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Kools Commentary : March 15 PR (Page 9)

bhallarox IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 8:09pm | IP Logged

So she IS na . Now she is angry and is NOT talking to him anymore . Now he is running after her . She has accepted its HIS LIFE and HIS choice .
I don't think she has accepted .This is killing her  inside and she is very hurt   that someone else is in his life now ....If she had accepted then  she would not be in the state she is now ...
As far as her insecurity abt giving other woman ..his wife more importance is concerned .............Thats Natural with ALL mother in laws in the world .in some degree or other .Some dont show it bas .To top it Archana had this HISTORY .
Thoda bahut , maybe a little more ...Ok ...but this is too much yaar ......
It's wrong Period ( in my opinion ) .
Point is Their REAL marraige actually started NOW . With this remarraige . THEY shud have made an effort to take away her insecurities and anger by apologising and doing duties and NOT making her feel THIS ISOLATED .
This I agree . The breakdown in communication was wrong .Manav was trying to bring his wife along and he took this approach ...and it misfired ..
Archana many many times told him go alone , you  visit alone , you stay with her at night ...but manav was adamant ..he thought he was doing  it for savita so he could live with his mother   permanently ....
They didnt .They danced and danced only with Archus maaika .
Sulochna and Manohar were also so hurt with the way they eloped , they hated Manav  but  they want Archana to be happy i nthe end so that is  why they have accepted the marriage ...eevn gave up their retirement money to gift them a honey moon trip, helped him as much as they could when Archana  was not well  ...I am not happy with manav's involvement with Vashali 's situation bu tI am happy that he is getting along so well with manohar and Sulochna ....It's good to see this ...A girl's parents are as important as the boy's parents ....Both are equals in the marriage  .....
If savita would let her in , Archana would do so much ......but she has to be given the chance ..Right now she is not even allowed to clean a plate in the house ....or to even hold sachu ...
Today when she has ALREADY crossed border and fallen SICK .........Now they r coming to put things right ? So First u guys drove her to this point with neglect and planned strategies for getting package deal message across and now u guys r hurrying understanding it had WRONG EFFECT ?
Yup . the strategies and all that was very stupid ..Manav messed up again ....what's new .Anyway , tomorrow he is pleading , begging for forgiveness and is telling her that she is the most important person it is savita's turn to show that she too is a good mother and let her son be happy .She has seen how much he loves Archna ...baggage or no baggage , his love for her only grows let him have  the only thing he has ever desired in his  life , let him live  ......Just finish  this baba ...YOu take control on him and make Archu do the house  work like a queen ..( saying it for her own good ) .
Nice debate between the two most special people on this forum.Smile I will tell you, I agree with both of you. Tanyaz, I agree with you in this way that Savita at times can be stubborn, in your defense Tanyaz Archana is innocent because she has tried to get the two to bond, so Tanyaz I can see where you're coming from and yes both families should be given equal importance yet in a typical Indian culture a daughter in law should live with her in laws. I agree also Tanyaz that Archana would do a lot for Savita if she only accepted her. Now on the flip side of it Tanyaz, let me tell you something in Kools defense. We are all here to express our point of views so none of you are wrong. You both are right in your ways. And of course I am not perfect either. But let me tell you, Tanyaz in a way Kools is also right because Manav has spoiled his mom since the beginning. And suddenly, he severed ties with her, so this is Manav's fault too. Savita was showing stubbornness in the precap I will admit Tanyaz, but Manav drove her to this extent. Tanyaz, it was also wrong when Manav said I am not deserving to be your son. That was cruel, he should not have talked to his mom like that, now you might say Manav had no other choice but to say this. Savita was very wrong in slapping Archana but this doesn't mean Manav should escalate the issue. So, in this way I agree with you both of you two. And though both you have different opinions you both are the best people on this forum. Smile

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LuvSSeveranu rulzTanyaz

Jaishankar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 8:23pm | IP Logged
I woud like to add here that Savita is mentally Sick and it has aggrevated thanks to the amazing thinking of Manav.The approach of Manav was wrong in trying to correct Savita which has worsen her situation.Manav has own share of faults in first neglecting D's and spending more time solving K's issues who use him as a use and throw policy.Unfortunatley whenever he is associated with K's his insult level increases and who comes to rescue everytime Savita when Sulo and Archu keep quiet too both in theft scene and the chawl scene where Manav and Vaishu relation got hammered.
Savita sickness is termed as pyshic possessiveness. Its not  for money .If she loved Manav for money she wont be coming running every time to protect its a mother's heart after all. Savita is a open book where Sulo has always wanted rich damaat's for her daughters.Why did she rejct manav during first marriage and gave him tappad ? Was cheating the only reason ? Isnt she behind Money who supported Dharmu blindly her pet damaad.When Sulo can think about wealth first then Savita can also but in a different way.Sulo always had support of entire family but Savita right from her marriage raised her children on her own.Savita is not like Sulo who according to Situations changes herself.I dont think Savita needs to learn from Sulo.Savita visited sulo when she was sick ,has sulo visited savita knowing she is sick ?????
All I say is instead of wasting his time for his saali's who just use him and then forgot about him he should focus where the focus should be and also tell ARchu to stop interferring in her sis life as there are people to take of them and no one to take care of savita and Sachin.
By following this ignorant approach Manav has made already a old tired women even more sick mentally who is into depression and now all of a sudden if goes and tells I lied and stuff how will she accept it.She is under depression doesnt she require time.When you can give time to K's and forget all the Gaalis and tapads u ate from them then for once why cant u give ur mom a chance some time for her to recover and then make her realize the value of Archu instead of forcing on her.cant this consideration be given to Savita ?
Love can even melt the stone hearted and here its not stone hearted its a fake covering of stubbornness that has covered the gentle heart of savita which is lost somewhere inside.Arman can break it with their love for that they need to go and stay with Savita no matter what she says.Intially she will be stubborn as she is sick then need to persist ,when Manav can fight for Vaishu bearing all the insults then he can definitely do this for his mom.I am sure slowly savita will change for good.She is hungry for love and care and not money now.Now if Arman keep their foot forward and extend their hand I am sure savita will respond it might take time coz of the foolish approach taken initially my Manav but she will respond after all a mom's heart can never stop beating for her child which would eventually make her accept Archu.All she needs is time and time only!!!
I have always hated savita ,the way she treated Archu especially during the early divorce period but didnt she change when she came to know about Archu goodness? How did that happen when Archu no matter what stayed at D's place and it happened.Again I am not saying ARchu needs to go and take all gaali;s Manav wont allow,I am saying intially Savita might show stubborness but Savita does not have the energy and strength like before as she sick so this is the right time she herself does not know whats going with her so even if Archu comes to D's she might not give gaali's like before but her perspective about Archu would change for sure.When Arman can show patience with K's then I think Savita and sachu also deserve a chance here.

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zaara10bhallaroxLuvSSevershermaanu rulzkoolsadhu1000Dabulls23

bhallarox IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 8:27pm | IP Logged
Well said Jaishankar.

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anu rulz IF-Rockerz
anu rulz
anu rulz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
u know kools,i actually LIKED tht vaishu and varsha dint tell archu and manav abt the police complaint..if its ok for archu to hide 10 million things frm her maika and take stupid decisions widout informing other people being affected by thm thn i think even vaishu has full right to do the same..what goes arnd comes arnd..and frankly i think the shocked look archu had on her face is just indicating tht she is going to advocate moving back to dharmu for vaishu later..the complaint kinda blew tht option off and tht is y she is worried..archu gets on her high horse for funny reasons..atleast varsha WANTS to do sumthng abt it..archu and manav's ideas of solution were to permanently plomp vaishu at their kholi and expect the issue to magically disappear even after realising what an AH dharmu was..varsha had taken concrete steps of trying to find out where dharmu is,take satish's opinion (for a change) and thn take the step of fulfilling what vaishu did want to do..i know these two women are spoilt rotten bt at times they do think practically..manohar saying police shud have been last option is easy bt what ARE the other options?the guy has fled the country and she cant take a divorce..sulo's explainations were funny really..if she dint care abt the society she wudnt have behaved the way she has till date on the show..i guess she is the where the daughters get their amnesia frm..
and kools,i sincerely hope the madhuri track dsnt go the way u have thought...tht wud be outright sadistic of the creatives..and i too dnt like the way the ajit track is progressing..the look on his face when manav was giving his speech was "do not preach,am not interested in ur lecture" expressions..not good at all...y the creatives dnt like vandu i dnt understand..come on,give her a break already..and did u notice the reason for sachu disappearing again??apparently sum neighbour has taken him over to take care of him..and drops him back so tht savita can lose him once in a

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zaara10 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
Great commentary! Just adding my thoughts here... I don't understand y madhuri would contact archana to tell her she's preggers? Y does she need to know? If mads has d's $, y not take Varun back to pune, nest for 9 months, get him treated and 4get she even met the k's? Or just meet d wherever he fled to? When archana called manav to dump more of her sisters problems on him I was livid. What about savita??? Her well being should be more concerning to u all than madhuri! And if the sis u supported thru this ordeal fails to inform u about her next plan of action, then forget about her. She used u and now she's done w/ u, so let som1 else deal w/ it... Also, didn't savita and damo come visit sulo when she was recovering from her ASSma attack? Then y didn't they reciprocate and visit savi after she was ill? Selfish, good for nothing, trouble making k's-- u ppl suck... I still cannot believ that arman wouldn't go see savi after these recent events. Since when did Mr. "crap all over me and I'll take it" Manav suddenly develop an ego? It's honestly disgusting behavior. Esp aftr manav explaind y savi has becom this way over time. Who treats their mom this way??... Where the hell is Varun?? Madhuri didn't seem to mind leaving her young deathly ill child behind to go to jail. I guess he's in the same imaginary daycare that sachu, punni and ruchi attend, lol. Madhuri shouldn't divorce dharmu for v's sake, plus y wud she assume v wud want d back?? It's just amazing to me that cvs always always fail to punish the evil characters on pr. Y dont they ever show good prevailing? When will u ever get anything right????

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Jaishankaranu rulzshermakoolsadhu1000Dabulls23

Nisha_90 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tanyaz

I don't want varun's life getting messed up because of this  whole drama ..I am going to give varun the priority over anyone else ...That child needs help ...

Clap Clap
absolutely Tanyadi..i dun want his life in risk or suffering from any inferiority complex cos of his parents watever the reason may be.he's a really sweet kid who doesnt deserve such treatment at all...

@Manav-savita track..dey are bluntly dragging it no point at all..savita has seen Archu has been wid Manav in all the times be it good or bad and now he is doing extremely well in life..deres no point for her to refuse Archu as manav's wife or D;s bahu...she should accept dem ASAP and as you said show D's having happy times back

shootingstar27 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 2:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zaara10

I don't understand y madhuri would contact archana to tell her she's preggers? Y does she need to know? 
Madhuri called Archu cuz she has no one else.Archu is the closest thing she has to a friend now. Her mother died,fraudster husband has fled,Varun is too young and sickly. 

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--Hope-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 3:30am | IP Logged

On the surface Vaishali's decision seems wise though late but I was wondering:

if I am not mistaken fraud is a criminal activity which means that if found and convicted he will be imprisoned (if madhuri can be proved as his first legal wife) and his assets frozen? - this means she and her future child will get zilch -

if so then the move was late and unwise as well right?

maybe she should have waited and filed a civil paternity suit on him? that would be late and wise as it would benefit her child instead of her and then after the court fixes paternity payments she can then do fraud case (I think fraud does not have a statute of limitations just like murder right?) and freeze the rest of his assets (minus court defined payments)

in the current scenario they have to find him first - doubt if they will set interpol on him which means she probably has to hire some PIs - more kharcha

then she has to prove legality of first marriage - if she cannot then he can sue her for defamation of character , then divorce and full custody of kids?

hmm maybe not such a wise move - but I am sure in the show the Cvs will show all the pieces fall in place on Ekta's dime?LOLLOLLOL

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