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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 86)

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Wonderful update...thanks for the PM

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di waiting update sooon

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part 31 on page 100


continued from interrogations talks of everyone on riddhima while armaan is no where

ok fine we will, just tell me one thing where did he confessed i mean you both did and where were we all at that time" said mayank 

"just few days ago, in Goa and you all dont knew cause we went alone there" said riddhima 

"perfect timing , we all ourself gave you the route and way out to stay alone" said mayank sarcastically 

and he getting up 

"now where are you going mayank" said sujal 

"office dad where else , today's day wont end till we will knew everything each and every truth and if riddhima wont say anything so we will have to catch hold armaan , so going to catch armaan now" said mayank 

"oh hello wait , i am also coming" said samrat

"even we , we also want to knew everything" said gunjan and nupur together 

"great now go and catch him that serves him right i am out of this" said riddhima 

"no not so soon , you are also going to come with us, we have lots of things to hear from you both together" said mayank literally dragging riddhima out with them 

here they parked the car just outside the office

"i dont knew why you dragging me in all this, look i already had a lots and over lots of teasing i cant stand more than this in just one day, so it will be better if you all can please keep me out of all this" said riddhima literally begging , but now noone was interested in hearing her 

and they all went inside the office moving towards the lifts 

"how about you all have chat with him i will wait down in canteen , ok in your cabin , oh please now stop giving me that irritated i am not hearing you looks , mayuu i am talking to you" said riddhima irritated

"and i already said that i will hear you both together now , nothing else" said mayank and coming out on seventh floor which had all three boys consecutive cabins together , and opening armaan's cabin 

"oh see armaan's not here as well, hey did he really said in the morning that he was going to office , cause see he is no where" said nupur 

"riddhima look its the first day after your marriage and already armaan have started with lying and going anywhere without telling you" said gunjan poking riddhima more over armaan and having faith on him prank 

"oh please being on office work really dont mean you have to be sitting inside your cabin maybe he must be in conference hall or maybe gone on some outdoor meet" said riddhima irritated now 

"or maybe he is in his office" said mayank , moving back to the lifts 

"oh yes offcourse he would be there , after all today we had no such urgent office work in here ,so that really means its his personal business emergency work so he must be operating from the 10th floor lets go" said samrat 

so all went back moving towards the lifts , and they all were busy chatting 

"oh wow armaan personal business, you knew i love armaan work specially his fashion industry business , and over that the fact he is all the time busy with so many different kind of fashion events" said nupur 

"and not to forget , fashion events means lots of models, hot and sexy models" said gunjan winking again seeing riddhima 

"i tell you lucky armaan his work is just amazing being surrounded with dozen of sexy models and other coordinates as well you knew what riddhima, armaan staff as well consist of a variety of hot girls" said samrat 

"yes i knew who knew that better than me , i met some group of his work in Goa recently and seriously i am in no intention to talk about them" said riddhima 

"really why so , even i have seen and met his staff many times and what to tell about his female staff you knew armaan prefer to have more of a female staff and that to with as small clothes possible i have seen them all the time they tried getting a chance to be close and more close with him" said samrat winking again 

"you , you again started with this , guys will you stop irritating with all this kind of talks now, i am not at all interested in hearing them anymore" said riddhima irritated 

and they reached the floor, 

well this was really the first time girls coming here even riddhima never visited here, she even didnt knew about this separate personal office area in their office , cause firstly the girls usually visit office very less, as they preferred meeting in other hours other than office timings and most of the time if they ever visit the office its usually at the lunch time , when armaan prefer to be down with mayank and samrat for lunch or even if he is not none of the girls ever took much interest in knowing how and what work the boys are doing in the office

and now as they entered armaan's office area , which was almost look alike to his Goa office, but more bigger than that , even consists of more staff, here , it was armaan's head office ,while in each city and country he works from he had his small branches there it included three more floors in this, but armaan's cabin was on this floor only

mayank and samrat knew very well the way to his cabin while girls followed them 

mayank samrat were not new to the place and staff so they all greeted them well with good morning , but on the same time eying on the girls like they were alines specially all the hot girls in the row of armaan's staff, on the fact that they were so freely moving in this office area , but as they were with mayank and samrat , so noone can even question them

"seriously yaar look these girls are surely hot" said gunjan lightly to samrat

"i told you" said samrat 

"hey thats why you are so loving coming to office now a days, now i knew what you do in the office" said gunjan eying samrat

"what baby how can you even think of me like this, look this is not my place i come to office but work from my place only and moreover none of the girls here are even interested in me , they have already got a more hotter and sexy boss around them to eye on, and that to single" said samrat and then looking at riddhima 

"i mean till yesterday and for me and mayank everyone knew that we both are to get married soon, and armaan relation is still a mystery" said samrat

"what the hell do you mean by mystery" said riddhima irritated

"no i just meant that no one knew about this yet , its still hidden thats all, so i am sure that models and girls here still wont leave armaan alone , now also i am sure some or the other girl was trying to work her charm on him" said samrat , 

and as they were already outside armaan's cabin door of class and windscreen was also open, where they saw armaan standing with some girl wearing really short clothes for sure , he was busy in file while she was busy in eying on him and trying to get as close as she can to get a chance with him as armaan was busy in his file he didnt even noticed what that girl was doing, while riddhima looked at it and surely she was not liking this at all , she was fuming in anger for the girl trying to get close to her armaan, he was all her's now , no one have this right on him

"look i told you" said samrat, 

"will you just be quite , and stop irritating me" said riddhima loud and clear in anger and frustration, 

while she was too loud that armaan also heard him well, he looked up and looking at everyone standing there , and then realized it was riddhima shouting loud probably on samrat

"good morning guys get inside" said armaan smiling looking at everyone excited "you leave and work on this file i will call you later" said armaan to his employ with whom he was discussing earlier 

and so his not so happy with disturbance employ went outside, and as she was moving mayank called her

"just inform outside that noone disturb us till we said, no calls no meetings" said mayank ordering that employ

"what guys is everything alright" said armaan looking confused at everyone 

"yes surely everything is fine and will be fine until and unless we get what we are here for" said samrat 

"look i dont have so much of energy and over intelligence to understand your round and indirect language" said armaan confused

"ok fine than we are here to knew everything how it started , when it happened and where" said samrat 

"what will you be really clear what you are talking about what" said armaan irritated and ready to beat samrat for this 

"about how and when India got its independence you idiot, come on now armaan we are surely talking about you both what else can be the most discussed and important topic for all of us today" said mayank 

"and yes even the most hot topic as well, come on now armaan get started we all want to hear each and every detail about your love" said gunjan excited

"now as in here" said armaan immediately

"no after 25 years from now, on probably your silver jublee of marriage anniversary, offcourse we want to hear it right now" said mayank 

"mayu don't you think you are getting a little bit too sarcastic for the time being since last night" said armaan normally

"well no not that much you have not even experienced a bit of my sarcasm till now, but don't worry I am here and slowly slowly you will get that as well" said mayank teasing armaan

"oh hello mayu stop that alright and yes have some respect now you knew what I am your brother in law now , so you need to kind of respect me as your jijaji got that saale sahib" said armaan 

"respect my foot , you knew what I have some other plans right now just for that I really wished to hear your story and the fact how my best friend and my sister were so easily making fools of us on our back" said mayank 

"oh really saale sahib I am getting your point really well, come on now mayu will you all stop this" said armaan 

"oh please dont even try to escape us today we wont leave you guys until we knew the full truth" said samrat 

While here riddhima was already finding a way to escape she just cant take more dose of teasing for the day , so finding any way to leave

"I am hungry" said riddhima quietly 

"riddhima seriously didn't you got any other better excuse to leave , other than you are hungry , its not even been an hour when we all had breakfast" said nupur 

"breakfast , really you mean where you all including mom dad , nandini ma and even karan uncle sitting on my head, staring at me as if I am some alien, and bombarding me with your chain of questions including teasing and sarcasm and what now, I eat only that teasing of yours and nothing else and over that some very nice over intelligent peoples were too clever to escape all that, and left me alone to face it" said riddhima complaining and irritated with armaan as well

"oh some people are you listening, well you did it really wrong today" said gunjan to armaan

"really in that case everyone listening to me listen I am really very sorry but seriously I was not here to escape meeting you all, seriously it was a genuine emergency that's why I came so early to office" said armaan in apology , but his full stress was on riddhima only , he can understand her state right now so well that other four devils must have not spared her

"i wish i could also have any such excuse and could be saved from the torture , only i knew what i have been through" said riddhima making puppy face sitting down on a couch near her

"torture you been torture look who is talking , madam torture was that shock which you both gave us yesterday thats what called real torture and we were just trying to knew every detail" said gunjan 

"oh forget it i knew you all four devils so well what you all must have done, oh baby i am so sorry for leaving you alone with them" said armaan sitting with riddhima side hugging her properly 

while riddhima was so shocked with him calling her like this and that to in front of everyone forget that hugging that was still normal she consciously trying to be little away from me

"ahem ahem armaan dont you think that you really need to knew that we all are still standing so spare your lovy dovy scenes for later on in private" said mayank irritated

"so what comeon she i my wife and i dont think i need anyone permission to hug my wife and specially with you all guys we have to be together forever and you need to be really used to watch us like this and moreover its really not the first time we both hugged each other, its like our daily routine in front of you all and everyone else as well" said armaan normally 

"yes but that was different it was just a friendly affair , but now its different" said samrat

"really yes that what i am saying earlier we were just like friends now its really different and now we have even more right to be together afterall we are married by the way why are you all standing like this on our heads why dont you sit here comfortably, we can talk while sitting as well" said armaan normally afterall he knew how to tackle his best friends

and everyone sat down normally 

"so lets began" said samrat sitting normally 

"patience samm patience whats so hurry first lets order something what will you eat" said armaan

"well i think you forgot we all just had our breakfast, we are just here to listen" said mayank 

"oh god mayu you and your mind is just stuck on that one thing whats so hurry yaar we are here and we all have got lots and lots of time together our whole life together to knew everything so just relax i will tell you everything you want to hear, but before that i am also hungry i also didnt had anything since morning, so lets eat and talk" said armaan smiling

and he made some call for food and then back again to all 

"ok now say , what you all really want to hear and no more sarcastic comments from any of you, whatever you all are planning to say" said armaan normally 

"what i didnt even said anything" said mayank irritated

"but i knew you were about to say something" said armaan 

"dont try and change the topic now armaan" said mayank 

"change topic and why would i even try to do that, we have just did love and not any sort of crime that we will be scared or try to change the topic and what we did was nothing new for us , earlier did we ever said that why you fall in love with nupur our best friend and this samrat and gunjan they also were so nice behaving like friends with us and inside they also started falling in love , so if me and riddhima did so then whats a big deal in that afterall whatever happened it was all due to you four" said armaan 

"oh wow now how can you say that it was all cause of us" said samrat 

"what else look since childhood we six were always together and first mayank and nupur and than you and gunjan became together and now obviously when you were in love you all needed your part of space and time which me and riddhima the left one actually provided you all, and so ultimately we both were the one left alone what else we could do , we also thoughts lets fall in love with each other atleast we both wont feel being left out ,as we will get to busy in each other" said armaan 

"wow what an idea , i mean out of the whole world what a unique reason you gave us, poor you two had no other options" said nupur smiling 

"look poor me" said armaan making a cute face

"armaan i knew you are too charming but today this cute acts of yours are really not doing any good on us , please na armaan tell us we all really want to knew everything" said nupur excited

"ok ok i knew i cant get away from this at all so tell me what you all want to knew" said armaan 

"so when it all started" said gunjan excited

"exactly i really cant tell it maybe it was always there just like you all also never considered us like that , and never even imagined anything like this about us, same way we both also never realized, we were all together and shared our bonding , but with riddhima it was different it have always been different , all that fighting , teasing irritating each other but over everything just cant live without each other , getting hurt with her pain feeling lonely without her , all that everything which we all always thought was just our true friendship, but it was not just friendship , it was love always , with the passing years and passing time got more strong and strong" said armaan so honestly that everyone was listening to him quietly , even riddhima was looking at him do he really thing that deep about their relation 

"ok so it was you who first realized this , who got the intelligence to understand the true feelings" said nupur smiling 

"so who else would had do you think this dumbo is that intelligent , infact it took me so long to make her even realize her feelings she is really a dumb here as well" said armaan holding riddhima hand and squeezing riddhima hand tightly , which she immediately snatched back in anger glaring at him 

"that was really mean armaan, dont forget the fact that this dumb is now your wife as well ,so you really need to start learning how to talk manipulative, now look at riddhima's face it looks with her face that she is really ready to kill you anytime "said gunjan 

"well I will agree on that with you really riddhima is planning armaan's murder now" said mayank looking at riddhima

"what guys , did i even said anything" said riddhima irritated 

"ok fine stop this now, and dont distract from the topic forget all this interruption armaan you just continue" said nupur changing the topic

"oh really no if you all want i can wait for long and dont worry whatever will happen i knew my riddhima will never hurt me ever" said armaan looking at riddhima 

"ok back to the topic , so it was you who realized first , when and how, i mean what finally made you realize that you love her" said nupur 

"hmm ok dont kill me i knew this for long i always had different feelings but all the time i use to ignore them , i use to neglect what ever i felt , all the time i use to divert my mind from this, i use to get jealous whenever any other boy use to look at her, i feel like killing them, either it was in college or anywhere else i never let anyone near her, i always thought that maybe i was just little protective towards her but no it was possessiveness , i was possessive for her, maybe somewhere my heart always knew that she was my , so i was to possessive for her and so was she, do you guys still remember that kiran incident from our college" said armaan

"oh yes how could we forget, that was so funny still remember that kiran face when riddhima was beating her to hell" said samrat remembering that special riddhima and kiran cat fight in college picnic

"this is wrong i was not possessive , and i really didnt had that fight cause of jealousy of any kind" said riddhima 

"oh really then why you actually fought with her admit it riddhima you were jealous of her and never wanted to see her anywhere near me" said armaan 

"oh please if i had been really jealous of your soo called ex-girlfriends, than by now i must have had a fight with every girl in school and college , and specially with that listed 63 girlfriends of yours till date" said riddhima 

"no no correction baby its 64 now, you forget my last and final girlfriend who is now my wife" said armaan 

"forget it" said riddhima irritated

"how can i, i can forget myself now but not her" said armaan looking at riddhima lovingly

"ohh ok guys, look he started again.armaan you have got a lots of time for this romantic talks of yours, please can we for now continue" said gunjan

"oh ok girls , god you girls are really so impatient,, anyways , i was saying that when for the first time that kiran pointed on me and riddhima i just felt that she was just too cheap that she did that, but still a little bit of what she said never left my mind that what is there between me and riddhima it was so clear, but at that time i completely avoided it, but then later slowly slowly whenever i thought about this point i always had a different feel, but then once buddy said me that everything around us become the way we consider it ,and i felt that maybe i was over thinking, so i completely avoided everything, but then with the passing of time i was just not able to avoid it , then riddhima going to London and her changed behavior cause of that idiot abhimanyu incident was already making everything complicated and over that came that dancing together issue" said armaan 

"well all thanks to me for that you knew it was me who arranged that show" said samrat 

"i knew it, samrat and now i knew everything really well , what you did, purposely for getting me and riddhima more close buddy told me everything, that how he expressed his wish of seeing me and riddhima together and said you to get us close" said armaan 

"really , what i mean when, i mean is this really true and we dont knew anything" said gunjan shocked

"hold on so you mean to tell me that samrat was involved in this, and this planning was going on for a long time and karan uncle did all that as well" said mayank 

"well yes it was only dad and me included in that , nothing else, you knew i was more than shocked when for the first time dad said that armaan and riddhima can be thought of being together, the first reaction i gave to dad was that it was impossible , and that armaan and riddhima they are just best friends and nothing else , but then dad said me for once to just look at them not as my best friends but like a stranger , looking at the two for the first time and when i saw them together , that one dance show cleared all my doubts and i knew dad was so right and since then i did the way dad said me to do, either it was intentionally making the main lead of that dance show injured and forcing armaan and riddhima to do that dance" said samrat 

"so it was all your plan samrat , and you intentionally oh god samrat how could you , you even not told me anything about all this" said gunjan 

"hey hey what are you all talking about , i dont believe this either , karan uncle and samrat you , and i dont knew anything at all about all this and here noone even felt the need to tell me anything about this" said riddhima looking at armaan

"what , dont look at me like this, even i didnt knew a bit about this , i also came to knew yesterday and since then didnt got any such situation where i could have told you this" said armaan clarifying 

"but still you have to admit this armaan that it really worked the way it should have been, and your and riddhima relation have changed after that dance show only" said samrat 

"well i wont lie now samrat for me definitely a lot changed at that time but that dancing together was not the only reason for that change, it was something else , or rather someone's words that affected me a lot remember that girl shilpa you all have met him many times during the rehearsals" said armaan 

"yes definitely and then she left she suddenly disappeared before the show, and never came back" said samrat

"cause she realized that it was just not worth it to be with me at all, she was the one who made me realize the fact that i am searching for riddhima in every girl i meet , i use to search for riddhima in each and every so called girl friends of mine, i like them cause they were in someway or other similar to riddhima , someones eyes, someones hairs and then shilps as well, her nature her way of talking it was so similar to riddhima , thats why i was with her, i was searching for riddhima in each and every girl , she was the one who told me that i should stop , i cant find riddhima in any random girl cause riddhima is only one, that was somewhere so deeply filled inside my heart and i should stop searching her outside, and than everything started changing, and yes samrat that time it was surely different for me, i had changed a lot but for riddhima nothing changed infact she was same so i also started avoiding that feelings and got to normal" said armaan

"we never knew that you were so perfect actor armaan ,so much was going inside your heart and still you were so normal in front of everyone" said mayank 

"i had no other option with me, i felt that this was not right what i am thinking was not correct somewhere i was breaking your trust , and even riddhima's trust on me, she considered me as her best friend and what i was thinking was just not right, still i was helpless cant avoid my heart feelings i tried to be normal with all that in mayank's engagement and gunjan sudden marriage thing that ranvijay coming back, and when i came to knew about what happened in between you all, i was boiling in anger, i felt like killing him and but i knew my reasons , for you all the real reasons to hate that man was cause he played games with gunjan and tried to destroy her life , but for me i was only angry on him for his putting bad eyes on riddhima , i was boiling in anger, and more than that i felt betrayed that riddhima never told me the truth , i was so hurt at that time cause of riddhima hiding truth from me, at that time i knew i was jealous and i have no issue with admitting cause she hide the truth from me, even samrat knew that , but i didnt, this fact was making me mad, and i finally knew that all this was happening cause i was falling in love" said armaan 

"god this is like amazing you were going through so much internal turmoil and still you were all the time so normal in front of everyone of us , you never let any one knew what you were thinking not even me" said mayank 

"so that was the time you finally admitted your love for riddhima" said gunjan 

"well actually i was just not completely sure, i was hurt at that time but didnt getting the excat way of thinking which happened with samrat little future game all thanks to that samm i realized the truth" said armaan 

"oh you mean that close your eyes and think about your life 5 years from now and that means you saw riddhima there i knew i was noticing your reactions and the way you reacted i knew it" said samrat remembering his little game 

"you are getting smart day by day samrat, and yes for once in that stupidity of yours i got the assurance for the biggest truth of my life , when i saw my future what i wanted my life to be ,and it was riddhima and only riddhima" said armaan smiling

"really but i think that game worked more on someone else , more than you, am i right riddhima" said samrat 

"what forget it i told you that time as well that was a stupid game" said riddhima 

"then why you actually ran away just after opening your eyes, admit that riddhima just like armaan have seen you, you also saw armaan right, dont try to lie i noticed your scared and changed reaction really well , which actually armaan missed at that time" said samrat 

"ok fine will you all stop staring at me like this so what noone have any control over imaginations , you can imagine anything, and moreover i was just over thinking about the fact that i was hiding the truth about abhimanyu from armaan and i was feeling so guilty for that , thats all thats why i had all that thoughts" said riddhima 

"no baby you were having all the thoughts as your heart was admitting them , but you and your perfect i dont care and think attitude never let you realize and admit it" said samrat 

"ok relax samrat we will talk with her later and hear her part of the story as well but for now armaan please continue then what happened" said gunjan 

"nothing is it some kind of a movie story that i am telling you , look you all said that you wanted to hear how i got that feeling and here i told you everything, after that i realized that i love her and i knew i wont ever let her go and got busy in my mission to make her realize her feelings her real feelings and i was scared i was really scared what if she dont have any such feelings then what will happen, all this tension was going on inside me when i came to knew the truth when riddhima herself confessed that she felt different for me, and that i am more than just a friend for her" said armaan

"no now this is a complete lie i never said anything like that" said riddhima immediately

"really think again riddhima you were the one who asked me to not leave you ever even if i came to knew that you feel for me more than just a friend" said armaan 

"no i never said i remember i never said anything like this earlier" said riddhima 

"the issue is that you still dont remember, and didnt bothered to even remember what all you told me that night when you were over drunk" said armaan 

"oh wow riddhima confession in a drunken state that would have been great i wish we could have also heard that so she told you the truth that day after that girls party" said samrat 

"well yes she did" said armaan

"no i cant i mean i dont remember anything i cant say anything like that" said riddhima in disbelief

"why, why cant you say that , its so natural that after drinks normally peoples go out of senses and say the truth, direct from their heart, the truth which they never wanted to confess in their senses" said armaan 

"i dont knew i dont remember anything" said riddhima 

"its ok riddhima , so what you dont remember anything, why its matter so much now afterall whatever you said was truth so what's the need to think so much in that" said nupur 

"yes and that one truth changed everything for me, i am so glad that you told me the truth that day, you told me everything what you feel about me , about the past and even what happened in London , with that idiot abhimanyu, thats why i never cross questioned you " said armaan

"I always thought that I just told you about abhimanyu that night even you told me that I said you that and nothing else" said riddhima

"Well that's my wish I only told you that I wanted you to know and rest of it was just my little secret" said armaan

"But not anymore as now we all knew that" said gunjan

"So what it's only you all and you all are not separate or apart from us we all are one right one soul in six bodies so either it's your secret or mine does it matter" said armaan

"that's why we always said that no matter whatever happened or whatever the situation will be , we all will stay together forever" said samrat 

"literally, now no one is going to be apart, but still armaan that was all your part of story how you felt how you realized , what about riddhima" said gunjan

"riddhima was just same , she never changed at all, but that really didn't meant that she didn't realized anything it wont be wrong if I say that for once in her life she was really  not a dumb, she knew , she knew everything, she understood everything all my feelings, change in my behavior towards her specially after that night , still she was so cool and normal and so wisely avoiding and ignoring all that, and changing the topics all the time" said armaan 

"I was just scared I didn't wanted to loose anything, for me my life was perfect with you all being with me, but then somewhere asking for something more from this life what if I would have lost everything I had, what if that after confessing my feelings for you, you leave me alone, then what would have I done, what if you were not that serious about all this at that time, and I was also a part of that passing affairs list of yours" said riddhima 

"oh hello what are you talking about how can you even think like that riddhima do you really believe that I would consider you as one of the other girls I had in my life , were you even till now a part of them how can you even think like that, ok forget the current part still since all the time you were my friend, my best friend and if I was taking our friendship to another level how can you even think that I will be passing my time with you , for a stupid pass time which I can get in any random girl in this world I will destroy my friendship which was no where less than my life to me" said armaan in anger

"I knew this armaan I mean I knew that now but then you are taking me wrong" riddhima tried explaining 

"forget it riddhima you knew what the reality is that you don't trust me , you never trusted me at all ever, even than when you didn't told me about that ranvijay truth and even than when you didn't felt the need to tell me about abhimanyu and your past and you yourself proved how much you trusted me when you thought me being so cheap that I took advantage over you when you were unconscious in the jungle" said armaan 

"will you stop this armaan you are taking everything wrong , and I have already said sorry for all that, and it was all a misunderstanding and you knew that" said riddhima looking at everyone confused sitting quietly and seeing their fight 

"misunderstanding , what kind of misunderstanding guys" said mayank 

"mayank please enough , enough of you all in poking on us and your teasing parts please stop all this now, i am in no mood to talk about anything right now so its better to let it go" said riddhima irritated "and you mr armaan singhania dont even talk about trust what you really want to prove that i dont trust you , if i was hiding few links from my past that really didnt meant that i didt trust you thats why i never told you anything , i have my other reasons for that , at that time i was scared , i was scared of your reactions to that situation, i knew that very well that the scene that occurred in gunjan's wedding you all literally killing him would have occurred a long ago thats why i never wanted you all to knew the truth, and same was the case again i was scared with your reactions, and moreover the past is a past and it was long forgotten and as for the jungle part i have said many time sorry for my mistake it was completely my mistake i knew i misunderstood the situation which i should have never done" said riddhima in anger

"guys if you are done with your fight than can we be back to normal chill guys we were here just for fun not to start over a fight between you both specially on the first day of your wedding" said nupur calming riddhima down 

"yes ok forget it we wont talk about all this now i think this discussion have already turned a little too personal and we should end it now" said samrat

"its nothing that personal in all that sam so just chill normally anyone would have thought the way i did in that situation, but then i knew i did a big mistake that i didnt thought for once that the person was none other than armaan my best friend at that time and he cant do anything wrong at all i should have trusted on him like i always had and that really didnt meant that i dont trust on him at all if i didnt trusted him or his love i wont have been sitting here as his wife and with my earlier statement i only meant that maybe for armaan my love and his feelings were like the one which he was himself not sure , maybe at that time he felt that his friendship for me was love and later his heart realized that we were best just as friends and he have taken our friendship as love what then , what would have happened at that time in that situation what would have I done once moving ahead in this relation there was no moving back and you have to be really sure about your true feelings I wont have been able to tolerate that situation I could live my whole life like that being just his best friend, but I would have not been able to stand his rejection , what would have I done if he was not there I would have died" said riddhima on a verge of crying 

"riddhima look at me why are you even thinking like that look here you knew I love you and I wont ever leave you even if you want to go away from me , or beg me to leave you still I will not , I will never leave you at all" said armaan cupping her face and clearing the little tears forming in her eyes

"I knew that I trust you armaan, I have full faith in you , I knew I did little mistake in the past but I will never repeat any now, I wont be able to live without you  and everyone I have in my life I will die" said riddhima looking at all the other four as well 

"don't even say the word again got you as if we will stay really happy without you, stupid girl , riddhima what are you scared of , why are you so scared of being happy" said mayank coming ahead 

"I don't knew everything in my life is so perfect a perfect family the best brother in the world friends to die for everything was so perfect sometime I myself cant believe my fate that I have got all this and over that when I got armaan I thought that now I don't need anything else, I got my love in armaan someone who is like a dream to every girl  here , I sometime doubt on my luck that how can I be so lucky , how can I have such a perfect life and this fact make me scared nothing remains perfect forever I am scared of my fate I don't want it to snatch anything away from me" said riddhima 

"oh god riddhima since when have you became so negative thinker, be positive girl think positively and then everything will be positive and perfect , why are you even letting this negative thoughts coming near to you" said mayank holding riddhima hand 

"mayank is so right riddhima why are you so scared of staying happy, what you have today with you your family friends and love all this is not cause you are lucky , everything you have is because you deserve to have this, you have earned everything yourself for you with your good heart and purity, you deserve to have all this infact its not you its we all that are more lucky to have you with us, you did so much for all of us , specially me today if i have gunjan in my life its all cause of you, and even mayank and nupur are happy together only cause of you" said samrat cheering her

"you all will never leave me alone ever" said riddhima 

"are you gone crazy why will we all leave you riddhima , oh god i think you are really disturbed right now and need some rest god only knows what is going inside your mind" said mayank

"riddhima you knew what you are best as a dumbo only, cause whenever you try to run your mind sometime and think for yourself you always end up doing everything wrong , so its better that you don't apply much pressure on your little mind for everything going around you and just go with the flow" said samrat 

"mayu samm can you just give me a little place to come ahead" said armaan 

"you are still thinking about the way sujal uncle , kashish aunty and mayank reacted initially yesterday, why are you feeling so scared riddhima look here everything is fine now everyone is happy and happily accepted us together, you always stopped me to tell anone the truth just cause you were scared that if mayank or sujal uncle don't like our relation and then if you have to choose between your family and me" said armaan sitting near riddhima  "you knew what the real reason is, you  are not prepared for accepting the changes that are going in our lifes , I knew its too fast for you the way everything happened any girl at your place would have been this scared and insecure specially when she love her family equally the way she love her lover" said armaan 

"you knew what armaan sometime I really feel jealous its only you who can understand her me being her brother still I fail to understand her inner turmoil and you understood it so soon" said mayank 

"well thats what you call a heart to heart connections, my heart can easily understand what she is feeling, what she is meaning  sort of soul reading , that's why the world say they are not just lovers or husband wife, they are Soul mates" said armaan looking at riddhima 

"thanks for understanding me so well and as for the trust I trust you a lot armaan, I have always proved my trust on you, even today I never asked you what were that girl doing inside your cabin before we came here" said riddhima back to her normal self

"what ,  now where did that came in all this, and she is just my employ and noting else" said armaan immediately with a confused face

"ok so employ and boss relation is different they can work even after maintaining a good amount of distance between them, forget about her atleast you should have taken care of that but still I understand that you were just working, but that girl" said riddhima in her usual fighting mode 

While everyone else were just laughing and looking at the two, finally back to normal

"riddhima what happened to you, why are you reacting like this I mean its not the first time that you have seen me working with my female employs but earlier you never reacted like this I was just working and nothing else" said armaan

"I am not saying you wrong in all this I told you I trust you , I knew you will never betray me even I told the same to everyone earlier as well, they said that armaan and his image in girls is different but for me you are different , no matter whatever your image was that was in the past , and it don't affect me at all" said riddhima 

"just a minute what you said, everyone told you, ok now I understand that where this fire is been lighten from, so all this is don't by this four devils , they have filled your mind with all this, cause I knew you personally never even thought about my past and past image" said armaan 

looking at everyone Who were really bursting laughing 

"ok it was not that funny all right" said armaan 

"but still your condition was worth watching , poor armaan getting a nice scolding from his beloved wife , and god armaan we all thought you have the powers to face her anger but no you are also so helpless in front of real anger of our riddhima" said samrat  

"will you all be quite or else you want me to through you all out of my office" said armaan 

"hww are you really serious and actually do that" said gunjan 

"dont test me you knew well i can do that as well, specially now god knows what all kind of nonsense you have filled in riddhima's mind" said armaan

"oh nothing much we were just testing her trust on you and thats all, just wanted to knew how much she can trust on you" said samrat 

"and so you have filled her mind with all this kind of nonsense, anyways i really feel that will be all for now, can i now have a little word with my wife in private" said armaan 

"no not at all not so soon, infact we are taking her away with us" said samrat

"no not until i am satisfied that her mind is no more effected with your nonsense" said armaan 

"well you will get a lot of time for that later, infact just after 15 days , afterall your wedding date is fixed after 15 days from now aunty told in the morning that a date after 15 days from now is very auspicious" said samrat

"what after 15 days , but how is it possible i have a very big show to be held and i have to go out of town next week" said armaan 

"oh hello armaan whatever it is no work in this world is important than your wedding i suppose cant you postponed your work for later" said samrat

"i knew nothing can be more important than my wedding , but still my work is really important, but in any case why cant we get married together with you all, on the date when you all are getting married" said armaan 

"excatly i said the same thing to them and even mom , that i really wish to get married on the same day with everyone but mom and her thinking you knew noone can change her , she think that day is not that auspicious for us" said riddhima 
"thats impossible cause if that day is auspicious for other four friends then it have to be automatically auspicious for us as well, so final we will get married on the same date that is after 2 months, and as for kashish aunty and girlfriend, i will talk with them and i am sure they will agree to me" said armaan 

"fine whatever you want armaan think again in that case you will have to stay away from riddhima for 2 months and no meeting at all" said samrat 

"oh really as if you have stopped meeting gunjan already and you dont get any chance to be with her" said armaan 

"ok guys i think we already have taken a lots of time here , remember we are in a office right now already we have disturbed armaan in his work a lot, so lets leave him for his work" said nupur 

"well i think the same lets go back rest of the chatting we can have later tonight in our home , after the office hours" said mayank

"no its really ok you all can stay here i dont have any such urgent work today" said armaan 

"oh how generous of you, as if we dont knew that how busy you were in your important work and we have already taken a lots of time, we will go now, moreover i also have some work , i am also going down in my office" said mayank

" oh so thats the real reason why dont you simply say that you want to work so we all shall leave now" said gunjan

"well actually that's the real reason anyways guys if you intend to chat for long ahead you all can I really need to leave I have a very urgent meeting today and have to make preparations for that so I will leave you all think what you all want to do" said mayank 

"well we girls are having a different plan we are planning to do a lots of shopping today and that too from armaan's exclusive designer store, afterall he have just launched his new collections in both traditional and western"  said gunjan 
"good idea what say riddhima how about buying the whole shop today and that to on armaan's expense" said nupur

"mine why me guys whats so special today that I should gift you all girls" said armaan 

"special well you already knew armaan its your wedding , so wont you give any present to your best friends and moreover look at riddhima from which angel she looks like wife of the armaan singhania I think its time you should think of changing her whole wardrobe" said nupur 

"you girls and your only topic of interest shopping it can really never change, armaan all the best I am leaving all the three girls in your control now you have to alone tackle with them as I am going with mayank , mayu really lets goo working in office and meetings is more better now" said samrat 

"ok guys bye armaan will meet you for lunch" said mayank waiving and so they both left

"ok let them go , so armaan shall we also leave" said gunjan 

"oh hello girls do you really think there is somewhere fool written on my head  that I will go with you three girls for shopping , forget it, you want to shop go and have anything you want and no need to pay its all going to be on me , but I am not coming with you at all" said armaan 

"ok as you wish moreover we also really want to shop in peace and you being with us and your blabbering really going to disturb us a lot so you stay here we will go and check your collections all by ourselves, and going to pick everything we will like come riddhima lets go there is no use of sitting here now" said gunjan holding riddhima hand and dragging her 

"hello is there any problem if she stays here for sometime you both go and do your shopping why dragging her with you" said armaan holding her other hand and dragging her towards him

"oh now I got why armaan was really getting so generous, he was fixing his chance to be all alone with riddhima, well armaan I think you played really well your gift bribe was really nice but not that enough for two of us, to let you alone with riddhima,  so no chance lets go nupur" said gunjan 

"yes lets go and riddhima there is no need to stand and expect any chance so lets go" said nupur dragging her out

"oh girls wait we can have other deals as well" said armaan 

But no use till then all the girls went out and he stood there disappointed

"ok girls you think you are smart but I am armaan singhania and I knew how to get things done in my way" said armaan determined  smiling to himself  

Ok that's all for now , 
I knew a very different than expected and you all wanted to read , again no armaan riddhima scenes alone well you will get lots of that in the next part and the coming parts ahead 

Hope you will like it, will be waiting for your replies.

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gaurijw Goldie

Joined: 08 May 2014
Posts: 1877

Posted: 09 July 2014 at 4:24am | IP Logged
awesome part 
u reminded me of whole ff
haha bechara armaan he have to bribe to spend time with her own wife 
i really loved the way riddhima confessed her fears and the way all the boys tackled it it 

continue super soon 
and please next part m ar scenes 

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 August 2012
Posts: 9152

Posted: 09 July 2014 at 5:14am | IP Logged
Awesome part loved it
gang teasing to ar and story session is wonderful
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon

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lovv Goldie

Joined: 04 September 2011
Posts: 1964

Posted: 09 July 2014 at 9:34am | IP Logged
 nice...i liked  d saying dat arman searching ridhima in every gal 

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Ianoconic. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 20 October 2010
Posts: 30977

Posted: 09 July 2014 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Really loved  the update.
The boys were amazing.
Continue soon.

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attraction.101 Goldie

Joined: 30 May 2013
Posts: 1250

Posted: 09 July 2014 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
another awesome update di 

i really loved it the way armaan explained his each n every emotion sooo clearly 
it was just fab 

loved the whole part especially when armaan was telling others abt their love story 
and when everyone was teasing riddhima that was superb  

waiting for AR moments as u said next update mein mile gi and not to forget what armaan is planning  im sure kuch acha he hoga hehehehe 

update super sooon 

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