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FF-Paradox- MAAN & GEET- THREAD 6 (Page 34)

anshimanshi Goldie

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
kab se updating hai...please udate soon

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khansangel Senior Member

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 5:29pm | IP Logged
yuuuuuuppppeeeeeeeeeee !!!! i told u MSK k saamne koi nai khada ho sakta ..... Party

wow GEET is sho0o0o0 HAPPY for MAAN ..... LOL

aryan chacha ka to ticket pakka katey ga ..... Sleepy

PRECAP hmmmm HOW DARE SAM ASK QUESTION TO GEET .... she better b ready if she ask question from GEET ... cuz GEET will make her realize what actually she is in kHURANNA'S ....ROFL


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sanu3108 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
Keyaaa.... u slept on ur lappy again LOL
FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:39pm | IP Logged

part 54
pls do comment & press the like button' ty for all the love and suport

OMG current track of geet going like my
tremble of love...
Grrr..... dev instead of anurag....Angry
lol... but i am so happy...
& i still hate it...
my exam finishes today... Hurra.... hehehe well me will be back soon... :D

Geet walks in to her room. Humming. She have been the happiest women to be alive. Everything looked so pleasant & simple. Everything was perfect. No matter what maan & her will be one together. Forever. Soon. The house started to get ready for the big fat wedding. She laughed. God knows how many time maan have teased her for being fat! She looks at self at mirror. " you just look amazing. Perfect. It's maan who needs to change not you." she smirks. Loving her new style of her life. Soon to e mrs khurana. Maan sing khurana wife. She smirks. One & only Geet. Rano walks in with her engagement suit.
Rano: "beta! Look... Does this look alright?" she asked. The dress was beautiful. Designed by one of the top Designer. Geet looked at it! She didn't look impressed at all.
Rano: "ka hua beta?"
Geet: "no! I don't like it!" she replied lazily. Rano wasn't amused. It took her long enough to make this. Specially with the top Designer & here... She simply answers it's not impressive enough. Not up to her level.
Rano: "what do you mean? I can't go back to the Designer now & demand to make another one!
Geet: "you should have asked me!"
Rano roles her eyes. Fine!
Both makes There way back... Choosing another new set. It took them long time. Geet started to get irritated. Rano wasn't exactly sure what her daughter wanted but she is her only daughter & everything have to be special. Every way she have decided. It's been week since maan & geets roka. Engagement is soon. Maan wasn't as much busy. He could call this 3 months break as Aryan will be taking care of the business & anything upon danger which the chances seemed very low. Market was quit. He should do this perfectly & smoothly. No trouble. He also have been planned to met Designer after Designer arranged by his mom. This is after all khuranas weeding. It have to be special. Spectacular. Outstanding. Over welming. There should be no complain at all.
Shila & Shoria have been busy. Very busy. London Market wasn't much quit like India but there was restrict order of her return home. Specially because of maan & geets weeding. She was exited but wasn't happy to see sam there. Amongst her family. There was some strong hatred & it was only growing stronger & stronger. Something about her that wasn't wright. Shila had to stay at geets for the engagement preparation... Everyone was back from England even Brij.

Geet: "Tu dek na Ae tik hi ya nahi?" shila & Geet stood in front of the mirror. Wearing the party dress. Engagement for Geet & party for shila. "ha! You looking beautiful! Do you think Shoria will like this?"
Geet: "ha baba! Why would he refused? Have thought about telling Darji about your & shorias relationship? Shall I talk to maan?" shila blushed. They have consummated there relationship way before unlike maan & Geet. There was no urge of getting married. That's what shila thought. What's the point of a marriage when they are happy in there life! "are there any point! I mean there are no urgent. I am only 20... Not like bro who is 25 & there is a certain urdge of marriage"
Geet: "what do you mean? Just because he is getting older he needs to merry?" she aske annoyingly. Of course the way there thought works it's completely different. Shila beloved if they are happy then what's the hurry... While maan wants to settle his life. Stating way from Geet was to hard. Same applies to Geet but she had no urge of getting married but unlike Shila her thought varies a little.
Geet: "there are no urgent of marriage! What shall I presume! Don't you love him?"
Shila: "of course I love him! It's just... I am not ready for marriage yet."
Geet: "alright as you wish!"

Khurana mansion... Maan was busy talking to maan while Taila & Anurag sat with Darji. Brij walks in... Even though his doing was unforgivable... It's been long years & it's long forgotten.
Darji: "itni Rath ko beta!" Brij looks at him smiles. Touches everyones feet.
Brij: "ha Darji. Maan ko milna tha." he smiles and leaves.
Daeji: "bohot badal gai hi"
Arjun: "ha. Suna hi bohat mahenat karti hi business me!"
Darji: "per Sab to Geet hi look after karti hi!"
Arjun: "ha pappa! Per... I was thinking about his & shilas marriage! What do you think? I know about his past & everything! But he is a changed man. & shila will be very happy with handas" Taila looks at her husband. She didn't mind the idea at all but Darji had some habitation. He wasn't sure what exactly to say! It's Tere daughter & they know the best... But still it's Brij.
Taila: "I will speak to Rano! Let's see what she say about this idea. I am happy with this."
Darji smiles. It seems so perfect.

The news of Shila & Brij engagement was a shock. Rano couldn't ask for any better proposal. Specially after the bad press about he being a play boy. Of course there family believed this is all lie like maan & sam. Shila had no clue about this. This will come as a shock when she find about this at geets engagement. While Brij was already day dreaming. He was confused in one way! After knowing everything about him why would they arrange this enactment! Anyway! He needs to get married some day! Why not now? & why not shila? She is beautiful. Pretty. Everything is perfect about her! Nothing seems to be the problem here.

Maan & Geet wasn't allowed to see one another at all before the engagement. Maan cursed everyone while Geet had a plan to re decorate her room by breaking everything! She couldn't bare a second without him & they expect them to stay way from one another for 1 whole day! A bloody day! Geet wasn't approving this at all. She decided to call him round hers..
Maan: "itni gussa!" he laid on geets lap. Looking round the room... Then tests his head back on her lap. Looking at her while she strokes his hair.
Maan: "I want my room to be neat & clean!" he jokes...
Geet: "what do you mean by neat & clean? & what do you mean by your room? It's our!" she replied angrily. Very angry. "and anyway after marriage I was thinking moving to London. I have my whole business there. You have to transfer everything there!"
Maan: "hmm! You know I can't do that!" maan was worried now! Either way it's there lost! Unlike he wants Geet to work. He wants her to be house wife! She never finished her any collage or university course! She was just bright enough to run the whole Handa! He wanted her to Finnish the whole education. At-least!
Maan: "Geet! I Wang you to finish the last year!"
Geet: "last year of what?"
Maan: "collage!"

Geet: "are you crazy? Are there any point! I am running the whole Handa. Very successful! Anyway I have done some course with the business! I have some qualification! Why do you want to push me to the study line? You know I hate that!" she made a baby face. Maan knew well how much she hated tw education. She thought it's waste of time!
Maan: "acca baba!"
Geet: "are you planning to stay here the whole night!" maan nodes with closed eyes. He could fall in deep sleep in any moment....
Geet: "mujce tumsw Kuch kahena hi!"
Maan: "kaho"
Geet: "shila loves Shoria! I think it's time to tell the whole family!" maan opens his eyes instantly. Shocked.

Next day...
Engagement was only few days way. Preparation was high. Sam was helping & caring with every details... Maan had no office. No work to do! He comes down rubbing his eyes. He haven't spoken to sam properly for past 2 weeks! He barely had the chance. He went everywhere with geet now days! No more sam. She was long forgotten as every head line & magazine was only covered with maan & Geet.
Sam: "kachi ho?"
Maan smiles & gives her a hug: "sorry. I haven't spoken to you for ages. Just busy! Work! Work! & worl." sam smiles.
Maan: "I am sorry If Geet tells you Anything rude. You know how she is! Very blunt!"
Sam: "no! No. I am fine. But I need to tell you something but before I need to talk to her!"
Maan: "alright! Sure do"

Sam walks in geets house... Her room... It was empty. Geet was trying out the jewelry.... Sam walks in. Geet was shocked to see her! How dare she come here...
Sam: "I need to ask you something Geet... I need to ask you something!"

next- Part 55

Thanks for all the love & support
hope you all liking this' 
pls do leave me some comments'

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Dilsay IF-Rockerz

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Thanks for an awesome update

Idk why I am feeling that there is a big twist coming in Maneet's Wedding???

Shila and Brij's engagement is a big twist itself in the story, r u
planning to bring a rift in Maneet's relationship????

What is Sam's plan for Geet ?
Why she wants to talk to Geet?D'oh
Lot of questions ????
Continue soon

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Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update..... loved it....

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Acharya10 Groupbie

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
idiot sam, i wll kill her..... she doesn't have any sense???????

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Rohini20 Goldie

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uggg...the update was gud..but now this....uff....wht the hell is happening...hope it doesn't effect  maan n geet.....upar seh brij engagement with shila...this is is gonna create problem for maan n geet...N KEYA KILL U...IF U MAKE MAAN HUG SAM AGAIN...I HATE THT BITCH...N THE PRECAP...POOR GEET...DUNNOW HOW SHE WIL HANDLE SUCH A THING...Shocked..CONTINUE SOON..!!


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