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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 66)

nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2013 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
wow gr8 part loved it
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon

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Smrikta992 Goldie

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Posted: 16 December 2013 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
Amazing part..
Lovd it..
When will u update nxt part..
Cnt wait..
Update soon..
Thnks for pm..

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2013 at 6:14am | IP Logged
wow nice update loved it thank you for pm.

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punamluvshilpa Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2013 at 11:23am | IP Logged
read the 1st part and loved the whole...riddhima is so naughty girl...loved their pranks and i am very busy,will read all parts but beg time...hope u

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monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2013 at 2:27am | IP Logged
Awesome fantastic and superb 

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 3:07am | IP Logged
part 17 on page 74

Samrat and gunjan relation approved well
someone sending roses to riddhima ,but it was thought as a prank by all and they all have foegoton that

Next Day
Riddhima, gunjan and nupur sitting in gunjan room
Riddhima: gunjan will you tell me why are you actually so tensed, its ok you and your relation with that ranvijay was an open affair and everyone knows about it, so what is in that you are so worried for
Gunjan: it's not like that riddhima, actually I just I mean I just want to tell samrat everything first each and everything
Riddhima: but samrat already knew all about it
Gunjan: but samrat also knew that much which everyone knows what about the personal things no one knew, samrat have a full right to knew about everything
Riddhima: personal thing, now where does that came from, my god gunjan did you had any such that kind of relation with that ranvijay
gunjan: what no ways not at all riddhima, I was not talking about that and madam only physical relation is not said as in being a relation ok , I meant what I felt and all that
Riddhima: oh that, if nothing that serious than what there the need to tell about that lets just forget it
gunjan: if we were still friends than there was surely no need for that but now being in a relationship you need to be completely loyal to your partner I feel like it's a liability on me to tell samrat everything about it first as he is telling me everything , every single things he had with any girls till date which I never knew before this you knew no secrets now when you are in a relation you should not have any secrets with each other, it hurts when anyone come to knew that the other one hiding something from him or her, in friendship you can still avoid telling each detail to each other  but when being in love you feel like you were liable to tell this to the other person and you not telling it always felt like a big burden on you
Riddhima was quietly listening to all that gunjan said
she was deep thinking about all that gunjan said, you are liable to tell each and every secret to each other , are we , but when you are in a relationship only than it is like that
then why she felt so much burden to tell about her past with abhimanyu to armaan, and only him, why she don't feel guilty hiding this from mayank, she never felt it wrong keeping secret from mayank or samrat, but than armaan why she always felt that he has the first right to knew each and every incident happening in her life why
after few days
here all the preparations were going well and everyone busy in the work
as for that roses incident it was completely forgotton by all as they thought itwas someone cheap prank or a mistake, as after that nothing such happened
One day
armaan samrat and riddhima sitting in their hall discussing just general talking
armaan: you knew what sometimes I still really don't believe that its you and gunjan who are actually getting married , I mean never in my wildest dream I had ever imagined it like that
samrat: even I didn't I mean since years we all were together I still never felt this kind of bonding with her personally but then it all started and I felt that this is it
riddhima; oh comeon now this is to filmy I saw her and thought she is the one that is it, the one for me with whom I can spend my whole life and so on , you knew you started bonding with her since to long it was just when you encountered a bad time together your got to realize each other value
samrat: its not that we don't bond with each other, we knew each other value since long being as good friends it was just that when I imagined my future and the place where gunjan will stand in my life I found her as my life partner
riddhima: what , what did you said , imagine her as your wife and you thought you love her, rubbish nothing like this happens ok what do you say armaan

armaan: yes in one thought how can you be so sure , you need time to think and than realize
samrat: you to are dumps , and I cant tell about you but for me it worked
armaan:  samrat you called me dump , oh really
samrat: ok if you are so intelligent than lets have a try , ok you both go ahead lets work my way ok close your eyes and imagine yourself like five years from now
armaan: oh comeon its so kiddies
samrat: oh ho lets take it as a game come on go ahead both of you , riddhima you as well a fare and genuine playing , no cheating with your personal heart
riddhima: we all have one and only one heart there are no personal and private in that
samrat: thanks for the information you dump armaan actually calls you correct dumbo, with personal I meant you can lie to everyone but just for once be honest with yourself, as whatever you will imagine you don't have to tell anyone except for you and your heart
armaan: oh wow , what a game
samrat: ok guys stop being sarcastic, now lets play , please , you both close your eyes go ahead 5 years ahead what can you see ok armaan let me give you some hints , after 5 years from now we all are still here , but few difference as well imagine one day you coming back from office in the evening getting in the hall , you see me and gunjan sitting together happily married, and one side you also see mayank and nupur both also happily married few kids roaming around
armaan: oh so here In next five years you planning to have a team of kids as well
samrat: oh armaan no talking in middle
riddhima: ok guys what am I doing in here , where am I
samrat: ok riddhima you imagine yourself one day you seeing yourself years from now, you sitting in a room waiting for someone, the special person of your life as in like you husband and than what can you imagine what can you see five years from now  
samrat: ok guys now close your eyes and imagine , armaan you walking towards your room where your beloved wife your life is waiting for you  and riddhima  you in some place and your husband or love one is going to be home soon imagine ahead
and here armaan and riddhima both lost in future
eyes close both imagining as samrat said
armaan imagine , he walking by the stairs coming up opening his room door and he saw her , she was there his life, the love of his life the one whom he wants to be at that place at that time of his life , the one who is perfect for the place ' and it was Riddhima '.
And here for a change riddhima also lost in her dreams
She waiting in a room for her lover or husband whatever to come and she feel him around a smile appearing on her face, someone hugging her from back and she loving that she smiling on that gesture , and then he coming in front and it was him , what him armaan she imagine armaan at that place in her future, she wants him there Armaan'.
Riddhima in shock immediately opened her eyes ,  while here on the other side , armaan also opened his eyes , eyes to eyes both seeing each other , she was confused , she was shocked , where as on the other hand armaan was happy, he actually confirmed what he wanted from his life , but
riddhima was shocked over her own feelings she wanted this from her life
Samrat: what happened riddhima why are you acting so shocked as if you saw some ghost in your dream
Riddhima: I am not feeling well , I am going to rest in my room
Saying so riddhima immediately ran off from there , not even waiting for any reply from them
Leaving armaan confused but samrat somewhere understood, he thought his little trick worked well
riddhima rushed to her room
what the hell was you thinking riddhima , from where on the earth have you started thinking all this, this way, hell no riddhima this is absolutely wrong , all this is not right,
you should not imagine this , you can imagine this, this is wrong, but than i am only liable to him to tell him everything i feel he is the one , what no stop this stop stop stop here only riddhima stop dont go anymore further in your thoughts , there is no burden on you if you not told armaan that you hd an affair or something like affair with some guy , like you can hide all secrets from mayank and samrat same way you can hide it from armaan , but than why i feel so burdened why

no riddhima this is wrong he is your best friend he considered you as the best friend forever, he can do anything for your friendship please dont spoil this pure friendship like this
but than what is there so different in him that is attracting me so much now a days ,why and from where all this new feelings getting in, or it was always same i am just thinking a lot
no i should stop thinking ahead now, yes just be normal and everything will go fine
riddhima thinking to herself , her mund started raoming now,
she was having all this feelings since long but was just avoiding and avoidng them always ,
she earlier never realized why she felt guilty of getting close to abhimanyu ,i mean it was a norma thing than whyshe felt guilty of it, she was guilty as if she had cheated someone, as if she had cheated armaan , as if she only belonged to him and her getting in affairs with anyone was a cheating she did
while here on the other side
armaan was happy , he was finally happy, he finally concluded that what he wanted from his life, he wanted her ,
all that feelings, from tension to nervous to why was he thinking so , that it is not correct his thinking like this, were gone far behind now
as he knews the truth , he realized his true feelings for her , it was true it was pure it was love and just true and pure love nothing else
and armaan knew that there is nothing wrong in that, being best friends they can be best partners as well
but riddhima , and what she thinks, oh god she is a dumb , a real dumbo, what if she dont feel the same for me,
nahh i knew the feeling is mutual maybe , maybe she also seen me in her dream well i think i have to work a little to get this dumbo of mine realize a bit
"riddhima sharma, if you feel the same for me as i do than i will make you realize that soon, and if you dont feel the same than i promise i will soon make you feel the same for me as well" armaan said to himself
concusion made by both were easy , but what they both think there conclusions can work here
they both were not alone they have a team of best friend with them all the time,
how can they both will work on whatever they have resolved
Next Day
all together , a group day out ,like always
everything normal almost normal in all of them
they all were having a nice lunch together inthere favorite restaurant
armaan knew that he has to be slow with whatever he wants to do, and he was really patient for that he can wait for long , and so he was normal like always
and riddhima on the other side seeing that everything is normal also became her normal self she cant destroy her beutiful life cause of her stupid thoughts
with normal chit chat and little teasing as well they all were enjoying there food when a waiter came with a cordless phone in his hand
he went towards riddhima
waiter:  there is a call for you riddhima man
he presented the phone towards riddhima
riddhima: call for me , over here are you sure
and here even others were confused,
mayank: but why will anyone call riddhima here not on her cell and who knew we are here?
armaan: let me check give me the call
riddhima: its ok maybe it is from someone known i will take it
riddhima taking the phone
the phone coversation
riddhima: hello, who is it
earlier noone replied from the other side 
riddhima: hello is there anyone, i think the call got dissconected
only than riddhima heard a voice from the other side on phone
voice: i am back for revenge
riddhima : what hello who are you hello
armaan: what hapenned riddhima who is it
armaan asked in confusion , but riddhima still on the phone
riddhima: hello
voice: get ready to be killed
 Riddhima: hello hello who is it
But till than the call got disconnected

Armaan: what happened riddhima who was it

Riddhima: dont knew didnt got to hear anything properly may be some wrong call

Mayank: but still you must have heard something who was there may be anyone we know

Riddhima: i dont knew i didn't heard anything clearly

But there was some nervousness in her eyes armaan can sence that still he cant say anything right now

Riddhima also completely ignored this call as some kind of misunderstanding

and soon they all got busy with there selfs

Next day their parents went back

Samrat and gunjan weddings date was fixed 3 months later there parents wanted them to marry together with mayank and nupur so it was decieded that there marriage will occur three months later samrat and gunjan were surely not very happy with this but still they ew there love can wait this much moreover this courtship part is also very nice in one person life

Everything got back to normal

One day it was a Sunday

Getting bored riddhima samrat and armaan like usual decided to watch a movie as mayank and nupur were out together and gunjan also wanted to spend some left time with her parents
Parking the car in the side road side
Samrat: you guys come at that side till than I will go and purchase the tickets
Saying so samrat went out of the car and rushed crossing the road towards the cinema hall
Armaan and riddhima also came out , till armaan locking the car riddhima started walking crossing the road herself , she didn't waited for armaan , she just don't knew why she was getting all this different feelings she was getting nervous being around with him maybe somewhat or somewhere she had understood that  where her  thinking were going to end , she knew riddhima was intelligent enough to get hints what her heart was trying to do with her, the girl that understood samrat feelings for gunjan just once talking with samrat , she was intelligent in judging

In her own thoughts she was just walking and walking on the road crossing the road , armaan saw a car coming from the other side , than h saw riddhima crossing the road and the car was coming in riddhima direction , the speed of the car was to high ,
Armaan shouting riddhima name , riddhima saw the car and moved to one side to let the car pass ,
But the car changed its direction towards riddhima , as if it was aiming on her only
Armaan saw that and can sense some danger in that,
He rushed towards riddhima and taking her side to one side both fall on other side of the road armaan and riddhima rolling on the other side
The car went from there in a hurry
Armaan: riddhima are you ok
Said armaan standing up and making riddhima up

Armaan had some little bruises on his both arms , but riddhima was saved in his arms while rolling on the ground

Armaan making riddhima stand up, hugging her tight he was to scared , he thought that he almost lost her in this few seconds
Armaan: oh god I was so scared riddhima are you ok
Still hugging her tight , not leaving her 
Riddhima: hmm , I am ok but what was that and armaan you are hurt
Riddhima getting out of his embrace still holding on his arms for support ,
Samrat came there rushing
Samrat: armaan riddhima , oh god what was that what happened
Armaan: don't knew that car I missed that but the driver was driving to high speed and then it took turn towards riddhima in speed
Samrat: oh god, thank god armaan you saved riddhima on time otherwise that car was here almost to kill her
Armaan: god yes samrat , that car intentionally came towards riddhima , cause riddhima was almost on one side when car turned towards her it was done intentionally
Riddhima: what nonsense why will anyone come here to kill me, maybe the driver car was out of control armaan samrat I don't knew what all you are thinking , and look armaan you are so hurt come let me give you first aid
Riddhima holding armaan hand and taking him back to the car, taking the first aid kit she started cleaning armaan's wounds
Riddhima: it must be hurting a lot are you ok
Riddhima saying while cleaning whereas on the other side armaan was looking only at her face her expression of pain armaan pain was there on her face as well , maybe more than that
She was the one who feel more hurt for him than he himself must have
Here armaan was just looking at her , he was scared for her ,what if something have happened to her , what if armaan didn't reached there on time he just cant imagine her being hurt
While here riddhima was almost unsure as to how to react she had escaped a big accident and armaan was hurt as well
Riddhima: armaan what happened I am talking to you are you ok armaan
Armaan: yes I am actually I was just anyways lets go back home
Said armaan getting out of his thoughts
Riddhima:yes but one think samrat and armaan please can we keep this incident to ourself only , I mean I don't want mayank to get upset with this so
Armaan: its ok riddhima we wont tell anything to mayank lets go
They all left from there and later all settled back in their rooms everyone forgot that event
Next day
Samrat came in office armaan and mayank were working
Samrat: guys what are you doing here 
Mayank: samrat this is office and normally this place is said to be for working but we knew someone only use this place for sight visiting now a days more interesting in some other visits , so tell me you are here for what , to tell us that you are going with gunjan somewhere
Said mayank teasing samrat
Mayank: very funny mayank , I am not all the time out with gunjan I am very much sincere with my work you knew
Armaan: yes right we all knew that well samrat , not tell why are you here
Samrat: you knew what is it today
Mayank: I think its no one birthday no special day nothing
Samrat: that I knew mayank , but you knew today there is a girls pajama party at gunjan's place
Armaan: oh wow so what as if it is this something so unique that never happened ever
Samrat: oh armaan you aren't understanding you knew earlier also girls use to have this kind of personal parties , but this time its different its special party specially celebrating this new relations I am so wondering what all will girls do in this
Mayank: what else they will have all girls chat and eating and dancing that's all
Samrat: ok I don't knew about you guys but I am really interested being part of this but you knew boys are not allowed in this
Mayank : ok than forget it
Samrat: really mayank don't forget nupur is also going to be there , and what if they having some other  kind of parties as in some male striper's you knew as gunjan in teasing gave me a little hint for that
Armaan: what nonsense , are you crazy , you knew riddhima nupur and gunjan cant do anything like this
Mayank: yes armaan is right nothing like this can happen
Samrat : still than what can they be doing that they have said boys are not allowed in that
Armaan: ok ok why getting so tensed lets go and check for that
Samrat: how sweet armaan as if we will ring gunjan door bell and she will open the door and say welcome in , she will bang the door on our face
Armaan: ok fine than who said you to ring the bell , there are others ways as well ,like sneaking from window
Samrat: good option , so mayank you are in
Mayank: I don't knew still you knew I wont let you both be alone lets go than
Here boys reaching gunjan house saw a side window open and quietly they stood near that

It was a small girls party only few girls were there , three girls of the gang with three more girls there close friends from college named dia , seema and priya
All six girls were sitting on the floor surrounding a round table having drinks may be girls were playing spin the bottle game boys hearing there chat
Riddhima:  hey the bottle stopped on you nupur so tell us you are going to do any dare or you are going to tell us the truth of your love affairs
Gunjan: nupur and telling about her best affair and the worst experience with the girls hehe , let me tell you  class 10th in school mayank and nupur group studies , last year school mayank and nupur together studying , college life mayank and nupur eyes in eyes romance and finally now mayank and nupur open licensed romance
And all girls were laughing on that
Riddhima: ok gunjan now stop teasing my bhabhi allright now isn't it a good think that our bhabhi is so sweet and loyal to her partners unlike us
Said riddhima with a wink
Gunjan : ya right , hey this truth and dare game is getting bored lets do one think stick to secrets sharing
Dia: [some girl with them] yes right good idea ok lets do one think all of us just tell our list of affairs , I mean your best affair   and your worst experience in affairs and with boys ever
Nupur: yes good idea , now as for me gunjan have already told you so lets start with gunjan only this time
Gunjan: ok now worst experience you all knew well that cheaper ranvijay and as for good one I would surely say the best experience in my life is with samrat
And all other girls were hooding for that
Where as here outside the boys
Armaan: see samrat you are happy now , this is what you wanted to hear
Samrat: yes I knew my gunjan is too cute and mayank you also stay happy your and nupur cute love
While here on the other side
Girls hooding when riddhima said in between
Riddhima : oh really gunjan samrat is the best than what about that others , I mean we all knew about samrat, we want you to share secrets that no one knew [riddhima having her drink]
Gunjan: hey listen you said the best one so I said so and as for rest that's history and no one was as good in that ok
Riddhima: oh really not even that delhi guy of yours for whom you often you to visit delhi
Dia: oh here came a secret wow
Gunjan: oh that yes he was cute
Riddhima: oh really just cute , remember how he tried to impress you by the way what was his name some arora I think
Gunjan: oh stop it riddhima no not arora , that arora guy was different his name was prem gupta his name was so romantic just like him
Riddhima: oh yes offcourse I remember you and your imaginations about him
Nupur: yes right you use to bore us so much with that
While here on the other side
Samrat was like almost in shock this was really a news for him
Armaan: arora guy and prem wow gunjan surely had a nice past and no one of us knew that I mean see this girls keeping secret with us
Samrat: forget about you, she didn't even told me even after being in relation with me
Here girls talking again
Dia: oh my god you had more affairs earlier as well poor samrat
Gunjan: oh forget it samrat is not at all poor guy alright , you knew samrat list of affairs is almost around 50 plus girls , and here I am permitted at least 5 affairs , that's fare enough
While here on the other side
Samrat: 5 affairs I mean 2 more boys oh god
And armaan and mayank were laughing on his condition

Back to girls
Gunjan: ok ok now forget them yaar, you knew that was past long past but now after falling in love with samrat I think all that was just a mere time pass and nothing more the true feelings of love the happiness of being with someone I found in samrat and only him no one else ever touched my heart earlier it was only samrat and he will be the one in my heart forever
And girls again hooding for gunjan and finally here samrat also happy yes past is past what matters now is there future that will be together
Dia: ok now next girl , here riddhima your turn
Riddhima : me what am I going to say
Dia: yes right  riddhima your life is to boring no boys no affairs I tell you having an over protective
brother like mayank and best friends like armaan and samrat around is sometime having side effects as well, how dull life you had
Gunjan: dia please forget it lets talk something else
Riddhima: no no gunjan why not talk here , comeon i will tell and dia you knew having a brother like mayank and best friends like armaan and samat makes your life perfect yes it does they are the happiness in my life
nupur: yes offcourse it is sweety now riddhima please stop drinking listen you cant handle alcohal , you are over drunk , i initially told you all not to give riddhima vodka she never had that before
riddhima: no please its ok nupur i a fine really i am when you all are around with me nothing wrong can happen with me when you all are with me but why is it that whenever i am alone i face all wrong 
nupur: riddhima everything is fine nothing wrong baby
riddhima: baby yes right baby i am a small baby right a kid who knews nothing about this world, and how bad people are here it hurts whenever you all say that it hurts cause its actually true
riddhima was totally drunk and saying all this
nupur: no riddhima its not like that
riddhima: it is like that it is been like that always and dia you girls talking about love affiars and all you knew all this is rubbish nothing true nothing waste of time total waste of time no one loves you no one all selfish mens around
gunjan: riddhima i think you should sleep now you are too high
riddhima: high yes high i am on seventh sky in happiness for you gunjan my best friend got her love no no correction  true love , i love you all , but no one loves me
riddhima was to drunk she stood up and stand on the girls
riddhima: ladies and gentelman but here are no mens so ladies and ladies here i am riddhima , and i tell you a big secret that no one loves me , but why
nupur: riddhima please get down sweety you will hurt yourself
riddhima: nupur my sweetest nupur my best friend nupur look at me nupur am i not preety am i not beautifull than why no one sees me other than being taged as riddhima , the riddhima sharma , daughter of Business Tycoon Sujal Sharma
nupur: its not like that at all
riddhima: it is like that only you remember ahh what was his name nupur what was his name he said this i am a ladder to earn money oh i forgot his name
riddhima was too out by now ,while on the other side mayank and armaan were just hearing her
somewhere they were hurt , yes they both were hurt with riddhima saying so, she was in pain and it was clearly visible , she was hurt but why
back to girls
nupur:  i dont remember
riddhima: oh really you also forgot but you were there with me when he said he used me you also forgot him  , good , its good we forget bad boys name we should not even remember them ever  they are bad , but i , i am a good girl i am a very good girl
nupur: riddhima how many times i have told you forget the past there is no use remembering bad things again and again as it is only going to hurt
riddhima: no nupur i always listen to you , you said to forget everything look i forgot it all i dont even remember his name , and can i tell you one more secret ,it didnt hurt me it dont hurt me ever rememberring it cause i really didnt care
gunjan: good good riddhima now get down the table please
riddhima: no no i have to give my statement i was telling you that there is nothing in the world as love affairs no nothing its only one think that is true and that is friendship my friends are true and nothing other than that and i love you all and i am going to dance for my friends , can i have music please
nupur: riddhima you cant dance on the table get down
riddhima: no i can i am sorry i didnt told truth and i will get my punishment , the one who will not be able to do the task given have to strip please start the music i am going to do strip dance
while here on the other side
mayank and armaan were equally shocked hearing that
mayank: lets go guys i need to go back home
armaan: but we should talk with her first i mean what all she was talking about
mayank: she is to out of control right now to even talk properly
armaan: excatly and we cant leave her like this here , i am going in to take her back , she is to drunk i cant leave her alone its to risky
samrat: armaan is right mayank , frankly i am also no getting whatever she was saying and why she was saying , but right now look at her condition, we cant leave her here like this it can be risky what if girls cant handle her
ok thats all for now
as for precap , well riddhima still drunk lets see whats next she going to do in that
and armaan and riddhima relation taking a big step a turn ahead , 

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 5:05am | IP Logged
wow gr8 part
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 5:38am | IP Logged
wow wonderful update loved it thank you for pm.

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