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Sienna.. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 September 2010
Posts: 2512

Posted: 15 March 2011 at 10:22am | IP Logged


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Sienna.. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 September 2010
Posts: 2512

Posted: 15 March 2011 at 10:22am | IP Logged


PM List: 
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Roshni.x-nikki-Fari.KashianChotiivardah23Fashion101RadiantTreasurechahaat.ScatteredCastle.SaduFarzi.sakshilovesARmonakhan.-RabiaKSGKaJen-AyushiSinghania-Hiralious-Sabaah..nik_sweetpoison..Maitree.._darklove_Neeshoesana.samirSweetAddiction.romiosugar1-KingAragorn-KaJen.xoxoJulybaby22Mona1993jesss.FaizaKsabihaa.Niyu-anumeha_rajatAubade.-Aysha-lipshaa26javeyroseinbloom-Saruu-mjht_one.............lonelyshadowLoNeLy..GaLPreeti.xo-CromulentHaze-.DulcetoneheartMalec-Araina-.ayesha.Mehak_Luvs_RaniOishi23DelightedHeartswashbucklingSunshine GirlAS..-Fatima-..-Jia-...PINK.soundsofcedarblessing-beautyNadz_YuNaloverserendipity.YuNa4ever

Sienna.. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 September 2010
Posts: 2512

Posted: 15 March 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged


Previous Work: 



~Awesome Foursome~
~Jennifer Winget~
~Drashti Dhami~
~Karan & Kritika~
~Ian Somerhalder~

~YuNa/ RM~





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Chotiipayal40RadiantTreasureScatteredCastlemonakhan..SaduFarzi..............Jayeeta_06lonelyshadowanumeha_rajatRummy.cooldude10jesss.FaizaKFarzu-Niyu-abhi_12Mona1993romiosugar1pinky_blueskieslipshaa-Aysha-SweetAddiction.KaJen.xoxoJulybaby22Sunshine Girlnikita_88Mehak_Luvs_RaniAS..-Fatima-.PINK...-Jia-..Aquarius18sweet.melodyswashbucklingOishi23DelightedHeartPreeti.xo-Araina-.ayesha.YuNa4eversjainserendipity.soundsofcedarNadz_YuNalover

Niyu- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 January 2010
Posts: 20991

Posted: 15 March 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Am i Dreaming...?Sleepy LOL i seriously dnt believe it u opened a shopShockedOMG nooo....I am dreaming and i know that..LOL I dnt belive seriously! OK lol lemme pinch myself.....Pinch..Ok coming back to reality OMG U *ACTUALLY DID OPEN A SHOP*Shocked HOW DID THIS HAPPEN..
Well all thanks to me Chutki Aditi and last but not the least JKJ obviously !!!!! BUT lol Muhahahahahhahaha  I was the first person to start bugging u with shop LMAOROFLROFL Poor You But thanks for Standing my bugging thingyROFL ANd lol now that u have opened a shop be ready to handle my even more bugging stuffsROFL Muhahahahahaha and lOL wenever u r gonna be open u gotta res one spot for meEvil Smile And LOL WHERE IS MY IAN JJ SIGCry Its ok take ur own time LOL m not gonna pester u abt it =P See m sooo kind and gud u must thank me for being so kindROFL LOL ok lol BTW get used to my comments i do bakwaas first and then i go to normal upd comment and that results in becoming a LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMBAAAAAAaaa commentROFLROFLBTW miss Meanie A bigg huggeee LY Heart for  RES a comment <3 ILY for that LOL and keep doin this wenever m offilne puleez coz i wanna be firstEvil Smile.. LOL i love to be first...Haaaa that sounds so gud! LOL and ok deal my 4th shop u first wat say..?cool LMAOROFLROFL LOL wat a deal! But if Radz is back she will kill meROFLROFL Coz she says she has a birthright commenting firstROFLROFL BUT 4th shop u r first ApproveROFL LOL and gimme a name for the shop tooROFLROFL LOL m waiting for ur suggestionROFL
Nyways cut the crap out and coming back to Ur Shop...
U seriously dnt know u made me sooooo Happy by opening a Shop.. M tooooooo Happy...Itni khush to mein apne shop ke oepning mein bhi nahi hui thiROFL LOL..But m toooooo happy...All i can say at this moment is Hope u open 10000000000 more shops and u keep opening and u become soooooooooooooo gud is sig making (well u r actually the best right nowStern Smile)that people keep bugging u to update shop LOL see how evil i amEvil Smile..LOL u knw right i have told u ten thousand times U r the best! i still saw u r the best! Madam Avi kab seekh rahi hai aapROFL LOL i told u r gonna learn in 2 moths back and LOL still u didnt learn =(( Am not gonna leave u after exams..M gonna keep bugging u now for updateROFL LOL but i knw u wud be busy too so upd wenevr u r free..!! LOL ok now RES again! will edit tmr need to get stuffs ready for dad's bday =)

Edit =P

OK lol lemme start with my bakwaas again! OK first of all u knw wat ILYHug and ILY more than U Lub MeApprove..LOL ok now itz 6:34 am and m soooo sleepy coz i slept at 1 45 Arghh lol too tiredddD'oh...BTW u knw wat after seeing ur upd on Pg7 and ur Previous wrk thing all my tiredness went to fetch waterROFLROFL LOL and here i am replying to uROFL Muhahahahahaha! ur first shop and m suuuuuure u will open maaaaaaaaaaaaaany more shops and many many many many many many more shops <3 ..And inspite of being such an awesome maker ILY for being so down to earth u never ever show off even though u r the best sig maker around <3 <3 <3
Achooooooooooo now itz my Update/Ur previous wrk appreciation time!

U didnt show me half of ur sigsAngry I just saw half of them well not even half =(( u never showed me MaanEet ones at all =( ..But gud thing u didnt show or i wud have fainted right then seeing ur siggss <33 Hayye LOL u r tooooo talented OMG u r amazing <33 and u r amazing just the way u r Dancing Uff again bakweaasROFL LOL let the bakwaas run sumwhereROFL Time for upd waala commentLOL

Starting with IanBlushing Haww how can someone be soo hottt..Uff all ice melted over here -____- Well in my water glass seeiong the sigROFL LOL i wanna use all thesigs u put up there but my dabba doesnt have so much of space and I HATE YOU DABBA for thisAngry..STupid Dabba doesnt let me use Dabbu's sigs =(

OK lol I loved Delena ones tooBlushing LOL and the textx <33 LOL if u love someone and they come back....Aww thats really cute reminds me of AR =P OK lol lemme now go to MaanEet stuffs 

MaanEet I loved Mr&Mrs.Khurana ones <3 And itz really cute and u used some other colouringShockedROFL LOL u always use the same first time seeing u change colouring <333 But itz truly amazing <33

DDEmbarrassed Aww she is sooo cute and she looks extra cute in ur stuffs <33 LOL u knw wat I HATE UUUUUUU coz u always confuse me like wat to usePinch BUT i LOVE U for making wonderful stuffs like thisHug

Aww KaTi look sooo cutie pies LOL i have seen only one of ur work on KaTiCry BUt the rest are amazing as well! LOL i like the one KaTi with kindda same expression LOL my net is damn slow so i cant paste the sig =(

OK lol now coming to Karan Kritika ones...Aww they look soo cute <33 And did u make ur sig size bigger or is it placed somewhere in right unlike othersConfusedROFL LOL Let that be alone lemme comment on ur upd <33 LOL i love it and any doubt that i wont..Anyone will love ur stuffs they are out of the worlf amazing <33 and u knw how much i love them right..?Wink

Now LOL KaJen PartBlushing..How can someone be sooo purfect <3 Just made for each other..Well i love all ur KaJen stuffs but i lurrrrrrrrve some stuffs extra those are... The one with 'HE IS KARAN AND I AM JENNY TOGETHER WE ARE KAJEN'
That one is amazing <3 and the one where u made sigs using only texts <33 Thats amazing as well! Then the Talli sceneBlushing..That was the only scene that made me ROFL and CRY together =(( LOL that scene had everything to make u happy and in a moment sad =(  and lol i looved ur sig on that =) Oye sun why dnt u make on the next scene wen he carries riddhima to her room and that eyelock one..!
And u r amazing ASH! LOL i loved all ur sigs <3 and LOL moving on to next or i will keep drooling on KaJen <33

Now JJ Aww how can one be sooo purfect <3 She is amazing.!  and she did a faaaaab job in Talli scene LOL and i loved that yellow dress waala sig <33 Hayye LOL the way she bends her head is shoo cute and her smile even cuter <3 No one can be like herApprove ANd she is a total perfect PACKAGE <3 LOL i love all ur sigs but my nikamma dabba is not letting to put all the sigs u made Uaaaaaan =(

@JKJ Uaaan means cry LOL

OK now back to u Achooooo =P
LOL Muhahahahahahah how was the comment LOL looong..? LOL MUhahahahhahah JKJ i  commented lamba than U LOL! JK.. Nyways LOL back to ur shop thingy! LOL wat font did u use in ur banner I Luveed it <3 LOL nyways m gonna pester u with banner for the new shop LMAOROFL Dnt worry not soonROFLROFL But yup m gonna do thatApprove and i knw u will make one for meeeee <333

LOL but to be on a safer side say no -__- LOL coz m gonna bombard u with req then ROFL 

LOL ok now me *RUNS TO COMMENT ON THE UPD* so lol this one is done =) 
Hope u liked my lamba commentROFLROFL 


Edited by ..NiyaPari.. - 15 March 2011 at 7:32pm

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jesss. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 October 2009
Posts: 23129

Posted: 15 March 2011 at 10:25am | IP Logged
Woohoo I'm commenting on the first page!!  lmfao! LOL

So finally the needful is done! Phew! Ohhhh Ashuuuu you slowpoke! D'ohROFL

This shop had to be here ages ago but it's still better late than never! Party

Congratulations on your first shop!! May you have many many many many more shops and I wish you all the success for each and every shop of yours!! Your shop has already gone lots of pages long which shows how famous you are Ashuuu!!

I just love every single creations of yours! They're all simply awesome!! You're a gem Ashuuuuuuu!! Also, good luck on all your requests which I'm sure will come in flooding into your shop!!

Love all ur siggies and I'm glad u posted them all here!! Love this one the most.......it's just so beautiful <333 
The colouring is awesome and I love the merging a lot!!

Oh and your VM is mindblowing!! Love it!! I'm speechless man it's so good!! Awesome job Ashuu!! 

Okay enough of my compliments for you, coz that's not what I usually do Evil SmileROFL
LMFAO Kiddin' !!

ILY for making sure I reserve on 1st page muaaaaaaah <3

Enough of my chatter LOL I'll write even bigger comments than this one once you update!! So I'm telling you update fast!! Can't wait to see your first update in your shop woohoo!!

Love ya Ashuuuuuuuu Hug

Take care and congratz once again <333

Edited by -Jessy- - 15 March 2011 at 2:27pm

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Niyu- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 January 2010
Posts: 20991

Posted: 15 March 2011 at 10:25am | IP Logged
LOL u reserved and m thinking how i automatically logged out LMAO =P
nyways thanks for reserving Yipeee m first and finally u opened a shop! LOL will edit that res after u edit ur posts =D

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nik_sweetpoison IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 September 2009
Posts: 7225

Posted: 15 March 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
PS-->I'm waiting for PSD..!!..remember u told u will PM me..LOL

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-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 January 2011
Posts: 35320

Posted: 15 March 2011 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Yay!!!!!!!! U finally did it!!!!!! I'm soo happy for u ash ur own Shop!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoooo!!!!!! ur soo gonna rock babe!!!!!!! may have soo many more!!!!!!!!! <3 Party


Edited by CT247 - 15 March 2011 at 2:58pm

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