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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 79)

ojaswi_kajen Goldie

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Posted: 21 April 2014 at 6:22am | IP Logged
Super one...waiting for partB...cont super!!

yoga123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 April 2014 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
Nice update...thanks for the PM
searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 4:01pm | IP Logged
part 28 A on page 93


Armaan: Riddhima do you really love me and only me and want to be with me forever

Riddhima: yes armaan

Armaan: ok then prove it

Riddhima: what prove

Armaan: MARRY ME ,     "RIGHT NOW"

And it was no where less than a shock for other three standing there

Riddhima: what are you out of your mind look at him mayank samrat he is gone crazy

Armaan: well no I am not , I am very much in my senses and very much serious about this

Mayank: look armaan this is really an idiotic and impulsive decision

Armaan: whatever it is I have made my decision, mayank I seriously love her a lot and her acts always put me in doubt that I will lose her, ok fine I must be insecure but she always made me think like that, and I cant live with this insecurity and unsure that my love is here for me or not, and the best way to end all this is with this assurance that she is mine and thats all i knew that noone will support me in this still mayank i expect you to understand I cant mayank I just cant afford to lose her ever I will die mayank, I cant live without her

riddhima: armaan please stop this, and i am here i am not going i swear i wont leave you ever you have to trust me and here you need this marriage assurance, this is stupidity i mean i knew that its the ultimate end , but end we have just started with this, just now mayu and sam came to knew about all this, mom dad , karan uncle and nandini masi dont even have an hint about us and over that like this getting married is just wrong

armaan: why so you want to get married to that other guy , thats fine for you , or wait a minute are you planning to sacrifice your love for your parents and family, for sujal uncle happiness you are sacrificing me

riddhima: oh my god you have gone crazy and its gone out of my control to make you understand right now, mayank samrat i give up its upto you both do whatever you all want , i am leaving

armaan: dont you dare move from here right now riddhima you are just not going anywhere

and here on the other side , in the house , the party have started and riddhima was missing

gunjan and nupur were searching for her , but didnt knew where she was so nupur called riddhima

and here as riddhima saw the cell nupur calling , she picked the call

nupur: riddhima where are you yaar you knew the party have started and sujal uncle is asking for you again and agian

riddhima; nupur i was just nothing i will be there soon

when armaan snatched the cell from riddhima he was about to talk with nupur informing her that riddhima will not be there , but as he put the cell near his ears nupur speaking

nupur: you knew what riddhima you said that everything is fine but this angad guy he is here in the party looking for you , is there something else that is happening now

nupur saying this unknown that actually armaan was listening to her and was boiling in anger as well hearing about that person

armaan: tell that man to keep on waiting nupur , riddhima is just not going to come there

nupur: armaan you , is it you, god are you boys back when , i mean where are you and where is riddhima and what is happening

armaan: nupur listen to me very carefully you and gunjan come on the cliff top near the old Devi ma temple, we all are there and riddhima is with us, and rest everything i will explain you when you will come here , and yes one more think just dont tell anyone anything right now

nupur: what is it armaan , anyways we are coming

as armaan cut the call

armaan: so that guy is there , waiting for you so that sujal uncle and make the announcement , and you said its nothing like this way

riddhima: what ? i mean why is he there , he said

armaan: you really dont knew why he is there , and secondly i really dont care about what he said , dont you dare think and talk about him in front of me ever got you

Riddhima: oh god look armaan , you are just not in your senses right now , you are little tired and you should calm down and relax first, and then calmly in a cool mind have to listen to me

Mayank: yes armaan I think for the first time riddhima is right, I never saw you in so much of anger like this even before, you need to calm this down then only we can

Armaan: I am not in anger right now mayank , I am thinking very straight and practically, and you tell me mayank do you trust me, do you really trust me that here I am telling you that I love riddhima so I am serious

Mayank: are you armaan just tell me are you serious , you love her and be by her side for your whole life , take care of her an protect her from this whole world

Armaan: Yes , Yes I will mayank I will , no matter whatever happens how the situation will be I will take care of her and keep her safe, but I knew one think that I cant afford to lose her

Riddhima: armaan I am just not going anywhere [literally begging them to listen to her]

Armaan: will you keep out of this right now, riddhima talk is going on between me and mayank , the one sensible person here

Riddhima: what, so you are trying to say that I am insensible

Armaan: well yes and that's one think over which everyone standing here agree with me on right samm mayu

Samrat: absolutely she and her stupidity will never end and we all knew one think that armaan and only armaan can handle her and her insensibility forever and this thing I suppose mayank will also agree with me on

Mayank: well I think samrat you are right, she is such a kid sometime I tell you and its only armaan who can handle this bomb now , all the best armaan for your future

Riddhima: what ok fine , so only you three think that you are the most sensible so fine do whatever you want and decide everything among yourself, what is the need of me in this and what hell am I doing here then , I am going back home you continue your so called sensible talks here

As she was about to leave , armaan again holding her hand tightly

Armaan: where do you think you are going , I think in all this talks you are forgetting that I am still stick to my decision, riddhima I have given all the proofs of my love for you but still you have to prove that

Mayank: armaan that's it leave her

Mayank coming in the middle of riddhima and armaan ,

Mayank: look armaan I trust you , I knew you are telling the truth you are my best friend armaan and I knew you really well that you can never lie to me, and nowhere I have any doubt in my mind left that you cant take care of my sister well I knew you will still there are some patterns some systems of life, we cant just take so absurd decisions like this, I mean look here its only we four who knew all this, that's all , mom dad , karan uncle everyone have a right to knew this first and I am sure they all also will be very happy with this and then we can let them decide your future, I mean marriage is just not a game that it will happen like this there are so many rituals everything

Armaan: and what is the guarantee that riddhima will not create any stupidity and problems in that I mean look at her I cant trust her

Riddhima: what do you mean by you cant trust me, then whats the use of us even staying together , and being together if you don't even trust me, I mean all the relations in this world are just based on trust and you already don't even trust me

Armaan: how can I trust you when today you were ready and happily  getting in alliance with some other boy even after confessing me that you love me

Riddhima: for god sake will you let me explain

Armaan: no I don't need any of your dam explanation right now, you said me I am insecure , so let it be , yes I am I want to be sure completely sure that you are mine and marriage is the only reason for that

Riddhima: yes so who said that I wont marry you , but not today , like this I mean lets go back home talk with everyone and then decide

Armaan: I am not

Riddhima: now stop being so stubborn ok

Armaan: no you stop being stubborn you love me you want to spend your whole life with me, someday we have to get married , so why not that someday can be today

Samrat: armaan , armaan bro listen look I knew and I can understand your feelings and what all you have to face I mean falling in love with a girl like riddhima really needs guts , and over that marrying her I mean I tell you , you are the most daring person in this world

And then looking at riddhima and her I will kill you samrat look ,

Samrat: I mean if you want to do this suicide you can do this anytime, but before that let us have some little time with you

Armaan: samrat mayank, do you really think there is some kind of a joke going on here

Mayank: what , from where I got in all this , I didn't said anything

Armaan: ha ha very funny you both boys are smiling on me and my state , you my supposed to be best friends

Riddhima: hello they are mine best friends as well, ok , and they will support me as well and what the hell is all this prove me and all think what do you want ok I love you and what can I do to make you satisfy that I am telling the truth all the crazy think I cant live without you and I will die , and I can die for you all that , you want me to prove you I will do that

Mayank: shut up riddhima and stop acting you crazy girl

Armaan: look I told you she is crazy girl

Mayank: look who is talking I find you also one of the craziest boy right now

armaan: well thats why i say we are perfect for each other and riddhima if you really want to add this killing and dying situation in this so let it be like that now i am asking you for the last time are you going to marry me right now

riddhima: do you really want m answer or you can read my expression well , no i am not

armaan: ok then, if you will not say yes today then i will , i will kill myself

riddhima: oh wow will you , ok lets see

armaan: look at her mayank she is smiling at me, so you really think that i am joking

riddhima: no i am just laughing at your crazy act

armaan: if you will be on my place and have always lost everything you loved so dearly then you would have also been so insecure, i have nothing with me riddhima, first my father , well he is not even worthit calling a father and then mom, i trust you riddhima but i cant trust my fate the fate that every person connected to me go away from me, i dont care whatever you call me insecure , crazy , obsessed , over possessive but i wont let you go away from me

mayank: what the hell armaan how the hell in this world can you consider yourself alone, if you dont have any loved once with you then who are we by the way then

samrat; yes i also want to knew that , armaan i suppose you loved us as well , and we are not going anywhere mayank i suppose

mayank: yes me to, but armaan i didnt knew that you never considered us even close to your heart

armaan: keep on giving your assumption in all this guys , i never counted you in the people in my life , cause you are my life , not only my best friends but also a part of me , and i knew you can never go away from me cause the much i love you both and need you i knew that you  both need and love me equally

riddhima: oh hello i think you are forgetting me in your counting as well

armaan: thats the only think riddhima that i cant do ever forgetting you , and you and your worth is different and much different now ,  they are my best friends , and till the time you were only my best friend , i was never insecure, but now the situation have changed and so the worth of the peoples

riddhima: whatever it is can we talk about this at home i am standing here in the middle of night is just crazy

armaan: ok fine you say yes for the marriage now, and then we can go back

riddhima: you again started with the same

armaan: i never ended with this one, riddhima tell me yes or no , actually there is no way i am listening to your no right now

and armaan taking out his cell and making a call

riddhima: now what are you doing and whom are you calling

armaan: my manager , now you even have a issue with that, he was waiting for my call for so long to be here with all the preparations

riddhima: preparations what preparations

armaan: i have already planned what i have to do now and have done all the arrangements as well

and in a moment later a car stopped and armaan manager came there with some other person and he handed him some papers

mayank: now what is this armaan

and looking at the papers in armaan hand which were actually the marriage registration papers

mayank: armaan dont you think you are going too fast

armaan: mayank now everything is in your hand tell her that sign this now

riddhima: armaan this is just not right

armaan: getting engaged to someone else was right

riddhima: oh god we again ended from where we began , i was just not getting engaged all that just was a drama how many times i tried telling you all this, it was just a drama for helping that boy to get his love that was someone else

armaan: i am not interested in your explanation , and i really dont care that you were serious or that all was a drama , or anything like that , i only knew one think that i have lived a hell of my life in last few hours thinking the fact that i am losing you and i dont want this to happen again , so riddhima this is the last time i am telling you sigh this

riddhima: no i am not

armaan: do it or i will kill myself

and then armaan taking out a gun from his pocket and then putting it on his head

riddhima: oh my god armaan what is this

armaan: what does it look like its a gun a real gun

mayank: armaan what nonsense is this put this gun down right now

armaan: no mayank you promised me that today you will help me get my love and my life and my happiness and for this you can give you life as well so now its the time for keeping your promise

samrat: armaan we all are with you  and will do whatever you want to , just keep this dam think on side , through this gun

armaan: samrat its you telling me this , remember the day when you almost lost gunjan ,i am just doing the same what you did at that time , i hoped you will understand my situation

samrat: i do armaan , i understand you and your state well, and i am with you , riddhima will sigh this papers

riddhima: what samrat and how will you decide this

samrat: oh please riddhima what change it will get , just sign the papers

riddhima: oh really and its so simple , this papers simply means that i will be legally wedded to armaan

mayank: riddhima sign the papers

riddhima: mayank , you are saying this

mayank: yes look i knew it was little tough for me to first digest the fact that you and armaan are together and then armaan and your crazy acts , still if this is the end of all this so let it be

riddhima: mayank you are my brother for god sake

mayank: yes so i am your family and approving this for you, just dont care about anything right now, mom dad everyone i will take care of it , you just sign the papers, you were right armaan i promised you that i will help you get your love today even its with giving my life i will get you your happiness, so here i am doing that, i am giving my life my riddhima to you, i knew this is crazy but we best friends are surely crazy peoples

riddhima: this is no fun and joke going on here mayu and armaan please put this gun away this is so irritating

armaan:  ok fine then you just sign the papers i will through this

riddhima:  no never

mayank: riddhima stop being stubborn now , and just sign the papers , but armaan one condition, this marriage is just for your satisfaction, we will go home and tell everyone and then let mom dad , karan uncle decide what next to be done, and you have to agree to them

armaan: i agree to that  ok , now riddhima sign the papers

riddhima: no

samrat: comeon riddhima now just sign them

mayank: its ok riddhima we all are with you both always , just sign this

riddhima: fine i will , but i am telling again this is just not correct

armaan: that we will think later you just sign now

riddhima: you knew what just go to hell , i hate you all guys

riddhima angrily snatching the papers and  without reading , just signed them in anger

riddhima: here you are , happy now

and armaan putting the gun away , smiling

armaan: very happy , here have this , gift for you our wedding gift

armaan handling riddhima the gun

riddhima: i wish i could kill you with this right now

armaan: ok try it on, but riddhima actually its to cold here i dont want to be wet

said armaan smiling again and its then riddhima realized that the gun was actually not real , it was a game gun filled with water used in playing holi

riddhima: armaan i swear i will kill you , i hate you

armaan: what a beginning of our special married life with i hate you tag, comeon guys its time for celebration , we just got married

samrat: yes wow , i am so happy , finally i love you both a lot , congrats guys oh wait a second i think you completely forget about this

mayank: samrat it was just a legal court marriage and this things this traditional marriage stuffs , i think we can have it later as well

samrat: oh comeon mayu , the marriage already done so does this really matter that we having a traditional wedding or not, this is the proof for the registration i suppose

armaan: you can smile a little atleast riddhima or else you will ruin aur first after wedding picture and i want to tell you one thing very seriously after all this crazy stuffs , that i love you and will always love you like this

samrat: we knew that armaan and we are happy for you both , really happy , right mayank

mayank: yes you knew what in all this idiotic stuffs atleast there is one good thing that today my dear sister has got married with my best friend, whom i can trust blindfolded that he can take care of my little princess well and armaan now i have trusted you and supported you even more than riddhima herself , so now you have to keep my faith

armaan: forever mayu forever  [armaan hugging mayank tight]

samrat: ok guys , armaan here you are  make riddhima wear this

and armaan taking the mangalsutra to make riddhima wear that, while riddhima didnt said anything nor she objected while armaan made her wear that

finally the marriage proceedings completed and the registrar going away

and then samrat got sindoor for them

when armaan took a little in his figures and as he applied that on riddhima head when all four heard a loud scream it was gunjan screaming , while nupur with her , they were standing like statue shocked of the scene they were seeing

gunjan: what is going on over here , armaan riddhima , and hell riddhima whats this

said gunjan shocked holding the mangalsutra riddhima was wearing

nupur: mayank what is happening, i mean armaan and riddhima , and like this are you guys creating some drama here

mayank: does it look like some kind of a drama to you nupur , this is serious and real , armaan and riddhima got married in real

gunjan: what do you mean by got married,

samrat: he meant legally now riddhima is Mrs Armaan Singhania

said samrat showing her riddhima and armaan signed documents

nupur: riddhima how could you , i mean why you did this will we get a proper explanation now

mayank: you want explanation, so nupur and gunjan do you both knew that this idiot guys this armaan and riddhima love each other

gunjan: look we are still trying to digest the scene we saw , now stop giving us more bigger shock , and stop kidding mayank

nupur: yes what a joke really riddhima look what mayank is saying, riddhima why are you quite and looking away , tell me is this true

gunjan: oh my god , riddhima , this is true , you loved armaan , i mean when did it happened and hell how can you do this and in the whole world you got this armaan

armaan: oh hello what do you mean by this armaan  why cant she love me , is there any problem with me that she cant fall in love with me i mean i am atleast better than your samrat ,

samrat: oh hello i helped you so much in getting your love today and you are insulting me in front of my half wife

armaan: half wife ?

samrat; yes full traditional marriage is still due so just half wife

nupur: will you all just keep quite i mean how can you joke in this serious situation ok now tell me riddhima you i mean you never kept any secret with us , and this , this big thing , you love armaan do you

and riddhima just quietly nodding her head

armaan: it all happened so fast , i mean just few days back we realized and we didnt got a chance to tell you all , and as before that all that happened samrat telling me that riddhima said yes for marrying someone and we came here

mayank: hmm , and its only when riddhima come here with samrat i also came to knew about all this

gunjan: ok fine everything we can understand but whats this , this marriage why

mayank: ask armaan and his impulsive decision , he was so scared that he will lose riddhima and wanted to marry now , as in now

nupur: and riddhima , riddhima will you say anything , you didnt wanted this

nupur keenly looking at riddhima , and understanding her condition

and riddhima also came hugging nupur , she was feeling so lonely and wanted her two best friends who understand her this much and she knew nupur was understanding her condition well right now

riddhima: i want to go back home nupur

riddhima sobbing a little

nupur: armaan mayank when will you boys grow up , what the hell have you all done its ok riddhima

mayank: what i knew and we understand that its little fast and rushed decision

nupur: little fast , i mean just now you got to knew and you let them get married as well

mayank: so what else you suppose i could have done , i was so bind to the promise i did to armaan and he was just stubborn on his decision

armaan: yes now great all of you keep on blaming me , as if i am solely responsible in this

gunjan: so who else can be

armaan: that you can ask your lovely half husband he is the one who first got riddhima , no actually kidnapped and got riddhima here , and then this mayank who approved this

nupur: enough i have heard enough from you boys , can we go home or something else is left

gunjan: moreover there is lots of things we have to listen and knew in detail but before that we also have to go home , party was over and you knew sujal uncle and karan uncle were so tensed for riddhima missing , he thought that riddhima was not happy so she ran away and so he said no to angad and his father and send them back i am so scared when he will knew the real reason what he will do

nupur: as if anything will change now , the damage is already done

mayank: what do you mean by damage its marriage

nupur: yes marriage , i still cant believe that armaan got married to riddhima

nupur taking riddhima with her and gunjan while samrat mayank and armaan standing

armaan: you knew what mayu today you proved that you are a true friend my true friend, today you supported me helped me i love you man

mayank: yes still a lot of work is left and you will need a lot of support now we have to go home

armaan: till the time my best friend is here by my side i just dont care about anything
and soon they all went back

ok thats all for now

well i knew this is crazy part and crazy acts

i already said in the starting of this ff that its a story of group of crazy people and they will never act normal ,

plus nothing normal will also happen in their life all the time they first end up doing all stupid and later they think and stand together to face that ,

this time as well, they all did this , and now its time for the six to stand together and face the consequences no matter what how much fight they all have with each other still for the rest of the world they will stand together forever and so will now

will try and update the next part soon hope you will love this crazy ff forever like this , keep on smiling guys i am writing this ff to get a little smile on my readers all the time , a story of people who living a life which is actually a joke for them nothing as in nothing is big and serious for them ever

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ojaswi_kajen Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 5:04pm | IP Logged
Wow they finally get married...awesome one di...loved it...waiting for their parents reaction...I hope everything will be positive...cont soon...thnks for the!!!!

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sirivalli.t IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 7:45pm | IP Logged
awesome update...
loved it...
waiting for d next part...
thanks for d pm...

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..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
what  update...
but i m not happy with ridhima cold behaviour...
what had happend to her...
firstly not accepting the marriage and then after sign all silent
and armaan was not affected with ridhima's silence...

ho kya gaya hai AR ko...
hope armaan ke iss dramae se koi problem na aaye AR mein 

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2014 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
wow its so funny gr8 part
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon

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ksgandjsg21 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 April 2014 at 5:04am | IP Logged
awesome update...
loved it...
waiting for d next part...
thanks for d pm...

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