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Mistis thoughts-15th March 2011 (Page 2)

misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 2:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by misti73

Just based on last two week's characterization of Dev (discounting that first introduction episode where he showed his puppet behavior),  they are keeping Dev as this innocent character who is also a loner.  He only got love from Amma and Dadaji.  Dadaji treated him like a grandson and Amma was there as a mentor more than a mother.  A mother would have fought to get food for her son and she didn't fight as she couldn't disobey the DIL being a servant.  So he is close to Amma but doesn't confide in her about his feelings.  He does so with Rohan at a superficial basis as adult Rohan is acting like a friend to him.  Otherwise he is a loner as you mentioned all his activities (body building, sculpting, sketching and flute playing).  He does his work and spends the rest of his time in his hobbies.  He was shown very eager to find a dream girl.  Radhika fits his imagination and hence his infatuation.  She is the mature one in this relationship and he would fall properly in love once he gets to know her.

Yes I noticed today that Bumbum confided to dadaji about the dreamgirl but chose not to tell there is a bit of boundary between them....maybe from amma because she knows that he is also the grandchild of this family so in that way she is also working for thats why she maintained some distance and Bumbum just took it as normal........I mean as a kid he might not have questioned it and just continued with it. Rohan-Bumbum relation is also a very superficial one to me and they are keeping it that way...I mean Rohan that way to mold him as per whatever tracks they have chosen.
He is not shown to be close to Padma or having any feeling about any other PF member.  The only clear relationship they have shown is with Viraath where Bumbum knows about Viraath and prefers to ignore him.  Hence his advice for phuljhari to do the same.   I am okay with that characterization as long as they don't suddenly make him chummy with Padma and others.  

Yes regarding Viraath...actually he is probably the only person to whom he has a strong reaction....Viraath also tolerates Rohan but his strong reaction also comes out regarding Bumbum.....actually Rohan is perfectly placed here to play either way.......
I agree that his interaction with Dadaji was similar to the one he used to have with Dadi and it was more like a kid and Dadaji's look was also of an indulgent grandfather who wanted his grandson to get his wish.  I just wish they would show this gradual realization of love and also realization on Radhika's part that Dev needs her also to fulfil a deficiency in his life.   They showed that blossoming in Radhika after she experienced that unconditional love from Dev  in CB1 and they need to show that groW*H in Bumbum too in CB2.    Unfortunately they are rushing this "divine" love to make their deadline of "Holi" so that they can show twists and turns which includes their favorite track of triangles and rectangles.  Wish they could think a little bit outside the box.  
Do they have the capability to think outside the box? They will surprise me if they show that they can do that. As for Radhika........if she can understand what her mother is about then she should be able to understand Dev.....that is if they do not ping pong her characters to bring the artificial twists.

Sometimes I wonder if DJs are interested in longevity of any of their shows.  They seem to have no love for their products and care only for 1 year return which they get by initial promos and initial ratings.  After the triangles are over, they drag the story for another 6 months where all the beloved characters are destroyed and side characters are reduced to caricatures.  Then they close the show.

I actually will not mind if they plan a show for 1-1.5 years.....provided it has got a start, middle and end........but then the greed for TRPs come in and even if there is a planned end, they extend it artificially and in this process kill the show.

Agree with that completely.  Even if they don't show Padma for now, show at least Amma's doubts and her justification for installing respect for Kabutarni in Dev's mind in the privacy of her room.

Today they showed Kabutarni getting angry as things didn't go her way.  So they are showing that she starts behaving like her old self when she doesn't get her way.  Otherwise she is sweet as sugar.  How is it possible that she didn't lose her cool in 12 years.  There have to be incidents where she was powerless and had to be shown angry. 
My point exactly and one that I has been mentioned repeatedly.......has everyone been a Sleeping Beauty that cannot pick up her signs.........oh they will suddenly show amma waking up. .....they should show some discontent from the muth to show that people were unhappy but they did not know how to say but that open insult of the mahant was the last straw...otherwise this is turning into a very strange screenplay....
Her husband is rarely shown and she hides her feelings towards him.  He used to know her too and would run away when she would get into her tantrums.  Now they are hiding him. 
The husband should have been one the first few to pick up but now he does not even realise when she is being sarcastic towards him.......
Well probably they will pay more attention to PF when holi gets over and Kabutarni chooses Radhika.  Just hope that PF turns out to be half as interesting as Phuljhari's family.  Otherwise, the show would become tedious as the action would soon move to PB.
Yes....truthfully at this point I won't mind if they show the story just based in Rawal......./QUOTE]

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 4:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by why3

I also think they are making up the tracks as they go based on the audience reaction and TRPs.  So they suddenly introduced the adult characters when TRPs were good as they probably thought they would even better ratings.  Then when Dev was not liked by the audience and TRPs fell, they modified his character and limited his interaction with his family.  His main interaction has been now with Rohan who acts like a buddy but probably doesn't care for him much.  They are now rushing Dev and Radhika's romance as that would fetch good TRPs in their opinion.  Hence the story doesn't resemble their own synopsis. 

Angie I was happy that the TRPs fell........I don't now about this weeks TRP but the creative needed a wake up call.....if they think that since Rubina and Avinash are there the audience will watch any nonsense then they might be mistaken. I  hope that the writers have come out of their Ivory towers and have smelt the coffee....this speed romance is again a TRP attempt but seeing Dev me this is not love........he has taken this infatuation as love and like a kid he is pursuing it with all enthusiasm.

Initially, the story was that Dev meets Radhika when he is sent to Rawal to look at Radhika as a prospective bride for Rohan.  Remember that scene in SBB or SBS where Dev is searching for Radhika and they are not able to meet despite both being at Rawal Ghat.  Now that scene is nowhere to be found.  Unless they keep Dev and Radhika as strangers who don't know each others' names and Dev is shown searching for "Radhika" - the chosen bride of Rohan.    As long as they don't make it similar to CB1 with mistaken identities and what not, I am ok if the story is logical.  But they need to show Radhika saying "yes" to Rohan's proposal thinking that he is her husband but not liking it at all in her heart.  Then show her conflict and finally show her breaking off from those childhood beliefs because she decides to trust her instinct and go for something that is tangible and real over some rituals ingrained from childhood.  They won't show it because that will go against their ritualistic preferences.

Oh yes now that you are saying I do remember that clip..........they might have changed Radhika too.........I mean does this Radhika have the time to sit and mope...............and she also does not seem like a moping person. Well until now they have not exchanged names so that bride hunting thing can be possible but the way the father is adamant about her studies.........will the studies part be part of the deal. If they are really intending this show to be a spiritual one with the character of Radika similar to that of Radha then she will have to accept Dev on the basis of her current feeling and not the ritualistic marriage.
I have had enough of all the geometrical shapes in CB1 and do not have the patience to see an artificially inserted one in this show.....Yes regarding your Rohan part.

Speaking of Phuljhari's family, I liked it today that father did not question Radhika about the reasons for missing the boat.  He and Chenu knew that Radhika must have been looking for Chanda and missed the last boat due to that reason.  So it was nice to see that he was concerned that she was hungry and wanted to serve her food and she also had no objection to that.  She is shown to have very normal reactions for a girl raised in a conservative family.  PF on the other hand is totally dysfunctional as you mentioned in your analysis.  There is no attachment of any characters to anybody.  The only attachment I see is between Dadaji and Dev and that too is from a distance.

Oh the father and brother know what Chanda is about and thats why both did not question her.......As for Purohits........other than dadaji Dev as strong reactions only to Viraath. 

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Tiyali IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 5:14pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 6:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by misti73

..this speed romance is again a TRP attempt but seeing Dev me this is not love........he has taken this infatuation as love and like a kid he is pursuing it with all enthusiasm.

I actually would not mind if they show this as infatuation for now and then falling truly in love when he gets to know Radhika.  Dev hasn't had anybody other than Amma for 12 years and before that he only got love from his grandfather but even that was questioned all the time.  Also the grandfather could never shower his love fully on Dev.  So he falls for this girl to whom he is attracted and with whom he senses some connection.  That connection is enhanced for him as he is a sensitive soul being an artist.  So that smile all the time and confiding in Dadaji like a kid and finally pursuing Radhika with full fledged enthusiasm.  It would be really cute to show that part but creatives will call it love.  Even in CB1, I felt that he was infatuated with Radhika and only got to respect her once she helped him during RP puja and came to stay with his family.  So when he finally saw her face and connected her to a friend in whom he had confided, he fell in love.  It was same for Radhika.  To me her love happened in a true sense when she saw him standing up for her rights during phool Bangla.  It was the first time somebody had done something for her without exclusively asking anything in return or expecting anything back from her.  That's why I am hoping that they would show this attraction and make it a friendship as Radhika is new in that city and University and Dev is looking for a friend.  But it would be a speed track of her being selected as Rohan's bride (probably during Holi festival), her getting convinced about Rohan, Dev finding out and then both mopping until Radhika finds out the truth and starts pursuing him with Dev acting like Abhay or old Radhika.

Oh yes now that you are saying I do remember that clip..........they might have changed Radhika too.........I mean does this Radhika have the time to sit and mope...............and she also does not seem like a moping person. Well until now they have not exchanged names so that bride hunting thing can be possible but the way the father is adamant about her studies.........will the studies part be part of the deal. If they are really intending this show to be a spiritual one with the character of Radika similar to that of Radha then she will have to accept Dev on the basis of her current feeling and not the ritualistic marriage.
I have had enough of all the geometrical shapes in CB1 and do not have the patience to see an artificially inserted one in this show.....Yes regarding your Rohan part.

I hope they don't show any artificial triangles and rectangles.  I would rather that they show Radhika saying "yes" to an engagement based on her childhood beliefs with Rohan agreeing because he doesn't have guts to oppose Maheswari.  But both are not interested in that marriage.  Then finally Radhika chooses Dev over rituals and actually confesses that a marriage is useless and can not be considered valid if it is with somebody whom she doesn't love.  In fact they can show Maheswari being happy about Radhika not becoming Rohan's wife as she realizes that she can't control Radhika.  So she doesn't raise too much fuss if Radhika and Dev get together and it is only afterwards that she realizes that it was a big mistake to let Radhika and Dev be married.

 Will they show that or will it reduce Radhika's "fidelity" in eyes of writers?  I will go with the second option if I look at their history.  Will be pleasantly surprised if they go with the first option.  

But they have changed some story.  In the original synopsis, Radhika was supposed to accompany Dev to Mathura once she gets convinced of Rohan being her husband.  Here they don't need to do that as she is going to Mathura every day and is only 1 hour or so away from Dev's home.  Also she has met Dev before anybody knows about her.


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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 7:13pm | IP Logged
Misti interesting reading ur thoughts on PF and MF

Actually in PF there is no binding factor they r just together as the entire wealth must be in one trust of RP BB is a greedy person and all must be keeping on the right side of her so that their interests r intact and for Dev its his grandfather and Daima. But he is close to Rohan also as he tells him his inner thoughts which is not possible if they were not close. Dev probably must be telling his grandfather everything but as he tells him when he had his medicine so he got no response but today he told him before that dose so he got the response from his grandfather when he told about Radhika. Rest of them as they have not shown them much so cannot form any opinion probably after Radhika comes to PB CMs will concentrate on the characters here.

Radhikas parents house everything is moving in a stable way as all the characters r well defined as well as they r stable in their response and am liking MANASA character who is not at all bothered about his wifes crankiness or emotional blackmail he is ignoring her behavior where Radhika is concerned.Liked his one rack mind and firmness where Radhikas education is concerned.Smile

Loved today's episode and the telephathic dialogue between Phuljari and Bumbum

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by misti73




This Purohit house is one dysfunctional family'or is it really a family?

to me its a dysfunctional familyLOL

'.the daughter lives in Mumbai, don't know what happen to her I just sw her only two days thats in her childhood

''the eldest son has realized that if he does not throw a tantrum then he won't get anything''Ermm..I don't blame him with a mother like his what else can he do''Wacko..the middle one Rohan prefers to keep himself away from the family stuff and enjoys girls''''.don't blame him to who wants to live in this house'D'oh''..the youngest one Dev keeps on smiling and doing stuff''..but does not get involved'''I mean I do not feel as if he is a part of this family,'Ermm'..he is friendly with Rohan and tells him stuff '..stays in his own dream world''..I mean the flute, sketches and sculpturing'looking or dreaming for a face that he can paint....the face that calls him and touches something inside.....that why his sketches usually don't have faces.  I mean the ones that they showed before''.and now he has met this girl whom he liked a lot.......thinks that she is someone known to him and he has decided that he in in love.....' looking or searching for something that will make him belong to someone or someplace?''Bumbum feels that this girl was stranger but not a stranger'' says that he has never known/felt what is love'is he only talking about romantic love? Or does that mean that he does not think that amma does not love him as a son?'..or that dadaji does not love him as a grandson?'or that Rohan does not love him as a friend? I mean all these are also relationships based on the feeling or emotion called love.. .Now coming to the adults kabutarni the greatest lunatic in the house'D'oh''she keeps on justifying her actions to herself'WackoSilly'..I mean is she trying to convince the audience or herself. LOLLOLThe amount of time she mumbles to herself I am starting to get a feeling that she is telling herself or reminding herself'LOLLOL'if I do not do this then this will not happen'Ermm..if I do this then this will happen'''Ermm''.uffo Chunnu munnu how many times do I have to listen to the same dialogues from her''D'oh'..its either about changing will dialogue'Ermmor patting someone's head dialogue Ermmor putting a syringe in her FILS rear end dialogue'WackoSilly'Ouch'but today she got a bit frazzled when she realized that Bumbum has taken the dadaji before she could sing his lullaby to him 'Ermm''and chunnu munnu I know amma was interested but I am not interested in ammas looks''..If she wants to say something regarding her actions then I will be interested otherwise not.


to me its a dysfunctional familyLOLdon't know what happen to the daughter I last seen her her only two days thats in her childhoodOuch........yaar Rohen may be good person may be he will help here to Dev to get his Radhika back to Dev's life........

I think badi bahu remind the viewers that what her part isConfusedwow I like the relationship between Dadaji and dev...gr8 na

I love the precap a lot...WOW GR0


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Neerjaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
 Liked your comments Misti.Angie..... Radhika and shanti  are keeping distance with each other and are  comfortable in their own place....As for Shanti,s blabbering  that is the part and parcel of her character as it goes on with her own kids....Do not find any thing wrong in her worries about Radhika.s going to college....Is it because somewhere she cares for her,otherwise she would not have cared....Chhenu appears to be positive , lovable character......I agree with Challov about Purohit Family.......If M was shown irritated about the delay in RP,s medicine that can also be taken as her worry about his health, and why anybody should doubt her.....Earlier her all frustrations were because of property then why she should  not be calm now as things are under her control , going her way as she planned....If Mahant shows her displeasure about Virat,s  behavior then he himself can be blamed for that as M knows he is not  future RP....Why the Muthh people should have their doubts as Dev is doing all the  work very well on his Badi ma ,s behest....Rohan Dev,s Relationship  seems to be quite good,Dev seems to be close to him...May be after holi  focus will be on Purohit Family and Rashmi will be introduced that time.....If their each characters are developed properly then they will have many tracks to weave their story around.....In CB1 Dev fell in love with Radhika,when he first saw her....After that it was she for him for ever without knowing her name....It was not his infatuation that time as Angie says....Yes she was nameless face. with whom he fell in love....This time also Love can be for Dev , but for Radhika it can be so soon, yes attraction can be....Creatives should go slow on Radhika,s track of falling in love, as it will be too soon and  not be convincing....Give them time to flourish their friendship in to love with all  the lighter moments  weaved in.... .Its pleasure to go through your and Angie.s discussions....Liked today's  episode, Dev again  with his Innocent smile.....

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misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by tiya229

hey nice analysis... 


Radhika's characterisation is wierd. why isnt a woman, who refuses to marry anyone owing to the childhood mistake, dreaming of DEV who she doesnt know? why is she shown infactuated with a stranger when she is so pure and waiting for her kishen kanaya? golmaal hai sab golmaal hai. i think there is a confusion between writers here. 

they want to show radhika smitten by Dev and vice-versa due to Divine powers and what not, but thy ALSO want to show her devoted to the "husband". isnt that a contradiction in itself? 
ideally, a married woman WOULD keep her distance with a man who is a stranger and she doesnt know

Radhikas part is ok for me now....but there is a change in her characterisation....I will come to that later.......Now regarding Radhika she has been dreaming about this guy since the time that village pandit told her that she is now married to her kishn kanhhaiya......she has been ritually putting sindoor based on her fear that something will happen to him if she does not.......she cannot share her feelings regarding this "husband" with anyone (other than her father) because of her mother....he father is also a simple man who has accepted what the priest has told him......To me Radhika is not perfect..........she is a girl who has been in a dream world about this guy since childhood and has clung to that dream so much that now the dream is a big part of her........she believes that Kanha gives her signs. She went to the temple before going to college and the priest told her that the day is auspicious and the first thing that struck her was.......will she meet her Kishn Kahnhaiya........then she misses her boat and this guy comes and helps her.......she starts liking him .....and then she again goes back to her kanha and asks him whether there is something.....I mean she is connecting the morning temple visit with this guy and she also feels a sort of connection. I will prefer that she does not fall in love at the drop of a hat..........but retracts after some time, becomes aloof and shows confusion regarding whether this guy is really her kishn kanhaiya. (I am not talking about the precap here........I will discuss about that when I will watch the show today.) 
As for the writers......there has been a change in the creative team and this change happened after the leap. the change in the possible development of the child characters and what they are showing now might be due to that change. More than Radhika the biggest change for me has been the character of the badi bahu.......from hot tempered, egoist, reactive person she has become a cool tempered expert manipulator.  

.Dev WILL be Raj Purohit and the tevars of the badi-bahu and beta WILL change to please dev. why didnt Dev notice that dadaji touched his hand BEFORE the medication was given?? usually he is a statue. 
Dev....... he is not thinking about any of that..........his main work right now is to find this girl and he took the finger touching him as a blessing and hopefully the creatives will give him the brains to think your part of the question that dadaji is not as paralytic as what he has been lead to believe........but that all might be left for Radhika to pick up on.
dev's LOVE for radhika is understandable. the man, who has been lonely all his life, suddenly found someone he could connect with and be comfortable with. i think thats key. poor dev, has never had anyone to call his OWN, that radhika's innocence and simplicity mein he became fida.

His feeling are understandable but I am taking this as his need to find someone with whom he has found a connection.....for me its an infatuation or the love with an image .........the face of that image was not clear to him but now he thinks that he has found it.  

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