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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 2)

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RECAP: friendship between all 6 and how they became best friends and can't live for a single day without each other few memories of them when they were in 5th standard and 9th standard there childhood masti  








ARMAAN and MAYANK were Basket Ball Player , in there school team. Armaan was the captain and mayank was also one of best players



MAYANK  was also the HEAD BOY of the school 

And with him NUPUR was the HEAD GIRL of the school 




It was a normal working day


Today is armaan and Mayank basket ball match with the opponent team of there school


It was an inter school match


And the captain off opponent team was GAURAV - arrogant, rude and hated armaan mayank  and there group as armaan and mayank were more popular than him in school and in between girls


The match was almost about to begin

The basketball court was ready and almost whole school was sitting in audience cheering for there favourite most heard as



Almost all the girls were saying this


Everybody was ready for the match except ARMAAN




Mayank: armaan lets goo its almost match time


armaan didn't replied


enter's samrat


samrat: Mayank, armaan the whole team is ready come on move what happened armaan ?


armaan: vo riddhima ...she haven't came yet


Mayank: oh no I just forgot to wake riddhima  I think she must be sleeping till now


armaan: what ..she knew that its my match today can she 


samrat: I m sure she will come soon atleast you all come out


coach: listen armaan todays match is really important being the captain of the team you need to understand this, the team which will won today will be chosen to represent our school in front of other schools, abd today coach is also going to be selected, listen its not just the matter of your team going to be selected but also of my job, if today the opponent team wins then the other coach will get permanent here and I will lose my job, please armaan lets go we need to play this match


samrat took an exist and went towards the audience and joined

nupur and gunjan who were cheering for their team in audience 


nupur: hey sammy what happened you looking little tensed 


samrat :  Riddhima  


gunjan: oh no, riddhima haven't came yet 


samrat : nope, hope she come here soon


armaan and Mayank came in the court


The cheering became louder as armaan entered and on other hand gaurav was getting more and more angry seeing that

The Match Began


armaan was not at all concentrating on the game he was continuously staring towards the entrance gate and soo game getting out of there control.


the opponent team made a basket


Mayank: armaan what are you doing, come on concentrate on the match.


coach: god if it will go on like this then my job is gone [praying]


Mayank: no sir that wont happen we will win , right armaan


armaan: yes, yes, I will try

the game began again

and just then riddhima  entered from gate

as armaan saw her coming he ran towards her leaving her game in middle


armaan: riddhima  where were you, I was waiting for you for soo long


riddhima : armaan your match  [as he almost left that in middle] I am here now you just go


armaan: yes that god, you knew I cant win without my good wishes from you and that locket, where is my locket?


riddhima :  locket that I 


armaan: you forgot to bring mom's locket riddhima  now how will I win [riddhima  interrupted him in between]


riddhima : I have it, its with me in my pocket

[she put hand in her pocket and get something out in his hand]


armaan: ok then give it to me [he hold her hand and tried to get it]

[riddhima pulled her hand back]


riddhima :  you play your game I will take care of this

[There coach arrived towards them]


armaan: sir see riddhima had come 


coach: yes I saw that [ towards riddhima ] by the way why are you standing there come in inside the court


riddhima : [really confused]     what , why sir


coach: yes so what look moreover armaan is not playing the match [ pointing towards riddhima ] why don't you play at armaan's place


[on the coach comment armaan realized he left the match in middle of the game]


armaan: ohhh no no sir I am going playing


[he ran and joined his team and started playing the match]


[riddhima who was standing there open her hand and there was nothing there she had not bought armaan's locket she had forgotten that]


[she joined samrat and girls in the audience and started cheering for Mayank and armaan]


the game now became the --"the actual armaan's game"


and finally they won the match and the crowd was getting mad with happiness


riddhima came running in the court and without any delay ran towards Mayank and hugged him


riddhima : wow Mayank i knew you are going to win this match


then she approached armaan and hugged him and congratulated him in the same manner she did to Mayank


riddhima : I knew this match you were going to win


armaan: my locket where is it, give me 


riddhima : vo I actually    [she didnt know how too reply]

armaan: you lied to me riddhima, I told you to get my locket and you  [ he said it just like a small kid say when he didnt get his toy]

riddhima : oh god armaan stop crying and by the way your luck depends on your handwork and I am your best wisher so you won

[after saying this she just ran away towards there group who were cheering Mayank and other team member]

armaan: [as she ran from there ] thats not fare haa

[but he cant fight anymore as now he was surrounded by the audience specially the girls cheering for him and he got busy with them ]


Here samrat , nupur and gunjan were congratulating mayank , as well 

Everybody was happy and enjoying there except GAURAV as he was really annoyed as he lost it

riddhima looked at him and as usual  'AADAT SE MAJBOOR' she went towards him to make fun of him

riddhima : so gaurav its been two years you are losing from Mayank and armaan and today also tch tch tch ...poor u aren't u tired of losing ?

gaurav: [as he was really arrogant and rude] excuse me what did you said  ?

riddhima  [with same arrogance] well i said ' looser '


gaurav: [he was really angry now ]    looser !! ... how dare u say that

[he in anger hold riddhima 's hand very tightly which hurt her a bit and that's it Mayank by chance watched it and without wasting any time he ran towards gaurav and catch a hold on him]

Mayank: how dare u dare you touch riddhima...

[Mayank was really angry ]  


[normally Mayank is really a cool quiet and understanding type of boy but when it something related to riddhima he lose his temper completely he is actually too to possessive for his sister and  even he is too caring for gunjan and nupur also , as they r his best friends]

gaurav: [arrogantly] vooo Mayank relax I just holded hand, nothing else'.

[before he can even complete his sentence Mayank lost his temper and gave him a full force punch due to which gaurav fall down on the ground]

[now everybody there noticed it and came towards them gaurav got up and as he tried to punch on Mayank a strong hand stopped his hand in the air]

[it was Armaan and then he came between gaurav and Mayank and in a few second samrat also joined them]

samrat: what happenned Mayank? [as they all wanted to know the reason of the fight]

Mayank: look at his courage first he tried touching riddhima and is saying what will I do if he does that I will just

[as Mayank comes towards gaurav to hit him again he is stopped by armaan]

armaan: relax Mayank so gaurav what have you said?  'What will we do' ok then lets see that as well, go now if you have courage go and try touch riddhima now

[gaurav as he was really in a mood of fight again proceeds towards riddhima  who was really happy to see Mayank reaction to realize how much her brother and even her friends loves her was not at all scared as gaurav was approaching her]

[as gaurav picked his hand to touch riddhima  armaan hold his hand from behind gaurav again tried with second hand and armaan again holded it now he was holding his hand so tightly that gaurav was feeling that his bone would definitely crack in a while but before any think like this could happen a voice from behind interrupted them]

voice: what the hell is going on here ?

Everybody turned back it was the principle

samrat: armaan leave him princi is coming

[armaan didn't leave him] [ so finally riddhima  came there]

riddhima : armaan ...armaan leave him princi is coming 

[she hold his elbow and tried to get his hand away from gaurav]

riddhima : armaan leave him

[Finally he left his hand and gaurav fall down on floor with pain]

principle: what was happening here? armaan Mayank report in my room in 15 minutes


Mayank: yes sir

[as armaan and Mayank were bright students so they were left by the principle with first and last warning to them]




AT THERE HOME [means riddhima's, mayank's , samrat's and armaan's home as they 4 live together and nupur house was just few blocks away from their house and soo was gunjan's]

Riddhima was really upset on there over reaction to the situation

[and as usual she was standing in front of Mayank and armaan like a jailor and they both were just sitting on the sofa and can't dare to watch at riddhima  and gunjan nupur and samrat were standing in one corner]

riddhima : there's a limit to everything now why r you sitting like this with your head down dammit speak something have you kept some  "moun vrat" [fast to be quite] [ she was scolding them]


samrat: now riddhima you will let them talk then they will say something  


riddhima looking with I will kill you samrat looks towards him : samrat what will you take to keep your mouth shut

nupur  : riddhima forget it now leave it yaar

riddhima : nupur you just not come in between, I am very angry right now, you three just be quite and stand here quitly  [towards gunjan nupur and samrat ]

gunjan: lekbut I haven't said anything [in a joking jesture ] right samrat?

riddhima : haha very funny gunjan listen I am not in a mood of joke right now

samrat: but riddhima why are you even getting soo angry, I mean what was wrong in what armaan and Mayank did, how dare that person what he did, that was armaan who left him if I was there I would have broken that idiot arm

armaan: that I would have also done only if that principle didn't came in between

riddhima : shut up u guys [ getting more angry ]    stop it and armaan what was the need for you getting so violent come on guys what was so big deal in this he just holded the hand that's it

Mayank: you just be quite you don't knew anything, hand is far think dare anyone even try and touch you then you see what I will do, and you madam what was the need for you to go and talk with that person, you have to stay away from these kind of peoples how many times we have to explain you that


riddhima : Mayank [ riddhima  anger was getting vanished on seeing Mayank concern and love for him ] I am not a small kid I can take care of myself


armaan: no riddhima u can't you are a kid, and as for us we will all the time do like this any problem


riddhima : ok fine do whatever you want to do, just there is no need to talk to me now

[saying this she ran towards her room ]

Mayank: she had become little more angry now what

armaan: don't worry Mayank this is riddhima's  anger as fast speed as it goes up with the same fast speed it come down as well

samrat: yes right she will become absolutely normal by the morning

nupur: ok guys its getting to late night now I think we shall leave right  gunjan.


gunjan: yaa its too late


samrat: ok lets go I will drop both you girls


gunjan: no samrat there is no need for that and moreover we don't have to go that far just a 5 minutes walk and we will reach our homes 


mayank : no ways its so late at night you girls cant go alone samrat will drop you 


nupur : no mayank its fine, we will go 


gunjan : yes for a little while we will walk and talk as well 


samrat: ok then its fine I will also come and together we can walk and talk 


gunjan: ok  ok samrat god you argue soo much there is no use of arguing with you


samrat : then why you always try doing that, come lets go


and with that samrat , nupur and gunjan went after bidding bye to armaan and mayank 


armaan: they all went now what mayank, riddhima is still


Mayank: idea...


armaan: what?


[Mayank went towards the kitchen and called there servent ]


Mayank: robert doo one think take riddhima 's dinner to her room and yaa right now send someone to the ice cream parlour to get hot chocolate fudge  for her absolutely of her choice


armaan: Mayank I think its too late ..where will we get that soo late


Mayank: they will get it in main market and you know the moment she will see her favourite ice cream her whole anger will melt completely


armaan: yes right, ok now mayank I am also feeling sleepy will talk with her in morning


Mayank: yaa good night


[ as armaan was about to leave the phone rang up]


Mayank: its definitely gonna be dad's call 


[he picked the phone]


Mayank: hello


[ it was Mayank dad mr sujal]


sujal: hi beta its me


Mayank: hi dad r u.. and how is mom and why didn't you called yesterday  riddhima  had  called karan uncle he said you were in meeting


sujal: sorry beta actually i got stuck in some important work yesterday anyways how's riddhima  hope you r taking proper care of her and how are armaan and samrat 


Mayank: yaa dad wee all r absolutely fine you just don't worry at all


[ sujal gave phone to karan who was sitting with him]


karan: hi buddy [to Mayank]


Mayank: hey karan uncle how r u


karan: i m fine beta how's riddhima  ?


Mayank: fine in very anger right now 


karan: I am sure samrat would have done something this boy I tell you is very bad [ karan thinking about his son 'samrat is always the nalayak of all' hehe] 


Mayank: no  karan uncle this time its not samrat she is angry with  me and armaan 


karan: then its definitely a problem

[ armaan who was listening there conversation as it was on speaker phone said ]


armaan: no buddy  there is no big problem in this you see she will be back to normal in some time its her regular activity you knew


karan: yes right, by the way today was your basketball match so how was it, I am sure you would have only won that  [ said with confidence]


armaan: yaa buddy we won that your sons can never lose 


karan: yaa right ok listen take care of yourself and riddhima  also and even samrat as well


Mayank: yes karan uncle you don't worry we all will


karan: ok bye then


Mayank and armaan together : bye 


[actually now Mayank and riddhima  mom and dad sujal and kashish and samrat's mom and dad karan and nandini have settled in london]


[and the kids live here only as they don't want to leave their town and so they lived here with armaan's mom -prerna there chotima]


On the other hand 


Samrat , nupur and gunjan were still outside sitting in the garden and chatting


They didn't went back to their house , actually they were planning for what to doo at 12 tonight


Midnight same day






He was standing in his room balcony one side of which was samrat's room and other side was Mayank  


Actually there were 4 rooms in a row...

the one in the corner  was riddhima  and then Mayank and then armaan and last was samrat's but as all the rooms were really big soo it never seemed that they were in row one has to walk a lot the in corridor to move from one room to another but there balconies were really close you can easily jump from one balcony  to another 


armaan through the balcony jumped in Mayank's and then riddhima's balcony and tried to open the door but it was closed


but his goodluck the window there was opened and so he entered riddhima 's room

it was dark inside but a dim light was there and he can see riddhima  sleeping on her bed

RIDDHIMA 'S ROOM WAS REALLY BEUTIFUL it was fully maid in baby pink colour

pink walls ; ... pink curtains bed and even bed sheets were pink


riddhima 's room was decorated like a princess room


and there a princess was sleeping on the bed with many different types of pillows surrounding her


she was sleeping holding a big pink heart which was really big in size

armaan move towards her bed and bend down on his knees beside her bed

riddhima  was deep in sleep and so he holded her hand looked towards the time and it was 12 now




He bring out a friendship band from his pocket and tied it on her hand and kissed it and said softly


" happy friendship day riddhima  "


he got up and as he was about to leave riddhima  hold his hand and said opening her eyes


riddhima : ' same to u armaan'


and she got up and sat on bed and then armaan gave her a hug wishing her again


riddhima : so you remembered that I thought you forgot


armaan: I forgot it [with a shock] I came here to wish you it was you who forgot that riddhima 


riddhima : no armaan I haven't if I had forgotten then how would have I done this arrangements


armaan: which arrangement [ a little confused]

[riddhima  switched on the lights and on the other side of her bed there was a table decorated with roses and a cake was kept there on which happy friendship day was written]


armaan: wow when you did all this


riddhima : surprise now I knew this very well that you will take you 'tarzon entry' in my room so I arranged for surprise here


armaan: how sweet


they were standing near the cake and having this conversation

when Mayank samrat nupur and gunjan 


actually samrat , gunjan and nupur were waiting for 12 o'clock as they always use to wish each other at night only . excatly at 12 they first went to mayank's room and then from there al 4 of them came here in riddhima's room   


samrat: by the way guys we are also here and I think there must be our share as well in this cake


riddhima : yes yes I knew come you and your cake ?..


[they all move towards them and everybody hugged and wished each other and exchanged there bands ]


[and finally they celebrated by cutting the cake together this was what they all did every year armaan tarzan entry in riddhima 's word in her room his being the first one to wish her every year  and then all 6 cutting a cake together]




[Seriously the scariest month march]


It's Afternoon time 




riddhima : [murmuring her chapter] oh god! What will happen to me soo much amount of syllabus?


nupur: yes now goo ahead bunk more classes, and play more basketball now you will get to knew


riddhima : what nupur you are saying as if you were never there with us in all that time, its just that you have done studies side by side along with that otherwise your condition would also have been like us


Mayank: [correcting her] aa haa, not like us, like yours mine syllabus is also complete


riddhima : yes yours would have been, you also along with nupur keeps on studying full day

gunjan: Mayank don't you both get bored of studying and studying 


[ enters samrat and armaan and armaan straight away lied fully on the bed where riddhima  and Mayank were sitting and samrat sat on the couch where nupur and gunjan were sitting ]


armaan: [stretching his arms] oh god ! ...i m tired well samrat match was really nice na


gunjan: [with shocked face]  you both were watching a match 


samrat: today is india vs england final


riddhima : really  what's the score [asked curiously]


Mayank: [before samrat can reply] [mayank said to riddhima ]  concentrate on your studies not on this stupid match


armaan: yes riddhima  you are not at all serious for your studies you knew like this you will fail this year [ said casually]


riddhima : oh really, forget about me armaan you tell yours, atleast for once look towards the books armaan exams are coming 


armaan: thank you so much you told me otherwise I didn't knew that exams are coming  [sarcastically]


riddhima : .shut up also get serious now


armaan: [confidently] riddhima  you don't worry about me, no matter how I will give the exams atleast I will score more then you 


riddhima : really...oh just forget it  this time i m going to score atleast more than you 


armaan: ok then bet  ...lets see who scores more  ...the one who scores more is the winner


riddhima : . done...


armaan: ok if you won well there is no chance for that but still if you won than  whatever you say ...and  ..i won..


[cutting his sentence]


riddhima: aaa ha IF you won ...[stressing on word if]


armaan: ya ya that only then you have to doo one work for mee

[armaan and riddhima  were chatting and everybody else just like a silent listener listening to them]


riddhima: what work I have to doo for you ...[confused]


armaan: well voo the girl our class


riddhima : armaan there r many girls in our class  ...whom r you talking about ?


armaan: oh that priya...


riddhima : oh that one...what happen to her ?


armaan: nothing happened to her  ...just asking she is your friend .right


riddhima :  yaa she is ...soo


armaan: soo you have too arrange for mee you know  a date with her


riddhima : ok like that fine I will do that and moreover I am the one who have arranged almost all the settings of yours with the girls 

armaan: excuse me...madam till the point I remember you have till date helped me going out with around 6 dates , and the rest ummm


samrat:    and the rest    ?


armaan:  oh yaar 2 minute , let me count my dates  


riddhima : armaan the rest of  18 dates   [ riddhima  said before armaan]


armaan: yaa yaa  18 ...hey guess what,,,,,, riddhima  if you arrange this date for mee then it will become my ,SILVER JUBLEE 


gunjan: silver jublee how


armaan: like that because it gonna be my ...25th date 


samrat: [surprised] man you already had 24 dates...i only had 16 till now ... [with disappointment]


riddhima : [towards samrat] ohhh so sad samrat ...don't worry main hu na... i will arrange dates for you too as I did for armaan 


samrat: really riddhima sweet you r such a true friend yaar [ coming close to riddhima  and hugging her]


[prerna armaan's mom entered the room and said to ]


prerna: . wow, what a friendship   [taunting them] ...[to riddhima ]go ahead spoil them more  [pointing towards armaan and samrat] 


riddhima : chotima I howcan I spoil them [ towards armaan and samrat]... they are already big spoil brats 


armaan: yes now we will surely going to have some effect of our company [to riddhima ] now being with you we can never be sweet and simple and nice types  am i right mom


prerna: armaan [ giving her a tought look] concentrate on your studies not in here and there talks 


armaan: mom I concentrate on my studies this is all because of this riddhima ..


riddhima : now what have I done in this, see I am studying here 


armaan: oh really 


[before he can speak further]


prerna: ok quite you both don't start fighting ok... whenever we see you both are only fighting 


Mayank: choti you don't indulge yourself in there stuffs , this will keep on going like this all the time


prerna: yes that is true ...[suddenly she remembered something] oh I completely forgot, bhaiya had called for you


riddhima : karan uncle had called us [happily]... what does he said 


prerna: he said all the best to all of you and yaa there is a surprise for you all

all together: surprise what ? .[ excitedly]


prerna: wait wait .here it is  [she gave some paper to riddhima ]


[she immediately without wasting time read it]


riddhima :  these r brochers of goa ...what r these for chotimaa


prerna: yaa these r for you all all r going to goa for picnic after your exams 


samrat: wow goa that's lovely... bua has dad arranged this for us.?


prerna:. yaa he thought that you all need some relaxation ...after your exams soo 


armaan: thats so cool mom you guise r the best ...


samrat: yes...


riddhima : yes.. and you will also come with us ? [towards prerna]

prerna: no beta i have some urgent business work

[actually since when karan and sujal settled there in london prerna is the one handling all there business in India] 

Mayank: we know that choti ma but its just for few days

prerna:  no Mayank i can't and actually i have to goo for a business tour of 3 months  next month

riddhima : 3 months!! you going for 3 months  leaving us here alone will we live here without you


prerna: what .sweety i think its not the first time i m going out of town leaving you guys here i have been on soo many business trip earlier also


riddhima : yaa but that were maximum of  1 week or 2 weeks but 3 months


prerna: riddhima  ...sweety now you guys have grown up and you all can take care of yourself i right [ she said to convince her]


riddhima : yaaa [said as she was not so convinced]


Mayank: comeon riddhima now cheer we all are here with you 


samrat: yaa riddhima we are here and moreover till the time we six are together with each other we don't ever need anyone right guys

Mayank: right samrat ...right armaan you tell being with us do you miss anyone ?


armaan: miss  no not much except for  miss ...miss sonia and miss monia and miss dolly...and

[riddhima  interrupting armaan]

riddhima  oh god armaan ...stop your this ...dolly... polly... discussion

[armaan interrupting her in between]


armaan: riddhima  now don't talk wrong here


riddhima : wrong what have I said wrong [confused]


armaan: wrong ...don't you know that none of my girlfriend was named as  ...polly...


riddhima : ok ...fine armaan ...[ she get up of the bed with anger]


[before she can say further prerna who was watching all this don't want armaan and riddhima  to fight further step between there fight]

prerna: riddhima  beta relaxx...[but till then riddhima  left the room]  and armaan you [with angry looks to armaan]

armaan: mom what i did?...[with all inocence]


prerna: what you did, you made her sad again, why you always keep on irritating her poor she is soo innocent


armaan: poor and innocent  [with a shock] mom from which angel does riddhima looks to you as poor or innocent 


[samrat also joined armaan]


samrat: bua...riddhima  and innocent , don't you thing you gave some worng statement


[and now everybody there gunjan ,nupur ,Mayank , armaan and samrat started laughing as if prerna had cracked a big joke]


prerna: just be quite, and armaan go there and talk with her she was angry with you when she went from here 


armaan: there is no need for that mom , its her daily dose of tantrums 


prerna: armaan, [now with tough looks ] i said goo to her right now


armaan: okkk mom i m going


[and armaan went out to find riddhima  to see her where she has gone]


[he went to her room first searching for her ]


armaan: riddhima  ...

riddhima'i.   she is not here  [ to himself]..where she would have gone


[armaan don't have to search for long as he knew THAT , if riddhima  is not in his room she would be definately sitting in there tree house]


[and without wasting time further,,,,,, he went there]



It is kind of there "DOSTI KA ADDA"


Armaan reached there, and she was there standing in the corner and pretending to be angry


armaan: I knew that you would be here only


riddhima : [in her angry tone] what is it, why have you come here now 


armaan: its my wish, my house, my ground, my tree house, and my legs and foots, I can walk and go anywhere I want to what is you to do with that 

riddhima : very funny armaan


armaan: really...listen I was not coming, it was mom who said that her sweet poor and innocent riddhima is sad so I came here 


riddhima : yes and you came here to irritate her more 


armaan: [said sweetly this time] irritate irritate how can I irritate, I LOVE their poor and innocent riddhima soo much


riddhima : [ in a big shock] what love, ha ha very funny 


armaan: [holding her hand] no riddhima its not a joke I love you riddhima


riddhima : [getting very uncomfortable] armaan are you ok I think you are not well


armaan: yes riddhima I love you I love you soo much how much '.


riddhima : [getting nervous said softly] how much ?


armaan: this much [changing his tone to normal armaan tone]  much like a rat to a cat, a snake with caterpillar and salman with shahrukh

riddhima :. armaanv   [with anger]


[armaan started laughing ]


[riddhima got angry this time on armaan joke and armaan knew this so further wasting time there armaan just ran off from there and riddhima  followed him]

riddhima : wait armaan you just wait and watch then I will also tell you that how much I love you


armaan: vooo come on riddhima ...


[as riddhima  was running behind him in the ground armaan just went inside the house and riddhima  was following him but she was stopped there on the gate by prerna]


prerna: riddhima careful beta you will get hurt


riddhima : I m fine chooti ma


prerna: now what have this boy done, I am so disturbed and irritated with this boy now [in anger]


riddhima : choti ma relax armaan didn't did anything now


[now riddhima a taking armaan side as she don't want her friend to get scolding from prerna]

prerna: you are telling the truth ?


riddhima : yes chotima and why do you say like this ...armaan is absolutely fine and normal why do you always be so tensed for him  


prerna: what can I do beta , I am a mother i know armaan very well...he is very emotional...i feel really scared for him sometime


riddhima: chootima you are just getting worried without any reason armaan is really sensible and mature and moreover we all are here with him always

prerna: I don't knew about all others but you are there right


riddhima: [holding prerna hand]  yes chotima I am and I will


prerna: [ very emotionally] riddhima  my son is really a kid not have much knowledge of life, promise me you will always be by his side, will always support him


riddhima: yes choti maa I promise I wont leave armaan's side ever now you just stop being soo emotional ok


prerna: look at me, I made you also emotional along with me


riddhima: yes you had, ok now shall I goo... I have to study now




The exams finally over , and all six just managed there exams ,



Everyone was dressed formally,

Girls wearing a sari and Boys wearing a suit





when an announcer came  went on stage to make an announcement 


announcer:  friends as per your mass request wee have stored a special performance for you all ok all the girls hold your breath i present to you Mr ARMAAN SINGHANIA

[all the girls start screaming ARMAAN ARMAAN]   

and with that armaan started with dancing on the song koi kahe from movie dil chahata hai


armaan singing : red lines 

samrat singing :  blue lines 

and  mayank : pink lines


armaan:  koi kahe kehta rahe kitna bhi humko deewaana -2.

hum logo ki thokkar mein hai ye zammaana


soon samrat joined him

samrat: jab saaz hai awaz hai

phir kis liye hitkichaana-2

and then came mayank


mayank: hoo gaayenge hum

apne dillo ka taraana


armaan: bigde duniya

mayank: bigadne bhi doo

armaan: jhagde duniya

samrat: jhagadne bhi doo

armaan: ladde ye duniya

ladne bhi doo

tum apne dhun mein gaao

duniya ruthe

ruthne doo

patther toote

tootne do

koi choote

chootene do

naa ghabraao

all : hum hai naye andaaz kyon hoo puraana -2

soon riddhima nupur and gunjan joined them with the dance , everyone dancing together

haatho mein hai bijleeya

saanoo mein toofaan hai

darr kya hai aur haar kya

hum isse anjaan hai

hammaare liye hi to hai aasmaan aur jamme

sitaare bhi hum tod lenge humme hai yakeen

ambar see hai aage hammaara thikaana

all:  hum hai naye andaaz kyon hoo puraana -2

soon the 3 girls left them and armaan and samrat busy flirting with other girls

sapno ka jo desh hai

haa hum wahhe hai palle

thode se dilphek hai

thode see hai manchalle [flirting with the girls n the crowd]

jahaa bhi gaye apna jaadoo dikhaate rahe [going towards girls]

mohaabat haseeno ko hum sab sikhaate rahe [holding a girl dancing with her]

aaye humme dil aur neende churaana [waiving towards other girls who just wanted to dance with him]

all: hum hai naye andaaz kyon hoo puraana -2

koi kahe kehta rahe kitna bhi humko deewaana -2.

koi...kehta ...kitana bhi humko deewaana

hum logo ki thokkar mein hai ye zammaana

jab saaz hai awaz hai phir kis liye hitkichaana-2

hoo gaayenge hum apne dillo ka taraana

armaan: bigde duniya

mayank: bigadne bhi doo

armaan: jhagde duniya

samrat: jhagadne bhi doo

armaan: ladde ye duniya

ladne bhi doo

tum apne dhun mein gaao

duniya ruthe

ruthne doo

patther toote

tootne do

koi choote

chootene do

naa ghabraao

all : hum hai naye andaaz kyon hoo puraana -4


they were having there full on masti time






[i know a farewell party is never completed without this song ]










samrat: ok now I m tired good night guys


[he hugged mayank armaan and riddhima and get inside the house towards his room]


mayank:  it had become too late taday


riddhima: yaa but it was too fun naa specially when we all danced


armaan: [laughing] dance !! Were you really dancing there dumbo you were only  [holding riddhima's saree pallu to point at it]  trying to manage with this saree all the time in the party


riddhima: [commanding tone] armaan first you stop calling me dumbo I m not  a dumbo ok and secondly you knew how tough it is to carry this, if you will have to wear it someday then you will come to knew that 


mayank: bachaa,,[REALLY SWEETLY] now you knew we are lucky that we don't have to wear all this I feel pity for you girls who have to wear all these stuffs


riddhima: thanks bro , you r just the best [hugging mayank] atleast you are not like this jumbo [pointing towards armaan]


armaan: [surprised]  Jumbo...riddhima and jumbo


Riddhimah: if I am dumbo then you are jumbo got it


armaan: ok ok got it now I will not call you that ...happy


mayank: ok lets get in ..its to late and then wee have to do soo many arrangements tomorrow as wee have to go to  GOA day after tomorrow


armaan: yaa man I have also not done any packing yet


riddhima: no mayank just stay for some time naa come on lets sit in the garden


mayank: [just casually as he was actually very tired]  no not now


armaan: [supporting riddhima]  come na for sometime


mayank: nahi yaar I m really very tired u both go ahead


armaan: ok as you say [casually]


[mayank hugged armaan and riddhima wished them good night and went to his room armaan and riddhima were walking in the garden this was there usual activity they many times chatted in garden late night]


armaan: finally school over and  now new life a new beginning.


riddhima: [cutting him ] but same old friends.


armaan: oh really.[smiling]  how strange is this riddhima the more we stay together the more we feel like being with each other we never get bored of each other 


riddhima: had anyone ever got bored being with friends anda moreover we are not only friends we all are just like a cute little family


armaan: absolutely right and and you knew what who is the mom of our family you mummy


riddhima: [very innocently]  why ?


armaan: its just because you always keep on giving instructions like a mummy and even scolds us so much


riddhima: armaan doo I look like a mummy to you [upset like a small kid ]


armaan: yaa and you know what's the biggest think


riddhima: [with anger] what that I m like a mummy , aunty types ,  bhenji types this only


armaan: [very sweetly] nope its that you take care of all of us like a mother... you r really adorable.


riddhima: [with those cute looks very sweetly ]   really ?


armaan: .yes...[getting emotional]


riddhima: what happened why have you became soo sad like this


armaan: [holding her hand]. you will never forget me naa ? [Getting really emotional]


riddhima:  why r you saying like this armaan ?


armaan: just like that its just that I have become habitual to you you have become my habit I got really scared if wee get separated then what


riddhima: [smilingly].stupid why will we ever get separated armaan we all will always remain together our friendship will never break promise.


[armaan satisfyingly hugged riddhima]


riddhima:[to change his emotional mood] let me see let me see .armaanv THE ARMAAN SINGHANIA turning emotional


armaan: [lovingly] .shup up.


riddhima: [casually ]  ok as you say


[as they were walking in the ground riddhima just lost her balance due to saaree and was about to fall when armaan hold her.]


armaan: careful riddhima


riddhima: why should I you will always be there naa , to take care of mee


armaan: [just laughed]  you are crazy you knew that


[as they were chatting samrat ..shouted from his room's window]


samrat: guys don't u think its too late


[Listening this mayank came in his room window]


mayank: leave it samrat, these two and there talks are never ending


armaan: [from the ground] oye if you have soo much problem with this, then you both also come here join us for some chit chat.


[and so samrat and mayank came there and they went to there tree house in the garden]


[the four just chatted almost 2 hours there and then all just fall sleep over there only. there was just few beddings placed on the floor there]








riddhima: uncle [to nupur dad] please, please let nupur go with us


nupur's dad : beta I don't have any problem but going soo far and that too alone


riddhima:  uncle we wont be alone, we all will always stay together I promise please uncle let her go


[before nupur's dad can say anythink his wife said]


mrs bhushan : let her go and moreover as if she ever wanted to stay with us  [taunting her]


[actually mrs bhushan was nupur step mom and she really don't love nupur she always scold her without reasons and so now nupur also don't feel bad on her taunts as she was completely used to it she always avoid to be at her home even in nights nupur usually have overnight stay at riddhima or gunjan place]


[riddhima ignoring her as she is familiar of nupur's mom nature]


riddhima: uncle pleaseee


nupur: please dad.


Nupur's dad : ok ok you can go enjoy yourself and haan take care of yourself to


nupur: [happily] thanks papa u r the best


[and then they left nupur place and reached gunjan house]


It was not much difficult to convince gunjan parents as they both were really cool parents

Finally they all were set to leave for there holiday.


And so they did they got a straight flight to Goa and landed up there they booked 2 rooms facing each other in a beautiful resort there


One room occupied by the girls and other by boys


it was almost night it took really long in there settlement and now everyone were really tired after that long journey and so they all just prefer resting in there rooms




Everyone wake up early as they all were really excited to watch the place


They all went to the beach first for their morning walk and just walked on sand for an hour


then they played volley ball there on the sand with


armaan ,riddhima ,and mayank, in one team..


and, samrat , gunjan and nupur in the second


[This was there usual team distribution as riddhima always wanted to be on mayank and armaan side]


They played there for a long time it was just a friendly match and so no one won or lost

And now everyone was really tired


They got back to their rooms freshen up and then went to market and spend the whole day shopping


At night they had their dinner in the resort and then all of them sat in one room and chatted for long hours


They stayed for almost 2 days there and then they returned back to their home.

[The trip was not soo important that's why I have not given a proper description or brief explanation]


thats all for now


next parts more cute friendship acts, riddhima met with accident and college life,

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Hey simi
wow u started dis ff also
can't wait to read more
plz continue soon
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Originally posted by shilpI007

Hey simi
wow u started dis ff also
can't wait to read more
plz continue soon
yes i did , and surely with update with this ahead very soon
thanks for your response

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Originally posted by niki.5

yey i am so happy this one is one of my favourites jaldi se new partd ud karo
luv nikita

god thanks a lot , sure jaldi next part update kar rahhe hu
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thanks for reply

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update part 2

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