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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 14)

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part 7 on page 13




Everything going on normally

samrat mayank and armaan were really busy in their business and office work while nupur was gone with her parents to Delhi and gunjan having her nice time in town being alone with her fianc Ranvijay ,

and here riddhima is having fun with her parents in London


"Its been 2 hours mayank and armaan meeting must have ended up by now , but still they didn't called me yet" , were all the thoughts in riddhima's mind ,only then she got a call from mayank


"hey mayank how r u and haa how was your meeting" , asked riddhima happily

"princess I m fine and yaa the meeting was also too cool , I tell you ye business and all is too

good I m having fun working" , replied mayank 

"oh soo you r enjoying your work really that's good ,and here I m getting bored as usual" said

riddhima making a sad face 

"why bore? , mom-dad ,karan uncle and maasi they r there with you , then" , asked mayank 

 "oh!  just forget it ,you know what dad and karan uncle r a complete workaholic they don't even stay home for a second in the day time , and mom and maasi ma r too much , every time they have only one think to talk for that you r grown up now u should think about marriage you know what I think if I stay here for few more days naa , then mom and maasi ma will surely open a marriage bureau over here only" , said riddhima in a complaining and sounds completely pissed off 

While mayank was laughing on other side 

"You r laughing at me , I m sure you must be enjoying all this , and you must be happy , that I will get married and goo away from you , and then you will get rid of me" , said riddhima in an angry tone

"come on princess , I will never let you get away from me , and this marriage and all , no ways , leave that yaar , let mom and maasi maa , do whatever they want to , after all at the end , your wish is only important ,  you enjoy yourself as you want to but yaa take care of yourself ok , first time I have left you alone , please take care and yaa don't go out anywhere alone ok" , said mayank , in a serious and concerned tone 

Riddhima was touched by his concern , "yes boss, any other order sir" , she said to him 

 "shut up princess , stop making fun of me I m just concerned , as you have gone out alone for the first time" , said mayank 

"don't worry mayank and moreover I m not alone over here mom-dad r here with me ,don't worry at all about me you concentrate on your work and bee back soon I m seriously missing you guys" ,said riddhima sadly 

"aww we missing you too" , said mayank lovingly 

"by the way where is armaan , he was there with you before the meeting" , asked riddhima 

"yes armaan was over here only with me in the meeting , right now he is bust talking with a client" , said mayank 

"oh talking with a client , let me guess lady client ?" asked riddhima suspiciously 

"you know armaan ,its just been a week to us over here and already his dating session has started , I wonder when will he get serious in his life" , said mayank normally

"leave it mayank let him enjoy , afterall this is your age for all this flirting and all" , said riddhima normally to him

"I suppose soo , ok then bye I have to go now , will chat with u tonight, ok be there online" , said mayank ,

"ya sure ok then we wil talk later , moreover, now I have to go to kitchen mom is giving me  cooking classes"  ,said riddhima frowning 

"what! you and cooking" , exclaimed shocked mayank , and laughing loud at that 

"ha ha very funny I m learning to doo that ok, don't laugh on me" , said riddhima with fake anger

"Oh really soo what have you learned till now" , aid mayank , still laughing over it 

"I have learned how to on a gas", said riddhima so innocently 

"how cool you know what a 5 years old child can also knows how to on the gas", said mayank, teasing her more now 

"shut up mayank, you r talking as if you know a lot about cooking , no no one minute , ofcourse you must be knowing it well , after all our sweet nupur must have trained you in romancing ops I mean cooking in kitchen" , said riddhima teasing mayank 

"ok now stop teasing me princess"  said mayank "ok ok I wont ,ok now shall I goo otherwise mom , u know na , bye mayank take care and haa I love you a lot and miss u" , said riddhima all that in one goo 

"love you and miss you too" said mayank 


This was how they were passing there routine

All 6 of them use to call each other in every one or two hours and would discuss what they did and how r they and all

And in night all 6 of them use to chat on internet 

They chat face to face through web cam

And like that they were living away from each other at different places but still they were always









"oh my god , what r u saying u met a guy over here , when did all this happened , who is he ,where does he live and you have not told me anything about him till now" , said nupur all this in a shock and in one goo

"hold on nupur  , one question at a time sweety ok I m telling you , everything now , his name is Abhimanyu" , said riddhima laughing at seeing all that expression on riddhima's face

"Abhimanyu what after that?", asked nupur like an interrogator

 "Abhimanyu Modi" , said riddhima slowly

"where did you met him?" , asked nupur with same tone

"in London only" , replied riddhima very slowly

"when" , nupur again asked with same tone , and riddhima got pissed of with that now 

"nupur stop interrogating me like this , I will tell you the whole story in detail , ok when I came over here, I felt soo lonely and soo bored over here , and one  day I was just shopping on in a mall and by chance I met him over there" , said riddhima normally

"what happened then" , asked nupur curiously

"I met him and we became friends , as he was also an Indian wee got along very easily and then you know I didn't even knew about the places here , and soo he took me out with him and showed me all the best places in London we used to hang out together like this we met for around a week , he was soo sweet and a perfect gentleman I tell you , he was very caring too and I was really enjoying being with him" , said riddhima smiling remembering all there meets 

"I don't believe this , you met him for the first time , and you have spent full one week with him , r u crazy how can you trust a man soo easily" , said nupur ,still shocked , rather now more concerned about her

"nupur chill , come on yaar we used to just talk with each other and  just hang out over different places mall , clubs" , said riddhima 

"then what happened" , said nupur , a bit relaxed 

"he proposed me 2 days back" , said riddhima slowly ,  nervous to see her reaction to this

While here nupur was like huge mouth open totally shocked , "what did you said him " , she asked instantly , 

"I said I need time to think , I mean , but I think I like him" , said riddhima nervously 

"do you love him ! , r u crazy you just met him 15 days back and u think you love him ,god! You don't even know him properly" , said nupur with utter shocked expression 

"nupur relax , don't get soo hyper , I didn't said I love him , cause I don't I only said I like him, see I know I don't know him well , but now you have come over here naa, you meet him personally, he is a nice guy yaar , I m sure u will like him too" , said riddhima , hopeful that she have convinced her by now

"riddhima I think you know what you r doing " , said nupur in a very concerned tone

"dont worry nupur I know what I m doing , relax I m just giving my life a chance , I think Abhi is a nice guy", said riddhima turning a bit serious 

"riddhima you r too innocent  , and you have always lived in a protective shell where mayank , armaan and samrat were always there at your back side, and we all have never let anything come your way ever , I m really scared for you,  you r too innocent to understand anything baby" , nupur said  feeling a bit scared for there actually very innocent and always remained away from this cruel world friend 

"nupur don't be so scared for me now I am grown up enough , and I understand everything , u don't worry I will be fine" , said riddhima assuring her

"you told mayank about this" , asked nupur in hope

"r u gone crazy , you know mayank and armaan soo well , I m very scared over there reaction , I will tell them , but only when we will meet personally , well you r the first one whom I m telling this to , no one knew about this till now not even  mom, dad ,karan uncle" ,said riddhima  

"oh , ok then , if you r happy with this, then I m also happy for you , come on now let me meet with your abhi" , said nupur smilingly , but was still not at all satisfied with all this , she was scared for riddhima , she was not liking all this at all , but kept quite due to riddhima's happiness

Riddhima happily hugging her , "oh nupur you r my best friend and I love you for this come on lets go to the club , I m sure he will be there right now" , said riddhima 




riddhima: come lets goo in , he didn't even know that we r coming here , I will surprise him now 

But she didn't knew that a bigger surprise rather shock was waiting for her inside 

As they entered inside , Riddhima tried to find Abhimanyu, but he was not there , then she saw him sitting in a corner table , it was too crowdy that she cant see him clearly from there , soo she went near the table , 

AND SHE WAS SHOCKED TO SEE THE VIEW THERE , ABHIMANYU SITTING WITH A GIRL ,HIS ARMS WERE AROUND THE GIRLS SHOULDER And They Were Talking About Somethink Riddhima Went To A Corner To Listen To What They Were Talking About

GIRL: oh abhi I missed you soo much , now a days we cant even meet each other alone all the time you are with that riddhima sharma, I don't know till how long will you be with her like this

abhi: chill babes I am with her cause she is riddhima sharma, u know sujal sharma lovely daughter, and she is such an innocent fool I tell you, just once she be with me then our life is set

girl: I thought u loved her ,I mean the way you behave with her and all

abhi:[arrogantly] love and me ,r u crazy ,I only love money and power and that both things are with  riddhima sharma , and don't worry abhimanyu's charm has already started working on her

 RIDDHIMA HEARD THAT ALL and She Was Frozen Over There at The Moment She Was soo Shocked That She Don't Know What Was Happening, She Wanted to Scream But Even Her Mouth was Not Moving She Wanted To Move But Her Legs Were Jammed Over There

She Felt soo Shattered at that Moment and Nupur was also really Shocked and Moreover she was Really Angry at the Point

Riddhima Don't Know What To Doo And Then Really Dont Know From Where She Got That Courage That She Just Stood There In Front Of Him


ABHI: [stammering a bit he too don't know what to doo]  li.s.e..ten riddhima.   listen I can explain just listen to me what you heard was not



abhi first confused to what happened and then shocked at the same time ,holding his cheeks which actually turned red with that tight slap

riddhima: [getting all the courage she can] you know what I haven't seen a cheap person like you till now, don't you dare be anywhere near me after today, you I swear you r a finished man than Mr Abhimanyu Modi get lost

and with that she left the club ,  abhimanyu still standing there holding his cheek ,and nupur followed riddhima , that was nupur fear she knew riddhima really well that how sensitive and innocent she is and today her fear actually took place , she know that riddhima need her this time

riddhima sat in her car , quietly not uttering a single word

soo nupur thought of making an attempt , she told the driver to take the car to some quite place

and they went near a lake where normally very less people come 

nupur and riddhima sat there on a bench

A complete silence for few minutes

After few moments nupur kept her hand on riddhima shoulder

nupur:  riddhima 

and that was all , she cried out and cried her heart out She hugged nupur really tightly and then she cried all her pain and all her feelings out and nupur just let her doo that, it was really required at that time

After few minutes

riddhima: [still sobbing] why , why this happened , why mee , why mee nupur , why mee 

nupur: nothing happened riddhima , everything is ok and all will get fine

riddhima: its all my mistake, I don't knew how to judge people, I hate him I hate him

nupur: no riddhima, we do make mistakes sometime in our life, we doo mistakes , and wee learn from our mistakes only , riddhima did you really , I mean doo you really loved him [a bit unsure] 

riddhima: I don't know nupur , but I seriously hate him now

nupur: riddhima you don't hate him, listen for loving and hating someone in both cases you have to keep that person remembrance somewhere in your heart its always said that love and hatred both are done from heart, you forget that cheap person forever and for that you have to through him out of your heart 

riddhima: all this is not soo easy nupur 

nupur: it is riddhima , all you have to doo is just move 15 days back in your life , in our life , where we are and is our friendship, and where no person named abhimanyu exist, its only we  

riddhima: what should I do [helplessly] 

nupur: see riddhima , I know all this will take time, you take your time , comeon now lets get back to home , aunty must be waiting for us , and please check on your appearance  , everyone will get suspicious if you will go like this , and wee cant even tell anyone about all this [nupur tried to cheer her up and make her smile]

riddhima: [hugging her again] thanks nupur if you weren't here today I don't knew what would have I done

nupur: thanks !!!! riddhima I supposed there was noo place for this word in our relationship , right  [trying to light up there moods]

riddhima: [smilling a bit ]  yaa , no thanks no sorry , I  remember , come lets goo home , I m starving

nupur: mee too lets goo [smiling] 

NEXT 2 DAYS WERE TOUGH , riddhima mood was not at all good , it was tough time for nupur to make her normal , even her parents noticed the change in riddhima and asked nupur , to which nupur replied that she is just missing everyone else

nupur knew riddhima to the deepest and knew very well how to cheer up her best friend , they were just the most inseparable best friend, and for nupur help was gunjan who came to know about riddhima when nupur made a call to her

the 3 girls never had a secret and soo gunjan was also helping nupur in getting riddhima normal through her constant cheering up on phone  as she was there in India , while riddhima was here in London , 

they tried their best that no one other than them 3 come to know about all this and they were successful in this to a long , but 


AND IT WAS KARAN , as riddhima was really close to her , he was always  more than a father to her , so he came to know about riddhima 

as he already knew about her relation with abhimanyu , actually he had seen her in club with abhimanyu and thought to ask her later , but later on he came to know that abhimanyu was a cheat and soo he thought to keep this a secret to himself that he knew anythink , 

he dont want riddhima to feel guilty or embarrassed in any situation

almost after a week riddhima was really back to normal


Here armaan and mayank , were the one who noticed a bit change in riddhima while talking to her on phone or on webcam riddhima tried a lot to behave normal ,but still they were not sure and finally they came to a conclusion that riddhima was missing them and thats why behaving soo different 

And soo they planned to go to London and give riddhima a surprise , and then she would get back normal , moreover they were missing her a lot too






there life's goes back to normal , but this one incident Made riddhima really strong from inside and a bit mature too on how to trust on someone 



He also was seriously freaked out living alone for a month , 

When he came to knew that Mayank and Armaan were in London with nupur and Riddhima , he was just dying to be there with them , but to his bad luck he had to attend some urgent conference soo he came back to there town in India , 

SAMRAT BACK TO THERE TOWN TO THERE HOME , and too his good luck atleast one of their friend GUNJAN was there ,




they were in gunjan's home

samrat: you know what gunjan , I talked to mayank and armaan , they all r coming back in 2 days 

gunjan: that's great , thank god , they r coming back , I really miss them a lot

samrat: really I thought you r having a great time with your soo called lover [with teasing manner]

gunjan: comeon samrat ranvijay is a really nice person , I don't knew why do you don't like him

samrat: because he is not a nice guy

[ranvijay was the person who tried to be abusive with riddhima in there college basketball court and then samrat saved riddhima there from him , he wanted to tell the truth to all but riddhima had stopped him from doing soo because he knows very well if mayank or armaan came to know that he had abused with riddhima then they would definitely kill that ranvijay , but he kept quite because afterwards ranvijay even came to him and riddhima to say sorry  ,and now he seriously loved gunjan , samrat had believed him there]

gunjan: samrat don't you think we have already discussed about this earlier , I knew that you don't like him much , but comeon yaar , I love him and you r my best friend , why don't you guys share a good friendship 

samrat: I will see to it , I will try , only for my best friend , by the  way where's uncle and aunty 

gunjan: oh , mom dad have went to meet ranvijay's dad today , for talking about our wedding [blushing a bit]

samrat: soo you finally decided that you will get married to that ranvijay [normally] 

gunjan: yaa [happily] 

Only then gunjan parents came home they were really upset and in bad mood , as they had the most worst news related to gunjan

gunjan: [concerned] mom what happened you guys look very upset , you went to meet ranvijay's dad naa , what happened mom [she asked getting tensed]

[no reply gunjan mom started crying]

samrat: what happened aunty , why r you crying [concerned even he was very tensed at this now] 

gunjan's mom: [sobbing] there in ranvijay's house his dad , he said no for marriage

gunjan: what ! how can they like this, I mean you r lying naa , no mom this cant be true [shocked , words were not coming out of her mouth]

gunjan's mom: they said that ranvijay had said noo to this relationship , he don't want to get married to you 

gunjan: no ranvijay cant doo like this , I will talk to him now , he cant say  like this [she said in full disbelieve]

With that she ran out of her house and samrat followed her 

They went to ranvijay house he was sitting there in the hall with 2-3 of his friends 

ranvijay seeing gunjan

ranvijay: [rudely] you here , what r you doing here 

gunjan: ranvijay you love mee , then why you said noo to your dad , you loved mee naa [crying a bit]

ranvijay: hey chill chill relax , yes I refused for this marriage  sweetheart [shamelessly , with evil smile]

gunjan: but why [she said more in painful voice then a shocked one]

ranvijay: hey relax, see we just had a relation that doesn't mean that I love you, I had these kind of affairs with soo many girls , that doesn't meant I will get married to them all 

gunjan:[broken heart] you were just faking you didn't loved mee

ranvijay standing over there with a smile and he was soo shameless , that aroused samrat anger as he was there in the hall he came there behind gunjan 

samrat: [holding ranvijay's shirt collar] you b****d I will kill you

Till then gunjan just ran from there crying

ranvijay: relax samrat , chill man and yaa don't try and repeat this mistake again , remember , last time you did the same with mee for your soo called friend , riddhima and today I took my revenge for that

To that samrat punched him on his face with great force

ranvijay fall on ground

samrat: I will seriously kill you  [and he tunrned towards gunjan]  gunjan   [and then he realized that gunjan was not there he got scared he thought she might doo somethink to herself ]

samrat: [angrily] if I ever see you anywhere in front of anyone of us naa ,then , I swear I will kill you , don't you dare come in front of us now 

And with that he left his house

Samrat need not have to search more for gunjan because he knew where she might have gone

So he straight away went to that hill top where they all usually go  during night an there he saw gunjan she was just moving near and near to valley 

samrat: [holding gunjan] have you gone crazy , where r you going , you will fall from there [as she was near the corner of the valley]

gunjan:  leave mee I don't wanna live , I just want to die 

Samrat understood that she was not in her senses he hold her more tightly 

samrat: gunjan listen to mee

But she was getting adamant she was just trying to get free from samrat grip

And when nothing worked samrat slapped her to make her conscious

And then she just broked down and cried hard there , and then she just got faint 

So samrat picked her up and took her to her home

He gently kept her on her bed and just sat over there at her bed side 

and then remembering all that ranvijay had done his anger boiled out but still he controlled himself because he knew gunjan needs him right now

suddenly samrat mobile started ringing , it was nupur

samrat: [trying to act normal] hey nupur how r u  

nupur: I m fine samrat , r you at home right now [asked nupur instantly]

samrat: no actually  [trying to speak about gunjan ,but before that nupur interrupted him] 

nupur: that actually me and riddhima r trying to call gunjan from a long time , but her cell is just out of reach, soo we got a bit worried for her don't knew why but we feel she is not ok

[this was their friendship , they got institution that there best friend needed them and she is not fine]  

samrat: [trying how to tell them ]  nupur actually gunjan , I m  with her only

nupur: [really concerned] samrat everything is fine naa? , u sound soo low , gunjan is fine right ?

samrat: [in a low voice] nothing is fine nupur , nothing at all

nupur: samrat you are making me scared just tell me clearly what's the matter

samrat: actually today me and gunjan were having dinner at her place , and uncle and aunty went to meet ranvijay parents [and then samrat told him the whole story]

nupur: what !!!! that ranvijay did this oh that , I swear I would kill him , gunjan where is she , samrat is she fine  [really worried] 

samrat: yaa I m here with her

nupur: I knew she is not fine , samrat we will come back there by day after tomorrow , please till then just take care if her , I know she need a friend

samrat: you don't worry nupur , I will take care of her , you all just come here soon

samrat ended the call, and now nupur becoming restless with the news how to tell everyone there, what can she doo for gunjan she was completely helpless as she was there in London and gunjan was in India , she just want to be with her as soon it was possible

nupur told about this to mayank ,armaan and riddhima 

mayank: what what r you saying , how can that ranvijay doo like this

armaan: oh god gunjan ,we need to be with her 

mayank: yaa lets see whether we get the latest next flight for India 

and then armaan and mayank went from there

and nupur saw riddhima standing there dumbstruck , she haven't said a word and 

nupur understood that this had recalled back all her memories 

nupur: riddhima

riddhima: [panicking] I need to talk with gunjan, I need to meet her,how would she be bearing all that alone, she use to love his soo much she [stammering with her words] 

nupur: relax riddhima I can understand but u have to be strong , we also have to take care of gunjan now , and for her you have to be strong

riddhima: I am  , I  am fine  and you don't worry about me I am not at all tensed remembering my past I can take care and have forgotten it all

nupur: my the most innocent best friend become so mature now I didn't even got to knew I just now hope gunjan also be fine

and then they got busy with preparation to get back to India 


That night after talking with nupur  , samrat sat in gunjan room by her bed side remembering all that happened , he was really concerned for gunjan and angry on ranvijay , when he saw gunjan was waking up

samrat: [sitting on the edge of the bed] gunjan  [helping her to sit on the bed ] how r u feeling now 

she just sat quite

samrat: gunjan please listen I knew you r really hurt with all that happened  but please don't hurt yourself for that useless man , he doesn't deserve that 

gunjan: why he did this samrat , I loved him truly and deeply and he , why did it happened to mee


samrat , why me??? [said all this while sobbing] 

samrat: gunjan please , listen , whatever happened it wasn't  your fault ,you knew naa whatever happened it is always for good , may be god had chosen  somethink better than this for you  , you always say naa , just forget about whatever happened in past , please now you just promise me that you wont cry , please stop crying 

gunjan was totally broken , she kept her head in samrat lap and again went to sleep 

Next morning   

gunjan waked up and saw that she was sleeping in samrat lap and samrat was sleeping there in sitting position only , then she remembered the whole incident again , how ranvijay betrayed her and then how samrat helped her, how he had taken care of her , samrat was soo caring and concerned about her , she was feeling so blessed to get a friend like him

samrat also get up at the same time 

samrat: how r u feeling now [asked samrat in a concerned voice]

gunjan: you were here the whole night , for me

samrat: why , cant I spend some time with my best friend , you freshened up , I will get u some breakfast [he get up and moved towards the door]

gunjan:[calling him] samrat , thanks for last night , thanks for being there for me 

samrat: thanks !!!!  gunjan now from where did this word thanks came in our friendship , you forgot  "no thanks no sorry" , riddhima would have taken a great class of you if she heard this that you breaking her rule , well atleast I followed her rule and I didn't said sorry to you 

gunjan: sorry but for what ??? [confused] 

samrat: for that yesterday I , there I slapped you  

gunjan: oh vo , you did right samrat , you made me come out of my dream world , but slapping me at that time

[and she started crying again remembering all that]

samrat: gunjan please no more crying, I m your best friend , and I m ordering you this , don't waste your precious tears for that useless person 

gunjan wiped off her tears 

samrat: now that's like a good girl, now you get ready fast , then we will go out for shopping 

gunjan: no samrat , I m not in a mood for it 

samrat: no ways , I m not going to listen to you for this , moreover this is our last day that we can spend some time alone , cause u know tomorrow everyone is coming back and now comeon we gonna meet all 4 of them almost after a month tomorrow and I have to buy lots of gifts for them , lets go now please [making a cute puppy face] 

gunjan: samrat stop making that cute puppy face , I cant even say noo to you when you request like this

and then they went for shopping and then samrat tried his level best to get gunjan out of her pain

and he was somehow successful in that , gunjan didn't smiled the whole day , but still she looked a bit calmed and relaxed , and don't get upset soo much samrat was a great support

the whole day passed like that , and in night samrat was again staying there in gunjan house

Next morning 

Samrat was trying to feed gunjan with some breakfast , as she was not having at her own 

gunjan: [behaving normal but still very low ] bas samrat , I don't want to eat more  

samrat: no ways , you have not eaten a bit by now , come now , quickly eat this [feeding her]  good girl

gunjan: samrat shall I say you something 

samrat: why r you asking before saying , you never did that earlier 

gunjan: if you would have not been there with me that night , then I didn't knew what must have happened to me , you knew , whenever you r there around mee naa , then I just forget all my pains


samrat: now that is what friends r for I suppose , and we all r best friends since childhood , when we 6 r together , then we didn't need anyone in this world , we used to forget about everything when been together , and this is what is our friendship , right

gunjan: yes  and you r a great friend , you r my bestest friend

They had a friendly hug when a voice from behind called them

Voice: oh that means now samrat had taken my place in your life

With this voice ,samrat and gunjan turned to look towards the door , from here this voice came



precap :  "finally friends together , and lets see everythink can ever get back to the same old self , may bee never"  

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very very nice update...SmileSmile

but i think mayank aur nupur  k scenes.. unka romance.. bahut bahut bahut kam hai...
please unke.. liye bhi kuch karo..CryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCry
why all the time..
our mayur has to face this all...
why the hell.. on the earth everytime...
they have face.. such.. editing and very very low scences.. on them....

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finally friends together...........

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part 8 on page 15
RECAP: breakups , riddhima was upset as she came to knew abhimanyu was a cheat , and here ranvijay left gunjan , and she was very sad , samrat with gunjan , making her feel better
samrat and gunjan had a friendly hugg when a voice from behind called them and they turned around and it was none other than riddhima
riddhima : oh now that means my place is taken by samrat why gunjan I was your bestest friend
gunjan: riddhima  [and then she just got up from the bed and ran to give riddhima a tight hug]
riddhima: how are you?
gunjan: now that you are back here I will get well very soon
samrat: hey meet me as well  [and then samrat ran to riddhima to give her a tight hug] god I missed you soo much
riddhima: I missed you too I really missed you a lot
samrat: what about others where are they ?
riddhima: oh they are outside meeting uncle and aunty  [gunjan parents] would be here in a while
and then everyone came there and after that there was a complete reunion , there  was a smile on gunjan face after 2 days nobody talked more about ranvijay and all they just tried their best to divert gunjan from that topic
soo everything was almost normal
Later in the evening
riddhima and gunjan were sitting on a bench in the garden . It was really peaceful there
gunjan: why this happened to us, why it happened in our life
riddhima: you knew what we both are same no matter how much we both pretend to be strong, we are not and maybe we don't have the ability to judge peoples we were not able to judge them properly but the good thing is that the worst is over and moreover our life didn't stop with this one tragic experience, we have to move ahead in life forgetting all the past
gunjan: since when have you started behaving so mature and talking so sensible
riddhima: well you can say that its just nupur's company effect
nupur: [coming with a tray with 3 mugs of coffee] someone remembered me here  [ joining them on bench] here have some coffee so what were you both talking
gunjan: nothing just like that thinking over that where and in which direction is our life moving ahead so much happened in this one month and now we are back again here at the same point from where we went away
nupur: yes god had bought us back at the same place from where it all start , for a new life and a new beginning , all the bad that had to happen in done, now all good will happen right girls
riddhima: yes and now here today me riddhima promise this to my best friends cum my best sisters  cum my best guardians that from now on I will never be upset never feel sad whatever happened is now over and forgetting all that I will move forward in our life for good
nupur: not only you riddhima we , it includes me and gunjan as well, we all will never be upset from now on right gunjan
gunjan: right now only happiness will come 
riddhima: right so now no more sadness and no sad sad talks ok.
and then everything got almost all right
it took gunjan another 10-15 days to get back to normal but then everything was back to normal nobody ever came to knew about riddhima's meet with abhimanyu except for the girls
A month have passed as they all six friends were reunion together again
And now life was getting back to normal almost
Mayank and nupur were already totally in love and there engagement date was also fixed for next month
Samrat and gunjan were becoming more than best friends now  as samrat was now more protective and caring towards gunjan after all that incident
they were really getting more and more close day by day and there this bond was not hidden from riddhima eyes  she was now seeing change in samrat a change for good towards gunjan
And lastly our own armaan and riddhima
They were as usual the same
They stay together all the time like they always did take care of each other freak out in the town and would chat and keep on chatting on everything and nothing
Riddhima would still care for armaan as his best friend still she help him getting dressed for his dates and help him in fixing the dates also
They just can't live without each other for a day and there day were not completed till the time they
talk to each other and discuss everything with each other
But now there was a bit change
armaan was as usual confused for him riddhima was always been special more than nupur  gunjan samrat and even mayank but the new feeling which he was getting from few days as her being close to her was different but now he had started ignoring it  and it was actually working he ignored his feelings and then he behave normal as usual
and from riddhima she was feeling bad like a burden was there on her heart as she had not told any think to armaan and mayank think about abhimanyu and what happened with her there in London she was feeling guilty for hiding this truth from him but she don't know what the reason was that was not allowing her to tell this to armaan .she thought that she had done something wrong and she can't tell that to armaan as it will hurt him
This was creating a bit hesitation in there relation and even armaan was noticing it but he was already busy with his feelings and that new feeling with riddhima
So you can say that everything was almost normal
On Sunday as all six of them were free they all planned to pay some kind of game and so they all agreed to play
they were playing "hit marble with ball" maybe you all don't knew this game it's like in this game there are two team one team have to first hit around 6 small marbles one over another kept one the floor and then that team has to arrange that marbles again and the other team has to stop them from doing that they have to hit them with that ball and if they got hurt by the ball they r out
I don't know what you all call that game but we call by this name only
[for your help you can watch hum dil de chuke sanam in this movie aishwarya is playing this game in her first introduction scene I am adding the vm]
they were playing that game as in teams
armaan riddhima and nupur in one
and samrat gunjan and mayank in the other
and karan [samrat father] was also there as he was back from London for some work and was staying with them only in his house he was watching them playing from the bench in the corner as to see that there was no cheating
Game start
 It was armaan team who were to join the marble and samrat and mayank team were to stop them by hitting them with the ball
All were running here and there in the ground
And riddhima and nupur were join the marbles bending down
When ball came to mayank and he was hit nupur or riddhima to win
Samrat: mayank what are you doing hit them comeon hit otherwise they will join the marbles and get one point
but mayank can't do that how can he hit the two most loveable girls of her life even in a game [he he I know I copied this from vivah movie oh I loved this in that song "milan abhi aadhaa adura hai"  when shahid didn't hit the ball to amrita they were playing this game only]
as a result they scored one point
and then samrat giving mayank all that deadly looks
game continue
again nupur ...riddhima and armaan were joining the marbles and this time ball was with samrat and so he hit it on nupur
samrat: nupur u r out , thanks god otherwise we would have definitely lost today cause mayank wont will not hit you,  so now you go and sit there with dad
and so nupur sat near karan on the bench
here the game continued as now armaan and riddhima r in one team and others 3 r in second team
nupur and karan
nupur saw that karan was looking at riddhima and thinking something really deeply
nupur: karan uncle what is it , what are you thinking
karan: riddhima have become really normal she is actually much strong then I thought
nupur: sorry uncle I didn't get any thing 
karan: well what happened with riddhima in London I knew that all
nupur: [shocked ] you knew it, how did you knew ? I mean
karan: I agree that riddhima is sujal and kashish's daughter, but she is born and brought up in front of me, and for me riddhima is nowhere less than my own kid maybe somewhere I love her more than samrat and armaan , I already knew what was happening in her life there in London I already knew that she was going out with that boy I was just waiting for her to tell me all this personally but before anything like that could happen that boy real face come in front of you both  and I also felt so helpless I could not do anything for my riddhima I never told this thing to riddhima cause I really didn't wanted her to feel uncomfortable or embarrass I am really happy to see that she is getting normal and as for that abhimanyu is concerned he got his part of punishment
nupur: what did you did with that abhimanyu
karan: nothing much cause of him my daughter got hurt so I just punished him a little for that he had a pretty small business empire and it wasn't tough for me to destroy him
nupur: oh god karan uncle u did this
 karan: yes I did but you don't worry I won't tell anything to anyone and specially riddhima she should never got to know about all this with many efforts she is trying to forget all that I don't want her to remember it ever again
nupur: yes riddhima had become really normal and moreover all that happened was really nothing that serious, I mean there was no love and all there, just riddhima felt it like so and she had no memories left with that but still I am scared now whatever happened after that riddhima had stopped believing in love and all thinks she had closed her hearts door so closely that now there is no place for love in that 
karan: I knew that but you wait and watch soon everything will get fine and she will get her right partner her perfect match
nupur: I also hope soo that soon she gets her perfect partner who will understand her and her feelings and most important that he loves her so much that she forget everything
 they were busy n there chat when the game there got over and nupur excused herself from karan leaving karan in deep thoughts
karan: [thinking to himself]  yes nupur you were right riddhima needs her perfect match now who will understand her and with whom riddhima even forget herself and she get lost somewhere in that love AND FROM WHERE I AM SEEING I CAN SEE THAT PERFECT MATCH HERE IN FRONT OF ME [looking there where all 6 of them were standing]  JUST THEY BOTH HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT AND RECOGNIZE EACH OTHER I THING I NEED TO TALK WITH SAMRAT NOW
Other side the 6 were chatting
gunjan: ok guys now I have to leave
samrat: soo soon where and why
gunjan: samrat you knew well that next week there is a charity show in the auditorium and I am the event manager and still so many preparations are left for that
mayank: yes the charity show, and your first show as event manager gunjan, I really wish I could have been there but I have to go tomorrow for this business work
riddhima: mayank please don't go its just been few days that you stayed away from me for 1 month and now you arfe going again for this business work
mayank: what can I do this is how business is but you don't worry I will be back in 1 week and till then everyone is here with you
armaan: yes we are here and we will take care of you as well, and mayank you dont worry we will take care of nupur as well very well [teasing]
mayank: you better take care of them both otherwise I wont leave you when I will come back ok
armaan: yes boss I was just kidding now you get going you must have to do lots of preparations and moreover nupur is there to help you in that you both go till then me riddhima and samrat will go out to eat ice cream with buddy [karan]  what say buddy[asking karan]
 karan: [interrupting them from behind] no actually you and riddhima go ahead, I have some work with samrat
samrat: anythink serious dad
 karan: no just have to discuss something riddhima and armaan you both go ahead and nupur and mayank you both are still here nupur go and help mayank
mayank: karan uncle you too have started with this like all others thats not fare
after a bit more chit chat ...they all dispersed
mayank and nupur in mayank room packing stuffs and a bit chit chatting with there romance
and samrat and karan were talking in study...a bit serious chat going there
and armaan and riddhima out for icecream
in car
armaan: finally  after soo long we got this time alone like this right
riddhima: yaa last few days were really hectic thank god everything is getting normal back oh now it has been soo many days we haven't even talked properly  so how is business going
armaan: dumbo there are more important thing I have to tell you other then business
riddhima: ok and what's that
armaan: actually you can say I met a new girl
riddhima: oh god  armaan till now also same old girlfriends, date etc ... dont you think now its high time in any case when I went to London at that time hoe many dates added to your list
armaan: well my normal dates list have got to 78 by now but my special one list had one more addition
riddhima: 78 not bad  and special list name  u mean one new girlfriend for whom you are little serious but whats the use your this affair will also last for maximum 2 months it never got more then that lets see this time
 armaan: no  she is a really sweet girl and moreover she is intelligent and understanding
 riddhima: oh that means a little more serious it can take more than 2 months
armaan: dumbo u r not getting me she is a nice girl she is a nice friend to me and there is nothing of that type over here
riddhima: that type means ?
armaan: means that serious types I am not at all serious about her
riddhima: then when have I said that you are serious about this one minute but why are you giving me so much of clarification in this
armaan: because r my best friend ok lets do one thing you meet her once and then tell me that what you thing
riddhima: just a second armaan singhania is getting a little serious about a girl and confuse as well thats a news
 armaan: ok I admit I like her, she is nice simple sweet type I don't knew still confused
riddhima: ok ..ok I  got it fineyou make me meet her and then I will tell you is she worth it for you or not
armaan: done !  see we reached the ice cream parlour you sit in the car I will get it for you
riddhima: oh ok for me
armaan: [interrupting her]  I know a hot chocolate fudge right
riddhima: yaa
armaan: I knew your taste really well I will just get it
armaan went out to get the iceceram
and here riddhima thinking to herself
'everything is fine but still I feel that nothing is ok everything is same over here like it always had been may be I have changed why I got impressed with a guy like abhimanyu I how could have I don't that mistake but now I wont do anything like this ever love and all thinks like that are nothing there is nothing like that for me, its only friendship the only truth of my life today I am with my friends with my dear ones who were always there with me and will always be by my side my friends can never betray me today also armaan like always firstly told me that he is liking someone have I done a mistake should I have told armaan everything about abhimanyu firstly and now also should I tell him everything but how will I tell this to armaan, I don't know how will he react to this, nupur was saying right I should forget all this but armaan, he never kept a single secret with me ever he never hide anything from me how will I hide this truth from him'
 armaan came there with icecreams
 armaan: what happened madam what were you thinking
riddhima: [getting out of her thoughts]  what nothing , nothing at all just like that, oh by the way from tomorrow me and nupur will be going to auditorium with gunjan  next week show is her show soo we all will help her with that you also come there when you get free from office
armaan: should I ask you something  ? [a bit serious]
riddhima: yes what is it ? [having her ice cream]
armaan: everything is ok right, I mean since we have come back you have changed a lot
riddhima at once stopped eating her ice cream and stared at him
riddhima: yes everything is fine , why are you thinking soo [said trying to get normal]
armaan: no I just felt like that anyways if you are saying then it must be fine I think you are really upset with what happened with gunjan
 riddhima: yes I little anyways leave that lets go home its too late
next day mayank left the town with karan for their business trip
and riddhima was again upset thinking why armaan thought she was not fine
she was soo lost in her world and not feel like going anywhere
soo she just avoid going to the auditorium to help gunjan there
meanwhile at the auditorium
gunjan and nupur were busy with their preparation and samrat was helping them
when armaan came there with his new girlfriend SHILPA she was a sweet girl and yes most important her nature was really nice you can say she was really nice just like riddhima not as good as riddhima but like her only
he introduced her to all 3 there
and nupur gunjan and samrat liked shilpa
nupur gunjan were chatting with her while armaan just excused himself to go out for making a call
after few chit chat with shilpa
nupur: you talk really sweet just like our riddhima seriously she also talk just as you are doing
shilpa: riddhima, oh where is she
gunjan: you knew her
shilpa: well yes and no actually heard a lot about her from armaan but I haven't met her yet where is she
only then armaan came back in the auditorium still busy in dialling a number in his cell
armaan: nupur where is riddhima since how long I am calling home she is not picking up the call
nupur:  actually armaan you knew mayank and karan uncle went this morning and she is little upset that's why she is resting at home
armaan: when she was so upset then why you all left her alone  (very concerned) anyways I will go back home to her
shilpa: home whose home ? [confused]
armaan: our home (very normally , still trying to call riddhima's cell , but there was no network)
shilpa: riddhima is in your house I mean she lives in your house  [confused]
armaan: riddhima lives in our house, we all live together since childhood anyways now I will have to go and bring that madam here
 samrat: [who was till now standing there]  no armaan you wait over here I will go, I will just goo back home and bring her here
armaan: no samrat you just leave that and moreover she wont come at all on your telling her to come, soo its better I should go
samrat: [trying hard to find a reason]  but you stay here, I mean you got shilpa here and soo you stay here with her I will go home and get riddhima here and if she wont come I will kidnap her and then get her here  [with a wink]  u all wait for me over here
after a lot try finally armaan agreed with this
and shilpa who was till now watching all this found it really strange and she was actually observing everything
samrat  went out of the auditorium and then talking to himself
 samrat: sorry armaan I knew what I did wasn't right but what else can I do what dad said me for doing that I have to do all this and now I have to go to riddhima afterall I also feel that what dad want is actually right
she was standing near the window
samrat: riddhima what are you doing here we all were waiting for you in the auditorium
ridd: samrat I am not in all in a mood to go , so please you leave
after a lot of pleading and requesting samrat got fed up
samrat: look riddhima just be a good girl and come with me quietly otherwise [warning her]
ridd: oh really you warning me fine now you do whatever you want to do I wont come at all
[showing anger]
samrat: ok as you say [very normally]
[with that he tied her hands with a cloth and with other cloth he covered her mouth to stop her from screaming and picked her up 
samrat: congrats riddhima  now you r officially been kidnapped now all this cloth will be open once we reach the auditorium
with that he took her to the auditorium
reaching there armaan who was just near the gate  saw riddhima in that state and samrat carrying her he went near them
 armaan:  riddhima what happened to her
samrat: this madam was just not ready to come so I have to bring her here forcefully
armaan saw that her hands were tied tightly he quickly tried to open them
armaan: [a bit angry]  samrat what a childish act is that and look you tied her so tightly must be paining her
armaan opened her hands and asked really concerned
armaan: are you ok  riddhima ?
to which she nodded and then tried to open the cloth from her mouth
armaan: are you really sure ?  cause I fell seeing you that if you are given the liberty that you can do one murder and you will not get any punishment for that, than you will kill samrat here just now only  [said very normally]
that was the end of seriousness  and with that samrat and armaan burst out laughing seeing her condition
riddhima : yes yes go ahead laugh on me , you find this really amusing irritating me all the time,  and this samrat you are such a dead men now samrat
samrat really wanted to ran away as riddhima was giving him all that deadly look 
armaan: well samrat this idea is nice tying riddhima mouth atleast cause of this she will be quite for some time
samrat: [continuing there irritate riddhima mission and teasing her]  yes bro and cause of that our dear ears will get some rest from her nonstop chanting
riddhima : nonstop chanting really you both are really enjoying this irritating me ok fine do whatever you want to do I am leaving
armaan: [holding her wrist as she was about to turn]  madam maybe you haven't heard that correctly that you were officially kidnapped  and till the time mayank come back you will do that only what we will say you to do in short you wont go alone anywhere and you will stay with us all the time and most important I am sure you must have not eaten anything yet so first you will eat something
riddhima : what nonsense I am not a small kid that you are need to take care of me, I can take my care well, and what had happened to you two today
armaan: actually you knew what riddhima as mayank is not here and till the time he is not back you are our responsibility and I really don't want that your brother will come back and say us that we have not taken good care of his lovely sister
riddhima : forget it you both guys I am not a small kid ok and I am not going to follow any of your orders
armaan: [smilingly]  you will have to do that actually you knew what you dont have any other choice sweety
riddhima moved from there a bit irritated and angry she went towards gunjan and nupur who were there inside the auditorium with shilpa offcourse
riddhima went there
riddhima : [cursing armaan and samrat loudly as all the 3 girls there can listen her]  what the hell do they think of themselves I will have to follow their orders am I some puppet of then oh I will kill them both
nupur: relax  sweety why are you getting so angry with them they both are like this only from always and you too why were you showing soo much tantrums why you didn't come early
riddhima : just like that I was not in a mood
gunjan: well seriously it was soo fun, samrat is too good, from today onwards whenever you will show any of your such tantrums then we all will always kidnap you like this and get to us
riddhima : whats happening now a days you are taking quite much of samrat side , you all just get fun in irritating me  , by the way who is she [pointing towards shilpa ,who was standing there and who had watched all the scene from there ]

and before anyone can answer armaan came near riddhima
armaan: this is shilpa my friend, and shilpa  meet her  this is riddhima  my best friend
riddhima : [very cutely] only best friend
armaan: ok correction my bestest friend is it fine now madam [to riddhima]
riddhima : yaa perfect
shilpa: oh so you are riddhima   [normally. not so sarcastically]
riddhima : well till now its me only [shaking their hands... normal friendly chat]
 shilpa: nice to meet you
riddhima : same here
samrat who was standing in the corner just looked here and there
on the stage the dance troth which have to perform in the show was practicing actually the show to be held was a dance and drama show and gunjan was the event manager

when samrat signalled the main lead dancers of the group they acted to fall down and with sudden cry everyone proceeds towards the stage
gunjan: oh my god  vishal [the main lead dancer ...some random name]  are u ok  ?
vishal: no mam i  think i need a doctor
samrat: oh no you dont worry gunjan I will just take him to the hospital till then you all continue
and with that samrat took the main lead dancer with him after that outside in samrat car
samrat: great job vishal  no one got any doubt that it was just a plan thanks a lot and yes now get your main lead lady also out of the show ok
vishal: fine sir as you say
samrat: finally now there are no main leads to perform in the show and now we will need a couple to do this dance now my plan will work
samrat: gunjan there is a problem doctors said that vishal need a 2 weeks bed rest and now hecant perform and his partner had also refused to dance alone without him, now there is no main lead in our show
gunjan: oh no samrat now what can we do, I feel its better we should search for a new couple who will dance for us here well
nupur: yes but how can we , I mean who will dance for us we don't have much time and in such short notice getting a perfect dancer is tough
samrat: oh I why getting worried riddhima is here, and riddhima is such a great dancer she can doo well
nupur: yes riddhima can do this 
gunjan: but samrat this is couple dance what about her partner
samrat : if you say I can do it  (samrat tried to say it , but before that gunjan said in the middle)

gunjan : armaan , yes armaan can do that

samrat : [making face] , armaan !!! noo I mean , armaan can't dance

nupur : no samrat gunjan is right , there is only one person who can match riddhima calibre in dancing and dance perfect together and its armaan, they both have danced so well always in school drama and college functions  but  [nupur tried to say something which strike her but gunjan said before]

gunjan: yes armaan that's going to be perfect and moreover if everyone will come to knew that armaan is performing for the show then the show will be superhit only, after all , all the girls in town die for armaan and if they cometo knew that its armaan show then the show will surely we housefull with the girls only 

nupur: but gunjan they both cant do this dance

 samrat: why , why they wont be able to do this ? [very interested]

nupur: because this dance is really sensuous  I mean little romantic and love and all types

samrat: yes nupur is right , I don't think its a good idea

gunjan: oh guys its just a dance soo relax they will manage first lets us talk with them where are they both

samrat : but gunjan [he tried to say something , but gunjan again interrupted him]

 gunjan :  no if's and buts , please this is fine , now you all have to support me

and samrat was left with no option

gunjan : by the way where are armaan and riddhima , lets us talk with them

samrat: they are over there in that corner that shilpa is also there in between armaan and riddhima 

gunjan: samrat she is armaan's friend ,and she is not between armaan and riddhima ,she is just there with them [normally]
and then they went to arhi to ask them for help

first answer from both of them together

"no ways we are not going to do any dance" armaan and riddhima together

That's all
finally what was samrat and karan conversation ?
what will samrat do now and what will be its effect on ar?
and will they perform together on stage ?
and lastly what will shilpa do ?
all these answers in next part

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great update yaar
loved it

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hey after so much wait u updated thanku so much love ur updates n it was shocking for metoo ke mjhe abhi tak story poori ratti hui thi n update soooon   n thankz for pm

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wonderful update........and yay a long sajan scene....cont soon

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DJames 119 62554 05 February 2015 at 3:37am by DJames
Yaare Dil Daare AR ff

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searchoffriends 2 1032 03 August 2009 at 4:21am by searchoffriends

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