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Mohabbat ( ArSh )

-MissQueenBee- IF-Stunnerz

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Part 1
hey guys! this is my second story of arsh! my first story is still incomplete, i promise i'll update next part on "Friends and Love" soon. But for now,Please enjoy "Mohabbat"

Cast :

Armaan : A hot doctor Dating shilpa malhotra for 4 years now. Blue eyed boy that girls drools over.

Shilpa : A pharmacist dating armaan malik for 4 years now. Very bubbly and outgoing.

Shahid : A hot architect. Girls drool over him. Had alot of girlfriends.

Anushka : A Dancer. Loves to teach dancing. Always happy and fun to be around.

Ranbir : A hot photographer. Dating Deepika for 4 months now. Girls drool over him.

Deepika : A Fashion Designer. Dating Ranbir for 4 months now. Very outspoken.

It was a beautiful morning day, 6 in the morning with the sun shining though the window into the beautiful room where two people were sleeping. The double bed was decorated beautifully with blue and white bed sheets, and pillows where the two lovers were sleeping peacfully on. The wall was painted with blue and white colors. The room had a bathroom with a big tub and a big beautiful sink. As the sun was shining on the two lovers sleeping, it woke one of them up. He rubbed his eyes and tried to open his eyes as the sun was right on his face. His chest was without a shirt. He looked at his beautiful shona sleeping next to him peacefully as the sun was also shining on her face. She was covered in the bed sheet. As he moved closer to her, putting his hand on her belly and kissing her neck and shoulder. Shilpa had a smile on her face as she knew it was her boyfriend armaan who was kissing her of course.

Shilpa : ummm....armaan....

Armaan stopped kissing her neck and kept his chin on her shoulder.

Armaan : good morning beautiful.

Shilpa said good morning as she was half asleep. Armaan smiled and continued to kiss her neck. Shilpa smiled and put her hand on the back of his head. Shilpa already had red marks on her neck from their last night romance. Armaan kissed her shoulder and bit her neck.

Shilpa : ouch! armaan...please don't do it much. its gonna leave marks.

Armaan : so? i want everybody to see how much i love u.

Shilpa : armaan....

Shilpa stop her self either as turned around to face him. Armaans was on his side sitting up on his shoulder and shilpa laying in front of him. His left hand was still on her belly. Armaan again started kissing her neck. Shilpa couldn't resist. Armaan then took her on top of him. Now shilpa was laying on top of armaan with the bed sheet covering her.

Shilpa : u knw i haven't gave u a love bites yet...lets see how u feel...

Armaan : ( with a naughty face )so then give me love bites, i don't mind. ( wink )

Shilpas hair fell on armaans chest as she was trying give him a love bite on his neck.

Shilpa : did it hurt?

Armaan : nope. u can give as many was u want sweetheart.

As they were about to kiss, shilpas cell rang.

Shilpa : my cell! armaan please let me go.

Armaan : no!

armaans hand was on the back of her waist holding her tight.

Shilpa was trying to get up but armaan wouldn't let her go.

Shilpa : armaan please it could be important from work.

Armaan : so? is it more important then me? u can call bak later. were in the middle of something here!

Shilpa : ( with a naughty smile ) ok fine, how about u can do anything u want with me if u let me pickup my cell.

Armaan : ( his eyebrows raised with a smile on his face ) anything????

Shilpa : anything.

Armaan let her go and shilpa rolled down on the other side of the bed to pick up her cell. Armaan got up from the bed as shilpa was about to pickup her cell.

Shilpa : where r u going?

Armaan : be right bak!

Shilpa picked up her cellphone. It was from work. Her co-worker wanted to ask her about a few things important things, and she need shilpas help. As shilpa was talking on the phone, armaan came in with a whip cream can and strawberries in a bowl. Shilpas mouth opened up wide.

Co-worker : hello...u there??

Shilpa : ohhh umm sorry i'm here....

Armaan came back on the bed smiling. He put the whip cream and the strawberries on the small table next to the lamp. He kissed shilpa on the next. He kept on kissing her while she was talking on the phone. Shilpa couldn't resist.

Shilpa : umm ya....ok.....

Shilpa couldn't help resist armaan and wasn't listening to her co-worker.

Co-worker : helloo again.....?? wat r u doing....??

Shilpa came out of her senses...

Shilpa : ummm oh umm sorry i'm here...

As she and her co-worker were finished talking, she hung up the phone.

Shilpa : armaan! please....

Armaan wasn't listening to her and kept on kissing her neck. Then he picked up the whip cream can, shaking it in front of shilpa.

Shilpa : armaan noo! ! we are not doing that!

Armaan : remember, u said i couldn't do anything i want.

Shilpa : but....-

before shilpa could finish her sentence, armaan squirted the whip cream on her neck. Shilpas mouth opened up wide. The cream was freezing cold on her neck. Armaan licked the whip cream off her neck.

Armaan : humm yummy!

armaan bites and nd licks his lips and smiles.

Shilpa : ( rolling her eyes ) armaan ur soo immature!

Armaan : wat? we've been together for 4 years and had sex like 200 times!! but we haven't done this once!

Shilpa rolls her eyes.

Shilpa : ok, r u done now? i gotta get up.

Armaan : noo! were not finished!

Shilpa : armaan! i have to go to work! i have brush, take a shower, wash my hair...-

Armaan : wat u still have like another hour before going to work!

Shilpa : takes me at least an hour to get ready armaan! and u have to go to work too!

Armaan : fine how about lets save some time take a shower together....

Shilpa : (rolls her eyes and tries to get up) shup up armaan!

Armaan : come on shilpa! u promised! i even bought strawberries!

Shilpa : sorry armaan, i really need to get ready. i'll be late for work. maybe tonight ok?

Armaan : ( pounding on the bed ) fine....

Shilpa goes and gets the towel from her closet while draped in the bedsheet. Armaan just can't help but stare at her. He can't resist her in that bedsheet draped around her. He gets up and puts her hands on her waist. Shilpa tries to run away from him. But he catches her before she could run to the bathroom. He pins her to the wall and kisses her neck and lips. Shilpas hands are on his on his bare back. He moves more down and tries to take off the sheet but shilpa stops him.

Shilpa : armaan please...i have to go get ready!

Shilpa pushes him away. Armaan tries to catch her again but she already went in the bathroom and closed the door. Armaan rubs his hands on his hair and showing his dimpled smile and then he sits on on the bed. Armaan looked at his cell to see if anyone called. One missed call at 1:04 am. It was ranbir's missed call. Armaan called him back. Ranbir picked up his cell.

Ranbir : ( tierdly ) hello....

Armaan : hey why did u call?

Ranbir : its like 6:30 in the morning! couldn't u call alittle later?

Armaan : dude ur the one who called me first at 1 in the morning! And i have to go to work at like 7. So why did u call me??

Ranbir : oh i got 3 tickets to the game! u wanng go?

Armaan : wat? u called me for that? u couldn't of told me that anytime u wanted.

Ranbir : ya i knw i was just bored and couldn't sleep so i called, thought u'd be awake. so u coming to the game?

Armaan : um i don't knw i'll think about it if i ---

just then shilpa comes out of the bathroom with the towel covered around her body.

Ranbir : If i...wat???

Armaan : ohhh ummm....If i don't have late duty at work.

Ranbir : oh ok. see u.

Armaan : ( looking at shilpa ) bye.....

Armaan gets up and walks by shilpa who was combing her wet hair.

Shilpa : armaan...don't even think about it....

Armaan : wat! i wasn't even doing anything!

Shilpa : i know wat u were gonna do by the look on ur face ok?! And its not the first time u've seen me in this towel! Now go take a shower!

Armaan : ok ok fine i'm going!

Armaan took his clothes and towel and went and took a shower while shilpa got dressed and dryed her hair. Armaan came out after the shower drying his wet hair with his towel and wearing jeans and his shirt unbottoned. He throws the towel on the bed and goes by shilpa who was putting on makeup. Shilpa was putting powder on her neck.

Armaan : wat r u doing?

Shilpa : hiding all the red marks on my neck u gave me! i told u not to do it to much!

Armaan : ur not less either ok! i have scratches of ur nails on my back! and u also gave me a love bit on my neck to remember?!

armaan showed her the red mark on his neck.

Shilpa : wat! i did not scratch ur back! And if i did, its not noticable! mine is noticable! And here, ( Shilpa put powder on armaans neck to hide the love bite ).

Shilpa : happy?

Armaan looked himself in the mirror.

Armaan : ( touching his chin and moving his face side to side ) damn i'm soo goodlooking! No wonder girls go crazy over me!

Shilpa : yes, and ur only mine! got it mister ?!

Armaan : u knw u should be thankful u have such a goodlooking boyfriend. Who by the way is a doctor! ( he winks at shilpa )

Shilpa : And wat about me? ( her eyebrow raised )

Armaan : and i should be thankful i have such a gorgeous girlfriend.

Armaan leans in and kisses her lips. Then he stands behind shilpa infront of the mirror holding her.

Armaan : don't we just make a dangerously hot couple.

Shilpa : humm yes we do.

Armaan : Love u shona

Shilpa : Love u too.

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pr1ncess12 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 4:09pm | IP Logged
first to update
loved it
good update
pr1ncess12 xxx

Edited by pr1ncess12 - 15 March 2011 at 4:09pm
felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 4:15pm | IP Logged
loved it
was fab
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm
Crazyy_Fan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
Hawt ;) pm me :))
anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 4:26pm | IP Logged

hey that was really amazing dear...

very nice start...

loved it...

thnx for the pm..........

mkp1995 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 4:48pm | IP Logged
heyy dear, the 1st part was FAB.....luved it.. if possible please do pm me when u update.. thankx- misha =]]
Laddoo.Phaddoo IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 November 2008
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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 5:05pm | IP Logged
Omg that was something beyong amazing:(
loved it dear
interestng and unique concept
so armaan and shilpa r in a live in relationshp...
will be waiting 4 update

KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 5:08pm | IP Logged
awesome first part
loved it
ArSh r adorable
armaan is sooooooooooo naughty
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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