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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 34)

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hey friends
sorry for this delays , i knew i m late again , but i am sure you will be really happy with the length of the part ,
will update ahead in few minutes with a long part

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part 10 on page 20



Finally the show, today is the charity show and armaan and riddhima are going to perform

The show began

ok now there performance is on the song 'be intehaan' of race 2 movie a video of the song if you want to listen

after all the intro and little scenes in the show finally came the song the music started flashlight only

on armaan and riddhima hugging each other

music began

RIDDHIMA started singing in armaan ears [with english subtitles for my readers who dont knew hindi]

Suno na kahe kya suno na
Dil mera suno na, suno zara

[Listen, what my heart says,
Listen, listen for a while]

RIDDHIMA falling back and armaan holding her from waist and then making her stay back

Teri baahon mein mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri baahon mein hogi subah

[I have to stay in your arms all night long..
The morning will be in your arms]

armaan started singing and they both dancing slow dance moving right left together

Yoon pyaar kar be-intehaa
Dekha karoon saari umar
Tere nishaan be-intehan

Love me without any limits..
I'd see, all my life,
your signs, limitless]

AR coming face to face holding each other both hands and then making circles with arms tangled

Koi kasar naa rahe, meri khabar na rahe
Chhoo le mujhe is kadar be-intehaan
[There should be nothing lacking, I should be out of consciousness,
Touch me so much, so much as without limits]

Armaan and riddhima dancing again and armaan lifting riddhima with his arms support and taking a turn

Jab saanson mein teri saansein ghuli toh
Phir sulagne lage
Ehsaas mere mujhse kehne lage

[When your breaths got dissolved into mine,
feelings began to fire up again,
they began talking to me]

Armaan keeping riddhima down still in each other arms dancing

Haan baahon mein teri aa ke jahaan do
Yoon simatne lage
Sailaab jaise koi behne lage

[Coming into your arms, thus
both my worlds began to contract]

Armaan singing but was lost in that hug with riddhima even riddhima was soo lost in the dance he wished that this never ends he want to stay like this forever and ever

Khoya hoon main aagosh mein
Tu bhi kahaan ab hosh mein
Makhmali raat ki ho naa subah
Be intehaan, be-intehaan
Yoon pyar kar be-inteha
[I am lost in your arms,
you're not conscious either..
There be no morning to velvetty night,
Love me in such a way, without any limits]

Then came the music both dancing separately on their steps for the music at the end riddhima again coming facing armaan almost hugging on him for support

Gustakhiyan kuch tum karo
Kuch hum karein is tarah

[Do some effrontery..
and some I do, in such a way,]

Armaan was getting lost in this closeness with her and then he saw riddhima shyly looking away so did he

Sharma ke do saaye hain jo
Muh pher lein hum se yahaan

[that even the two shadows that we see here,
feel shy and turn their faces the other way..]

riddhima in dancing getting away from armaan and armaan hold her hand and pull her back towards him , she touching his chest as the upper button of armaan shirt were open riddhima hand by chance got in and got placed exactly above the position where armaan heart is

Haan chhoo to liya hai ye jism tune
Rooh bhi choom le
[You have touched this body
Now kiss my soul too..]

Armaan said this so sincerely , maybe riddhima had already been connected to his soul he was so lost in her now no stage no music was visible to him just he and riddhima and the sincere words he wanted to say her

Alfaaz bheege bheege kyun hain mere
[Why are my words all drenched]

riddhima was dancing ahead on her step making circle around armaan but armaan was standing in the same position just watching her

Haan yoon choor ho ke majboor ho ke
Qatra qatra kahe
Ehsaas bheege bheege kyun hain mere

[Being all broken, being helpless,
every element says,
why are my feelings all drenched]

riddhima with mere eyes signaled armaan to take the next step which was his, she gave her hand in his hand and done the basic rounds of the ball dance

Do bekhabar bheege badan
Ho besabar bheege badan
Le rahe raat bhar angdaiyaan

[Two unaware drenched bodies,
two impatient drenched bodies
are turning all night..]

Armaan and riddhima doing the last step , riddhima again came in armaan arms and then armaan taking rounds holding her

Be inteha, be inteha
Yoon pyaar kar, be inteha
Dekha karoon saari umar
Tere nishan, be-intehaan

Love me without any limits..
I'd see, all my life,
your signs, limitless]

Armaan putting riddhima down , there eye lock , eyes in eyes, not breaking the contact, riddhima and armaan standing straight and then last riddhima bending down a little with armaan support on her back and the music ends there

Koi kasar na rahe, meri khabar na rahe
Chhoo le mujhe is kadar be-intehaan

[There should be nothing lacking, I should be out of consciousness,
Touch me so much, so much as without limits]

all the persons there watching the song were soo lost in the perfect dancing too romantic and sensuous performance

armaan was soo lost in riddhima that he didn't noticed anything

it was not that they were dancing soo close for the first time they have done many stage shows together earlier also

but today he was feeling different very different

he was feeling like Goosebumps in his stomach while dancing with her while riddhima was very nervous , she was very much concentrating on her steps and performing her best, all in bindaas style , riddhima's style

and soo the chemistry today was far much better between them then always

anyone seeing them can only say one think that they were a perfect made for each other couple

they looked like that only

at the end of the performance both were soo lost in each other eyes just not breaking their eye lock riddhima by eyes only thanking him for that best support for the performance and because of that gunjan was happy , she only wanted gunjan happiness soo she did this for her , riddhima got up first and stand properly , as she passed armaan , armaan only watching her and her

the hall was filled with large sounds of clapping and appreciation that made armaan attentive about his surroundings

and back stage samrat who was seeing this said to himself

Samrat: Dad Was Soo Right , Armaan and Riddhima are for Each Other Are Meant For Each Other They are Just Perfect , and then he remembered his conversation with karan on that day



samrat: what is it dad , why you called me to talk here , anything serious

karan: actually samm beta you know that you are my son , but still I have always considered armaan riddhima and mayank equal to you , I have loved them the same way I love and I have always treated you four equally

samrat: I know that dad and you don't have to explain me this , I knew you love us all unconditionally

karan: since you four were 12 years old , we have stayed in London for business purpose and since last 10 years we all were not able to give you much time, the age when a kid needs his parents the most we were not there with you

samrat: dad all of a sudden why are you saying like this, I agree that you have always stayed away from us , but still you were always there , you have taken care of us properly then also , and moreover prerna bua [armaan mom well she had died 4 years ago] , was also there , right dad , and since she has left us , 4 years ago , we have become big enough to take care of each other and we four are happy together and don't need anyone

karan: I knew that you friend are enough for each other , and by the time you all are together , you don't need anyone at all , and soo I want that you all should stay together forever

samrat: I didn't got that dad , offcourse we are forever together

karan: samm not like that , now see mayank and nupur are together now and I know nupur is a perfect girl for mayank and you and armaan both are really strong and I knew that you both will always be fine , if I am concerned its only for riddhima

samrat: riddhima ? but why dad riddhima is fine and we all are there for her

karan: this is it samrat you all are there for her , but till when will you be ?

samrat: what do you mean dad ?

karan: samrat , you mayank and armaan how long you all will stay with her , not today but tomorrow , in future she will need a special friend , her soul mate who will stay with her for the rest of her whole life , as her life partner

samrat: [after a thought] but dad riddhima she is like a kid , soo innocent , she has no sense of this world , and then in this situation some completely unknown person will come in her life, I mean he wont be able to take care of riddhima , he cant understand her soo well

karan: this is what I wanted to say samrat , any stranger cant understand riddhima only you all guys knew her well and can take care of her well that's why I don't want any random person in riddhima's life , I have always considered riddhima as my daughter and now I want to make her my daughter forever , as my [after a pause] Daughter 'in -law

samrat: [shocked] what !!! what do you mean dad , you are saying riddhima as daughter in law , you meant me and riddhima [even more then most not applicable line]

karan: [immediately interrupted his thoughts] no ways samrat , riddhima is my daughter and I want her life to settle with peace , I love her and I cant intentionally destroy her life with a idiot like you , you both are not meant for each other

samrat: [completely agreeing] dad don't call me an idiot atleast , but yes you are right we both are never meant , wait a minute if its not me then you mean ARMAAN !!! [completely shocked] no ways dad you even knew what you are saying , ARMAAN and RIDDHIMA , no dad how can this be

karan: why not they both are just perfect for each other , armaan is sensible, intelligent and caring also , and moreover you will also agree with me that in this whole world its armaan to whom riddhima is most close , forget about mayank he is her brother and that's different , but somewhere I am sure riddhima is closer to armaan even more then mayank

samrat: [thinking over it] yaa dad I agree riddhima is most close to armaan may be more then mayank and more than us all , but still dad they both are best friends and if they both don't feel this way for each other I mean I am sure they both dont love each other in that way

karan: you r mistaken samrat armaan and riddhima do love each other and that too in that way its just there is a lack of realisation they both have not realize it yet , that what is there between them both is definitely much much ahead and more than just friendship , that is actually love

samrat: I am damm confused right now , I still can't take it I mean armaan riddhima they both , how can this be dad?

karan: offcourse it can be samrat and it had been , because love is this only samrat understanding each other , taking care of each other , not having any secrets with each other , and when you are together you don't need anyone in this world to be happy in each other happiness and getting sad with each other's pain feeling each other's pain and all this is there with armaan and riddhima

samrat: yes dad but still if there would have been something like this between them ,then till now why haven't we all felt it ever after seeing them

karan: that's because you , mayank nupur and gunjan , you all have allways stayed together been together every time , every moment of your life till now , and you all have allways seen them together like this and that's why you don't find anything strange in there being together and the way they be together , this closeness and attraction in them is not visible to you and if it is , you don't find all this strange at all , cause its normal for you all , you have always seen them like this, but if one stranger to them sees them he can tell it at once that there is something special between them , ONCE samrat , once look at them not like armaan and riddhima's best friend , just be a normal human and then look at them , you will get the answers to all your questions


Now Samrat Watching AR Dancing on the Stage Together There Bonding , There Caring , There Understanding , And There Love ,Yes Hee Can See It Now

samrat: [to himself] yes dad today like a normal human a normal person I am seeing armaan and riddhima and today I agree with you dad you were right , you were absolutely right , Armaan and Riddhima are Made For Each Other and I will make them Realise this Dad I Promise You That

armaan and riddhima , back stage with gunjan and nupur

gunjan: [hugging riddhima tight] god riddhima , I love you yaar , that was an awesome performance , you were too good and today just because of you my first show had become soo successful thanks a lot yaar

riddhima: my god gunji how dare you , how can you break our friendship rule , how dare you say me thanks haa [fake anger]

gunjan: ops , don't take that seriously madam , just a slip of tongue , I didn't knew what I was saying I am soo super excited [showing attitude]

armaan: yes and in that excitement you even forgot that I am also here , and that I have also performed here and only riddhima was too good , and just because of riddhima your show became hit [pouring]

gunjan: awww armaan I really didn't mean that of course you were also good , but I don't feel like saying you anything , as without any reason I don't want you to feel like super man ,at last moment saving me [teasing him]

armaan: that's not fare this is not done , partial , you have always been partial , first you just ordered me that I will also see how you will not dance for me ,and now when I did that for you , you cant even praise me for my effort [showing fake pain as if very hurt]

gunjan: oh forget it , and stop your fake melodrama

nupur: oh stop it gunji , stop teasing him , and armaan she is just kidding ok , you knew you were the best , and I loved your performance seriously [came the sweet nupur as usual]

riddhima: oh hoo nups why you came in between it was soo nice to see armaan behaving soo cutely

and then came samrat there ,

samrat: hey hey you girls having majority here that's why you are irritated my sweet brother , but you don't worry armaan see I m here for you ,

armaan: samm , my brother you came for me [full melodramatic style]

samrat: [in the same melodrama] yes my brother I am here for you and now you don't worry if they are three then we also are two

only then came male a voice from back

mayank: not two samm we are three

everyone turned back and saw mayank standing there

riddhima: [running to him and hugging him tight] mayuu , god I missed you soo much

mayank: I missed you too bachaa , soo how are you , and how was your show

riddhima: oh , you just got few minutes late , otherwise you would have also seen the show [said riddhima getting disappointed]

mayank: aww , I missed that [disappointed as well]

armaan: you are missing something else also mayuu , that we are also standing here [said armaan and other group , waiting to meet mayank]

mayank: and I can never forget you guys ok , that can happen only if I die [said mayank coming towards armaan and other group]

and mayank got 5 slaps together not on face , but on his arms , one from armaan , second from gunjan , third from samrat , and very hard from nupur and a high one on back from riddhima

mayank: awww what the , stop it guys I was just kidding [said mayank in pain]

armaan: don't you ever dare to say that again ok [tightly hugging him as if felt soo pain after hearing that]

mayank: ok I wont , hey samm [no hugging samrat, and then to gunjan , hugging her] hey gunji , wow yaar great work the arrangements here look soo perfect , I think your first show is a great hit , I have already seen the audience reaction , it looked nice , good job yaar

gunjan: thank god everything got perfect , I was soo nervous , but yaa riddhima and armaan were really nice with the dance ,and samm and nupur were also a great help in this , specially nupur [and then she looked at nupur , who was patiently waiting to meet mayank , and the lovers really wanted some time together] okkk , I think we shall leave for a while right , armaan riddhima samrat lets goo mayank will drop nupur [with eyes signalling mayank and nupur looking at each other]

samrat: yaa lets goo , come [almost moved ahead]

mayank:[seeing samrat going] ahh samrat , I came here with the driver , he is outside , tell him to go to airport after an hour

samrat: airport ? who is coming ?

mayank: everyone , mom dad , karan uncle and masi ma

samrat: [excited] wow mom and kashish masi maa is also coming great , but why soo urgently they all didn't told us

mayank: noo they were calling at home , but you all were here busy ,soo they told mee, and they are coming for day after tomorrow occasion [felt shy while saying last line]

armaan , riddhima and samrat together: ohhh , soo that's why mayank is soo happy

gunjan: guys what is it , what occasion is day after tomorrow [confused]

riddhima: gunjan how could you forget it , why don't you ask nupur , I m sure she can never forget that day ever in her life [teasing nupur who was going all red with shyness] after all its her engagement day

gunjan: offcourse I remembered I just got confused with the date , yaa nupur and mayu are getting soo red after all its their engagement day

samrat: yes it would be great fun , and finally our mayank and nupur will get the official permission to romance after that [teasing them again]

mayank: now will you guys stop this , and stop teasing us , I m tired and I want to rest now

riddhima: ya ya we knew that how much tired you are and what rest you need [said riddhima teasing him again pointing at nupur and then seeing mayank stern looks] ok ok now stop staring we are just leaving come guys lets goo and leave these love birds all to themselves

with that armaan , samrat , riddhima and gunjan left from there leaving mayank and nupur behind

now mayank and nupur alone

mayank: soo you missed me [coming near and with that teasing smile]

nupur: [getting red and not meeting her eyes] mayank me actually , please don't look at me like this

mayank: [teasing ahead] look at you like what nupur

nupur: you knew what I am saying [getting shy]

mayank: no nupur , tell me what are you saying [teasing]

nupur: mayank please [smiling shyly]

mayank: nupur please [with a wink , as asking her for a kiss pointing at his cheeks , coming near

and nupur going back , he more near and nupur back towards the wall]

nupur: mayank [very low , as she was struck there mayank ahead and wall at the back]

mayank: nupur [in the same way]

nupur: mayank [again]

"mayank nupur" , this time really loud it was not mayank , rather it was not one voice as if few persons saying together , as mayank and nupur getting shocked turned back it was the gang again all four of them were standing there

Riddhima: no no , you continue , we just came back to say that don't extend your mayank-nupur game soo long , actually we have to go to shopping later , we have to buy dresses for your engagement ceremony today [smiling]

Mayank: ok thanks for informing now bye [sarcastically as if got disturbed with his most important work]

Gunjan: ok bye bye guys [started leaving]

And then armaan came back

Armaan: ohh yaa by the way you guys continue [with a wink and they all finally left laughing]

And here mayank and nupur left finally even they laughing at their act and then finally they had their hug

Later in the Evening, Shopping Time,

Gunjan , riddhima and nupur went to the best designer showroom ladies section there , while armaan , samrat and mayank went in the men's section

as usuall boys were faster , they didnt took much time and selected dresses for the occation ,

armaan's dress

samrat's dress

and finally our mayanks special one

and here on the other side all the girls

They all were seeing at various designs , but were getting soo confused with the designs as usuall girls you knew they have cut shorted few designs and now they were choosing final 3 for them

gunjan: its good , but don't you think this colour is not applicable for an engagement ceremony

riddhima: yaa right this is not good , rejected next

only then the boys came there

armaan: hey girls are you done with the dresses

nupur: oh guys , thank god you are here , actually we all are getting soo confused and i really dont get it what should i wear

samrat: its ok nupur , main hu na , come i will help you

and then samrat picked one dress

samrat: ya this one is good [he have no idea what he was saying just said to some random dress]

armaan: yes and this colour also matches mayanks dress [happily]

riddhima : [after seeing the dress and making bad faces] ewww this is not at all good, how can you like this samrat its too light for nupur to wear

samrat: ohh ok , then you take this one , this one is nice ,gosh and its heavy in weight as well

gunjan: [after seeing the dress and thinking a bit] hmm , no samrat , this is nice but nothing special ,i mean an engagement dress need to be the best and most unique

samrat: [smiling at gunjan , didnt got what she said much , but just smiling] ok gunjan , what ever you say , you knew you are really intelligent

and seeing him like this , riddhima sitting with him came near him

riddhima: [very low only samrat can hear] stop buttering her like this samrat , you are looking like a joker get your teeth's inside

samrat: [getting normal] , oh ok , then you need something really unique , ok then yes that one kept there

gunjan: its a bridal wear samrat , if nupur will wear such a heavy wear for engagement them what will she wear for her wedding

riddhima: samrat , you leave this , it's out of your range task

samrat: [getting irritated like a kid] I don't want to help you all, here your dresses select yourself gosh ladies

leaving nupur , mayank and armaan to laugh at him loud

gunjan: nupur , how about this one , [showing her this]

nupur: [confused, very low] its good , ok

gunjan: ohh, don't be so generous on me , i also dont liked this that much

riddhima: guys atleast reject properly , this one was good, but the colour was really light , select something in a dark colour

armaan: hey how about this one

riddhima after seeing that

riddhima: very ordinary

and armaan unlike samrat was patient

armaan: ohh , what ordinary

riddhima: very simply made , no extra designing is there in it

gunjan: hey nupur look at this

riddhima: wow gunji , this one is nice

samrat: ok then final [as if want to run from here as fast as can]

gunjan: noo actually , its really good , but golden red , colour , something should be different

samrat: gosh you girls [irritated]

riddhima: hey this style is also very nice

nupur: [after seeing it]   its very nice , but white colour on an auspicious occasion

riddhima: oh yes , i forget bride should not wear white colour on an wedding type occasion

gunjan: hey why dont you see something in red , yes see this one this is really stylish

samrat: [seeing one more dress] hey here there is one more like this

gunjan: oh wow samrat , this one is also very nice great yaa there two are good , what do you think riddhima

riddhima: no gunji , noo red green , i think pink , yes pink colour is more suitable here see this one , this is soo trendy , and wow this neck style is great cool design haa

gunjan: riddhima this one is also osm yaar , i loved that as well , but i think that two i selected are also nice

armaan: riddhima this is good and pink colour is really cool , see i got one more for that , this sari is also perfect for the occation

riddhima: wow armaan great choice , but a sari , i think leganga would be fine for this occasion , sari she can wear at any other occation, lets buy this for some other occasion

gunjan: ok its fine then , forget the sari , nupur you try this red and green dress which one of the two you like the most , i think this fish cut is better then the straight cut

riddhima: no not red , green , nupur you try this pink lehanga , this neck style is very nice, i really like this

gunjan: no nupur the red and green one

riddhima: nope this pink one

now it was gunjan and riddhima face to face type

gunjan: riddhima red and green

riddhima: no gunji pink

gunjan: red green

riddhima: pink

gunjan: red green

riddhima: pink

and the others seeing them were like all boys head on their head and nupur was seeing riddhima then gunjan , then riddhima then gunjan

mayank: [loud] stop it girls , what are you doing ,relax

samrat: yaa , i mean why are you both deciding that what nupur should wear , let her decide that herself , what she shall wear , you tell nupur which one you like , red green or pink

and now everyone seeing nupur,

riddhima: yes you tell

nupur confused what to doo , and then she took out a dresses from her hand

nupur: i liked this one a lot , but then i even liked this one as well

nupur: now you girls tell which one is more better from there two

riddhima and gunjan together , riddhima said :blue one , and gunjan said : red one

riddhima : nupur blue that is osm

gunjan: noo nupur red , that one is soo classy

riddhima: blue

gunjan: red

mayank: [shout] stop it stop you girls , god , where i am strucked

armaan and samrat: [together] no mayank , where we are strucked

mayank: [very serious] ok now you all quite , just quite you girls

and then mayank also got in it

mayank: here see this dress , i really liked this a lot

he was about to get it , when riddhima said

riddhima: [tired] oh noo mayank now not you

mayank: stop ok and just see this one

and nupur after seeing that dress really liking it , and other four were like

all four together: ohhh

riddhima: soo the best one reserved for finale

gunjan: yaa now i think we all have no work here , cause now nupur is going to wear this dress only

samrat: yaa after all mayank has selected this one for her

armaan: and mayuu , by the way nice choice , and yes if it was you two who wanted to decide , then what were we all doing here from past one hour

samrat: becoming a bakra , which these girls have made us today

gunjan: ha ha very funny , soo nupur tell me your final choice , come on tell me , which one you have finaly selected,

riddhima: yes tell , then we will choose the other one for us as well

and nupur , now strucked , which dress nupur selects out of the last 3 , let her decide ,,

gunjan: oh hoo riddhima , don't you think that this is soo useless to ask nupur to select some dress , I mean nupur will select that dress only which mayank has selected for her

riddhima: yaa right , soo nupur this golden leganga is ok na ? [teasing]

and nupur here just blushing a bit , while everyone was like ooohhh

soo finally decided nupur wearing the golden leganga

nupur: ok girls , now you also decide some dress for yourself

samrat: [scared] oh god , you mean we have to repeat the same process again of selecting and that too twice , ohh noo

riddhima: ha ha very funny samm , but you don't worry , we wont take that much time of yours , actually I love this blue dress soo I think I will take this one , and as for gunji she loved that red one soo she will take that , right gunji

gunjan: yaa perfect I loved this one already , and if nupur is not wearing this one soo I will take that

armaan: [taking a sign of relief] ok finally , lets goo then

riddhima: hey where , we have just shopped for dress yet , still matching jewelry , accessories and footwear are left

armaan and samrat together: [melodramatically] nooo

mayank: my god you girls are too much , now give a break to your shopping , mom dad are on their way to home , they will be there in another hour , soo its better we go back home for the time being and as for the rest of your shopping you can do that with mom and masi ma , I am sure all you females together will have great fun in that and that will save our life

riddhima: shut up mayu , what do you mean by safe your life , ok fine , we will leave right now and will do rest of the shopping with mom and masi ma

with that they all left with their shopping , they have taken all the dresses they liked earlier as well , for some other occasions


Here comes , sujal kashish , karan and nandini and the whole family was now together and they all

were soo happy to be together , it was a good family union , it was late night soo mayank went to drop gunjan first and then he dropped nupur to her place while armaan , samrat and riddhima were back with their parents

Riddhima showing all the dresses to nandini and kashish

Riddhima: mom now tomorrow I have called jeweler at home with his best designs , you just select the best you like in that , and even the accessories and bangles , ok, mom now I want this shopping stuff to get completed by afternoon , soo that we can do other work as well after that and then decoration and catering , and most important invitation and

Riddhima keep on saying continuously , and kashish interrupted her

Kashish: ok ok relax , gosh baby I knew you are dam excited for your bro's engagement and that you have taken care of all the arrangements , now you relax , everything will be taken care of ok

Nandini: yaa right and don't worry now we all are here ok we will take care of everything , you just tell me how are you , and yes how was the show , I am sure armaan and you must have did a great work there

Riddhima: yes masi ma , you knew what , it was soo good ,and looking at audience reaction I feel it was great , gunjan was really very happy , her first project was a hit

Kashish: yes I am soo happy for gunjan , oh riddhima , gunjan's mom and dad , how are they , I am sure you have invited them for the ceremony

Riddhima: mom , what do you mean invited them , they are the family , they don't need any invitation , ok now mom , its really late and I am tired to , soo good night ,and yaa , tomorrow morning early ok , I have already called nupur and gunjan as well

Ok that's all for now I was to write more in this, but then I thought that it will become more lengthy,

And then I get really less response to it , cause my readers get confused that I give soo much in one update,

As for precap well its just going to be mayank and nupur engagement special ,

Lots of masti and fun, hope you will enjoy reading that I will try my best

And little bit of armaan feelings after the show

Edited by searchoffriends - 30 November 2013 at 6:52am

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..Ambika.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 February 2011
Posts: 5551

Posted: 09 May 2011 at 7:54am | IP Logged
omg!!!!!...gunjan is marrying tht ranvijay...this is such  a big shock...plz plz updt soon yaar...cnt wait to read more sajan parts...this part ws just amazing...luvd sajan parts...cnt soon and thnx fr the pm...
preety88 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 October 2007
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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 8:09am | IP Logged
mindblasting update...gunjan is going to marry ranvijay oh no..pls dont do this...plsss cont soon
shaaz_91 Goldie

Joined: 21 January 2011
Posts: 1549

Posted: 09 May 2011 at 8:10am | IP Logged
amazing one
it waz really gr8 reading dis part...full of masti...
but d promo waz shocking cum gunjan n ranvijay
urgh...dat villain iz not yet out of der lives...
cont soon
Anjali_12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 8:11am | IP Logged

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged
Hey dear
Love the update
awesome as always
thanks for the PM
take care
SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
Posts: 6444

Posted: 09 May 2011 at 8:30am | IP Logged
amazing update.
so nicely written.
love entire jwelry collection n attires.
nice choice.
love d song...its perfectly matched with d situation.
bt precap is shocking...gunjan weds RV :O
hw cld be possible????????
update soon.
thanks for the pm.

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