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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 74)

Smrikta992 Goldie

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Posted: 22 February 2014 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
Ohh! wow!
Thats amazing..
Lovd it..
Its a great update..
Thnks for pm..

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SacredLove Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2014 at 5:35am | IP Logged
awesome part
love it
great work do cont soon

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-pearlblu- Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2014 at 6:22pm | IP Logged
The confession ws so heartfelt n romantic, i almost swooned...n their frndly banter even after being in a relationship brought a huge smile come on my face...lovely updateSmile
-pearlblu- Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2014 at 6:34pm | IP Logged
Hadnt read the last part n omg, the proposal made me catch my breath...he literally sang for her in frnt of everyone...loved d updateBig smile
AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 February 2014 at 10:51am | IP Logged
awsm part
Superb one.
Luvd it
Thanx 4 d pm.

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ekts_dmgmjht Senior Member

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Posted: 24 February 2014 at 8:17pm | IP Logged
awesome part
loved the dating part a lot
n OMG ridz gng to london Shocked
wat will happen of armaan
i think dono ko jaldi sab logo ko bolna chahiye apne relation ke baare mein
continue soon
n thx for d pm

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 February 2014 at 3:54am | IP Logged
part 25 on page 87


as sujal said his condition of riddhima going with them to London all four were so shocked how to react to this , mayank and armaan staring blank, samrat didnt knew what to say and riddhima who was helplessly looking all armaan , and then mayank, when finally mayank started laughing to break the silence

Mayank: now I think its enough for the day ok dad I got you stop kidding with us all now agreed we all did wrong with you all by not telling you about all that happened here but that really don't mean you scaring us like this

Samrat: yes sujal uncle really that was a great joke

Riddhima: what dad for once I actually got scared that maybe you were serious, I tell you dad you were actually so genuine while you said all that, great acting dad you really scared all of us

while here all the four youngsters were relaxed when sujal said ahead

sujal: just a minute guys, who said you all that i ma kidding here, i mean when i said all this i am very much serious about this

mayank: oh dad please stip this now, we all said you that we are really sorry for all that happened we should have informed you guys all this but that really doesn't means that you elders will punish us all like this i mean the perfect way for punishing all of us taking riddhima away from us

sujal: i am not doing all this as any kind of punishment for you all guys mayu , riddhima , samrat and armaan we all are your parents guys and me, kashish, karan and nandini we all love you four kids equally, its not that we are doing all this as a part on any kind of a punishment, its just that somewhere after knowing all that happening with my daughter i realized that somewhere i failed i failed as a father, somewhere we failed in our responsibility as parents, we were not with you all , we were not here with my our kids when our kids needed us the most , we were not here when my princess was scared and she needed her father to make her safe and secure of this evil world, we were not here when our mayu got hurt we were not here when riddhima has to hide here and there from some irritating psycho, we failed , i failed as a father

riddhima: [hugging sujal tight] ohh dad i love you, i love you so much dad and you knew what you are the best dad in this world no girl in this world can get a better father or better parents then you all are, you didnt failed in fulfilling your responsibility dad it was us we kids failed in that, but dad in all that there is nothing that you should feel guilty about i am , we are sorry dad its all our fault, please dont blame yourself ever for this

mayank: yes dad , you are the best dad in this world and we love you a lot , so please dont think like this ever again

samrat: well that really means that everything sorted out so can we all now sit in peace without any threatening attacks from our parents , so noone is going anywhere finally

samrat resting back on the sofa nearby

kashish: well we said that we forgave you all but that really does not mean  that no one is going, still this time i will take riddhima along with us

riddhima: mom here again you started just now we cleared that its nothing ithe way you all thinking and that really does meant that i am not going anywhere

kashish: why princess dont you love us , and dont you want to stay with us

Riddhima: oh stop it mom you and your emotional blackmailing, if I don't want to go with you guys that really doesn't means I don't love you and any such crap, its just that , mom please you knew I love you all, and I just cant live without mayu , mom I have lived here all this years I am so use to living with mayank , samrat and armaan I cont live alone over there

Kashish: ok so if this is the reason for your not coming with us , then we have other option to this not only you but you all four will come with us , now you kids all kids are going to stay back with us , now hope there is no problem in this, mayank , samrat and armaan get ready and make all preparations we all are going to shift to London

Riddhima: mom have you forgotten that after 2 months its mayu nupur, samrat gunjan marriage date , how can we all go now like this

Karan: sujal kashish , now just relax look riddhima is absolutely right , they should not go anywhere now , comeon its just a matter of 2 months , just till the time mayank and samrat marriage , once they will get married we all will go together , and stay together forever , ok kids , hope none of you have any objections with this

Mayank: until and unless we all are together we really don't care either we will live here in India , or there is London

Riddhima: nor do we , no one have any objection with this, infact we all will be more than happy when we will have our parents as well living with us

Samrat: nor do me

Armaan: hmm and as for me I am quite still starting so probably I have no issue with this , not at all

Karan: ok finally decided , now come on guys just chill and relax gosh I am hungry now after all this talking , lets have some lunch how about a treat from me in some nice restaurant

Sujal: great option I am in infact we all are in , mayank samrat , call nupur and gunjan as well

Armaan: sorry uncle I cant come I have some urgent work have to go

Karan: now this is not done buddy we all are here so leave this urgent work for later

Armaan: sorry buddy if it was not important I would have postponed it

While riddhima was looking at armaan with disappointment she didn't wanted him to go but she cant do anything moreover armaan was just not looking at her at all she was feeling really sad right now with all this changes in him

Still she cant do anything , all family members were with them

Soon all of them got ready  and went out , while armaan went to his office

Riddhima was sitting with everyone still she was not at all present there , her mind was so occupied with armaan and his thought she so wanted him to be around , specially  right now , she only knew that from what all thought she gone till now, from the time sujal said that she have to come with them, leaving armaan , she was dying thinking about that , and here armaan was not even concerned , not even once he said that riddhima wont go , he didn't uttered a word , and later as well when everything got fine he was not here to console her  not for once in all this hours since they came back he talked with her

She was so lost in her thinking that she didn't realized that she was being called

Nupur: riddhima where are you lost , what happened

Riddhima: no I am fine nothing , what is it

Gunjan: what is it, nothing sweety actually kashish mom was just asking about the designs and outfits which you got from Goa , till now you didn't showed us

Riddhima: I , I mean they are good

Kashish: that all we must be knowing sweety as armaan final selection designs have to be good , I am just asking where are they you didn't showed us, and yes did you got some nice dresses for you

Riddhima thoughts again went back to her thoughts about the dress armaan gifted her , and then the party armaan confession and there time together , again a small smile placed on her lips

Gunjan: oh hello now where are you again lost , get back on the earth girl

Riddhima: no nothing, I don't want to talk about any dress , don't we have any other topic to talk about

Riddhima was so irritated now , she was getting mad with this armaan attitude

Kashish: ok ok princess , its ok chill we will talk about anything else , so tell me what you want to eat

Riddhima: mom you could have chosen another better topic to start the discussion, anyways excuseme I will just be back till then you all order

Saying that riddhima went from there towards the fresh room, while everyone else sitting there having lunch

As she was passing by the corridor , she felt herself being pulled inside in one dark room, she was so shocked to react , but then somewhere she got relaxed when she felt the touch , the most familiar touch , without looking she knew it was armaan

Riddhima: what is it , got time for me or still have your important business

As she was complaining , she was again stopped or rather shut by armaan as he pulled her in a kiss , he kissed her on her lips in so urgency

When after a while riddhima pushed him away

Riddhima: what are you doing armaan

Armaan: you knew what I missed you , I don't knew but I was just not able to be away from you
Riddhima: oh really then why you left me alone

Armaan: cause if we all would have came together then how would have got this time alone with you, I came here with you all , just waiting for the right time to steal some time with you

Armaan again coming near her

Riddhima: stop it armaan, everyone is here around , what if anyone sees us

Armaan: in that case I have a nice option lets tell everyone about us

Riddhima: now, as in like this

Armaan: no riddhima lets ask some priest and get some auspicious day and time for this you dumbo , offcouse right now, I mean when we both are sure about our feelings and knew what we want then whats the need to hide all this

Riddhima: no armaan, not like this , I mean today only we came back and then mom dad karan uncle they all are already upset with us and in that we telling them , that's just not acceptable

Armaan: what do you mean by not acceptable comeon riddhima this is our family , and they all love us a lot and I am so sure that everyone will be happy with this , infact there happiness will get double , trust me lets just tell them all

Riddhima: no please armaan not like this, not today give me some time for this

Armaan: some time for what, riddhima are you even serious about me , my love this relation if yes then why and what are you scared of

Riddhima: what nonsense armaan every girl in this world is a little shy and insecure about her family , specially of her father and brother and in our case you knew dad and mayu how they are , its just I want to be sure that how will they react on this , that's all , and that really don't mean that I am somewhere not serious about you and our love armaan its not just your love

Saying that riddhima turned to leave cause she was so upset with him saying like that

And armaan hugging her from back tightly stopping her from leaving

Armaan: I m sorry jaan please don't go, you knew I love you , I love you a lot, and sometime I am scared , I am just scared I cant even live a minute without you and I just cant afford to loose you that's all that's why I am so insecure

Riddhima: I knew that armaan , and I love you too, but I cant understand armaan whats the need for this insecurity in our relation, trust me armaan we are and will always be together nothing in this world will ever be able to separate us, I promise you that and as per telling everyone I promise I will do that soon as well, ok now I think I should leave its been long I left everyone out , what if anyone come here to look for me

Armaan: ok I will wait for you at home , please come fast

Riddhima: armaan why don't you come with me out tell them that your work got over and so you came

Armaan: I would have , but now seriously I have some work I have to go

Riddhima: you and your business , ok bye

While riddhima rushed back in the restaurant area and armaan went for his work

Whole evening past in chatting passing time with their parents , armaan also came back late and then talking with karan sujal and mayank for long regarding some business , then they all having dinner together

Sujal: mayank I am so excited for this special new project you all kids starting

Kashish: sujal how many times I have to tell you to keep your office work till your study and not to get it here in the dining hall

Mayank: mom we knew that , but still atleast listen to this , I am sure you will be really happy with this, actually armaan planning to elaborate his chain of hotels he named after prerna maa , now after successfully establishing his chain all over India , he planning to set them all over the world and  for that we have came on a very nice terms off a joint venture , as in we all going to work on this together

Nandini: wow that's great I am so happy that you all are going to work together on this

Samrat: yes we are also very happy and excited for that mom, and the first place from where we going to start with this are the Asian countries here around, we were planning to go and visit few countries

Mayank: yes we were just discussing this with dad and karan uncle, and they also suggested not to have any delays in this so we are going to work on this from tomorrow only

Karan: buddy where are you lost why don't you say something in this

Armaan; nothing buddy I was just thinking nothing what were you saying

Mayank: nothing armaan we were just telling mom and nandini aunty about our plan

Armaan: oh yes we are going, we three are leaving tomorrow night for this

Armaan looking at riddhima , his expression were sad , this was so clear from his words and eyes that he was sad for leaving, and so was riddhima , she was shocked, he was going, he was leaving her, with all this thoughts getting little courage she asked

Riddhima: for how long

Armaan: 4 to 5 days

Riddhima: what so long , how could you go , I mean you all are going to leave me alone you three together

Changing her tone so that no one can suspect her

Mayank: alone, you are not going to be alone princess mom dad , karan uncle and nandini masi ma , are going to be here with you till we will come back

Riddhima: is this really important to go right now , cant this be delayed , I will miss you

Riddhima looking straight toward armaan she was so sad with all this, still she managed to eat little so that everyone around don't find her behavior strange as this was not the first time they all going to some business trip

Later at night

Everyone retired in their rooms while riddhima was just not able to sleep , she was just too upset right now as armaan was leaving tomorrow

When she heard some voices from her balcony, she went near that when she felt someone opening the door and entering inside quietly

Riddhima: you and your tarzan entry in my room can never change

Riddhima said seeing armaan coming near her

Armaan: as if you didn't knew that I will come , I knew you were waiting for me

Riddhima: ok ok don't give that irritating smile of yours right now , why didn't you told me earlier that you have to go this is just not done armaan , you are leaving tomorrow that too for 4 or 5 days , and when were you planning to tell me that probably after you would have left

Armaan: I am sorry jaan you knew

Riddhima: I don't want to knew anything armaan you are just not going anywhere and that's final

Armaan: riddhima listen

Riddhima: no you listen you just cant leave me like this , that's all you are not going

Riddhima was just not listening so armaan coming near her and pushing her back on the bed , while himself adjusting well on top of her on the bed

Armaan: riddhima jaan you knew that how important it is for me I am starting this new venture on mom's name and that's the only reason why I am going, otherwise

Riddhima: ok fine I wont stop you from going just stop making me emotional on the name of prerna mom ,

Armaan: I promise I will come back soon and till then you have to do something for me just prepare everything because once I will come back we are going to tell everyone about us

Riddhima: armaan I

Armaan: nothing saying riddhima , you and your excuses will never end, just once tell me do you really love me , are you really serious about me

Riddhima: how stupid question is that armaan , and why are you even asking me that offcourse I love  you and I hope you knew that , don't you trust me and my love armaan

Armaan: I love you jaan and I trust you and your love , its just that I am so insecure about you riddhima you knew I still cant accept the fact that you are with me I mean my feelings for you have changed long ago from my best friend to my love , my life , riddhima I love you in every sense and just cant imagine a life without you, I cant afford to lose you at any cost riddhima, I just want to be sure that you are with me, I want to make myself satisfied that you are mine riddhima , and you will be mine forever , promise me riddhima you wont ever leave me

Riddhima: right now you are leaving me and asking me that I should not leave you, armaan , I knew I was not as sure about my feelings for you earlier as in the way you were I was not, but seriously that does not means that I am insecure or something I said you I am with you and will be with you forever

Armaan hugging her tightly and then looking at her while bringing his face close to her

Riddhima: armaan now please get up and leave me what are you doing

Armaan: why riddhima are you scared of me or us ending up doing anything  else

Riddhima: I am not scared of you armaan not at all, you knew why because no matter how much insecure or unsure you are about me, but me I am very sure about my feeling for you, I knew that I love you the same way you do and I trust you a lot

Armaan: now from where did this trust matter came in this , riddhima why you think I am insecure or I don't trust you,  I do riddhima I trust you a lot its just that I want to tell everyone about us soon cause I don't like this meeting like thief at night times, or making this tarzan entry here 

Riddhima:  so what do you think once everyone will knew about us they will let us meet freely no ways , infact then more and more restrictions will be made on us all together, ok now please just get up armaan  I don't want anyone to see us like this, not right now atleast

Armaan: ok madam as you say , but really riddhima I am going to miss you , I swear if this trip was not that important I would have never left you alone

Riddhima: I knew that , its ok you go I will be fine here moreover mom dad are also here ,I will be fine

Armaan: I love you riddhima

Riddhima: I love you too

And after sometime of their cutie cutie talks armaan went back to his room,

Next day , whole day they didn't even got the time to even meet for a second alone , and soon it was time for the three boys leaving

Riddhima meeting mayank and then samrat , and then like always the way she met she hugged armaan , meeting him , they both just cant give a proper bye to each other cause the whole family was there still their eyes said it all to each other

Whole two days passed when armaan left and riddhima was now all alone , she was feeling so lonely , nupur, and gunjan didn't even left her alone for a single minute ,still she was feeling lonely , and she cant even tell them the real reason for that , her parents , karan and nandini everyone trying their best to cheer her  mood but she was still dull she even didn't got a much time to talk with armaan as he was too busy just a monosyllabic talk over I am fine and all

Riddhima was sitting alone in her room when sujal came there

Sujal: princess this is just not happening you are not at all here with all of us, only if I would have known that you will be so dull with mayank, armaan and samrat leaving then I would have told them to take you along with them , cause you are not at all interested in being with us

Riddhima: its not at all like that dad , I am sorry for hurting you all like this, its just that its been a long while I am not so use to living all alone without any one of them with me so I was just , sorry dad I promise now I will be here with you all

Sujal: good in that case just get ready me and your mom are going on a little party in here around and I want you to join us

Riddhima: dad a business event , you knew I hate going at parties like this, and moreover no one will be there with me I will get so bored

Sujal: why will you get bored I and your mom will be there with you,

Riddhima: yes right I knew that how much you are going to be with me , once you will enter the party and you will be busy in chatting with your associates and mom with her special socialized ladies , I will go there but you mind if I call gunji and nupur, hope then I can bear being in that party

Sujal: yes sure sweety tell gunjan and nupur to come for the party as well , ok now you also get ready

Riddhima reached the party with sujal and kashish

And as said by riddhima sujal and kashish got busy with their respective chats thankfully gunjan reached the party as nupur didn't came the same reason she missing mayank a lot and really didn't wanted to go anywhere right now

Riddhima: that's it gunji , I am not even going to stay here for another few minutes , I just hate this kind of parties

Gunjan: chill baby look around see how many hot boys are here , I tell you this young business man all do have a great style

Riddhima: hello gunjan madam get back on earth and stop checking out the guys around here , have you forgotten that you are half married now , as in half Mrs Gunjan samrat singhania , and will become complete in few months

Gunjan: I knew that yaar but if you are packed with your shopping that really doesn't means that you don't have a right over window shopping

Riddhima: poor samm

They were talking when sujal called riddhima

Sujal: princess I really want you to meet Mr Khanna he is a great business man we did lots of business together a good friend of mine, and Mr Khanna that's my princess my daughter riddhima

Riddhima looked at an middle aged man , probably of the same age of her dad , she met him nicely , he seems like a humble and sweet person

Sujal: and yes I want to introduce you to a very special person , Mr Khanna's son , this is Angad Khanna , angad is also working with his dad , he is very good with his business

While riddhima looking at a young , tall and surely a nice handsome guy standing there she just smiled at him with gesture , as she was little confused over why her dad made her meet them , as he never felt need to introduce her to anyone ever before, she was still thinking when sujal came near her , and saying her slowly

Sujal: comeon now stop giving that confusing looks of yours and smile, I told you about my decision in the morning regarding you being with us , and then me getting you married with a guy of my choice , and this angad guy , I like him a lot personally , so just meet him nicely talk with him and then tell me your decision

If here riddhima was shocked that would be an understatement , she was hell shocked and scared and over all feeling helpless , oh god armaan was not here and over that this problem

Riddhima: but dad like this  [she was to say ahead when sujal stopped her]

Sujal: ok Mr khanna I think we shall let the kids talk for a while riddhima I and mr khanna want to discuss a little business affair , till then why don't you accompany angad a little

Saying that sujal left riddhima and angad alone, as sujal left riddhima took a deep breath as she knew what she have to do

Riddhima: look mr who ever you are

Angad: listen riddhima ji listen to me once before you say anything ...

While here riddhima and angad chatting, on the other hand sujal , kashish standing at corner looking at them

Kashish: sujal don't you think you are being in a little hurry I mean all this

Sujal: kashish I am her dad and I just want her happiness and her getting settled in her life she is a girl kashish one day she have to go

Kashish: I knew sujal , but still you feel this boy is good enough for her

sujal: yes offcourse he is, i met him many times personally as well ,he is well mannered and well cultured person , i am sure he will understand and take good care of our princess

kashish: still i feel that you are doing a little hurry sujal why dont you give another chance to our first choice , i dont want my princess to go that far from us

sujal: kashish please i dont wan to discuss this topic again, i think we have given many chances already and moreover  You knew about My first choice for riddhima that is already over , I always wanted her to be the daughter in law of karan but then samrat choice was somewhere else , its ok kashish kids have there own will to select their partners , gunjan is also a very nice girl and like my second daughter so maybe destiny wants that and we are happy with that so now we also should think over for riddhima now

Kashish: we have one more choice for riddhima and I knew you also love him a lot

Sujal: please kashish don't even think of that , yes I love him a lot ,only I knew that he would have been the perfect choice of any father for his daughter but then he is too high for our reach, you knew about his achievements he is the youngest successful business tycoon of the country right now and looking at his success I really don't feel he will ever be interested in riddhima

Kashish: but then he is the same armaan sujal , our kid , the same as samrat , mayank and riddhima for us , no matter how much successful he have became on his professional levels or business, still personally he is same our armaan , and his relation with everyone also have been same

Sujal: yes his relation with everyone also have been same even with riddhima , armaan and riddhima are best friends kashish , and our thinking is wrong they are and will always remain best friends, they cant change , if they wanted then they had many years to change but nothing changed in them , its high time now and moreover armaan you knew him, he have many options for him he wont even consider riddhima as a choice for him ever

Kashish: I understand everything sujal , but atleast we can talk with them once

Sujal: no kashish please I just don't want to spoil their friendship and mine and karan and specially mayank and armaan friendship by ever getting this topic, this will just create an awkwardness in their relations, moreover if riddhima is fine with getting settled with anyone then that means she have no other feelings look at riddhima and angad , they are looking so good together and are even talking nicely

Kashish: they are just looking good sujal not perfect

Sujal: ok fine all decisions are of riddhima I wont ever force her let her decide what she wants for herself

While here on the other side riddhima talking with angad And after sometime they coming near sujal and kashish

Sujal: so what do you think riddhima , I hope you liked angad , if you will agree then only we will talk ahead on this

Riddhima: its fine dad , whatever decision you will take I am happy and I am fine with that

Sujal: that means you have no issue with getting married to angad

Riddhima: no dad ...

Ok that's all for now

Confused , shocked I knew all my readers are right now , riddhima said yes to marry angad , why and for what reason , well you will get all your answers in the next part I promise I readers getting the biggest surprise in the next part , and surely you all will like that ...

Till then I want  many many replies over this

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Smrikta992 Goldie

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Posted: 25 February 2014 at 4:55am | IP Logged
Lovd it..
Its such an amazing update..
Thnks for pm..

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