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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 80)

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Amazing.. Lovd it.. Thnks for pm..

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Amazing chapter...thanks for the PM

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part 28 B on page 95


After armaan and riddhima getting married They all moved back boys in one car while the girls in the other

Armaan and mayank sitting ahead while samrat on the back
Samrat: I thought you were going to be really happy with all this armaan , so whats this why are you looking so sad, don't tell me you now realizing that you did a mistake marrying riddhima
Mayank: shut up samrat can you ever think before saying anything , and armaan I have trusted you enough so don't even think of betraying my sister at any point
Armaan: oh hello guys, did I said anything and stop making your assumptions, its just that, anyways leave it, and mayank I am never going to betray her , I was just thinking that she might be upset with all this
Mayank: and don't you feel that it too late to think about what and how she will feel, like always she would be really annoyed  and the first think she will say is like always we have forced our decisions on her and made her to follow us and then after sometime she will cool down and realize that whatever we decided was actually good and best for her and then she will be fine
Armaan: I so wish the reality would always be so easy and simple
Mayank: so what is the reality can you explain
Armaan: we are already home lets go in
While in the other car
Nupur and gunjan took riddhima with them in their car, while armaan , samrat and mayank went in one car
Riddhima keeping her head on nupur shoulder , and sitting quietly while gunjan sitting on the other side holding riddhima hand
Gunjan: do you really feel that we both are still waiting for so many explanation, I mean not for this marriage stuff still, the rest part
Riddhima: please gunjan
Gunjan: now stop giving me that irritated look got that I mean you loved him for god sake our two best friends were so much in love and all this was happening and still we were unknown of all this how could you riddhima, we never kept any secret and you
Riddhima: forget that madam remember you also never told me about what you were feeling for samrat
Gunjan: oh so this was a kind of repay or revenge act, you got to knew at my almost wedding day with someone else ,and we come to knew this on actually your wedding with armaan, me and samrat atleast got married after telling everyone and with everyone consent , but you got one step ahead , first actually got married then we seeing it and getting to knew
Riddhima: I wish I would have not ever had to repay to you like this
Nupur: gunjan stop all this look at her do you even feel this is the time to ask her all sort of questions and riddhima what is all this
Riddhima: great as if I knew it all , that what exactly is all this , look girls I admit I did a big mistake not telling you both but then you both my best friends should have guessed the change in me like always
Nupur: you knew it was so tough to guess the change cause you and armaan were so same in front of us , no change , infact we could have never ever thought of looking at you that what was going on in between you two , you were always a mystery for us, specially armaan I just cant understand him all the time
Riddhima: not only for you nupur , he is becoming a mystery for me as well, only if I can knew why armaan did all this
Nupur: what do you mean by why he did all this, he is just being insecure that's all
Riddhima: I don't want to listen to anything regarding this right now , anyways we are almost home will talk about all this later

In the house ,

sujal was just pacing here and there while kashish and nandini were sitting nearby tensed

and karan trying to calm sujal

sujal: i just don't get this girl its almost midnight and she is still not home

karan: sujal why are you so tensed riddhima is not a small kid she will be back soon
Sujal: why am I tensed you are asking as if you don't knew the reason , today I was so humiliated in the party I mean what was the need for her to leave like this, I was not like kind of forcing her or something if she was not happy she could have simply said me do you believe I would have gone against her will
Karan: I knew you wont , but still she is young and don't understand all this well ,and moreover she was alone , you knew her she cant even think straight alone when mayank armaan and samrat are not with her
Sujal: but for how long karan , for how long can she stay dependent on them, for god sake she is a grown up girl now, she have to move above all this, life will not just be her forever being mayank little sister or armaan and samrat best friend, we have discussed this many times even now mayank is engaged he have his other responsibilities towards nupur as well, plus samrat and gunjan , they need their time together and like this riddhima sticking to them all the time, it wont be good for anyone
Karan: now you are just talking nonsense can you ever think that mayank and nupur , as in our mayank will ever find riddhima as a burden responsibility and samrat and gunjan will feel insecure with riddhima being with them, now don't give this as a perfect excuse to make riddhima away from them, you also knew that you were doing wrong very wrong actually it was like a punishment you were giving them all
Sujal: now why are we even talking about what I am doing and what not, karan atleast everyone out of here I don't need to explain you the real reason you already knew that riddhima is my life and I just want her to be happy and safe at any cost and for this I can go to any extend
Karan: I knew and I understand you as well, but don't worry I am having a feeling that everything will be fine and whatever will happen will happen for good and after today you will not have to worry about anything
And as they were talking the three shadows entered the hall, it were the three boys  they stood on the gate
Sujal: mayank you , you three are back so early, I mean you were supposed to be here after two days
Mayank: hmm we were but then
Sujal: does riddhima knew you were back , is she with you, this girl she went like hours ago and still not back , and not even picking her call
Mayank: dad she is with us, riddhima is fine just calm down dad
Sujal: oh thank god, where is she
While riddhima was hiding , nupur, gunjan and riddhima standing behind the boys and riddhima intentionally hiding behind mayank and armaan , she just don't have the courage to face everyone and their reaction
Kashish: riddhima what happened why are you hiding behind, come inside , its ok baby no one is angry with you
Mayank: mom , dad actually there is something , I mean I don't knew how to tell you all, look please just be calm and relax and don't get angry first listen to us and then react
Sujal: what, look mayank I am just not getting anything I had lots of puzzles for the time being just be straight and to the point what mischief have you six done this time , that's why you all standing in a line like this so quiet and this riddhima hiding behind like this
Samrat: sujal uncle , kashish aunty, dad and mom why don't you all just sit down and relax first then we can talk
Sujal: will you guys just spill out that what have you all done this time don't test my patience right now
Karan: sujal , sujal please calm yaar , look at all the kids they are already looking so scared and over that if you react like this, they will be more nervous
Sujal: scared , why scared now what could have they done that they are so nervous to tell us
Mayank: ok I knew its little odd , I mean its little no I agree it will be a big shock for you all I mean being parents this is not easy but please just try and understand from other point of view as well
Kashish: mayank stop this and will you speak up the actual thing that you all did , or that happened
Armaan: mayank that's it you stop, ok guys the truth is I married, I mean I got married
And there was a big quietness all the shock faces can be seen in front , no one said anything and then nandini started laughing
Nandini: really guys this time you really caught us what a joke, armaan stop this pranks of yours
Sujal: yes armaan its really no time for this jokes
Armaan: I am serious
Nandini: [stammering] married, as in real marriage , kashish, karan look at him what is he saying , marriage but with whom
Armaan: with a girl
Sujal: oh that think you really did very nice, otherwise my heart attack was guarantee, offcourse we can understand that you will marry a girl , but with whom
Armaan: Riddhima
As he said sujal again started speaking
Sujal: oh yes I knew this that in all this somewhere riddhima is involved that's why she is hiding like this, so riddhima is somewhere or actually much more involved in this , very nice running from here and over there getting you married with someone
Armaan: Sujal uncle I said riddhima , riddhima didn't helped me , I married riddhima , we got married
And again quietness occurred there
Nandini: enough ok , now seriously kids enough of your pranks you playing all the time we still digest them but this time its getting really ahead
Kashish: surely this time you guys have crossed the limit of the pranks and its not funny anymore riddhima come here , come ahead riddhima look that's it , its too much now
While riddhima was freezing there , her hands and foots have gone cold with fear and nervousness she didn't had the strength to even face anyone she was not even moving from her place , still standing still
So armaan moved ahead and taking her hand bringing her ahead,  riddhima didn't even looked up for a second infact she shut her eyes tight , and just standing with head down like a statue , but bigger statue right now were the elders watching her ,
The red color the sindoor in her head and the black beats mangalsutra she was wearing confirmed everything , each and everything got cleared , and this was not less than a shock for all of them standing there looking at armaan and riddhima standing together like this
When even after a long minute there was no reaction from any one standing there
Mayank: dad actually I can
But sujal just stopped him showing a hand to stop
While kashish and nandini were standing like two statue , and karan was standing quietly in a corner just looking at everything , soon kashish came in front and gone straight to riddhima
Kashish: riddhima what is this, do you even have an idea that what have you done riddhima will you speak
Said kashish holding riddhima while she still didn't looked up ,
Mayank: mom please don't say anything to her riddhima is not at all responsible for all this
Kashish: not responsible , what do you mean by not responsible she married , mayank do you even realize the word marriage an hour ago she was getting here and happy with sujal fixing her relation with that boy and now she is here standing in front of us like this, just hold on a minute , riddhima you did all this to get out of that situation, so riddhima you married armaan cause you wanted to escape marrying that boy
Nandini: riddhima what is this true , what you kids think is this marriage thing a joke for you all, do you guys even realize the seriousness of this act
Armaan: GF let me explain 
Nandini: armaan you just stay aside right now we will come to you as well after this, I still don't believe that you being part of her so big stupidity , marriage is a lifetime thing and It cant be a part of your pranks, and I cant believe my son being so forget it armaan you were my son I am your mother after prerna didi, me and karan were more than your real parents for you, atleast we had a right to knew that our son is getting married like this, or it was also a part of joke for you as well
Armaan: no GF it is no prank for me and nowhere a joke at all ,I understand the seriousness of this situation I understand that what I did is actually the biggest decision of our life I knew it occurred in a little rush
Kashish: little rush, this you consider as just a little rush wow , what amazing kids you are , first that samrat and now armaan , so mayank why are you lacking behind , you also run away and go get married to nupur like this only
Mayank: what mom , now from where did this came in all this
Kashish: why aren't you all together in all the activities till date first that samrat actually claiming gunjan as his wife in front of everyone in gunjan wedding with some other boy that was still digested as we all were there and it all happened in front of us , and today this armaan when riddhima was almost getting engaged to someone he actually married her and that to without any knowledge to us now only you are left why would it matter for you as well ,go ahead and do whatever you want , we parents are nothing for you as well as our other kids very well proved that today
Riddhima: no mom its not like that mom [riddhima started crying]
Kashish: that's it riddhima now stop this acts of crying this time like always this time this acting of yours wont work here, you kids have always made life a joke but this time you actually crossed all your limit, riddhima look at me for once riddhima for once you could have talked with me, I knew sujal is your father and being a girl you were just not able to say him anything , but then me riddhima I am your mother more than that we were friends, you could have atleast talked with me, before taking this big step just discussed once with me your problems
Sujal: riddhima I didn't expected this from you my princess what can I say you now today I am hurt really hurt with your decision
Riddhima: papa [she was literally crying and really hurt with this reaction this hatred from her parents]
Sujal: don't call me now riddhima as if you cared for this relation anymore
And it was heights for armaan patience , they all were quite and not saying anything, so all the allegations were being made on just riddhima , all thanks to her prank setter and all the time mischief image
Armaan: enough of it guys stop this please , sujal uncle , kashish aunty , GF, buddy no one of you will say anything to riddhima now, all that happened today and this marriage riddhima is not at all responsible in this, she didn't even knew anything about this, it was all my plan ,completely and solely my decision and I made everyone follow this, even riddhima , she didn't wanted to get married to me like this I have forcefully married her on the gun point
And then again , another silence of shock, everyone was again quite for a while,
Mayank: dad actually we all were there , and I knew armaan decision and we all supported it
Sujal: nothing mayank I don't want to hear anything from you, armaan I want to ask you just this is it true
Armaan: yes uncle it's the truth, I am the only one responsible for all that happened today, no one other than me is at fault
Sujal: why , why armaan
Armaan: when I came to knew about your decision for riddhima I was scared , I was scared of losing her I LOVED HER UNCLE, I love her a lot, and I just cant afford to let her go, so I did whatever I found best at the moment, I was insecure and it all happened cause of me and only me
Sujal: stop it armaan just stop it, you knew you are more than a son to me and karan, we both loved you even more than mayank and samrat , just for once armaan , for once if you would have came to me and told me about your feelings what do you think I would have not accepted it, I would have whole heartily accepted you, infact I would have been more than happy for you and riddhima being together , then why armaan , why you did this
Armaan: I was just insecure, I was not sure over my fate I loved her so much and to end with my insecurity I did this and its me and only me responsible for all this
Sujal: that's it is this the only explanation you are giving right now , do you knew if anyone else in this world other than you would have being saying me all this till now he would have been dead for forcing my daughter in all this, but I can do anything to you I am so helpless,
Kashish: mayank samrat ,you both were there with him right atleast you both could have stopped all this
Mayank: mom dad yes I was there and this marriage took place in front of me and with my complete consent and armaan is not alone responsible for this
Sujal: your consent what really means by your consent , and who told you that it was enough to take all the decisions for riddhima
Mayank: dad riddhima is my little sister and being her brother I have always taken care of her and made all the decisions for her
Sujal: yes that I am trying to tell you that she is your sister and how can you let this happen to her I mean agreeing in armaan madness like this and destroying your sister whole life and future
Mayank: destroying , now from where does this destroy came in, I knew that you all are shocked with this cause you are just seeing one side  but if you consider the other side the positive side of all this then you will not found it much wrong
Kashish: as if they have left any options for us to think on the other side , do we have left with any other option to think over this
sujal: I knew the other options , end up with all this right now , ok whatever you did and whatever happened I really don't care of it now , I just want everything back to normal and like before so forget all this , nothing happened here and we all will be back to the same life like we all had
Kashish: what do you really mean to say sujal and how can this all end now
Sujal: what do you mean by how can this end its too simple riddhima just remove all this mess, I am sorry princess for all rude words I said to you earlier now that I knew that there is no mistake of you in all this I will get you out of this as well, this is nothing take it out and wipe your head I am here with you
[said sujal pointing towards riddhima's mangalsutra]
Kashish: sujal what are you saying
Sujal: I am doing absolutely right I cant let my daughter be a part of all this foolishness of armaan I am getting my daughter out of this
Kashish: and do you find it so simple that taking this stuff out everything will get back to normal and over that this is marriage and it is not a joke that will end like this
Nandini: yes sujal bhaisahab marriage is a pure relation and it binds people for whole life together and this cant be broken and ended just like this, and you wont understand the value of this mangalsutra for a girl she just cant take it away from her like this maybe its just a chain of black beads for you, but for a married girl its too auspicious to be taken away like this
Sujal: oh stop it I don't want to hear all this oldies talks right now don't try and create a mess with all this talks now because of your this talks I cant out my daughter s life on stake in an unwanted relation like this because of armaan
Samrat: unwanted relation, sujal uncle I knew that whatever happened today was not that right , I mean we could have waited and talked with you all , and everything should have happened with your consent , that's the only issue for you I understand, but please stop blaming armaan alone responsible in all this cause whatever happened we all are equally responsible for this
 Sujal: oh so now you are also part of all this great , you were equally responsible for destroying my daughter life I wont forgave you all for this
Samrat:  what destroy uncle , who said you riddhima life is destroyed with marrying armaan, you all are just seeing one side of all this , but not the other side which is that they both loved each other
Sujal: no samrat don't give all that baseless reason to justify armaan's act
Mayank: samrat is telling the truth dad , you all are just seeing that armaan said that he love riddhima and didn't wanted to lose her, but why are you not seeing the other side of all this that riddhima also love him ,
Sujal: oh really another story , you boys think that she is quite so you all can manipulate all the facts accordingly, and you want me to believe you in this stories of yours, riddhima you tell me the truth, whatever it is just tell me look princess you don't have to be scared of anything just tell me the truth
Riddhima: dad , that actually dad yes dad mayank is telling the truth I am sorry dad I should have told you
Sujal: then when were you going to tell me, seriously what a great day to tell me all this standing in front of us like this and then you both saying that you actually love each other, seriously I am so not getting anything at all in all this just the fact that armaan and riddhima you have very much betrayed me in all this and I can never forgave you both at all
Armaan: sujal uncle you can say me anything you want and punish me in any way you want but please don't add riddhima in all this

sujal: thats it armaan stop it

While here sujal anger was rising, when karan came ahead , till now in all this conversation karan came ahead for the first time , he was just quietly standing aside till now, but now when the situation was getting out of control he came ahead
Karan:  sujal calm down , armaan please can you both get relax I think we need to talk , can we have a word in private
Sujal: karan please what do you think is left to talk and discuss in all this,  look at him karan , even after making such a big mistake he is just standing like this and
Karan: I knew sujal , I can understand it all , but please look there is no point in getting angry and making conclusions we have to talk calmly and discuss all this come with me please come with me sujal , armaan you also come in
Mayank: karan uncle please
Karan: its ok mayank don't panic I wont let sujal and armaan getting in any other hot discussion , trust me and stay here I will handle this now
And so armaan sujal and karan inside the room alone as karan closed the door
Karan: ok armaan enough now here is no one and you don't have to act here anymore
 Armaan: buddy I knew you all are hurt but then this decision was mine completely
Karan: this was not your decision armaan, this was not your wish, you have not planned all this to end up like this, it was because of me, YES IT WAS ALL MY PLAN
And then armaan looking towards sujal
Karan: yes sujal now I knew this is a big shocking to you but it was my decision I HAVE SAID ARMAAN TO DO THIS, I MADE HIM SWEAR THAT HE HAVE TO MARRY RIDDHIMA TODAY ONLY AT ANY COST IN ANY WAY
Sujal: what , what are you saying karan
Karan: armaan was not at fault in all this at all , what do you think the most sensible person out of all our kids was armaan and can you imagine him doing anything like this out of some baseless excuses that he is insecure and all maybe everyone outside can believe him but I supposed you will atleast realize that there is something more than that in all this
Sujal: I am still not getting anything
Karan: ok lets start from the start , today in the morning the moment I got to knew about you fixing riddhima relation with that khanna guy ,  I was like pacing here and there thinking what to do ahead, it was always my dream to never let riddhima go out of my house , I always wanted her to be as my daughter in law , and samrat was never my option for her , it was always armaan since years I prayed armaan and riddhima being together , plus the relation the love in them was so clear, only this dumb kids never realized it ever anyone can say that the relation they shared was never of some best friends it was more than that , a lot more than that it was so pure and true love
Sujal: karan  you are just assuming and if it was like this then how come we all never noticed that
Karan: no it was never my assumptions , it was so true I had seen it many times, and it was all in front of us but still we all considered them both as our kids and they together as best friends so how could have we seen the other side of this relation, which actually armaan and riddhima personally were also not noticing ever, but then sometime back I supposed that now it was high time that they both should realize the truth, so I talked with samrat and then he was helping me out in getting armaan and riddhima close and making them see the other side of all this , and I supposed he was successful in that as well, but I never knew our this kids were more intelligent they didn't ever let anyone knew that what was actually going on in between them , when they both started realizing there true feelings and they even confessed each  other and still never told anything to anyone
Said karan looking at armaan standing quietly there
Armaan: buddy its just that we were trying to get a perfect time I mean I wanted but riddhima was scared so I cant do anything
Karan: but before they both could do anything you started fixing riddhima relation here and I was scared , all my plans and wishes were getting destroyed and my kids happiness as well and I cant let that happened so I called samrat in the morning telling him everything which samrat actually told armaan and than armaan told samrat everything that he loves riddhima and riddhima also loved him and maybe she was just forced or scared to tell this to you that's why she was quiet, then samrat armaan planned to come back here they even added mayank with them
Karan looking at sujal and then at armaan and then continuing again
Karan: At that time before leaving for the plane samrat called me and told me everything and that they were coming here so I called armaan
Morning incident after mayank and samrat left armaan room in the hotel , Karan called armaan when armaan was almost leaving the room for coming back
Karan: buddy I am coming straight on the point look I just talked with samrat and he told me everything
Armaan: I knew that buddy , and I still cant believe this buddy you did so much with samrat , I mean he told me everything about your every little plans to get me close to riddhima
Karan: and I think my plans got successful so you finally you realized you love her
Armaan: yes buddy you are right I loved her and only her always its just it took me a long time to realize it

Karan: a really long time buddy and here riddhima is not yet realizing and look what she is doing

Armaan: no buddy its not the truth , riddhima knew everything she also confessed me her feelings

Karan: then why she didn't said anything today even I personally as well asked her twice maybe you just misunderstood

Armaan: that's impossible buddy there is no place of any misunderstanding in all this, I think riddhima is just scared to tell the truth she is all alone and you knew her she cant do anything by herself all the time she needs mine or mayank support and maybe she is just passing on time and waiting for us to be back

Karan: you are right riddhima cant do anything without your or mayank and that's the think always scared me , but now I am at peace that you both are together and I trust you the most buddy that you will forever love and support my most loved daughter, I am so satisfied , and now I want to be relaxed in peace with the assurance of the same, and that can only happen when you will marry her and that day she will be completely secured with you

Armaan: don't worry buddy now that everything is falling in its place then this will also happen soon , very soon , once everyone agree happily to all this then the next step is marriage for sure

Karan: and I cant wait for that long, i don't knew that this happiness will stay with you all for how long, and moreover whatever happened today I cant take the risk of any such act repeating again

Armaan: don't worry buddy I am coming back today only and the first think I am going to do is talk with her and I promise I will make sure that none of her stupidity act is ever repeated again

Karan; an you don't have to leave any chance for any such act to repeat and for that today you have to take a big step

Armaan: what buddy I am really not getting anything

Karan: you have to Marry her today only

Armaan: what , buddy are you alright , as in marriage in real

Karan: what do you mean by real, offcourse the real marriage the legal marriage , look I have arranged everything here with your manager , the moment you will reach here you will get all the thinks ready you just have to sign the papers, you and riddhima that's all

Armaan: just wait, hold on buddy I am really not getting anything what you are trying to say marriage like this and today only that's just impossible

Karan: nothing is impossible and this time you have to make it possible for me you have to do this today

Armaan; but buddy whats the need for all this, I said you I will make everything fine and then we will come home and talk with everyone , sujal uncle kashish aunty and girl friend, I am sure all three will be so happy with this like you are

Karan: armaan I cant wait for that long time, look you just have to marry riddhima today only , you knew now that I knew that you both love each other and my dream for my kids which I have seen since years is finally coming true I cant wait a single moment ahead , just make my dream true of seeing you and riddhima together as a happily married couple and I really don't want to take any kind of any risk in this, from anyone, and anything not even riddhima you knew her and her baseless and nasty decisions all the time I am not sure that she will ever change or grow up , so if you don't want your love and your life to be kept on stake like today so marry her now as in today itself

Armaan: I can understand whatever you are saying buddy , but still buddy I think it's a really fast decision, and moreover no one will accept this, and over everything riddhima will never do this, she will never agree to all this

Karan: that all is your problem now armaan how you have to make riddhima agree for it that you have to think yourself but I only knew that today when I see you I want to see riddhima by your side as your wife, and if you cant do this than you don't have to come and face me ever again

Armaan: buddy what are you saying , do you even have an idea why are you doing all this

Karan: that really not a point you should knew , I only knew one think that if you both love each other so much and gradually you have to get married at the end so there shall be no issue with marrying today as well , but if you not get married today then it will surely become a big issue for me

Armaan: but buddy

Karan: armaan until you agree to what I want don't even call me that and listen to this very clearly you take it as my order or as my command don't even show me your face until you marry riddhima

Armaan: now don't you think this is getting really rude on your part , why are you doing all this

Karan: you can call it as my insecurity or as my fear for my kids and their future and happiness, I want to give my kids all the happiness that they deserve at any cost and in any way , and today you have to prove me that what can you do for me, I am your father and more than that for you so being my son cant you fulfill my single wish

Armaan: you knew what buddy you just have to say it once and I will even give my life for you but today what you are asking is just more than my life

Karan: armaan you have to do this, listen to me very clearly , you have to marry riddhima today only and then only come and show me your face , swear on your mom, for prerna's stake you have to do this today and this is the last time I am telling you all I wanted now after this the final decision is yours

And then karan cut the call


Now sujal karan and armaan standing in the room alone

Sujal: karan you I really don't believe this you did all this, but why karan why what was the need for all this, you could have talked with me and we could have discussed everything and then made a decision
Karan: I think more than me it was you who wanted riddhima to get married as soon as possible and I only did what you wanted

Sujal: as soon that really didn't meant that I wanted her to be married today like this

Karan: oh please really if you could you have surely did that as well, and sujal why are you so upset now , look what we wanted is done so I thought now you will be happy and relaxed , you wanted riddhima to be in safe and secured hands and that to as soon as possible right, so here we are and I suppose armaan will take care, protect and over everything love our riddhima more than anyone in this world can

Sujal: karan you could have atleast told me once

Karan: you remember when riddhima was born I holding her in my hands and said that she is my daughter and today I did what I found the best for my daughter I knew right now you all think that it was a little fast and harsh decision but then its fine all's well that ends well and the end of all this was so positive look here our two kids finally married can you imagine armaan and riddhima as one married , and wow that will be like the time for celebration

Armaan: I still don't believe this that how can you even fell happy after what you did today

Karan: buddy listen to me

Armaan: no buddy , stop this now you wanted me to prove you that how much I loved you that was what you said me right look here I proved you I did exactly what you said me to do and see what have I done, in return I end up hurting the one person to whom I have myself promised to take care and protect from any pain

Karan: buddy please listen to me

Armaan: no now you listen to me why , why buddy why you put me in this situation you knew I love you so much that I can even give my life for you but today hurting riddhima was even more than my own life I cant forgave myself ever for this, I will never forgave myself I am so sorry riddhima I fel so helpless today she is hurt , she is in so much pain and only because of me, no because of you

Karan: look at you, you are yourself proving to us that I didn't no mistake in getting you and riddhima married today also after so much happening you are just concerned about one thing and that's her pain , her sorrow, her and only her

Armaan: you knew so well that my weakness is mom and you used my weakness so well today I would have never done this if you have not made me swear on mom for this I hate you today for this and I will never forgave you ever

Karan: why because you think that you have put riddhima in pain by all this you wont understand that today by marrying her you are not hurting her but actually protecting her from a many dangers

And as karan said ahead sujal stopping karan and with his expression telling him to stop and not to say anything further

Armaan: danger , what kind of danger , buddy sujal uncle there is something that you all are hiding from us , isn't it since the day you all came back this time you all are behaving very different, there is something you all are hiding from us and that is related to riddhima am I right

Sujal: armaan its nothing like that armaan we are just concerned for our all kids and there safety its just a general concern like any other parents

while they were talking , mayank came inside , he was standing outside and was listening to everything discussed inside

mayank: really dad is this actually just a general concern Cause in case of a general concern parents don't take this big decision and force their kids like this to follow them

karan: mayank i told you that i will handle this , so why you came here

mayank: that i have already seen  karan uncle that you have taken care of everything already very well, and i just came here to knew the real reason behind armaan's act

armaan; mayank you knew

mayank: what do you mean by i knew , look i knew i have been a real dump that i didnt understood your and riddhima relation, and even the change in you both and that is all thanks to you and riddhima being so great actors , you both never let me knew the change and what all is going on between you two, but still armaan you must have been a nice actor but not that much good to fool me today as well, i knew it that there was something else that you were hiding

armaan: mayank i was not hiding

mayank: armaan i have heard everything already so stop giving me any such excuses, i was so shocked when i came to knew about you and riddhima , but then you started with that drama of marry me now act, at first i thought for once you are doing all this cause of your insecurities , but then even after our so much trying to make you understand and convincing still you were so adamant on your decision this made my doubt so clear that there is something else you are hiding, and now i knew that you were also doing all this cause karan uncle said you to do this

armaan: oh really than why didnt you said anything over there, you could have crossed questioned me , maybe i would have spilled the truth out

mayank: armaan i thought you knew that i knew you so well atleast that how much i would have cross questioned you would have never said the truth out, cause if you wanted you would have said it at first only i knew you so well atleast so i supported you , or you can say helped you in completing this task , otherwise you also knew that it was impossible to make riddhima sign that papers but then i wanted her to sign them cause really i wanted to knew that why were you doing all this

armaan: mayank i am so sorry i never wanted all this to happen like this

mayank: I knew armaan I knew and that's why I am here with you and supporting you, I also went against my own sister and stand by your side even after knowing that this is going to hurt riddhima, only because I knew that you also care for her as much as I am concerned for her, and if today you are doing something against her will , then surely the reason would have been really big and I wanted to knew that only

Karan: you knew what today you guys failed us, yes really me and sujal always thought that we were like the most close friends anyone can ever be but today hats off to your friendship guys I wish your relation remain the same forever and over everything riddhima, the girl who have gone through all this that was so unfare over her still she is quite she didn't said a word against you both I saw her no matter how much angry and hurt she is from you right now still when it came to stand for you even after so much she supported you both in front of sujal I just wish to god that you and your guys relation stay blessed and together like this forever

Mayank: karan uncle in all this commenting on our relation just don't think that you will get a way of escaping , we both knew that we had hurt riddhima and we both also knew how to make her normal again, and we will do that , but in all this still the question remains the same , why, why you did all this, and dad what is this danger exactly you guys talking about

Sujal: mayank really son its nothing , I said its general concern

Armaan: sujal uncle , buddy please tell us ,  I knew there is something and its related to riddhima , is she in any kind of a danger , just say it why are you telling us

Karan: ok I think its time we have to tell you

Sujal: no karan please no

Karan: sujal its ok our kids are grown up enough and they will understand, look there is a threat and its not only on riddhima but on all our kids, it's a kind of mafia threat , you knew being a high class business man , the more we have friends , the same way we even have our enemies, we were getting some threatening calls from underworld now a days you knew for extortion money

Mayank: what karan uncle what are you saying, I mean why didn't you told all this to us earlier , and who are they give me the detail

Karan: its ok mayank, and no we don't want any of our kids to get involved in all this, any kids are you both listening to me armaan mayank, please we have contacted with the cops , and don't worry they are working on this and soon that people will be arrested and everything will be fine, its just till the time this threat don't end we wanted to keep our family safe , our family and that are you all our kids, we were not so concerned for you both and even samrat I knew you boys are capable of fighting any thing you can take care of yourself well, we were just concerned for riddhima, she is our weakness she is our life, never in any case we could have let anything happened to her

Armaan: riddhima was here with us and she was safe and do you feel we would have let anything happened to her ever

Karan: that's why , that's the only reason why I did all this , sujal was also worried for riddhima and her safety , what do you think why sujal was in so rush to get her married cause he just wanted to keep her out of all this as soon as possible, and he thought getting her married to someone capable to protect her will help in this, sujal you were right this will help in protecting riddhima but getting her married to some stranger was just not correct

Armaan: so this was the reason why you wanted to me marry her like this and so early , you could have just told us the truth didn't you trusted us buddy that we could have taken care of her and protected her like that as well

Karan: yes armaan but there was one more reason, the treat was on Sujal sharma's daughter and not on armaan singhania's wife and now that she is not tagged as Sharma anymore automatically she is safe, she is out of that danger

Mayank: oh please karan uncle don't give me that excuse , you feel that in any case I would have let anything happened to my sister if she was Sharma still she would have been safe

Sujal: karan is right mayank , we could have not taken that risk , karan thank you so much , you are so right, I think I should have earlier only understood what you wanted to say , thanks a lot today you actually removed a great burden away from me I think your decision was so right

Mayank: burden dad that's riddhima and since when our riddhima became a burden on you

Sujal: oh please mayank stop mixing my words I didn't said riddhima as burden, the burden on me was my daughters security , and today I am at peace armaan I am sorry , I am so sorry for what I said to you earlier, you have to take care of my daughter got that

Armaan: that I will sujal uncle but still , I still don't accept all this reason valid for what we did today, I mean I would have still taken care of riddhima even without this rushed marriage thing

Karan: no you could have not cause a best friend , or a lover cant protect her the way a husband can , its different really different

Armaan: [with a sarcastic smile] Husband what an irony of my life today you are telling me to take care of riddhima as her husband while on the other side she don't even consider me like that, and she will never accept me as her husband ever

Karan: now that's your problem buddy, we being your parents did whatever we felt right for our kids, but now after this how you have to make riddhima happy and accept all this , that's your personal issue

Armaan: personal issue have you seen her buddy she will literally eat me up today she is so angry right now

Mayank: you knew what armaan I think karan uncle and dad are so right , whatever the reasons were and no matter how it all happened yet the end result of all this is that she is your responsibility now, you marry her out of your choice and now you have to alone make her agree to all this

Armaan: mayank you also just now you proved being my best friend supported me in everything

Mayank: i am still your best friend armaan and will support you in everything and i think i already proved that as well, but now armaan things have changed whatever were the circumstances but now you both are bind together in one relation , and this relation is the most important relation for you both, from now and  from here began your new life your life armaan your and riddhima life together now its upto you and your decision how you have to move ahead with this

armaan; i swear i never get to knew that from where did you got all this intelligence and understanding why you have to act so mature and grown up all the time

mayank: dont worry armaan soon you will also get all this maturity cause from now on my responsibility is being transferred to you, till now riddhima was my sister and my responsibility but now she is your wife and your responsibility so handle with care

sujal: hello kids dont you think that we your parents are still here and right now its our responsibility to handle this situation

mayank: oh please you guys dont talk about this we are elder thing , cause what you elders did today after that we really doubt on your maturity

sujal: ok now mayank thats really rude ,and remember son dont forget that whatever happens i am still your dad, lets go out and talk peacefully we all will surely sort everything and make the best solution out of all this to make everything back to normal

soon after a long as in like a really long discussion finally armaan mayank , sujal and karan came out of that room while riddhima was quietly sitting on a sofa, nupur and gunjan sitting with her , nandini and kashish on the other side while samrat was pacing here and there getting so impatient over what was happening inside for so long, when they saw everyone coming

sujal: nupur gunjan, kids just take riddhima to her room she looked really upset, please can you make her relax for sometime

nupur: sure uncle , riddhima come lets go

riddhima: no i dont want to go anywhere

sujal: riddhima , baby just listen to me you are really exhausted right now , please go up, i will be there with you soon

riddhima: dad please promise me you wont do anything for which you have to regret later , dad whatever it was please dont hurt anyone for this

sujal: princess why are you so scared and why will i hurt anyone look here i love you all guys everyone dont panic i swear i wont hurt mayank and armaan i swear ok now go riddhima we need to take some decisions , i will let you knew everything later i promise

while riddhima leaving with nupur and gunjan, and while leaving giving one last full of hurt and anger gaze towards armaan.

as she left karan and sujal began with all the narrations of the day to kashish ,nandini and samrat and the ladies were like sitting shocked after hearing everything

and then they realized their one little mistake out of all this , their anger and hatred for armaan

nandini: why armaan , why , i mean why are you so good all the time here i accused you so much and still you quietly taking it all and that to because of this karan , you always make everyone fall for you

armaan: well thats like my charm girlfriend i always said that your husband is not as good as me you still have a chance be with me

kashish: oh really thats so bad armaan

said kashish while pulling armaan ears

armaan: ouch kashish aunty what is this for now

kashish: well this one is just for the fact that here you are planning to betray my daughter , armaan remember you just married my daughter and here my son in law already having an extra marital affair

armaan: oh my god kashish aunty dont you feel this son in law sounds to big for me , i am perfect being your son only , if you all want you can call riddhima as your daughter in law

nandini: offcourse she is and she will be that only for us now , but before everything guys dont you think that maybe everyone here whatever you did all your acts have been justified , but riddhima what about her , she is so shattered with all this, dont you think that in all this you all did a lot of injustice with her

mayank: what injustice, i think the more shattered here have to be us all as they both did so bad with us , hiding there secret blooming love from all of us , they also did so injustice with all of us , on our faces acting so normal like always and on our back so much happening armaan that was really bad

samrat: yes seriously armaan atleast you could have told us, forget about riddhima i will talk with her later over this, she never kept any secret with me earlier and now i dont get to knew any secret about her at all

sujal: well i think kids you have got a lot of time together to fight and argue with each other for all this cause right now first riddhima needs to get normal and for that she needs to knew the truth maybe then she will also get normal and take all this positively like we all did

armaan: its ok sujal uncle it all started with me and i am going to end all this

while armaan saying so went up towards riddhima room to face the biggest truth of his life , his WIFE

and as he was leaving all the parents looking at him from there

kashish: do you think whatever happened was right

sujal: whatever happens it always happen for good and today also it happened for good now i am happy and in peace

nandini: i wish everything get backs to normal soon

karan: dont worry everything will not just be normal but will actually be the best for the good

ok thats all for now

this is like the most boring part i ever wrote , all the time just reactions and truth coming out, guys i knew i bored a lot of people with no armaan and riddhima part what you wanted to read , but then trust me this was also required to actually knew the real reason why all that happened,

and yes one more thing a big secret is still awaiting ahead and that will surely turn the tables upside down , so stay tuned the climax twist of my story is on its way

till then please do comment i am only writing this ff for my readers who are regularly commenting me thats the only think matters to me a lot ,your comments

and yes next part will be surely and solely dedicated to armaan and riddhima

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awesome, thanks for the long update and PM.

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Waiting for the twist...please update fast...)

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awesome update...
loved it...

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Amazing update.. Lovd it.. Thnks for pm..

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awesome parts... Thx for pm...

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