you and he will love you even more day by day  even if you don't love him back ever" said gunjan

"exactly like an obsessed lover gosh seriously I never expected that one day we will discuss this kind of topic as well, I mean this is still tough for me to believe that its you and armaan we are talking of, look riddhima you thing that if you will give armaan time than somewhere you will make your other best friends insecure specially mayank , am I right" said nupur

"no its not that its just I was pissed with all that teasing" said riddhima

"no it's the fact otherwise why you came yesterday to make mayank realize that you will never go away , why riddhima cause you are yourself insecure that if you move ahead with armaan in your new relation you will leave everything behind you knew armaan love and your love for him is too strong and when you get with him you forget everything so you are scared of yourself" said nupur

"now that's really not correct i am not so lost in him" said riddhima

"oh yes you are  and you will and what is wrong in this infact this is exactly what you shall do, riddhima every relation in this world is important, parents family is very important but when a girl get married her first and foremost relation is towards her husband he is your life partner you have to spend your whole life with him and only him we all will be there with you but after one point everything and everyone are left behind even parents and family the only relation that will stay by you side forever will be your partner" said nupur

"oh hello we all are never going anywhere we all are also going to stay for forever" said riddhima

"I knew I didn't meant it that way, god its too tough to make you understand , ok don't think much of all this, just focus on one thing riddhima and that is armaan and nothing else , sujal dad and kashish ma are your parents and they will remain that forever and will love you the same and even mayank he is your brother and will remain that , no one can change this and when sisters get marriage it never make much difference in a brother sister relation, they get even more close and their love remains the same, and so will be yours and mayank's and as for your best friends so look we are here and will be here like this, the change that is important right now is in your and armaan relation he  was your best friend, but he was now he is different, he is no more just your best friend that you can handle him and be with him the same way you used to be earlier, there are few changes in your relation and they are for good I suppose you need to move on with the change, well in all this super lecture of mine the end result and moral is just one thing that you need to give some special attention and special time to armaan and just armaan" said nupur

"yes nupur is so right riddhima forget everything and everyone, remember we all are here and will be here with you forever but this time is very special for you and armaan , this is the time when you both can make many sweet memories together, this time period when your relation takes a sweet turn is very important for a couple and will never come back , but in future you can all the time cherish the memories of this sweet time, look at me look at nupur how much you all have teased me and samrat still without even giving attention to whatever you all said and how much you all teased us still we never cared afterall we have to give time to us and our relation" said gunjan
"riddhima you are a perfect friend anyone can ever get, I knew you love us so much and can do anything for all of us, people feel jealous of us and everyone always desires a friend like you, and now riddhima we all really wish that you will be a lover like that as well, and I knew you will a person like you who have made this relation of a friendship so blissful for all of us will be a perfect lover as well, just give your 100 percent in this new relation make it so worth it that everyone after this get jealous of seeing you both as a couple just be that lover to armaan whom he always wanted and desired for" said nupur

"and yes don't worry about anyone and anything else, cause rest everything will remain same we promise nothing will and can change in our relations we will be same like always whenever we all will be together that time we will be like we always had" said gunjan smiling assuring riddhima
"ok now smile and don't think that much of anything riddhima I really don't feel that everything whatever we said right now we really needed to tell you comeon riddhima you are intelligent enough and understand all that we said , but I think you just needed an assurance hope now you are satisfied" said nupur
"I knew and I understand but in all this I still don't understood one think that what shall I do now  I mean you all got me here to give all this lecture half of which I already knew girls but still you didn't got on the real point what to do now make our relation perfect and everything that I will do but there is one little problem in that HOW what to do actually " said riddhima
"now that also we have to tell you was it us whom you actually asked earlier that you are falling in love with armaan and moving so ahead in your relation, so why shall we tell you now that what you have to do, look we all talked and discussed everything that I supposed we can rest what will you do and how to pacify armaan that really is your personal matter" said gunjan
"wow look we are again here from where we started, comeon girls help me out look you both are more experienced than me in this love matter I mean I am so new in this and practically this is the first time that armaan is angry with me  as in the lover boy armaan ,it was so easy to pacify my old armaan I knew how to handle him but now" said riddhima thinking a lot
"riddhima baby agreed your relation have changed but armaan is still the same the same person with same likes and dislikes I suppose and that all you knew actually its you who knew that the most among us, so think again riddhima I am sure you knew which act of your can make armaan happy, he is angry with you  cause you yourself made him frustrated so you have to make him calm and happy" said gunjan
"ok I got that but how what can I do now" said riddhima
"whenever samrat get angry I just go to him and we go out to some of his favorite place and he become normal, maybe you can try like that" said gunjan
"no I don't think that's will work" said nupur 

"how about a gift, you can gift armaan something he likes" said gunjan

"gift , hmm little old fashioned but it surely works great every time, yes you can do that , you can gift armaan something so that his anger calms down but what can riddhima gift him" said nupur

"thats an issue how about some chocolates or flowers" said gunjan suggesting

"chocolates and flowers gunjan here we are talking of armaan not samrat who can get happy with this chocolate or flower kinds of kiddish stuff" said riddhima

"oh hello from where did samrat came in this now" said gunjan

"come on now i just said that armaan is more mature than samrat so this idiotic way wont work on him" said riddhima

"now what do you mean by mature thing atleast my samrat is more patience than your latest created husband , come on guys its your first day after marriage and here you are already dont with your first fight" said gunjan

"and you knew well that it was not armaan's fault in this, i knew it was completely my fault" said riddhima

"so just go and admit it, look riddhima you yourself got a way to get out of all this, you knew its your fault , you knew it all should have not happened, this realization will be enough for armaan, just go to him and we are sure you will yourself get a way to make everything normal" said nupur smiling

"i think you are right sitting here and thinking of way is just foolish i shall go and face everything myself the way it shall be afterall its my personal matter and for how long i will keep on taking advise and help from you all, i need to learn how to make my new relations work all by myself" said riddhima

"finally you realized, ok now that you understood it all so i dont think there is any reason of sitting here and wasting our time, lets go back moreover its almost evening come first lets drop you home then i me and gunjan also have to go to our house" said nupur smiling getting up

"girls , thanks i knew i am breaking the law of our friendship saying this but still i dont knew what i could have done if you both were not with me" said riddhima smiling

"nothing much cause the thing you want is just next to impossible cause we both are there always with you no matter if you want it or not ,and now after this new relation its already stamped as legal right for us to stick to you afterall we both are going to be your sister in laws nupur as your brother's wife and me as your husband brother's wife and you wish or not these relation you have to maintain for your whole life" said gunjan

"noone in that case be as lucky as me, i love you both" said riddhima smiling

"ok spare this love you acts for your dear husband , he needs and want all this more now" said nupur
and so all the three girls left from there and drop riddhima back home

riddhima went to her room and started thinking of her task , mission making armaan happy and then finally she got one idea and started her preparations

while here our armaan condition was same

armaan wanted to sort everything there itself thats why he came back in the mall , but till then riddhima left with girls since than armaan was thinking that he did really wrong with riddhima and he have to make everything normal

he should have not reacted like this he was wrong he needs to give time to her she need more time to adjust in all this new situation and he shall support her in that not became an obstacle which he have became today, since than he wanted to call her meet her and say sorry and so he came back home thinking that maybe she was home , but she didnt came yet , its been 3 hours he was waiting for her but she was not back and this fact in itself was making armaan restless,
he was feeling so guilty right now armaan was standing on the terrace and waiting for riddhima when he saw her she was back home gunjan and nupur dropped her on door and they both left , he so wanted to talk with her and say sorry to her and tell her that whatever he said he didnt meant it at all and he have to do it now he cant wait for long he knew that noone was at home right now all four elders have gone out of town somewhere while mayank and samrat were in office it was still evening

and as he went in her room her room door was closed he knocked it once but when felt no response he open the door and went inside and looking for her but she was not in her room

he searched for her everywhere but she was not there then he went back down but she was no where in the house now armaan was getting confused where she went he should call her but his cell was in his room , so armaan went back and he went inside his own roon and as he saw inside scene he was left dumbstruck

riddhima was standing in front of a mirror she was here in armaan's room few lighted candles and roses were decorated on the center table of his room maybe for a candle light dinner for two armaan was so confused how she did so much in just few minutes ,  and she herself was standing there her back facing armaan she was wearing the special dress which armaan gifted her in Goa last time , she was busy in changing and surely she dont realized and felt that anyone came inside armaan room or looking at her she was so busy in zipping her dress from back which was fully open and her whole back was exposed in front of armaan who was standing behind her

he was standing open mouth seeing her like this, she was trying hard to zip her back but it was to tough her she was so busy in her task unknown that all this was creating so adverse effect on armaan right now, who was jammed in his position, he dont knew what shall he do now should he turn around and leave or go near her and help her or atleast make her realize that he was here and why was she here changing in his room and over that she didnt even locked the door offcourse she thought that noone was in house at this time unknown of that fact that armaan was on terrace waiting for her leaving his office work

now this was really a surprise for armaan so riddhima was planning to give armaan a little surprise like dressing up in his gifted dress and dinner arrangement for the two of them ,

her face was bend down as her both hands were on her back struggling to close the zip when she felt someone hands on her bare back and she was shocked beyond limits she immediately turned around and saw armaan standing smiling at her

"you what are you doing here" said riddhima in shock

"what am i doing here hello this is my room i think i shall ask you that what are you doing here in my room" said armaan normally

Its that when she realized where she was and what she was doing , her dress was not locked and she was standing here like this in front of hi

"oh god my clothes turn around armaan, can't you just knock the door and then come inside" said riddhima holding her dress properly so that it don't fell down

"knock before entering my own room really as if I knew that out of all the place of the house I was searching for you madly I will find you here in my room" said armaan normally

"now what is this my room my room , how can you forget armaan that now this is my room as well and I don't need anyone permission before coming here not even yours and now will you just leave I need to change" said riddhima ordering

"oh yes offcourse I remember that this is our room and really my wife don't needs anyone's permission to be here" said armaan coming more near to riddhima and she was jammed in between the dressing table and armaan and she was so nervous now already the situation was awkward she was in his room like this and over that armaan close proximity was making her nervous

"armaan what are you look I was" riddhima tried saying ahead when armaan put a finger on her lips to make her quite 

"I am looking at you only riddhima but you don't realize what effect all this is making on me right now" said armaan slowly getting very near her ears and in response she immediately closed her eyes her heart was beating so high , and with next move of armaan her heart stop beating as she felt him almost hugging her and his both hands reached her open bare back

As she felt his touch on his back she stopped reacting she don't knew what to do and say ahead she even forgot to take a breath and just standing like a statue and then she felt his fingers moving lightly on his back , that soft touch of armaan was giving thousand of Goosebumps in her stomach, she was loosing her control completely she never knew that she can be so helpless in front of armaan that with his one mere touch she can act like his puppet she closed her eyes tightly and leaned her head on his shoulder letting him control her completely

While her hands automatically moved on his back and she lightly moving her hands on armaan's back

"riddhima I think you need to stop or else I cant guarantee what can happen ahead" said armaan lightly in her ears she shall stop , oh hello it was him not her and he blaming her, all this made her back to reality from her lost world she immediately pulled back herself from him

"what do you mean by me , it was not me its you who started all this" said riddhima

"you were doing what I was but as for my knowledge there is no open zip on the back of my shirt" said armaan teasing her

"what zip now from where did zip came in all this" said riddhima confused , she was still lost in her closeness and its effect that for once she have forgotten everything where she was , what was she doing everything

"it didn't came it was there in the dress I just hooked it" said armaan smiling knowing well what was going inside her and still teasing her and enjoying  her state, only he himself knew how have he controlled himself in this situation the moment he came in his room and saw riddhima like this he was going crazy all he wanted to get her in his arms and just madly kissing her exposed back but he controlled his inner feelings but then not for long as he got more and more close to her he was losing control and so he hugged her tight feeling her in his arms caressing her back and the way she reacted the fact that she was like a puppet in his hands she was so lost that she immediately surrendered herself to him and this mere feeling was making him more wild, but he have to control himself neither the situation nor the time was right , he knew he have all authority on her and she will never protest over whatever he will do now but maybe later she can regret for their acts so he needs to take the responsibility to stop, moreover he himself feel the need to give their marriage a little time before taking this to next level

No matter how much tough it was for him still he slowly zipped her dress while riddhima was still lost in him and she didn't even realized what armaan did, so he himself got a chance to tease her more in this

While this brought riddhima back on land from her lost world, she was here standing in armaan's room and like this and he was just zipping her dress it was getting too much embarrassing now
"What happened riddhima I was just helping you, what did you thought" said armaan smiling folding his arms in front of him
"I nothing I was just" said riddhima looking everywhere being nervous
"Really" said armaan smiling
"will you stop and don't show me this cheeky smile of yours, someone really getting helpful right now where was this help when you walked over me in the morning" said riddhima in anger and then after saying that she immediately realized that she shall not have said it
"I am sorry I didn't meant to say that sorry armaan" said riddhima immediately
"no I am sorry riddhima it shall be me who should say sorry I knew I am an idiot I am really a jerk for being so rude to you I should have never talked to you like that how could I be so selfish I am sorry I didn't even thought for you once I am a very bad person riddhima I don't knew why in making myself and people around me happy I always end up hurting you for buddy sake I forced you to marry me for my selfish reason cause I didn't wanted to lose them and today for my personal happiness I talked with you so rudely I have been so selfish all the time I am" armaan saying all this when he was suddenly stopped in the middle as riddhima slammed her lips on his to make him quite
for once he was shocked with this sudden kissing and that to with so much force while her both hands in his hairs pulling his face more and more towards her,
and riddhima when felt that armaan have calmed a little she immediately pulled her hands back and moved back breaking the kiss armaan was still standing like a statue
"that better you look more good like this, you talk so much all the time and I have to invent so different methods to make you quite and this method is really nice whenever you will start again with any such stupid talks I will make you quite like this and now without saying another word just listen to me" said riddhima with authority
While armaan didn't said anything he was beyond shock with such sudden changed behavior of her and listening to her quietly
"first thing you don't have got any right to use such bad words for my husband, he is an idiot, he is stupid as well but it is only my right to say him that, no one in this world not even you have a right to say anything against him I won't tolerate that ever, and who said you that he is selfish a person who loved me so selflessly who is always concerned for me who always cared just for me and my happiness can never be selfish to me, agreed he sometime say and act differently when he is angry but I knew that he never meant that I knew whatever he says in anger he is never serious about that" said riddhima looking straight in armaan eyes
"I have not yet come out of the shock of your earlier act and here you surprised me again when and how my riddhima does became so understanding" said armaan
"well you can say it's a vice versa combination why wont I understand that heart which only beat for me and care and love me to death" said riddhima putting her hand lightly on armaan's heart
"I love you riddhima I love you so much I can't imagine a single breath without you" said armaan holding her hand tightly against his heart
"not even me armaan please promise me one thing no matter whatever happens even if I do some biggest mistake or whenever you are angry with me you scold me, shout at me, get angry on me or if you want even slap me or beat me" said riddhima with tears
"stop it riddhima" said armaan immediately feeling disturbed how can she even ask him to hurt her like this the thing he can never even thing of in his worse to worse dream
"No I am serious armaan you do whatever you want but never walk over me armaan never leave me alone" said riddhima
"I am sorry I am so sorry I should have never" armaan saying feeling so guilty
"no armaan promise me, promise me you will never leave me alone ever I will take any punishment you give but I can't stand being left alone armaan I felt I have nothing left in me the moment you left me, please armaan I will do whatever you want I will live the way you want but I don't want to live without you promise me you won't leave me alone ever in any phase of our life's no matter if I even do any mistake" said riddhima crying
 "riddhima please stop crying first look ok I promise I promise riddhima whatever the situation will be I will never leave you alone, I promise from now you will never be alone, whatever happens I will be there by your side forever" said armaan holding her hands promising her, his presence will be with her forever
"promise the real promise" said riddhima assuring
"yes the real promise which can end only with my death" said armaan and riddhima immediately putting a hand on his mouth
"don't ever say this again someone was really getting to angry on me in the morning for using such words and now you yourself" said riddhima hugging armaan tightly
"I love you riddhima" said armaan hugging her tightly completely crushing her with himself
"I love you too armaan I love you a lot" said riddhima closing her eyes and just feeling his presence
And they got apart after sometime
"ok in all this talks I completely forget what were you doing here before I came in" said armaan getting normal
Which again brought riddhima back to present and she remembered about her surprise how she planned to make armaan happy but as he came so early her all plans ruined up
"what are you doing here armaan at this time, I thought you had so much work in office today and you won't be coming so early" said riddhima
"I didn't went back to office after I met you in mall, It was me who said all that to you still I was myself feelings so low to concentrate on anything so I came back home and waiting for you I was on terrace and saw you coming since then I was searching for you everywhere but I never thought that I will find you finally here in this room and like this" said armaan looking at riddhima from top to bottom "you look perfect in this dress, you did all this for me to surprise me I love this riddhima" said armaan
"what the surprise was still not ready I was just making preparations and you came in it was half done" said riddhima feeling disappointed
"but for me all the surprises I got that were great specially your way to make me quite I think even I can try something like that" said armaan with a wink and coming near riddhima while riddhima stopping him
"ok I think now I shall leave" said riddhima while walking little away from armaan running towards exit but armaan stop her in the midway
"trying to run away from me, but you knew riddhima that how much you try you can never succeed" said armaan holding riddhima tightly by her waist
"armaan please leave me let me go look its getting late and we both alone like this" said riddhima
"so what there is no one in house right now , today there is no reason for you to run away from me cause elders are out and will return late night and as for sam and mayu they are in office and will return on their routine time so practically we have few hours alone I so wanted to have this time with you don't leave me alone now" said armaan bringing her more close to himself kissing her passionately
In return riddhima just closed her eyes and gave up completely in armaan's request, she never knew she was so weak in front of him and his desires that his one loving touch and she is all his, she surrenders completely to him , she let him rule over her completely, she have no doubts on their love , she trust him completely for anything and everything , she didn't thought twice before giving herself completely to him and his desires
The kiss was getting deep and passionate and armaan moving back slowly soon he was on the edge of his bed he slowly laid on the bed taking riddhima along in his arms without breaking the kiss, it was so easy for him with riddhima being so lost in his touch again, he knew that she is too weak in front of his love and he also knew that he can rule over her completely with his love this mere feeling was making him more proud over his love how much he wanted her completely , how much he desires for her
Soon after a while he moved little back to look at her face, her eyes were still closed and she was still lost in the passion of their kiss, she looked beautiful today, and with the fact that she was dressed up specially for him was making her look more beautiful they both were half side lying on the bed while armaan kissing her once again on her lips and his hands roaming in her back reached the zip of her dress which he tied a little while ago and he started opening it slowly , he half opened It and let his hands roam on her back , he started caressing her back lovingly with his figures and breaking the kiss again he turned her around and kissing her on her back with passion , he kissed each and every part of her half bare back visible to him, while it was getting to tough for riddhima to tolerate this, firstly she have stopped breathing again the moment she felt armaan hands and his touch on her back , she didn't even realized when armaan made her lye on the bed or when he opened her zip, as she was so lost in kissing him but now this act made her realize their position and then he started playing his game with making her turn and kissing her madly on her back , it was getting to tough to tolerate this pleasure , she cant hold herself anymore in this it was getting beyond her tolerance , they were crossing their limits, they both were going ahead than they shall so she immediately hugged him tightly
"love you I love you so much" said riddhima getting back in the real world which still stays around everyone their family and friends, and their relation which was still incomplete , she want him she want to become his completely she wanted to gave up herself completely to her love, her husband but then she remember what her mother said a marriage isn't complete without the ritual, before they take the next step in this relation she want to complete their marriage , the real rituals so that they get blessing of everyone for their future, and again she was in the situation where she don't knew what to do, she knew she have to stop him they cant do this but on the same time she cant stop him , she don't want to make him feel something wrong , she cant risk hurting him again so she didn't said a word ,
Whatever happens ahead she wont stop him she wont say anything that will hurt his feelings again, if armaan want this she is ready for it, afterall her thoughts are not above his wish , so she kept all her thoughts on side , she don't want him to feel that she was uncomfortable or something else this was her inner turmoil which she didn't let him feel at all while armaan was still hugging her tightly and after a while she felt him getting out of the hug
"I love you too" said armaan in whisper, near her ears and kissing her lightly there and then he made her lie down completely on the bed and himself came above her kissing her lightly on her neck bone
And now this was making riddhima nervous, it was true that like any other girl she was also scared it was first time they were getting so close, it was different earlier in their initial passion she didn't realized or felt scared but now when she was thinking too much she was attentive over what was happening she was scared as well, and so she took a deep breath closing her eyes letting him rule over her again , more than herself she wanted his happiness she can do this for armaan
"you don't have to do this" said armaan smiling moving up and sitting on the other side of the bed
"armaan what happened do I did something wrong , armaan why you stop" said riddhima getting tensed, she didnt said anything at all so that he feel different than why he stopped in the middle and left her
"yes you were doing a big mistake" said armaan
"but I didn't did anything I was just" riddhima trying to say , she was so confused what wrong she did , she just didn't wanted to hurt him
"you didn't did anything really, why were you not stopping me, when you didn't wanted to move ahead in this" said armaan
"armaan I was just , I mean I just" riddhima tried saying
"you were just what riddhima, just few moments ago we were talking of each other happiness and selfless loving and now you again making me so selfish you should have stopped me, riddhima this relation is not just me and my happiness you did whatever I want to make me happy I can feel each and every move of yours I knew you are worried I knew you are scared and I even knew its too early in this relation for us to get so close" said armaan
"no armaan its not like that at all , I just felt that maybe we can first have a proper marriage and then" said riddhima
"then why didn't you said it to me , riddhima how many times have I to make you realize that its us together who make this relation, its not me and my happiness that will only matter in this you were ready to get intimate with me cause you didn't wanted me to get angry, I knew you were lost in your thoughts I knew that you didn't wanted to go ahead I felt it there itself but you were quite , you didn't said anything not even made any move to stop me that's why I moved ahead to watch that will you stop me or not but you didn't don't do this riddhima , don't ever do this to me, don't make me feel so low" said armaan
"no armaan I really didn't meant to hurt you in any way , please don't say that" said riddhima
"I love you riddhima , I want you but not on this ground not like this never, our love is not bounded on this intimacy only its much beyond that so don't try and do things which your heart didn't want and complicate our relation, we are best friends first and can share each and every feeling with each other like we always did and this frankness have always made our relation more strong and in future as well it will make any relation we have more strong so I want my frank best friend with me who can say anything and everything to me without thinking twice that either I will be happy or angry who is somewhere lost in this riddhima who is just trying to balance her new life in between her family and husband which you don't have to do anymore for me riddhima we can stay the way we always wanted, best friends who love each other madly will you give me my best friend back" said armaan
"I am always with you armaan" said riddhima smiling in agreement
"I knew and as for the rest let them rest, cause I am very tired let me have some rest" said armaan
"what yuck that was too bad don't try and be a poet ever in your life armaan" said riddhima smiling at armaan stupid acts
"ok I was just giving a try" said armaan
"don't even try and give such tortures ever again ok now move up , I need to stand and yes help me out , just helping and nothing else" said riddhima again facing opposite him pointing him to tie her dress again which he had open earlier
And as he was done she immediately stood up
"hey by the way why you decorated this table here" said armaan pointing at the center table which was decorated
"for dancing on it idiot it's a dinner table and obviously I decorated it for having dinner" said riddhima
"dinner and we both alone what will everyone else thing and say then cause by the dinner everyone will be at home" said armaan
"yes right and they all will not let us have dinner in peace specially samrat" said riddhima thinking

"let me think ok I have an idea forget the dinner lets utilize this table for having a coffee, what say will you have a coffee date here with me" said armaan smiling
"I would love to" said riddhima smiling
And so they got busy in their usual chat and sipping coffee together on their perfect coffee date
Ok now lets get out of their room and lets give them some privacy
Ok that's all for now, god so big

This is surely maha update and I am so tired writing this , i have been writing for so many hours , so please bear with all my mistakes in this but i hope this part was kind of required to get their perfect bonding in this as well

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loveuarmaanu Goldie

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Posted: 06 August 2014 at 4:40am | IP Logged
nice part
loved convo between riddhima and nupur
loved it
continue soon

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ifamanika Senior Member

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Posted: 06 August 2014 at 4:54am | IP Logged
Lovely update n great frndshp bind btw nupur gunjan n ridhima... making her understand... loved armaan ridhima Part too...
All in all great updat loved it... update REBIRTH TOO dear...
Thanks for the pm n continue soon
AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2014 at 7:00am | IP Logged
superb update.
awsm one.
Luvd it.
Thanx 4 d pm.
Cont asap.

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 August 2014 at 8:43am | IP Logged
wow that was really long part 
awesome update loved it
nupur helping ridhimaa in sort out her mind was amazing
awe ar patch was lovely
thanx for pm
plz pm me for next part
continue soon

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ksgandjsg21 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 August 2014 at 9:05am | IP Logged
awesome part...
Loved convo between riddhima, nupur, gunjan... this scene was superb...
And AR romance was toh best...
Loved it

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