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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 55)

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upate soon

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part 12 on page 51
RECAP: mayank and nupur engagement lots of fun
Next day after the engagement gunjan and nupur left for their respective homes

Gunjan House
After leaving from there , gunjan went back to her house where someone was already waiting for her
As gunjan entered her house , she saw a man sitting there with her mom and dad ,
As she went near , she was shocked to see it , it was none other then Mr Rathode , Ranvijay's father
Gunjan: [not very happy to see him there] , you , what do you think you are doing here and mumma papa, why have you allowed this man here in my house
Gunjan's father: gunjan beta this is noo way to talk with a guest , please whatever happened they are our guest right now
Gunjan:  I am sorry dad , but
Gunjan dad's: its ok beta , well Mr Rathode is here to have some talk with you
Mr rathode:  [to gunjan's dad] its ok mr kapoor , I knew she is angry , and her anger is valid as well  , what my son did to her was not at all right , I am soo sorry beta I knew you are really hurt with what ranvijay did to you , I knew he was very wrong
Gunjan: then what are you here for, if you are apologising on his behalf then its ok , and moreover I have already forgotten the past a long time back soo there is no purpose to repeat it again
Mr rathode: you are a really nice girl gunjan beta ,that's why you have forgiven ranvijay soo soon, I knew this that you will not disappoint me , thanks for forgiving him , you knew he always thought that you will never forgive him ,but you did , he will be soo happy now
Gunjan: [confused]  I am sorry I didn't get what are you saying 
Mr rathode:  actually beta , after ranvijay ditched you , and left from here , leaving you broken heart , soon he realized his mistake , he realized that what he did with you was very wrong , he realized that he had started loving you truly and breaking your heart he did the biggest mistake of his life, he was so much in trauma that he became soo ill , he was in trauma and rehabilitation centre for last 2 months , and as he recovered from there , the first think I did was to bring him here , soo that he can apologize for his mistakes to you , and remove this burden of guilt from his heart , but he was so ashamed of his act to even face you
Gunjan: its ok uncle , I think you should tell him to leave , as there is no use to be in guilt now , I have already forgiven him and forgotten what he did to me, its ok uncle tell him to get free of any burden and start with his new life  

while on the other hand ,
riddhima was busy in reading some book , when her cell phone rang
it was from gunjan ,  there conversation
riddhima: hey gunji ,how are you ?
gunjan: hey riddzs, I am fine , you tell what are you doing
riddhima: nothing yaar was getting bore alone soo reading a book,

gunjan: alone ! why  where is everyone
riddhima: oh armaan and mayank are out for some work , probably would be in office
gunjan: [very attentively]  and samrat ?
riddhima: ohh samrat , samrat I think , ..oh yes samrat is out with someone
gunjan: ohh whom [as if enquiring]
riddhima: oh you remember that girl in purple dress in yesterday party, samrat had taken her out for a coffee
gunjan: [very disappointed]  ok riddhima , I will call you later
and she disconnected the call
riddhima: hello , gunji , baby listen
but no use she had already cut the call
riddhima: [after putting cell down] , hmmm soo why have you said me to lie
riddhima was talking with none other then samrat , he was sitting there next to her ,and he was only signalling riddhima to lie that he was not there and was out with some girl
samrat: oh you knew this is one way to make a girl realize , you see she disconnected the call soo rudely , that means she is jealous , and jealousy my friend is the first step to love
riddhima: samm this is too much ,and I don't think this is a right way , she sounded really disturbed you should not lie to her like this,  and break her heart again and again
samrat: oh hoo, riddhima ok the last time , you see soon I will tell her my feelings , cause you knew I think she also feel something for me , and then the problem will be solved
riddhima: I hope soo that what you said is right
but she was scared really scared,  she can feel something bad is going to happen and it happened as well
1 whole day passed , and there was no news from gunjan , no call , neither she came there , and everyone was getting tensed , soo next day in the evening ,
Armaan , mayank , riddhima and samrat , were talking about gunjan only , where the hell was she , she didn't came the whole day , nor she called, and when anyone tried calling her she was unavailable ,
Only then nupur came there , she was tensed really tensed
Nupur: mayank , mayank , samrat , that , gunjan
Mayank: nupur what happened , and why are you so tensed , is everything ok , and what happened to gunjan is she fine
Everyone getting tensed
Nupur:  no mayank nothing is fine  , you knew I cant believe my ears over what I have heard ,
Samrat: nupur you are making us scared , please tell what had happened , please
Nupur: samrat , vo actually mom was out to the temple where she met gunjan's mom , and she told her that gunjan marriage is been fixed
Armaan: what !!! what the hell nupur , how can that be , I am sure aunty had got some confusion
Where riddhima and mayank were in equal shock , samrat was like lost , he thought someone had taken away the floor from below his foot,  and he was dumbstruck don't knew what to say
Nupur: no armaan, you knew I also thought that this is some kind of confusion , and soo I straight away went to gunjan's place , to talk to her and she told me this all by herself
Mayank: how can she do like this, I mean if she wanted to get married and all this,  then she could have told us all this earlier as well , then why didn't she did , I mean suddenly what happened that she took such a big step and didn't asked us , forget about asking or taking suggestion she even didn't informed us
Nupur: the bigger shock and the bigger news ,which  I have not told you yet is the person to whom she is getting married to
riddhima: whom is she getting married to [praying to god for some miracle, and nothing bad here]
Nupur: [very disappointed]  , Ranvijay
Armaan: what !!! are you serious
riddhima: nupur please there is no time for any kind of joke right now
Samrat: [getting some courage after hearing ranvijay name his anger rose] , yes if this is some kind of joke then this was the worst I ever heard
Nupur: I am not joking guys , why would I joke of such a serious matter , I am serious and this is the truth , I also didn't trusted to what I heard till I personally asked this to gunjan
riddhima: ok then we will also believe to this only when we will meet her  , where is gunjan

And then all of them rushed to gunjan's place,

Gunjan: yes nupur is telling you guys the truth , I am getting married to ranvijay, I said yes and I am getting married in a week

riddhima: first think are you ok ,I mean are you out of your senses right now , what the hell do you even knew and think that what you are saying [angry at her]

Gunjan: I knew this guys how you are reacting to this and I can understand your reaction this I was already expecting no actually I was expecting a bigger cyclone here, but still there is a lots of calmness here

armaan: ha ha very funny , do you think there is some kind of joke going on here

Gunjan: I knew that armaan , there is no joke going on here , that's why I knew what I am saying this is the life the real life the reality , which is no joke

Mayank: and suddenly what had happened that you have taken such a decision in one day and from where the hell had that cheat ranvijay came back

Gunjan: actually mayank , yesterday when I came back home ranvijay dad was sitting here , [and then she told all of them about what he said]

riddhima: then what,  I am sure he is lying I mean a person like ranvijay can never improve , this can also be one of his trap  [she knew this as earlier as well he had did the same I am sorry act with her and samrat]

Gunjan: I don't think riddhima , and then he came here, and apologized for his act and he told me that he realized that what is true love after leaving me ,and that he has changed, trust me guys he is a changed man now

Mayank: we trust you a lot gunjan , but we cant trust that ranvijay soo soon

Only then they heard a voice from back

Ranvijay: I knew its tough to trust a cheat person again , but please guys give me one chance, one last chance

Seeing ranvijay entering samrat blood boiled up , and riddhima, armaan mayank also have that hatred looks for him

Ranvijay: I knew you all are really angry with me , and it is reasonable  as I deserved this for what I did I deserved this and much more than this , I didn't even deserved gunjan forgiveness, but she did , she forgave me , and she had given me a new life ,I new changed life , her love her trust , it always made me guilty I felt soo guilty after I left gunjan, I realized that she was the one , the one I always wanted , and I myself destroyed everything ,

Mayank: yes you did , and you did it yourself

Ranvijay: I knew mayank ,and I have got my part off punishment for that , I have punished my self a lot all the time for this mistake,  but then I came here , I was not having the courage but still I felt that everyone deserve one second chance , soo I came here to try my luck for my second chance ,and see here she not only forgave me , but also accepted my proposal , I knew that she still love me the same way she did earlier , I felt soo lucky to get gunjan as my life partner

Said ranvijay getting near gunjan , and samrat tighten his hand fingers ,
Ranvijay: I wanted to apologize you all guys as well , I am soo sorry for what I did to your best friend , but I promise that nothing like this will ever be repeated for the rest of my whole life ,and I will love her always like this as I am doing right now I am sorry , mayank , armaan , seriously I was very bad with what I did  ,and samrat , I am soo soo sorry , I knew I was rude , please forgave me one last time

Gunjan: its ok ranvijay , these are my best friends, and they all will forgave you the same way I did, it will take some time I knew but they all will

Ranvijay: I also hope soo , thanks guys for being such a great friend , and now I hope you forgave me and be a part the important part of our wedding , actually we decided not to delay the wedding so we will get married in the end of this week only , after 6 days

As ranvijay left after that ,

Armaan: are you sure gunji what you doing is right 

Mayank: yes gunjan a person like this do you think he can be trusted again

Gunjan: yes mayank , armaan , you saw him he has changed , he loves me and is ready to accept me , and his family also wants that , and even mom and dad are soo happy ,

riddhima: and you , are you happy with this gunjan [very deeply , she wanted her answer]

Gunjan: [thinking a minute]  , yes I am happy , I got what I wanted

That was all for samrat to hear

riddhima: but still gunjan [ riddhima again trying to say something but samrat interrupted]

Samrat: its ok riddhima , guys relax , if she is happy , and if she wants this, then let her do it , we shall be happy in her happiness,

This was the first time samrat had said something ,

Armaan: but samrat , don't you think she is doing a bit earliness

Samrat: no armaan, really gunjan we are really happy for you , I am soo happy that you got what you desired , I am happy that you are happy ,soo there is no point for any argue , congrats gunjan
[with teary eyes and trying hard to hide it]

Gunjan: [teary as well]  thanks samrat , you are my best friend
Music in background 
hoote hai kuch aise bhi aaonso jo behte nahi
tumse humme pyaar hai ye bhi vo kehte nahi
aakhein lagge bolne
khamosh jabse hai tu
song played in the background ,and as in the video if seeing same way gunjan also getting engaged to ranvijay ,
samrat sitting alone in his room , quite really quite , not even saying a word , he was just lost ,

riddhima came there
riddhima: samrat , for god sake say something , you haven't said a word since yesterday , you knew if you will stay like this then its just 5 days to gunjan marriage after 5 days she will be gone samrat , please speak up samm , please
samrat was not able to control much now , he busted out , and he hugged riddhima and cried his heart out
samrat: my first love left incomplete  riddhima, I just lost my first love 
riddhima: samrat , why didn't you spoke up yesterday , why you let all of us agree to this i wont let this happen , if you cant go i will go and tell gunjan the truth the truth that you love her a lot , i wont let gunjan marry that ranvijay and go like this
samrat: no riddhima , please no , you wont do anything like this , didn't you heard what gunjan said yesterday ,she got what she wanted , she got her love back kriddhima she had always loved ranvijay and today she got him back , then why should i come in between the two with this one sided love of mine please riddhima you wont do anything , swear over me that you wont
riddhima: but samm
samrat: swear over me riddhima, you wont say a word , gunjan is happy and i am happy for her , you knew thats what friends are for  soo i have to be happy in her happiness and soo should be you
riddhima: and what about your pain , your sadness , didnt i need to bee a part of that
samrat: i wont be a devdas i promise , i will be happy for her , i am happy for her , and her happiness is my aim of life
tears rolling from both eyes ,and this was the biggest sacrifice , it pained both of them a lot , riddhima wanted to scream loud to gunjan to not allow her from marrying ranvijay but she was bound here for samrat ,
if riddhima cant do anything , others are unknown of this little love story , which is going towards a sad ending  , then who will help them  , or this story will end here , end like this
may be some love stories are meant to be forgotten , cause they dont have a happy end

next two days passed normally , it was like everyone was doing all there work just for the sake of doing noone , actually no one was happy , they all were just being part of everything for gunjan's sake ,
where armaan , mayank and samrat , were keeping themselves intentionally busy with there office work ,riddhima and nupur were just helping gunjan and her parents with marriage preparation , no one was happy, but still they were just there and placing a fake smile were part of it
and samrat , he actually made himself very busy with the office work , something was been noticed by even armaan and mayank , but they cant tell much cause till few level they were having the same state , they all were also sad for gunjan leaving them all like this
next day ,
gunjan was very upset with this avoiding session of her friends ,
she went direct to there office with nupur and riddhima , entering armaan cabin and mayank was
also there

gunjan: guys this is soo not fare, i am getting married after two days and here you guys are not even meeting me for last 3 days

mayank: its not like that gunji , its just that we all are too busy with this office work and so
gunjan: I already knew your excuses mayank and I don't want to know them ahead you always have this excuse , but not now

only then samrat also came there and for a moment , gunjan to stopped but then getting back normal

gunjan: see samrat , you also I mean you always said I was your best friend and is this the way to avoid your best friend and that to when she is getting married in 2 days ,and then will go away from here forever

it pained samrat pained a lot , yes she will go away , go away from there life forever but will she ever go away from his heart no , she wont , she can never

samrat: [getting some strength to say]  no its not like that gunjan , you are our best friend and you always will , even if you go away  [and he cant say ahead]  we all were just busy with office work

gunjan:  this office work can be done after 2 days also , i mean i have only 2 days left with you guys , cant you give me that much time of yours

samrat: [cant neglect her innocence request]  offcourse we can , our all time is yours gunjan , I promise these two days will be the most memorable time of your life ,and I wont let any sad and unhappy thought to even enter this now , what say you all guys ,

armaan: yes offcourse we will , after all this is your days gunjan , you're the most memorable day

gunjan: thanks guys , thanks a lot , I always knew that whatever will happen my friends will always be by my side , the same way they always have , come on now lets go , we will have a full tour of the city today , have lunch dinner together , and spend the whole day the same way we use to hang out earlier , it's the last day , cause tomorrow its mehandi and sangeet ceremony and I wont be allowed to get out of home from tomorrow

armaan: why , does your mom think that you will run away from this marriage if you get out of house [he joked intentionally , and everyone smiled in tears]

gunjan: armaan , was it a joke , very funny its not like that , its just a kind of custom , that I should not get out of house since wedding

riddhima: [clearing her tears  , if samrat can be soo strong , then she can surely be]   ok then why wasting time here , lets go
and after that they all went out from there , spend the whole day together
They first went to their favorite restaurant and had lunch there, enjoying, joking, chatting and teasing each other,
then they all went to market , and roaming around on streets
they had lots of fun , sometime taking all funny thinks from different small shops around
later in the evening, they all went to their favourite cliff at the hill top , where they often use to go at night times ,and sit there and enjoy the beauty of the nature , they stood there till late night , chatting and discussing their future plans , and how gunjan will take care of herself after going from there ,and how she will always stay in contact
the whole day went like this , and later in late midnight they all returned back to their respective homes
everyone unhappy but still pretending to be happy for gunjan happiness,  but gunjan and her happiness? Was she happy ,
riddhima, armaan and mayank , went in one car ,and samrat , first dropped nupur to her house ,and then he and gunjan went towards gunjan's house
with the complete silence inside the car , they reached their , as samrat stopped the car outside gunjan's house
samrat:  here you go , good bye gunji
gunjan: thanks samm , come inside lets have coffee together
samrat: no gunji , not today , I have some work back home
gunjan: if not today then never after this samrat
[it pained him a lot , yes it was the last time , the last time he was dropping her back home ,and last time he said her good night] 
Samrat: gunji , can I ask you something , are you , I mean , are you seriously happy with this marriage  [with hesitation]
Gunjan:  are you happy samrat ?
Samrat: now what kind of question is that , you knew I am really happy for you
Gunjan: and I am happy for everyone around me
Samrat: and what about you gunjan  [he found her reply not satisfactory]
Gunjan: good night samm , its too late for the night [clearly visible she was avoiding the topic]
And then gunjan immediately went inside the house , and shut the door and standing behind the door , she was crying

 Music playing in the background
Please do play this to knew whats going on
Female voice:
Is Dil Pe Lagte Hai Jo Woh Zakhm Dikhte Nahin
Apnose Milte Hai Jo Woh Dard Mite Nahin
Maine Paas Apne Nahin Bas Door Jabse Hai Tu
Bas Door Jabse Hai Tu
Gunjan crying hard
And samrat , standing there outside seeing her leaving
Backgronu music
Male singing:
Jaane Dil Mein Kab Se Hai Tu
Jab Se Main Hoon Tab Se Hai Tu
Mujhko Mere Rab Ki Kasam
Yaara Rab Se Pehle Hai Tu(3)

And then he started his car and leaving from there 

Male singing :
Achcha Hai Haste Huve Ho Jaaye Hum Tum Juda
Yeh Koi Na Poochle Woh Humsafar Kaun Tha
And then samrat left , and went away and then gunjan looked back towards him leaving
Female singing :
Ab To Mujhe Yaad Nahin Saath Mere Kab Se Hai Tu
Saath Mere Kab Se Hai Tu
Music playing
Next day
came with a new sky , and starting towards some end
it was gunjan's mehandi ceremony in the afternoon

it was just a ladies function and no gents were there ,

it happened nicely in a little affair

kashish and nandini were also part of the occasion , they were happy , as they both were unknown of there childrens small story , soo they both were just happy for their children best friend

later in the evening

Sangeet Ceremony

it was like a combined sangeet and soo ranvijay and his family was also invited there
everyone was there , the whole friends gang and there family , still there was no masti around
it was like a boring function family busy with guest and chat and all , no dance no masti as no one was in a mood to do soo , everyone was unhappy for that ,
when suddenly , the dhol started playing ,
and it was none other then samrat entering,  yes he came there to get some life to the function ,to get happy in his best friend happiness

the song if want to hear as well
dhol music ended and he started dancing
Dholak Mein Taal Hai Paayal Mein Chan Chan
Dholak Mein Taal Hai Paayal Mein Chan Chan
Ghoonghat Mein Gori Hai Sehre Mein Saajan
[pointing towards gunjan and ranvijay]
Jahan Bhi Yeh Jaayen Bahaare Hi Chaaayen
[going near them and friendly keeping hands on there back]

Yeh Khushiyaan Hi Paayen Mere Dil Ne Duayen Di Hai

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai

 [going towards mayank and armaan , who joined him as well with the dance]
Dholak Mein Taal Hai Paayal Mein Chan Chan
Ghoonghat Mein Gori Hai Sehre Mein Saajan

[this time dancing with armaan and mayank]

Jahan Bhi Yeh Jaayen Bahaare Hi Chaaayen

 [now he went towards nupur and crosing her towards riddhima , who was getting it hard to control her tears , she cant see samrat like this,  he was to strong but she was not]

Yeh Khushiyaan Hi Paayen Mere Dil Ne Duayen Di Hai 
[but samrat signalled him to not do something crazy , soo she got normal]

all together
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai

[everyone dancing together , even riddhima and nupur joined happily , happy for gunjan yes if samrat can control his feelings then riddhima can also be strong for samrat]

after dancing with others riddhima went near samrat , keeping hand on his shoulder , when samrat was feeling sad , but then seeing riddhima he get back to normal and laughing he saw towards gunjan standing with ranvijay , happy , she was smiling there]

Pyaar Mila Preet Mili Mere Yaar Ko
Badi Pyaari Jeet Mili Mere Yaar Ko
Pyaar Mila Preet Mili Mere Yaar Ko
Badi Pyaari Jeet Mili Mere Yaar Ko
[seeing towards gunjan telling riddhima to see that how happy gunjan is in this]
Khush Hai Jo Dil Maine Mehfil 
[then going towards the middle where peoples were dancing]
Khush Hai Jo Dil Maine Mehfil
Geeto Se Saja Di Hai
everyone singing together:
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
now even armaan and mayank joined samrat
Haar Nahin Jeet Nahin Yahan Pyaar Hai
Jis Main Haar Jeet Ho Woh Kahan Pyaar Hai

[Remembering they were being very rude with rv , but then gunjan is happy with him , there is love soo no ways for any other losing or winning in this]

Haar Nahin Jeet Nahin Yahan Pyaar Hai
Jis Main Haar Jeet Ho Woh Kahan Pyaar Hai

[but here samrat was losing , losing his life forever , riddhima standing in the corner thinking this , when samrat came from back keeping hand on her shoulder]
Lag Ja Gaale Yaar Mere
Lag Ja Gaale Yaar Mere Maine Dil Se Sada Di Hai

[looking towards gunjan and rv , and then getting in middle]
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
[everyone now dancing , all were there in the middle dancing , when seeing all of them , gunjan also started singing this]

Saathi Sakhiyaan Bachpan Ka Yeh Angna

[crossing nupur and going towards the middle seeing her house]
Gudiya Jule Koyi Bhi To Hoga Sang Na
[realizing she will be all alone there now]
Chupaungi Aasoon Kaise Bege Ge Kangna
[getting sad and going near her mother]
Saathi Sakhiyaan Bachpan Ka Yeh Angna
 [now coming near armaan , mayank , nupur , and riddhima seeing all of them , they wont be there with her now , and then seeing samrat]
Gudiya Jule Koyi Bhi To Hoga Sang Na
Chupaungi Aasoon Kaise Bege Ge Kangna
[standing near samrat , how will she forget all of them and live without them]
Saathi Sakhiyaan Re
[everyone sad , gunjan was crying hugging nupur and riddhima , armaan and mayank were also sad , helpless dont knew what to do ,when samrat came there ,playing his favorite guitar to ligten everyone mood and seeing him gunjan and riddhima laughing in tears as well]
Saathi Sun Le Bole Jo Yeh Angna
 [going directly in front of gunjan]

Yeh Mann Jeevan Pyaar Ke Hi Rang Main Rang Na
 [standing in front of her and saying to her , everyone got a bit back , only both were there]

Has Degi Teri Chudi Khankegi Kangna
[holding her hand ,and telling that she will be happy , assurring her that]
Saathi Sun Le Re
[that was all , they both cant control there emotions more , and gunjan hugged samrat, tight , a hug for thanking ,or a hug of separation , what ever it was , they both just lived there whole life in that little moment , and in remembrance of this they will live there rest life] [everyone happy seeing them , two best friends , except for riddhima , she knew this was hard , hard for samrat, these tears were not of separation from each other , but were of pain , pain of leaving his love , not only the best friend]
others group , came in between samrat and gunjan , and started the song again:

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
but this time samrat didn't danced , he left from there , he was soo filled with emotions that he cant control himself being there anymore and gunjan was left there in the middle ,
riddhima saw samrat leaving the hall , and she went behind him , but this time someone else also saw samrat leaving , and it was armaan , and then to his surprise , he saw riddhma going behind him ,
what was happening why they both left ,

can armaan figure that out , or he figure something wrong out of all this
As samrat came out and sat on that bench , head down and he was sad , riddhima came there following him
"samm , please control yourself" she trying to control him , but then she cant
"this is not good, I wont let this happen anymore , I will myself goo there and tell gunjan everything ,I will tell her the truth that she cant marry anyone else because you love him soo much" said riddhima and as she was trying to leave samrat stopped him
"noo riddhima , you have my promise,  you said you wont do soo ever, you cant break that promise now" said samrat
"why samrat , why, why the hell are you soo good samm, why the hell are you only thinking of her , her happiness and why not yours , why cant your love be selfish for once" said riddhima , breaking herself now and she sat there back on bench
"because love is not only in getting and having something it is also sacrificing , sacrificing your life for your lover , giving everything you have just to see one smile in her face" said samrat ,
And listening to his true love ,and seeing that how is this true love getting to this end , riddhima cried , cried hard ,and then samrat consoled her ,

it was the time when armaan came out seeing them as  armaan also went out behind them just the see what was going on
as armaan went out he only saw one think , he saw riddhima sitting on a bench in the garden and she was crying , and samrat was standing there in front of him , keeping a hand on her shoulder
and sitting there, they both hugged each other , armaan went near them , from back behind a tree, to hear what they were talking about and what armaan heard is ahead
"why samrat why, does all love story are meant to have a sad end , why only true love have to suffer all the time" said riddhima in between her cries ,
While armaan was confused , what love story and what was happening
"sshhh , riddhima , riddhima, please stop it , please stop crying you knew I cant see my best friend in pain" said samrat consoling her
"samrat how about if I make a last try , one last time , I think I shall talk to ranvijay I am sure he will understand what he is" riddhima was saying this but then samrat stopped her
"no riddhima , no nothing can be done now, its too late , do you think he will listen to you I mean he loves gunjan and they are getting married tomorrow , he wont listen to you at all , he wont care for what you want to tell and he cant feel the same that you feel riddhima" said samrat
While armaan was getting more more confused,  and making his own conclusions ,  "ranvijay cant feel , what riddhima feels , for what , is there something between ranvijay and riddhima , no that cant be possible , but then why is she sad ,and why is she crying , may be , anything can happen , and moreover riddhima had changed a lot now a days , since gunjan and ranvijay wedding got fixed no this cant happen , I think I am making my own wrong conclusions" said armaan thinking to himself
And he was soo lost in his thinking that when he saw back there , samrat and riddhima were gone , he can see them far away towards the parking , and sat in one car and left from there
"god now what the hell is happening here , and something is happening regarding which samrat knew but we all don't , this cant be possible , and why is riddhima and samrat hiding all this from us" said armaan to himself
[May be you got to know what confusion armaan had got]
Ok now armaan in his confusion, in total madness state was still there thinking that what is going on
"damm armaan what the hell ,and why are you feeling soo hurt , yes she is your best friend , and soo is she samm's best friend , so what that she told something related to her life to samrat and not you , but are you sad for this think , no , then what are you feeling sad for that she likes someone , that she , no why cant she , she is human after all ,and she can like anyone , she can have any feelings , then what am I feeling bad for , no I should not feel bad , but hell why am I" armaan thinking to himself , in this all confusions he also left from there for his house
Soon the function there also ended , and then everyone left for there houses ,
Armaan reached the house only to see that samrat and riddhima have not came back yet
After sometime mayank also came there , only to find armaan in the living room
"hey armaan what's going on , where were you I mean why you riddhima and samrat left earlier" said mayank coming there
But armaan was soo lost in his thoughts that he didn't even saw mayank coming and so mayank went near him and shaking him a bit
"armaan , what happened where are you lost I am talking to you" said mayank sitting on the sofa next to armaan
"nothing mayu , actually I was just thinking about something" said armaan getting out of his thoughts
"that I can see , but what are you thinking , anything serious" said mayank
"ohh nothing much , just like that , tomorrow is gunjan's marriage and all that" said armaan changing the topic
"yes I was also thinking for the same , all this is so not good , I mean I don't knew why I am also not getting some good feelings about all this" said mayank ,
"soo do I mayu , I am really not getting any good feeling in this" said armaan thinking about others thinks as well
"what happened armaan is anything wrong , I mean you don't look fine" said mayank , seeing armaan a little bit disturbed
"no actually mayu I don't knew I mean I think I got some confusion regarding something , well that's not a problem leave that , you must be tired why don't you go and rest" said armaan he cant discuss this with mayank , after all riddhima was his sister he will surely have different thinking over this he cant guarantee how he will react
"you sure for that , ok , anyways riddhima and samm where are they  , I think they must be sleeping by now" said mayank
"no mayu , actually riddhima and samm are not back yet" said armaan
"what they have not came back yet , but they have left the party far to early then us" said mayank and tried dialling there cell number
As riddhima picked the cell
Mayank: hello riddhima where are you
Riddhima: hey mayu , nothing me and samrat were getting bored so we went to have an ice cream you don't worry we will be back home soon , you go and rest , we will come back soon
Mayank: you sure about that
Riddhima: yes mayu , good night
Mayank: ok come back soon
And ending up the cell conversation , mayank went to his room , but armaan didn't
Whole night armaan waited for riddhima and samrat to come back  but they didn't , he knew something was wrong , and now his thinking was getting more strong for this
He didn't knew when he drifted to sleep on the sofa only waiting for riddhima and samrat
While on the other hand ,
Riddhima and samrat were sitting there on the cliff top , where they always go , samrat was sitting there quietly , and riddhima she had made her mind , whatever samrat says she will try for one last time she will give a one last try to save samrat and gunjan love , but she wont tell samrat about this ,otherwise he will again not let her do soo
Later after few hours they both went back from there to there house , and straight away went to there respective rooms and slept there ,
No one knew what the next day sun holds for all of them

Next day morning
The wedding day ,
The wedding was in night time , the baraat [groom and his family]  was to come in night and in later night the wedding ceremony was to be held
Soo whole day was the preparations day ,
Armaan got up and realized that he slept there only and as he remembered the night event , he thought he shall talk to samrat about this , maybe he will tell him something
As he went there he saw that samrat was not there , not even riddhima was there in the house ,
From the servant he came to knew that riddhima went somewhere after getting ready few minutes ago , may be she have went to gunjan's house , for arrangements purpose
And as for samrat he had went for some office work and he had said to leave armaan a message that he will reach directly at gunjan's house in the evening
But then on cross checking nor samrat was in office and  neither riddhima was at gunjan's house
On other hand ,
Riddhima she was sitting in a restaurant waiting for someone and then comes a man , and it was none other then ranvijay
Ranvijay: hello riddhima
Riddhima: hello ranvijay , I am soo sorry that I called you here like this and that to today , I knew it was difficult for you to leave from your house in between of all that rasams and all
Ranvijay: its ok, why did you called me here
Riddhima:  look rv , the think I am telling you right now , its really important , I mean I want you to listen to me very carefully first
Ranvijay: listen riddhima , tell me clearly whatever you want to say , I don't have much time I have to do many preparations as well its my marriage today
Riddhima: I knew , I knew this very well that its your marriage today , its your and gunjan marriage today , but ranvijay you cant I mean I don't know how shall I say you this ,see we have forgotten all our past so now we are like friends, so I hope I can say you this
Ranvijay: I am very confused riddhima , can you please be clear
Only then riddhima's cell rang, and it was armaan ,
At excusing herself she picked the call
Riddhima:  hello yes armaan tell
Armaan: riddhima where are you ?
Riddhima: [after thinking a bit]  armaan I was , actually I am in market I needed to purchase some accessories for today so I came here , I will be back in few minutes
Armaan: you sure riddhima ,
[only then a waiter came to take there order and waiter said for order to ranvijay , he made his order that was all for armaan , he somehow recognized the voice and can link up that riddhima was there with rv]
Armaan: riddhima where are you , tell me I will come and pick you up
Riddhima: no no , that is not required, I have my car , I will come anyways I will call you back after sometime when I get free ok bye armaan
Without wasting a minute she cut the call , and made armaan feeling more strong now he was sure that she was with that rv , then why is she hiding all this , and what is she doing with him and hell why no one knew anything about this
As riddhima ended the call
Ranvijay: listen riddhima I have to leave so please can you tell me why you called me here
Riddhima:  ok I just wanted to say that , that you cant do this marriage [she said it in one line]
Ranvijay: what are you kidding with me , see riddhima this is no time for joke
Riddhima: no rv , I am not joking , you I mean you cant do this marriage, please you don't get married to gunjan
Ranvijay: ok , that's all can you tell me why I shall not marry gunjan when I love her soo much
Riddhima: cause , cause , because I love you [she said this whatever came to her mind at that time]
Ranvijay: what !! ok I knew this was a great joke you and your friends playing with me , but please riddhima stop this
Riddhima: no rv , there is no joke going around , yes trust me and none of my friend is here for making fun here , I am telling you the truth , I have always liked you , I knew we started on a bad note , but then slowly I started feeling for you , and then you were with gunjan , but then I always wanted to be with you , and now when you are back here , you cant marry her , please rv , I really love you , trust me I will keep you far more happy then gunjan , please you don't get marry to gunjan today
Ranvijay: riddhima I am not getting anything what you are saying , I mean this cant happen now , I love gunjan and its too late for anything I am getting married to her today
Riddhima: [now as riddhima had got a great way to stop this wedding she started with all kind of melodrama's to convince rv]  , please rv , just listen to me once see just give me one chance I promise I will keep you very happy , even more then gunjan , you stop this wedding and be with me I can assure you you will be more happy with me
Ranvijay: riddhima please stop it , why are you doing this , listen its over , this discussion is over I am leaving I have to get ready for my wedding with gunjan
Riddhima: ok rv , I give you the time till evening you think over this , once again,  you knew you have a better opportunity and a much better life with me , and if you are ready to accept my offer , then I wont be expecting you there at gunjan house tonight , you wont come there and if you come there then I will get my answer , if you will not come there , then I will come here at this restaurant only to meet you , bye rv , hope to see you here tonight and not somewhere else
And saying so riddhima left from there , leaving ranvijay in great thoughts back there
Now it was a test time and she prayed that she pass in this , and ranvijay will not come to the wedding place

Ok that's all for now ,

I am bad and cruel I knew I will count the people who actually planning to kill me for this twist and cliff hanger
I promise update for today so I did
Next update surely will be soon as much as my readers cant stay on this cliff hanger so do I cant control to write ahead in this
Will wait for your replies

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Uff... So many tensions... but thank god things are on its place now...
Thank you for updating Big smile
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Awsm part buddy.
Luvd it.
Thanx 4 d pm.
Update soon.
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awesome update
soo much problem but at last all is well
thanks for pm
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awesome updatesoo much problem but nice part 

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