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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 11)

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Originally posted by ambikamuskaan

awesome...........waiting fr a sajan part ................
thanks a lot for reply , and yaa sure sajan part from , part 13 ,  just wait please part 12 is on its way and after that its for sajan

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Originally posted by ARMAANKSGFAN

welcome backkkkkkkkkkkk
aqwesome update
loved it
loved AR
soooooooooooo strong bond
love da friendship they all share
precap looks interesting
cant wait 
con soon
thanks 4 da pm
thanks a lot
will surely update soon
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Just read ur wz amazing, awesom....,totally loved it. M in my mobile, so cant wrt much. I want 2 read further.....updt soon.....plz add me in ur pm list :-D
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hey update pls...
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waiting for more updates.......
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Originally posted by gupta.aditi20

hey update pls...
ops sorry for being soo late
will try and update soon
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part 6 on page 12


RECAP: karan, nandini , sujal and kashish came back home  , lots of masti , car race between Armaan and riddhima , and then party in their house


The party was set on its mood..

mayank talking to ranvijay , took him towards his group where 

riddhima  , samrat , armaan and gunjan were standing

mayank: hey guys meet him he is ranvijay

riddhima turned around and saw him , still for a minute thinking what the hell is he doing here , then then looked towards samrat , whose anger was rising seeing him again.

riddhima quickly hold samrat hand to calm him , and instruct through eyes to be normal

ranvijay: [very nicely first shake hand with gunjan , then placed his hand towards riddhima]  hello

riddhima , don't know how to react , she just shake her hand , but she was not soo comfortable , she immediately decided to avoid him , and soo she started talking to mayank

riddhima: well the party is getting very boring now , mayank where's nupur  , why don't you both just dance

armaan: yaa good idea lets dance.

mayank went to dance with nupur , only then karan called samrat , to introduce him to some guest so samrat left from there.

Ranvijay taking advantage of situation asked riddhima for dance..

ranvijay: [placing his hand ahead.] may I

riddhima  some how could not refuse , as armaan and gunjan were still there and she don't wanna create a scene.

soo she went for dance.

The music began.

It was a bit close dance , ranvijay holded riddhima hand from one side and then trying to put other on her waist which she jerked back, still they were really close, slow ball dance was going on there

ranvijay: soo you live here , what a small world right , well what your soo called friend did yesterday was not right , [talking about samrat beating him] you didn't even gave me a chance to do anything yesterday  [very cheaply]

riddhima: [in anger ] listen you mind your business , and don't you dare to do any think now ok , you have been lucky yesterday that you were saved , and I can't say that for today

ranvijay: oh!  I m scared  miss riddhima

riddhima just turned her face she was hating this situation , but she just don't wanna create any sort of scene soon he tried again putting a hand on riddhima's waist but cant cause before someone else arms came around her waist taking her a little back

it was armaan, he from a distance watched riddhima feeling uncomfortable, yes he can sense that but cant judge the reason he thought maybe she was feeling uncomfortable dancing with any stranger so he simply went their and took her little away from ranvijay hold

armaan: may I if you don't mind [very nicely asking riddhima for dance which she happily and immediately agreed]

soon they just started dance before that only the music changed and the partners too

Now riddhima was dancing with samrat.

Samrat: what was he saying to you , see riddhima if he did any think now naa , then I m just not gonna leave him

riddhima: relax samrat , he didn't said any think and you don't worry I m sure he won't do any think now , you just control yourself and behave normally , ok

Now again partner changed , now riddhima dancing with armaan  again

Armaan :  hey I didn't said before , you r looking really nice today

Riddhima:  thanks armaan , well you also looking really handsome

Armaan: well by the way why were you dancing with that ranvijay , we have just met in the party and you were dancing with him

Riddhima: he just asked me , and how can I say no , it looks bad and you already came there taking me away, and you please stop behaving like mayank , being soo over protective and all , and atleast not after what you did with me in the car

Armaan: what do you mean , what have I done ,

Riddhima:  you sacred me to hell with that rash driving

Armaan and riddhima were just dancing on the music , then again armaan remembered that car incident, when riddhima was holding him soo tightly , she was looking soo innocent , like a kid with that scared looks on her face ,

Then he remembered how his heartbeat also increased, 

The music began , and lights were really dim and then some think was happening there between armaan and riddhima , they were looking in each other eyes , and armaan was again sinking in them , his heartbeat again increased , by being soo close with her   

This is an ultimate romantic song , from movie shabd was been played over there

i only got this video
if you want to hear the song
lo shuru ab chaahato ka silsilla ho raha hai..
mit rahe hai dooriya aur faasla kho raha hai
ho rahe hai baat kuch aise jisme.
shabd gum hai ,arth matlab chupke se kho raha ha...
lo shuru ab chaahato ka silsilaa ho raha hai...

The music end

armaan and riddhima lost in each other eyes , armaan lost somewhere don't know where , there eye contact braked as the music ended

One side where actually a pure love bounding was starting on the other hand , There was a beginning of a evil plan.

RANVIJAY was now dancing with GUNJAN

ranvijay actually getting close to gunjan , and gunjan getting impressed by him , she is actually liking him , but he was just playing a game a trick of revenge from riddhima and samrat , an attack on there friendship.

armaan not feeling comfortable  , it was not that he had never danced with riddhima earlier , they have danced and many time even done close dance ,then why today there was an awkwardness , on armaan's side , while riddhima was normal , she was actually lost in thinking about that ranvijay and all

armaan went towards the bar , and had a glass of wine he can't resist this awkwardness anymore

Only then karan came to him , he saw armaan drinking wine , and understood that he is tensed regarding some think , as armaan don't drink normally , he only drinks when he is sad or tensed about any think

karan: soo buddy , what's up

armaan: [sounding a bit low] nothing buddy.

karan: buddy I know I m your uncle in relation , but still we r friends right , whatever is there in your heart you can share it with mee

armaan  thinking a bit,

armaan: I didn't know , I m not getting it , I mean my mind says some think else and my heart I don't know it such a weird situation , I m not getting any think

karan not understand much but got a little bit that he is confused about some think

karan: mind and heart r always at a fight , mind say something else and our heart feel different from it , but you know what its nothing , its just our thinking

armaan: [confused]   means ?

karan: it means  that, our mind and heart r connected , we sees the world n that way as we think it to be , take for example , nupur , you consider her as your sister right , and you always thinks about her like that , soo you find her like that only , now you can never think about her in the way you think about other girls , you know flirting and all you can't do this with nupur , can you

armaan :  never [instantly]

armaan thought a bit , yes he was right I was the one thinking about riddhima in that way soo I was finding all that weird , who told you to watch kuch kuch hota hai , and soo you were thinking soo much about your best friend ,

karan: what happen now what r you thinking , now tell me what's the matter

armaan: oh nothing  buddy , I was just thinking of nonsense stuffs , now I m fine

karan: u sure

armaan: 100 percent sure buddy.

karan left and only then riddhima came over there

riddhima: armaan , what the hell do you think , you r doing , you r enjoying over here , comeon its time for the surprise lets goo over there

anav: dumbo ,relax I m fine , lets go  [normal like always]

they all went out to prepare for the surprise , exactly at 12 the lights went off...


All kids together: SURPRISE

The Garden Was Completely Decorated Traditionally, Giving It A Look Of A Marriage With Flowers And Lights , And A Huge Cake On Which It Was Written Happy Anniversary


Karan:  you all remembered this

samrat: come on dad how can we forget it, today you and Sujal uncle both got married

kashish: oh beta you all r soo sweet

sujal: really nice surprise

mayank : the surprise is still left dad

Only then lights got dim and one spot light there on Armaan who was holding a mike  in his hand

armaan: ladies and gentleman as you all know , that today's day is really special , as today only , my dear sujal uncle got his life partner [to kashish] , and my dearest buddy [to karan ] took over my sweetest girlfriend [to nandini] , and on this special day we all wanna tell you that we all love you , love you allot

riddhima taking the mike

riddhima: yes mom dad ,I want to say you something , you both have been the best parents of the world , papa , you are my darling ,  I love you soo much , thanks for always being there for me and loving me the most in the world ,  I m your princess and I will always be the one , and karan uncle , I m your princess too I still remember you always taught me how to live in life , you were always been my guide line , ever since I have started living life , you made me feel independent,  love you a lot

armaan: yes buddy [to karan] , you r the best , today without any dough , I can say this , that there is no one in the world like you , no one , you always loved me even more than your own son , even after mom died  you never let me know that I m alone , you and girlfriend love never made me feel that, you r every think to mee my father, my friend, my philosopher my  best buddy

samrat and mayank: yes and today wee all want to say you one think that we love you we love you four a lot

There were tears in nandini and kashish's eyes everybody was really happy

karan came to armaan

karan: I never loved you  'like' my son , you r my son , and don't you ever say that again , got it [with tears in his eyes]

They both hugged each other, only then music began

And now they dance on the song , song is SHAVA SHAVA  FROM Kabhi khush kabhi gam

Karan started with the dance ,  taking Riddhima along with him

some think similar to movie , were amitabh bachaan , danced with rani mukherjee

the video of the song

roop hai tera soona soona 
soni tere paayal
chan channa chan aise chanke 
kar de sabko ghayal -2 
keh raha aaonkhon ka kajal ishq mein jeena marna
say shava shava mahiya say shava shava

Your beauty is golden, golden are your anklets
Your beauty is golden, golden, golden are your anklets
Jingle, jingle (your bracelets), make us smitten with your jingling
The kohl on your eyes is saying, I must live and die for love
Say, "Shava shava"
Beloved, say "Shava shava"...
roop hai mera soona soona 
soni mere paayal 
chan channa chan aise chanke 
kar de sabko ghayal
My beauty is golden, golden are my anklets
My beauty is golden, golden, golden are my anklets
Jingle, jingle (your bracelets), make us smitten with your jingling

armaan starting dance with riddhima [like shahrukh]

keh raha aaonkhon ka kajal ishq mein jeena marna
say shava shava mahiya say shava shava
everyone joined them with the music
mahiya ve aaja maahi mahiya ve aaja ...2
mahiya ve aaja maahi mahiya ve aaja ...2

The kohl on your eyes is saying, I must live and die for love
Say, "Shava shava"
Beloved, say, "Shava shava"...
armaan dancing with nandini..

aaja gore nach le
hai shava
nach le ve nach le
hai shava

Come, my lover, come, beloved...
Say, "Shava shava"
like that samrat dancing with kashish

aaja gore nach le
hai shava
nach le ve nach le
hai shava

Come, beautiful one, dance, dance "shava," dance...
now mayur alone in a corner , 
still shy to romance in front of everyone]

Dekha tenu pehli pehli baar ve [holding nupur's hand and placing it on his heart , coming close]

Hone laga dil beqaraar ve
Rabba mainu kee ho gaya
Dil jaaniye, haai mainu kee ho gaya

The very first moment I saw you, my heart became restless
God, what has happened to me? Darling, what has 
happened to me?

[comming very very close , almost about to kiss]
nupur now putting hand on mayank's lips , and stopping him to say ahead

Sunke teri baatein sone yaar ve
Maahi mainu tere naal pyaar ve 

[very shyly , with eyes down]

Haai main mar jaawa
Dil jaaniye, haai main mar jaawa 

Hearing your beautiful words, beloved, I fell in love with you.
Oh, I've fallen; my heart, darling, I've fallen!
[closing her eyes , showing she just cant live without him and both about to hug]

but there luck , samrat and gunjan came as disturbance, and started dancing in front of them , teasing them

shava shava mahiya, 
say shava shava mahiya

Say, "Shava shava"
Beloved, say, "Shava shava"...
on other hand

armaan , Seeing karan and nandini dancing

in kadmo mein saasein vaar de
rab se jyada tujhe pyaar de 
rab mainu maaf kare 
rabba khairiya
hai mainu maaf kare

I swear at these feet that I shall love you more than even God

God shall forgive me; for my welfare, God, forgive me!
[he is saying this for karan and nandini with all her true emotions for them]

riddima also sang the other part for her dad sujal , who was standing with mayank

tum to mere jind mere jaan ve
mere tu jameen hai aasmaan ve 
tujh bin main ki karah 
rabba khairiya 
hai ve main ki karaah

You're my life, my soul, my earth and sky
Without you, what would I do? Oh God, what would I do without you?
[she sang coming more closer to sujal and mayank]

Emotional scene again , one side armaan and karan hugging each other 

and on other side  , riddhima hugging sujal and mayank

so samrat watching this started dancing again to lighten the atmosphere..

with gunjan and nupur

say shava shava mahiya
say shava shava mahiya -2
and soo they all danced , and danced till the end.

the party end

Every think normal like always , armaan was back to his normal.

After the party , around 2 in night ,

They were sitting in the living room and chatting

riddhima: party was good , but  don't you think that marriage anniversary , r not celebrated like this

samrat: means ?

riddhima: how about we getting mom dad and karan uncle maasi maa , geeting married again , in a proper  traditional style

armaan: great idea  , i m impressed dumbo you r also getting intelligent day by day by living with me

And soo every think was decided.

There will be Mehandi in afternoon and then marriage in the evening , it will be a complete family affair so only few of close friends and family members will be there

All the 3 boys decided to be from the bride side

and the 3 girls from the groom side

but only at wedding time , at Mehandi time all ladies were on one side and boys were not permitted to enter the hall , it was completely a ladies function.

Kashish and nandini , both were sitting as Mehandi was being applied on there hands

And the old ladies were singing all that folk songs , generally sang at time of wedding

All girls were busy chatting..

riddhima: wow mom maasi maa , your mehendi is looking really good

nupur: really aunty , its beautiful

nandini: [teasing nupur as they know about mayank and nupur] have a look at it beta , after all very soon this willl be applied in your hands too

nupur blushing on that

riddhima: oh ho , see she is feeling soo shy from now only , ok now leave that  , mom comeon now I will write dad's name in your hand

kashish just adoring her daughter while riddhima writing the name with mehandi

riddhima: mom  , why r you staring at mee like this

kashish : just looking at how much my princess has grown up , very soon I will also apply mehandi like this in your hand and then you will go leaving us alone here

riddhima: I wont go anywhere leaving you guys here ok

nandini:  all girls use to say the same initially , but then everyone has to go one day, you knew that one person become so important in your life, that you can easily leave your house your family everyone for him and you don't even feel regret in that

riddhima: impossible , my life starts from you and end up at you all , soo noone will ever be able to take that place in my life

gunjan: ok now leave this topic , we r getting bored now , come  riddhima lets have some fun lets dance

Same time outside the hall

the boys were getting bored , don't know what to do , they wanted to see the function inside

soo they took the short cut straight in a room , from where the hall was easily visible and they can see the function , they were in the room and seeing from the window.

The dance began,

Riddhima ,  nupur and gunjan dancing on song

mehandi hai rachne waale haathon mein gharee laale.
kahe sakhiya ab kaliya haathon mein khilne waale hai
tere mann ko jeevan ko naye khushiya milne waale hai

song playing in background ,


karan: yaar me and Sujal , came over here too see our wife's , but why you 3 came over here haa [towards armaan , samrat and mayank]

armaan: actually  buddy, the point is that we want to see that what actually happiness in a lady sangeet

samrat: yaa dad we want to know , that what girls actually do in this functions

sujal: have some shame , its your mother's sangeet  , and you guys watching it like this

mayank: really dad if its like that than what r you doing here

karan: ok chill chill let see , that what's happening there

The girls ended with the songs and were singing and enjoying on the dhol

only then kashish asked riddhima for getting some stuffs from the room

soo riddhima went to the room , and as she opened the door she saw the boys watching the function..

riddhima: now what's all this happening over here , don't you guys feel ashamed , dad you also , I can understand about this samrat, armaan and mayank that they r shameless , but karan uncle ,dad you too ,

sujal: princess , baby actually we were getting bored outside

riddhima: [sarcastically]  oh like that , then you all come outside with mee I m sure you will get a pure entertainment there with mom's scolding

Till then others girls also came there and karan and sujal managed to escape

But mayank armaan and samrat were caught but the ladies,

and poor they then have to wear the duppataa and were punished to dance like ladies with dupataa  , poor they .and the girls were having fun

Like that the mehandi ended and everybody then got ready for the wedding

riddhima nupur and gunjan were helping karan and sujal to get ready

they applied there sehra and all

In the brides room

nandini and kashish were ready like brides , they were dressed simply , not with more heavy stuff but looking really pretty

armaan samrat and mayank came there to call them down

armaan: [to nandini] oh gosh  girlfriend , I swear if you were born 20 years late naa, then today I would surely have taken you away with mee

nandini: shut up you have no shame

armaan: see I m not kidding ok , well  big mom , you r also looking absolutely stunning today ,sujal uncle is definitely gone today

kashish: [very nicely] armaan beta , there r many girls of your age in this town , soo you keep all your there comments stored for them only ok

armaan: that's not fare , no one takes me seriously

samrat: armaan , if you r thorough with this, soo can we proceeds for the function , if you flirt for more time here naa, then I m sure dad and Sujal uncle will come upstairs only

mayank: seriously , they r soo much curious to meet you , as if you r getting married now for the first time , I wonder if its their condition now , then what it would have been  25 years back

They laughed and then proceeds towards the mandap

The wedding ceremony took place and every think was done perfectly, but no bidaai has to take place.

Meanwhile ,the boys take the groom's shoes , as they were from the bride side and return they also got the shagun

Happy ending of a family function

Ok and a start for the problems ,

FEW DAYS PASSED, There Parents Went Back To London

Everythink Got Normal

Armaan Mayank And Samrat Started Doing There Business As Well As There College.

That girl kiran , whom armaan insulted in that valley race , as she misbehaved with riddhima ,came back to armaan , as she was also in there college , an year  junior , she came and asked riddhima and armaan for their forgiveness with her fake concern and tears

and she was successful with that , she became a part of their friends in college , and was silently working of her plan too

that ranvijay was now normal , didn't did anything  as he was planning something big

And He Was Succesful In That , Gunjan Was Falling In For Him ,He Showed His Fake Love To Her  And She Took It Seriously


Now kiran and armaan were like good friends , of you can say boyfriend , girlfriend , she showed armaan with her fake care and love, and all

Everyone knew about armaan and kiran , and no one actually cared much as they knew that it was very normal for armaan , he knew well what he was doing ,and on other side kiran was like getting more and more jealous seeing ar bond, and then armaan always talks about only her friends and specifically riddhima

They all were ok with all this , riddhima was like always , she was never effected , as kiran was also like a one in the long list of armaan girl friends , there friendship was like always  , same and normal , nothing changed at all

One day , the whole college was gone was an outing  , it was like a college picnic, this is the palace where they went


Everyone was playing volleyball , chatting and all, and many were enjoying the weather , only by sitting there,

All were busy in playing riddhima was feeling tired soo she went and sat near the small pond , kiran saw that and she thought that it was the perfect time to warn her to stay away from armaan , and that he loved her , not riddhima ,

Kiran: hey riddhima , what happened you r not playing there 

Riddhima: hi kiran , actually I m a bit tired so I thought for resting

Before she can complete that kiran said sarcastically,

Kiran: soo you thought that you will behave like this too seek some more attention from armaan

Riddhima: what , !!! what r you saying , I m not getting it [confused]

Kiran: well you know na armaan is my boyfriend, he LOVES MEE [stressing on it] so why don't you just leave us alone

Riddhima: [Normally] what r you taking about kiran , armaan and mee r best friends , and I know he is your boyfriend , and I m not at all coming in between you guys

Kiran:  you r coming in between  , actually you know what I knew this that you r jealous of mee just because a person like armaan , he loves mee , he had chosen  me over you  , I m just here to warn you to just stay away from him , he is mine remember that

Riddhima: [laughing]  firstly ,I think you have gone crazy , I mean r you insane , I know armaan is your boyfriend and I don't have any problem with that , and secondly [now getting serious] , armaan is my best friend , and I would never leave him for anyone in this world , got it

Kiran: I knew this , why would you leave him , you r actually one of those cheap girls , but I must tell you , you r very lucky , that you live with him in a same house , and intelligent too, you know how to get him close to you but your bad luck he never got attracted to you

Riddhima: I think you r getting mad , what the hell do you think you r talking [ getting angry at her now]

Kiran:  I m just saying that you r very intelligent , you know how to get control over other guys

Riddhima:  kiran just stop this otherwise it won't be good for you [riddhima very difficulty controlling her anger]

Kiran: why should I , if you can be soo shameless that you can have an eye on others boyfriend then why should I be quite , infact you r very cheap one side that samrat and other armaan , and moreover you live in same house , god knows what you guys doo together there

That's it that was the limit for riddhima, she slapped her tight and now was about ready to kill her , with few more cheap words from her riddhima anger reached the height ,


With the noise and kiran shouting for help , everyone looked over there and then samrat ,armaan and mayank  rushed there to save poor kiran from riddhima    

Samrat and  armaan reached near them , and then saw the 2 girls fighting like cats , and enjoying that free match of  WWF , yes actually they were

Samrat: wow riddhima nice one , one more punch , comeon riddhima ,

Armaan:  seriously samrat this is soo funny , I wonder why r they fighting ,

Only then mayank came there

Mayank:  [tensed] riddhima what r you doing ., armaan samrat stop them , you guys r too much just standing and enjoying this

Then mayank tried holding riddhima to stop her , but she was very adamant , not leaving that kiran , and poor kiran was like now shouting for help, then finally armaan also helped mayank to get riddhima back , now mayank was holding riddhima left arm and armaan right arm tightly , and riddhima was now like trying to get out of their grip , with full energy

Samrat was just standing there , and laughing like mad seeing riddhima like this ,and all the college students were also there , but standing a bit away , gunjan and nupur came and stand between riddhima and kiran

Samrat:  oh hoo , phoolan devi , calm down , what happened

Riddhima: armaan , mayank  leave my hands, today I m going to kill her

Gunjan and nupur , went near kiran to support her in standing , poor girl

Now it was like armaan and mayank were holding riddhima and gunjan and nupur were holding kiran , and they were facing each other , and samrat was just standing there and laughing , actually mayank was also feel like laughing ,and armaan was with very difficulty trying to suppress his laugh , how can hee ,after all kiran was his soo called girlfriend ,bechaaraa , he can't even laugh properly 

Mayank: riddhima , what happened , first please calm down and tell us what happened

Before riddhima can say anythink  , kiran got another plan , and she started shedding her tortoise tears , to gain sympathy ,

Kiran: please help me , armaan see what this riddhima , did to me

Now armaan got a bit serious , as the matter was a bit serious too , he left riddhima as now she calm and was not ready to beat kiran again 

Armaan: now can we know what happened here  [questioning both riddhima and kiran]

Before riddhima can say anything kiran spoke up

Kiran : [with fake tears] armaan I didn't did anything , actually this riddhima she hitted me , she was very angry with me , she came to mee to tell me that I shall stay away from you , as she don't like me , and when I said , that I love you armaan and that you also love me , she got angry and started beating me armaan she was jealous that you chosen me over her

Now this make riddhima boil again with anger

Riddhima: what ! you liar , I will kill you  , you  [and she tried to get free from mayank grip]

Armaan: [again hold her] , riddhima riddhima , relax , relax leave her , just leave her

Riddhima: [very angry] armaan I m very angry right now , and you know what she said,  she said , me disgusting I can't even say that , listen take her away from here, otherwise I don't know what I will do

Armaan: riddhima , relax , leave her, why r you getting upset , just let her speck what she want too , why should you care just forget it ,calm down

After armaan and mayank many request finally riddhima anger came down and she was almost normal , everyone was quite there no one was saying any think , kiran was standing there in expectation that armaan will come to her console her , or he will get mad at riddhima for what she did to her , but here it was getting every think opposite , infact armaan was trying to calm riddhima's anger and was no even seeing towards her

After sometime riddhima saw that kiran was still there ,

Riddhima: why the hell is she over here till now , just take her away , no no just wait , armaan for once and for all I m saying you one think , I hate this stupid soo called girlfriend of yours  , and mind it I don't want to see her any where near me and my friends , form today , got it , and you r included in my friends

Armaan: yes madam , I think I m your best friend , and about this kiran , soo fine you don't like her soo you won't see her from today , got it , 

[then he turned towards kiran , armaan was also angry with her that she had misbehaved with riddhima he don't know anything but he knows one think that if riddhima is soo angry with her then she must have done some think] 

Armaan to kiran: listen you , I don't knew what have you done and I seriously don't wanna listen to that , I think you must have heard till now what riddhima said , soo from today I don't wanna see you somewhere near my friends and yes OFFCOURSE MEE TOO ,  SOO FOR NOW ITS ALL OVER

Kiran was shocked to hear this , she was standing there with an open mouth

Kiran:  you can't do this to mee armaan we , we both love each other  , and today you r saying its all over

Armaan: you aren't serious , come on we were just having a passing affair just for fun , but now when my best friend is not happy with that , then I think we have to end up here , it was nice being with you

Kiran: I can't believe this , you r choosing your this soo called friend riddhima over me and my love for you how can you , I mean how can you choose that good for nothing riddhima , that cheap ,down class

Before she could say more about riddhima , armaan spoke in between , he was now angry as she was insulting riddhima


[Riddhima was having tears in her eyes hearing this , yes there friendship was really precious for her and today what armaan said after that she got really emotional]

Kiran was left speechless there , she don't know what to do

Kiran: you know what you r good for nothing armaan , you live over here alone with your stupid friendship [angry]

Armaan: that's it ,  I just don't wanna here a single word more from you against my friendship and my friends got it  [angry]

Kiran: yaa all my planning got useless, you know first I thought that you were struck with these kind of friends, as you don't have any other choice, here I tried soo hard to get you away from this stupid and good for nothing friends of yours, but now I think you just don't want to get out of this , soo stay over here only with these good for nothing people

Armaan: can I ask you which planning r you talking about , just a second you have planned to break my friendship , [now very angry] , you bi**h I m gonna kill you , you tried to hurt my friends you ,

Now seeing armaan getting serious samrat come up to him

Samrat:  armaan , armaan just forget it , let her goo , listen you kiran , just get the hell out of here right now got it  [giving her dirty and angry looks]

Now all of them went from there, only the 6 , armaan , samrat , mayank , nupur , gunjan and riddhima were left

Armaan:  how can she , how dare she came between me and my friends

Samrat: armaan forget her she tried to break our friendship , she was mad , stupid girl , who thinks that she can doo that , how would she know that we r 6 bodies and one soul no one can separate us , never , right mayank

Mayank:  yaa , see she tried and over it , and what's the result , she got defeated, no one can ever break us , we r together and always be together , right girls

Gunjan : yes mayank , noone can ever come between us

Riddhima: dare anyone try and come in I will break her face

Samrat:  oh hoo , mere pholan devi , calm down , how will you break the face in the same way you did to kiran today , oh my god ,riddhima it was a full super duper hit entertainment, I loved watching it , the way you were fighting was too good

Armaan: [laughing hard on again remembering poor condition of that kiran] , my god , riddhima you were too much, absolutely like a wild cat

Riddhima: how dare you armaan , you called me wild cat ,

Armaan: that's what you r jungle billi

Nupur: see they both again started

Samrat: welcome back to normal guys , lets goo , and let them fight in peace

With that mayank nupur , gunjan and samrat ,went towards their car , soo that they can go back home

And only armaan and riddhima were left there now

Riddhima:  jungli billi , you called me jungli billi , armaan I will kill you

 [Pointing a fingure towards armaan face as they were standing face to face now]

Armaan: yaa just like you were about to kill that kiran

With that riddhima again remembered that incident and then she remembered that last words from armaan "I WILL CHOOSE RIDDHIMA NOT ONLY OVER MY LOVE , BUT EVEN OVER MY LIFE ,RIDDHIMA AND MY FRIENDSHIP IS EVEN MORE PRECIOUS THAN MY LIFE TO MEE"

And she again got emotional remembering that she had tears in her eyes

Armaan: [getting serious] , hey what happened , why r you

Riddhima: I m sorry armaan , you left her because of me , I ordered you to breakup with her , it happened only due to mee

Armaan:  no riddhima, it was not at all your fault , you know what , I was just not at all serious about her , it was just a pass time affair and nothing at all , and frankly speaking I m not at all upset with this break up, infact I m happy , that I get out of her , I was too bored with her naa, I really didn't liked her at all, she was such a perfect melodrama queen , soo you cheer up its nothing due to you Infact I m soo happy that I have you with mee , who is soo caring for me , I knew after today's incident and whatever she said to you , you came to know that she was not a good girl , and soo you wanted to protect mee from her right , that's why you said mee to break up with her , as you knew that it was not good for mee to remain with her

Riddhima: [surprised]  , how did you know that this was the reason 

Armaan: just like that , after all I m your best friend , and I knew you completely , I knew the reasons behind each and every actions of yours

Riddhima: oh armaan , you r just my bestest friend ever , [hugging armaan tightly]

Armaan:  well I knew I m the best , and yaa I really enjoyed that WWF , wow your anger was too good , you r one big wild cat

Riddhima: [pouring] not again armaan

Armaan: [teasing] what jungli billi

Riddhima:  armaan not jungli billi  [warning]

Armaan: [teasing her] jungali billi ,,  jungali billi

And then riddhima was running after armaan,  and over there the sun was setting slowly slowly , and welcoming the evening

Life was moving on perfectly ,

Boys learning office work along with their college studies , and girls enjoying their way in college , Soon the last year of their college ended I m taking AGAIN A LEAP

Boys learning office work along with their college studies , and girls enjoying their way in college , Soon the last year of their college ended I m taking AGAIN A LEAP

Ranvijay was personally never liked by samrat , riddhima and even armaan he don't knew why but he found him a bit attitude types , but still ranvijay was a part of there college gang , ranvijay one day personally went to samrat and riddhima and apologized them both for his mistake , and since then he was like behaving very nicely with all ,and was like there well-wisher ,


Gunjan was kind of falling for him completely , soon she told everyone about her and ranvijay , everyone was happy for there friend and whole heartedly accepted her wish , and as far as samrat and riddhima , they were not soo happy but still they kept quiet , they thought that ranvijay was changed and he truly loved gunjan

Nupur and mayank love for like known to everyone now , and no one had a problem with that


As usual the same flirt , got new girlfriend , actually few new girlfriends for him , he didn't changed , he was the same

Soon the day came and mayank ,  went to meet nupur dad.

Today , its nupur dad meeting with mayank's dad , so sujal along with karan came there , afterall he was also like mayank's dad

mayank samrat and armaan were gone to meet nupur dad,

and, it was decided that there rokka was to be held after 3 months along with engagement

The girls were in riddhima house

Nupur was really happy finally there relationship will be official

Gunjan was happy for being in live with ranvijay

And riddhima happy for her friends

It was raining and the girls were enjoying it

[I think this song can easily express their feelings well this is a song from movie yaadien , enjoy this video

nupur started
 (Eli re eli, kya hai yeh paheli
Oh girl, what is this puzzle?
Aisa vaisa kuch kyoon hota hai saheli) - 2
Why is something like this happening, friend?
Gunjan to joined her 
Meri angdaaiyaan
My stretching arms
Meri angdaaiyaan, meri tanhaaiyaan
My stretching arms, my loneliness
Meri angdaaiyaan kitni akeli
My stretching arms, so alone
All 3 together , riddhima to joined them 
Eli re eli, kya hai yeh paheli
Oh girl, what is this puzzle?
Aisa vaisa kuch kyoon hota hai saheli
Why is something like this happening, friend?
Tu du rum, tu du rum tu du rum
Tu du rum, tu du rum- 2

Chali hain ab ke baras na jaane
This year I don't know
Kaisi yeh hawaayein
What kind of winds are blowing
Chaloon main laakh sambhalke
I walk so very carefully
Par kadam dagmagaaye
But my steps are staggering
Na jaane kyoon aisi baatein
I don't know why such words
Mere dil mein aaye jaaye
Come and go from my heart
Ke meri saari saheliyaan mehndi lagaaye
That all my friends are putting henna
riddhima and gunjan: 
Main bhi aage kar doon apni hatheli
I also put forward my palm
Eli re eli, kya hai yeh paheli
Oh girl, what is this puzzle?
Aisa vaisa kuch kyoon hota hai saheli
Why is something like this happening, friend?


Yeh din hai chhote chhote
These days are short, short
To badi lambi lambi raatein
Then very long, long are nights


Arre lo, saawan se pehle
Oh look, before the rain season
Hone lagi barsaatein
Rainfaill has started
Kisi se hone lagi hai
With someone I have started
Sapnon mein mulaqaatein
To meet in dreams
O jaao, mujhko sikhaao na
O go on, don't teach me
Tum aisi vaisi baatein
Such words
Tum dono ne milke jaan meri le li
You two together have taken my life
All 3: 
Eli re eli, kya hai yeh paheli
Oh girl, what is this puzzle?
Aisa vaisa kuch kyoon hota hai saheli
Why is something like this happening, friend?
Tu du rum, tu du rum tu du rum
Tu du rum, tu du rum
only then armaan , samrat , mayank and karan came , and they were happy as nupur and mayank engagement date was finalled
O dekho, koi tasveer nahin
O look, this is no picture
Yeh ek paigaam hai
This is a message
Kisi ne door se bhejaa
Someone has sent it from far
Tum sab ko salaam hai
To all of you, salutations
Badi hi pyaari si soorat
A very lovely face
Bada pyaara pyaara naam hai
A very lovely, lovely name
Dilon ko mel karaana
To make hearts meet
Achhe doston ka kaam hai
Is the work of good friends
[pointing towards girls]
Tumme se ek hai dulhan ho naveli
From you all there is one new bride

all joined girls  with dance
(Eli re eli, kya hai yeh paheli
Oh girl, what is this puzzle?
Aisa vaisa kuch kyoon hota hai saheli) - 2
Why is something like this happening, friend?
Tu du rum, tu du rum tu du rum
Tu du rum, tu du rum
And all of them then just enjoyed and celebrated , all 6 were really happy , there life's were just perfect , 

AT Night, Around  1 AM

armaan and samrat were not in a mood to sleep so they thought to go out and enjoy.

armaan went to riddhima room to wake her ,and samrat went to mayank and then called nupur and gunjan to get ready as they were going on picnic

As usual riddhima was in her sweet dreams

Riddhima irritated by armaan waking her

Armaan: what is this riddhima you are sleeping here

Riddhima: you knew its 1 at night and normal people sleeps at this time of night, don't knew about you

Armaan: oh comeon I knew who is very well normal here or not, now you get up

 Riddhima: r u gone crazy ,it's already 1 in night, please let me sleep [not at all in a mood to get up]

Armaan: comeon yaar get up now , we need to goo right now

and now riddhima had no choice but to get up

This was a normal stuff for them , they instantly made plans , actually such weird plans , of going out and enjoying at that time in nights

they all settled in the jeep

And after an hour of drive

They reached their favorite place

well it was a kind of hill top where you can sit and watch the beautiful valley the place was breath-taking beautiful and really quite you can just sit there for hours ,and admire the beauty of the nature

they reached here
view from there
imagine it at night time

Where they often visit when they want to relax ,away from everyone after few minutes of sitting quietly
Riddhima finally started the talk
"so is this your final decision" , riddhima asked from armaan and mayank
"what which decision" ,asked confused armaan
"that you 3 guys r going leaving us alone here", said riddhima pointing towards samrat armaan and mayank

samrat: riddhima we r going on just a business tour its not that we all r going leaving you forever , its just a tour of a month , and we will be back in a month or soo, [making fun of her]
riddhima: you guys never left me alone for even 2 days , and now you r going for a month , what will I do over here , and then nupur , is also going to Delhi with her mom-dad , and gunjan , she is very busy with her ranvijay , soo she don't have time for us [teasing her]  [ saying all this feeling a bit sad now]
armaan: Hmm now this is actually a problem , you will be left all alone
samrat: riddhima why don't you do this , start singing sad songs , may be then people will start considering you seriously  , bechaare types you know" , [in a teasing manner giving hi five to armaan]
khuahi: ha ha very funny samrat , was I suppose to laugh on your this pj [poor joke] , I have decided , one think , I m going to London
mayank : London ,  and that too all of a sudden
 riddhima: Yaa actually I am really missing mom and dad a lot so I decided to stay with them in London , till you r over with all your soo called business tours
mayank:  that's perfect , that would be fine , as you will  be staying with mom-dad , then we will be satisfied as you will be fine there
and soo they all decided.
everythink going on normally
samrat mayank and armaan were really busy in there business and office work while nupur was gone with her parents to delhi and gunjan having her nice time in town being alone with her fiance Ranvijay and here riddhima is having fun with her parents in London

hey guys, i m not adding details here how will ranvijay makes gunjan fall in lone with him but if you guys want , i can make add to that as well , in the next part, do tell me , if you want the details , cause i was thinking to avoid that and straight come to main point, his actual aim
Finally there first ever separation till now in there life's, all 6 will get separated for few days, armaan , mayank and samrat out for business work and all , How will they manage without each other

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