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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 84)

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Unread pg 99

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nic part...
continue sooonnn

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part 30 on page 99


all the young kids having there chats , sorting everything out and then everything getting normal 

"ok time out guys , look elders are being calling us down lets just forget everything that happened how it happened and just remember the end result, as its said that all's well that ends well , so lets have a new start a new beginning from here" said mayank 

"yes and lets began it with a dinner party I am dam hungry right now" said samrat 

"you and your big fat stomach can never end samrat, come lets goo and stuff your stomach with lots of food" said riddhima irritated

And so everyone moved out of the room , smiling finally 

Even the moon in the sky and shining stars twinkling over them no matter whatever happened at the end of the day finally the special six were back again together as one LIKE A SIX SIDES OF A STAR , A SINGLE STAR WITH OPPOSTE SIDES JUST LIKE THEM WITH OPPOSITE AND DIFFERENT NATURES , STILL ALL THE TIME TOGETHER , AND CAN NEVER BE SEPARATED

they all went down in the hall 

the dinner was a little quite event as everyone was already pretty much tired today so soon all of them ended the dinner and retired to their rooms 

gunjan and nupur were staying back with riddhima 

"look its too late already girls can we have other talks later sometime right now i really need to sleep moreover half of the night is already over" said riddhima feeling really exhausted 

"yes baby you really look very tired, lets go to sleep all the talks lets hold them or tomorrow" said nupur smiling and all the girls retired on the bed 

after sometime, riddhima and gunjan were sleeping peacefully when nupur got up to get some water, she went out of the room and saw that mayanks rooms lights were still on, that means mayank was still awake

so she went inside mayank's room looking all over the place, mayank was no where , then she saw the balcony door open and mayank shadow there, so she went in the balcony 

"what happened mayank" asked nupur slowly coming near him and keeping one hand on mayank's hand 

"one day one single day can it change everything like this" said mayank still looking straight in the sky he was serious 

"i knew what you are thinking we all are best friends and shared equal relation with everyone but still you and riddhima , you both were different unlike we others you were bounded in a relationship as well she is your sister, and when just being a best friends still me gunjan were also so much shocked and disturbed with seeing armaan and riddhima like this, then i can imagine what you were feeling at that moment" said nupur 

"i am just little confused nupur, i mean i really dont understand that what i shall do right now a complete different kind of turmoil is going inside me , one side i should be angry with them , or heartbroken with my best friend and my sister , they were in a relation on our backs and we knew nothing , or on the other side i shall be happy for both my sister and my best friend, i mean princess my princess i always dream for her life partner to be someone like armaan caring,  understanding and over everything loving her to death and on the other side armaan he is just not only my best friend but more than that for me, you knew after prerna's ma death i always had some different feelings for armaan its not that i am sympathizing with him or something still i always understand his loneliness even if he ever said it or not he never showed but somewhere deep inside his heart he have this feeling his father left him even before he was born and than god took prerna ma as well, he moving out of our business and working and being tremendously successful everything to forget his that existence , to prove his independence and i feel really proud saying that he has proved the world that he dont need anyone's name his success what he had today is of his own because of his personal capability but in all this in between us as well, he was still left alone i knew he never showed it and even we never gave him a chance to show that, i always felt that he needs someone a strong support with him whom he can say his own the one who will be his partner , the one whom he can say as his and who will never leave him , and today my best friend , my armaan have got that support in riddhima" said mayank confused

"thats exactly you have to do now , you just be happy , look you yourself said it all, now you just have to be happy , mayank you knew the best quality about you is that you stay quite still you understand everything, you understand each and every unsaid feeling about armaan on which we never even thought for once ever , and who said armaan is alone , and he have no family look here mayank we all are were and always be his family, if his real father never cared for him than there is karan uncle who cared for him more than his own real son and so what prerna ma is not here with us still her replica nandini aunty and kashish ma are here and they love him exactly the way they do to you samm and riddhima right mayank you knew what you are just getting confused cause you are over running your mind in everything, relax mayank and just think positively , if you will think positively than everything will automatically become perfect and just correct the way it should always had been we six were together and now we six are again together but now we are just three cause like samrat and gunjan are one now, and even mayank and nupur are together as one, now even armaan and riddhima are not apart they are also one and will be one forever" said nupur smiling 

"you knew exactly how to make me calm" said mayank smiling 

"really , cause mayank your voice and face dont match yet , i knew you are still not satisfied , whats the mayank why are you so restless" said nupur still sensing that mayank was still thinking in confusion

"i dont knew i mean i just cant tell exactly there is something as if i am losing something i mean i knew armaan and riddhima are together and they are happy still i feel so different i really dont want to sound like being selfish but still i feel that my princess has gone away, till date i claimed her being my responsibility , my duty and now suddenly all that claims i had on him are transferred to armaan" said mayank

"so what mayank, look its the fact of life a daughter a sister is responsibility on her father or brother till she is not married once married all the rights automatically got transferred to her husband and its nothing that you didnt knew , you also understood that this day have to come one day in riddhima's life afterall she was a girl and have to get married one day , infact i think you should thank god that you have to share this with armaan your best friend  and not any stranger so it wont effect you so much" said nupur  

"i knew and i understand everything still i feel like my princess was holding my hand and now suddenly she left the hand and moving away from me" said mayank feeling helpless

only then riddhima came in mayank's room balcony , till now she was quietly hearing mayank and nupur chat for long but now she felt she need to talk with her brother 

"and you really believed that you princess will ever leave your hand and go away like this" said riddhima coming ahead

and then holding mayank's hand 

"this hand has been in mine hand since the day i am born in this world i came in this world holding this hand of my brother, and i will leave this only on the day i will leave this world" said riddhima kidding lightly on mayank's hand

"princess please dont say like this" mayank said stopping her 

"no matter what ever happens mayu how much life change for us , all the relations in this world changes but a relation of a brother and sister can never change it remain same forever and so will be ours few relations in our lifes have surely changed but still they can also never change the fact that i am your sister and this relation will always be my priority for me the one on the top" said riddhima 

"on the top think again riddhima its easy to say but really difficult to follow, what if someday you will have to choose between your brother and your that husband" said mayank making a face saying the word husband

"wasn't that a little rude" said riddhima 

"look you already so hurt with my just saying little about him what else prove i will need" said mayank teasing her 

"oh really stop being so melodramatic and as for your question, mayank dont forget this that for me you all come over and about everything , even before my life and happiness i will think about you guys my best friend and i always had as well, and you mayank you are my brother i will think and choose you and only you forever" said riddhima 

"oh really so what about armaan" said mayank 

"i just said mayu i will keep you above my life and happiness so that means him as well, cause he is my life and happiness, now he is not different from me we are one and for us you are above everything" said riddhima 

"so much love, when did all this happened" said mayank smiling 

"it was here only mayu , always it had been like this, it was just that we never realized and the day realization came everything just started falling in places that different feelings that care concern fights everything" said riddhima 

"i think i was the one missed it , thought about everything , each and every thinks but never ever thought our lifes in this way" said mayank

"i knew its different and tough to understand everything here but mayu never ever in your life think that i am going anywhere away from you and as for your question that if one day i have to choose someone between you and armaan , firstly this question is absolutely wrong cause this situation will never come in our lifes still if someday something like this happens so there is no need to even think about that situation" said riddhima 

"still riddhima what if someday some little situation anything happens than no i am just curious for your reply" asked mayank being curious

only than armaan came out in his balcony , armaan room was next to mayank's and as mayank was in balcony which were joint and common just a very little heighten wall was there as a partitions in their rooms while other side to armaan's room was samrat and mayank room other side was riddhima room , all four rooms were in sequence , first riddhima than mayank , than armaan and last was of samrat

"guys is there anyways a plan for you all to sleep , cause some other normal people are trying to sleep and are getting disturbed" said armaan complaining coming in his balcony , on the other side 

"normal people look who is talking and after completely flying away all our sleep here you are so normally trying to sleep" said mayank sarcastically 

"ok ok i got it, you and your this sarcasm will not end now somewhere soon, here you have got a big chance to comment and taunt me all the time and you will not leave a single chance to do that and riddhima what are you doing here i mean look mayank and nupur just got some little time alone and it was so lovy dovy they both were so busy in their chats what was the need for you to come in and disturb them" said armaan 

"oh shut up armaan" said mayank irritated 

"anyways i feel now its actually too late now , and i am also feeling really sleepy it was just i saw nupur leaving the room and when she didnt came back i just came to check on her, anyways i am leaving and yes sorry to disturb you both you continue your chat alone" said riddhima smiling 

"oh look here armaan just said it once and you are ready to leave so sincerely you follow him" said mayank teasing

"ok so what why are you getting so jealous in this saale sahib" said armaan teasing mayank ahead

"stop it its too late good night" said mayank irritated

"good night why dont you say that straight away that get out, i mean get inside the room so that noone disturb you and nupur" said armaan 

"ok ok now stop giving armaan that i will kill you looks of yours we both are actually leaving , i am also going back good night and for nupur be back soon" said riddhima smiling

"by the way mayu riddhima didnt replied you with your question so i am going to tell you this that if anytime in our life a situation will come where she will have to choose between me and you than i knew that she will and she will have to choose you and only you, so never feel that you are losing your sister cause it will never happen riddhima is and will always be your sister first than all the relation will come even ours" said armaan getting serious

"you dont have to tell me all this armaan i knew it all, it was just my stupidity to even think like this, i knew that being with you i will never loose anything in my life" said mayank smiling

"ok guys time out , mayank nupur you continue your all so called mature people kinds of chat that suits you , i am going good night" said riddhima 

and she went back in mayank's room and from there in the corridor to move towards her room , when she saw armaan already standing in the corridor waiting for her

"what, even you are not getting any sleep" said riddhima in confusion

"well yes cause i really didnt got much what i needed" said armaan smiling and holding riddhima's hand pulling her inside his own room on the other side locking it from inside

"armaan stop it , what are you doing and why are you locking armaan look its too late and even mayank and nupur are standing outside" said riddhima , 

while armaan didnt gave her a chance to say anything and hugged her tight

"oh god i was so missing you" said armaan hugging her more tight

"missing really its just been an hour when we had dinner together" said riddhima 

"one whole hour it have sixty minutes you knew and here without you its getting tough for me to even spend a single second, and about the way we met that cant be even counted as meeting, all of them eying on us both and didnt gave a single chance to be alone" said armaan 

"oh really than what is the meaning of meeting for you" said riddhima teasing armaan

"oh so my dear wife really dont knew that yet, ok than let me show you" said armaan with naughty grin 

and coming near her to kiss her on her lips

"stop it armaan didnt you heard what everyone said that first we will have a complete traditional wedding than all this meeting alone" said riddhima teasing him keeping her hand on armaan lips to stop him from coming more close

while armaan holding both her hands and keeping them on the either sides of the wall pinning her there and coming very near to her

"stop me if you can and if you want" said armaan just a mere whisper while bringing his lips very near to her's 

and riddhima automatically closed her eyes in response giving armaan full chance to control her, he immediately sealed their lips together and they both equally engrossed in there lovely first kiss , as one as husband and wife 

They were so much busy in this new feelings the fact that now their relation is changed and became permanent and official , there was no fear or any other thought of losing cause now they are bind as one in this relation and this new feeling was adding new sensation and passion in them

After sometime they left each other while riddhima opened her eyes to look directly in armaan's deep passion filled eyes, as he picked her up in his arms and taking her towards his bed , correction their bed now afterall this room now belong to riddhima as well keeping her on the bed gently armaan coming completely above her and kissing her lightly on her head and just looking at her face

"armaan, I have to go" said riddhima looking away from his intense passion filled gaze that was making her nervous right now

"riddhima this is your place from now  so where else you have to go we just got married today and technically this is our first night our suhagraat how can I let you go" said armaan teasing her more seeing her nervousness 

"stop it armaan and look everyone is here around and as for that first night thing then it will only come once we are married traditionally and now stop looking at me like this please" said riddhima shyly looking away 

"why ? are you scared of me, look at your face" said armaan 

"no I am not scared of you at all its just that I am really sleepy and want to sleep so let me go" said riddhima 

"oh ok than who is stopping you here is a bed for you go to sleep" said armaan 

"no I mean I have to go to my room" said riddhima 

"this is your room riddhima remember you are my wife and technically this room is yours now" said armaan 

"please will you stop teasing and confusing me now , with the room I meant my old room let me go gunjan is sleeping and nupur must be also going back in the room , what if she found that I am not there" said riddhima

"so what riddhima no one will have any objections with you being alone with me its just they said all this to just tease us, and moreover its not the first time you are going to sleep with me in my room earlier as well many and many more times you dozed off in my room while we use to chat late just stay with me today riddhima I just want to see you beside me and I just want you to be here with me and nothing else yet cause for me you being with me is enough everything else can surely wait till that your traditional wedding" said armaan 

"what do you mean by your's its going to be our together and armaan please you knew it is not possible today already everyone have got a chance to tease us more than required so I don't want to give anyone another chance" said riddhima

"ok ok my rude and unromantic wife , do whatever you want , you can go" said armaan normally 

"go, as in really , I mean just like that" said riddhima in confusion

"riddhima are you really alright , I mean first you said me to let you go and now when I am telling you to go than also you are again confused" said armaan 

"armaan stop irritating me that this time of night I am already really really tired today" said riddhima 

"what where am I irritating you  now you asked to leave I said you to leave so now what" said armaan 

"agrrr armaan I will kill you, I just said that a moment ago you were so romantically asking me to stay and then you immediately let me go" said riddhima 

"oh so my dear wife want me to be back to that romantic mode" said armaan hugging her again from both side coming over her

"no I want you to turn this romantic mode off and let me go" said riddhima 

"and that was utterly rude and unromantic" said armaan 

"well that's me and I will be like this only so you think again over your today acts can you work this relation out and live with me or not" said riddhima teasing

"hey madam don't ever say that again, cause for me whatever and however you are and will be you are mine and only mine and whatever happens  I will never let you go, you want it or not you will have to bear with me for this whole lifetime" said armaan 

"ok than its upto you and completely your decision my work was to just warn you and gave you one last moment option" said riddhima 

"to hell with your last moment options I am very much happy and satisfied with my life now" said armaan

"good for you, ok now good night I am going" said riddhima standing up 

While armaan also got up from the bed and holding her arm stopping her 

"is this the way you wish good night to your husband I think there is lots of things I need to teach you" said armaan coming close 

"oh really than how to wish good night" said riddhima smiling

"firstly there is not that much space between them" said armaan and coming very near riddhima her back was facing armaan and armaan jamming her back with his front, 

"eyes are not left open" said armaan whispering in riddhima ears and seductively moving his figure on her shoulder moving her open hairs to the other side ,  and in response she immediately closed her eyes 

And armaan kissing her lightly on the exposed part of her shoulder and neck seductively lingering his lips there , while it was getting unbearable for riddhima to control so she immediately pushed him back and finding a chance running away towards the main door, 

While armaan also standing in confusion when he felt some force getting him away from riddhima and then he saw her running away from him

Riddhima opened the door lock and one last time turning back looking at armaan standing in the same place and smiling at her , she left the room

As she came back in her room , nupur was waiting for her on the door

"are you done" said nupur teasing her

"what, forget it nupur you are not even nominated ever as one of the name in the list of people teasing me, so leave that work for gunjan samrat and sometime mayu" said riddhima smiling

"well I would say its your mistake you gave me this chance hiding so much from me now I have a full right to tease you for your whole life I will also never spare you" said nupur

"ok whatever and yes for your information we were not doing anything just talking and a little kiss" said riddhima and as she was saying nupur stop her 

"ok ok stop don't say anything ahead , you are shameless I should have known that" said nupur

"what shameless I never asked what you and mayank did and were doing alone till this time of night, so why are you bothering" said riddhima 

"ok good night" said nupur retiring back on bed, while riddhima also coming on the bed lying by her side

"nupur listen what were you both doing" said riddhima teasing her 

And nupur turning the other side 

"I will kill you , go to sleep" nupur said closing her eyes tight 

While riddhima also hugging her tight from back  , 

"oh I love you so much when you act like this" said riddhima smiling hugging her tight

"aggg leave me ok I am nupur not armaan , spare all this for him good night" said nupur pushing her back 

 "good night" said riddhima smiling and soon they all dozed off to sleep

Life was perfect , everything was perfect and falling back in places

Next day

Morning sun hitting the Sharma and singhania mansion where lifes have changed forever in just one night , with one Sharma turning singhania

Sujal and karan , kashish and nandini on the breakfast table, busy in general discussion while having breakfast when the three girls came in 

riddhima, nupur and gunjan got up and after getting ready they joined them for breakfast, 

"good morning all" said riddhima smiling normally sitting on her chair and having a glass of water sitting 

"good morning mrs singhania" said kashish teasing riddhima resulting in her choking the water she was drinking 

after a little cough she looked at her

"mom will you stop that" said riddhima composing herself 

"what , what have i done, didnt said anything wrong or something that is not true" said kashish further adding with mischief

"i thought you yourself cleared that all that happened will not be accepted like this" said riddhima  

"oh no sweety we just said that we cant just end it here , we will have a nice traditional wedding , but in all this we didnt and we just cant ignore the fact that you both are married legally and that only reminds me riddhima whats this cant you just dress up a little properly , for god sake girl you just got married and is this a way you should be dressed, ok i am not saying get ready like a new bride , still you should wear something traditional and what about your stuff where is your sindoor and mangalsutra why are you just not wearing that" said nandini looking at riddhima 

"masi ma i am fine like this , and all that over dressing etc etc its not required" said riddhima 

"why , why are they not required baby they are the symbol of this sacred relation they are ought to sacred that once applied to a girl she have to carry them whole her life they are symbolized with a girls existence" said kashish 

"oh wow mom you are now a days really getting influenced with that daily soaps you are watching, where you got that dialogues from" said riddhima eating her toast normally

"can for once in your life you can get serious riddhima, get a live girl you are married now and marriage in itself comes with lots of responsibilities to respect this relation and it includes respecting its stuffs as well, this mangalsutra and sindoor are the token that you now belong to armaan" said nandini again the ladies started

while the gents sitting karan and sujal also understanding this ladies and their seriousness to make riddhima understand was now getting above the limit so they interrupted in the middle 

"hey that really reminded me well where are the boys , samrat , armaan and mayank noone came down for breakfast yet" said sujal 

"we are right here dad, good morning" said mayank coming in 

"yes uncle good morning all , actually me and mayank were coming down when we heard mom and kashish masi ma's special lectures to riddhima so we preferred staying a little away, wow baba ji i mean mom and masi ma what preach you gave to her, and for once we can see riddhima with close mouth" said samrat teasing

"yes true , baba ji ki jai, i mean i salute you mom  and nandini masi ma you both have got the guts to keep riddhima quite for so long, look at her face she is still speechless" said mayank teasing riddhima 

and she was just sitting open mouth dont knew what to say

"dont leave any chance to tease me" said riddhima sarcastically

"as if you ever left any chance ever to tease anyone of us , why will we leave you today now when we can pay back all" said samrat 

"moreover you have yourself given us all the chances to target on you, was that fair when you and armaan were keeping so secret relation on our backs" said mayank

"oh really as if you yourself never did that ever your and nupur secret eye talks were so common as if you ever said it loud that you love her, and you samrat how can i forget you and gunjan whose secret love affair came to our notice that to on gunjan marriage day" said riddhima teasing

"still you knew about us all all the time and you even knew about samrat feelings" said mayank defending

"oh please now dont start again that to you and samrat never said me clearly from your own , it was me and my intelligent mind that noticed it and got to see what was going on dont blame me if you were not as intelligent as me that you never noticed what was going on between us, we were right here in front of you why didnt you ever noticed the change"  said riddhima

"you and intelligent oh yes we can very well see your intelligence i mean out of the whole world you found armaan suitable for yourself how intelligent" said samrat sarcastically

"why what is wrong in him now" said riddhima feeling offended 

"yes samrat is so right in this riddhima didnt you got anyone more better than armaan, i mean i am not saying that you leave him now , but still you could have been a little more sensible before falling in love" said mayank teasing

"hey hey guys hello i think armaan is your best friend and you both love him to death still you saying this" said riddhima 

"yes exactly that's what we are saying, armaan is our best friend, and as a friend he is the best noone can beat him , noone in this world can ever get a friend like him but he is perfect as a friend just a friend, but as a lover or husband , still riddhima you feel you made a right choice, I mean armaan and his long list of affairs he is just not serious about this love affair stuff ever" said mayank 

"yes even I also feel the same way what you are thinking mayank , we all knew armaan so well since childhood and the way all the girls keep drooling over him even in the work place, he can never be serious for this love relation ever in his life , that's what I am scared of what if he will cheat on my daughter" said sujal supporting mayank

All of the others sitting there with a serious face and looking at riddhima confused face, it was getting so tough to suppress their laughter on seeing riddhima condition right now but still all of them controlling cause they still planned to tease riddhima a little more 

"hey that really reminded me well where is armaan by the way he didn't came for breakfast yet" said nandini 

"actually mom he got some urgent work and so he left early morning for office, he is not at home" said samrat

"urgent work so early in morning , that too hours before office open, what can it be as far as I knew there was no such work in office" said sujal 

"dad don't forget armaan have a business of his own and running that a huge business is not easy he must be having some work" said riddhima defending him 

"yes whats so much to think in that afterall armaan loves his work , and who wont love that being surrounded with a huge list of beautiful and not to mention sexy girls around yourself, armaan always have a nice time working" said samrat with a wink 

"samrat stop that armaan wont continue his old habits now afterall he is married man now and I am sure he will stay in his limits" said gunjan winking samrat seeing a long lost riddhima who was quietly listening to everyone

"I knew that gunjan but you knew the girls he is surrounded with all the time they are far too hot , and over that I have seen them the way they all die to be with armaan and thronging themselves on him we can for once say that armaan will maintain distance but what about that girls, afterall our armaan is far too handsome to resist smiling lightly" said samrat 

"done you all , try it on , try more and if you feel that your this talks can affect me or provoke me than you are wrong, I don't knew about you all and why are you saying all this, but I will say only one thing that I trust him" said riddhima normally 

"I knew that riddhima and its good you do, but still baby don't forget armaan is a man afterall , oh no correction a handsome and a rich successful man" said nupur

"so what are mayank and samrat not a man, I mean aren't they rich and successful and I think handsome as well, so don't you trust them" said riddhima looking at nupur and gunjan 

"thats different riddhima" said gunjan

"why , why is that different ok lets consider mayank as an exception but now please dont tell me that there were no girlfriends in samrat's life before you, so why cant armaan get that grace, and as for the girls so i have seen them as well all the time with him by my eyes and still i trust him" said riddhima normally 

"you are still thinking like his best friend, think in the different way now riddhima , think like a wife riddhima lets take today incident you are his wife still do you knew where he is right now, he didnt felt the need to even inform you that he was going out, ok fine he didnt wanted to disturb you still dont he have cell phone cant he even call you once" said gunjan

"ok fin he didnt called maybe he is busy,  and i still dont understand that if i am fine with all this than why are you all so concerned , guys he is not your he is my husband and i should have been saying all the talks you are saying , but when i am not affected with all this, than why are you all getting so affected" said riddhima 

"thats only cause we are concerned for you baby" said kashish

"than dont be mom , there is no need for you all to worry for me i am very much happy and satisfied with my life, and i have my husband to take care and be concerned for me, and i knew till the time he is here by my side i wont face any sort of trouble, and as for being unfaithful than i knew armaan he loves me so much that he can never in his dreams cheat on me and that will be all i wont listen a single word against him from anyone of you now or else i dont guarantee what i will do" said riddhima seriously

and only than nandini came near riddhima and kissing her forehead lightly

"i am proud of you baby god bless you, and i am so happy to see you like this just dont be a lover a wife but be a companion a supporter for armaan for your whole life like this" said nandini smiling

"what , why are you looking at all of us being so confused you dumb , we all were just teasing you" said kashish looking at riddhima confused face

and with that mayank, samrat, gunjan and nupur burst out laughing

"i tell you riddhima just look at your face, i must say armaan have given you a perfect name dumbo , you are really too dumb, you really thought that we all were serious" said mayank smiling

"what , will you all stop this, this was really not at all funny" said riddhima feeling annoyed sitting back on a chair making a puppy face

"oh god riddhima look at you all the time you behave like being so intelligent now where did your all intelligence went away today how could you even imagine that anyone of us will be saying all this for armaan seriously, can you believe that" said samrat smiling

"you knew what since yesterday i am seeing so different shades of my life that right now i am so confused over everything that i cant even surely say that i am riddhima or someone else" said riddhima 

"you are crazy girl and as for changes so sweety its just been one day and soon you will get adapted to all the changes so take everything that comes to your way just positively" said kashish smiling 

"yes in all this we completely forgot that i have just talked to one priest in the morning and he have given me few auspicious dates for armaan and riddhima wedding out of which i liked a date which is after 15 days from now" said kashish smiling

"15 days , mom are you serious whats so hurry" said mayank

"well i dont knew about you all , but i cant wait for more than that" said kashish

"and moreover mom after 2 months the date for samrat gunjan and mine and nupur marriage is already fixed , why cant we get armaan and riddhima get married together at that time only" said mayank

"yes wow great idea mayank , it will be so great we six best friends getting married together on a same date" said samrat in excitement

"i knew that and even i was so interested in that date but its not possible cause the priest said that day is just not suitable for armaan and riddhima marriage, and that if we dont get them married on the date after 15 days than after this the next auspicious day will come after 6 months, and i am sure that armaan and riddhima cant wait for that long now, right riddhima" said kashish

"what , mom in all this have i even said anything that you are again aiming at me you are my parents and its upto you to decide everything for me" said riddhima getting irritated

"oh really thanks a lot baby you considered us worth it for at least fixing a date for your marriage, cause i dont feel other than this we have even decided anything for you" said kashish teasing riddhima again

"but kashish aunty why are you even considering all this dates cause armaan and riddhima are already married its just we are doing a formality of traditions, thats all so why get in so much detailed auspicious day" said samrat

"for you kids maybe traditions are just a formality , but for us they have got an immense value, so its better you all stay out of this, and when we have already said that the marriage will happen after 15 days , so it will happen at that time only , and thats final do anyone of you have to say anything else now" said nandini authoritatively 

"i have to say something a little" said riddhima lightly 

"no riddhima no one is going to listen to anything else now, marriage will be after 15 days" said kashish

"i knew that mom , i heard that and i am not offending that as well, i just have a little request actually can we keep it all a very simple and private affair, i mean i dont want any big fat wedding" said riddhima 

"why , are you crazy how can it be , its impossible , armaan and your marriage is going to be a big affair and you want a simple wedding, no ways we are going to have a blast , 5 to 6 different functions from engagement mehandi and than sangeet , wedding and later a grand wedding reception" said samrat in excitement

"just one wedding taking that seven vows thing that that to in the presence of only our family members and thats all" said riddhima 

"but riddhima why, we all have so many dreams for this day, and how can we make it a somple affair, after all you are the only daughter of our family your wedding and i have so many dreams for this day since you were born" said kashish 

"yes so where i am saying that you dont fulfill all your dreams i never said that, and the way samrat said i also always wished our marriage to be on the same day , if that day when mayu nupur and samrat gunji getting married is not auspicious for our wedding , so lets do one thing complete all the traditions of that auspicious day after 15 days and later after 2 months from now, we all will get married again , if not the wedding day still we will have all other customs together, from engagement , till grand reception of us six together and then only i want our relation to get official to this world" said riddhima 

"engagement and sangeet after wedding, isn't that a little absurd" said kashish 

"so if we will have it now than also thats absurd , remember i had a court marriage already yesterday so now we follow all the customs after 15 days or after 2 months it will not matter that much" said riddhima 

"but still riddhima" said kashish

"well mom that was my opinion , i also wanted to get married on the same day when mayank and samrat are , but all thanks to your priest if i cant get married on that day atleasst i can share all other customs with them, thats all  and i am not saying no for the marriage we will get married in a traditional way on that day which your priest said after 15 days , rest its upto you i will do whatever and how ever you all want, i was just giving my opinion rest all the decisions is going to be yours" said riddhima 

"ok thanks a lot for giving my that option, now i will take this the way i want, if you really dont want this marriage to go public now , then it will not happen rest all the things will happen according to our elders decisions is that perfect for you" said kashish 

"as you want mom, i have never said no to anyone of you ever , i have done everything acccordng to the way everyone or anyone of you wanted , right karan uncle i still felt i was not that weak that i really needed to get married first to fight any hell threatening of some unknown peoples" said riddhima sarcastically 

"oh really baby , so you are saying that its now all my fault that you and armaan and together , than better me remind you that you and armaan yourself were hiding everything from us , i just took one last step thats all and instead of thanking me that i saved you and armaan from your parents and their all sort of questioning and interview you are blaming me, you hurt me so much" said karan faking being hurt 

"oh i never knew that the most sensible and serious parents of us can also be so melodramatic" said riddhima 

"ok time out , riddhima we yesterday only decided that now noone will talk about the past , whatever happened we all will move on and try to make everything perfect ,so lets not talk who did what did again" said nandini 

"i think nandini aunty said it right , but still nandini aunty we are not going to spare her so easily and cant forget the past soon, specially what and how it worked i mean still so much we have to knew riddhima , how did , i mean when did you both actually realized that you are in love" said nupur sitting on one side of riddhima 

"yes even i am so curious, and who proposed first, i am sure armaan" said gunjan sitting on the other side of riddhima 

and riddhima looking at everyone curious faces stick only on her

"what, will you all stop staring at me like this, and i am not going to say anything right now" said riddhima 

"ok preety well than i think we need to catch hold armaan for the whole part of your personal story , about which none of us knew anything yet, still tell me riddhima , please tell na" said samrat 

"yes riddhima comeon now tell us , ok armaan said you first that he loves you right" said kashish being more curious

"mom dad why are you looking at me like this, and why are you all so keen and interested in this" said riddhima 

"so what cant we all be really interested in knowing everything about our kids life and specially about the lifes of our two most special kids" said nandini 

"ok lets make it little simple when did it all started, let me guess after that dance show right" said samrat 

"oh yes , we should have guessed it there only the way you and armaan were dancing together hyee it was already so romantic and everything was so clear in your eyes and we didnt realized it" said gunjan 

"oh ya i think i was the one who missed that , i didnt saw that dance, maybe if i would have seen that i could have got a chance to guess" said mayank

"forget it mayank , i could have guessed , if you could have guessed you should have known everything by now" said sujal mocking mayank

"what , no thats not the truth and there was nothing at that time , you are again wrong" said riddhima  feeling really conscious talking with everyone  

"ok than why dont you correct us, ok dont tell when it started , just tell me this much when it ended at i mean when you both confessed" said nupur

"comeon now riddhima we are being fair enough we deserve this much of an explanations , and whom are you getting conscious and feeling shy of , we are not your parents we are more like friends to you right , so you can share everything with us" said kashish making her normal 

"i am not understanding one thing that why is it that  i am alone in all this , why dont you caught hold armaan as well, why should i be single to face you all" said riddhima 

"well that we can say armaan is far to intelligent he purposely left today early so that noone can catch him but you dont worry , for how long will he be spared of remain in shell , we will catch him as well pretty soon , till than its you first, ok tell me when you realized about your feeling for him which you have are not just friendship its actually love" said nandini 

"when i came to knew that what he feels, when i realized that he is i mean i really didnt wanted any kind of differences in between us just because he realized that he loved me and at that time i felt i cant lose him and his friendship" said riddhima

"hello just a second  you are trying to say that you accepted him and his love cause he was your best friend and you didnt wanted to lose his friendship or create any kind of differences in between you, thats all you yourself dont love him" said mayank immediately 

"what no no mayank i didn't said that, actually i was scared to accept my feeling cause i cant afford any kind of differences in between us, i thought i have started thinking differently what if he dint felt the same and if he i will tell him he will go away from me, and in all this love thing i will even lose my friendship" said riddhima 

"you knew what you are the most confused girl in this world and you are making everyone of us confused as well, hats off to armaan who can understand you so well, cause its impossible for us to do that" said nupur getting irritated

"what please will you stop this, i can tell you anything i have nothing to tell why dont you ask it directly from armaan" said riddhima 

"ok fine we will, just tell me one thing where did he confessed i mean you both did and where were we all at that time" said mayank 

"just few days ago, in Goa and you all dont knew cause we went alone there" said riddhima 

"perfect timing , we all ourself gave you the route and way out to stay alone" said mayank sarcastically 

and he getting up 

"now where are you going mayank" said sujal 

"office dad where else , today's day wont end till we will knew everything each and every truth and if riddhima wont say anything so we will have to catch hold armaan , so going to catch armaan now" said mayank 

"oh hello wait , i am also coming" said samrat

"even we , we also want to knew everything" said gunjan and nupur together 

"great now go and catch him that serves him right i am out of this" said riddhima 

"no not so soon , you are also going to come with us, we have lots of things to hear from you both together" said mayank literally dragging riddhima out with them 

ok thats all for now but there is lots more to come ahead , lots and lots of teasing and talking and just fun , and yes in a middle little secret meeting romance as well of armaan and riddhima 

hope you liked the part will update ahead really soon 

thanks in advance for the comments which i wish i will get in a huge amount

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ojaswi_kajen Goldie

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Posted: 18 June 2014 at 7:22am | IP Logged

Nice part di...the teasing part was so nice...loved it...cont soon...

Edited by ojaswi_kajen - 19 June 2014 at 12:18am

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 June 2014 at 8:08am | IP Logged
wow just gr8 and very funny part
loved it
everyone teasing ridhimaa is too good
plz pm me for next part
continue soon
gaurijw Goldie

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Posted: 18 June 2014 at 10:50am | IP Logged
awesome part 
loved the convo b/w mayank nupur and riddhima 
haha bechari riddhima kaha fas gayi friends to friends yaha to mom dad bhi piche ni hai 

continue soon

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-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 June 2014 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
Loved the update <3

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Smrikta992 Goldie

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Posted: 20 June 2014 at 12:22am | IP Logged
Awsome update..
Lovd it..
Thnks for pm..

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