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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 69)

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Posted: 01 January 2014 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
awsm part.
Luvd it.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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Posted: 01 January 2014 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
Amazing update
love it
arman and ridhima in jungle awesome
loving it so much do cont soon

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Posted: 12 January 2014 at 1:01am | IP Logged
awesome update
just loved it
pls continue soon
n thx for d pm

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part 20 on page 79
armaan: i am sorry riddhima i didnt wanted to do this but i have to save you , i will always love you riddhima

kissing her forehead a little he hugging her tightly and continuously rubbing her back to warm her, entangling her legs with his to get them warm completely tied to her to give her warmness of his body

soon he found her shivering level getting low , after like an hour or so she was relaxing comfortably but still he was holding her tight , just holding her , rubbing her back a little and looking at her face only her face which was calming with the passing of time ,

soon after sometime armaan also dozed off, 

and we see a sweet couple resting in each other arms just with a gap of a very thin piece of cloth in the middle of the two , his shirt

and the sun rays little light hitting the couple sleeping peacefully

unknown what storm these rays going to get in this best friend and very much in love couple life
and the sun rays little light hitting the couple sleeping peacefully unknown what storm these rays going to get in this best friend and very much in love couple life

Next morning rays disturbing their sweet sleep
Armaan and riddhima sleeping together, armaan holding her tight and riddhima resting herself completely on him
As the rays fall on her face she slowly opening her eyes, moving a little, and the next thing she saw was something in her wild dreams she never imagined it to be, she felt something holding her tight , and the movement she opened her eyes it was armaan sleeping by her side holding her tight , she tried recollecting the moments of the last day , where she remember they both being walking together in the jungle , and later she started feeling cold and dizzy , and then she remember only darkness, nothing else
As she tried remembering ahead she felt sharp pain in her head maybe due to weakness, she again rested back her head, only then she saw him he sleeping half nude, actually full top nude and then only she saw herself, god she was in his shirt 'only', what about her clothes where were they, god she don't remember anything, what happened last night , the more she tried remembering the more she started feeling headache.
She don't knew what to say and how to react ahead , she was feeling to confused and then tensed and finally she was to scared , frightened rather , what had they done , infact what have armaan done , it started giving shivers to her now , and the next moment she saw him moving ,getting up, she felt his hand on her back, inside the shirt on her bare back rather he in sleep started rubbing her back , as in his sleep armaan found her shivering he again started warming her a little
While here riddhima was confused she don't knew what to do ahead, suddenly she started feeling like chocking and her throat getting dry, maybe due to fear, or maybe due to this close proximity and the effect it was getting on her.

She just wanted to get out , she just wished it was just a dream and it will end up the moment she will get up ,so she did she gained as much energy as she can get and with that she pushed him , she pushed armaan away from her with great force as much as she can give at the moment, and it worked he completely got away from her , and she sat in the position where she was didn't moved away from there just sat back , holding his shirt tight near her covering herself as much as she can
While here the moment armaan felt the push, he felt some pain and so opened his eyes, and then he realized that it was morning already, and he was still there , he remember the whole incident of last night and now seeing riddhima up , he remember how worse her condition was last night
Armaan: riddhima , you are conscious now , thank god you knew I was so scared for you whole last night you were completely unconscious and were shivering in cold, hope you are fine now

He just not even realizing what she was thinking he just sat by her side and hugged her tight just in happiness to see her fine

While here riddhima was a little taken back , the way he was reacting , and then the hug , god again so close to him with practically no your clothes on
She tried pushing him away but then found him to hard to do so
But armaan realized her pushing, 
Armaan: oh I am so sorry , actually I was , anyways your clothes were completely wet last night , but now I suppose they are fine
Riddhima: I need to change
That was all , the first thing she said after getting up , but her voice , it was too cold , rather too rude

The next moment armaan saw her trying getting  up, but she was too weak for that, he knew as she still had fever
So he got up first and helped her getting up
Riddhima: its ok , I am fine
But armaan didn't listened to her , just pushed her up , and picked her clothes that were lying there.

While here riddhima heart was beating at a solid speed , it was so much to be called just awkward that she just wished to be away from him right now, she quickly picked her clothes and looking around the place she found an appropriate place for changing, and she went behind one tree where there were many high bushes as well, while here armaan didn't dare to even watch in her position
He just turned her back towards her , and just kept on standing like that till he heard her coming back, still he didn't turned
She came by his side completely dressed , holding his shirt
Riddhima:  your shirt
Armaan was not getting the way to start a conversation , he don't knew what to say and he was not understanding her behavior she was just too cold in saying and was talking just to the point, he took his shirt and started wearing it back while mentally making his mind on to how to start with and talk with her but before he can say anything she spoke up
Riddhima: which way shall we take now
Armaan: hmm what you said
Riddhima:  we need to get out of here soon , I just need to go back home
While he was not getting it her reaction he has to talk with her , before she started assuming many wrong thinks , rather maybe she was already doing so, he needs to clarify with her , he needs to sort this out
Here he was just thinking over all this only, when he realized her moving away, she started moving in one direction not even waiting for him to reply
Armaan: riddhima wait where are you going
He quickly rushed towards there , it was annoying and he was getting irritated with this killing silence

It was testing his patience which he had really less right now
Armaan: riddhima where are you going I am calling you , riddhima talk with me , we need to talk
Riddhima: yes armaan what is it ?
Armaan: what is it! What do you mean by what is it ? , I just wanted to tell you I mean talk with you
Here he was just trying to start a conversation
Riddhima: its ok armaan we need to get home soon
She was clearly avoiding it, but it was not right she need to knew , she need to sort it all out
And here armaan was getting angry with his reaction,
He holding her one arm stopping her to move ahead, pulling her towards him , he was angry now and it was clearly visible

Armaan: what the hell is wrong with you riddhima , here I am trying to sort everything out and you are not even giving me a chance , we need to sort this out , this silence of you is killing me talk with me , or rather fight with me , do anything but just talk riddhima I cant take it like this
Here riddhima was totally taken back by his reaction, the more she was avoiding this, she just wanted to avoid this , but he was pushing her in again and again to not get out of this
They were just standing , when they heard there names being called
Yes they can recognize the voices it was mayank and samrat voice ,they were calling there names loud , to search for them
There talk was long forgotten for a while as they both rushed to the side from where the voices were coming
And soo they found them , both samrat and mayank , along with the search team looking for them

The moment they saw them, They both rushed towards riddhima and armaan , mayank hugged riddhima
 Mayank: oh thank god you both are save, you knew how much scared I was for you guys
 While samrat hugging armaan
Samrat: ya man for once god knows what ever thought we all were getting in our minds , I am so glad that you both are fine , and safe

And then the changing hug , samrat hugging riddhima , and mayank getting towards armaan
Mayank: I just cant tell you how I have spend the last few hours it was too difficult , the tow most important people of my life were in danger , I am so relieved to see you fine man
Hugging armaan tight ,
Samrat: riddhima are you ok , i mean you are too hot and look really weak
Armaan: thank god you guys met us , yes she caught cold and is not that well, needs to see a doctor soon , but still I suppose nothing that serious 
Mayank: yes I knew its ok bachaa, lets go home you will get fine [side hugging her] , I was so scared how you would have managed here , but thank god that armaan was here with you atleast , I was at so relief that you were with armaan and he wont let anything happen to you

Riddhima: yes mayank , thank god, armaan was here with me
The first think she said in the conversation so far with the same coldness, armaan can sense that well , how much he was desperate to talk with her , how much their friendship and their relationship of years was changed in just one night
Soon after little walking they reached a place where they were taken in a car ahead, and in no time they were home ,

Finally back to their home

Riddhima was been straight away taken in her room first , mayank made her lie down as she was still ill and nupur and gunjan called the doctors
Soon the doctors came and examining her , while one was treating armaan's wounds which were still fresh and riddhima had just done a little first aid by clearing them and tied cloth on them
Samrat: thank god nothing serious happened , you knew how much we have been dying thinking that you both are safe or not , I mean the height that you both fall down that was, but just let it go now, you both are safe and back home that is all for us
Armaan: it's ok samrat now stop crying like a girl we are fine look , and yes on serious note what happened to that idiot because of whom this all happened

Samrat: oh you don't worry about him he is been sent to jail and he will be taken in good cares so just relax , just care of your well being right now
Only then nupur and gunjan came in came there
nupur: and that will only happen when you will eat something , come armaan lets have food , look at you, you must have not eaten anything since yesterday come let's eat first
armaan: as if anyone of you must have eaten stomach full food all the time, I knew none of you had eaten anything since yesterday, come let's eat together
gunjan: hmm then let's do one thing we will eat together in riddhima's room, as she is too weak to move right now
nupur: yes let's go in there, everything will be arranged there
so they all went in riddhima's room, here mayank making her drink juice
mayank: stop making all that faces it's just a glass of juice and that is also very sweet, so just drink it fast
riddhima: you knew I hate this juice, the word himself make you feel that you are sick
nupur: because actually that what you right now, and you have to finish it, so that we can have food together
riddhima: wasn't this mayank enough for bossing on me, that you also came now
nupur: yes because I very well knew that our sweet riddhima and her tantrums are too tough to be handled alone by mayank so I just came as a help, ok now on a serious note come lets have lunch together i dont knew about you but we all are dam hungry

so everyone settled around on the bed where riddhima was nupur and gunjan by her both side and eating , while boys on the opposite sides
everyone eating the food , making each other eat specially riddhima was been forcefully made eat the food as she was not able to eat due to her illness , still after many attempts she just managed to eat a very little amount, armaan can sense her being different , being upset , not even putting much efforts on even smiling , even not on samrat silly jokes she was behaving so different , so quiet and this quietness was killing him inside

after which mayank made her eat her medicines
mayank: ok now i think we all should leave you , you should sleep for a while riddhima you need rest
and so they all started leaving her alone so that she can rest,
nupur: she needs to sleep for a while let her sleep, cause if we will stay near her she wont be able to sleep
mayank: hmm , ok let her rest moreover i have to go to police station, the inspector called me as few formalities are to be filled and we even have to file written complaint against that boy who attacked riddhima
armaan: mayank , can i also come with you
mayank: no armaan you are also hurt , you need rest , you also rest for a while and moreover its a simple case of attempt to murder and on that charges we will make him stay in jail
samrat: yes armaan you rest in i am here going with mayank dont worry
armaan: but you guys also need rest you both must have also been exhausted searching for us
mayank: its ok we are fine , we will be back soon , and yes nupur and gunjan are going with us, they need to visit back home as they were also here since yesterday we will be back in an hour ok

soon they all left , and here armaan thought that its the correct time to talk with riddhima ,
while here riddhima was sitting on her bed remembering about th morning incident

she dont knew what to say, or do, or even think over, she was so lost , and just lost , everything was heating around she walked in her bathroom and standing in the bathing panel , she opened the head shower , and let the water pass through her ,
she was lost somewhere  , didnt realized what she was doing , or that she was having temperature and should not put cold water on her , 
water passing from her head to her body, her clothes fully drenched still she was standing there looking in some unknown path
while here armaan  himself went in her room , and as he thought she was not sleeping, infact she was not there on her bed
as he went in he didnt saw her anywhere , then he heard a voice of water flowing , and though she was in for a bath but then the bathroom door was fully open , and that was something he found little strange
as he got near that ,he saw here there standing beneath the shower and letting water on her, her clothes drenched and she was just standing lifeless
he immediately rushed in to her and closing the water shower
armaan: what do you think you are doing riddhima, you are still having fever and here you drenching yourself in cold water this will make you more ill
Riddhima: so let it be why are you getting so concerned with this, just leave me alone armaan
That was a sudden outburst from her and armaan never expected it to be like this yes he knew that she was upset that somewhere she was hurt and will react this way but still
Armaan: riddhima what is it , why are you behaving so rude, listen i knew you felt bad but then its really ok, just let it be
Riddhima: its ok and let it be , oh really is it that simple for you yes right and here i am dying feeling guilty i just cant face anyone , specially mayank and you are saying its ok
Armaan: what all are you saying riddhima , i am really not getting it
Riddhima: or really dont try and act so idiot armaan because i knew that genuinely you are not, you i, i mean we were best friends and then
Armaan: just a moment riddhima what do you mean by we were best friends, we are best friends i suppose
Riddhima: no i dont want you, i really dont want so opportunist and vulgar best friends for me [not getting words to say]
Armaan: opportunist and vulgar , now from where does that came from
Riddhima: ahh as if you already knew nothing, armaan just leave me alone i really dont want to face anyone right you , and not in any way i want to face you specially after whatever happened last night
Armaan: listen riddhima its nothing you should feel upset and guilty for , i understand that it i mean that it should not have happened like this , but then we had no choice , and all that happened out of choice and with no other option
Riddhima: out of choice and no other option, what do you mean by no other options , if you really cant control your male hormones for a single night its ok , but really you called me the last option for you , and that you must have not done that if there were any other options  [earlier she was angry , but now over that she was annoyed, this was a little confusion of them both understanding the situation]
Armaan was talking about something else , and riddhima was assuming there to be something else out of it , and probably both dont knew that the other is thinking else way
Armaan: control my hormones , now from where that this hormones thing came up, and what you meant by last option for me , just a second riddhima , what the hell are you thinking out of and making out of the situation
Riddhima: what, i am not thinking and making anything out of this situation, you idiot i hate you armaan you are so disgusting you saying me last option and that to out of your choice
Armaan: ok thats all ok , oh god , oh my god , you dumbo , what the hell are you thinking oh god
Armaan here sat on the bed for support, he actually didnt thought and realized that riddhima must have got some misconceptions and misinterpretation regarding the situation , yes she can cause being a dumbo she was she really can
Armaan: riddhima you idiot , first come here sit down see you are again completely wet and your fever will get high again , sit here i will wipe your head
Armaan wiping her head
Armaan: come get up , and please change your clothes before you start shivering again like last night , so riddhima what were you saying
While here the annoyed riddhima for once was confused why armaan started behaving like this ,and now he was again trigging her mentioning the last night incident
Riddhima: i was just , i mean i just said that ahh forget it , armaan please get out i really dont want to talk with you
Armaan: even i am also not so interested in , but before that i really wished to clear a little doubt of yours just for your knowledge there is nothing happened the way you are thinking it is , we did , no correction for you it was me who is responsible , so i did nothing with you in that sense , you are still as pure as you were and now i am leaving you please change otherwise you will get more ill
Saying so armaan left the room leaving a confused rather a shocked riddhima behind
"oh god what have I done ,I thought so much out of the situation and armaan he was looking so hurt with my allegations, but then stupid him cant he clear all my doubts earlier before I think all that for him, but then it was a misunderstanding I was doing not him he knew the truth , god this is so bad situation why putting me on all this" riddhima thinking to herself
She quickly changed her clothes and rushed in armaans rooms
While here armaan sitting in his room thinking what riddhima said
Somewhere a little he was hurt , yes he was for what riddhima thought about him she can think of him getting so low, but then on the other hand the situation they were in any normal girl will think the same and yes he also didnt tried to clarify her doubts , he should have done that

he was thinking when riddhima came in
Riddhima: listen before you shout on me and through me out of here I need to say , I mean I came here to say just a quick sorry i mean i actually i was
Armaan: yes what it was actually ?
Riddhima: you knew all that
Armaan: no I really don't knew !
Riddhima: oh god about all that
Armaan: ah really about what ?
Riddhima: armaan stop it and stop irritating me like this , I knew I was little wrong in my interpretation and I am really sorry for that ok now stop irritating me like this
Armaan: so why are you getting irritated with me,  whom am I , I am not even your best friend now you said you don't need me , ahh vulgar and what was the other word
Riddhima: I said sorry for that
Armaan: yes right opportunist, am I really that a cheap kind of guy riddhima
Riddhima: no armaan I am really sorry , I should have not said that , I mean I should have not even thought of it like that , I knew I am stupid , I am an idiot really don't knew whatever I thinks sometime [she started crying]
Armaan here was just teasing riddhima , personally he understood her state and was just pushing this to irritate her a bit, but now she was getting serious
Armaan: hey hey relax riddhima I was just kidding please don't cry
Trying to clear her tears
Riddhima: but its completely your fault in this , I mean you think for once from my point of view , I wake up in the morning completely blank when try to remember what happened and then what I see  myself sleeping in your arms wearing nothing but a shirt of yours and you completely or actually half nude by my side , tell me what should I interpret out of it, and over that you idiot , did you even tried to explain me the situation
Armaan: now don't blame me for that , I tried but before that I suppose you made up your mind , and then when I again tried talking mayank and samrat came there , and you before making your mind you atleast ask me first
Riddhima: ok now I am asking you ,explain
Armaan: that's better like a civilized people , so the story is that you madam were totally drenched and then you started shivering with cold , you fainted with that I really don't knew what to do , plus your condition was getting worse , then I had no other option left I had to make you change in some dry clothes which was only my shirt , and I was eyes closed ok, but still you were shivering after that so I got close to you just to keep you warm and that's all I swear I would have never done this if it was not the last option
riddhima: that's all
armaan: no after that i watched few movies and had a party there , offcourse that's all
Riddhima: and you idiot cant you tell this to me earlier , god only I knew  what all was I thinking, cant you just clarify my doubts little earlier
Armaan: I could have but what can I do riddhima till now I have not started reading peoples mind , how the hell would have I known what all were you thinking god riddhima I still don't believe you were thinking that I , I mean we , you and me have

Riddhima: ok that's, its good all confusion clear lets so just forget it all and just don't talk about all that now

Armaan: ok so what that we should talk about now , the other option, oh no wait the last option, that's what you were irritated about you being my last option
[riddhima knew this was coming , so she just wanted to avoid that she was embarrassed now on her own thinking she thought that armaan considered her the last option for himself but the truth was different]

Riddhima: armaan please I am leaving
Armaan: ok , but no seriously you knew this was dam funny now , riddhima do you really believe that you will be my last option for anything

Riddhima: I don't knew
[She don't knew how to avoid this, so she just got up and was leaving the room when armaan again stopped her at the gate]

Armaan: ok stop anyways for your information I want you to be the first and the last option for me in any and every way
Armaan said this getting really close to her , and riddhima didn't waited for a reply she just rushed out of his room

She can't take this anymore  her heart beat was rising and to cool down she needs to be away from him
And here armaan smiling to himself ,finally end of the day , god it was something he never wanted in their relation , misunderstanding , but the good thing was that it was clear now , and riddhima was back to normal , well not completely but still she was ,
Afterall the changes occurring in there relations were effecting her as well, she was sure of this that it is changing , but she was unsure that its changing from both end, armaan talks his moves towards her were different , it was getting different
Suddenly in a group of six friends, it was now only one ,
One for riddhima , who had conquered her mind heart and soul completely , full day and night she just thought of him and only him
Ok the next day going to be different , very different

Everything back to normal ,

The sweet jungle incident of the fresh new lovers has now been held as one sweet memory in both of their memories

Abhimanyu threat was over , that attempt of killing was over , and she was safe now , She was thinking about this only , when she received a letter , with rose bouquet

It was afternoon , and she was alone at her place ,when she got that

"who could have send this to me , no one else other than armaan , I knew its armaan lets see whats written in this" riddhima thinking to herself she quickly opening the letter

The letter in which some quotations were written

"the day I saw you since then I cant take you out of my thoughts , you knew what effect you make on me since the day I saw you I just keep on dreaming about you tried getting away from you, but that's just not possible now you have taken over my senses the very first day I saw you in the mall,  hope you remember our sweet little encounter"

This was written on the letter , earlier reading riddhima thought it was armaan letter , but then the last line the one she met in the mall

 the one who send flowers to riddhima that day , who was he , earlier they were assuming it was abhimanyu , but then he even tried talking with riddhima in the trial room , she remember he was really close to her and that was definitely not abhimanyu , she knew but riddhima just took that thought out of her mind considering that it was some kind of joke and it ended there , its already been many days to that and later after that no such incident occurred , but now today it was again back

"now who the hell is this guy, god do you love giving me problems one over the other , here just a little earlier you ended with one and now you are indulging me in another one" said riddhima to herself

And then she tored that letter and crushing the flowers as much as she can , she called her watchman and said him to through this out of the house , in the garbage

Later after sometime she received a call on her home landline number as she picked the call , some male voice came from there

"well this is not a good way to treat the people who care for you, you not only tore my letter , you toured my heart into pieces and I didn't liked that" said the other voice

She knew this was a new voice , somewhat like she heard in the mall trial room that day

"hello who is it , hello, listen stop all this nonsense acts of yours and don't you dare call me ever again" said riddhima she was surely angry

"ok if you want I wont call you now we will directly meet each other soon , and yes I am hurt the way you through my roses , they had my heart attached" said the other voice

"hello who is it , listen whoever you are don't ever call me or try and meet me ever again got you , hello" riddhima said that but till the time the phone was disconnected

But then something strike her "how the hell did he knew that I tore the letter and that flowers, oh god that means he can see me, he is somewhere around here , and can watch me" said riddhima to herself

This was scary now and yes she was scared of this
Ok lets see whats ahead coming in their story and how exactly this thing going to effect our AR relation
i am back friends again sorry for being late to my readers
working ahead on my ff's now , surely wont take this much time from now on to give you updates ahead
waiting for your replies

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part 21 above
But then something strike her "how the hell did he knew that I tore the letter and that flowers, oh god that means he can see me, he is somewhere around here , and can watch me" said riddhima to herself

This was scary now and yes she was scared of this

Later in the evening riddhima was sitting in her room , she was little upset don't knew how to react to all that morning incident , was it some kind of a joke or something she is considering is very serious , she was still confused what to do , and specially how to tell about this to anyone , she just cant judge that if this was just a prank or something really get serious than it looked like. Only then armaan, mayank and samrat returned from the office

At dinner table

All were having there food and chatting as well but only riddhima was quire to much quite just gulping her food , didnt even listening what all chats were going on , in her mind only that man voice was circulating in her mind

armaan: so what do you think about this riddhima

but riddhima was lost , she didnt even realized that she was being called

this was the time everyone attention went towards her

mayank: riddhima hello you listenning

but still no reply, soat the end finally armaan literallyshaked her to get her out of her thoughts mode

riddhima: yes what is it armaan

armaan: thats what we asking what is it , where are you lostwe are calling you for so long , and no reply

riddhima: oh I m sorry actually I was just thinking about something

Mayank: what is it riddhima are you alright since the time we came I m seeing you are little lost

Armaan: no actually completely lost what's the matter riddhima is everything alright

Riddhima: yes yes everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about I think I am a little tired and I need some rest I will see you guys in morning good night

Saying so she went from there and here armaan and mayank can sense something wrong but still

Still boys felt something wrong she was not her usual self, but still they didn't push that much cause she was still not well completely, so let her rest
Later in late night
Armaan , mayank and samrat sleeping in there room after checking once that riddhima was peacefully sleeping now

In riddhima's room

It was dark as lights were closed,
We see some moments there from her window, someone moving in her room, riddhima sleep disturbed a little as she sensed someone standing in front of her, she cant see anything clearly as she was sleepy and then it was too dark
"you said me not to call so here I am meeting you face to face you look beautiful while sleeping" said the voice of the man standing there
Riddhima cant see the face as it was to dark , still she knew who it was it was that man only the one she saw that day in that changing room, he said in the call that he will come to meet face to face and here he was
She was scared she didn't knew how to react , never in her dreams she thought he will dare to come here in her house in her room like this
As she saw him proceeding towards her , she don't knew what to do she just started screaming, she closed her eyes and started calling mayank and armaan names
Soon the lights on and armaan the first to came running to her followed by mayank

Armaan: riddhima what happened to you , riddhima why are you screaming

And here she was sitting in the same position and she was scared she was shivering of fear
Armaan sat by her side hugging her calming her down

Armaan: its ok , I am here what happened to you , did you saw a bad dream

It was then riddhima saw around there was no one , that man was gone and it was only mayank and armaan by her side
Soon samrat also came in

Samrat: what happened guys riddhima, why were you screaming
Riddhima: that , there , he that man here
She tried explaining but still cant complete her words due to fear
Mayank: she its ok , first you relax then tell us
Mayank patting her back, and soon she was little relaxed and ready to talk
Riddhima: mayu someone was here in my room , I saw someone
Samrat: here in this room , but riddhima here is no one right now , see its only us and how can anyone come here

Riddhima: no samrat I saw him , he was standing very near here , I saw and I don't knew where he went

Armaan: who was it riddhima , you sure about this, cause here is no one around other than us

Riddhima: no armaan I am so sure about this, he was here , he even talked with me and then I swear I am not lying
Mayank: but then where he went , listen maybe you saw some dream
Riddhima: no mayank it was not my dream , I am sure it was not, I saw him mayu
Armaan: whom riddhima, whom you saw who was here

Riddhima: that same guy that was there in the shopping mall trial room
Armaan: what ! but how can it be riddhima you sure of this

Riddhima: I am so sure about this armaan, he was here I got a call from him today he said he will come and he was here
Mayank: you got some call and you didn't told us anything , ok first tell me in detail what was it

Riddhima: I am sorry mayu I was so confused myself that I don't knew how to tell you about this, actually today afternoon I received a letter and flowers and I read the letter it was same like the one in the mall, I tored it and made throw it outside the house , and then I got a call it was the same guy , when I warned him not to call me , then he challenged me that he will come personally to meet me and then he was here in my room
Mayank: how dare that man , I will kill him if I get catch hold on him , riddhima did you saw that man face who was it , do we knew him
Riddhima: no mayu it was too dark and moreover I was so scared I didn't saw anything

Samrat: mayank but how can anyone come in here like this, and how
Mayank: this window its open , that means he used this way to come in but still how he came here on the first floor

Samrat: maybe he clime through the pipe

Armaan: that means he is far more fast then we think still mayank how can he enter our house premises , with all that security
Mayank: you are right armaan I will just check with the night guards where are they
Mayank said leaving angrily from there ,
Samrat: I will just go back him or else he will surely kill the guards today in his anger , riddhima you don't worry now we all are here and who ever that psycho is we all will tackle him
And samrat also left
Riddhima: armaan please don't leave me I am scared
Armaan: I am not leaving you riddhima and I will never leave you come sit here I am here with you
Armaan made riddhima sit , and make her drink some water

Armaan: you sure you didn't saw the face , riddhima just try maybe we will recognize that person and then I wont leave him

Riddhima can see the anger in armaan eyes for that man , she somewhere loved this side of armaan , he so concerned just for her
Still she was calming a little when the landline number in her room started ringing and riddhima got scared
Riddhima: Armaan its him , it will be his call only armaan I am scared no please don't pick the call

Armaan: relax riddhima why are you getting scared I am here with you relax I will pick
Armaan put the call on loudspeaker and from the other side

"I told you I will come, gosh you looked beautiful while sleeping" as he said the statement

Here armaan tighten her fist in anger still he was quite, he actually wanted to hear that man so that he can be traced

"what happened didn't you liked me coming meeting you but who is this mayank and armaan , look whoever they are just keep them away from you I don't like you being around any other guys, or even taking anyone names, it has to be me and only me" said the voice
And here armaan was feeling disgusted while riddhima was scared , this was another kind of a threat and she was scared not for herself but for mayank and armaan, if this man is so mad , then he can even harm anyone

riddhima in anger now she was really irritated and frustrated
riddhima: hello who are you ,why dont you just get out of my life , hello, you listening , listen who ever you are please leave me alone and dont ever try being anywhere around me

by the time mayank and samrat also came back , seeing riddhima shouting , she was on call
"well I think that's the only thing I cant do, other than this you can ask me to do anything , I cant leave you , well in any case I have left a gift for you on your mirror hope you will like it,  we will meet again soon" said the man and then he disconnected the call
While all quickly rushed to the mirror side , only to see that there was written on the mirror with red lipstick
"I fall in love with this , and now I will get it soon" while on the mirror all four sides riddhima pictures were been stick , all the pictures riddhima have no idea when they were clicked , cause she never clicked them
Three of them were few days back she in the market or in any mall , or restaurant ,

But then a shock, two pictures were of riddhima from London
Riddhima: these pictures they are from London, last month when I went there 4 days to meet mom and dad ,and I never clicked them
Samrat: god that means this man was there in London as well , riddhima try and remember do you remember anyone from there
Riddhima: no I don't , I don't knew anything I just cant understand why me , why always me get in all the problems like this , and this man
And in anger riddhima picked a side vas on the table and through that on the mirror to break that , and the message written on that
Armaan: riddhima what are you doing , relax listen don't worry nothing will happen and now you just don't worry we all are here and we will take care of all this , now you don't have to worry at all I promise from now on even a wind have to take our permission to reach you
And she hugged armaan in assurance, she was tensed and this was the best place to calm down and it happens the moment armaan said so and hugged her tight she forgot it all , she completely felt relaxed,
While here mayank and samrat with gesture assuring with armaan's verdict, they surely wont let anything hurt her now
Samrat: ok I think now we should sleep its too late
Mayank: ya sam and armaan you go ahead and sleep I will stay back here with riddhima tonight
Riddhima: no please no please don't leave me  I'm so scared  [riddhima still holding armaan and not leaving him]
Armaan: relax Riddhima you just don't worry you take care and sleep we will just see in this now
riddhima: no you don't leave me [riddhima was getting little unconscious saying this again and again]
armaan: I will not leave you don't worry now you just try and sleep that's like a good girl mayank I think she is getting weak due to all this and then she even didn't eat properly relax she will be fine
mayank: I knew she will be , but I am just not going to leave that man the moment I will catch hold on him , because of whom she is in so much pain
armaan: yes right , but then how will we find him out
mayank: there has to be some way out to find about him
armaan: yes , the phone , the call he called on right now , hopefully we can trace the number
mayank: yes you are right the first thing in the morning I will call the cops to check on this
armaan: mayank you go and sleep I will stay here by her side and moreover she is sleeping now
mayank: its ok I just cant leave her alone , I wont be able to sleep
armaan: I knew that ok , you sleep here by her side , while I will sit there on the couch just in case there is some danger
soon after few minutes mayank sleeping sitting on the bed by riddhima side , while armaan on the couch nearby  whole night
next morning
 the security was rechecked  and the new security guards were , all the time riddhima was in care of the security guard there was no moment or any later or any not any calls from that person the next whole day riddhima was getting a little relaxed
nupur and gunjan also stayed back with riddhima
nupur: thank god riddhima is fine now , she is completely relaxed, guys did you got any other knowledge about that man

armaan: not really actually he used pco to call riddhima and so was not traced and we seriously don't have any clue about his identity so we cant find him until and unless he take some action
mayank: we cant wait for that , I wont let him take a single action
nupur: relax mayank don't worry now that we all are together and with her , she will be fine and no one can be near her
armaan: by the way where is she right now
nupur: oh she is in the theater room with samrat and gunjan they all are watching our ring ceremony video ,
armaan: in that case what are we doing here we should also be there with them and give our special comments on that
nupur: no armaan not you , I remember last time while watching the video what all special comments you and samrat gave on each and every thing and our stomach was paining  with laughing I cant take that risk this time
armaan: ok ok , still lets go
soon they all got back to normal , and in high security and tight vision no moment was felt for next two days riddhima was in home and all the time someone of the boys was with her and girls as well  were all the time in the house
gunjan: guys it has been two days since riddhima is literally house arrested in her own house dont you think like this she will get frustrated
samrat:  I knew and we all understand that well but still
Mayank: no gunjan is right like this anyone can get frustrated and securing like this we are making that man feel that we got scared of him and his baseless warning
Armaan: mayank is right we will show him that we are not scared of him , lets go out maybe like this we can trap that person as well , like being out maybe that man will again try and come near her and this time we will be really attentive and catch hold him
Samrat: I think that's a good idea , like this we can catch hold on him
Gunjan: what! are you all gone crazy what you think you are going to do this is too risky and you are risking riddhima in this
Armaan: gunjan is right we cant take her I cant get her in any risk
Mayank: that condition wont occur as we wont let riddhima get in any kind of a risk , this wont be risky as we will be around her and anything or any problem or risk before getting to her has to cross through me, we will go I wish that man do something and then I swear I will catch hold him
Armaan:  but mayank still I don't feel right in this
Mayank: armaan like this sitting inside the house we cant get him , we need to catch him as for how long we going to sit back like this
Samrat: ok lets go then but where
Gunjan: hmm lets go out to club and play some game what say
Mayank: yes lets go

Soon they all went to the club and then started the match , they all were playing long tennis in the court
As long tennis is a four player game so it was like mayank , samrat in one side and gunjan and nupur on the other side , while riddhima and armaan sitting outside cheering their respective teams
Riddhima: comeon mayu , samm I knew you going to win
Armaan: aahh not so soon go ahead girls I am with you show them that you are the best
Riddhima: no ways mayank is the best player and he is going to win
Armaan: no nupur in champ in this game , she will win
Riddhima: nope samrat and mayank
Armaan: no gunjan and nupur
Riddhima: armaan I am telling you boys going to win
Armaan: and I already knew girls are winning this
Riddhima: boys
Armaan: girls
Riddhima: boys
Armaan: girls
Mayank: riddhima armaan
Riddhima: what is it mayank [frustrated as getting distracted from their fight and then seeing that the other four were actually not playing now and were standing watching them other than playing]
Mayank: well I suppose its we whose game fight is on , still if you want you can come in here and fight we can quit playing
Riddhima: no mayank that's not required you all continue , and I will sit quietly I promise
Armaan: mayank can you imagine riddhima and will sit quietly
Riddhima: ha ha very funny , now I wont talk at all with you
Soon the game started and riddhima sitting quietly  in one side and armaan sitting at a little distant
Later a waiter came in with the ordered drinks and was serving armaan and riddhima as others were busy playing , riddhima as she took her drink just then she found one envelop in the tray on which her name was written
She was confused somewhere she understood its him it was that man letter, and she don't knew what to do
Riddhima: armaan [still scared didn't knew what to say ahead , actually not able to say ahead]
Armaan: now what you said you wont talk with me
But then seeing are little scared state
Armaan: what is it riddhima and this letter ,where you got that from
As armaan saw that he understood he quickly took that letter
"good to see you after 2 days , I love that scary look on your face , hope you liked my gift and yes you look amazing in this red"
Armaan blood was boiling now , then he saw the waiter who got that
Armaan: where did you got this from , who gave you this letter
waiter: sir actually a man was there on the counter he said just to give it here
mayank: the man gave you , that means he is somewhere near here only 
samrat: who gave you this
waiter: sir that man there in black shirt
waiter pointing towards someone whose face was not visible from this distance but still this was clear that , the person was looking towards their direction

samrat: mayank I think that's the man , he is the one
mayank: you are right samrat he is there I will just get him and I won't leave him
 without waiting mayank ran towards that person direction ,

while here riddhima tried to stop them

riddhima: no please don't go , please mayank stop , we don't knew anything about the person it can be dangerous please
armaan: don't worry riddhima nothing will happen, gunjan nupur you just stay here with riddhima I will just go behind mayank , samrat please make them safe
and here we see as the moment that man saw someone approaching him, he ran away from their outside, and mayank followed him ahead

soon we see both running on road, the man in black running ahead and mayank behind him

he was about to catch hold on him when clash , a car hit mayank , in hurry of just catching the man he didn't noticed a car coming from the other side and hit
mayank fall on the road and soon his vision got blunt and he got unconscious

here armaan reached running to him as he saw the accident but he was soo far from him that he was not able to reach there on time
armaan reached there and saw mayank lying on the floor his head was bleeding after a while riddhima , nupur and gunjan reached there with samrat , as riddhima was adamant to go behind them , she was scared and here her fear come true as she saw mayank lying unconscious

riddhima: mayuu  mayu , armaan what happened to him why is he
armaan: relax riddhima nothing will happen to him samrat please get the car we need to go to hospital

 soon they all rushed to the hospital
everyone of them were tensed and scared at the same time mayank was taken in emergency
while everyone was waiting for doctor to come outside
riddhima: its all because of me , today only because of me my brother is in this condition if anything will happen to mayu today I wont be able to forgave myself ever

armaan:  nothing will happen to him you just relax , I knew mayank he is a fighter he will be fine soon
soon doctors came out telling that mayank was fine just a little head injury , and due to extra bleeding he is little weak

riddhima: so that means we can go home , I can take my mayu with me

doctor:  I suppose we will keep mayank for one day here as we need to be sure that he is absolutely fine
armaan: its ok doctor , thank you , can we meet him now

doctor: yes sure but make sure you let patient rest as the more he will rest, the more sooner he will recover
soon everyone inside , girls shedding full tears while boys tensed for him

riddhima and nupur rushed near mayank , and standing on the both opposite sides

as mayank opened her eyes only to see the two most important ladies in his life shedding tears like anything 
mayank: ok ladies please end this your rajshri production movie now 

riddhima: I m sorry , I am so sorry mayu its all because of me that you are in this situation
mayank: you know if anything happened to you I wont be able to forgave myself sorry mayu  [imitating riddhima in crying style]
riddhima: shut up mayu at this time also you are getting jokes

mayank: ok ok I am fine riddhima look I am , and for you just stop this crying session on yours both of you nupur , riddhima please , I am fine just that I was so near that man and I missed him
armaan: its ok mayu , you first take care of yourself we will think about that later
mayank: hmm I am fine
than a nurse entered
nurse: look patient need rest , so you all please leave him alone , and we will have to keep him here tonight so all of you cant stay here

riddhima: I am not going anywhere I will not leave mayank
mayank: oh no then how will I recover
riddhima: just shut up , ok , I am not going
mayank: no riddhima you cant stay back here , so please be a good girl and just go back home , armaan please take her home and just be with her all the time and don't leave him alone at all
samrat: yes that will be fine and riddhima please go back home ,  I will stay here with mayank , and don't worry I can also take care of him well
nupur: yes riddhima don't worry not only samrat I will also stay with him

riddhima: yes nupur will stay so then its ok , I am satisfied, cause I cant say about samrat staying back

samrat: oh thank you for the comment I can expect this only from you
armaan: ok that's all guys lets go , riddhima gunjan come with me I will drop you back home , and nupur just take care I will come in morning

soon gunjan , riddhima and armaan left
armaan first safely dropped gunjan at her place and then they went to their home
armaan ensure the security and safety well
soon they got in riddhima's room and armaan made riddhima sit on the bed and as she settled down
riddhima broke down she started crying
riddhima: why me , why me armaan I don't know why is it happening to me today just cause of me mayank is in so much pain
armaan: its ok riddhima please relax and don't blame yourself for anything its not your fault at all

here armaan was just trying to cool her down a little when landline phone started ringing
she knew it was him , she became stiff, armaan put the call on loudspeaker
"feeling sad for that person following me , but than what can I do I already said you no one between us , its only you and me and whoever come in between us will get to this end, you are mine and only mine" said the man on the other side
And this was the time for riddhima busting , all her fear, her guilt formed in anger ,
Riddhima: who are you , and what you want , why don't you come in front , just come in front , why are you doing all this to me , I have had enough from you, listen what do you think I am scared of you , no I am not , I am not scared of you, I swear the moment I will see you  I will kill you, please stay away from me and  my family
"well this is the only think that I cant do, and as for others I already said you that if anyone will come in between us he will have a dreadful end ahead you are only mine" said the other voice and then the call disconnected
Still riddhima was shouting, she was panicking rather , she was getting out of control

Riddhima: I am not your , I am not your puppet , don't call me , you cant hurt anyone around me, you wont hurt anyone just come in front ,

Armaan: riddhima , riddhima just relax riddhima there is no one on the call riddhima
Riddhima: no armaan just stay away from me , just don't come close to me , he wont leave everyone who come close to me,  please don't come close to me
She started pushing him away from her armaan tried catching her , he tried controlling her , but she was getting out of control she was shouting and crying hard , armaan was just not able to see her in this condition 
Riddhima: no armaan don come close to me , just don't  otherwise he will kill you , like he hurted mayank , mayank is hurt and you will also , armaan please go away , just leave me , please , no whoever you are just come here I am ready to face you

Armaan: riddhima please relax riddhima
Riddhima: leave me , just leave me

That was all , he don't knew what to do , he tried to hug her and control her , he tried to hold her but no use , he just cant see this broken condition of her , she was completely broken she was to hurt right now, he need to calm her , he need to get her out of this shock situation
He don't knew what got into him , he pinned her against the wall , holding her face he put his lips on her lips
He started kissing her hardly just to calm her
The moment he put his lips on her she was quite, the storm in the room was quiet her shouting ending her crying as well , she got in a state of shock , leaving everything else behind

She was shocked , she was literally with this action of armaan
She tried pushing him away but he was too hard , she was pinned completely against the wall ,

soon she stopped struggling as she knew that she was weak , and she gave in this new sensation forming , in that new feeling , the urge, she started getting relaxed , she was actually relaxed

While for armaan as he started kissing her it was just for making her quite, making her relaxed , just taking away all her pain, he was just kissing her with a promise that he was here was her , just an assurance that he is for her and everything will get fine
Soon he realized that she was not struggling ahead and that she was getting relaxed he thought of getting out of the kiss now mentally but now emotionally he was getting weak the burning sensation the desire , the love he had for her he just wanted to shower that all , from assuring , now he started kissing her passionately
And here riddhima was getting weak , she was also having the same desire and sensation , in the passion , she don't knew what got into her that she started responding , she responded him back
In the blooming moon light two lovers engulfed in each other in the passionate kiss, not wanted to leave each other
But soon they break the kiss only at the end for breathing, as they were breathless now
Ok that's all for now
Sorry for being so late with this ff updates , was really busy somewhere

Hopefully happy with this maha update ,

Waiting for your replies 
and yes i dont give much precap , but for next part , keep waiting AR confession coming ahead 

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..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2014 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
read part 21 aabhi buss...
subha will read the other on...

it was osome di...
too great...

a girl i made to think the way ridhima di.. hahah its soo hilarious when ridhima said that she is last option its soo opposite of it,... haye...

and the armaan said u are not last but u are first and last option was sooo romantic di..
and this who is the guy... kyun aaya hain hufff... another twist i guess...

luved it...

PS. - how are u di.. and the little one...
hope u both have great tymm,,,,

gud nyt aab.. subha padhungi 22 part it 2 at night here

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attraction.101 Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2014 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
Awesome awesome
Can't wait for more
Cont super soon plzzz

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2014 at 2:30pm | IP Logged
wow great update loved it thank you for pm.

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