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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 8)

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
hey simi.....
i read ur FF.......
GOSH! it was too long but luvd it...........
oh wow! KSG & MOHIT 2gethr???
m luving it.......luv both of them.....
& that too brothers.......mind-blowing........
luvin the way story is proceeding.......
ur doin a fab job......luv ur cont soon......
thnx 4 the PM & dnt 4get 2 PM me........
w8ing 4 nxt update.......Smile

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Originally posted by gupta.aditi20

hope she doent break ar's friendship
n i want ammy mayank n sammy to do seriously something abt ranvijay....
thanks a lot for your reply
and as for ranvijay , lol's , sure they all will surely do something , just have some patiens
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Originally posted by ishuKSGKAJEN

it took me Half an hour to sink  the previous story n read the current part
LOLLOLLOLLOL gosh soo slow , well koi nahi , ab to story padd li na , noow i need the comments fast got you ,
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awesome update
loved it
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm
yaar so happy u are back
missed u sooooooooooooooooooo much
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simi fab story. plz write some romantic moments between Mayur. and plz simi give a different immotional and beautiful track ( not separation) of mayur .plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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part 4 on page 5














nupur: where r rest of them ?


riddhima.: I don't knew all three r like out of my sight since morning I haven't seen anyone of them ,  even tried to call mayank and armaan , but there cell is just unreachable 


Only then they saw  samrat's car entering the college gate


nupur: look samrat's car , I think all of them r here


They went near parking and then samrat and gunjan came out


Riddhima went near the parking lot and instantly started yelling on samrat  "where the hell r you all since morning "  [then her eyes fell on gunjan] " gunjan     [hugging her]  how r u sweetie and when did you came back from Delhi "


Gunjan hugging her back :  "I came back just today in the morning went to your house only samrat was there so I came over here with him  well where r mayank and armaan"


riddhima remembering that she was to ask samrat regarding them  : " I don't know samrat , where r they ?


Samrat got nervous don't knew what he shall say  : " they actually riddhima , armaan and mayank they , yaa they r in office, no I mean they have went for some office work


Riddhima was not convinced by his excuse :  " office work ! r you sure samrat ,  listen don't you dare to lie to me , where r they ? 


Samrat trying to convince her :  " yes yes riddhima , they r gone for some work  


Riddhima : I knew very well , where they must have gone and what is  there soo called  important work  


Nupur  also understanding situation and what riddhima trying to say :  " no ways  , samrat why did you let them goo over there


Samrat still trying to hide the truth :"  no actually , they " 


Riddhima getting angry :   : enough that's it samrat ! don't lie , I knew that they have gone to valley , for that stupid bike race , am I right samrat ?


Samrat  confused what to doo now : riddhima actually they ,


Riddhima was damm angry  :  by the way , how come you didn't went there with them ,  , wait let me guess they both must have said you , that ,  'riddhima is a fool , she will get easily convinced , with any excuse of yours , right '


Samrat said normally  :  why r you getting angry on me ,  they both have gone for the race , not mee , they will be back soon ,  you can get angry on them then , for now lets goo , its time for the  lectures 


Gunjan shocked on listening that samrat was coming with them in the classroom , to attend lectures ,  :    samrat  you gonna attend the lecture  , r you ok samrat ? 


Riddhima still very angry , said sarcastically , : no  gunjan today he will definitely attend the lecture , you know , it must be an order from his soo called friends , that , they both won't be coming  to the college today , so he has to be the substitute bodyguard  for us


Samrat : riddhima stop giving these sarcastic comments of yours , mayank have only told me to take care of you , not to be like your bodyguard  


Riddhima  very angry now   :  its not at all required, we don't need you , and remember one think  , if today  I even see you somewhere near around me ,then , then you just wait and watch ,


Samrat :  what , why can't I be with you today


Riddhima  : [angry] its going to be like that only ,  they went themselves leaving their bodyguard behind  [mummerring to herself]  , you just go from here , I don't wanna se you anywhere near my tight


Samrat was very irritated :  if you are angry with them why are you getting it on me


[gunjan came between the fight]


gunjan: samrat , relax , I have to talk to you ,  riddhima ,nupur ,you both go ahead ,in the classroom , 


[nupur took angry riddhima from there]


samrat: why is she getting so angry with me , what have I done ?  I didn't even went with them    [like a baby]


gunjan: [very lovingly]  oh so sad  [now angry] but u guys deserve this  


samrat: [confused] what !


gunjan: don't behave so innocently , armaan and mayank knew this think very well that the race in the valley , is so dangerous , still  they went for that and that too , without telling anyone , and hiding it from riddhima , poor riddhima , she is not telling anyone , but I know very well how much scared she is right now  


samrat: come-on gunjan , its just a race ,


gunjan: ya right just a race , you find it really exciting naa by getting your life in danger


samrat: I know and I understand see that's why I didn't went for the race


gunjan: samrat don't try and act innocent , I very well knew why have you not gone there , because you were scared of riddhima anger


samrat:  really [sarcastically] and why should I be scared ,


gunjan: yes , because , you still remember , that what had happened with you last year , when you  went for that race 


samrat sadly : I  remember that , yaar I remember that very well I alone had to bear with your girls full anger , because mayank and armaan , were soo clever , that they easily escaped your anger , by their fake injuries


gunjan: fake injury! U mean they both were not actually injured  [shocked] 


samrat: do you really think so , that was there plan to get away from this 'phoolan devi' anger 


gunjan: phoolan devi who ?


samrat:  riddhima who else, is her anger somewhere less than 'phoolan devi' 


[they both laughed together]


samrat:  ok lets do one think , we four will go out and enjoy after the college today , leaving , mayank and armaan


 gunjan: cool we will 


[gunjan went in the class  ,and samrat got busy with his college friends]


benji: [student in college] hey hi samrat


samrat: hi dude , how r u ?


benji: fine , samrat , what had happened between armaan and vivek


samrat remembered the mall incident  :  nothing much , you know naa, that he try and get over friendly with riddhima , that's it , armaan got angry with him ,


benji: oh ya you r right about this , vivek , is really very arrogant , and he really try a lot to get close to riddhima ,


samrat cutting him in between with bit anger : dare he come in front of riddhima from now on, then I will tell him ,


Benji impressed by samrat care for riddhima :  you all really care for riddhima alot right you always protect her


Samrat very lovingly :   off course  riddhima is our life, she is really innocent, just like a small kid , and she is so delicate that sometime we feel that , if we don't handle her with care, then you know what I mean


benji: yaa off course ,I can, she is the jaan of you all , but now get attentive that vivek is definitely going to do something


samrat: means ?


benji: actually , he had gone to that rocky and group , and today they have even got a new entry in there group


samrat:  new  entry ?


benji:  yaa there is a new admission , in our college


samrat: new admission , and that to now , in final year


benji: yaa , some  RATHODE , I don't remember the name


A voice from behind  , RANVIJAY RATHODE ,


samrat and benji turned back , a tall ,  dark handsome boy was standing there,  ranvijay belonged to a royal family ,from Rajasthan ,  and that can be seen in his looks and walking style and talking style


 ranvijay coming towards them , very arrogantly  : its me ranvijay rathode, I am new in this college, and have joined today only  


samrat: good to meet you [just normally not so interested in meeting him]


ranvijay: wish I could say the same for you, god this college and cheap people here we are royalty and not feel like getting in with cheap people like here [arrogantly]


samrat: oh really, so prince of Rajasthan thanks for coming to our college and increasing it value but joining here  [sarcastically]


ranvijay: I don't want to get indulge in talking with low class people like you


samrat: [angry]  excuseme , do you even knew whom you r talking to ,  


[ranvijay an arrogant guy , in his arrogance of being rich , .but he didn't knew that samrat and mayank family were 10 times richer than him ,  but samrat ,armaan and mayank are always been down to earth , but this ranvijay was a big show off type of person]


 benji: let it be samrat , leave him lets go to canteen


[samrat went away from there with Benji , after giving angry looks to ranvijay , he didn't liked him at all ranvijay is left there and rocky and  vivek and there group joined him there]


ranvijay: what the hell , does he think he was , [for samrat ]


vivek: leave it ranvijay , you r new to the college soo just leave them ,


 rocky: yaa come on we will show you the whole college


they went to see the college, moving in the corridor


riddhima and gunjan were coming from the opposite side...


 gunjan: riddhima cool down sweety , its ok


riddhima: I m felling really scared gunjan , hope they both r fine ,


gunjan: relax , sweety I m sure they will be


riddhima: where is nupur by the way ?


gunjan:  nupur , had gone to library , must have got lost in her books ,


riddhima: no not in books , she must be lost in mayank's memories


[Laughing on there jokes]


gunjan: I will go and call her , you go to canteen , we will join you there


riddhima: ok , come fast


 [gunjan went and riddhima is walking alone towards the canteen]


and from the other side ranvijay also coming in riddhima's direction


and clash


it was ranvijay's  fault , he was so busy in looking around the college ,that he didn't saw in front and that's why he collided with riddhima , resulting in riddhima books falling down ,


riddhima: [very angry] what the hell , can't you see


[riddhima went down picking the books and ranvijay also went down for helping her with that]  


ranvijay: please forgave me, actually I was seeing the college , I am


[as he looked to riddhima]


ranvijay: [after a pause] wow , beautiful  [murmuring]


riddhima: excuse me


 ranvijay: sorry it was my mistake


riddhima: u better be   [arrogantly]


ranvijay: by the way , I m new in the college , I have joined today only , hi i m [as he was about to

introduce himself]


riddhima: excuse me I have to go ,will you please excuse from here and give me the way to leave


[riddhima normally don't behave like this , she is not soo rude always ,but today she is really angry with armaan and mayank and her anger bursted here like this] 

[riddhima  ,went from there ] 


ranvijay: not bad , what a style, I never knew this college have so hot and spicy thinks


vivek :  carefull buddy , hope you don't burn your mouth 


ranvijay:  ahh I love spicy thinks a lot, well there must be some name to this 


vivek:  yes ofcourse its Riddhima 


 ranvijay : Riddhima interesting


[riddhima went to canteen] 

gunjan and nupur were sitting there


gunjan: hey riddhima what took you soo long ?


 riddhimas: nothing , just , got an encounter with some idiot newcome


nupur:  newcomer in our college ?


riddhima:  yes  it was a boy , some new admission


[who was listening the conversation came in between ]


samrat: oh , that 'prince of Rajasthan', he is too arrogant I tell you , did he said something to you [now with concerned and a bit anger on him]


[riddhima looked samrat there and remembered the morning incident]


riddhima: its nowhere related with you , and by the way what r you doing here , you go to your friends, mayank and armaan's bodyguard [ very angrily]


samrat:  what bodyguard  ,riddhima its getting too much now [pointing a finger and with fake anger]


riddhima: I haven't done anything yet , now you wait and watch what I m going to do now


[And she just went from there to the valley where the race was to take place]


samrat: today mayank and armaan are gone , only god can save them from riddhima's anger today


[riddhima reached the racing ground , mayank and armaan busy with here race ..and armaan surrounded by girls , he even got a new girlfriend just now]


riddhima reached there in the middle of the race , the race was held in the valley ,  one side was a mountain and other side was a deep valley , if they loose there balance on bike , they can end up in a serious accident or even they can fall deep in the valley]


announcer: as you all can see this is the last level of the race , now the final contestant have to do a jump , with their bikes , from that mountain , whoever will do it first will be the winner , but before doing this jump , we need to tell you , that if  the contestant is not able to jump properly , then their bikes can even fall deep in the valley , this is the race of life , and now only our 4 finalist r left , who r going to do this race and they r armaan  mayank, sahil and rohan , so lets see , who gonna win this one today


Everyone hooding for armaan


Riddhima  reached there but , the guard did not allowed her to get in , she had no option but to watch the race to end up  , she was standing there , in the audience


riddhima: [she was damm scared , folded her hands and started mummerring ]  oh god! Please save them, please god , please


She didn't even dared to open her eyes


But armaan and mayank ,  did the stunt perfectly , but armaan was more fast , hence won the race


Riddhima  opened her eyes , a sign on relief , she took a deep breath , and then proceeds towards them


Armaan surrounded by many girls and mayank was also there, standing with armaan


armaan: hey gorgeous , soo did you like the race  [flirting ]  


kiran: [latest just now created girlfriend , she was wearing a mini skirt , you know armaan type of girl]   wow , armaan you were too good


mayank: gosh ,  armaan it was great , first I thought that today we r gone , but then what a perfect stunt bro


armaan: it was great , what a race I loved it


mayank: yaa right you would love it more , you got a new girlfriend right [ said slowly audible to armaan only ]


[they stopped , seeing riddhima , riddhima coming close to them.]


armaan:  riddhima  here [shocked]


mayank: this samrat I tell you cant keep a single secret in his stomach, he must have told everything to her


armaan: oh god !  Save me ,


mayank: save us ,[helplessly] , all the best dude


armaan: to u too


[Riddhima approaching them she came there in front of them]


mayank: [nervously] riddhima  , riddhima I actually


riddhima: [very calmly] soo congratulation you won the race , hope you guys enjoyed it


[armaan and mayank confused they had expected a sudden burst out  off riddhima on them , but she was really calm and smiling on them also] 


mayank: [very lovingly] bachaa actually


riddhima: what happened mayank , what actually ? I was just asking that how was your race , hope you had fun


armaan:  [confused]  you aren't angry with us

[Everyone was shocked , samrat nupur and gunjan who had also reached there were also confused] 


riddhima: [very serious] angry , why and on whom ? who am I to get angry with you guys , and does it really matter you guys if I get angry on you


mayank: [serious too]  bachaa why r you saying like this ,


riddhima: I m saying it absolutely right mayank ,  if you guys would have really cared about me , then you wouldn't have come over here like this , if I was really important for you then you must have told me about this


armaan: riddhima actually 


[Cutting him in between]


 riddhimai: armaan I m not talking to you , I m talking to mayank right now , so you just stay out of this  [angrily]]


armaan: riddhima , why r you talking to me like this , ok we did a mistake , and we r sorry for that


riddhima: mistake !  no armaan you haven't done any mistake , its mee who had done it  , it was my mistake that I expected from you that you both wont do any think that will hurt me , or you both get in problem


mayank: riddhima [putting his hand on her cheek , trying to calm her down , but she jerked it ]


riddhima: stop it mayank , i just don't want to talk to you guys , not a single word , do you even know what is my condition since morning , I was not able to sit for a second properly , how the hell scared I was , thinking that if some think happens to you , but why would you care about all this , you really enjoy na , doing all this races and getting your life's in danger , fine go ahead , do what ever you guys want to , I won't say a word to you guys from now 


[samrat ,gunjan and nupur also realized by now , that this matter is now become serious]


armaan: riddhima actually


riddhima: that's it armaan , not a single word [angrily]


kiran: [armaan gf watching her scolding armaan] [very arrogantly]  what's her problem man who the hell r you , talking to armaan like this


armaan: [angry but not so loud]  stop it kiran you please stay out of this


riddhima: no armaan its ok , she is right I m sorry that I talked to you like this  [still angry said all this]


kiran: you better be , you better be  , i knew your type of down class girls very well , you can doo anythink to seek attention from armaans types of boys


[armaan anger grew up , haw dare a girl armaan just met and shared some time can say , her best friend , her riddhima like this how dare she insulted riddhima ]


armaan: [angry and loud] kiran ! how dare you said all this to riddhima


 kiran: armaan i was just [confused for armaan , insulted her]


armaan: shut up , this is our personal matter , who the hell r u to interfere


armaan: [getting close to riddhima]  riddhima


[But she just went off , she just ran from there, she was actually crying] 

[She got in her car and drive back home] 

[Samrat , gunjan  , nupur and mayank , followed her]


armaan  Again to kiran


armaan: [still very angry]  you ,  what the hell do you think of yourself its not riddhima , its you the one that type of down class girls , you got it


kiran: oh really , ya right she was not down class girl , infact she was really  intelligent , by the way armaan why r you feeling soo bad , if I insulted her a bit ,


armaan: because she is  my friend, and  


kiran: friend ya right friendship ,  perfect word , I m not blind armaan , I can see very well ,that what all it is , and a perfect word used to hide it ,


armaan: what do you mean who the hell r you to comment on our friendship


kiran: armaan and a girl , and there soo called friendship , armaan and being as a friend with a girl , doesn't suits you


[kiran just went off from there , and armaan was confused]


armaan:[to himself] off course she is my friend , these kiran types of girls don't even knew the meaning of friendship soo they can never understand


[And he don't thinking more about it , he had got a bigger problem ,riddhima was sad, she was crying she was hurt]


Now mayank and armaan were also feeling really guilty , riddhima was crying due to them


riddhima parked the car at her house and as she came out mayank took hold of her hand


myank: i m sorry baby , really sorry , I promise I won't do anythink like this ever again , please don't cry 


[as he tried to touch her to , clear her tears , she jerked his hand ]


riddhima: don't try to talk to me, don't even dare to


armaan also came there


armaan: riddhima , listen please , don't take that talk seriously ,please don't cry


[He also tried to clear riddhima tears and she went back]


riddhima: I don't want to talk to anyone of you


[And she ran away and locked herself in her room]


Riddhima , really sad , this was a serious fight this time


Who will be able to convince her , mayank or armaan 



[Riddhima went to her room, locked herself, mayank armaan trying for her to open the door]


mayank: riddhimai , bachaa please open the door , see  I m sorry ,please at least  talk to me 


armaan:  riddhima , please open the door , we need to talk right now


riddhima: [from inside , a bit sobbing],  no we don't need to talk anymore , I just don't want to talk to anyone , I m feeling sleepy , you guys go from here now 


mayank: but riddhima


[nupur stopping mayank from speaking further]


nupur: mayank armaan , you both go from here , she is very angry right now 


gunjan: ya , you relax , we will stay with her , and try to calm her down


mayank: but gunjan


gunjan: relax mayank, her anger will calm down by morning then you can talk with her 


samrat: gunjan is saying right mayank, armaan , lets go for now 


They went off, the girls were inside riddhima's room, riddhima was angry but she was tired too and soo she went off to sleep after some time 


And so did the boys but mayank and armaan were feeling really helpless, and restless


Armaan, was thinking, about what that girl has said, why she said soo , of course riddhima was his best friend , he cares for her , he feels protective about her , she is a good girl, an adorable friend , then why that girl  kiran said soo , what was she trying to say


Armaan was totally confused , he was not able to sleep the whole night , he was continuously thinking about all the time he had spend with riddhima , and then about kiran words


Finally  [to himself] :   I think I m getting mad and thinking rubbish , that kiran and her type of girl , and I m thinking soo much of nonsense  stuffs , forget about all this I m not going to think about this anymore 



Riddhima waked up a little early, and she quickly dressed to leave for college, she wore a salwar kameez , well it was like a  signal for them that she was not in a good mood she always were Indian cloths whenever she is in bad mood

nupur and gunjan also got ready, and they went out of the room , but there was no one in the house


Only then riddhima got a call from samrat


samrat: hey riddhima , good morning , actually dad had called us , there is some important business work , so me armaan and mayank r in office right now 


riddhima: [very normally]  you won't come to college


samrat: well  mayank and  armaan won't be coming I will come , but I will get a bit late 


riddhima: ok  take care 


samrat:  ya , well you talk to mayank  

[before he can complete the sentence]


riddhima: bye samrat  [as she don't want to talk to them]


she cut the phone , mayank and armaan got really sad on this action of her 


samrat: [to cheer mayank and armaan]  chill buddy ,  I will go to the college right now and will convince her and  bring her here  ok


riddhima nupur and gunjan , went to the college, they were standing in the entrance  , in a corridor of the college , riddhima in not soo good mood


nupur: [to cheer her up] riddhima , now behave normally yaar,  and here is no one here,   so why are you unnecessary being melodramatic here 


gunjan: yes riddhima you don't look good , when you behave soo serious


riddhima: [smiling now]  happy , ? 


gunjan: yaa now that's like a good girl 


nupur:  ok lets go in the class


riddhima: no , you both go ahead , I wanna stay alone for sometime 


nupur , and gunjan can understand her 


nupur: u sure 


riddhima just nodded head in approval


gunjan: ok , will meet you in canteen after the class , take care 


They went for lecture, and riddhima went to basket ball ground it was completely empty, no one was there 


[she sat in a corner, and was just thinking about yesterday incident]


When a ball hit her hand, and she was out of her thoughts, she immediately looked up , two boys were there , one was vivek and the other one was that new admission , she recognized them 


riddhima: [angry] can't you see , [getting up holding the ball]


ranvijay: [with attitude]  we can see well , but I think that it s the basket ball court and we r here to play the game , soo you can get hurt by the ball if you r not attentive ,  well can we get the ball back , and this is basket ball madam and its not meant for girls 


vivek: leave her ranvijay , poor , she is alone here , what can she doo 


riddhima , was damm angry now , how dare he was challenging her


riddhima: [with same arrogance]   oh really , soo you think that only boys can play this game 


ranvijay: [arrogantly]  oh challenge , i love that , specially from a beautiful girl like you , soo what say lets have a match , one on one


riddhima,  not in a mood to play , but she has to accept it now, she was damm angry 


riddhima: done 


[She tied her duppatta on her waist , and was ready to play , but ranvijay on the other hand , was planning something different , vivek sat in a corner and watched the match]


The game began , riddhima was a best player, and soo she did  it ,she had her first basket , .and now she was about to basket again]


She was holding the ball and was about to through in the basket when , she felt someone's hand on her waist 


She immediately got conscious , it was ranvijay , and he just hold her , and took the duppatta out of her waist where she had tied it ,


riddhima: how dare you , how dare you touch me , give my duppatta back to me 


ranvijay: [arrogantly] if I don't give it then what will you do , scream or shout and will call the whole college 


vivek: [also joining ranvijay]  what will she do today , she didn't even have her soo called bodyguards with her today  , and no one will come for her now 


riddhima: [nervously]   shut up , and listen I m warning you for the last time , get off my way


ranvijay: no , not soo early , the revenge for my yesterday's insult is still left , you insulted me in front of the whole college , this is a backfire sweetheart 


riddhima was damm scared now] , :  you guys have gone crazy , listen don't you dare to come near mee , its not gonna be good for you two  


They were approaching riddhima , and she was moving back and back , and at last she just can't move as there was a wall behind , she got damm scared, she closed her eyes and just remember mayank and armaan


She just hoped them to be here, she just realized, that how much , helpless is she without them , how much is she dependent on them , she was just standing there helplessly , hoping god  , to send her angels back ,


Now that ranvijay came really near to her , she want to escape , but he didn't let her go, by putting his arms on both the side on the wall


She then just remember mayank and armaan and  that how have they always protected her in such situations, tears roll down her eyes , she was just incapable to do any think, he was about to kiss her , she was not able to escape 


But only then, a strong hand got hold on ranvijay face ,and pulled him away from riddhima , she saw him


It was SAMRAT, she took a deep sigh of relief 


Samrat just picked up her dupatta , and covered her ,then she just hugged him tight, so that all her fears just went off from her


samrat leaving her ,  [to ranvijay], [holding him tight by his collar] [very angry]


samrat:  how dare you , how dare you touch her , 


ranvijay:[still shameless]   relax , dude , I didn't even touched her yet and you , whats your problem with that hmm 


[As he was new in the college and didn't know anything about there relation]


samrat: [very  angry] I m going to kill you , you b*****d , [and then he hit him hard really hard , ranvijay felled down on ground]


vivek coming near samrat , but samrat was damm angry , he hit him too


vivek also fall far away


ranvijay: [still shamelessly] [to samrat]  relax man , if we touch her than what's your problem with that , now what to do , seriously , something is there in her , you know she is damm  [towards riddhima]  

[but was not able to complete the sentence as he again got a punch from samrat]


Samrat anger grew at its height , again a harder punch , soo hard that this time ranvijay was not able to get up

riddhima coming near samrat


riddhima: [trying to cool samrat]   samrat  , samrat relax , let it be 


samrat: [angry] what do you mean let it be , how he dared to touch you 


riddhima: samrat please this is a college , please don't create any scene over here


samrat: [still angry] but riddhima


riddhima: please samrat , lets go from here 


Samrat was damm angry, but riddhima just pulled away him from there, they straight away went to the parking, no one has seen this fight , as there was no one there in the court


And riddhima don't want anyone to even know this


samrat:[samrat still angry , taking riddhima into a side hug]  riddhima  you , you ok naa  , why did you bring me from there , I would have 


riddhima: samrat please , just cool down ,and please relax , and you wont say about this to anyone , please samrat , promise me 


samrat: riddhima but 


riddhima: [very emotionally] samrat please promise me you won't tell about this to anyone , specially mayank and armaan  


samrat: [not convinced] riddhima


riddhima: [convincing him] ,samrat swear on me for this you wont 


samrat: ok as you say , promise I won't tell anyone , but you also stay away from them now ok .


riddhima just nodded


riddhima: samrat I m going home


samrat: I will also come with you 


riddhima: no actually , nupur and gunjan must be waiting for me in the canteen , you go to them and I will go by myself


samrat: no I won't let you go alone like this 


riddhima: samrat I m fine and I will go straight to home , you please go to nupur and gunjan and please don't tell them anything


samrat: ok , I won't but you sure 


riddhima:  yaa I will manage


samrat: you take my car and I will came with nupur and gunjan 


riddhima went from the college


ok that's all for now

Edited by searchoffriends - 19 June 2013 at 2:55pm

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gupta.aditi20 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
nice part yaar
waiting fo next part....
anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 5:12pm | IP Logged

will be back wid my comments...

still few parts left to read.........

but till nw...

awsum parts...loved the gang alot...........

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