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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 78)

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Posted: 20 April 2014 at 5:24am | IP Logged
awesome update...
loved it...
continue soon...
thanks for d pm...

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part 27 on page 91


Only if she would have known the real reason for their cell off was that they all were in a flight reaching for her

While here armaan making a little plan , he was so straight with his plan over what he have to do ahead, and as for samrat and mayank , they were just listening to him

Armaan: first off all , I have to get her out of that place I mean there is a party going on at her place so cant talk with her there

Samrat: yes , for that I can help , as in I will get her quietly to you and no one will get to know that , you knew I am very good in that

Armaan: samrat no I cant that risk

Samrat; come on armaan what if some serious trouble would be there and you get in some problem no one will doubt on me atleast for anything

Mayank: I think samrat is right , no one will doubt him as he has nothing to do with that girl

Armaan: ok , then we will wait for you at the cliff , near that old Devi ma temple that place is little secluded and very less people visit there so it will be good place to talk in peace

Mayank: armaan what is there to talk a lot in all this and that too in so much secluded place , I mean we can get that girl to our house as well

Samrat: there is everyone in the house mayank , mom dad , sujal uncle kashish masi ma , how will armaan talk in front of them and what will we explain them , lets us first just for a few minutes clear all the confusions and problem quietly , then we will talk with everyone

Mayank: yes I think you are right , but still armaan who is the girl come on tell me , do I knew her

Armaan: you are going to meet her once we will be there I promise you will get to knew everything anyways just be by my side mayank , just support me always

Mayank: I am by your side armaan, and I will support you I have promised you , armaan have I ever left my best friend side that I will leave him today in the most important struggle of his life, never armaan , I will do whatever possible I can do to get you your love and your happiness

Armaan: you will get me my love and my life mayank

Mayank: your life armaan , for your happiness I can give my life to you as well

Armaan: mayu I so love you man , just be my best friend like this

Mayank: forever armaan

Armaan: yes no matter what , or whatever will happen tonight we will be best friends , best friends forever

Samrat: ok guys we have almost reached there get ready its time for the plan in action

armaan , mayank and samrat on their plan while armaan and mayank waiting at the destination decided samrat went to get the girl

he went home their home,

Samrat parked his car in the back side of his house so that no one sees him there and get suspicious , guest were still coming for the party from the main door

So samrat went quietly from the back door, he knew all the way for getting inside the house the way that no one will see him there,
Samrat straight away went inside riddhima room , luckily riddhima was sitting in the room still getting ready for the party, she was alone in her room

As samrat came in he quickly closed the door so that no one come inside and get to know anything right now

Riddhima was sitting in front of the mirror when she saw samrat reflection in the mirror coming inside and closing the door, for once she was shocked , but then seeing it was samrat she was so happy to see him , that they came back

Riddhima: samm oh my god you are back , hey I missed you so much

Riddhima rushed and hugged samrat happily

Riddhima: hey still when did you guys came back, and you were coming after two days, anyways , where is armaan and mayank

Samrat: I will tell you just come with me quietly

Riddhima: ok that I will but where, and samrat there is a party going on right now down in the hall

Samrat: riddhima listen I knew it all about the party and most important about all the carp going on here

Riddhima: what ? I mean what all crap

Samrat: oh really don't act so unknown riddhima I knew it all dad called me and told me about all that crap , you meeting some random guy and all that marriage stuff

Riddhima: what oh no karan uncle I so forgot to tell him, just a second I hope you didn't said anything related to this to mayank and armaan

Asked riddhima in literal horror right now she was so praying that armaan should not knew this , I mean she was literally scared with his reaction right now

Samrat: listen riddhima I don't have time right now for anything we have to leave before anyone comes here and see me , and then we have no other option but to go down, so its better come with me lets go before anyone sees us here

Riddhima: go , but why samm we don't need to do anything like that

Samrat: riddhima we have to leave this is the best way to get out of the situation right now, only if you will not be here then there will be no announcement and everything will get over so just come with me

Riddhima: no samm listen I mean this is just not correct and this all is just not required as well everything will be fine just trust me

Samrat: this is only one thing that I just cant do on you right now, trust you , I cant leave you alone here ,cause whenever we all leave you alone you end up doing anything crazy like this and then we have to work a lot to get out of all the situations you create, and I wont take that risk again right now so you come with me and that's final

Riddhima: hwww samrat you knew this is very rude of you to say like this about me , I am just not coming with you anywhere right now at any cost

Samrat: oh really look riddhima I am very upset with you right now, and ,over that I am in a rush we just cant stay here at all right now, so just come with me quietly or you knew me

Riddhima: oh really what do you mean by you knew me I am just not going anywhere you do whatever you can I am not coming

Samrat: look riddhima I can do anything right now, just don't blame me later that I didn't warned you

Riddhima: just shut up samm as if I am scared of you , just get out

Samrat: ok riddhima as you say , I told you already

And saying so , samrat closed riddhima mouth with his handkerchief and tied her hands with some random stall he got nearby, and picking her up in his arms moved out of the room , riddhima struggled a lot, but cant say anything as her mouth was shut and samrat was holding her too strongly, samrat came out the same way , from back side towards his car and putting riddhima inside the car, he started driving fast

Samrat: I already told you don't test my patience right now , and for god sake sit properly stop struggling or else we can get in some accident

And soon they reached there

Armaan and mayank saw samrat car coming near them and stopping , it was dark so nothing much was visible ,

Armaan rushed towards the car and looked at riddhima face covered , hands tied and she was just trying to get out of the car but she was unable to open the seat belt with her tied hands

Armaan rushed to her to help her out and the moment riddhima saw armaan she went quite, she stopped making any attempt , the first she was so happy seeing him after like 4 days , and then she was scared looking at armaan red eyes, they told volume at that time he was angry over her , it was so clear

And riddhima was scared so scared, when samrat came towards armaan

Samrat: sorry armaan she was just not ready to come so I had no other option but to get her here like this

Armaan: you knew what samrat this is my mistake I knew you so well still I send you for this, look what have you done it must be paining her a so much

Said armaan and open her hands and then her face ,

Armaan: are you ok , hope its not hurting you [said armaan with genuine concern he was angry very angry with her , but then seeing her condition his love and worry for her took over all the anger]

While mayank came near the car , when riddhima also coming out on the car

Mayank: riddhima ? I mean riddhima what are you doing here anyways its so good to see you , how are you princess

Said mayank hugging riddhima , he never even in his dreams relate riddhima with what they were waiting for , while riddhima little unknown of what they boys knew and what their plan was just got normal with mayank

Mayank: samrat called you so you came here for us

Riddhima: what , I mean guys when you all are back what are you all doing here why didn't you came back home

Mayank: oh that we are actually here for armaan, just a minute samrat we send you to go and get that girl here as well, I mean if you wanted riddhima help and called her that's fine , but where is the girl didn't you got her

Riddhima: girl which girl what is happening here guys, and samrat you idiot will you ever change , I mean I just said no to come with you , so you literally kidnapped me you knew what I will kill you one day

And armaan and samrat standing together were like looking at each other and then at mayank and then armaan looking at a confused riddhima as well

Mayank: chill riddhima actually you knew what armaan loves some girl and that girl parents fixed her marriage somewhere else, so we came back early to get that girl out of this problem and samrat went to get her here and he came back like this

And riddhima was shocked right now was just an understatement , she looked at armaan and then at samrat and last at mayank in horror , she knew it was the time, thinks were little clear samrat knew everything armaan knew everything and mayank he should knew everything now

Armaan: ok stop everyone for once, [said armaan taking a deep breath] ok mayu now listen to me you are my best friend and you promised me you will stay by me whatever happens so [again looking at riddhima who was looking at armaan with horror and nodding her head in a no , that he needs to stop] I wanted you to knew everything at first , but I swear never like this

Mayank: ok armaan are you fine I am very confused

Armaan: mayank samm went to get the girl and he got her here [said armaan closing his eyes, he just cant knew how will mayank react right now]

Mayank: what are you saying armaan samrat went and got riddhima ...[ and then mayank understanding it all] ... riddhima ...[ said mayank in shock looking at armaan who was looking at him with a little assurance to what he was thinking and riddhima closed her eyes looking down] I mean just a second you all

Samrat: listen mayank its like I will explain

Mayank: stop samrat just stop , armaan its enough of your jokes ok

Armaan: mayu its not a joke

Mayank: not a joke I mean you and riddhima [just don't getting how to react what to say] I mean I mean you

Riddhima: mayu please relax and for god sake stop stammering [riddhima trying to calm him]

Mayank: what do you mean by relax, here my best friend , my best friend saying me that he is having an affair with my sister , my SISTER , I mean from how long and you want me to relax

Armaan: mayank we wanted to tell you all this properly

Mayank: stop it armaan just stop, just you guys tell me yes or no, I mean you both I mean riddhima you also , ok coming straight riddhima you also love him

And riddhima was little scared to say anything specially after seeing mayank reaction

Riddhima: mayu I knew this is I mean I wanted to tell you

Mayank: just a yes or no

Riddhima: [closing her eyes and taking a deep breath] Yes

Mayank: since when , from when all this is happening

Riddhima: few days

Mayank: when were you planning to tell me

Riddhima: mayank will you stop this interrogation process for right now and I knew this is a big shocking for you right now ,still please will you act normal

Mayank: normal , what do you mean by be normal riddhima , I mean you are my sister  and this armaan , look at him standing like a statue there my so called best friend , you both The two most important persons in my life whom I have trusted the most in this world are today telling me such a big secret about them as in like you both love each other  and all this was happening in between you both and I, I don't even got any idea or any hint ever, and wait even samrat knew this

Samrat: no mayank even I don't knew about it earlier its just today when I talked with armaan he told me

Riddhima: seriously mayu I wanted to tell you all this at first , but then mom dad were here and then you all went away I was just

Mayank: and by the way why the hell are you standing like a  statue there armaan will you speak anything

Armaan: what I am just waiting for you to get out of your shocked situation first so that I can say anything, just relax mayank and you are my best friend and promised me that no matter whatever happens you will be by my side and support me and help me get my love

Mayank: that just because till then I didn't knew that the girl you talking about will out of the whole world be my sister

Armaan: ok fine now you knew it all , so please can we talk now like normal peoples

Mayank: normal people , oh yes the two most abnormal persons in the world are here getting paired with each other , then what can even be normal in all this , anyways whatever it was it happened now first I need the whole explanation , as in what all happened in between you both , shit man I cant even think straight right now, anyways just speak up

Armaan: only if you will let me speak , ok , I loved her for a long while I thought that it was just friendship, but gradually with the time I kept on realizing that somewhere its just not friendship , she is getting really much more than just a friend for me, and then all the incident occurring with us , gradually with the time I realized that all that care concern the wish to be together all the time , all the anger that jealousy everything was just not friendship it was love pure and serious love, I cant just live without her, I just cant imagine a life without her , and so I told her about my feelings and it took her little time to realize that she also feel the same way but she did

Samrat: oh wow that means you even proposed each other wow

Mayank: samrat just shut up ok

Samrat: oh please stop this mayank , and for once just get out of the shell of just being an over protective brother and think straight and practical I knew its little tough right now specially after having the biggest shock of your life , still you mayank is the most sensible and intelligent out of all of us here , just imagine armaan is our best friend you knew him so well in and out since childhood , his goods his bad everything , and you knew he is perfect for any girl in this world , you were the one who said in the morning who is that lucky girl , you knew that the girl who will be with armaan will surely be a lucky one , so whats wrong that riddhima is that lucky girl, and over that we discussed many times that one day riddhima have to go , she is a girl afterall and have to get married some day with some random guy and have to leave us , not sure that some like that random guy can take good care of her , love her protect her just like we all did, and armaan , you knew armaan is the one who can take care of riddhima in each and every way you can trust him more than anyone in this world for riddhima , so whats wrong in them being together

Mayank: thanks a lot for such a long lecture over the thinks I knew and understand well samrat, and when and where the hell have I said that there is anything wrong with armaan and riddhima being together , I never said that , I was just little shocked and surprised with the point that I am getting to know all this like this in this situation

Riddhima: so that means you have no problem with this

Mayank: problem why would I have a problem I mean if this happens who else will be happy more than me , I mean this is so good the two people  the most important two people in my life wants to be together with each other what else I can ask for , now I don't have to share you both with any such random boy or girl and you will be together with me always and over that I knew you both can stay happy like very happy together this will be so perfect I love you both

Mayank hugging riddhima and then armaan

Mayank: you have to take care of my sister well armaan or else you knew I will be that protective brother first and then friendship will be long forgotten

Armaan: you can never do that you knew, forgetting me and my friendship is just impossible for you

Samrat: ok guys now happy ending so I am also here

Armaan: what ending who said it all ended , it have just started yet , riddhima we need to talk right now what all crap is going on in the house

Mayank: oh yes armaan wait a minute you said the girl you love her marriage is getting fixed, riddhima what is all this,  is it all true , and how can you

And armaan coming in front of riddhima and holding her arms

Armaan: riddhima just now you said to mayank that you love me and even I told this to you that I am very as in dam very serious about this relation which is my life and I don't like anyone and anything messing it up

Riddhima: what , why are saying so , and why are so just so angry

Armaan: you are asking me why I am angry three days ago i left one girl who said me that she loves me and she is really serious about this relation and today in the morning I get to knew that the girl have said yes for marrying some random guy, I mean riddhima why don't you tell me straight what you want, one side you say that you love me and then you don't even let me tell about this to anyone and then on the other side you are marrying someone

Riddhima: armaan look listen I am not, I mean it's just not the way you are thinking, its all just a misunderstanding

Armaan: oh really so that means you didn't met any guy and said yes that you can marry him to sujal uncle and over that wasn't uncle going to announce your and that man engagement in the party tonight

Mayank: riddhima is it true, I mean dad fixed you marriage , but then why didn't dad told me anything about this, how can he take such big decision on his own

Riddhima: that's just because I said dad not to tell you all about this

Armaan: oh really so that means all that is true , you said yes to marry someone , you are you even playing with me and my feelings what the hell do you think you were doing

Mayank: riddhima why you said yes when you knew you love armaan

Armaan: mayank please let me talk with her right now you will get lot of time later , but right now I want my answers riddhima does my love , my feelings even matter to you

Riddhima: you are taking it all wrong armaan I was not getting married , I just didn't knew what to do so I said , and I promise it was all getting ended , nothing was going to happen

Armaan: but still you said yes and I knew sujal uncle didn't pressurized you or forced you to do that , we all knew sujal uncle can never do that

Riddhima: it was just I was alone I don't knew what to do

Armaan: you could have simply said a no and it would have been ended

Riddhima: I just cant I mean I was to say no, but then I was talking with angad and he said

Armaan: don't you dare take the name of some random idiot in front of me

Riddhima: stop being so over possessive armaan

Armaan: over possessive , the love of my life met some random guy and she forgetting my love started liking some bas...d  more , and even planned to leave me for him and you telling me not to be over possessive

Riddhima: who the hell said you that I was planning to leave you

Armaan: what , that means you wanted to marry that boy and you even continuing your relation with me, cheee riddhima you playing double game , mayank look at her she is just so cheap

Riddhima: what , shut up , shut up , oh god armaan I knew you were dump but so cheap dump , will you even try me to explain

Mayank: hello guys I supposed just now I got to knew that you both love each other and here you both are fighting like there is a world war going in here

Armaan: you stay out and quite for a while of this mayank, and riddhima cheap act is what you are doing not me, you said that I am over possessive and insecure, now you got that why I was so insecure ,I just cant trust you at all, I don't knew about you but for me I love you so much to let you go away from me riddhima got that you are mine and only mine dare you even try and get away from me I wont let that happen ever

Mayank: armaan just now I approved for your relation with my sister but saying all this you making me think again over my decision

Armaan: mayank stop this ok just for once think being on my place , if nupur would have done anything like this then you must realize what situation I am going through right now, I just knew that l love her , I don't knew about her and I just don't want to knew about her , for me she is mine from the moment she once said that she loves me to , and she playing with my emotions right now, riddhima I wont forgave you for doing this to me

Riddhima: armaan I am oh god what nonsense are you thinking and where does this betraying think came in I am not betraying you armaan I love you and only you and I just want to be with you and only you forever I am not planning to leave you or play double game with you, why don't you trust me

Armaan: then that means there is something else does someone forced you to say yes for that marriage think, sujal uncle cant do that

Mayank: yes princess tell us I knew dad , I am sure he wont do anything like this does that man forced you to say yes , tell me have he forced you to say yes

Armaan: what I will kill that bas..r just tell me who the hell is he riddhima

Riddhima: no guys its not like that at all and no one forced me

Mayank: I am just not getting it its not like this its not like that , then what the hell is the problem and I am sure it's a part of some impulsive decision , that stupid decision you always make and end up creating problems

Armaan: riddhima so you did all this stupidity just for fun, or irritating me

Riddhima: not exactly armaan actually

Armaan: not exactly , so that means you did all this as a prank as a part of the irritated thinks you always did, look at her what the hell is wrong with you, last few hours do you even knew what last few hours have done on me , my life my whole life was looking like at the dead end the moment I came to knew that you are going away from me,  that something is snatching my life away from me, only I knew what not thoughts came n my mind , only I knew how I have reached till here , only I knew how shattered and disturbed I was and you riddhima , do you even care for my love

Riddhima: its not like this at all armaan and I didn't did all this as a part of any prank I swear I just did all this to help someone and that's all, its not like the way you all think

Mayank: its not like this,  its not like that, then what the hell it is all actually [finally really frustrated]

Armaan: I don't care , I really don't care right now mayank what, how, when why , I really don't care about anything right now , I just knew this that I love riddhima and she is mine and I wont let her get away from me ever , even if riddhima wants she cant get rid of me now ever and for that  I will stick to the plan what I have planned for today , I mean after talking to her and seeing her I am sure she and her stupidity will always create problems and end up in effecting us , so today I am going to end all this uneasiness and  insecurities and possessiveness forever.

Samrat: armaan look what are you upto I said you to be calm

Armaan: samrat please stop irritating me right now, and let me finish , Riddhima do you really love me and only me and want to be with me forever

Riddhima: yes armaan

Armaan: ok then prove it

Riddhima: what prove

Armaan: MARRY ME ,     "RIGHT NOW"

And it was no where less than a shock for other three standing there

ok guys , thats all for now

i knew i am leaving on a cliff hanger thats why i said its just HALF PART A , will update PART B soon in one or two days still little left to write till then please do comment on this part waitinggg


i really suppose that i dont have to tell you , cause armaan knew his ways , once he decided on something he will get that by any means

and mind it , its going to be by any means 

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awesome update Clap
loved it...
thanks for d pm...
nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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gr8 part
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon

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Lovd it..
Its awsome..
Thnks for pm..

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thanks for the pm

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superb update
absolutely awesome...
loved it...
update soon..

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wow awesome update loved it thank you for pm.

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