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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 73)

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the part was really awesome blossom
loved the confession
that model ROFLROFL
continue soon
n thx 4 d pm

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awesome part
plz cont soon
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awesome update...loved it...cont soon...!!!!

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part 24 on page 84

[wow silver jublee of the ff , congrats to all my readers]

riddhima:  that's not correct armaan , its been like this always that boys have proposed a girl never a girl proposes , ok i am not here to argue with you in this anymore , now I am going and you think yourself what and how you have to work on this

Saying that riddhima went inside the washroom

Armaan: god riddhima , who the hell have told you to watch soo many romantic movies that now madam want all that filmy romance here , ok princess if you want it that way , then I will surely fulfill your wishes   [armaan smiling to himself ]

Later when riddhima came out in the room after freshening , she saw it empty armaan was not there

She was already thinking a lot may be she have pushed this propose thing so long what if armaan was pissed off with that , she was feeling so guilty for irritating him so much with this so early in the morning and that to on this so special day , the first day of their relation as lovers 

Maybe she should just let this thing go,

She was just thinking on that when armaan came back in the room

Riddhima: where did you went

Armaan: oh nothing just a little office work

Riddhima:  armaan listen whatever I said just let it go I knew I was so wrong, I don't need you to do anything like that , you knew I act stupid sometime

Armaan:  hey don't you dare say my love stupid , whatever and however she is , still she is my jaan so no need of you to say anything against her , its ok riddhima, you knew you can say and demand anything from me even my life and I will happily die on your one saying

Said armaan pulling riddhima towards him and hugging her from the waist

Riddhima: don't you dare use that word again got that armaan , here its just the starting of our life there is no where need for even use of such bad words in this

Armaan: I love you riddhima  [he kissing her cheeks lightly]

Riddhima: you go and get ready and then we will go out and spend this day the way you want

Armaan:   riddhima there is a slight change , actually I just got a call that I have a little urgent office work for few hours , sorry riddhima I have to go to work

Riddhima: this is not fare now armaan its you who already said that its our last day here and we should stay together just tell any of your employ to handle it

Armaan: I knew but really its very urgent , I have to wind up my work here before leaving , and its only me who can do that, I will just take few hours promise

Riddhima: its ok , you go and do your work I will wait

Armaan: you can go out somewhere if you want , I will tell the driver

Riddhima:  you wont worry about me you go till then I will pack my stuffs , I have to pack a lot you knew yesterday I shopped so much so have to pack that yet

Armaan: yes that I can see you picking up the whole shop really you took my giving you credit card so seriously  [looking at the shopping bags kept In one side , actually covering the whole one side]

Riddhima: oh please stop now ok , I just shopped a little and for your information these are just gifts I took for all you ok

Armaan: oh and what about my gift you didn't gave me yet

Riddhima:  oh yes you knew I got so many thinks for you, wait I will show you [riddhima trying to get away from him as he was holding her tightly from her waist]

Armaan: riddhima I am not taking about what you bought for me, I need my gift

[armaan bringing her really close to himself as he was still holding her from the waist while she was lost in thinking what gift armaan want]

Riddhima: armaan I am confused what you are saying

Armaan:  I was always right about you, that you are really Dumb, my dumbo

Riddhima: oh really and what you are Mr Mysterious

Armaan: what me and mysterious and for you 

Riddhima: offcourse you are , I just cant understand you all the time

Armaan: I supposed we were open book for each other , no one in this entire world understand me and my feelings more then you

Riddhima: ok agreed you are not and never been a mystery for me but seriously right now I am not understanding what gift you want
Armaan: riddhima you are so much of dump and highly unromantic, so early in the morning what would a lover like me wants from my love, I need my good morning kiss

[bringing his face really close to riddhima's]

Riddhima: unlike you I don't have a good heavy list of affairs so had no experience

Armaan: in that case I will teach you all the lessons of romance, in which lesson no.1 is that when your lover asks for a morning kiss you need to shut up and let him kiss

[armaan bringing his lips very close to riddhima's when she moved her face away smiling]

Riddhima: armaan stop that and just leave me  I am in no mood to learn any such lessons from you.

Armaan: no not until I get my kiss

[trying to pull her again close but riddhima stopping him and getting out of his reach]

Riddhima: no ways , get out armaan I thought you said you have urgent office work so just get out

[she literally pushing him towards the door of the room]

Armaan: riddhima I suppose you are forgetting this is my room and you are literally throughing me out of it

Riddhima: I suppose it was you who himself said that everything that belongs to you is now mine ,and so is this room as well , so get out

Armaan:  riddhimaii , this is just not fare , ok ok I will go first let me get ready you knew I didn't even had my bath yet

Riddhima: cheee you are so dirty armaan ok go 

[she stood there no more pushing out]

While armaan came back near her and kissing her cheeks

Armaan: now I think its good morning for me

And soon he rushed in the washroom , before riddhima can react

Riddhima: morning ! its already 2 in the afternoon armaan  I am going to order lunch come out fast and have lunch before leaving for your office [shouting from behind]

Even after this khatee meethee fighting , and there never ending teasing session they were perfect together, perfect couple's and she was so happy with this

Her life was just getting perfect , riddhima was just thinking over all those facts when her cell ringing disturbed her chain of thoughts

It was mayank's call , mayank , oh god , she was so lost in her so much changed life with armaan that she completely forgot about everyone , specially mayank , god what will I say him now,

Mayank said that if riddhima is with armaan then he don't even have to worry about her, he knew that she will be safe , that's so true , still the point here was that he trusted armaan and her so much , and here what is she doing somewhere breaking his trust , the two most important person in mayanks life have taken so big step with each other in their life and he even don't have any single hint of that

No this is so wrong , she need to tell him , mayank is the first person in this whole world who have the full right to knew about this, to get this information that his sister is fallen madly  in love with his best friend, and that his best friend is loving his sister , he need to be informed with this

But how, what  will I say to him , how will he react to this

That was all riddhima thinking when the cell again started ringing

She hesitantly picked the call , and before she can say a hello mayank speaking loudly

Mayank: where are you guys , you knew I have been trying calling you like since morning

Riddhima:  hello mayu, oh actually I was I mean we were in the party yesterday and were so tired sorry

Mayank: its ok princess I was just getting tensed just wanted to knew that you both are fine , now I am relaxed so my lazy bones got up now

Riddhima: its been a little while mayu , anyways what are you doing , how are you and your wound is it fine now , hope its not hurting you that much now, and

Mayank: riddhima I am fine  and my wound as well , and everyone else is also fine infact all are here

 While here nupur snatching the cell from mayank
Mayank: nupur let me talk first

Nupur: no first I have to talk , riddhima where are you and how was the party girl , you said you will come on video chat after the party and show us how are you looking in that new party dress, you knew me and gunji waited for you for so long

Riddhima: sorry nupur I was so tired and then

And gunjan taking the cell from nupur

Gunjan:  its ok riddhima , anyways tell me how was the party , and you knew i was so excited that you are first time attending any such business profile party, and yes the picture you send of the dress was osm girl I so wished to see you in that dress

Riddhima: don't worry gunjan I am coming then I will wear that dress again to make you both see

Nupur:  that's great and what about that latest handbag , you bought that as well and the one I asked

Riddhima: yes nupur I bought so many trendy handbags for you, and gunjan infact the room here right now is full with the shopping bags

[while riddhima heard samrat saying]

Samrat: oh my god you girls stop this right now , you have nothing to chat about other then clothes shopping bags etc etc, yesterday as well, for hours you three girls were on chating , there riddhima was shopping and here you both were just telling her that buy this and that and god knows what not

Riddhima: so samrat why are you getting jealous I bought lots of gifts for you as well so just chill

Samrat: forget about gifts first tell me how are you

Riddhima: I am perfectly fine samm , what could happen to me , anyways you all are together at home , so enjoying without me

Samrat: yes you knew we are enjoying a lot, so much relief and relaxed life without the cyclone here, suddenly our house have became a heavens a place full of peace

Riddhima: oh really samm , that I can hear in your voice that how much peaceful and relaxed life you are having , samrat I suppose you and gunjan must be really happy no one disturbing you in your romance, as your biggest kabaab mein haddi is not there, and as for mayank and nupur I am sure they must be busy in there romantic eye locks and secret romancing , that they wont be having any time for you

Samrat: you knew I wish I could have said that you are right , but what can I do yaar , there is no fun in even romancing until and unless our kabaab mein haddi is not here to add a little spice in our life, our romancing is also felt so incomplete without you interrupting in it atleast few times

Riddhima: oh so why don't you just admit that you are missing me

Samrat: you knew what we tried to much to enjoy, but seriously without you girl we cant even think what to do I mean its too boring here

Riddhima: ok ok I understood what you trying to say , I am also missing you all and will be there soon , infact we are coming back tonight, and as for that psycho person chapter I am so over with that , and really don't care at all about that anymore so I am coming back

Mayank: oh yes riddhima I just wanted to tell you that our planning was a success and that person tried coming in our house but before we could have caught him he started running, police chased him and while running he falled off the cliff

Riddhima: what ! are you serious , so what happened then , who was that person got any clue

Mayank: no riddhima we didn't got to knew who that person was and we don't even care to knew, that person deserved to be dead and so he is, so chill princess no need to worry at all now and you can just relax now

Riddhima: I am relaxed mayu, until and unless you all are here with me I am not at all bothered

As riddhima was still taking on her cell when armaan came out, fully dressed and hugging her tightly from behind on her waist kissing her lightly on her earlobe and keeping his chin on her shoulder from back

Riddhima:  please stop,  I am talking with mayu  [riddhima whispering armaan so that mayank cant hear that]

Armaan: so , let me talk with him I have to tell him

Riddhima: are you crazy no you are not going to say anything right now [getting away from armaan]

Mayank: hello guys , talk with me I am here on the call , who is there riddhima

 riddhima: nothing mayu actually we didn't had lunch so armaan was just asking that

mayank: oh ok guys I think you both shall first have your lunch then I will talk with you later

riddhima: ok mayu  bye, I will call you after having  lunch, and yes I love you and just take care of yourself

armaan: and I love you too

riddhima: armaan I will kill you , what the hell were you doing

armaan: what have I done

riddhima: I was talking to mayu , and you are irritating me like anything what if mayank would have heard or understood

armaan: so what riddhima , and why didn't you stopped me , I would have myself told all of them what a great surprise that will be for all of them imagine

riddhima: no armaan not like this, I mean seriously we have to tell them all but not like this first let us go back and then as per the perfect situation we will tell them

armaan: and what and when will be that perfect situation

riddhima: that you just leave to me , but until that time you are not going to tell anyone anything

armaan:  but riddhima

riddhima: armaan now stop this and eat something before leaving for your work

[she sitting on the small eating area in the room and serving food in plates for them]

armaan: you knew what, you always knew how to make me quite , this is so wrong riddhima now I can even not win an argument from you

riddhima: so its better not to try that again and again armaan cause you are always going to lose from me

armaan: just the way I am losing my heart to you with the each passing minute , riddhima seriously what are you doing to me I just cant feel anything other than you and only you

riddhima: now aren't you getting late for your work

armaan: no

riddhima: armaan stop this and just stop acting like being in love with some girl you met just now and want to spend each and every moment with her, for god sake I am the same riddhima armaan

armaan: then why were you staring in the morning when I was sleeping , you have also seen me well for so many years actually since we were born I am also the same armaan riddhima

riddhima: ok fine whatever just eat your food and leave , I also have to call mayu , you knew what armaan that psycho he is dead

armaan: I knew samm informed me , its good he is dead or else I would have killed him myself, my blood boiled now also even on the mention of the name of that person

riddhima: its ok armaan the good thing is that everything is over and now there will be no more problems for us , only we all six friends together forever

armaan: yes forever ...

Later , armaan went for his work while riddhima was busy in chatting with mayank , then samrat , then nupur and then gunjan , of all the general topics and nothing related to her and armaan, just excluding that part smartly in her chatting , she didn't even realized that it was already evening , she chatted for hours

She checked her cell when she got a message from armaan , to be in a special hall in the restaurant area as armaan is waiting for him there

So she quickly got dressed and went there,  only to find armaan waiting for him outside the hall

Riddhima: what why have you called me here ,and what about your work are you free now

Armaan: well I am always free for you riddhima, and I called you here for well you will get to know that soon, first come with me inside

Riddhima: but for what I mean

Armaan: don't you trust me riddhima

Riddhima: don't be stupid armaan what kind of question is it even

Armaan: then just don't waste time here and come in

And soon armaan took her inside the hall

It was just like heavens for riddhima , hall completely decorated with flowers , riddhima favorite flowers , balloons scattered on the floor, while all the area decorated with rose petals and candles  and there was a little fountain as well in the middle where water was flowing and lights effect was giving it a fabulous look

Riddhima was looking all over the place and she was so lost in checking that she didn't even noticed armaan waiting for her to say something

Armaan: riddhima I am waiting

Riddhima: yes for what armaan
Armaan: for how you liked the place this decoration

Riddhima: oh this its perfect , but I mean is there anything special today here

Armaan: yes its going to be a very special day its our propose day

 Riddhima: what are you serious , you did all this for me

Armaan: no I did this just for time pass , offcourse dumbo I did all this for you

Riddhima: but why armaan , I already told you it was just a stupid demand and you don't have to follow all my demands all the time

Armaan: can you just leave that decision for me that which of your demands I have to follow and which I don't have to ok now no more talking you disturbing my planning come now sit here

Said armaan making her sit on the chair in the middle of the hall

riddhima: armaan but

Armaan: shhh riddhima no more if and buts now , just be here with me, I want you to forget everything else in this moment and not interrupt in the middle again and again you disturbing my concentration
riddhima: someone should learn from you how to make a hell out of a romantic situation

Armaan: I knew that you already told me, and now I have heard lots of your saying , so just keep quite and listen to whatever I wanted to say you , for once

riddhima:  ok go ahead

And armaan got up and was walking away from there

riddhima: hey I didn't meant you literally walking away , where are you going armaan

Armaan: well today I am going to say all that I wanted to say you in my style and I knew that you will not be able to escape me today , you will have to say yes to me

Soon the lights went off , and just a spot light was there which was on riddhima rest everything was dark

Then another spot light that was on armaan , he was sitting on a chair at a little distance from her with Guitar in his hand

And he started playing the notes on the Guitar

And the music began

Here this is the song armaan singing for riddhima

Its Sad version, as in from the heart version of the song Soniyo , from the movie Raaz 2

Armaan singing:

SOniyo O soniyo
Tumhein Dekhta hoon to sohcta hoon bas yehi
Tum jo mera saath do
Sare gum bhola ke
Jee lu muskuraake zindagi

(Sweetheart, O Sweetheart
When i see you i think of only this
If you always be with me,
I'll forget all pain
and live life with smile)

[armaan standing up from his place going towards] 

Tu dede mera saath tham le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath

(You Give me accompany, hold my hand
no matter what it takes. You Just be with me)

[bending down near her and putting his hand ahead  again singing]

Tu dede mera saath tham le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath

[riddhima happily putting her hands in his , and he pulling her up and then doing a little slow dance there]
[after moving once again armaan leaving her in the middle and taking a round around her]

Tujh mein hi dekha hai
Mene Manzil Ko
tujh mein dhadkan mili is dil ko

( I've seen my destination in you only,
This heart has found it's heartbeat in you. )

[while taking a round he for once resting his head on her shoulder from back , closing his eyes for a while just being with her and then coming back in front while singing face to face towards her]

Tujh mein hi dekha hai
Mene Manzil Ko
Tujh mein dhadkan mili is dil ko

[armaan again sitting on his knees in front of her and pointing towards his floor as if its not there without her]

Bin tere kadmon tale
(Without you, under my feet)

[pointing towards her that he is actually nothing without her]

Raahe nahi hai tujhe mein kahi hai
Meri zameen

(there's no path; my earth is somewhere in you.)

[again bringing his hand in front of her , and as she took that he swing her around himself, as he was still sitting on his knees]

Tu dede mera saath tham le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath
Tu bas de de mera saath

(you Give me accompany, hold my hand
no matter what it takes. You Just be with me.)

[she was just smiling all the time , she was so much lost in armaan and his style she had no ways and words to express herself , she walked back and sat on the chair again, while armaan still in the same position , she pointing at him that he is gone crazy]

[armaan singing again , this time looking straight in her eyes]

O sun le yaa Padh le tu
Meri Khamoshi
Hai Jarurat teri Saanson Jaise

( Oh listen or read my silence,
I need you like breath. )

[and with the intensity armaan said that riddhima cant even look away for a single second , her eyes were jammed with his and tears were forming in her eyes, she didn't even realized when he started coming near her , still on his knees moving towards her]

O sun le yaa Padh le tu
Meri Khamoshi
Hai Jarurat teri Saanson Jaise

[he just sitting in front on her , on his knees and then keeping his head in her lap , as she was in a sitting position]

Tujh se hi sab kuch mila
Ek tu nahi to mera yahan kuch bhi nahi

(I've got everything from you only,
If you're not there, I've nothing at all here.)

[he looking back straight in her eyes, and moving his head in a no , that he is nothing , nothing without her]

[and then holding her both hands tight with his , finally last time asking her to be his forever  and ever ]

Tu dede mera saath tham le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath
Tu bas de de mera saath
mera saath mera saath
mera saath mera saath
mera saath mera saath

(You Give me accompany, hold my hand
no matter what it takes. You Just be with me.)

[while here riddhima was literally crying,  her eyes full with tears , tears of happiness ,the intensity with which armaan confessed his true feelings and his love for her , she just cant say anything her mind was numb, words were just not been able to come out of her mouth , she have to say and do something , armaan just proposed her , she have to say yes , but how just one yes wont be enough for what armaan did]

She just don't understand what she should do , so she just got down from the chair and sat on his knees like the way armaan was sitting , in front of him

And cupping his cheeks in both her hands she got really close to him and touching her lips with him she kissed him , first lightly and then deepening the kiss , holding him tight ,
Soon armaan also hold her tight and they deepened the kiss , from a little sweet kiss to a passionate one ,

Finally after few minutes they broke the kiss, and riddhima looking everywhere but not at his face , she was to shy on her act herself, It was not that this was their first kiss, but for her , kissing him it was the first time, she herself kissed him , unlike two times earlier , it was armaan who always started and she just responded, but this time it was different leaving all her shyness, she did that , just for armaan just to tell him that she loves her the same way as he does

Armaan: so do I take it as a yes

Riddhima shyly looking away nodding ,

Riddhima: now stop it armaan and just don't look at me like that

Armaan: I love you soo much riddhima and this blushing face of yours, now look at me riddhima I am the same armaan

Riddhima: that was absolutely perfect, I never knew that you were so I mean so

Armaan: romantic  , I knew that , and riddhima now just wait and keep watching you are going to discover lots of things about me , with the passing of each day together in our this new life , so hopefully my princess all wishes for now are fulfilled

Riddhima: I love you armaan , I love you soo much , now I just have one wish from you, promise me armaan that you will remain like this forever and nothing will ever change , and that you will never leave me never

Armaan: riddhima being like this forever its too tough, I mean look my knees are already paining

Riddhima: stop it armaan you always end up our romantic movement like this I so hate you
Armaan: and I so love you and riddhima do you even need me to promise you that I wont leave you ever, hello madam don't even think in your life that you will be able to keep me away from you ever in your life I am never going to leave you even if you try to get away from me then also I will be there behind you all the time, and this is my pakka waala promise and you knew I never break that

Riddhima: and for me I still remember my the promise I made with prerna mom that I will be by your side always and that I made to you after prerna mom left us that I wont leave you ever , and I also never break my promises

Armaan: ok now lots of talks done I am starving riddhima , lets eat something then we have to leave as well in an hour

After that they both left ,

In the plane,
Private jet again , but unlike as they came this time riddhima was not at all irritated with the fact that they were alone , as she right now didn't even want to talk or be with anyone else other than him

They were sitting together rather resting together , armaan resting on the seat keeping it really low almost half lying position, while riddhima hugging him tight , keeping her head on his chest ,and armaan holding her tightly from his one hand

Armaan: I am so excited to see mayank reaction , when we will tell him about us, riddhima  , and that samrat, you knew him he will get so crazy

Riddhima: hmmm but armaan I am so scared

Armaan: don't be I am here with you yaar , everything will get perfect

And soon this time they drifted to sleep together in each other arms , and didn't knew when they actually reached back

The drive from airport to the house was so silent , riddhima was sitting quietly thinking over how to tell them , while armaan was just seeing her nervous state , didn't said anything just not to make her more nervous

As they reached home

Finally their home , looking around the place it was all so quite, as it was early morning , they came back home

Riddhima: I think mayu and samm are sleeping yet

Armaan: hmm maybe  its ok , let them sleep its still time for morning , we will talk with them once they got up in the morning

They while talking entered the hall holding each other hand , only to get a biggest shock at that time

they expected mayank and samrat sleeping , but here not only mayu and samm but their parents were also sitting in the hall , waiting for them probably

riddhima immediately left armaan hand before anyone can see that

and changing her expression came in, running in hugging kashish

riddhima: mumma , oh mumma i missed you so much ,

and then meeting sujal ,

riddhima: dad , i missed you so much when did you came didnt even informed me

sujal: as if you all informed us a lot of things happening here [said sujal sarcastically , riddhima can easily judge with his expression that he was angry]

while armaan came in and happily hugging and meeting karan and nandini first

armaan: how are you buddy

karan: we all are so fine , that our kids didn't even think us worth to tell us what all is happening in their lifes

for once riddhima and armaan breath stopped , what they both meant , did they already knew about their this new relation but how

but then they both were relieved when kashish starting saying ahead

kashish: so much had been happening here with my little princess she was so upset with some psycho irritating her and no one even felt like informing us

sujal: you didn't even told us about mayu accident, it was only when for some general stuff I called the police commissioner here I got to knew about all this

karan: but the question is why didn't you guys informed us mayank , samrat and armaan , buddy atleast you could have called me

armaan: buddy actually it happened so fast we didn't even realized and then now its all over

mayank: yes karan uncle everything is fine and we all are fine as well so now please can you guys just relax now

samrat: yes its been an hour that you all came here , and since then all you four are just scolding this two poor soul me and mayu ,and armaan and riddhima just saved from this as they came now

nandini: they are also not going to be left so easily , specially you riddhima how could you didn't even felt like talking with all of us regarding this

riddhima: I am sorry nandini ma, but look here I am fine , everything is fine so I didn't wanted to bother you all

sujal: and who have given you the right to consider that what will bother us about our kids and what will not how can you even think that knowing about my princess being in such a big mess will ever bother us

riddhima: ok ok ok mom dad , karan uncle and nandini maasi ma I agree we did a big mistake this time , and I am really sorry for all this I am so sorry to all of you because of me all this is happening here, I am the only reason of everyone being so upset, I am the reason for mayank to be so hurt and I am the reason for you all being so angry on others here I am so sorry

said riddhima and she started crying

sujal : riddhima my baby please stop this crying and how can you even say yourself being responsible for all this , rather you are the one who have suffered the most in all of this

sujal finally melting ,and riddhima happily hugging him

riddhima: oh dad I really love you all , and sorry again I promise we all will never do any more mistakes to make you all guys upset

[said riddhima hugging sujal tight and then giving thumb up towards samrat and mayank who were just behind sujal , and then they understood riddhima tricking their parents by diverting them in other side]

Later in the morning

Finally after a little resting and sleeping , all kids only sitting together

Mayank: you knew what this is so bad on your part, you should have not created such drama like this and that to with mom dad

Riddhima: what you shall be happy with this atleast I saved all of us from their further scolding , cause looking at them I was so sure that they were not going to leave all of us so soon and then how can I let you all getting so much scolding

Samrat:  my god riddhima you acted so genuine that not even for once I felt that you are just tricking them up

When they heard karan saying from behind and kashish nandini and sujal with him came towards the kids

Karan: well the trick was not good enough for all of us

Samrat: dad we were just

Sujal: we all already knew that what you all were just doing or been doing till now

Kashish: yes we all knew your tricking in the morning itself , just didn't said anything cause we understood that it was so early morning and you all were tired , but now that we are here , we are taking few decision and you have to obey us

Sujal: yes absolutely and the first thing is that all of you mind it I meant no one of you will ever hide anything from all of us , we have a right to knew each and every little or big issue related to our kids, got that

Mayank: yes dad seriously we promise you that we wont hide anything from now on

Sujal: and second and the most important decision that we elders have decided is for riddhima, baby are you listening to me 
Riddhima: yes dad , I am listening and you knew I will do as you will say I promise

Sujal: great now that you promised me you wont say no to me and will do as I say you ok

While all the kids were getting so nervous over sujal saying like this they were having a really bad feeling right now about what their parents were upto

And their fear actually came true with what sujal said ahead

Sujal: ok so we have decided that riddhima you are going to stay with us now , its been enough that we have let you live your lifes like you all wanted , but now riddhima I am not at all leaving you alone here anymore , your mom and I have decided that you are coming to London with us until we find a nice match for you their itself, now its high time your mom wants you to get settled in your life soon

Riddhima: dad but

Sujal: not a single word ahead in this riddhima you are coming with us and going to get married there only with the boy I will select for you

While all kids were shocked but the most confused and disturbed of all this were armaan , who was shocked beyond words over what all is happening and on the other side riddhima who was helplessly looking towards everyone around

Ok that's all for now

I knew a little absurd ending , but yes this ending surely indicates the starting of a new  chapter in ar's life ahead

Hope you all liked the part till now will try and update ahead as well really soon with this till then please do give your valuable comments they are really important for me

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awesome IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 February 2014 at 7:58am | IP Logged
awesome part
loved it

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 February 2014 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Amazing part
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2014 at 10:15am | IP Logged
wow wonderful update loved it thank you for pm.

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yoga123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 February 2014 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Nice chapter...thanks for the PM

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