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Kools Commentary : March 15 PR (Page 6)

koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 3:28pm | IP Logged
I did not like Sulochana shooting Manohar down in front of their family, though they're all adults. I believe that while spouses can have differences of opinion, they should be on the same page in front of everybody else, including children. Manohar supported Sulo always irrespective of whether he thought she was right or not, whether he cared or not. In this case, Sulo actually agreed with manohar. It should have been the other way round-she should have supported manohar in front of the family, but also added that Vaishali was also entitled to some measure of justice, so their action while hasty was not completely wrong.

All in all, seems like a good episode with story progression and some positive changes in some characters.
Agreed sowmya POSITIVE changes at last .

I absolutely didnt like Sulos dismissal . U know ......he has stood by her inspite of NOT mentally agreeing on many issues .The way she was INSISTINg on an engineer for her ninth standard educated daughter , The way She INSISTED on going to Manjus house against hubbys advise . He kept quiet and saw to it that they presented a UNITED front .

Although many feel that the SOCIETY point raised by Sulo is right ........[ Where was society when we faced problems point]  I really cannot fault him as he is being rather PRACTICAL . What is this silly police complaint gonna achieve ..........Dharmesh has fled , and police will come to their doors and it will be one big tamasha in the gully .........with people giggling that look how he screwed Vaishali good and proper and fLED , the devil . Its Manohars house after all ...did anyone bother to ask him how HE FELT about having all this badnaami and tamasha ? Maybe he simply had it upto here with the incessant TAMASHAS .
If ur gonna live at ur parents place , ASK them coz they r the owners of that house .If ur using someones money ......for lawyer or ur personal expenses , ask THAT person too coz it belongs to HIM . SO simple the rules r . If ur interested in SACH KI LADAAI ........stay in a hostel and do it with UR SALARY .Now THATS A TRUE FIGHT . All this is BOGUS and CHILDISH . In the real sense Vaishali is the LAST person on earth to afford self respect .Inspite of sleeping with Dharmesh I find Madhuri more dignified than HER . She is at least mORE REALISTIC that way .

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Not_a_fan Senior Member

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 3:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

Originally posted by Dabulls23

BTW why I don't think Anyone should take madhuri's side here is my reason..
OK Vaishu made stupid decision of not telling anyone for the month and helped FBD flee the country thanks to her airhead sis and bro ArMan's support in that decision..
But think folks Madhuri being legal wife, knowing abt FBD's illegal marriage to Vaishu for last several months and knowledge of Vaishu being prego she still decides to sleep with FBD and get prego in the hope new baby will be a match for BMT...Why did she not feel for Vaishu than??? Why did she not think of divorce than?
Archu yet does not know Madhuri is prego...Wait until she finds out abt this pregnancy will she support madhuri or should she be on Vaishu's side?  How abt neither...stay out..
If Vaishu was my sister no matter what stupid mistake she made once finally my loyalty will still remain with my sister no matter how I feel abt Madhuri and her sick son's situation...I would let my parents and Vaishu's IL handle this situation..I will not take the stand of being on Madhuri's side who knowing the fact her husband had duped my sister and now pregnant slept again with him to have a baby...
What kind of crap is this? Why didn't madhuri feel bad for Vaishu and her pregnancy b4 she decided to sleep with that creep of her husband again?? 
If Vaishu is @ fault than Madhuri as a human being @ a bigger fault IMHO...FBD is a biggest creep IMHO
Why she did not feel for Vaishu then and yet why she slept with Dharmesh ................coz her son is sick and dying ? Coz That took precedence over EVERYTHING ? Her own dignity , self respect , sympathy for Vaishali as a woman ..........all was deprioritised due to the child's sickness ?
She did nOT sleep with Dharmesh for fun or coz she fORGAVE him . She slept to take a chance to save her child .
She had come to Mumbai expressly for THAT only . Neither was Vaishu important to her nor Dharmesh .Varun was MORE important than ALL 3 in Madhuris eyes ..............She , Dharmu and Vaishali all 3 took a backseat .
Tomorrow if Vaishali gets a baby I bet u she will do ANYTHING to save it .
Dharmu has left Madhuri yet Madhuri is going to use that credit card till the last penny .Why ?Coz she CANNOT AFFORD SELF RESPECT .God took away that option from her . She can probably aaford to show it when Varun DIES . Coz then nothing will have the TAAKAT to hold her back or make her bend .
Today she is the TRULY MAJBOOR ONE . Im talking strictly AFTER Varuns sickness .
The question shud not be WHY SHE SLEPT with DHARMU and DIDNT THINK OF VAISHU .The question shud be WHY VAISHU KEPT QUIET AND THOUGHT OF SULO who ALWAYS had asthma attacks . If vaishu can be MAJBOOR for her mom , Mads can do ANYTHING for sick baby .
As far As Satish goes ..........True he is Vaishus BIL .But who is he punishing ?Dharmu has absconded .A pregnant woman with sick child ? Use ur expertise to give Vaishu as much money as u can from business etc ..........but show compassion for that lady and DROP the case . Everything cannot be THIS CUT THROAT and BLACK and WHITE . Its GREY .

I agree with Kool. As far as I remember, Madz had never any intention to continue being with Dharmesh. She had given up on him, but also needed him for Varun. She was very clear that she was going away permanently as soon as Varun's condition was stabilized. So I dont think she wanted to cheat Vaishali; it was more like she was disillusioned by the institution of marriage and was no interested in being Dharmesh's wife anymore, so there was no reason to disrupt Vaishali's. And her son was the only and most important thing in her life-nothing else was her's. Any mother would do anything in her power to save her child, I think this is especially true for mothers like Vaishali who really have nothing/nobody else in their lives. Nobody's right or wrong here except Dharmesh; Madhuri is wrong if she decides to divorce Dharmesh now though. That is not needed and doesnt change anything for anybody. While legally she may be an accomplice in fraud, I think she has the best reason for being an accomplice anybody in the world could have. Like Vaishu hid the truth for so long after she knew about Dharmu's two-timing due to the silly reason of her mother's probable asthma attack, Madz hid the truth when she knew due to her son's far more serious illness. Dont think she knew about Dharmu's intentions before/when he was getting married the second time-she got to know after the second marriage. Both are stupid, both have enabled Dharmesh, but only Madz is taken in by the police coz she is the legal wife and has no one to support her.

Btw, if Madhuri divorces Dharmesh, will Vaishu-Dharmu marriage automatically become legal? Or will it remain illegal since he was already married when they were married? Is it possible that if madhuri divorces Dharmesh, then any woman he marries later will actually be the legal wife?Confused
koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 July 2007
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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 3:43pm | IP Logged
Kools Valid reasons for Madhuri to sleep with FBD due to sick son Varun..
BTW we all know there is no guarantee that sleeping once she would get prego and that child would be BMM for transplant Embarrassed She was gambling big time..Now what none of the 2 wives have FBD around..Angry
All I am saying here is she also kept quiet and did not say anything to help the matter..Her silence has also played part..She has enabled FBD into this behavior..She could have supported Vaishu and gone to Jaipurwalas with the whole truth when she found out abt FBD has cheated Vaishu and she was the pregnant by FBD..same way Vaishu should have gone to the parents and filed the complaint with police earliar..
Sick child does not mean protect a liar and a cheater of a husband who is marrying more than one women..Remember Vaishu is not the first marriage after his marriage to Madhuri..He was abt to marry another woman...It was Vaishu's fate that she got involved with the 2 timing dude..

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I will tell u where I wud at the most find fault with her .
Till the point Varun was Ok and yet she kept quiet that Dharmu married a second wife and that wife was unaware of the bigamy . Ideally she shud have made the fact known that he was bigamist THEN ..........and saved another woman from spoiling her life .
But again .......Thats IDEAL .Not necessarily PRACTICAL . I mean if she was ok with it personally and he was a good provider , its an unfortunate choice SHE made ....its HER life after all . Where wud she go to search for the second wife in Mumbai to inform her of the bigamy ............She thought of HER son .  There r far worse jerks .......they screw and DONT PROVIDE . Maybe she thought Thank God AT LEAST HE PROVIDES for Varun . Its not RIGHT mind u ........Im saying many women DO swallow such things for childrens sake . The responsibility is ALSO Vaishalis to make more enquiries abt the guy she is marrying . She didnt .If she expects other women will hunt her down and warn her ..Sorry it doesnt happen .
What broke her backbone was the CANCER her son got . That took away ALL her CHOICES . Now she did NOT care if he was a bigamist bedding hundreds of women so long as he PROVIDED MOney for the treatments . Coz there r JERKS who dont give a dime but instead blackmail the women they have used by videotaping them ...........The world is THAT bad .
The choices and comparisons for Madhuri became between DHARMESH and FAR WORSER MEN .........not Dharmesh and BETTER men than him .
When child is dying in front of ur eyes cannot judge at all . Arre these K sisters cannot bear their plump mom who has SEEN life taking a risk and dying and tolerated BIGAMY for it ..........Her son was BEGINNING LIFE .

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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 4:13pm | IP Logged
^^^ Kools and Sowmya I get all your points in support of Madhuri & decisions..Pls dont get me wrong..
I just wished Madhuri had revealed it all to FBD's mom when Marwadin took her home from train station and found out Jaipurwala was FBD's mom..Jaipurwalas would have been mad @ FBD but would have been considerate parents and prolly would have understood Madhuri's dilema or problems..Helped out..Atleast sorted out the whole problem..Known the truth abt prego Vaishu being the other woman in this FBD-Mad-Varun equasion..
Vaishu had told the parents from the get go abt FBD's two timing..
That is all..Whole lot could have been avoided..FBD would not have fleed..I dont condone lies and hiding truth from family...

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Jaishankar IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 March 2007
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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 4:15pm | IP Logged
Wanted to add some more on Savita-Manav track:Sorry for the long Bashan LOL and thanks for reading yaaro!!!
Savita hatred for Manav has come over the fact coz of his ignorant behavior and foolish approach of problem solving. If he had taken the right steps Savita wont be so much pissed.And Savita is not some young lady she is getting old and people as they get old tend to become more childish and stubborn,its natural for a human being.After knowing all the hardships his mom went through and knowing that his mom was gentle before and is still very gentle inside and if one would give love she would reciprocate,Manav choose this approach. So Savita stubbornness and hatred increased due to this stupid approach which has not brought any one any solution but more misery at cost of Savita's health.If you cannot give consideration for your mom's health and give more importance to your Saali's who treat you as a use and throw policy then I am sorry Manav u really are not eligible to be Savita son.No point saying I love my mom and I want to see her happy until you take steps to make her happy...Actions speak better than words and so far Manac's actions and approach have been pathetic in problem solving

 Manav told why Savita keeps screaming like that its a self defense mechanism she adopted coz she was lonely lady whpo had to raise 3 children on her own with little help from Mr Damo bewada..So that self defense turned became habitual for her.She may speak rubbish aginst him but she loves him to the core.Every time Manav is in trouble she comes and saves him all the time thats the heart of a mother.I am not saying Savita is right ,I am saying this is not the right time to teach a lesson to a old women who is totally depressed and sick. 
If Manav had thought of all the bashan he told about savita to Archu yesterday then he could have handled this in a different way.If you can give consideration to Sulo who gave u tappads when u elopped with Archu and came back then I think u can definitely give for Savita some time to recover.Instead of this stupid approach if Manav had approached this situation calmly Savita would not be in the condition she is now.It high time Mr Manav keeps aside other issues and tells ARchu to stop worrying about her Sis as there are people to take care of them and focus on Savita and Sachu,what did that poor baby do.Have Arman once checked on Sachu ,they need to shift their focus to where it is needed (ie.) Savita and SAchu

PS : Every mother is a representative of God so now CV's are trying to make sure they make some justice for Savita character.When Sulo can get away giving 2 tappads to Manav and be still a role model in family then Savita too has some right for all the hardships she has endured in bringing up 3 childrens on her own

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anu rulz

atria Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 4:16pm | IP Logged
Kools please don't suggest Vaishali's child donating marrow. CVs don't take any sensible suggestions, but this one is sadistic enough for them. Poor Madhuri, I don't want her losing her child. Cry
Vaishu, I can't help feeling she is becoming as whimsical as Varsha. While fatso was around, she was all for saving his butt (with the mummy excuse), With no fatso around, she will now go after Madhuri with a vengeance, and blame Archu like the ungrateful brat she is when Archu tries to help that pregnant woman.
I'm glad they are finally showing Damo realize something is wrong. How blind do you have to be? Hope Manav realizes too, and does something about it rather than constantly discussing it over meals.Confused

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anu rulzkoolsadhu1000

Tiyali IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 4:17pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Jaishankaranu rulzkoolsadhu1000

Not_a_fan Senior Member

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 4:29pm | IP Logged
Okay, I'm a lil confused about the timeline in the show. Archana went for her higher ed for a year during which Vaishali-Dharmesh got married. and Sachin was born. Madz got to know about Dharmu's two-timing sometime after he got remarried. I'm guessing Archu coming back and ARMAN eloping all happened in a few months time and then during their honeymoon, they met Madz and Varun who was already diagnosed sick (my guess of a few months is coz lil Sachu is still quite young-maybe 2 years old? and Shravani was heavily pregnant when Archana left, so when Archu got back, I'm guessing Sachu was already a year old). Do we know for sure if Madz knew about D's infidelity before she knew about Varun's sickness? I mean did anybody mention that specifically?  Now I understand why I should probably watch the show before commenting..LOL

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