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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 70)

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Posted: 27 January 2014 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
superb loved it
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon

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ye kahan chod diya di... ye achi baat nahi hain ...
aab jaldi update karnaaa plz plz...
aab kya hoga...
armaan ne ridhima ko kiss kar liya and ridhima to responded...
kab dono confess karenga...

jaldi updateee pzzz

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Wow! Amazing..
Lovd it..

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Awesome update...thanks for the PM

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awesome ff..who is this mystery guy??
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part 22 on page 81
In the blooming moon light two lovers engulfed in each other in the passionate kiss, not wanted to leave each other

But soon they break the kiss only at the end for breathing , as they were breathless now

Armaan went a little back seeing riddhima's still lost in daze her eyes closed ,

He just looking at her face, she didn't offended she didn't opened her eyes yet

Then he realized what he did, he should have not done this, she was weak she was out of her senses , but he wasn't

He took advantage of the situation , he was feeling really guilty , he should have not done this to her , he should have not taken such drastic step

Armaan: I am sorry  [that's all he said and turned around covering her face with his hand]

While here on the other side , riddhima was still lost in the sweet memory of their first kiss, yes it was so instant initially that she was shocked, but then the way he kissed her with all the love and care with the passion he had for her with all the assurance that he is here for her, it all felt so right,  it felt so nice, she believe she belonged to this, she belonged here, all this sensed so right to her at the moment the kiss did wonder on her she forgot all her pain she forgot all her fear , all that she remembered was armaan his touch, his gesture that she is his , his claiming her , and over the all her feelings for him , her hidden feelings which she have always hide from him , all that she felt for him that she was trying to hide all that become so fresh

She was still in that thoughts when she heard him saying, he said sorry, he is guilty, that somewhere felt bad , very bad, she felt bad for his saying sorry , this was their moment the most precious moment and it cant end with this guilt

Riddhima: armaan I want to say [she tried to tell him that he need not to feel guilty cause she definitely don't regret this moment at all]
Armaan: no riddhima its ok no need to say anything I knew you are offended that you , sorry I should have not forced you like this I need to go

Riddhima don't knew what to do and how to stop him as his back was facing her she just hugged him from his back tightly and resting her head on his shoulder back

Riddhima: please don't leave me please never leave me

This was something little unexpected , despite of being angry here she was just telling him not to leave, that means she didn't felt bad, then he need not to be guilty , offcourse that moment was precious and he would have never forgotten that but he was just scared over her reaction on that but getting a positive response he was relaxed

Riddhima: I am scared armaan, please don't leave me

Listening her pleading again he finally turned around looking straight in her eyes he saw nothing , no hate or any guilt or any question , he just saw love pure love and that's all

Armaan: I am not riddhima I already said you I will never leave you, its very late riddhima you should sleep now

And bringing her to the bed armaan made her lye down and sat by her side

Riddhima: just don't leave me armaan

Armaan: I am not riddhima , and trust me till the time I am with you no one can harm you

Riddhima: I know that I trust you  armaan

Saying that she drifted to sleep holding armaan hand and he rested back with her on the bed in sitting position only looking at her cute sleeping face for long and then finally he also slept in that position only

Next morning

Armaan woke up early seeing riddhima sleeping peacefully , he then remember the last night event ,her breaking down that pained him so much and then their kiss the mere thought of which was still giving him Goosebumps and over that all the way she reacted to their first kiss he knew her feelings , he knew she also somewhere felt the same way as he did for her , now this was high time they both need to clarify their emotions , if they both love each other and feel the same then they should just need to confess it to each other , how long will they keep on calling each other as mere best friends , when they both have become far more than that, but this can happen little later

Right now the situation was not correct for this, mayank is in hospital , first he wished mayank recovery than anything else

That reminds him that he have to go to the hospital

So he slowly moved and got up seeing riddhima in deep sleep not disturbing her

As he was about to move out of her room riddhima woke up

Riddhima: where are you going armaan [she said sitting back on the bed]

Armaan: oh good morning riddhima I thought you were sleeping

Riddhima: good morning

Armaan: actually I was just going to get ready , actually nupur and mayank must be waiting for us in the hospital we have to get mayank back home

Riddhima: oh yes I will just be ready soon

Soon after few minutes they both went together to the hospital quietly not talking much just general stuff

At reaching the hospital

They saw the cops in mayank room

Armaan: mayank how are you , and this police man why are they here

Mayank: good morning armaan , hey riddhima how are you , actually I called the cops to complaint against that psycho

Riddhima: mayank please you just relax and take care and not thing about anything else you are hurt mayu

Mayank: its ok riddhima I am fine look and you don't worry about me right now I just want that man to be caught soon , and that's why I called them and complained about that person

Cops: you don't worry Mr Sharma , we will just take care in this case now and I assure you we will get hold on that man as soon as we can , for the current situation you already said you don't need police protection for Miss Sharma , so its ok still we will be in touch and please inform me about any activity done by that man

Soon the cops left , and after full check up mayank was finally ready for going back home

While here riddhima was so lost in her deep thoughts , since last night event she completely forgot about that man and his threatening calls and letters , yes she did just a mere presence of armaan so close to her she forgot everything ,

And as for now she knew he is there for her , her family her brother and most important armaan is here to protect her so what is that she should worry for, she was so relaxed , she knew she was over scared little more insecure , but now she is now ,

She will not be scared of that calls or letter they really don't mean anything to her , cause she know no matter whatever happens armaan and mayank are here to take care of her, she trust them and now she will prove them that , by being normal and happy

Next two days passed really fine no calls no further letters nothing

Mayank was back home and was recovering nicely , while here armaan was getting impatient he knows riddhima feelings but he was so impatient to tell her about his feelings for her , he want to confess his love to her but was not getting a perfect chance

After two days ,

Mayank and armaan sitting in mayank room and working on some business affairs

Mayank:  you knew this deal is really important for our company and for that we have to go , but I cant lave riddhima alone here

Armaan: its ok mayank I knew this is important and we were scheduled for this but still we cant go the same reason plus your injury you cant even travel

Soon they were informed that some police officers have come to their house they went down samrat was also there

Cops: Mr Sharma as per your complain we kept a keen eye on your house and we found a culprit in your security

Mayank: what my security

Cops: yes sir we were suspicious about one person who was a guard in your security named Mohan was being involved in this and after following him we found him passing information to some person maybe the same man we tried to follow him, but we missed him he ran away from there , but the good thing is that we catch hold on that security person and extracted the information from him , He was the one giving each and every information regarding Miss Riddhima Sharma to that man , what is she doing where is she and when she went out of the house and all that

Mayank: what mohan just get him to me I will kill him

Cops: please sir control your anger , he is under our custody now , but the good thing is that the man don't knew that mohan is been caught  , mohan told us that he never saw that person face just talked on call, and that he gave him very big amount to do this work

Mayank: now what how will we get that man now

Cops: we have a plan for that , the good thing that the man don't knew that mohan been caught , and he will call him to get more information cause as per our assumption that man was keeping eye on riddhima ji through mohan so what if mohan give him some information we tell him to give so that we can trap that man

Samrat: yes that's a great idea , we can trap that man like this

Mayank: still what information can we give

Cops: hmm I suppose something like riddhima ji is all alone in the house and he try and come meet her and we will trap him

Mayank: no inspector I cant make riddhima life in danger like this I wont let that man come inside here like this

Cops: in that case why don't you send riddhima ji to some safe place for some time and then we can trap him , as khuhsi ji wont be here that we all will knew but not that man

samrat: yes that can happen , but then where can we send riddhima ,where she can be safe and no one come to knew that where she is

Mayank: I knew that

Armaan: where mayank

Mayank: armaan just few minutes ago we were talking about the project for which we have to go , it was you and me who have to go , what if instead of you I take riddhima with me there and then she will be safe and here that man can be trapped

Samrat: that's a great plan mayu , but there is a little issue in that your head is injured and you are not allowed to travel that's why that trip was to be cancelled

Mayank: I knew that samrat but I am fine and I will manage

Armaan: no mayank samrat is right you cant travel , its ok we will think any other way

Mayank: no armaan this is a great chance we should not miss this I have an idea how about you go there and take riddhima with you

Armaan: me going

 Mayank: yes that is even more better , armaan you go there and just take care of her , I knew you will, and here I will just get that man, I will stay back and catch him soon moreover if riddhima is with you then I will be tension free

Samrat: yes that's a great idea mayank , let armaan and riddhima go , and we both will stay here and will get that man trapped , this way riddhima will be safe and fine

Armaan: but still that man is dangerous I don't feel like leaving you guys alone here what if anything happened to you

Samrat: oh ho armaan we both are no kid we can take care and don't worry nothing will happen to us we have cops and full security , so just relax

Riddhima: but I have a problem with this , I am not going anywhere leave you both here

Mayank: riddhima what are you doing here , just go back its not for you

Riddhima: its ok mayank , I have heard everything , and if you want to trap that man then I am ready I will stay here to trap him  I have no problem with that

Mayank: no riddhima we cant take that risk I cant let you be in danger

Riddhima: I will be fine here mayank trust me , cause I trust you all , and I knew till the time you all are here with me nothing will happen to me

Mayank: that I also knew but still you will have to go , for my satisfaction , please riddhima no more arguments you are going for my sake , ok

Riddhima: but mayank , I will be fine here please

Samrar: its ok riddhima please go , if you will be 100 percent safe we will be satisfied here, please go and don't worry about us both we will be safe you knew  that

After little  more pleadings finally riddhima agreed and so did armaan

Riddhima: by the way where I have to go

Samrat: oh goa for 3 days , just pack your stuff now  you both have a late night flight tonight and you will reach there early morning

After all the preparations were done finally armaan and riddhima ready to leave , riddhima was not happy to leave mayank and samrat like this in this situation , but somewhere on the other side she was excited for this trip something inside her was telling her that this trip is going to change everything in her life

After meeting nupur and gunjan and seeing off all the four , finally armaan and riddhima left secretly , so that from no where this information get to that man

Soon they both were in the flight

Armaan was doing some office work in his laptop , and riddhima was getting bored

Riddhima: armaan , armaan listen to me

Armaan: hmm  [that's all he said not even looking up the laptop screen still typing something there]

Riddhima: what hmm , armaan look at me, I am getting bored

Armaan: just a little moment riddhima

Riddhima: that's it  [saying so she closed his laptop screen making him look at her finally]

Armaan: what is it riddhima I am working over some important papers

Riddhima: I don't knew anything you knew its been like more than half an hour the plane took off I am sitting here and getting bore and you are so deeply engrossed in this laptop in god knows what

Armaan: riddhima if you remember we are going on a business trip and I have to sign a deal there , still so much last moment check is left , just let me do that

Riddhima: no you can work over this tomorrow you have the whole day

Armaan: riddhima its too late night why don't you sleep, and moreover its my habit to do this kind of work in the flights whenever I went on any such business trips , well that reminds me that it's the first time you are accompanying me on a business trip wow

Riddhima: yes I suppose so god that means you are going to work the whole journey, now whom I am going to chat with I don't even have a company here all thanks to this private jet ,only we two are here, you knew seriously I hate traveling privately , that's why everytime I went to London I prefer going my airlines plane , in that way atleast I get some company to chat with the other passengers around

Armaan: ok mam my fault sorry taking you by private jet next time you can surely travel with the airlines and have chit chat with passengers but right now I suppose its getting late so you try and sleep and be comfortable and let me work

Riddhima: I don't believe you , you are still going to work , please armaan talk with me

Armaan: ok tell me what is it

Riddhima: actually I was just worried about mayank and samrat you sure they are going to be safe

Armaan: yes riddhima  they will be safe first they themselves are enough to tackle anyone over that we have our personal security and over that the police security , so just relax they will surely be fine

Riddhima: I hope so ,

Armaan: ok now can you sleep

Riddhima: yes so that you can do that stupid work of yours ok go ahead

Armaan: well looking at your angelic face while you are sleeping if you think that's a stupid work then ok I am going to do that

While here riddhima was surprised with his reply , she suddenly got little conscious plus that night event and there kiss memories came back to her , she still feels Goosebumps remembering that

Riddhima: good night armaan

That's all she said to avoid him ahead and closed her eyes adjusting her seat in the sleeping mode , she turned around and tried sleeping

And here armaan just smiling on her gesture , this trip surely going to be a big one

Soon riddhima was sleeping and armaan doing his work as he finished that

After sometime looking at her sleeping cute face armaan also slept

After around 3 hours they reach their destination

Stepping out of the plane they straight went in the black Audi waiting for them there

After settling in the car

Riddhima: So where are we going now

Armaan: riddhima in so early morning surely we are not going to have a party or office , so we will definitely go to a hotel

Riddhima: very funny that I also knew that we are going to go to a hotel I was just asking which hotel we going to go, do you have booked rooms for us or not

Armaan: why you ask so many question just relax

 Riddhima: because you never reply to any of mine

Armaan: ok riddhima we are going to hotel its one of the best in Goa I suppose

Riddhima:  oh ok

Soon they reached the hotel , as soon as they reached there as it was too early in morning so the area was little less rather very less crowded infact only one group of few peoples were waiting there , just at the hotel entrance

Riddhima was looking at the hotel it was amazing it was surely one of the best hotels she ever visited it was big really big, probably a seven star or more graded the interiors were breathtaking

Riddhima: hmm this place is nice good choice armaan , I wonder last when we visited goa why didn't I saw this hotel then

Armaan: well because you visited here last with us on holiday and that to like 5 years ago , much have changed till then

Riddhima: that I can see , still this interiors its great surely the owner of this hotel have a great taste and perfect choice

Armaan: yes I knew that the owner of this hotel has a great and perfect choice [looking straight at riddhima face , and riddhima was confused why he said so]

Soon the group of peoples waiting at the entrance started addressing armaan

"welcome Mr Singhania , we were expecting you" said one of the person giving bunch of flowers to armaan

And then some other lady came towards riddhima , and giving her also bunch of flowers

"welcome mam, hello sir" said the lady

Armaan: hello lily, riddhima she is lily my secretary here in our business in Goa , she handles all our business here in my absence

 armaan introducing a lady dressed in skirt and top, still looking really decent no pinch of any kind of show off or exposing more than required in her appearance , with a simplicity and nice smile on her face riddhima can easily tell she is a nice lady

riddhima: oh hello lily its so nice to meet you

now riddhima sensed that all the people standing there were armaan employ and waiting only for him at so early morning , surely she never seen this side of armaan being treated as boss, as for her she have always been bossing on all of them

soon armaan moved towards the reception, and taking with the receptionist bending a little towards the reception desk

armaan: hello anne how are you today, give me two Presidential suite

armaan in his usual self flirting with the receptionist, giving her his ever so charming smile

receptionist: hello Mr Singhania , its so good to see you here but Presidential suite, you are not going to stay in your usual room

armaan: well I suppose not I want two presidential suite

riddhima: usual room , that means you have a permanent booked room here in this hotel

receptionist: well mam actually sir always like to stay on the eleventh floor or our hotel , it's a secluded  floor, just for sir he liked to stay alone

riddhima: that's funny that means they book all the rooms on eleventh floor for you

receptionist: well mam our eleventh floor have only one room , Mr Singhania personal room

riddhima: ok armaan I never knew you are so luxuries bound o your business trip , that's amazing  you pay so much here surely this hotel running on your expenses

armaan: ok riddhima for your information I am not paying here cause this hotel is actually our property

riddhima: oh really so that means you are the owner , I mean ok wait a minute that means all the time when I was praising the owners choice I was talking about you and you were making fool of me , that's too much armaan

armaan: well I just agreed that yes the owner have a perfect and beautiful and so goes right with the hotel and you

again a little eye lock , surely armaan meant this earlier as well 

riddhima: ok now can I get a room I am really tired

armaan: yes sure

receptionist : but I am really sorry sir , you knew that Goa Festival is on and all the hotels are over loaded , i am afraid sir we have no suite free
armaan: what are you serious , in that case you should have reserved our rooms you wre previous informed of our trip
receptionist: yes we were sir , but we were informed that you and Mr Mayank Sharma are visiting and whenver you come you both prefer staying on the eleventh floor
armaan: oh noo , yes it was me and mayank coming but last minute the plan changed and we didnt informed here , oh no now what
riddhima: so what , what is to worry about in this , we have full floor to stay in then whats the problem
armaan: you havent heard well i suppose that floor have only one room
riddhima: so what armaan i am sure that if you have made just one room in a whole huge floor then surely that room wont be a hut size , its surely going to be a king size room and that is enought for both of us
armaan: riddhima but still one more problem , it have only one bed
riddhima: so what , you can sleep on a couch or sofa , its your hotel you can arrange a comfortable sleeping for yourself
armaan: wow what a life , i am going to sleep on a couch in my own room , ok fine as you say , welcome to goa

riddhima: so what , what is to worry about in this , we have full floor to stay in then whats the problem

armaan: you haven't heard well i suppose that floor have only one room
riddhima: so what armaan i am sure that if you have made just one room in a whole huge floor then surely that room wont be a hut size , its surely going to be a king size room and that is enought for both of us
armaan: riddhima but still one more problem , it have only one bed
riddhima: so what , you can sleep on a couch or sofa , its your hotel you can arrange a comfortable sleeping for yourself
armaan: wow what a life , i am going to sleep on a couch in my own room , ok fine as you say , welcome to goa

saying so riddhima went ahead and started going towards elevator,

armaan: riddhima wait we have to go from that other way , actually the floor is secluded one and only one special elevator can go their

said armaan and riddhima following him

riddhima: why are you guys bound to being so secluded , I am sure this living on floor idea must be of mayank , he and his habits I don't want to mix with others

armaan: well not exactly, it was my idea, actually this way we can get privacy and about that calm and quiet place for working without any disturbance

riddhima: since when have you all became so much deep concentrated in your work.

Armaan:  riddhima there is surely some difference between personal and professional life we have , and when it comes to being professional we have to be serious for that

Riddhima: I never knew you were ever so serious about your work and business I thought that you all are just working for time pass, moreover when dad and karan uncle have already established such a big empire whats the need for you all to work ahead , you just have to handle that right
Said riddhima while walking with armaan when armaan getting little serious

Armaan: well riddhima actually there is a little think which you don't knew about our work status I mean , I don't work with sujal uncle and buddy's business actually I started this business from mom's personal business

When they reached an elevator room with only two lifts , that leads to the eleventh floor

Riddhima: what, I mean I supposed that we have a joint business and you three work for that as equal partners.

Armaan: well you knew mom use to work here in India , we all thought that she helps buddy's business running here in India , but actually she have been working on her personal made companies,  mom use to run a fashion house , she didn't worked with buddy and she have refused to accept any share of property from buddy, she wanted to be independent always, I got this information only after her leaving us, and so since then I am working in mom company , I have taken her business ahead , which is other than Sharma and Singhania's empire. And this hotel is one of the chain of few hotels I made from mom's business.

Saying so armaan entered inside the lift and riddhima hurriedly following him

Riddhima: what,  that means you don't work with dad and karan uncle, and you don't have any legal share in that business, but why armaan that's wrong , you have equal right in this family business being the family member , and karan uncle he also have allowed you to work outside your own business

Armaan: riddhima its not like that buddy was so against my working outside the family business but then riddhima I respect mom decision if she wanted she could have also just worked with buddy in our family business and not struggled so much to create this personal business of herself, she personally wanted me to work in her business she wanted me to never feel that I don't have my parents with me , moreover riddhima working in mom's business I feel being very near her all the time, I feel she is here with me supporting me, and buddy respect my decision for that , and as for the family business, it is also mine riddhima and I help mayank and samrat in that as well like they two help me in this side business.

Riddhima:  and I don't have even a hint of this, no doubt I have no interest in business and have always neglected having any knowledge for that , for me I want just my bank balance updated by dad and I can only spend that I never even thought of doing any work, and I am surprised to see you being so ambitious.

Armaan: no need to pressurize your little mind in all this riddhima , you just don't have to think about anything and live your carefree life like always we all are here to earn for you and when we all are earning then whats the need for you to earn.

When the lift opened up as they reached the floor

Riddhima was about to ask another question when armaan went out and she followed her entering a huge hall ahead it was quiet everywhere , the interiors here were so different so ethnic,  almost same as their own house same way a huge hall while there were five or six doors leading to some rooms

Riddhima: This place is really nice and cozy just like our house [she said normally]

Armaan: yes I specially designed it like that so that we can feel at home here

Riddhima: hmm, I am tired armaan which one is the room in here

Armaan: come I will show you
sensing well that riddhima was not in a good mood right now , something was disturbing her but
still he preferred staying quite

soon they entered the room, and as like the hall the room also looked so familiar , it was just very much similar to armaan's room in their house

as soon as riddhima got in the room she didn't wasted much time and slipped in the bed ,

riddhima: sorry armaan but I am very tired with this over night journey and its still 5 in the morning and I need to sleep, good night

armaan: its good morning rather riddhima , its ok you sleep now I will manage myself
armaan didn't knew the reason for her behavior but found it little strange

He didn't felt like pushing in it right now, so he let it go,

Soon riddhima was peacefully sleeping

While armaan called mayank telling them that they reached safely, and enquiring about any progress about that psycho, but there was no progress in that.

After calling armaan looked back only to find riddhima in deep sleep, like always she looked angel while sleeping.

Armaan just cant take his eyes off her when she sleeps, he just cant stop himself from remembering all that is happening with them , he was her best friend, she was like everything for him forever, yes she was always special the most special for him, the one for whom armaan have and had gone to any extend, its never tough for him to understand her , he knews her so well that he can easily judge each and every reaction of her, and one of them he knew he has to face now

Armaan knew the change in riddhima behavior was due to the fact that armaan have never discussed this business related affair with her ever before , she was the one with whom he have always discussed each and everything other than the fact that he have not been working for family business and that he is running his own personal business, he knew riddhima is upset not because of the fact that he have refused to accept the share in family business, but due  to the reason that he have been hiding this not intentionally for sure it was just they never discussed business at home together , they always had soo many topics to discuss other than this and moreover riddhima was never interested in getting any knowledge about business, she was a part of his rather completed his personal life , but then he have one professional life as well other than that , and riddhima was nowhere in that and armaan knew this fact was disturbing riddhima as well.

Sitting on a nearby sofa cum bed , armaan rested himself on that and looking at her cute sleeping face he went to sleep himself.

Riddhima woke up with the sound of her cell ringing.

she was so sleepy that without looking at the number she picked up the call ,

riddhima: hello [in sleepy mode]

mayank: I thought you went to Goa so that you can have some fun roam around the place and here you are still sleeping , get up you lazy bones

riddhima: oh please mayu , stop irritating me so early in the morning, just tell me how are you and how is your wound hope its recovering well and you are not having any pain in that and then let me sleep.
Mayank: I am fine princess and my wound is perfect and I have no pain in that and rest you are becoming  so lazy sleeping get up its already 10 in the morning

Riddhima: 10 in morning , really I slept for so long , yes maybe you knew this over night journey anyways I will get up soon please I am on a holiday , let me spend it the way I want.

Mayank: ok my princess in that case take care of yourself, anyways how did you found the place

Riddhima: very nice the jet airway in which I came was great and then the car in which we reached was osm and now since we reached the hotel I am sleeping , and yes the hotel as well is great

[said riddhima sarcastically]

Mayank: oh offcourse your lazy bones are not allowing you to leave the bed and have a nice tour of the place around so how will you knew , ok in that case enjoy your stay in hotel , I am sure you will like that

Riddhima: hmm the hotel is beautiful , infact that reminded me of the facts which I came to knew just not mayu regarding armaan business, is it true that he is not working with you and samrat in the family business.

Mayank: oh yes its true , armaan and his ambitions you knew karan uncle and dad always wanted him to work with us in the same business, but he being he preferred choosing choti ma small scale personal business.

Riddhima: small scale business, I don't think so seeing the hotel its not actually a small scale at all

Mayank: oh no riddhima you are again mistaken, choti ma actually left back with a very small business it was armaan personal skills and abilities that he have taken that business to this level, you knew today just in 3 years with his hardwork and ability armaan have made his business as one of the leading business empire, and no doubt he have become the most eligible bachelor on current status on his own base, and you knew we were just discussing this that soon armaan is going to be awarded as one of the youngest business tycoon of the country

Riddhima: really now that's also a news for me , suddenly I am feeling that I am so left out person I have been missing so many facts, and my best friend never even tried to discuss it with me ever

Mayank: now you are reacting in a wrong manner princess, you cant blame armaan for not trying to discuss it with you when you yourself never even tried asking him or getting any knowledge about his professional life infact anyone professional life and it really does not matter as well cause there is a difference between professional and personal relations and you and your relation with us is completely personal.

Riddhima: ok mayu , I think you are right I am just making a mountain of a mole maybe , anyways why aren't you cutting the call please I need to sleep , I am on a holiday so please don't disturb me.

Mayank: ok ok mummy ji , I am not disturbing you lazy , good night , rather good morning, bye

Soon mayank ended the call, and made riddhima reminded of armaan saying the same line to her earlier

That made her realize that she was here in his room, sleeping comfortably on the bed an armaan , where was he, she got up sitting on the bed she looked all around he was not there , nowhere in the room, then her eyes fell on the recliner nearby where one blanket was kept, so that means armaan slept there on that sofa , poor he how uncomfortable he must be

But where was he she checked in the attached washroom as well it was empty

Riddhima: riddhima you silly he must have gone for some work not everyone is lazy like you and moreover he is here on a business trip not on a holiday like you

She thought of roaming around the place for a while just when she thought that she was hungry she got up only to find her favorite breakfast ready kept near the table

Armaan must have ordered for her so that whenever she wakes up she can have it

she had a little of it as she was hungry but still she was not at all in a mood of eating all alone , but then she don't knew where armaan was or whether he can come here to accompany her or maybe he just cant

she soon freshen up in pretty casual clothes as she want to wear something comfortable

she wearing this

she got out of the room in the hall area, she didn't checked out the place in morning and have no idea of which room leads where so she thought of checking all one by one
first she got in the nearby balcony from the room that leads to here

and she found that the way to that terrace garden was from somewhere else

so she got out of the room and walking by the hall towards the garden direction she got in that place it was a small garden , still it was nice, after roaming around for sometime she realized that the used area on this floor was very less , maybe just one wing of the hotel rest of the area was left open terrace

then she got inside back , checking the other rooms as well,

there was one library with lots of books ,she quickly realized that this book collection was surely for mayank , as he needs this all the time

then checking another room that was gym, armaan and his workout habits cant live a day without them

now she saw one more place that looked like a conference  hall but it was also empty, so armaan work from here as well , last room there was left which led to another big hall, and there it was like a small office was on few desk were kept and few people were working on there as well
some think like that

she was little surprised with this , she didn't expected that there was someone else other than her on the floor right now

as she was still thinking someone came near her

man: excuse madam, I am sorry this floor is restricted for entry of hotel guests , I am extremely sorry madam you have to leave

riddhima was earlier confused then she realized that they all consider her as some guest of the hotel who by chance entered the floor

riddhima: no no you are taking me wrong I am not a guest , I mean I am a guest but , forget that where is armaan

and the employ was really confused with this unknown lady standing there and casually calling his boss by his name, as far as they all knew about armaan and his professionalism he is really strict regarding that

man: you mean you are here to meet Mr Singhania , do you have an appointment

riddhima: silly riddhima how can you forget its his office , oh yes I want to meet Mr Armaan Singhania is he here

only then one lady sitting nearby came ahead

lady: yes is there any problem here , well I am the manager here

and then she started checking riddhima clothes , she surely didn't looked like someone came to office for some work. She was so casually dressed

lady: you don't have any appointment to be here mam, in that case how come you are here and how come the receptionist there allowed you to come up.

Riddhima: well actually [as riddhima was about to say something]

Lady: please leave

Riddhima: excuse me

Lady: I said leave

Riddhima: and who are you to tell me that [riddhima surely not finding this girl nice, she was again one of the over show off types , showing the excess of her body as she can]

Only then riddhima saw a similar face there , armaan secretary lily , she remembered her meeting in the morning

Riddhima: lily hey thank god you are here

And lily seeing her got near her

lily: afternoon madam any problem

Riddhima: yes I need an appointment I need to meet Mr Armaan Singhania

lily: oh god aman and juile , what are you doing here , this is Armaan Sir's Friend, I am really sorry for their behavior madam they didn't knew you

Riddhima: oh please its ok , really ok no need to say any sorry, not atleast you I was just checking around all the rooms in here so I got in here I really don't want to disturb you all I didn't knew that there is a office running here

lily: yes this is sir personal office to handle all the affairs here, he works from here only

Riddhima: so workaholic

lily: you knew sir better, he is very sincere when it comes to work

Riddhima: I supposed I knew him, anyways can I meet him

lily: well he is in a meeting with our model right now, you knew today is the grand fashion show here in our hotel only, and sir is just busy with all the last minutes preparations but still if you want you can go in his cabin is there in the last.

Riddhima: ok thanks a lot lily

Saying so riddhima moved towards armaan cabin

Meanwhile here in the cabin , armaan sitting with his show model kaya , and discussing and  kaya as usual drooling on armaan , you can imagine trying all the way to get near him and impress him

And our armaan ignoring all her moves like always

Kaya: well armaan you mind accompanying me tonight in party after the show

[showing more of her body crossing her legs and armaan not even looking towards her]

Armaan: sorry I have work Miss Kaya , well the meeting is over I suppose we have already discussed all the show related topics.

And then kaya getting up from her seat and getting towards armaan

Kaya: there are other topics we can discuss as well

Armaan was about to answer when he heard a knock on the door, and riddhima opened the door

Only to see kaya standing just by armaan chair and bending towards him,

Riddhima surely found that she needed a little more amount of clothes on her body

And the way she was standing so close to armaan , she surely didn't liked it at all

Its not that riddhima was looking some girl so near armaan for the first time he had got many girlfriends in the past , and they use to stick to him like glue all the time , but then the think was different , now the situations were different , at that time armaan was just her best friends, but now he is surely more and very much more than just a friend.

But then it was armaan , her armaan and she trust him a lot more than the scene she was watching , she knew him very well that there is nothing wrong in the way she was thinking atleast from armaan side

So she became normal in just a fraction of seconds

Kaya: who are you and how can you enter the cabin without permission

Kaya surely disappointed with this sudden interruption and that to by some stranger for her , and over that her guts getting in the room without permission

Riddhima: well I was informed its armaan's cabin, and I suppose I don't need permission to enter his cabin miss

Said riddhima entering the cabin freely

And kaya was shocked with the lady guts , and over that the authority with which she came in Armaan Singhania's cabin

Kaya: we are in a meeting right now

Riddhima: oh really armaan if you want I can wait outside

Armaan: don't be silly riddhima its nothing important , moreover the meeting is already over , thanks Miss Kaya  you can leave

Said armaan getting up the chair, and hugging riddhima and waiting for kaya to leave who left fuming in anger seeing her plans dropping

Riddhima: you knew I am new to this place why you left me alone,

Armaan: oh that riddhima actually you were sleeping so I didn't felt like disturbing you, anyways you had breakfast

Riddhima: ya, anyways as I am ready now so we can go for sight seeing

Armaan: well I wish I could but you knew riddhima today we have organized a fashion show in here and there are still so many last moment preparations left.

Riddhima: I think you must have appointed some event organizers for that so what do you want to do here, sticking to all the models of your show I suppose

Armaan: riddhima its not like that the way you are thinking she was just

Riddhima: trying to seduce you I knew that armaan, I have seen that already but I suppose you missed a chance with her she was quite hot you can give it a try [just smiling she was normally teasing him]

Armaan: seriously you really fell that, well I suppose you are right she was surely steamy hot

Riddhima: really yes right then you should have continued your meeting with her here , why you send her away , I suppose I shall leave you call your steamy hot model here to accompany you.

Armaan: riddhima riddhima wait why are you getting angry, ok forget it , why don't you go out and do some sightseeing and have some shopping i will tell my driver to take you to all the places here, and yes you take this my card as mayu told me you forgot all cards of yours, go and have some good amount of shopping for yourself.

Riddhima: no thanks armaan I don't need this and any shopping alone you knew I am not used to this you have to arrange some supplement company for me in place of you

Armaan: oh really so you really feel that you can get any supplement of me

Riddhima: well in any other way I suppose that's impossible, but when it comes to shopping I suppose I deserve a better company than you, atleast for once I will be shopping calmly without any special comments and irritating interruptions of yours

Armaan: oh really that's just cause you girls take so long time in shopping and selecting, it surely needs patience

Riddhima: well staying with you day and night already needs lots of patience in itself , so you knew I am a pretty trained in keeping patience.

Armaan: in that case you have to keep this patience for your whole lifetime cause I am not at all planning to leave you ever. [looking in her eyes and soon riddhima looking away]

Riddhima: armaan have you forgotten we were talking about me going to shopping and company
Armaan: oh yes ok, in that case wait, [and he picked the intercom] lily can you come in

And soon armaan secretary was inside with them,

Lily: yes sir , you need something

Armaan; yes lily I want you to accompany riddhima for the day, just take her out for a tour of the place, and just let her have lots of shopping

Lily: sure sir that will be my pleasure.

Armaan: yes offcourse ladies and will ever say no for shopping impossible [said armaan smiling]

Riddhima: oh please armaan first you brought me here and now when I am asking you to accompany me at that time you have work, and now when I got another company for myself on that just stop giving this special sarcastic comments of yours, well I can also say that mens and their work specially the workaholic great armaan singhania.

Armaan: ok , ok stop I give up, lily you go out and get some cash for riddhima from the accountant, in any case if you need any.

While lily left ,
Armaan: riddhima you please go ahead and have fun, and yes one more thing today is a party after the fashion show so shop something for that as well, actually I want you to wear something from my personal collection, lily will take you to our special collection gallery in this hotel

Riddhima: that's not required armaan I already have a dress to wear

Armaan: I knew you have got lots of dresses still I want you to wear something from there, will you afterall tonight you have to stick by my side for the whole party so you need to look the best

Riddhima: sure I will but just on one condition I am not going to move on in the party with you, I mean I want to stay at distance with you

Armaan: but why riddhima we are here together and I cant leave you alone for a single second , so you are going to be with me

Riddhima: I am going to be in the same party armaan just in front of your eyes, its just that I don't want all the girls in the party to kill me with their jealous eyes when I will move on with you

Armaan: as if I care

Riddhima: nor do I armaan, but still and over that there will be press and you knew how much media phobic I am , I just don't want to come in front of any media, and sticking with you in an official party of yours I will be a headlines in tomorrow's news

Armaan: its ok riddhima its just media so what and riddhima why are you scared of them when i am here holding your hand do you still want to be scared of any one

said armaan holding her hand tight,

Riddhima: I already said you my condition or else I am not coming to the party , I will stay in the room

Armaan: ok fine you are so stubborn sometimes but still you have to be in front of my eyes all the time and I will make sure of that

Riddhima: yes ofcourse do I have a choice, anyways now I think I should go now you seems really busy and must be having lots of work, so enjoy your work , I cant say it boring at all looking around the places and specially the females workers and the sexy models you are all the time occupied with.

Armaan: ok bye oh yes take this credit card, and I have already said lily to arrange some cash in any case if you need that.

Riddhima: oh wow armaan singhania personal credit card make sure armaan I am going to shop like crazy be prepared to pay lots of debts

Armaan: its all yours riddhima my each and everything belongs to you , and now its up to you how you want to use it

Riddhima again didn't knew what and how to react to armaan statements,

Riddhima: ok bye I am leaving see you later.

After that here armaan got busy in his work while on the other hand riddhima along with lily visited lots of places around and then had lots of shopping. Some for nupur and gunjan, some for mayank samrat and armaan as well.

And then almost in the evening they both came back in the hotel

riddhima: now what kind of preparation is going on in here.

lily: madam it's all for the party, actually right now the fashion show must be going on and later after that there is a huge success party

riddhima: oh no, I completely forgot

lily: what mam

riddhima: the dress , armaan specifically asked me to wear some dress from his personal collection in the hotel gallery and I didn't got any till now

lily: it's ok mam there is no need for you to be tensed the hotel gallery is just here we can have a dress right now

riddhima: oh really thank you so much cause if I didn't wore anything from there then armaan would not have liked that

Lily: its ok please come with me mam I will take you there

Riddhima went to the dress gallery it was little crowded at that time , as the show was going on and there and models were supposed to wear few dresses from the collection so few models were getting ready there for the show along with coordinators and designers all looked around in so rush.

Riddhima: I suppose we should have came here in the morning now its too crowded I think we shall leave and drop the idea

Lily: its ok mam , all these are our shows models and rest are the designers who have designed all these dresses its their best collection and the dresses here are for sale as well, I mean not a price that everyone can pay they are far too expensive

Riddhima: oh really in that case I think we shall buy something from here come lily choose one for you and one for me

Lily: for me mam , no mam I cant buy this its out of my reach

Riddhima: who told you to buy for you,  it's going to be a gift from my side for my new friend with whom I really enjoyed the whole day,

Lily: that's so sweet of you mam but still

Riddhima: what , I am saying you this so go ahead choose one moreover I have already bought lots of gifts for all my friends so you deserve one

Lily: ok mam please come with me

And so they went in and helping each other out finally riddhima selected one dress for lily and as she was about to select one for herself , one of the designer coordinate came to her,

coordinate: hello mam you must be armaan sir friend, actually sir informed me that you will come here to get a dress for yourself with lily, so sir send me here

riddhima: oh thanks a lot and its ok i will pick one for me

coordinate: actually mam sir have said me to give this dress to you, he want you to take this dress.

riddhima: oh then what was the need to tell me to choose one when he have already selected for me, anyways please send that in my room

coordinate: but mam dont you want to see it or try it once

riddhima: when armaan sir have selected this dress then i am sure its going to be perfect so whats the need for that, please get this in my room

and so she went in back to the room armaan was not there obviously he was busy in the show,

riddhima got ready when lily reached her room as they were supposed to go to the party together.

and soon they reached down to the hall where the party was supposed to be held, as the fashion show was already over all the employs, models and guests were celebrating the success armaan just returned after attending the press , he wanted this party to be little private so he didnt wanted the press to get in the party so he just gave all the required information and interview to the press just after the fashion show, and came to the party after they left.

When his breath stopped for a while seeing a breathtaking view ahead there she was looking breathtaking gorgeous standing exactly at the entrance with lily, she have not yet entered the party hall.

Armaan just cant do anything he was just not able to remove his eyes from her he went near her.

Riddhima: where the hell were you armaan , you knew I was so nervous all alone here I don't know anyone and then when I came here you were also not in the party

Armaan: why are you standing outside the hall , you could have got in atleast , and moreover you already said that you don't want to come to this party sticking with me

Riddhima: yes I said but I also said that I will be in front of your eyes only, so when you were not in the party what could I do here, even if not by your side still in front of your eyes I feel I am secure

Armaan: you knew its tough for me to always understand you, but lastly you always end up saying or doing something which always melt me down come lets get in the party ok you can come and be all the time with lily if you want

Riddhima:  that I am going to do , well  in any case thanks for the dress , you didn't told me how am I looking

Armaan: do I really need to say this or you can read my eyes, I suppose all the models here are actually going to die today of jealousy seeing someone looking absolutely stunning and far more beautiful then them

Riddhima: ok ok lots of appreciation I got for now lets get in

Meanwhile on the other side

The model Kaya who was the show stopper of the show , just getting dresses after the show for the party in the same dresses gallery along with few more models

One model: todays show was just great and you were looking stunning on the ramp kaya

Other model: yes that you were but now the party had already started we all shall go to the party, kaya you are not yet ready for the party

Kaya: ofcourse I will be ready soon , you knew I have to be in the party with armaan all the time , so I have to be special

Model: oh are you serious kaya you are going to accompany armaan sir in the party, but arrnav sir have already gone in the party

Kaya: I knew cause he asked me to get dressed for the party so I came here I overheard him speaking to one of the person here to reserve the golden dress which was earlier the show stopper dress, I knew armaan wanted me to wear that dress for the party

Talking to one of the coordinators

Kaya: Mahesh I heard Armaan talking with you on the call for reserving that golden dress where is that

Mahesh: yes mam armaan sir asked me to give that dress to his guest he informed me that she will be coming here with Lily mam , so when she came I gave her the dress

Kaya: you mean that armaan have not reserved that dress for me

Mahesh: no mam I am sorry sir have taken that dress

Saying so he left

Some Model:  kaya armaan gifted that dress to someone else but for whom

Kaya:  this is not so happening I liked that dress and now it is with someone else but whom I suppose the same girl from the morning , I wont leave her now she was already trying getting to close to armaan she have to learn a lesson soon for messing up with me and my plans related to armaan

While on the other side in the party  

Armaan was only half correct true that the models and ladies in the party were burning in jealousy seeing riddhima looking stunning and center of attraction , but the one that was burning in anger was armaan himself seeing the way all the males in the party eyeing on his riddhima , he very well knew that what this kind of man think about a girl , and this mere thought was burning him, seeing the way they all were looking at riddhima, he was getting more and more impatient to be by her side and hold her hand and signal all the mans there to get back to any other work and dare look at his girl.

While here riddhima was just busy in chatting with lily and few more employs truly unknown of the facts of the burning hot atmosphere around

Soon the music began and many couples got on the floor for dancing so lily to went with one of her friend to dance

While riddhima was standing alone when finding an opportunity some random man asked her for dance

She tried refusing but after lots of pleading she finally came on the floor , she trued keeping a good distance with the man she was dancing but then as the man tried coming close to her for a little close dance she just backed off and was walking back when she felt a hold on her waist someone pulling her towards herself

Earlier she was very angry she thought it was the same man how dare he, but then as she saw the person it was actually armaan

Who was till now watching her from a distance and when he saw her coming for dancing with someone and dancing at a distance till then he was fine but as he saw the man trying getting more close with her , armaan blood was boiling in anger soo he came on the dance floor and found riddhima leaving away from that man

Armaan: where are you going

Riddhima: oh armaan actually I was just going back didn't felt like dancing

Armaan: I knew that I saw it all , what was the need for you to come on the floor at first , you knew all mans here are bloody opportunist

 Riddhima: how would I knew that I have not met many of such man ever so I am not that experienced like you, anyways leave that let me go armaan

Armaan: would you like to have a dance with me I can assure you that I am not an opportunist man like others around

Riddhima: and mr stranger for just this party atleast , why should I trust you

And they dancing on the slow music while chatting

Armaan: stranger really ask your heart riddhima am I really that a stranger for you, well ask one your heart

Riddhima: no my heart says that this man is the only one you can trust the most in this entire world , my best friend forever

Armaan: ask your heart again riddhima maybe it can give you another reply this time , which I am feeling my heart is saying and I knew your heart is also understanding that what I want to say and feel for not just my best friend forever, I am tired of this small hint game not riddhima I want to be serious and straight for once

Riddhima: armaan please leave me I don't feel like dancing [riddhima looking everywhere but not in armaan eyes]

Armaan: look in my eyes riddhima all the time you just cant escape the truth , what are you scared of why don't you accept the fact that your heart is saying

Riddhima: leave me armaan

[riddhima leaving armaan and walking away her heartbeat right now was getting out of her control as well, due to this topic , armaan almost on confession of his feeling and his so close proximity this all was not easy for her to handle so she just want to go away right now]

While as she got away armaan holding her hand

Armaan: you say that or not I knew it all already riddhima I knew, you are hiding all this and its your fault riddhima don't do this, don't leave your happiness so soon

While riddhima went away from the stage ,

And soon the music stopped

And the announcement was made for some famous singer to be in the party and he is going to sing a song here

And as the song began riddhima was hell how can this song show all that armaan want  to say, she knew its armaan request he intentionally said the singer to sing this song

Singer singing the song and armaan looking in riddhima eyes

Ok song from a little old Movie Sangharsh'  starting as "mujhe raat din"

Heres the link for the song,

mujhe raat din, bas mujhe chaahti ho - 2
kaho na kaho mujhko sab kuch pataa hai

to me and only to me you love all the day and nights
whether you say it or not, i know everything

haan, karoon kya mujhe tum bataati nahin ho
chhupaati ho mujhse yeh tumhaari khataa hai

what could i do you don't tell me
you hide it from me is your fault

aa mujhe raat din, bas mujhe chaahti ho

to me and only to me you love all the day and nights

[armaan was standing on one corner and looking at riddhima face , this was actually his heart feeling that were being said in the song and he just wanted to make her feel the same he just wanted to make her restless the same he is and she is making him more]

meri beqaraari ko had se badhaana
tumhe khoob aata hai baatein banaana

to increase my restlessness across the limit
your are excellent in making words

[riddhima was looking in her eyes, she knew that what armaan was feeling right now, her intensity was making armaan more restless]

nigaahein milaake yun mera chain lena
sataake mohabbat mein yun dard dena

look in my eyes and make me restless
you gives me pain by teasing me in love

[when she found armaan looking more intensely towards her she automatically looked down to avoid his gaze]

mujhe dekhke aise palkein jhukaana
sharaarat nahin hai to phir aur kya hai

looking at me and seeing down
it this is not a mischief them what else it is?

aa mujhe raat din, bas mujhe chaahti ho

to me and only to me you love all the day and nights

[armaan passed by her side getting close to her and making riddhima heart beat a skip the way he touched her a mere light touch, and then he went away from her making her heart beat irregular]

tumhe neend aayegi ab na mere bin
mujhe hai yakeen aisa aayega ek din

now you can't sleep without me
i have a confidence that, that day will come

khuli teri zulfon mein soya rahoonga
tere hi khayaalon mein khoya rahoonga

i will sleep in your open hair
i will keep on dreaming in dreams of you

[riddhima looking again in her eyes again an eyelock where riddhima can see only an intense love an intense feeling for her and after a while she looked away looking shy for first time in her lifetime, she knew her feelings she can see his feeling this all was so new so different]

kabhi gaur se meri aankhon mein dekho
meri jaan tumhaara hi chehraa chhupaa hai

look once with attention in my eyes
my love, it will be your face hidden inside

aa mujhe raat din, bas mujhe chaahti ho

kaho na kaho mujhko sab kuch pataa hai
haan, karoon kya mujhe tum bataati nahin ho
chhupaati ho mujhse yeh tumhaari khataa hai
aa mujhe raat din, bas mujhe chaahti ho

to me and only to me you love all the day and nights

whether you say it or not, i know everything
what could i do you don't tell me
you hide it from me is your fault
to me and only to me you love all the day and nights

as the song ended

riddhima was still in the memory of that romantic song and armaan intense look at her , for a while they both forgot where they were and surrounded by so many people's they just remember the two , the two of them and that was all .

riddhima was shyly smiling to herself alone in a corner , while armaan got back busy with talking with his boring guest , when in the heart he was just dying to be alone with riddhima right now ,

when a little group of girls came in front of riddhima

one was the model kaya , riddhima knew she was the one trying seducing armaan in his cabin when riddhima came there , while riddhima was so in a good mood not to spoil it right now talking to any such attention seeker model

kaya: so enjoying the party miss, ops sorry I didn't asked your name well as we say whats kept in a name lets just have an introduction with designation like hi I am a super model, as well a show stopper in all armaan's show , while the other girls with me they are models of the show, and you
as riddhima didn't knew what was going in the mind of this idiotic lady but still what should she answer who was she here maybe nothing

kaya: well let me guess you are armaan singhania's new timepass

riddhima: excuse me

kaya: well yes you should be excused you knew you are not supposed to be here and even applicable for being here around

riddhima: listen miss ever you are dare you use a word ahead and I will make sure you repay really well for that

kaya: oh really and whom you will ask to repay that to, Armaan singhania I suppose just like he paid for the dress you wearing I knew the girls like you who accompany men like armaan and for what

riddhima while she was not at all liking the talks she was telling , still riddhima was just to normal she was so used to listening to this kind of comments from many girls till date who wanted to be with armaan but armaan always chosen her above all of them she knew that armaan will always do that as well

she knew the purity and the bond of their relationship and just cant let anyone simply destroy that with getting affected by any such words and comments so she was very much normal

riddhima: maybe here you are talking about yourself well its not your fault we see the whole world from our personal perspective we find everyone around us the way we are , so for an opportunist girl who can go to any extend to drag attention will find everyone around her the same

while here now kaya was boiling

kaya: yes right , you think I don't knew anything about you , even the fact that you are staying in armaan singhania room , so now who you are a girl staying with a man in his bedroom , and who knews sleeping with him and here behaving like strangers, you aren't his wife or any such relative so who are you , first think on that , cause the people and the society will give you a very deserved name and I suppose you don't want me  to say that loud

riddhima: how dare you, you , you knew what the lines and the words you said here I could have made you paid a lot for that and you would have repent your whole life for messing up with me, but then I am not as cheap as you nor my thinking is as low as yours, who judge a relationship between a male and female in just one category, and about what I am doing in armaan bedroom then who the hell do you think you are that I should give you that clarification, and who the hell are you to be worried for armaan , correction My ARMAAN , if you think that all this cheap wordings of yours going to make any effect on me then you are so wrong and nor you make any false hope that by insulting me you will get any hand on armaan or something else from him , cause I dare you , you just go and give that a try and I promise that armaan will destroy you completely for messing up with me you should think twice about your career and life ahead before daring to say another word to me ahead and as for the dress you felt so bad that armaan gave this one to me and not to you so lily please get the 10 best dresses from the gallery and through them on the face of this ... sorry no bad words , just throw them on her  face  and yes as for the payment for that here take this armaan singhania personal credit card , just make the payment with this

lily: but riddhima mam why are you paying for her just leave her she is just a model just don't get so effected by her

riddhima: oh no no lily I am not at all effected with what all nonsense she said you knew I understand low thinking and low talking she did , she was upset with a loss actually she wanted a gift from armaan so I am doing that for her , as for armaan he will be fine with me doing a little charity on his account as this is going to be a charity from my side, for the miss model
kaya: who the hell you think you are [kaya was fuming with anger]

while riddhima wanted to say ahead when armaan came from back


said armaan and came there , armaan saw from a little distance kaya coming towards riddhima and he can easily judge that something like this is going to happen here , and when he went near them and heard the whole conversation

kaya accusing riddhima for being with him in his bedroom and sleeping out with him for his money and expensive gifts , this boiled armaan a lot , but still he waited for a while he wanted to see riddhima reaction on that

and when riddhima reacted so positively to all this, he knew his riddhima and the strong bond she have with him which can never be broken with some baseless cheap words from anyone

and then his heart surely skip a beat when riddhima finally said him his , yes she said MY ARMAAN , arna was dancing with joy she have full right on him and she show that he belongs only to him the way she is so confident that armaan will do the same she does

he just cant stop himself from coming in the conversation now, he knew its finally the time that everyone along with riddhima herself need to knew who she is, and what she is for armaan


ok thats all for now ,

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 February 2014 at 2:15am | IP Logged
Awesome part
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon

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Smrikta992 Goldie

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Posted: 03 February 2014 at 2:56am | IP Logged
Awsome.. Thnks for pm..

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