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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 64)

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Originally posted by --Orchids--

awsmmm update...ClapClap


searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Aayu-loveKaJen-

hey di u always pm me ur update u never pm me for this on... POUT...
plz di PM me every update u do on AR ya DMG plz plz
osome update...

thanks because till now i havent given any new and fresh update on this ff , so so fresh pm's for this

but now when i will update this regularly so you will get pm's regularly
searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ifamanika

PM me ur updates to me too pls

sure i will thanks
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part 15 on page 72

Riddhima: ya right marriage and how will that happen cause the groom is not here

Nupur: but our groom is still here with us

Mayank: I am not getting anything and you will make gunjan and ranvijay getting married
Nupur: no mayank gunjan will get married but not with ranvijay , but with samrat and that to now in this mandap only

Armaan: really and how will that happen when samrat will go down on place of ranvijay so then no one will question anything

Riddhima : they will do that only when anyone will get to know that at groom place this is samrat and not ranvijay

Mayank: ok ladies I am not getting anything what you all mean

Nupur: mayank how can you be soo , ok fine see ranvijay is unconscious , if samrat will wear his dress and go in the mandap and sit at his place and moreover his face will be covered with sehra , so no one will recognise him and like this gunjan and samrat will get married and later when all the guest will leave we will quietly and nicely explain it all to aunty uncle

Samrat: but nupur getting married like this I mean

Nupur: samrat not today but tomorrow I mean someday you have to get married to each other then whats the problem , look we don't have any other option right now

Armaan: nupur is right samm , we have to do this , come lets go mayank we will take samrat to groom room and , you change in ranvijay clothes ok

Ok plan fixed about to be executed
And with that boys left from there

As they were moving from the passage to the other room karan came there
Karan: where are you all, I was searching for you all since so long

Samrat: oh dad we were just inside and then

Karan: samrat you were not even there to welcome the guest , ok now leave that come with me I want you to meet some important guests
Samrat: dad you go ahead , I will come in some time

Karan: no samrat they are important business guest armaan and mayank have also met them I want you to meet them right now, come with me

And samrat had no other option but to leave

Armaan and mayank had no other option soo they went back

Mayank: girls one more problem karan uncle took samrat along with him for some work

Riddhima: oh no karan uncle also got this time only for this now what can we do

Armaan: we will have to wait for samrat what else

Nupur: we cant , pandit jiis calling the groom down and if soon the groom will not go down then someone will surely come up and then
Riddhima: problem and problems one over the other , what the hell is actually happening with us , and its all because of you mayank now you only have to get any solution out of this

Mayank: me what can I do in this I myself go and sit in the mandap [said irritated]
Riddhima: ya right what an option

Mayank: what !! you are gone crazy riddhima

Riddhima: no I am not , infact see you are wearing almost the same color dress like ranvijay was , just there is one difference of that sehra

Mayank: you are gone out of your mind , you want me to sit as groom in mandap and that with gunjan

riddhima: no no , not gunjan , then that will be a problem , lets do one thing we make nupur as the bride with the covered face in that veil , moreover the guest down have only interest in the marriage then whom is getting married and to whom who cares for that

Nupur: riddhima listen I think you have got really tired that's why you are saying all nonsense thinks whatever coming in your mind

gunjan: no I think riddhima is saying right, all guest down there are here just to see a wedding who ever it will be

Nupur: and you want me to get married for that its all rubbish thing

Riddhima: what do you mean by rubbish , you both cant do this much for your best friends and moreover who is saying you to get married to any stranger we are just saying you both to get married to each other, you both are already engaged and will get married some day to each other then why not today

Gunjan: I don't know I think this is also ok what do you think armaan

Armaan: well no idea , but this is our last option , personally I don't agree to this but I don't think we have any other option , come mayank I will get you ready make you wear that sehra and all

Mayank: but armaan how and like this

Armaan: we don't have time to think about all this mayank , don't think about anything right now

And as mayank left , riddhima and gunjan made nupur wear some jewellery and other thinks as the dress she was wearing was already of red color and over that gunjan made nupur wear her dupatta which covered her full face

Riddhima: you are almost ready now just cover your face properly ok

Nupur: I am really scared riddhima, and moreover this dupaatta is really heavy

Riddhima: ya I knew wait I will get some pins to attach it then it will be comfortable till then you stay here and who ever come here just don't show your face

Riddhima went in the inner room and gunjan and nupur were standing outside when gunjan mother came inside the rooms with some ladies, nupur was standing without cover she got no idea so she went inside the room where riddhima was and pointed her that everyone was outside

Gunjan mom: oh gunjan you are not ready yet , and why didn't you covered yourself with this dupatta till now

And she made her wear that covering her face also

Gunjan mom: yes now its perfect , lets goo down

Gunjan: but mom I will just be there I mean

Gunjan mom: no we cant wait for now , its already too late and pandit ji is calling you down lets go

She cant say anything as all the ladies took her down

Riddhima: oh no they all took gunjan with them down now what to do

Nupur: and over there mayank in the mandap

Riddhima: nupur you take this other dupaata , cover yourself soo that no one sees you like this we will go there hiding

From the other side armaan make mayank ready and send him in the mandap armaan was standing in the corner when riddhima called him back

Riddhima: armaan there is one problem happened

Armaan: oh I am soo tired with problems now what have happened

Riddhima: nupur is here with me actually gunjan mom came suddenly and took gunjan along with her and there in the mandap its gunjan

Armaan: what?
Riddhima: armaan please don't shout

Only then samrat came there
Samrat: guys what all is happening here and this who is there in mandap I mean

Riddhima: samrat where were you , you knew just cause of you poor mayank is stuck in all this

Samrat: you mean over there along with gunjan its mayank sitting oh no now what to do

Armaan: why did you girls did this mistake we have already decided that nupur will go in place of the bride then

Riddhima: now the mistake is already done we knew that now what can we do , and you samrat go in and change your dress with ranvijay , we will somehow manage to shut the lights for a while in that time you just swipe yourself with mayank and there armaan you take care of that ok

And samrat quickly changed in clothes

and on the other side in the mandap

Gunjan: mayank , there is a problem its me gunjan not nupur please just dont react much

Mayank: oh god now what this problem have come

Gunjan: don't worry maybe they all will do something soon

Here as samrat came there from behind armaan off the lights and nothing was visible,

Samrat rushed to the stage and took sehra from mayank and wearing it while mayank rushed from there but as they all were
but here girls are also more intelligent as the lights went off nupur also came there and nupur and gunjan unknown of the swap happening themselves also exchanged there dupattas and gunjan left from there

As the lights came back

Riddhima: finally everything got correct

Gunjan: ya finally

Riddhima: gunjan what are you doing here

Gunjan: what do you mean you turned off the lights for our exchanging so me and nupur did that

Riddhima: oh no , not again , that means that its now nupur and samrat over there , gunjan who told you to use your extra mind oh god I will just go crazy what all this is actually happening , problems and troubles one over the other
mayank: super trouble yaar what was actually the need for you all to do all this, the better option was that we should have told the truth and cleared all the doubts in the starting only

armaan: ok mayank right now rather than blaming each other the better and usefull thing is thinking that how to stop all this and that to before all the rituals actually start , we have to actually act fast otherwise samrat and nupur will get married to each other

mayank: no no this cant happen, I wont let anything like this happen
gunjan: nor I would we need to do something soon

riddhima: we still have one last chance ,before all the rituals actually start the groom and bride will have to go inside that temple there , and take blessing before starting the rituals for the marriage , and the point they both come there in the temple gunjan you just instantly go and stand in place of nupur and please nothing other than this

And they all got on the backside of the temple and waited for samrat and nupur to come there

as they came there riddhima and armaan holded them from there both sides , and they stood like this that no one from the guest can have a clear view of the couple instantly without wasting a second gunjan took nupurs place they were doing their work when they heard a sound from back to stop this

ranvijay: stop this wedding this cant happen
they all got conscious it was none other then ranvijay , he gained conscious and came down to stop this wedding
all guest attention went towards him
samrat: [removing his sehra] this man he is again back , mayank you just hold this sehra for me I will just take good care of his first

as samrat was about to goo ahead armaan stopped him and took him in one corner

armaan: have you gone crazy samrat , right now at this time and in front of all the guest you cant fight him so just stay calm here ok and relax

riddhima: now how can we stay calm and relax guys, what more bad than this can happen with us now, I am just going to faint now

gunjan: you relax sweety we all six are going to faint together now

armaan: now in this situation you knew what we all should do , lets we all just run away from here

mayank: no armaan we wont run away from the situation now, whatever will happen we all will face it together right samrat

samrat: yaa see you having the sehra and cover your face with it and then face it

till then as they all were busy in there chat all the guest and family members went towards ranvijay

gunjan mom: ranvijay ji what happened to you and you like this

ranvijay: all this you ask with them who have made this condition of mine, mayank and armaan made me unconscious and locked me in the room up there

and as mayank name came there , it was a super shock for all specially sujal kashish , karan and nandini , how can there son , and that to mayank who is always so calm and quiet and non-violent can do that , yes they can imagine armaan or samrat doing that but mayank never
sujal: what !! mayank did this impossible , mayank just cant do anything like this

ranvijay: ok uncle ,why don't you ask him yourself that what is he actually doing here at my place

and as he said so everyone attention went towards them , poor mayank , by chance he was the one standing there as armaan and samrat were in the corner and not so visible , and moreover he was also holding the sehra which samrat had given him

sujal: mayank I need an explanation can you tell me what all is happening here

kashish: mayank you and here with gunjan , I mean you locked ranvijay and sat here in his place to marry gunjan why , just tell me the truth mayu whatever ranvijay said is that actually true

mayank: [very hesitantly] yes mom , I made him unconscious

sujal: what but why and why were you here in mandap with gunjan , do you think it is a some kind of joke and you here with gunjan

kashish: and nupur what about her , you didn't even thought anything about her

mayank: no mom you are taking it wrong , I was not getting married here

riddhima: [to armaan , samrat] guys don't you think its too rude , I mean poor mayank is handling it all alone we need to be there for his support

nupur: yes right , and they all here are thinking that mayank and gunjan were, oh no , if this happen that what about me what will happen
samrat: don't worry nupur , what if mayank is gone I am here right

riddhima: oh shut up samrat is it even time for this nonsense jokes of yours and right now lets go ahead and handle the situation

sujal: I am still waiting for the answers mayank

riddhima: its not at all mayank mistake in all this dad , it's all a big misunderstanding

armaan: yes uncle , we all together have locked ranvijay not mayank alone

karan: armaan what all is happening here

ranvijay: I will tell you uncle actually the truth is that they all never liked me and they never wanted me and gunjan to get married , and when they all didn't got any other option left , then they all made me unconscious so that I cant get married today with gunjan, they all just wanted to separate me from gunjan

samrat: ranvijay don't you dare take gunjan name ok , gunjan was never yours and you will never get her got you [very angry]

karan: samrat what is this way to even talk with anyone and why are you wearing ranvijays dress

samrat: dad please I will explain you all this

ranvijay: leave that samrat right now there is no time to explain anything , thank god that I got conscious on time , lets just forget everything for a while right now ,first let me and gunjan get married
and ranvijay came near gunjan holding her hand to take her to mandap , but samrat pulled her hand back and stood there in the middle

samrat: don't you dare to even touch her , got you

ranvijay: why who are you to stop me from doing that and gunjan is my to be wife , so you have no right to stop me from taking her

this was the limit for samrat anger and he don't knew what to do , he was getting really impulsive but right now he had to reply to ranvijay's accusation

samrat: I think that I don't have any need to tell a cheap person like you that what is my right on her , but still if you asked

samrat went back in the temple where all thinks required for wedding ceremony were kept and picked a little amount of sindoor in his fingers coming near gunjan he filled that sindoor in
gunjan's head, finally making her his wife , the bigger surprise for gunjan and shock for all , even the other four standing there , they never knew that samrat can even take that impulsive action
samrat: I hope you got your answer now ranvijay, now she is my wife ,and I don't want to see you anywhere near by my wife so its better you get out of here right now

that was like a tight slap for ranvijay , and even he was standing there dumb tucked , but it was height for karan nandini , they were shocked and angry at the same time
karan: samrat ,what have you just did, do you even knew what you have done

nandini: all this like this samrat , you all think marriage as some kind of joke or something ?

mayank: karan uncle , masi ma please relax

sujal: mayank you just stay quiet , first we need full explanation starting to end that what is happening here

riddhima: yes dad , i will tell you the truth , I will tell you all everything , after all whatever is happening here in all this fifty percent fault is only mine

armaan: no sujal uncle not only riddhima we all are equally responsible in all this

and then started the explanation session how today they all came to knew that samrat and gunjan loved each other and how gunjan was sacrificing her love for her parents ,

and they told them everything about ranvijay he his cheap plans of rivalry and his cheap thinking which made mayank soo angry , and later that they just somehow were trying to handle the situation soo that gunjan parents dont have to face any embarrassment , and it end up with soo much confusion in which they were also almost about to marry mayank and nupur there and all that error happening ,

now just lets the parents listen and understand the situation there kids were got in wait for there reply back

and as for this part , i knew its too confusing actually i wanted to make it more interesting but failed due to lack of time soo hope you will forget the mistakes in this , so sorry for that

Please doo comment waiting for that

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Lovd it..
Thnks for pm..
..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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haila sab kaconfession sab ki shaadi paaki ho ga...
di AR ko bhi mila do na plz... 
and di AR rebirth bhi update karo ...

and between who  is the little baby...
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oh di finally u restarted this ff...
m sooo happy...!!!!
i have to re read this one...then m gonna comment...!!!!
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very nice part
thanx for pm

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