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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 71)

KaranSGRules Goldie

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Posted: 03 February 2014 at 3:06am | IP Logged
jst amazing

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..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 February 2014 at 5:10am | IP Logged
ye  ridhima har bar bhag kyun jaati hain ya baat palat deti hai ...
usse jab aapni feeling ka pata hain toh confess na karti na karne deti armaan ko yaar ye achi baat nahi hain...

but loved that ridhima ne bura nahi maana na roi but she stand for her pure relations with armaan ... and then armaan felt proud and in last asrmaan confessed to all... 
she is his life.. and ridhima to said.. making it right...
"correction MY armaan.." hayee... osomeee

plz continue soon di... loved it...

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 February 2014 at 5:21am | IP Logged
wow wonderful update loved it thank you for pm.

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 February 2014 at 12:25pm | IP Logged

thanks god armaan has his own identity cant wait for the next part

update soon plzzz

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ksgandjsg21 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2014 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
awesome part... Thnx for Pm

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yoga123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2014 at 7:41pm | IP Logged

Excellent update.....awesome pics.....appreciate a lengthy update......thanks for the PM

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-pearlblu- Goldie

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Posted: 05 February 2014 at 4:58am | IP Logged
Brilliant update, as usual!! So glad riddhima actually took a stand for her feelings...larmaan ki toh chndi hi chandiLOL
Thnx for d pm, hon!!Smile

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 February 2014 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
part 23 on page 83


ARMAAN saying riddhima as His life

He came there and stood in front of kaya and her group

He stood by riddhima side holding her protectively from her waist while here all the models standing along with kaya became quite no one have the guts to utter a single word ahead specially looking at armaan face who was looking quite angry right now

kaya: armaan actually we were just having a little chat

armaan: first think you stop taking my name its Mr Singhania or Sir for you all, and I don't feel like repeating myself again and again, I heard a lot of the little chat you were having here Miss Kaya

kaya: actually Mr Singhania we were just trying to have a little introduction nothing else

armaan: in that case let me give you a little introduction of My Riddhima, she is my everything, my life, the reason of my existence and above all my LOVE
[Armaan said that looking straight towards riddhima , in her eyes , he said that yes finally he said that , still holding her , infact now holding her more tight and protective then before while riddhima state was beyond shock right now, she was just looking at him while her mind was numb ,and after hearing his last statement she have no guts to say a word ahead ,so she was just standing like a statue there]

Armaan: you want to knew what right she have on me then she and only she can have every right on me and everything I have, so you got my words right regarding who she is

While here not only riddhima but kaya was equally shocked with this statement of armaan , she don't knw what and how to say ahead

Kaya: sir I was just

Armaan: I don't want to hear anything right now I already said what all I wanted to say , now coming to what you said miss kaya, you heard me well that she is my life, and no one I said no one dare to mess with Armaan Singhania's life , and who ever dare that have to pay a lot after that ,so just wait for that

Kaya: no sir you cant do this, please sir I am sorry, actually I didn't knew anything about her , I am sorry
[she was surely scared right now, maybe she was a supermodel but then she knew she was nothing in front of Armaan and if armaan wished to destroy her then he can very easily do that so better option here is to just end this up here]

Armaan: this you should have thought before messing up with my life and my family now I want you to just leave

Kaya: I am very sorry sir
[said kaya and was about to leave]

Armaan: and yes you will get that charity dresses soon for what riddhima mentioned earlier charity from riddhima to you

And now within a minute kaya along with all other girls standing there left , leaving armaan and riddhima alone, armaan still holding riddhima tight

While riddhima looking towards armaan with shocked and hurt eyes,

Armaan: riddhima actually , riddhima you knew this I was to tell that

Armaan trying to give few clarification but riddhima was not even interested in hearing anything right now , she just harshly removed armaan hand from her waist in anger and then left from there without saying a single word ahead , she left from the hall , and went towards the elevator,

She was not at all feeling to stay there she felt suffocated and wanted some open space right now

While armaan followed her behind , but till the time he reached the lift lobby she was already inside the lift and was going up

Armaan didn't waited for a single second he took the other elevator to follow her

Riddhima reached the floor she stood there in the hall thinking of what all happened and then only one line again and again roaming in her mind "she is my love, my life" only this

She took the way to reach the terrace garden area
She reached here , and was standing near the swimming pool

She was just standing there when armaan reached behind her

Armaan: riddhima listen to me, I am calling you since so long
[armaan tried holding her but riddhima pushed him back with great force]

Riddhima: just leave me armaan don't you try and touch me specially after what you did right now

Armaan: what have I done riddhima that girl was insulting you so I just replied her back

Riddhima: exactly that armaan she was messing up with me and I was there to reply her back then what was the need for you to come in between I didn't seek for your help

Armaan: riddhima what all are you saying are you angry on me for all this, why don't you just accept that what you are frustrated for [said armaan getting angry , he knew she was upset and angry for what armaan said and not for any other reasons]

Riddhima: armaan please leave me I want to stay alone for sometime

Armaan: no , not at all , never , if you feel that today also I am going to leave you here like this , even after knowing the fact even after hearing what my heart wanted to say you then you are so wrong riddhima

Riddhima: please armaan stop , stop here only armaan don't say anything ahead

Armaan: why riddhima why you always make me stop , why , why you don't let me say what I feel why are you doing this to me and yourself riddhima , why don't you also accept the fact that you also feel the same for me as I do

Riddhima: stop all this just stop it armaan please don't say a word ahead, we are best friends armaan , you are very important , really very important person in my life armaan and I just cant afford to lose you, and your friendship , I adore what I have got with me armaan please don't take this away from me , please armaan I beg you please

Armaan: that's it, this is what you are scared of this is the reason that always stop you from listening to me and your own heart riddhima , what do you think riddhima that after realizing and confessing our true feelings anything will change between us , no riddhima infact it will became more stronger then before

Riddhima: I don't knew what all you are saying armaan let me go

While as they were talking it started raining and as they were in open area they were fully drenched by now

riddhima was running back to the exit while armaan was standing in the same position


THAT'S ALL HE SAID THAT loud and clear and riddhima literally freeze on her position her back facing him and he looking at her , she was numb nothing was visible nothing was clear , she was shocked would be an understatement, she stood there on her tracks didn't dared to even move

While armaan coming towards her

Armaan: since the time I lived in this world I lived it with you, since the time I saw this world I have seen it with you, since the time I understood being with someone I have been with you, since the time I knew staying happy I have always stayed happy with you , when I understood the meaning friendship I have you , and today I have no doubt while I am saying this that since the time I understood the meaning of LOVE, I HAVE LOVED YOU AND ONLY YOU, riddhima I didn't knew what being in love with someone means, but now when I knew that when I realized that love means I knew that I love you riddhima

Said armaan now coming face to face with her

Armaan: since how long will I tag my true feelings for you to mere best friends riddhima ,when I knew that what I feel for you is much more than just friendship , its actually love true love and that's all riddhima, and I also knew that you feel the same for me, you also knew that I am just not your best friend, I am actually the one you see your future with I am the one whom you consider as your life partner for your lifetime

Riddhima: I don't knew anything armaan

Armaan: really so say that when I am so close to you , your heartbeat didn't became fast like it is right now

Said armaan holding riddhima tightly from both her arms

Armaan: tell me riddhima that when I kissed you , you didn't feel it so right that it was just the perfect thing to happen , tell me you don't feel the urge to be with me love me the way I do

Riddhima: leave me armaan I dint want to say anything

Said riddhima and running back from there

Armaan: you cant run from me right now like this riddhima you have to answer me riddhima and until you will do that I will be standing here and waiting for you

Armaan shouting from behind when riddhima ran inside the hall in the bedroom , she didn't knew what to do right now , she was also fully drenched it was still raining outside and armaan was still standing there

Riddhima went in the balcony area and armaan was still standing there near the pool waiting , it was raining and armaan was still standing there, he also knew that riddhima was standing at a far corner looking at her

But right now he wanted her reply and nothing else

While riddhima sat on a sofa and thinking of what all happened and what all is happening

Armaan loves her , yes he said that , riddhima knew that armaan wanted to say something like that only she have seen this intensity and love in his eyes a lot of time for her, but she and her insecurities were just not allowing her to accept armaan feelings and her own feelings as well

Ok both thinking both waiting, armaan for riddhima reply and riddhima to prepare herself for what her heart saying

Music in the background depicting their state of mind and situation of heart

a vm on ar , i found on this song


Ek Ajnabee Sa Ehsaas Dil Ko Sataaye
Shayad Yahi To Pyar Hai
[A strange feeling is torturing my heart
Maybe this is love]

[armaan looking towards riddhima with intense eyes]

Betaabiyon Mein Dhadkan Meri Chal Paaye
Shayad Yahi To Pyar Hai
[In restlessness, my heart is beating
Maybe this is love]

[Riddhima looking down not even daring to look at him]

Kuch Bhi Kaha Na, Kuch Bhi Suna Na
Phir Bhi, Bechain Dil Hai Humara
[It didn't say or hear anything
Still my heart is restless]

Behke Kadam Hai, Mushkil Mein Hum Hain
Dekho, Sambhle Bhala Kaise Yaara
[My feet are staggering, I'm in trouble
How should I take control of myself?]

Chahe Bina Bhi, Nazdik Hum Chale Aaye
Shayad Yahi To Pyar Hai
[Without even wishing for it, I'm coming near You
Maybe this is love]

[riddhima remembering her life in a fast forward mode, each and every moment till date and then there fee close moments together specially their kiss]

Nazaare Bicha De, Pehre Laga De Dil Pe
Par Dil Kisiki Na Maane
[Even if You put sceneries in front of it or keep a watch on this heart
It still won't heed to anyone]

[ riddhima already knew what her heart wanted to say still sitting there looking towards armaan she knew how much she will try and stop herself and her heart today she cant stop it how much she have forced herself to not think about him like this still his heart always conquered her]

Kaanton Pe Chal Ke, Sholo Mein Jala Ke Roke
Milke Rahenge Deewane, Wo O...
[Even by walking on thorns and burning in fireballs
(Going through all forms of hardships)
The lovers will finally find a way to meet]

[armaan knew that she will come he knew that she loves him the way he does and today she will come to him]

Chahat Ki Lau Toh, Aandhi Me Bhi Jhilmilaaye
Shayad Yahi To Pyar Hai
[The torch (fire) of love will continue to burn even in the wind
Maybe this is love]

[armaan still standing there remembering his life till now with riddhima and then his life without her he cant even imagine that]
[she is always there with him inside him and he can never forget her and everything related to her even for a single second of his life]

Yeh Mulakatein, Yeh Teri Aankhein, Waadein
Ek Pal Na Main Bhool Paoon
[These meetings, Your eyes and Your promises
I won't be able to forget even for a moment]

[here riddhima sitting and she knew that she loves him she have no doubt about this ,armaan was so right about everything he said she accept it all , still how will she tell him all this what if she loses her friend as well along with her love]

Kitni Mohabbat, Hai Kitni Chahat Tumse
Kaise Bhala Main Bataoon
[I desire You so much, I love You so much
How should I express all of it?]

[and here armaan just lost in her and her memories]

Achcha Lage Jo, Toh Samane Muskuraaye
Shayad Yahi To Pyar Hai
[If You find something/someone pleasing, then You start smiling
Maybe this is love]

Ek Ajnabee Sa Ehsaas Dil Ko Sataaye Shayad Yahi To Pyar Hai
[A strange feeling is torturing my heart
Maybe this is love]

[Riddhima no don't do this to yourself you knew you love him , even if he is your best friend, still you knew your feelings for him and today your biggest fear is also not there, as you knew he loves you , you knew he loves you more than anything , then what are you scared of now riddhima , your best friend is here with you , and by sharing your true feelings with him you will just make your bond more strong yes but if today you don't say anything then you will surely lose your true love along with your best friend no you cant let this happen , just go ahead riddhima your life and happiness is waiting for you and you are still so dump sitting in here go riddhima your life your happiness is standing there open arms to welcome you go ahead, go riddhima just go...] well this is actually riddhima inner voice telling her all this

Riddhima: No I cant let armaan go away from me, I just cant live without him , I , actually I do , I knew I love him

Riddhima got up from there and came back running finally after long and big conference in between her mind and heart , armaan still standing there when riddhima came there and hugged him tight , not saying anything not clarifying anything just sobbing, she was crying for him , she have been craving for him , and today her heart is crying of happiness that she was here the place where she belong to the place where they were destined to be the place where they were bound to come , in each other embrace forever...

Armaan also crying , he knew she will come back to him he knew that she cant stop her heart anymore , he knew all , both were happy both felt relaxed after finally listening to their hearts they have no burden left on them now , no burden of thinking different for your best friend etc etc,

Finally they completed each other

Still hugging without breaking the hug

Armaan: you always said riddhima that one day you will win from me , and I will lose , yes see today riddhima you won the biggest battle of our lifetime from me riddhima and I lost my heart to you , you won you genuinely won my heart riddhima and now you can rule on that , you just have to say it once riddhima and I will be all yours

Riddhima: what I am not getting what I have to say ?

Armaan: stop testing my patience riddhima and just say it say that you love me

Riddhima: hmmm [she said smiling ,they were still hugging]

When armaan separated from the hug ,looking at her face she was smiling , he knew she was just teasing him

Armaan: what hmm riddhima , come on say that, for what you have came back running here to me

Riddhima: actually armaan you knew I went in but then I thought about you and your feelings , armaan I wont let your heart break , for first time in your life you are genuinely confessing your love to someone and if that girl will also break your heart then it will became so tough for me to handle this devdas best friend of mine so its better not to break your heart and as for me I need to have someone for me someday , so I thought why not you , firstly I knew you well and secondly I can handle you well so little compromise will be fine here

Said riddhima smiling ,all teasing armaan she knew he will get irritated with her teasing

Armaan: ohh compromise how generous of you riddhima to compromise for me, but I don't need your compromise I need this heart of your to beat for me like the way it is right now [said armaan getting very near her just a inch away from her lips] , and I need that whenever your soul to take my name in its each breath just like right now [feeling her heavy breath near him] and I need your eyes to just close whenever you feel me around just like they are right now

Armaan smiling seeing riddhima actions he didn't knew that he can handle her mind heart and soul as he want she was acting like a puppet in his hands right now, he was on cloud nine right now his life was here with him and now he have her for himself and only for himself , he so urged to kiss her at the moment but still he controlled himself first he wanted to tease her a little so that she will confess her feeling to him

And so Armaan moved back and was about to leave when riddhima holded his hand

Riddhima: you cant just walk off leaving this moment incomplete like this

Armaan: even I also don't want to leave this moment like this riddhima , the moment where I have you , the moment the best moment of my life when I got you as mine riddhima , just make this perfect for me riddhima just say that what your heart wanted to say what my heart is craving to listen

Riddhima: yes I do armaan I do , I have tried a lot to stop my heart from this, I am tired of hiding my feelings for you from you from the world but now I don't want to hide them anymore armaan leaving all my fears at one side I accept that I , that I love you armaan , not the best friend type love , the real love the love which you have for me the love which will complete me , the love which will be my side the whole life until i live

And then the world freeze for them even it stopped raining just the two of them and their hearts saying each other all the feeling they wanted to say looking in each other eyes they seal the movement with their first kiss not actually first but the first after confession kiss sealed their first true confession with a kiss armaan and riddhima engulfed in each other arms and their lips joined together to convey their love to each other

this time there was no hesitation, no guilt, no other reason for this kiss it was just a kiss of love their love

we now see the rain is gone the sky getting clear of that black clouds the starts getting visible and the moon shining on this lovely couple

soon after breaking the kiss they both went in as they were fully drenched and were too cold

armaan: riddhima you please change first otherwise you will catch cold, till then i order something warm for you

riddhima: yes please i am starving i didnt had my dinner

armaan: even i didnt if you remember you change first till then i will order dinner and yes please dont take ages in washroom like always

and riddhima was looking at him open mouth , is he the same man who just proposed her and confessed her that he loves her

armaan: what why are you looking at me so shocked, i am here just fulfilling your wish that you love our friendship and relation and never wanted to change it ever , so my dumbo I am still your best friend here,
[Armaan saying this moving towards her and then moving at her back and hugging her from behind keeping his chin on her shoulder]

Armaan: but yes with little change sometime a lover will come out of this best friend and you have to bear with that as well

[armaan said kissing her lightly on her earlobe making riddhima close her eyes little tears forming in her eyes , she immediately turned back and hugged armaan tight]

Riddhima: promise me that this is not any dream , promise me that you will love me so unconditionally forever , promise me that nothing will change in our relation ever

Armaan: I promise that riddhima our promise the pakka walla promise

Riddhima: today I am feeling the most happiest girl in the world now even if god will also come and ask me of what I wish , then I can say him no , as now I don't need anything else I got everything armaan , I just got everything

Armaan: hmm but then I need something

Riddhima: what ?

Armaan: something dry and warm to wear I am feeling cold riddhima [he said that so seriously]

Riddhima: what !! you made a hell out of such a romantic movement armaan you are too much

Said riddhima pushing him back as he was laughing seeing her face and she getting annoyed went inside the washroom locking it

Armaan: riddhima listen ...

Riddhima: go to hell armaan

Armaan: well with you by my side hell is also heaven love you

And riddhima didn't said anything further and just smiling on his statement she quickly changed herself as she knew armaan was also wet and need to change

Soon they both were sitting relaxed and had their dinner
And then both sitting together on the bed , riddhima keeping a head comfortably on his shoulder and they kept on chatting for long after that , everything about what all they felt for each other

When all this started and how they kept on ignoring all that for so long yes offcourse with lots of teasing each other in that, the one thing which they both can never leave this was the root of their love there teasing and then smiling at each other

When they slept in that sitting position they both themselves also don't knew

Morning rays disturbing this very much in love couple sleep , actually not early morning rather afternoon rays ,they both were so exhausted with the last day events and then late night chats that they both slept for so long

Riddhima woke up first and looked at armaan sleeping like a small baby , he looked cute while sleeping forget cute he looked dangerously handsome and sexy , she knew that she always know that armaan was too hot kind of guys and all the girls use to just go crazy about him either in school or college and now even in his office, but now she was looking at him in a far different prospective right now, earlier he was just her best friends and friends , they are not made BY LOOKS , FRIENDS ARE MADE BY HEART , THE OTHER PERSON NATURE MAKES FRIENDS, NOT THE FACT THAT HOW HOT OR HANDSOME HE IS, so for riddhima armaan the armaan with a golden heart was her , and now even she have him in the other perspective as well as her lover and lovers do get effected with each other looks and riddhima was not an exception, today she was feeling different looking at him very different , its not the first time they have chatted like this for long hours and then slept in each other arms , they did this many times , as friends, but as lover this was different and she just cant deny that this close proximity use to effect her a lot now , she was blushing , yes this riddhima was blushing remembering armaan and his confession and over that his kiss and then this smell there is something intoxicating in him that attracts her more and more towards him she just cant control herself reacting indifferently to him , and this new feeling was good really very nice

She was still blushing looking at him sleeping her chain of thoughts was disturbed with armaan talking

Armaan: are you planning to kill me stop giving me this lovely looks

Riddhima: you , weren't you sleeping ?

Armaan: how could I , you being by my side and giving me so lovely looks , making me crazy and you still expect me to sleep, look away riddhima or else I wont be able to control myself and maybe end up doing something that we are not supposed to do so early in this relationship

and here riddhima just cant stop herself from blushing at armaan's comment

Armaan said this so sensually and she just can't do anything other than blushing

Armaan: you please go from here riddhima and send my dumbo back here to me

Riddhima: armaan what are you saying

Armaan: I mean riddhima you knew that this is the first time in your life that you are actually blushing I mean who are you and where is my riddhima my dumbo
Armaan said this so sensually and she just can't do anything other than blushing

Armaan: you please go from here riddhima and send my dumbo back here to me

Riddhima: armaan what are you saying

Armaan: I mean riddhima you knew that this is the first time in your life that you are actually blushing I mean who are you and where is my riddhima my dumbo

Riddhima: shut up armaan and now stop irritating me not at least so early in the morning

Armaan: early morning you lazy bones look at the clock its already afternoon, dumbo you making me also just like you lazy

Riddhima: oh stop that armaan you are talking as if you were never to lazy remember how I use to wake you up it was too tough, now that you have became little serious about your business so you are saying that now you just go away I still feel need to sleep little more

Riddhima sleeping back comfortably and covering herself completely with blanket
Armaan: are you seriously going to sleep again, comeon riddhima today is our last day here , and we have not even moved out of this hotel, ok actually not me, lets just go out and enjoy, as we will be going back home tonight and then we have to tell everyone about us , god samm and mayank will go crazy and sujal uncle , badi ma and choti maa ,all of them will be so happy

Riddhima: oh noo we have to tell all of them as well
[riddhima said getting scared , sitting on the bed]

Armaan: yes so what is there to get scared in this, look at your face, kashish ma and nandini maa loves me and like you a lot as well I am sure they both will accept you as their daughter in law

Riddhima: maybe you are forgetting one thing in this that kashish ma is actually my mom as well armaan what if dad and mom didn't like our relation, I mean they  love us equally and what if they don't think about us in that way

Armaan: so what riddhima once we will tell them then they will

Riddhima: and mayuu , no armaan what if he will , yes offcourse what will mayu say and think about us his sister and his best friend the two people he trust the most in this world

Armaan: riddhima why are you thinking so negatively , what if he will be happy with the fact that his sister will have his best friend whom he trust the most as her partner

 Armaan: riddhima why are you thinking so negatively , what if he will be happy with the fact that his sister will have his best friend whom he trust the most as her partner for life

Riddhima: just a second armaan what are you saying again and again , daughter in law life partner types thinks

Armaan: yes so am I saying something wrong in this

Riddhima:  yes from where did this marriage thing came in between

Armaan: oh hello madam are you ok , here I am taking about us riddhima we love each other you told me you love me so then marriage will be a part of this, riddhima are you just time passing with me and planning to leave me after some time

Riddhima: oh stop it armaan don't consider everyone like yourself who roam around with girls for just passing affairs , when I am here saying you that I love you then I am dam serious and this is for lifetime

Armaan: hmm in that case we cant stay as girlfriend boyfriend for our whole life time , not now atleast after few time we have to get married

Riddhima: yes but that will happen only after you will propose me

Armaan:  Propose ! riddhima I suppose I said a lot yesterday wasn't that enough of proposing

Riddhima: no that was not enough I mean an official propose , in proper way that will be so special that I can cherish that forever and even tell story of that to my grandchildren's

Armaan: ohh hoo grand child , not bad riddhima you think that long future of us together now

Riddhima: stay away armaan its my future , and you can be added in this only after you propose me properly

Armaan: ok then , riddhima stand here I will propose you

Riddhima: like this without any preparations , god armaan you are so unromantic I wonder how you had a good list of affairs till date , you don't even knew how to propose properly

Armaan: ok as if you have written a long thesis on romance and where is it written that only boy have to propose a girl even a girl can do that even I can make such demand

Riddhima:  that's not correct armaan , its been like this always that boys have proposed a girl never a girl proposes , ok i am not here to argue with you in this anymore , now I am going and you think yourself what and how you have to work on this

Saying that riddhima went inside the washroom

Armaan: god riddhima , who the hell have told you to watch soo many romantic movies that now madam want all that filmy romance here , ok princess if you want it that way , then I will surely fulfill your wishes   [armaan smiling to himself ]

ok now thats all for now

hope you liked the part

please this time i need lots of comments guys , all my readers do share their feelings you knew i think this is the most important part i wrote till date in this ff

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TaaRey Story- Aashiqui (Epilogue- Pg-56)

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Author: taani.priya1997   Replies: 427   Views: 55973

taani.priya1997 427 55973 23 May 2015 at 10:46pm by ...Shrisha...
TS - A Frustrating Suhaag Raat (Part 3 - Last part - Pg11)

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Author: DJames   Replies: 119   Views: 61612

DJames 119 61612 05 February 2015 at 3:37am by DJames
Yaare Dil Daare AR ff

Author: searchoffriends   Replies: 2   Views: 1025

searchoffriends 2 1025 03 August 2009 at 4:21am by searchoffriends

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