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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 65)

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awesome ff

update soon n do pm me

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awesome  update

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wow wonderful update loved it thank you for pm.

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ff was precious.
I red up to 15.
nice tf pm.

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part 16 on page 73

and then started the explanation session how today they all came to knew that samrat and gunjan loved each other and how gunjan was sacrificing her love for her parents ,

and they told them everything about ranvijay he his cheap plans of rivalry and his cheap thinking which made mayank soo angry , and later that they just somehow were trying to handle the situation soo that gunjan parents dont have to face any embarrassment , and it end up with soo much confusion in which they were also almost about to marry mayank and nupur there and all that error happening ,

now just lets the parents listen and understand the situation there kids were got in wait for there reply back

karan: i think you should have told all this first to us , we could have taken some actions for this

riddhima: yes uncle , we knew that but it all got soo suddenly and instantly and

armaan: ya buddy we were not getting any idea and we did whatever we found was correct for the situation but i think we messed it up all

mayank: yes we didnt wanted this to happen we are sorry uncle

nandini: what do you meant by sorry , will everything get back right with just one sorry of yours

karan: its ok nandini, i think now its going to be our responsiblity to correct it all from here, first of all i need to talk with gunjan parents regarding all this, i thing now we elders need to make some discussions

and karan went to talk with Mr Kapoor [gunjan's dad]

karan: i knew you are very upset with all that happened and can understand your state mr kapoor so its better i apologies with you on behalf of what kids have done , i knew that what they did was not that right , but i thing you also understand that whatever they did was for gunjan happiness as she could have never stayed happy getting married to that wrong person for her

gunjan dad: i understand it all Mr singhania and you dont want to say this to us , i am happy for my daughter , i am happy for her that she have got such great best friends who can do anything and go to any extend for my daughter happiness, i was just upset with that fact that my daughter was going to sacrife her love and happiness just for our happiness, i never knew she loves us soo much that she can do anything for our happiness, this hurted me a lot

gunjan: i am sorry dad i really never wanted to hurt you, i just wanted to see you and mom happy

gunjan dad: and how did you expected that we can stay happy if you would have got married to a wrong person, do you think we could stay happy seeing you like that, no beta our happiness are connected with you it you are happy then only we all are

karan: great thats soo good , soo that means mr kapoor you dont have any problem with all this happened

gunjan dad: karan ji, i think it will be better that we forget all that hapenned and lets have a new start , if kids are happy with all this then we should also be happy and accept this

karan: but there is one problem, we cant except this marriage

samrat: [got tensed] but dad , i was

karan: samrat let mee speak and just stay quite, we cant accept all that happenned here as proper marriage[and then seeing everybody there getting tensed with what he said], oh dont be soo tensed i mean we wont get samrat and gunjan get married just like this , we will make proper arrangements for that , nicely in a good time with all the rituals we will make them married

armaan: oh god you scared us all

karan: i think its a much less shock then what you did , but in all this one thing got really right , i am going to get such a sweet daughter , otherwise i can never expect samrat doing anything fruitful , but this one work in his life samrat did really nice

samrat: what dad , for you your son will stay always useless, but i still love you dad you knew you are the best dad in this world

karan:ow stop with your buttering us, nandini , kashish i think you ladies should now get started with he arrangements cause seeing these impatient kids of ours i dont think we can hold them for long , so the marriage should take place as fast as it can, i hope you dont have any problem with that mr kapoor , we will come soon to take our daughter from you , till then we are leaving our gunjan with you [getting near gunjan father]
riddhima: yes , finally now everything sorted and marriage preparations wow thats going to be great fun

sujal: yes and please i request you kids , that now after this we dont want to get any other major shocks , these shocks are really hard to handle again and again

kashish: there is no use of telling them anything sujal, all six of them are the same , a big time monsters group it is , god knews what all they are going to do in future but as for now this much was more than enough , come lets all go back , and get started with arrangements

as elders went ahead ,

armaan: phew , god I am so tired

mayank: ya right what a day I tell you

samrat: ya finally its all over

mayank: all over , really , now it all have just started ok, god samrat that was damm filmy you knew

riddhima: ya right thank god everything got ok , otherwise what samrat did seeing karan uncle and dad reaction over that for once I thought samrat is gone today
armaan: and where is he actually saved in all this, now our samrat had got attached with gunjan for his whole lifetime , now samrat is gone for his whole life

nupur: oh yes guys in all that problems and tensions we completely forget the main thing , that today our samm and gunji also got married wow , that means finally samrat and gunjan are married that's sso nice

riddhima: wow I am so happy that means now gunjan will always stay with me in our house and soon nupur will also come there , my god that will be so fun

mayank: yes but there is still time in that remember what karan uncle said first samm and gunji will get married with full traditions and then gunjan will come officially to our place

riddhima: yes samm and till then you knew no meeting alone soo its better you stop expecting us to do that for you , and stop seeing gunjan like that side looks of yours and see here gunjan madam stop blushing like a new bride ,

nupu: riddhima she is a new bride

riddhima: but still stop that gunji that don't suits you ok

nupur: stop it riddhima why are you irritating there two soo much now but still samm seriously one thing stop looking at her like this , now she is all yours and no one is going to take her away from you ever

riddhima: but yes for the time being we are going to take her away , chal gunji lets go to my house and we have to talk a lot , just tell your mom dad that you are going to stay with me tonight , and nupur you as well ok

nupur: but riddhima how can gunjan go in that house like this

riddhima: why now ,now when she will get married after that she will go there as samm's wife as for now as our friend she can come there ,and moreover we are going to stay in my room so samrat stap making plans side by side

mayank: guys stop teasing them soo much , and yes I think we should give them a little time alone i thing they need that right now

armaan: oh comeon mayuu now they have their whole life time together , so they can really stay together alone many times as for now , samrat lets goo , [but seeing samrat not even willing to move] samrat shall we
samrat: armaan , actually I

armaan: [in his ears] lets go samrat moreover these girls are not going to give you a single moonute with gunjan , let's go home and gunjan is also going there with us , we will make some setting there , come lets goo

riddhima: ya ya go ahead , none of your planning is going to work there got you

and they all left for their house
In their house
Everyone was sitting in one room, resting after all finally everything got settled, they all celebrating their success
Mayank: finally, like a roller coaster it all happened , but the good think is that its all over
Nupur: yaa right otherwise riddhima and samrat haven't left any stone unturned to make and create all the problems
Riddhima: oh hello , now where all the problem happened and who ever done that, hope you don't want me to tell it now
Nupur: oh really , wow one by one and again and again swapping ideas were coming up from your wonderful mind out there , poor we all otherwise you have not let any efforts today in getting mayank and gunjan almost married
Riddhima: oh really, and you knew it was all because of you , you were the one not there on time so whats my mistake in all that
Gunjan: ok ok guys now stop , whatever happened whoever was responsible for that, lets just forget it now , the good think here is that at the end what actually happened was right , and now there wont be any problem in mine and samrat life
Riddhima: ohh ho , someone blushing here , your and samrat's life, ya right now its only your both life and we all have become the side artist in it
Nupur: ya right , now all that meeting and being together will get less, friends got away became stranger
Samrat: oh stop being so melodramatic ok , we are over here only ad everything will be same like it always been
Nupur: except for few thinks as for now, just now I am coming meeting karan uncle and its his and nandini aunty strict instructions for you that till the time you and gunjan don't get properly married till then this meeting alone thing will be on full stop and gunjan will stay with us in riddhima room tonight and as for you, you go to your room as soon as you can
Mayank: so samrat lets go its already very late at night
Samrat: guys you all are my friends or my enemy
Riddhima: enemy didn't you knew that already , anyways good night samm bye bye and yes we all are actually not that stone hearted if you ever feel like seeing gunjan or talking with her than for that take this gunjan's photo you can keep this with you, ok samrat
Samrat: ok thanks a lot for being so generous riddhima, god knows what would have happened to me if you were not there
riddhima: hmm that I am, and by the way yes it I was not there then actually nothing could have happened of yours ok
gunjan: ok stop now , guys can we stop thinking about what all happened let's just forget the past and be happy for what it actually ended in

nupur: perfect now I think for the first time gunji said something sensible
riddhima: ya right , well guys i dont knew about you but as for me I am damm hungry, I am going to eat something do you guys want anything

samrat: no thanks, I don't want anything, but I wont mind why don't you all go and eat

riddhima: ya right so that you can get alone time with gunji , well not so soon samm , mayank nupur you stay here only and keep proper eye on samm till I don't come back and by the way I go and check this armaan , where the hell is he lost
mayank: definitely he would be busy in eating something alone , riddhima you go ahead and we don't need anything and as for them to don't worry me and nupur wont be letting them alone at all
riddhima: ya I knew that, ok I will go then and I will look over armaan as well
as riddhima left from there , she went out reaching here
and saw armaan sitting on the railing resting on the railing in the lawn and looking outside towards the ground, she immediately went towards him
riddhima: what are you doing here and here I was searching for you in the whole house [she said casually standing near him]
but as she went and stood there , armaan paid no attention to her and didn't even replied her
riddhima: hello , I am talking to you, armaan what happened
armaan: as if you will care for that [little rude]
riddhima: armaan , what happened why are you talking like this with me
armaan: you are talking as if you don't knew why I am talking like this
riddhima: look I knew that you are upset with whatever happened today there , but for that I already said I am sorry and now that its all over lets just forget about all that
armaan: its not just that simple riddhima , you knew I am really hurt , I am your best friend riddhima am I , and I have never kept any secret with you , we shared every small single thinks with each other you knew every day I wait for you so that we can talk and I can tell and share with you each and every thing that happened in the whole day , if there is something important and special in my life any incident you knew I always feel you to be the first one to hear that , and you , you hide so much from me , are this what best friends are for, why you never told me what that ranvijay did with you first day of his college , that I would have not leaved him there at the first place ,
riddhima: armaan please stop all this now , its been like long past , it was like 2 years back
armaan: but I was there at that time as well riddhima , I was there with you , it wasn't that 2 yars ago we were not the best friends, or at that time we use to keep secrets with each other ,and then even after that , you being so insensible, I mean what you were thinking, that you tried tricking him today for stopping this marriage , do you even have a little amount of sense in you , god knows what all drama's you keep on doing all the time
riddhima: I am sorry, listen I said I am sorry , I knew I should have told you all this earlier and that I knew I am damm stupid I don't even knew what all I keep on doing all thee time but what can I do I always knew that you are here for my help , and that whenever I will need you , you will just come for my help so I keep on doing anything , cause I knew you are here to correct all the wrong thinks and all the mistakes I make
armaan: [almost getting melted with her faith in him] why are you like this yaar you knew I am so hurt , I am scared for you if anything could have happened to you then
riddhima: how could have anything happened to me before that only you would have came there and helped me and then everything would have gone fine , ok now just end up with this anger of yours soon moreover I knew that you are just pretending being angry with me , actually you are not
armaan: its not like that I was really angry with you , but because this was the first time you did this stupidity , I am forgiving you , but next time mind you do any stupidity and I will never talk to you ever again and dare you keep any secrets with me ever again after this ok
riddhima: ok boss , and you knew you didn't changed at all , still now also you come over here and sit like a small kid when you are angry you didn't changed at all
armaan: change what do you mean by that , hello I haven't gone and taken any transformation I am the old same armaan , so why should I change and you are talking as if you have grown a lot , nothing have changed here riddhima, and I really wish that nothing should even change ever , but you knew that today first time I just felt a little that you have changed something here I felt that somewhere I was losing my best friend , no riddhima I just don't want to lose you , and our friendship, I just don't want anything to change in this
riddhima: armaan you knew talking all this senti things you are making me senti as well , but seriously you are looking very cute like this , stop it now nothing will changed here and everything will be same like always and see now everything has gone even better , thank god that we are spared of getting one devdas between us otherwise something would have definitely changed

armaan: yaa right [finally happy]

riddhima: thank god you at least smiled , otherwise god what crying face you had made of yours

armaan: on ways I was not crying or something it was just that I was really upset with you, and mind you next time if you did anything like this ever then I wont talk with you ever I wont be pacified then

riddhima: ok ok I knew that , now lets just forget the past things and ending them lets make a new start , shall we go in you knew its getting quite cold here now

armaan: no lets just stay here for a little while more , you knew i love sitting here like this its quite peaceful here

armaan sat there quietly and resting there in peace , but here now there were many more thinks surrounding riddhima's mind " today he came to knew one thing and he is feeling so hurt and upset with me , shall I tell him everything about abhimanyu and all that happened there in London ,this is also one truth that I have been hiding from all of them, if ever armaan get to knew this from anywhere then he will again feel hurt with that , its better I should myself tell him all that" with all this thoughts in her mind , riddhima finally decided to tell him everything ,

riddhima: armaan, actually I want to [but as she was about to say a word ahead, mayank and nupur came there laughing and she was interrupted with their voices]

mayank: armaan yaar what are you doing here , you knew right now we had so much fun inside , poor samm his face was a worth watching and you instead of teasing him in there sitting here and counting stars
riddhima: he is not counting starts here mayu, armaan is actually eating you knew "bhaav khaane" for that he is sitting here
mayank: see i already told you ,that armaan would definitely be eating something , if not eatables then he is eating bhaav, but why are these tantrums going on in here

armaan: nothing like that she is just kidding i am fine I was just upset with her that's why sitting here , but now I am fine
mayank: upset with riddhima , ya right madam even I don't want to talk with you that I just don't want to spoil samrat and gunjan happiness that is why i didn't told you anything but seriously I am also really very hurt
riddhima: oh no not you now mayuu ,you knew what right now with many sorry and pleadings I have pacified one now please you don't get angry with me, I knew what I did was wrong and I already said sorry now please can we end all this here only
armaan: done all that ended , but one thing still left , mayuu don't you think that we left that idiot ranvijay very easily , I mean his cheap antics deserved much more punishment then what we have given him
mayank: yes, seriously he is been spared really easily
riddhima: oh really he been spared easily , he had a very nice round of beating from you all , seriously his face was all red and blue and now I am sure that before doing anything worng with anyone he will think at least thousands of time
armaan: well mayu there is one thing, ranvijay could have been in more worst condition and state if he would have accepted riddhima's offer , I mean right now at least he can think thousand times before doing wrong but in that case poor he wont even be left in a condition to even think
riddhima: poor rv soon he had became poor from idiot
mayank: so what else , the one who will stay with you will be like that only that ranvijay was really intelligent that he speared himself and ran away
riddhima: haha very funny , seriously am I that bad
armaan: no yaar where a little more that that
riddhima: oh really go ahead laugh loud , you really enjoy teasing and irritating me , when I will leave you all and go then keep on remembering me sitting alone
mayank: oh hello by the way where are you going that we will remember you
riddhima: ok not now after sometime 'or maybe little more time , someday I will also have to go from here right nupur
nupur: ya right riddhima, now you also wait the countdown for you have also started, I mean I am sure that uncle aunty are not going to wait for long very soon they will look for a nice match for you as well and then you have no choice but to go
mayank: just a minute girls what all nonsense talks are going in here and riddhima don't you feel shy talking about your own wedding like this you are too small for that
nupur: mayank she is your sister and that's why you are saying so, and for your information she is not small anymore, we all are of almost same age, and now when gunjan is getting married and as for us we will also get married after sometime then why wont she, this is the correct age for her to settle now in her life
riddhima: hey hey nupur , you have got serious, hello I was just kidding , just to tease them both, and you took me so seriously
nupur: no riddhima this is no joke if not now than after sometime, I mean sometime you have to get married as well
riddhima: of that time we will think at that time only not now why to disturb your mind thinking about this from now, right now we have to think that how to keep samrat and gunjan away from each other , oh by the way we four are here than that means samm and gunji are alone
nupur: leave them now , we ourselves left them alone for some time, poor they both were getting restless staying alone for sometime

riddhima: ok now I think now much time have been for them come lets take gunjan along with us and lets go now I am seriously very tired

nupur: yaa me to lets goo, good night guys
as they left
mayank: armaan buddy I never thought about this ,I think nupur is correct, but riddhima , I mean riddhima will also have to go , well they are right why spoiling our mood from now only thinking about all this, when the time will come than we will think about this,
[but armaan was lost in his own thoughts and when mayank got no reaction he shake him]
Mayank: armaan I am talking to you , what are you thinking
Armaan: nothing much mayank , just like that
Mayank: nothing I think you are also really tired you should also rest now , I am going to my room good night
After that the night went on
The three girls in riddhima room were awaken till really long as they were busy in there chatting and planning's for the events to come
While samrat didn't got much sleep as he was busy dreaming about gunjan and that to with open eyes
While mayank had a peaceful sleep but one more person who didn't got a bit of sleep that night was armaan

He was soo lost thinking about what nupur said , only one thought that riddhima will also leave him one day and go and start a new life this was disturbing him soo much and it is hurting him so much now , its not that this is like some very unknown information he got , this is a universal fact that a girl is to get married and leave her house and start a new life and that riddhima was also not any exception she also have to start her own life with her life partner the one that she and her parents will choose for her, but now all this was disturbing him so much now , that the fact of losing his best friend was making him feel so much pain and that was all
He cant ignore the other fact that the thought of riddhima being with some man in her life , one person that will come in her life who will have the most authority over her even more than anyone in this world but it was true that this fact was paining him soo much , but why , why she , who is she , what is she for him and what is his place there in her life
All unanswered question taking place in his mind
next day
Girls gone for their favorite work
In the shopping mall

Only riddhima , gunjan and nupur were to go for shopping sparing thee men's of this torture lol's ,they all were sitting on one counter in the ladies section and were selecting some nice saares for gunjan

Nupur : I think this is great , what do you think gunji , and moreover blue is samrat's favorite color
Riddhima: [to the sales person] you do one thing , please pack all the blue saris you have your stores
Nupur: riddhima blue is just samrat's favorite color , he don't have any blue color blindness that he cant see any other color other than blue
Riddhima: oh no nupur you are not understanding see blue is samrat's favorite color, and if samrat will see any other girl in blue and got flat on that girl , than what will happen with our gunjan that's why better option that we should purchase all the blue color saris
Gunjan: how illogical riddhima and madam my samrat is not like this
Nupur: my samrat ! oh wow not bad its just been one day and from now only it had become my samrat , what kind magic have he done on you gunjan and that to this fast

Riddhima: this is called love's magic sweetheart when you get over on this that you forgot all and everything else

Nupur: oh really as if you knew really much about love
Riddhima: oh no yaar this I heard in some movie and seriously I didn't even got to knew its meaning also

Nupur: and you wont understand it also till the time you will not experience this love
Riddhima: and this kind of experience I don't even want to do please just keep me away from all this love and its complications no lord let me be here only the way I am I am good
Gunjan: oh ho nupur leave her you also what ae you trying to explain this dump, god only knows what will happen with her

Riddhima: hello excuse me what do you mean by what will happen with me , whatever happen at least it wont be that complicated as of yours god your love story should get a national award what a bhel puri I tell you full khatte meethee , yes now there are some love stories which are full sweet sweet only just like 'gajar ka halwe' which have no spice at all , don't you feel in like this there is a huge risk of diabetes in it [pointing towards nupur]
Gunjan: [understanding her meaning] oh like that , no sweety 'gajar ka halwa' can also be really interesting sometimes what say nupur

And now both seeing nupur, and her eyes and that I will kill you look

riddhima: gunji I think that dresses over there they are more nice, lets go there seeing them

gunjan: yes moreover its getting hot in here

nupur: do you both want me to kill you here right now

gunjan: no not at all we are leaving lets go riddhima

and they both went up leaving nupur alone towards the other counter riddhima and gunjan were sitting when a sales man came there with a big roses bouquet in his hand
sales man [towards riddhima and gunjan]: man this roses for you

riddhima: oh hoo, see gunjan's true dewaana sending flowers here as well how romantic

sales man: no madam the name written here is not gunjan
riddhima: oh then it must be nupur , see gunjan I told you 'gajar ka halwa' is also really interesting all the time

sales man: but madam the name here written is for some Riddhima
riddhima: what for me, you sure who send this

riddhima taking the card reading her name written she cant believe anyone sending her flowers but why

sales man: madam there was a man standing out there he gave me this to deliver it to you don't knew much

riddhima: ok thanks but no name is written on this, who can send this
gunjan: hey see there is a greeting card inside maybe the name is written in there
and then gunjan reading
gunjan: Cant say them the replica of your beauty still somewhere can match your beauty but undoubtedly you are more beautiful than just wanted to see that hold flowers in your hands and stand in front of the mirror you will get the reply these roses cant match you

nupur: thats it , oh my god who can send this and write all that it was to

riddhima: cheap and cheeky god i never thought these guys writing so cheap thinks as well

nupur: boys written who boys

riddhima: who else comeon now what do you think who can send me this , this is definately a big prank of all three boys what else

Gunjan: really do you think they can play this kind of pranks as well

Riddhima: I knew they are the one playing all this pranks

And after that they saw samrat and mayank coming there

Riddhima: oh see here they are , just waiting for our reaction

Mayank: hi girls what's going on we got up and came to knew you all girls went for shopping you definitely have nice stamina over shopping and can never get bore of it

Riddhima: and what about your stamina of making pranks and joke

Mayank: what I am not getting it what are you saying

Riddhima: so where is your third member armaan the main lead of this prank

Samrat: what prank what have we done now as for armaan he is parking the car and coming

Riddhima: ok nupur and gunjan explain them well about the prank I am going in the trial room will be back soon

Saying that riddhima picked few selected dresses and went from there

Nupur: you all knew that it was not that good joke and that letter that was really a cheap line in writing

Mayank: ok be precise what are you girls taking about

Nupur: this flower and letter mayank which you boys send for that prank

Samrat: which prank, nupur swear we didn't played any prank this time

Mayank and samrat reading the letter

Mayank: this is god who can send this and that to riddhima

Nupur: you mean you didn't played any trick on her

Here in the trial room as riddhima went in there were many sections small cabins in that riddhima entering one which was empty when suddenly the lights went off

It was little morning time so not much people were there in shopping mall the trial room was completely empty , riddhima can see she was alone but then she felt that there is someone maybe in the next small room than of her

She heard someone whispering her name

Riddhima: who is it, listen guys I knew you are here stop playing this trick on me, and this is really a cheap prank you all knew

She was getting angry moving out of her cabin she went and open the door of the other section from where she heard her name but there was no one

It was too dark , when suddenly she felt a light hold from back someone got really close to her whispering in her ears from the back

" I was right even roses cant match your beauty" whispered that person in riddhima's ears

Riddhima got really scared she screamed loud shutting her eyes and ran from there she bumped into someone running closing her eyes she was screaming

Armaan: riddhima its ok , its me armaan , stop screaming

Riddhima opened her eyes , lights were back and she was standing just outside the trial room completely hugging armaan in fear

Armaan: riddhima what happened why were you screaming so much I knew it got dark and you must have got scared of darkness , but still

Riddhima getting armaan away in anger , till the time mayank, samrat , nupur and gunjan also came there

Riddhima: this is not a joke anymore ok , I hate you all this is so bad prank

Armaan: what, what joke , are you ok

Riddhima: armaan this is ladies trial room you were not supposed to be here and like this

Armaan: I just came in hearing you screaming and that's all

Riddhima: and what about all that you telling me inside earlier

Armaan: I didn't said you anything I just came hearing you screaming whats the matter

Riddhima: first that roses and letter prank now this guys please stop playing tricks on me

Nupur: riddhima that's what I was to tell you, that roses and letter they said it wasn't there prank they have not send that

Riddhima: you are lying you all are lying,
Mayank: why would we lie to you about all this riddhima , sweety i swear we didnt did anything

riddhima: that means armaan you were not there inside in the trial room

armaan: riddhima i just came here i was

riddhima: than who was he...

riddhima got really tensed , here armaan and mayank rushed inside the trial room to check who it can be but there was no one inside

mayank: are you sure there was someone inside cause there is noone in there

riddhima: i thought may be , i dont knew please can we leave i am not feeling well

armaan: yes sure lets go back home

and theey all left from there , as they were leaving the sales man

sales man: mam you left your flowers

said the man pointing at that roses which riddhima had througn is side

riddhima: they are not for us , through them away

saying so they all left from there , and here one reflection from the back watching them leaving ...

ok thats all for now
i knew little confusing in the end wait and watch i am adding too much to this ahead ,
hope you all will enjoy reading that all this is just for ar, and them getting together ...
waiting for replies

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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2013 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
nice one.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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KaranSGRules Goldie

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Posted: 16 December 2013 at 12:29am | IP Logged
is it abhi or vivek ?
conti soon

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suwin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2013 at 2:10am | IP Logged
thank you...

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