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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 67)

SacredLove Goldie

Joined: 15 March 2012
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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 5:58am | IP Logged
Hey dear as u already write 26parts of arshi bff then pls update yaree dil daree upto 26parts to pls
as i wanted to read AR version but cant control my excitement and read arshi version too
its not like ki i dnt like arshi its just that arshi bhi hai aur gunjan samarat bhi hai
so i cant imagine two two sanayas
so pls Yeh ff jaldi se arshi ff ke sath match karo na pls
And i really love the part and talli ridhima will be fun to read

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ksgandjsg21 Senior Member

Joined: 23 November 2013
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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 7:20am | IP Logged
woww awesome part...
Thnx for pm... And plz update next part soon

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destinationn Senior Member

Joined: 24 May 2011
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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 10:37am | IP Logged
continue soon yr...

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 October 2009
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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
nice part loved it 

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Smrikta992 Goldie

Joined: 27 January 2013
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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Great update..
Thnks fr pm..

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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 August 2010
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Posted: 31 December 2013 at 11:11am | IP Logged
Luvd it.
Cont asap.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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KaranSGRules Goldie

Joined: 26 June 2008
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Posted: 31 December 2013 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
one of best part
conti soon

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 March 2009
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Posted: 01 January 2014 at 10:37am | IP Logged
part 18 on page 77
RECAP : riddhima been attacked and then girls party at gunjan place , and riddhima drunk saying too much , while boys secretly watching them
while here on the other side

mayank and armaan were equally shocked hearing that
mayank: lets go guys i need to go back home
armaan: but we should talk with her first i mean what all she was talking about
mayank: she is to out of control right now to even talk properly
armaan: excatly and we cant leave her like this here , i am going in to take her back , she is to drunk i cant leave her alone its to risky
samrat: armaan is right mayank , frankly i am also no getting whatever she was saying and why she was saying , but right now look at her condition, we cant leave her here like this it can be risky what if girls cant handle her
after that mayank , armaan and samrat enterred gunjan house
gunjan: guys what are you doing in here
samrat: sorry we knew its girls party but than cant take our curiosity longer so came here and this riddhima look at her condition
nupur: yes mayank please help me get her down from the table
nupur was holding riddhima hands and pushing her down as she was adamant to do strip dancing and was opening her shirt buttons for that
armaan came there for nupur help when riddhima didnt came down he took hold on her legs and carried her on his shoulder
riddhima: no leave me , put me down i dont want to go, i want to dance the party is still not over
armaan making her stand on the ground
mayank: riddhima bachaa the party is over and we have to sleep now
riddhima: mayank hey mayank  my sweet mayu you are here hwww this was girls party you cant come here
armaan: the party is over riddhima , mayank lets just get her in the car and take home
mayank: yes right come lets got
riddhima: no i dont want to go i want to dance
armaan: riddhima we will dance later reaching home come lets go
riddhima: promise , we will dance, you will dance with me
armaan: yes i will now lets go
riddhima: no i wont
armaan: now what
riddhima: you are lying with me making excuses to take me back home, but i wont go i have to stay back here
mayank: armaan yo do one thing lets just pick her and leave
riddhima: mayuu , mayyuu my sweet  brother , i love you mayu i love you very much you are the best brother in this world
mayank: i love you too bachhaa and thanks
riddhima: thanks no , no thanks you are not good mayu , you are a good brother , but a bad lover
nupur: riddhima just stop and leave now

riddhima: a very bad lover , look at her mayu , just look at nupur she is so beautiful right
mayank: yes riddhima she is now just leave
riddhima: just yes , no mayu you are getting married with her you should say words praising her you should write poems on her beauty , you should talk with her for hours and yes you can even have eyes to eyes talk for hours if you want
mayank: riddhima I will do it all now please lets go
riddhima: no do it now say her nupur you are really beautiful , and I love you and I will love you forever
mayank: ok riddhima I will tell her I will say her all this tomorrow
riddhima: tomorrow no there is no tomorrow mayank , life is so sweet say whatever you want just now don't waste your precious moments , don't make my best friend wait all the time for just few moments with you
riddhima talk were somewhere touching everyone around,
yes she was blabbering it all in drunken state , but whatever she was saying was right, being the shy nature mayank and nupur have , sometime and somewhere they still crave for each other , to talk to be with each other to understand each other , yes sometimes words are not required but sometime some words which are said complete a relationship
riddhima being nupur best friend and a girl can understand nupur craving for some romantic time with mayank somewhere in friends and family they missed the most beautiful the romancing part of this relation and riddhima was just trying fixing that
mayank: ok riddhima I will say her all today , but first please lets go home
riddhima: no I wont go with you, you go with nupur take her out talk with her and say her all I will go home myself I knew the way back home and I can manage
saying so riddhima almost falled
mayank: yes that I can see well you can manage
riddhima: you go with nupur I will go home
mayank: armaan please do one thing you take her back home she is just not listening to me
armaan: its ok mayank you go ahead and go out have some romantic talks I will take care of her , will take her back home
mayank: stop teasing me ahead armaan just take her back home
soon mayank was literary pushed out of house by riddhima to go out with nupur
nupur: she is crazy
mayank: but sometime she actually tells the most accurate things when she is gone crazy  I am sorry for being so bad lover and making you all the time wait for just few words of love
nupur: its not like that mayank , please its not that
mayank: come lets go I want to take you out with me somewhere
nupur: well you asking me for a date
mayank: you can say that would you like to come with me
nupur: sure lets go
soon nupur and mayank left from there
riddhima: how sweet they both love each other so much true love
gunjan: yes true love, now come riddhima you have to go back home , lets go
riddhima: I will go myself I knew
gunjan: yes yes we all knew that you knew the way back home and you can take care of yourself , armaan please take her back home and make her sleep
said gunjan getting irritated with this drunken riddhima
and armaan picking her up
riddhima: no leave me I will walk , leave
armaan: shut up and now keep figure on your lips
said armaan angrily and her riddhima keeping figure on her mouth
armaan: samrat come lets go home
and here samrat and gunjan were so busy with each other
armaan: samrat shall we go home
samrat: well you go ahead I will just come in few minutes actually look here gunjan house is so messed up I will help her cleaning it all then I will come
armaan: yes I knew very well what is more messed up , I am leaving with this trouble you come soon
so armaan and riddhima finally left out the house

armaan making riddhima sit inside his car and himself getting on the other side
riddhima with one hand patting armaan calling him towards her and her second hand figure was still on her mouth
armaan: what is it riddhima ?
but riddhima with one hand doing some  action which armaan didn't got
armaan: what , what are you trying to tell just speak
said armaan getting frustrated
and here riddhima started crying loud like a kid
riddhima: first yourself said me to keep figure on my lips and don't speak and now shouting on me
armaan: oh god what a trouble ok ok I am sorry riddhima really sorry
riddhima: I was just saying you didn't applied the seat belt driving without seat belt is illegal
armaan: yes right I am sorry
armaan got frustrated and applying the seat belt he started driving
and here riddhima started making all that voices of a car like kids
riddhima: rooo rooo you drive so fast armaan my racing car going on rooo
armaan: riddhima just sit back properly
riddhima: stop stop stop stoppp the car
armaan: what is it riddhima
riddhima: I need ice cream
armaan: ice cream no ways you knew having sweet after alcohol make alcohol effect double
riddhima: no I need ice cream
riddhima crying like baby
armaan: you cant eat sweet over alcohol sorry and now again stay back figure on your lips
soon armaan reached their home
 armaan: ok riddhima now you can put your figure down and can talk
riddhima: I want ice cream  [like a small baby]
armaan: shut up riddhima come lets go in
riddhima: I don't want to go, I want to go to the party I wanted to dance
armaan: please riddhima lets go in , please cant you listen to me once
riddhima: I listen to you all the time
armaan; good then lets go
armaan got out of the car and getting on riddhima side
riddhima: I cant stand and walk
armaan: why you forgot your legs somewhere
riddhima: no I left my sandals at gunjan place
armaan: what so why didn't you told me
riddhima: I was telling you but you said to keep figure on the lips 
armaan: agghh ok fine come I will pick you up
riddhima: no I want a ride on your back
armaan: on my back
riddhima: yes like dad use to gave me when I was small now turn around
and soon riddhima  put her arms from back around armaan neck hugging armaan from his back half weight on armaan shoulder and rest on his back
armaan also holding both her arms took her inside the house
riddhima: wooww aero plane ride I am having 
armaan took riddhima in her room
armaan: madam its time for landing we reached our airport armaan literary thronging riddhima back on her bed
while here riddhima falling straight on her bed sat back holding armaan hand as he was leaving
riddhima: armaan please don't go, I have to say you something
armaan: riddhima its to lat you need to sleep
somewhere armaan didn't wanted to be with her like this , somewhere he doubted maybe his love
for her took over him and he did something that can be wrong cause riddhima was absolutely not at all conscious of what all she was saying or doing
riddhima: no please listen , please I have to say you sorry armaan I should have not done that
armaan: what sorry riddhima , what you did
riddhima: you are my best friend armaan I should not keep any secret with you I am sorry
armaan: its ok riddhima
riddhima: no its not ok , you knew you were always right regarding I don't knew how to judge people and you were right I always did mistakes I thought him as a nice guy but he was bad
armaan: who riddhima whom are you talking about
riddhima: that bad boy he did acting with me being so nice and sweet that he loves me but he didn't he tricked me cause he wanted money i am sorry armaan I should have told this to you earlier

here armaan was shocked as well as hurt , with her talks earlier somewhere he had understood that something like this happened
armaan: did you loved him riddhima
armaan seriously wanted this reply he was praying for a nice answer
riddhima: no I didn't I never did I  was just being friendly and he was a cheaper
armaan: then why are you so hurt
riddhima: no I am not hurt I am guilty cause I keeping secret with you I should have told you earlier but I never did you always had a right to knew about any secret I am keeping but I didn't told you at all I am sorry armaan
armaan: why me riddhima why only me you wanted to tell this 
riddhima: armaan I am sorry I should have told you earlier
soon armaan found her  blabbering the same words again and again he stood up and was leaving from there
riddhima: no please don't go armaan please don't leave me , no one will love me armaan I am a bad girl
armaan: no riddhima you are not at all a bad girl you are really nice and everyone will love you ,its not at all like that no one will ever love you there are people in this world riddhima who love you for what you are 
riddhima:  everyone will be with me always , no one will leave me
armaan: yes riddhima no one will leave you ever
riddhima: and you , will you be with me forever
armaan : [holding riddhima hand] yes I will I promise to never leave you ever
riddhima: even after knowing that I am a bad girl I even drink
armaan: yes even after knowing you drink  still I will not leave you
riddhima: even if I will always fight with you and beat you and tell you to give me aero plane ride on your back
armaan: yes riddhima then also I wont leave you ever
riddhima: even if I say that I feel something else for you just then my best friend still you wont leave me armaan
riddhima said that , all that which she feared all that she felt , in her drunken state she didn't realized telling the biggest truth to armaan which she herself was not sure of
and armaan somewhere was shocked then surprised, then he became so happy yes she felt the same as he did, he knew that well
riddhima: please don't leave me armaan please never leave me armaan
repeating her words again and again riddhima went to sleep holding armaan hand

after she slept
armaan: I will never leave you riddhima even if I want I still cant leave you cause I just cant live without you , and I knew you also love me the same way I did to you, just you are not realizing it completely but soon you will and then we will be together forever no one will separate us , no one can ever separate us
after few hours armaan was sitting on the ground holding riddhima hand as she was sleeping on her bed and was holding armaan hand armaan got up and left from there when he saw that now riddhima was peacefully sleeping
armaan then had a peaceful sleep remembering that riddhima also somewhere felt the same for him as he did for her
Next Morning 
Riddhima slept for late when she got up hey head was spinning like hell
She got up only to find all five of her sweet friends standing on her head
Riddhima: what ? oh god my head
Mayank: yes right your head , you need something nupur lets just get something for riddhima to drink
Samrat: what would you like and have madam another pack of vodka or anything else
Riddhima: what are you all talking about listen I don't knew why I am having this head ace please get me some medicine first
Armaan came and sat by her side with a lemonade
Armaan: here have this, this will make you feel better
Riddhima talking and drinking
Nupur: so how are  you feeling now hopefully better its ok it was just a little hangover it happens
Riddhima: hangover what are you talking , and why I don't remember anything we were in party so when I came in here
Gunjan: well this you should have thought over before drinking a full bottle of vodka yesterday night
Riddhima: what , what I did I had I swear I seriously didn't remember
Gunjan: then you must not remember standing on the table yesterday night and giving special speeches and you were almost going to do strip dance and when armaan and mayank came there to get you you literally through mayank and nupur out of my house to go out on a date and then armaan literally picked you up and got you here
Riddhima : that's all stop now please stop , oh god what the hell what had I done I am so sorry guys I swear I didn't knew it was alcohol I just thought I am sorry  [riddhima feeling guilty]
Mayank: its ok bachaa we knew that it was not at all your mistake , its alright you take some rest everything will become fine
Saying so everyone started leaving
Only armaan was left as he was sitting by riddhima side making her drink that lemonade

Riddhima: thanks armaan it really helped me I am feeling much better now
Armaan: its ok you need something else you must be hungry
Riddhima: no I am fine , I think I will rest  for a while
As armaan was leaving
Riddhima: armaan I hope I didn't did anything stupid
Armaan: I don't knew about stupid but you did something really right for me I am happy that you took me such a good friend that you shared each and everything you feel
Riddhima: what , what do you mean armaan what I said you
Armaan: well not much just little small small confession of your heart
Riddhima: armaan please tell me
Armaan: its ok riddhima it was your little secret and now its mine from this heart of yours to mine
Armaan holding riddhima hand first keeping it on  riddhima heart and then on his own and then just holding her not even leaving her hand caressing it slightly with his figures
Riddhima: armaan please leave my hand
Riddhima trying to get her hand back,
Armaan: really last night you were the one saying me that I should not leave you ever , ever , and you were the one who was holding me whole night
Riddhima: armaan what did I said you
Armaan: well do you really want to knew what you actually said , just think twice over that riddhima maybe you wont be able to hear that
Riddhima: armaan please stop making riddles with me please tell me its ok I want to hear
Armaan: Well in that case just keep on guessing what you must have said
Saying so armaan got up of the bed and then again bending towards riddhima
Armaan: and yes I wont ever leave you even after you feel or not even feel something  for me

Last two words of armaan were mere whisper very near riddhima ears and armaan even gave a slight kiss on her earlobes and then he stood straight and left
Leaving first a confused and now a shocked riddhima
"oh god have I said something regarding what I am now a days thinking about him , oh god no this cant be true I should have not done that" said riddhima
The whole day riddhima didn't went anywhere , actually she didn't dared facing anyone specially armaan she was so much tensed to face him right now
Next day
Nupur and gunjan were out together so they decided to have lunch together so they decided to call all three boys along with riddhima as well cause she was still in her house
Riddhima also got back a lot to her normal self , when she got a call from nupur to meet her fast in the restaurant , and that mayank armaan and samrat also coming there from office
Riddhima got ready and parked her car in the parking lot, she was moving by soon she saw nupur and gunjan standing on the entrance of a restaurant , she even saw mayank , armaan and samrat coming towards her from back , they also parked there car and were coming towards entrance
Riddhima stopped at the place and was waiting for the boys the there ,
Riddhima: come fast how slowly you guys walk , come
Riddhima was standing facing the boys when suddenly a car came and stood on her back before she can understand anything someone pulled her inside that car , it was the same car which earlier as well attacked riddhima

Mayank armaan and samrat rushed towards riddhima for her rescue , but it was too late till that time the car went ahead and rushed on high speed on the road, armaan and mayank rushed behind the car
Riddhima was screaming they can hear that she sneaked her hand out of the window for help but till that time the car went far ahead
Samrat on the other side rushed and got their car and armaan and mayank immediately sat in that and followed that car , which was gone pretty far ahead from them still they were trying chasing that car
While here on the other side ,

In the car , riddhima was shocked
Riddhima: who are you leave me , why you took me here listen if you think you will easily escape like this then you are wrong my brother and friend won't leave you
Guy said: well before that  I will take my revenge
And riddhima was shocked to see the guy it was Abhimanyu [guys you all guessed right]
Riddhima: abhimanyu you,  what are you doing here and you tried to kill me earlier as well but why
Abhimanyu: why, really you want to knew why,  riddhima, what have  I done with you just tell me I was just trying on you cause you were rich and when you got to knew that you slapped me and left over that was over then , but then you took your revenge , you destroyed me , you destroyed everything I had, cause of you I got bankrupt I have nothing left with me , cause of you I am destroyed and you are here living happily destroying me now I will take my revenge with you first I will destroy you and then you are going to die

Riddhima: you must have had some confusion I didn't did anything, I never took any revenge from you, I also left from London after that incident and never came back there
Abhimanyu: and you want me to believe you in that case the Sharma and Singhania industry were responsible for me going bankrupt and still you want me to believe you
Soon the car stopped at some corner , it was a very deserted place very near jungle no one come at this place much
Abhimanyu literally dragging riddhima out of the car to a corner there and thronging her  down on the floor there
Abhimanyu: today you will realize what a revenge is actually called first before killing you I will teach you a lesson on how to destroy someone dignity
ok thats all for now
precap: well armaan riddhima together in a jungle forced to spend night alone  ...and much more 

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