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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 62)

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Originally posted by zigzagway_sadi

Originally posted by simi2

ok guys , time to be back soon ,
i never left you guys , just took a break ut it turned to be a long one ,
finally some changes , with some very good , i left the forum cause my family and my personal issues got my priority
the good news is that i got married and the bad one that i am soo hell busy in my new life , that even dont have a minute for any other think ,
thought of never comming back here , but after leaving i realized that this habbit of mine can never be left , i am really happy in my new life , but somewhere in that i felt that something was missing and so see i am here read all comments ,
soo soo sorry for leaving the few true readers of my ff like this
i want to countinue , but i am soo lack of time ,
but will surely try too gove you something worth it in this ff and all the others as well
just give me a month more , and then i think i can start over here again currently too busy , holiday time and lots of guest at my place so the moment i get free from here , i will be back
and this time i will post the ff till end 
till then take care


please come soon...

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i suppose only 27 days are left to update..

ab intezaar bhi nahi hota..

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i suppose 1 month is ending..
please do update soon..

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please update..

we are waiting...
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part 13 on page 62

Now it was a test time and she prayed that she pass in this , and ranvijay will not come to the wedding place

Here riddhima after meeting ranvijay , straight away went to the wedding place , the hall where the wedding was to to done , and gunjan was already there along with

nupur in the bride room it was haldi ceremony going on right now , and after that gunjan will get ready as a bride
It was already evening , gunjan family members along with their relatives were reaching the place for wedding , it was still around 2 hours for Baraat [groom and his
family hope you knew this meaning I am using this word lots of time in this part so don't get confused] to arrive , but all the preparations for that were going on full speed
it was the time when mayank reached the wedding hall along with armaan , armaan waited for long for riddhima to come back but when she didn't then armaan got ready and reached the wedding hall

While riddhima , nupur were making gunjan ready as a bride for the day , there was one unknown silence in the room , a silence filled with sadness , pain and lots more unsaid words
Samrat also reached the wedding hall after sometime, and went near armaan and mayank
Mayank: god samm where were you , I have not seen you since morning
Samrat: nothing mayu was just busy with some work , anyways forget that , hey armaan what happened why are you so lost
Armaan: [coming out of his thoughts that weather to ask samrat about this or not] nothing samrat , anyways forget this lets go up and meet gunjan
As they all went up , gunjan room was locked , actually beautician was doing her make up , as for now gunjan was ready wearing her wedding dress along with all makeup and hair styling ,
Only she was not wearing any jewellery yet , but still she was looking an angel , while riddhima and nupur both were fully dressed and ready
armaan and mayank came in the room first only to see three all ready
mayank: ohh armaan don't you think we have came to some heavens I can see three beautiful angels here
[but poor armaan , can only see riddhima , he wanted to see the fact she was hiding , what all was happening in there , soo he didn't replied instead gunjan said in return]

gunjan: now don't make us fool mayu , we all knew that for whom you are saying so , now we both will really not mind if you compliment nupur directly that how she is looking , right riddhima
riddhima: [also coming out of her sad feelings] ya ya absolutely right
mayank: oh really forget you both , here I was complimenting you both and then also you have problem with that ,and gunji you can say me whatever you want today , after all its your day today , and seriously I am not kidding , you are looking beautiful , one of the most beautiful bride I have ever seen
gunjan: thanks mayu but I am not even fully ready yet

nupur: ok now time up , boys you please leave we need to get gunjan fully ready
armaan: ya sure we were already leaving I was just searching for riddhima she is so lost from yesterday
[armaan said this so sarcastically to riddhima that she understood that there was something really serious , she needed to talk to him , so she also thought of going out with them as mayank and armaan moved back for leaving riddhima followed them but armaan and mayank went down where many guest were, so riddhima thought of asking armaan what he meant later she went back when samrat came in front the bride room with one box in his hand]

samrat: [sitting near where gunjan was sitting] hey gunjan , you knew what mayank said was not so true , you are not the one of the most , but you are actually the most beautiful bride ever [there was so honesty in samrat words that gunjan just cant control herself anymore and her eyes were filled with tears]
samrat: hey hey not right now , there is still time for your bidaai then you can cry as much as you want , oh forget to tell you , this I got for you, [samrat giving her the box] , just a small gift for your happy future , I wish you a really happy married life ahead

Saying soo samrat got up from there and started leaving the room , when gunjan stopped him

gunjan: samrat , thanks , thanks for everything
That was all the only words that she said to samrat , in there whole conversation
As samrat left the hall , riddhima who was already out of the room as she wanted to talk to armaan , came near samrat and seeing his condition told him to lets go from there

As they both went a bit far , riddhima realized that she by mistake she had brought gunjan pair of earing which she was making gunjan wear

Soo riddhima went back towards gunjan room to give her the earing as she was about to open the room door , she stopped when she heard someone crying in there

It was none other then gunjan , she was crying hard , and nupur was trying to console her god knews what went in riddhima's mind and she preferred to listen to their talk first then going in

Nupur: please gunjan please control yourself , you cant break like this , you have to be strong
Gunjan: how , how will I do this , seeing him here in front of me , it always make me weak and the fact that I am going away , far away from him break my hearts in hundred pieces
Nupur: you cant back off now gunjan it was your decision to be away from him , even after knowing the fact that how much you love him , that you cant live without him still you said yes for this marriage on your own , I tried to make you understand this at that time also gunjan to give your life and your love another chance , but no you didn't , then now what are you crying at
Riddhima listening outside was getting dam confuse , gunjan was not happy with this marriage , she loves someone else , but whom , and what hell was happening

Gunjan: no nupur you are right it was my decision to get married to ranvijay , because I wanted to see my parents happy , and there happiness was in seeing me married and as for my love then it was completely one sided love , it was only me who was thinking so , and as for samrat he never loved me I am just his best friend for him and getting this love think in between I didn't wanted to spoil my friendship

[Now riddhima was shocked more than shock she had gone dump , she cant believe what her ears were hearing she was so shocked that the earing from her hand fall down on the floor , making a voice that made nupur and gunjan attentive]

[Gunjan and nupur got soo scared that maybe someone has heard there talks and as the door opened it was riddhima standing there]

Nupur: riddhima you , when did you came back ?

[They were asking this question just to see what she knew , but then before knowing only they can see that she had heard it all , as her reaction can tell both that]

Riddhima: I got very late in coming I suppose, this much late that my best friends have made me a stranger for them

Nupur: no riddhima its not at all like that I will explain you everything

[Gunjan stood up as she saw riddhima eyes the eyes that were complaining her , that were in soo pain the tears fall from gunjan eyes as well]

riddhima: first of all you tell me clearly that what I actually heard was it actually true , tell me gunji do you really love samrat

gunjan: riddhima just try and understand , I didn't had any other option and I
[but riddhima stopped him from saying ahead]

riddhima: just tell me , yes or no

gunjan: [don't knew how to say] , Yes riddhima , but I knew that this is only my stupidity and samrat never feel
[as here gunjan was saying her own story on the other hand riddhima started jumping with joy]

riddhima: ohh wow yeyyy , gunji gunji gunji . I love you , l love you , I am so so happy

[Swinging gunjan round and then hugging her it was a complete different reaction what nupur and gunjan expected and so they were very confused]

riddhima: nupur , I love you , I love you , but but I am so angry with you both , cant you guys talk like this like two three days early without no reason you let me and samrat cry so much
gunjan: are you ok riddhima , and wait a minute , what do you mean that I let you and samrat cry ?
riddhima: I will tell you all but I don't have much time right now , I will be right back
[and saying soo she left the room without waiting for a while in there she need to talk to samrat right now ]
[but as she left gunjan and nupur had no other option but to follow

her where she was going and what happened to her , why she gone mad suddenly]

While here in on other hand ,

armaan samrat and mayank were in other room nearby ,

armaan needed to talk to samrat ,

armaan: ok samm now will you please tell me the truth , that what all is happening

samrat: [very confused] what all armaan , what are you talking about

armaan: about riddhima listen I knew you knew everything what is it
mayank: what about riddhima what happened to riddhima, samrat armaan , can you both tell me what are you talking about

samrat: I don't knew mayu , I think armaan had got some misunderstanding
armaan: really may be I have I heard you and riddhima talking yesterday , now will you tell me why was riddhima crying and hell what was the need that she needed to talk to that ranvijay , and regarding what
[first samrat was shocked that may be armaan knew the whole truth , but then he understood that armaan knew nothing about his and gunjan stuff , else he think that its something linked with that ranvijay , but still he need to clear this all , he cant let all this confusion goo on like this]

mayank: what are you saying armaan , I am not getting anything , riddhima was crying , and from where the hell this ranvijay came in all this

armaan: I don't knew mayank , I just knew that they both were talking about something yesterday and today in afternoon when I called riddhima she was in some restaurant with ranvijay
samrat: [now that was a news for samrat as well] , really are you sure , riddhima met ranvijay and that to today , god I just hoped she didn't did any stupidity there
mayank: samrat , please tell me , what do you mean

[only then there talks got disturbed as riddhima bashed in the room and that to with loud hooding]

riddhima: samm , samm , oh my god , I am so so so so happy [swinging samrat ] , you wont believe this , I am so happy now everything will get fine samrat , everything will be fine

samrat: [confused as ever] riddhima are you ok , what happened riddhima

mayank: [holding her hand] first you talk to me riddhima I need to knew something
riddhima: I will tell you everything what you want to knew but later on mayu , right now I am really really happy , I always knew that the true love wins and it did

mayank: [more confused] and now what that means

riddhima: samrat you idiot , you fool you are the biggest fool I have ever seen in this while world
[while here nupur and gunjan understood that she was there to tell samrat this gunjan really wanted to stop riddhima ,but it was too late now , soo they stayed out of the room where samrat and riddhima were talking]

samrat: what riddhima ?

riddhima: what do you mean by what riddhima , you duffer you can fall in love but cant even notice that she also loves you the same way and that much as much you love her
armaan: riddhima , you knew we all are not soo intelligent that we can understand all this talks without knowing the truth
riddhima: oh armaan if you want to know the truth , then ask this duffer or her bigger duffer love
samrat: riddhima I am also not getting anything what are you trying to say
nupur: [coming in from outside while gunjan also got what riddhima meant and she ran away from there] but I am getting something riddhima are you telling the truth , I mean that samrat also
riddhima: yes nupur yes these both are crazy and he had made me one with him , god knows how much I cried in these few days

mayank and armaan together: ok stop it now you all , god you all have made us crazy , now can anyone tell us everything properly like humans
nupur: relax guys let me tell you ,
armaan: oh finally we got some human between us

riddhima: oh forget it

nupur: no don't forget it it's the time for action, ok mayank ,armaan you knew what our two best friends are the biggest duffers in this world
riddhima: ya and even dump , stupid ,idots and'
nupur: [irritated] riddhima will you please let me speak
riddhima: ya go ahead and moreover I am soo really tired with all this drama and excitement
[said riddhima and then sitting down comfortably on a bed while nupur again continued ahead]
nupur: ok forget her actually the truth is that gunjan liked samrat but she never said this cause she was scared
mayank and armaan : what , are you serious
nupur: now please stop with all this shocking reactions for a while , I already have them much , actually yes and just now today only I got to know that samrat likes her to and god knows why these dumps never got to know each other feelings and today they both were so easily letting their life being spoiled
[all looking towards samrat now]
samrat: what guys , you knew I always thought that if I told her about my feelings them may be I will lose my best friend , I didn't knew what she will say , but then she also didn't said anything to me
nupur: she wanted to tell you , but then she knew that you never changed , you were same going out with other girls and all , then she thought that you don't have any feelings for her
samrat: I was just trying to test her , by making her jealous , but I didn't knew that it will become like this

riddhima: look now , I knew this, I always stopped you from doing so , I told you that it was not a good plan to make gunji jealous like this , see now what effect it had , and nupur how cool ,that's it , that was all your friendship , you both kept a secret with me we never had did that ever
nupur: oh please madam , you stop complaining , you also did the same I suppose , I mean you knew samm feelings you could have atleast told me , and as for telling you regarding that , then you knew earlier you always find out that we were hiding something from you , but this time you didn't even noticed that
riddhima: that , actually that was cause I was already soo sad and depressed for samrat but then anyways forget all this right now ,
[then she look towards the boys they were standing dumps tucked in shock soo she said ahead] and samrat , armaan and mayu, we are not playing any statue , statue here , why the hell are you boys standing like this

mayank: that's because I was thinking of murdering one person

armaan: ya me to , now we both are thinking that what weapon to use
samrat: what , why are you both looking at me like this, now I think I need to think that how can I save my life
[and now we have one great boxing match directly samrat on the bed and mayank and armaan all over her]
mayank : you idiot , you kept soo many secrets with us
armaan: yes you didn't even told me I mean you even use to tell me the small small thinks always and you hided such a big think from us
samrat: ok ok , time please sorry sorry , I am so sorry guys please now forgave me
riddhima: go ahead armaan , come on mayu , I have gone through a lot of melodrama cause of him
nupur: yes mayank , go ahead ,he has let me and gunji also cry a lot
samrat: gunjan , oh noo , where is she , guys please stop this, and hell you all have become my enemy in a minute , and gunjan , where is she
nupur: gunjan , she was here with me , I don't know where she went
riddhima: god great , its soo early we realize that we have seen the whole movie and the main lead heroine is missing
mayank: that cause this was not the movie this , and samm as for you first you go to gunjan tell her that you love her , clear all your confusions and then we will have the rest movie
armaan: yaa right movie is still left , wait a minute
[armaan said and here samrat irritated as he was going out]
samrat: now what guys, please let me go and talk with gunjan  [as if pleading them now]
armaan: aree you go ahead who have stopped you, I need to talk to riddhima , so yesterday you were crying for samrat and gunjan love story
riddhima: what , means you heard mine and samm talks ,we yaa I was
armaan: and that talking to ranvijay
riddhima: I wanted to talk to him to tell him that samrat loves gunjan a lot and he should not come in between them and that was all
armaan:  oh god really , god knew what hell was I thinking in all that

riddhima: armaan don't you think its not the time for all this right now , we shall go and see that our dump samrat will do something or he will still not do anything

mayank: ya guys that's more important right now , and what armaan you were to much  just cause of you god knows what all nonsense I was thinking about all that you said earlier

armaan: yes mayank , I also knew as I was also going through all this from last night

riddhima: ok now if all the confusions and queries are over then lets goo

armaan: ya that are , but seriously wait a minute , you knew that samm loved gunjan , and then also you idiot , cant you ever tell us that , I mean may be we could have helped him some way and the think could have not gone and messed up to soo far , you and samrat have started keeping secrets from us now

riddhima: oh really , its not like that , it was just that I didn't knew that it will goo soo far like this , and as for me knowing about samrat loving gunji , then he never told me anything it was just that I saw that in samrat , I saw him changing for gunjan , he never told me that I only figured that out , it was soo clear in samrat behavior that he was in love , I wonder how you both never noticed that , and then later when I wanted to tell you all , samm stopped me from doing so , as it was too late for that now , gunjan has already said yes for this marriage

armaan: oh , I really wish that everything goes fine now , and gunjan and samrat all problems come to an end now
mayank: ya they and their love has already suffered a lot , I hope it gets its happy end now

while on the other side

samrat went to meet gunjan in her room , the bride room gunjan was sitting there inside ,and she was wearing jewellries and getting all ready as a bride

samrat went in and saw her all dressed and ready for the occasion

samrat: gunjan , what are you doing

gunjan: what do you mean by what I am doing samrat , its my marriage today and after sometime the groom and his family will arrive here , that's why I am just getting ready [pain can be clearly heard in her voice]

samrat: gunjan I was actually 

gunjan: what is it  samrat, why are you so tensed, do you really want to say me something   [with deep meaning she was angry with samrat right now]

samrat: gunjan I wanted to say you that I  [trying hard to say all that]

gunjan: oh where are my earrings [looking here and there , she again stopped samrat from saying anything] , oh here they are [and she went picking them up]

[and now it was limit for samrat , here he was trying hard to tell gunjan about his heart feelings and on the other hand she was just not even paying attention to what he was saying rather she was so busy in her stupid getting ready stuffs]

samrat: gunjan I need to talk to you and its urgent  [samrat said holding gunjan arms from both side]

gunjan: samrat please , I need to get ready you knew na its my wedding today and baraat will arrive here very soon

samrat: that's it gunjan that's it, now stop avoiding me and making all these useless excuses , stop all this avoiding me session of yours , I can't take it anymore

gunjan: that is what I am telling you samrat , that i can't take this anymore , I cant do this anymore, please samrat I have gathered myself and made myself this much stong with very difficulty , now please don't try and do anything that will break me again as I wont be albe to control myself then

samrat: I would never let you break like this gunjan  , I am here with you and will always

gunjan: that's it samrat , now don't you even say a word ahead, it was already very difficult for me to take care of my broken heart , and forgetting all my feelings have prepared myself for this wedding , now please you don't say anything cause of which I get weak again

samrat: if that's the case then I think I have to do something like that only, cause now  wont let you do this marriage at any cost, you cant do this marriage gunjan

gunjan: why cant I do this marriage samrat ?

samrat: cause I cant see you getting married to anyone else 

gunjan:  why ?

And then a long pause , gunjan was waiting for an answer and here samrat was just not saying a word and that is a limit

"oh god samrat , now say something" said a voice from back ,

and it was none other then armaan , actually armaan rest 4 of them were watching and listening to them since long and all were like that now will samrat propose her , now he will say I love you but samrat was standing there like a dump
And after that they all came inside ,and stood there , riddhima and nupur on samrat side and armaan and mayank on gunjan's side
samrat: guys what are you all doing here right now
mayank: came to check that weather gunjan is ready for her wedding with ranvijay or not , duffer offcourse we are here to see that if you are going to say gunjan anything or not
nupur: yes cause we all have understood this very well that you are a big time dump ho , I mean at this time also you are just thinking that what you have to say , and behaving like gunjan me I actually 
riddhima: god samrat how can you be , come on go ahead say her what are you waiting for
samrat: stop it guys you all knew that its not soo simple i mean its so tough to say it
mayank: what is there so tough in this , you just have to say I Love you gunjan [mayank coming in front of gunjan]
gunjan: what !  [and it sound as if mayank was actually saying that soo gunjan was like kya]
nupur: mayank , dont you think that your I love you sounded a little much serious

mayank: no nupur i actually didn't meant that I was just trying to tell samrat that he should say like this , you knew I love you , see samrat it is soo simple just come in front and say her I love you
armaan: ya that's soo simple samrat you cant do this much
samrat: armaan I was [trying to speak but riddhima interrupted]
riddhima: what again you started your I was and all samrat normally you behave like so cool dude and you cant even say I love you to a girl 
samrat: oh riddhima I am saying that  [but again got interrupted]
nupur: leave that riddhima , if this duffer can say that then he would have done that long time back, and all this would have never happened  then and this samrat he is just useless he cant do anything
samrat: what but I was [again poor samrat was interrupted]
mayank: correct girls , earlier he use to show off to much style, dating girls time passing with them and all and look at him today when he has to say the serious and the real I love you then look at him he is not able to utter a word now , remember samrat you use to say me dump here you are a bigger dump then me

samrat: what me [but again poor samrat was stopped and this time by no one else but gunjan]
gunjan: [angry] everyone is saying absolutely right samrat you cant do anything its out of your caliber  you knew , you just leave this I am going and getting married to ranvijay

samrat:  what guys just listen  [trying to say but this time all of them together over him]
all together:  samrat you are just too much 
samrat: [shouting] stop it , shut up , shut up all you guys just shut up , will anyone of you let me speak here everyone is saying whatever they want to and noone is allowing me to speck anything and guys neither I am dump and nor I am scared , I am just waiting for you all to stop speaking so that I can say something , now stop all of you , dare any one of you say a word otherwise I will pick gunjan up and take her somewhere else and there I will talk with her
gunjan: then also you will just talk with me [disappointed]
samrat: you also stop ok , and just keep quiet , since so long I am listening to your non sense talks, and your useless warnings of  I will get married with ranvijay you are threatening me with this, oye madam just try and do anything like this now I swear I will pick you up from the mandap and take you with me  [saying this with soo you belong to mine attitude]
gunjan: [now smiling a bit]  why  ?
samrat: [again seeing towards all four there] , anyone of you want to say something , then just keep quite [and all other signaled him to go ahead] , because gunjan
gunjan: why samrat ...[loosing herself in his eyes]
samrat: because gunjan .. [getting lost himself as well]
gunjan: samrat [more lost]
samrat: gunjan [not feeling anything else]
and then one more very low voice coming from there
"samrat" said nupur lightly as she was standing next to him
"gunjan" said mayank same way as he was standing there next to her
and armaan and riddhima were like hands on their head
and it was getting limit for them four ,
soo armaan shouted in gunjan ears her name loudly
and same did riddhima
armaan: [shouting] gunjan...
riddhima : [shouting] samrat...
samrat: awww what is it riddhima
armaan: guys because of this samrat and gunjan session of yours we are actually running out of time and groom and his family are about to come soon so make your confessions things fast so that we all can go down and talk with gunjan mom dad and karan uncle and girlfriend to stop this wedding
samrat: oh noo right now that all is also left I mean that stopping the baraat  and then talking with mom dad and oh god

mayank: yes all this has to happen but later on first you just propose gunjan properly 
samrat: is it really required I mean its so obvious now
gunjan: no offcourse what do mean not required, it is required, everyone will ask me that how did samrat proposed you and I will tell them that samrat said that its soo obvious, god samrat
nupur: yaa right gunji , samrat how unromantic you are
samrat: god you ladies ok ok , I am saying
And then he bend down on his knees
samrat: Miss Gunjan kapoor , I knew I am the most dump person in this world, I even knew that I am a big time late lateef,  I mean I am proposing a girl on her wedding day and that to with someone else, I even knew that I am a big duffer that I in spite of knowing my best friend from like since the time I have seen this world, and knowing each and every thing about her never came to knew about her feelings, and I knew that I was such an idiot that I was never able to see your feelings that what you were feeling and I was just thinking all bad and hurting you all
samrat was saying all this and everyone was just listening
When riddhima who was standing next to mayank whispering in mayank's ears
riddhima: [whispering in mayank ears so that samrat and gunjan don't hear that] when did samrat said I love you  in all this story which he said 
mayank: shhh  [just signaled riddhima to be quite]
samrat: ok the moral of this story was , that if you think that this dump, duffer, idiot and late lateef is still eligible for being loved, then please accept me, accept me for the rest of your life
And then samrat stood up , face to face with gunjan
samrat: i love you gunjan , I love you a lot
Tears rolled down gunjan eyes
riddhima: gunjan if you don't like him then its ok, you can simply say no there is nothing to cry in this 
nupur and mayank together: shut up riddhima
riddhima: ok if you say
samrat: [taking her tears]  this tears, get away from my gunjan, now she is mine and there is no place for you here anymore

and gunjan didn't nothing just hugged samrat tightly
gunjan:  I love you too samrat , I love you too
and everyone around them was happy all four were really happy for their best friends
gunjan: you took so much time in saying this small thing, you made me cry so much 
samrat: oh really only I made you cry and what about you, that you were going getting married and leaving me forever to cry for you
gunjan:  oh really then what you did , I use to call you and you were always out on dates with that stupid girls , so I thought you are now interested
samrat: I am sorry I was just teasing you , I never knew this will end up like this
mayank: but but but guys , all wells that end wells, so congrats for an happy ending
armaan: hey hey which ending, its the starting of troubles, now what's next, what about ranvijay he would be here soon with that baraat of his
riddhima: chill guys chill baraat  is not going to come today  
[said riddhima sitting back and relaxing on a sofa]
mayank: what you mean by that
riddhima:  I mean that I knew that baraat  wont be coming and everything will then get normal
armaan: oh really then Devi riddhima ji , just tell us this also that how did you did this preety sweet forecast of yours 
samrat: just hold on riddhima , i really hope you haven't done any stupidity , armaan told me that you went to meet ranvijay , riddhima what have you done
gunjan: what , you mean you told ranvijay about samrat and me and for that reason he will not come for this wedding [soo shocked , rather happy then there will be no problem]
samrat: riddhima why you did that , I have said you not to do that and you broke my swear
riddhima: guys relax ,and samm what do you think i can even break a promise I made to you , no I haven't told ranvijay anything about you and gunjan
mayank: then what did you told him that he wont be coming for the wedding
riddhima: forget it guys what's a point in knowing that and don't worry everything will get fine
armaan: riddhima are you going to tell us now , just speak up now
[getting irritated and angry, he was having bad feelings for whatever had happened]
riddhima: armaan relax why are you getting soo angry i mean its just a small matter I mean you all knew i wont do anything wrong
samrat: no we knew it very well that when it come to us you can do anything and everything that is wrong
riddhima: really i don't think there is nothing much wrong in making ranvijay a better offer so that he don't marry gunjan
gunjan: what you offered him money soo that he should not marry me , riddhima are you mad , he is a rich man why would he accept that offer

riddhima: i didn't offered him money , god i think i made a mistake here , i should have offered him that , cause i knew he is a greedy person , then it could have been soo simple
nupur: then what have you told him hmm , if you didn't offered him money soo what you mean you offered him , so that he wont come here now
 riddhima: actually I didn't got any other idea at that time so , well I just played one trick on him , I mean I lied him that he can get a chance to marry me instead of gunjan if he don't comes today
nupur: riddhima you are crazy , what did you told him that if he didn't marry gunjan you will marry him

mayank: what are you crazy riddhima how can you be such an idiot , oh that's not a question I knew you are already an idiot but that big I never thought

armaan: I knew this she is a big duffer , don't knew anything about this world only thing she can run this world according to her wish , but its not at all like that , now see what stupid act she had done here

gunjan: riddhima how could you , I mean you told ranvijay that he should not marry me cause you like him

samrat: I don't believe this , how could you get such idiotic ideas in your mind

riddhima: soo what else could I do  , what I should have done , you tell me hmm , one side you samrat have made a devdas out of you crying your heart out and on the other side you made me promise that I should not tell anyone a word about your feelings , so I made a fake story , I just wanted to stop this wedding at any cost and for that I told ranvijay that if he wont come to this place today then  I will come and meet him back there in the restaurant and

mayank: what are you crazy , you will go and meet him, no ways , dare you keep a step out of this place and i will kill that bas***d got you
riddhima: mayu , relax I am not going  , and was not at all going , I just played a trick so that he should not come here, and as for the rest story , guys I was actually not going to go there , i just wanted to stop this wedding at any cost and so I lied and I don't knew what wrong I did in that

armaan: wrong , wow ,you don't think there is anything wrong in this , since when have you grown up soo much that you can decide what is right and what is wrong I don't believe you took this step without any one knowledge here , you knew this could have been more risky than this, what if something wrong could have happened

riddhima: but it didn't , nothing went wrong , and if anything had been i could have taken care of it

mayank: wow really , you have actually grown a lot ,that you could take care of everything , you are so stupid ,you can do anything without even thinking , why riddhima how could you do this

riddhima: enough , enough is enough , what have I done like this that you all are getting so angry with me , and guys this is just a small trick I played , and as for how could I then remember I can do anything and everything for my friends happiness, and there I don't even care about anything , I just wanted my friends to be happy , and I don't care how much you scold me right now , even if next time I have to do anything else , I will do it for my friends happiness, I can do anything

and then long going cyclone got quite after seeing tears in riddhima's eyes
samrat: [came hugging her tight] , riddhima ,you knew you are the best think I had in my life , I love you yaar

riddhima: [in tears] hey go and say all this to gunjan now not me

samrat: aww , now stop this yaar ok , as for now as all confusions are over and everything is solve so we don't care what happens and as for ranvijay well you don't worry as now we all are together we can very well take care of him right armaan , mayu , come on now this is not such a big think that you guys are being so angry , for once mayu get out of your over protected brother looks and think like a good friend and what and to which level can you both yourself go for mine, gunjan , or armaan or nupur happiness
Mayank: I can do anything and go to any level for you guys sake
Samrat: and armaan what about you
Armaan: well I can even give away my life for you guys
Samrat: ok so now guys , is riddhima act justified , I feel it is right , so its better time to say sorry guys
And that make armaan and mayank realizing there mistake without seeing riddhima's actual intention behind this they were just been very rude and that had even made her cry
Mayank: [mayank went to riddhima and holding his ears] hey princess I am sorry
Armaan: [coming for the other side] , ya me to
Riddhima: [clearing her tears and smiling] , you both dare be so rude ever again with me and I swear I will run away very far from you guys and will never come back

Mayank: oh really, just keep your jokes to yourself ok , and as for running part then in your dreams , or its better that you should not even think about doing that even in your dreams got you

Armaan: yaa right and as for now stop acting more, you full time nautanki kahhe ke

Riddhima: hww , what , me and nautanki , yes right you always consider me as if I am doing nautanki and acting ,  even if I am serious
Armaan: riddhima and being serious , what a joke , riddhima do you even knew what are the spellings of serious

Riddhima: ha ha very funny armaan , stop teasing me right now, I think there had been already more than enough of drama and arguments for the day , lets now just rest , and all wells that ends well , and the good part is that the baraat wont come now

[said this relaxing back on a comfortable seat]

"Baraat  is here" came a voice from outside the room they all were sitting

And this words were like a shock for riddhima she almost choked,

Riddhima: what !!! oh noo baraat had come but how and what now ?
Ok , thats all for now hope for the best that everything actually goes well
But do you think that life is been ever soo simple for our best friends ,
Well lets wait and watch what's next in stores for them
Hope you guys liked the part till now , will update ahead soon till then please please comment I really want you to comment now

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