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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 68)

searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 January 2014 at 10:52am | IP Logged
part 19 on page 78

recap: riddhima little confession about her feelings for armaan in her drunken state ,
and then someone kidnapping riddhima in a car

While here on the other side ,

In the car , riddhima was shocked

Riddhima: who are you leave me , why you took me here listen if you think you will easily escape like this then you are wrong my brother and friend won't leave you

Guy said: well before that  I will take my revenge

And riddhima was shocked to see the guy it was Abhimanyu [guys you all guessed right]

Riddhima: abhimanyu you,  what are you doing here and you tried to kill me earlier as well but why

Abhimanyu: why, really you want to knew why,  riddhima, what have  I done with you just tell me I was just trying on you cause you were rich and when you got to knew that you slapped me and left over that was over then , but then you took your revenge , you destroyed me , you destroyed everything I had, cause of you I got bankrupt I have nothing left with me , cause of you I am destroyed and you are here living happily destroying me now I will take my revenge with you first I will destroy you and then you are going to die

Riddhima: you must have had some confusion I didn't did anything, I never took any revenge from you, I also left from London after that incident and never came back there

Abhimanyu: and you want me to believe you in that case the Singhania industry were responsible for me going bankrupt and still you want me to believe you

Soon the car stopped at some corner , it was a very deserted place very near jungle no one come at this place much

Abhimanyu literally dragging riddhima out of the car to a corner there and thronging her  down on the floor there

Abhimanyu: today you will realize what a revenge is actually called first before killing you I will teach you a lesson on how to destroy someone dignity

Riddhima tried escaping but no use

Riddhima: please let me go please I swear I didn't did anything ,listen just leave m I swear I will give you whatever you want you want money  I will give you as much money you want just let me go

But no use abhimanyu  came near riddhima he tried snatching her clothes away his aim was to first physically abuse her and then kill her

Riddhima: please leave me  I am telling you the truth I didn't did anything

Abhimanyu slapped riddhima , and she was crying hard , abhimanyu hold riddhima by her hairs and trying getting close to her in anger

as he was getting close he was forcefully pushed away ,with great force away from riddhima

actually armaan mayank and samrat came by that time following them

riddhima: armaan, armaan thank god you came, armaan I didn't , please save me

armaan: shhh riddhima , relax now we are here nothing will happen to you  relax
armaan hugging her and caressing her to make her calm

while here on the other hand abhimanyu getting really nice beating from mayank and samrat till that time

soon he fall on the ground almost unconscious

while here mayank and samrat to came near riddhima

mayank: riddhima are u ok god u are hurt

Mayank cleaning little blood on her face and then hugging her tight
Mayank: thank god u are fine
Soon nupur and gunjan to arrived there
Getting near riddhima
 Nupur: riddhima are you fine and what happened who was this man

And after seeing the face

Nupur: oh god riddhima isn't this guy that abhimanyu , what the hell is he doing here and you ok 
Riddhima: nupur thank god you are here

Riddhima went towards her hugging nupur

Mayank: who is this man riddhima , do you both knew him

Riddhima: yes mayank actually he I met him in London and then I came to knew he was a cheat just after my money but I never knew he will come here and why is he trying to kill me

As they all were just talking riddhima and nupur one side standing together , while armaan , samrat and mayank standing on a bit distance opposite them as that abhimanyu was lying unconscious in the middle

Actually he was not he was just acting being unconscious and the moment he got chance , he immediately got hold of the pistol he bought with him


soon in fight he falled down on the ground
and riddhima standing in one corner ,
[the place where they were was a bit heighten area and on it back it was deep jungle , they were standing on a cliff top and riddhima was standing on one corner]
while mayank samrat gunjan and nupur were on the other side and armaan and abhimanyu were fighting
soon in between fight abhimanyu once pushed armaan with such great force that he got hit with riddhima who was on his back and they both falled down , together
they both were not able to get balanced and resulting they falling down together the cliff
rolling and rolling falling down deep in the jungle
armaan hugging riddhima tightly in order to save her from getting hurt with the bushes and trees and other small stones
here on the other side , soon armaan and riddhima got invisible
mayank rushed to the point from where they both falled and he also was about to jump
samrat: no mayak stop listen you cant jump from here stop
mayank: leave me samrat , riddhima and armaan i have to get to them i want them to be save leave
nupur: samrat is right mayank jumping from here wont be of any use already we dont knew how much deep this is and how much you can get hurt in this its better we call the cops and the rescue team they will search from them and we will go there by that root
mayank : riddhima , armaan
here his voice loud echoing in all around
while after few minutes

we see in the deep jungle , somewhere ,

armaan and riddhima unconscious lying holding each other tight

armaan gained a little conscious and with the movement riddhima also got up

armaan: oh god riddhima , riddhima are you ok

riddhima: ya yes i am fine , i am , where are we, oh yes we were falling , oh god , armaan your arms they are badly hurt

said riddhima holding armaan arms as they were rolling down armaan holding her tightly in his arms resulting all the bushes few small trees and little stones hitting him , his arms was filled with small small bruises , to his good luck none of them was deep cut

riddhima immediately cleaning them with her hand ,

while here armaan just looking at her for a while , as before this he was to scared for a movement he thought he lost her when abhimanyu aimed gun on her head

armaan immediately hugged her tight

armaan: thank god you are fine , i was so scared

riddhima: yes i am fine all thanks to you, you saved me and later as well you saved me from getting hurt

armaan: god i never thought we will fall this deep , this valley is surely deep

riddhima: we need some water to clean all this, do you knew some place nearby

armaan: yes offcourse i often visit this deep jungle for morning walk i knew that all [said armaan sarcastically]

riddhima: morning walk really i thought you visit here at night times you knew to have some wild romancing with the wild animals here

armaan: yes really you knew your jokes are like you irritating and of no use

riddhima: well in that case who actually started with them is more irritating , ok now reserve your chit chat for later on first lets get some help , maybe there must be someone here around

armaan: yes i am sure someone must have build some 5 star hotel in here , knowing that all the people who will fall from here needs to get in there

riddhima: stop passing that irritating comments of yours and lets go come armaan we have to find some way out here

soon they both started walking in the jungle

riddhima: can you find anything around

armaan: except for few more trees and another roll of bushes and then trees and blue sky on the top well nothing much more

riddhima: ok ok i am getting your point , i think we can go right side maybe there we have something

armaan: ok fine

riddhima: armaan you didnt asked me any question you dont want to knew anything

armaan: no i also thought that left side is more deep so right side moving is better

riddhima: what, oh no i am not talking about this, that person i mean what all happened and that abhimanyu

armaan: oh that its ok , i dont need to knew more as i knew as much as i want to knew about this

riddhima: you already knew about all this , i mean who told you , nupur no nupur cant tell you , gunjan i knew that she can never keep secrets

armaan: relax riddhima stop cursing the poor two girls they didnt told me about this

riddhima: then how did you knew this armaan

armaan: oh so you really dont remember you told me that

riddhima: what i told you , when

armaan: well forget that riddhima

riddhima: no no i need to knew , when i told you , i didnt stop kidding armaan please tell me

armaan: why would i lie to you riddhima seriously you told me that night after gunjan party

riddhima: that night , really, i told you when i was drunk , oh god

armaan: yes oh god, you were a mess being drunk

riddhima: really armaan i seriously told you then why didnt you cross question about that , you already knew that and still you never asked me anything

armaan: it wasnt required to ask anything ahead as i got to knew everything that i wanted to knew that time only [said armaan remembering what else and whatever riddhima said him]

riddhima: armaan i am seriously not getting anything please be clear what i said you

armaan: well nothing that much which you should regret of telling me or that i should have not known ,i came to knew excatly all that things that i actually was to hear and i actually wanted to hear as well specially about me [said with a wink]

while here dont knew what stopped her , but riddhima didnt wanted to talk ahead about this or to hear anything more than this ,

so she just kept on moving ahead and didnt said a word

"god what i said him , armaan was behaving different since that day he said the same that i feel something for him or anything like that , that means i told him that , god thats to embarrassing what will he think of me , i am his best friend, and  i am ruining all this like this , i should not feel that way with him , this might effect our friendship and armaan , oh god he , yes i am not even his type of girl , then why will he think that way for me, i am not his choice" riddhima thinking about all this walking by ,

while here armaan smiling walking behind her, yes he knew what all she must be thinking but she didn't knew that i feel more then what she feel for her , and that she is the only for him , only one of his type and will be forever , he don't want anyone other than her

soon they heard little water running around

riddhima: armaan this voice is of water running, maybe there is some river nearby

they kept on walking and they reached in the middle of few bushes , it was not excatly a river , but a small passage of water flowing on , maybe water coming from above going down more deep

armaan: oh wow , what a river but doesn't you feel the size of it is is little small [he said sarcastically]

riddhima: oh please now stop passing on your great comments whatever it is atleast we got some water in middle of this jungle come let me clean your wounds first

said riddhima , and taking some water in her hands she cleaned armaan arms, while armaan looking over just her face

riddhima: i need some cloth to tie your hand , give me your handkerchief

armaan: its ok i am fine

riddhima: no you are not these cuts are little deep if not covered properly it can cause infection just give me the cloth

and taking cloth from armaan , riddhima tied it well on his arm

riddhima: its fine now but your other hand is also hurt we need another cloth

armaan: what ok i didnt knew we are going to fall in the jungle and i needed bandage otherwise i would have surely kept two handkerchief with me today

riddhima: very funny stop your poor jokes for a while ok , hmm , ok your sleeves that can work well for this , wait i will torn a little sleeves of your shirt and tie with it

and she torn a little piece of armaan's shirt and tied it on his hand

armaan: well in such cases in movies normally girls torn there dresses and you knew that sari and all to do bandage not take it from mens shirt

riddhima: well to your bad luck like that actors in the movie i am probably not wearing any sari or ladies suit from which i can take a piece i am myself wearing a t shirt and jeans so your bad luck, i cant tear a piece in this

armaan: oh  really my bad luck

said armaan with a wink

riddhima: ok now your wounds look fine , what shall we do now

[she just said it to avoid armaan gaze that was badly disturbing her right now, first his cheeky comments and his different gaze on her was cause dangerous effect on her]

armaan: we can do anything you want riddhima

[armaan said again one more cheeky line, and riddhima was mentally kicking herself for asking a question like this , but still never expected this kind of reply, she still thinking , taken a back by armaan words kept on moving back and back and suddenly lost balance and fallen back ,
it was so instant that none of the two realized and riddhima fall back in water]

riddhima: oh no , god my clothes

armaan: riddhima are you ok , get up afre you hurt

riddhima: no , i am fine just my clothes they are all wet , god , but its ok this will get dry in a little time

armaan: you sure

riddhima: yes i am fine , come lets move ahead , we have to get out of here soon i want to go home

while here on the other side

it was getting late evening ,

mayank , samrat along with few police mans and some local jungle boys searching for armaan and riddhima , in the position where they must have fallen

but no luck as by road and walking the place where riddhima and armaan were was too far away ,

samrat: i just hope armaan and riddhima are fine , hope we get near them soon

mayank: they must be fine samrat i am sure they are fine

samrat: yes i knew that mayank , but you knew its getting night and dark and these officers are saying we have to wait for few hours here only till it gets dawn , as they cant get the right directions in darkness

mayank: no samrat i cant wait here i will go ahead my riddhima and armaan must need me there

samrat: yes i knew that mayank even i dont want to wait here , but seriously we dont have any other options as we dont knew any route ahead, we have to wait till dawn

they dont have any other option but have to wait there only

while here on the other side

armaan and riddhima

they were moving in the direction they have no idea , but now it was getting late in night it was getting dark around ,

armaan: i dont think it is safe for us to move ahead right now, its completely dark all around and nothing is visible here

riddhima: yes i also think so but what to do now

armaan: are you really ok riddhima i mean you dont sound fine

riddhima: yes i am fine armaan i think i am too tired to walk

armaan: but you dont look fine are you feeling cold , you are shivering riddhima, your clothes are wet and this place is getting cold

riddhima: its ok armaan we should look around for a safe place to stop

but her condition was getting worsed , she was shivering badly,

soon she started falling back , and armaan like always holding her from falling back

armaan: riddhima  oh god you ok you are having high fever

but here riddhima was getting unconscious she was having high temperature due to getting cold , she was getting weak shivering

armaan: oh no riddhima i am so sorry i should have checked on you earlier maybe we should have let your clothes get dry earlier riddhima are you listening to me riddhima

but no use she was not in a state to hear at all ,

armaan picked her in his arms

and kept moving for some shelter or safe place to there luck he got few dry bushes kept on one side , in nice shelter of few trees

[i knew normally in fiction we get some small hut or house in the middle of the jungle for our heroes, but getting practical nothing like this is ever available in the middles of jungle , so let it be the way it is]

armaan keeping her safely in one side,  making a little cozy bed of the soft bushes, and making her lye on that ,

he started rubbing her hands and foots to get her state normal , but her condition was getting worse , maybe with all that kidnapping and then falling down and then walking in the jungle her condition have got really worse

armaan: riddhima , riddhima please talk with me are you ok , riddhima , look your clothes are wet we need to change riddhima

but she was to just shivering her eyes close she didn't responded much

armaan: i think i have to do this myself but , i cant let her condition get worse if she dont get rid of these clothes her condition will get more worst

finding no other option armaan removed his own shirt and getting no other option he covered riddhima with that and side by side removing her shirt,  keeping very much sure none of her body part get exposed , he very hesitantly undressed her wet clothes and with close eyes himself , made her wear his shirt,

now atleast she was there wearing something dry , still her condition was worst she was still shivering maybe due to weakness

armaan continuously rubbing her back over from his shirt that she was wearing , ribbing her hands and foots to get her warm but that was not that effective

armaan: riddhima , please get up , her condition is not getting stable , if it will go like this then she wont be able to survive for night , no i cant let anything happen to her , i wont let anything to her

armaan tried all the source and now nothing was left , having no other option around he dont knew what to do , he had only one last option left

armaan: i cant let anything happen to you riddhima please forgave me for this, i dont have any other option left if you wont get heat now then your condition will get worse i am sorry

with no other option left , armaan removed his undershirt as his shirt was already with riddhima she was wearing that
and he getting near her very near lying by her side hugging her tightly near his body , he knew at this time and in the middle of the jungle he have no other option other than warming her up with his body heat that was his last option

he very hesitantly hugging her from back tightly and rubbing her back to warm her up

armaan: i am sorry riddhima i didnt wanted to do this but i have to save you , i will always love you riddhima

kissing her forehead a little he hugging her tightly and continuously rubbing her back to warm her, entangling her legs with his to get them warm completely tied to her to give her warmness of his body

soon he found her shivering level getting low , after like an hour or so she was relaxing comfortably but still he was holding her tight , just holding her , rubbing her back a little and looking at her face only her face which was calming with the passing of time ,

soon after sometime armaan also dozed off, 

and we see a sweet couple resting in each other arms just with a gap of a very thin piece of cloth in the middle of the two , his shirt

and the sun rays little light hitting the couple sleeping peacefully

unknown what storm these rays going to get in this best friend and very much in love couple life

ok thats all for now 

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazing update loved it thank you for pm.

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Smrikta992 Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2014 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Lovd ur update..
Nd its awsome..
Thnks for pm
Nd wish u a very happy new year..

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wow they will caught kya cant wait to read more 

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Both updates 18 n 19
Loved both of them
Hope ridz Jaldi chot Jayeee

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Luvd it

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attraction.101 Goldie

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Part 20 is a bit funny 
Loved it di
Cont sooon

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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excited for next part
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon

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