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Devil's Den: Daadi ne kiya Maneet ko juda

vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:03am | IP Logged
Hi ppl... After a long time I am opening the Den ... But as I don't have access to the laptop of computer, I will not be able to discuss the takes with anyone. Please excuse me for that. 
Now coming to the episode...
Mahesh Pandey and Barry Dhillon ... You guys are doing a good job. For the past 8 days, the screen play has been good and so has the execution. 

The episode started well with Geet and Maan engrossed in their pain and then sharing it with each other and sleeping with Maan trying to comfort Geet. 
Post this I didn't actually like what was shown... If Maan dint find Geet in their room, logically the next room to look for her would have been the nursery... But he went down to ask daadi... Well I know that CVs showed that to give Dev time to talk to Geet but that could have been shown before Maan woke up... 

Dev saying sorry to Geet and Maan ... Sorry doesn't heal a crime... I have always hoped someday dev will get punished but it seems CVs don't wanna show that ever... Maan had permitted Dev to stay in outhouse but here he is roaming around everywhere in Khurana Mansion... Always coming infront of Geet, giving her more pain... :( ... Daadi always telling him that all will b well... How daadi? Why do u keep forgetting that Dev has committed a crime not a mistake... Daadi - u as a daadi has forgiven dev, but y do u want to force Maan -Geet to forgive him?? 

Geet - totally lost in her baby's thoughts and pained at that loss... Not wanting to do anything.. Drashti is very expressive and a lively actress but today her restrained, quiet act touched my heart. Miscarriage is very difficult to deal with for any expectant mother and here Geet has gone thru hell to keep the baby... So its tougher for her... 
Maan wants to be with Geet... Obviously he understands her pain the most as he has lost out on his fatherhood... The baby with whom they dreamed their future was no more going to come in their life... Maan wants to be with Geet to share their pain but daadi thinks otherwise... She wants them engrossed in their work so that they won't think about their loss too much... Daadi sends Maan to office and tries cajoling Geet but no luck.... 
In office too Maan is remembering their plans for baby, their dreams... Maan is in tears... Gurmeet was as usual awesome... Seeing Maan in pain, Adi too is using tactics like daadi... Adi daadi ne tumhe bataya na to keep him busy??? Bolo bolo... 
Daadi's attempt to get geet to do anything failed miserably so she had to finally call Maan and Maan was just waiting for an opportunity to leave office and be by Geet's side... But this daadi.. Always stopping him from coming home while that dev is at home all the time... Daadi what is this? U dint allow Maan even 1 day leave from office but the sperm donor got the leave?? Wasn't dev supposed to start working in Gurgaon office?? What is he doing at home??? Daadi its been just 2 days since they lost their baby... Give them some time atleast to cry their hearts out... They need to express their grief else they will keep everything within and that will lead to depression. 
Yes u r right daadi that engrossing them in work will help but if they don't get to cry out, they will suffocate... 
Daadi's idea of making maan call geet for his lunch and try to behave normally might work a bit. To keep Geet away from sad thoughts and the house atmosphere, am hoping to see Geet back in Khurana Constructions to work ... 

Annie-arjun track... Well romeo was funny ... Arjun telling off sangram for getting flowers for annie... I don't wanna talk much about it...

Some questions are playing in my mind...Dev and Arjun dint even show recognition to each other in the hospital.. Is NT ever gonna come back? When will arjun come to know the truth bout Dev and NT and how they conned Geet? Daadi keeps taking dev's side... Why is she so partial? Will dev ever turn negative? 

Ok I hope CVs answer my questions soon. 

Though I don't enjoy watching pain on screen, I liked the episode... Drashti and Gurmeet did a very good job... Daadi's intention of making things normal was good but Anju ji was a bit OTT in her smiling act... Extra cheerful act... Samir was ok... It was nice to see how Adi cared bout engrossing Maan... 
Over all episode was good... I would rate it at 8/10...

Uff I can't believe I typed so much on my mobile.. Lol.. 

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 July 2010
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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:03am | IP Logged
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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged
In all honesty today's episode makes no sense to me!  Why the hell did the creatives send MSK to work!  Kya hua that Maaneet couldn't be together to console each other!  Why keep them apart!  It's times like this when they need each other's support!  Walk talk and consoling!  Geet is not MSK's food carrier, she's his wife who just happened to lose their baby! Cry KC can do without MSK for a few days!  She can't be home alone, MSK knows that Dev is there too!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr destructives, u've made me aag baboola again! Angry

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:13am | IP Logged

oh yea Devaaa.. dare u touch my wifeAngry! HAAN!!

PS: hopefully i ill update tonightTongue

LATE edit : ok not entirely my fault coz.. Dad pulled the plug agn... Ouch

i havnt stalked yet, n havnt read much except Jyo maa applauding Jhan for being in the minority tat liked the episode
Stern Smile... n geets being she didnt lik Moi jumping in for wrk! (well geets it was loud n i cudnt miss the msg) Ouch

so well i begin with ... I am in the Minority too .. not just coz being Maan Singh Khurana ill make me justify all what i do.. i am here to justify what the creatives are doing.. (yea for a change).
I hav always been somone who cud pen a 1000 wrd criticism triple lined wih sarci puns (thks to my Sarci Q ) but find the same little pen low on ink everytim i try write * I loved the Epi *

So for the recent epis following the MC one which i hated for the bad editing ( dont blame me guys.. i love editing, still an amateur but i lov it, n cant take crap in it! srry ) i hav loved all three of em, for its neat execution; day one was a bit of a drag toh.. but i feel it was necessary.. n ofc it had Brilliant GC in it!. day two was Brilliant.. DD!! n today i felt was brilliant everybody.. gosh tat was an exaggeration frm somone who likes it rhymed! nyways.. so here it is..


editing.. DO NOT READ YET!Angry

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--ANGEL-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:21am | IP Logged
hello guys....Hug
hi anuja,Hug

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 June 2006
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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged
Reserved....After a long time....I know it will be a sad segment....But am curious about the Dev Factor.....Geek

Well....Progression....that was the key theme of the epi....I think Confused!!!! AANS scenes in the middle had me confused....Anyways....the leads need rest....that's the chant I have playing in my head whenever I see AANS scenes.......And that makes it bearable....I think......OuchConfusedWacko!!!! Anyways....episode mein tho jhel why talk about them here...chaddo.....Ouch

Well, Daadi....the Villain.....that seems to be the consensus of the devils....Well I agree and don't too.....I feel what Daadi is trying to do is making Geet and Maan move on with their lives and not keep dwelling on the MC....which is a good thing....

But Grieving and that too Grieving together of  Parents who have lost their child is important too....I know its a daily on a youth channel and the CVs can't keep showing back to back sad episodes....But one more episode or atleast half an episode where the couple shared their pains at the loss of their beloved child would have helped.....

I liked Daadima's strategy to make Maan and Geet think of things other than the recent mishap in their lives....If everyone is morose and sad and keeps on talking about the MC then how will Maan and Geet move on.....Someone has to be stronger and start the process of healing and no way are they going to be healed sitting around places where they will be reminded of the baby.....So Daadimaa sending Maan off to office was good and  Geet too should most certainly join the office....And I hope the CVs are moving that way

The first scene was full of pathos
....DD was wonderful in that scene....The sweet memories were breaking Geet from inside....Her hollowness at the loss was unbearableCryCry....And Maan's benumbed feeling was excellently portrayed by GC.....Maan is a man who always gets things done and has never been helpless but this loss and Geet's pain is making him feel powerless....And poor guy he can't even express his pain because that will hurt Geet more....I loved the way they slept yesterday on the hospital bed and I loved today's scene even more....Both of them so much in pain and both trying to comfort each other....Just that hand-holding was enough to show the bond that these two shared......Beautiful....CryCry

Daadima gathering her troops aka Dev and NES to discuss the steps to be taken for healing Maan and Geet was a bit too premature but was a good indication of things to come....Basically....the office staff, Dev, Daadi, NES are all going to try and get Geet and Maan's mind off the MC....And I think Maan helping Geet to get out of depression is a step for his healing too....So its all good.....But I have only one problem why Dev???? He will make things worse and not better....and the best way he can help Maan and Geet is LEAVE AngryAngry

OK, now Dev is gonna sing "Tu jahaan Jahaan chalega....Mera Saaya Saath Hooooga......"....SO now he has got license to stalk from Daadi....Hey Babaji!!! Is Daadi ko Sadbuddhi Do.....LOLLOL!!!

Aww....Geet sleeping in the baby's room was .....CryCry.....She has become numb......She cried yesterday.....the tears were not stopping yday but today...her tears had dried and she couldn't cry no more....this happens when you have cried a lot......DD was once again excellent in this scene.......I liked it how she sat up when Dev came in the room that was the only clue she gave to having registered his presence other than that he was non-existent for her....Dev advising Geet....I felt was somehow not right.....He has no rights....I think he shud just stop intruding in their lives and just leave.......But SS was excellent in this scene....I think I have said this umpteen times but I'm loving SS as Dev.....Maan's indifference to Dev was a given......

Maan...telling himself that he cannot let his precious Geet suffer anymore was so Maanlike....He always puts Geet's happiness as the foremost priority in his life....Geet defines Maan....So he will do anything and I mean anything for Geet!!!....I'm looking forward to see what all he will do to make her happy .....SmileSmile

Dev still in the repentant saint mode ...I'm unable to figure this character out....I just want him to turn negative.....Evil Smile....And then Maan and Geet to kick his A$$!!!LOLLOLLOL

Daadi sending Maan to office was a good step....but it was too I said in the beginning it would have been better if some grieving was show......And I would have preferred Maan to have served Geet breakfast and told her about him going to office before leaving......Ermm

Daadimaa asking Geet to eat breakfast and come down was good but the shopping comment was very tasteless.....I dunno if it is because the writers are men who feel that women feel happy only when they go shopping or something like that ......but I felt that one woman asking another woman who had lost a child just a day before was totally yuck.......Dead....I would have preferred it if Daadimaa had said that they should go for a walk or go to the temple even....just for a change of scenery but Shopping.....DeadDeadDead

So, der aaye durust.aaye....Daadi realised that the only person that Geet will respond to is Maan......

I liked the FBs that Geet and Maan both had.....She had flashbacks of him talking about the baby and He had flashbacks of her talking about the baby....Even in their own personal pain they are thinking about the other....That was so poignant......CryCry....

GC was excellent in the scene with the FBs in the office and Adi seeing his Maan sir in pain was in tears too.....Perneet is a very good actor and should be used more often.....

Well, Daadima's strategy to weigh down Maan with work so that he forgets his pain kinda backfired when Maan was irritated with people walking in with random files to be checked....And when Adi came then his full on MSK avatar had Adi stuttering away to glory.....This scene was subtly funny.....LOLLOL

The precap looked interesting....I hope Geet gets back to work soon....or to doing something constructive with her life.....Smile

My only problem with today's epi was the sudden shift from Grieving to Healing....I wish a longer grieving period was shown or if that was not feasible as Opti suggested a message saying that a week or two had elapsed after the MC would have been better....

GC, DD, SS, Perneet excellent as usual Clap
Daadi was good too.....ClapClap
Writers....Please be careful of what you can be downright please think before you write....

Execution, Editing, Camerawork....excellent.....ClapClap

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spshastr IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 September 2009
Posts: 9847

Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged


She is separating Maneet..and Maan is blindly listening to her.. i loved how Geet put her in her placeAngry
Devaa is guilty.. Dead
MAAN dont listen to that old lady... just take care of Geet
Ok i want Geet in KC but not as Dabba waaliAngry I want office track backSmile so we can see Office romance..

Devaaa aaa  tu negative kab banega re....Smile

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 November 2009
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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged

We all all suspense
and it is intense
what is Devaa's intent
Looks like his presence is constant Wink

RULES FOR DEV BABU from MSK Cool (in mumbaiyaa tapori bhasha Cool)

Geet ko haath nain lagane ka Angry
Geet se baath nain karne ka Angry
Geet ke taraf bhi nain dekhe ka Angry
Agar Geet aayi toh wahan se khisak jaane ka Angry
Geet se door door rehne ka Angry
Jaldh se jaldh patli gali se nikal jaane ka Angry
varna apun tere khopdi ka naksha badal daalenga Angry
kuch samjha ki nahin Wink


Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
love leaves a memory no one can steal. 
~From a headstone in Ireland

Brilliant episode. Hats off to all the actors involved minus the sukhdoo Don Dead

They showed Nakul Day Dreaming ......hai mera Nakool Day Dreaming .....kitna pyaara lag raha tha background mein cooking karthe huye Day Dreaming

Romeo was hilarious as usual. Ira was OK and Arjun was decent. NE was passable.

Samir Sharma was awesome in all the scenes - whether it was the one where he was comforting Geet or the one where he breaks down in front of his grandmother. It is clear that Geet still does not like him and Maan gives two hoots about him. But Dev still cares about his brother and about Geet and is repenting for his misdeeds. He is clearly positive at this moment. Will he turn negative - only time will tell. The transformation should not happen overnight. It should be slow. He is keeping us guessing with his expressions and I love that.

Daadima is trying her best as an elder to help both Maan and Geet. She knows both of them are suffering. It is easier for her to deal with Maan by sending him to work to keep him occupied. The question is what to do with Geet? She is trying her best to get her out of the room and keep her occupied. I think a change of place would do Geet good. She should start going to work. This will divert her attention and Maan can also keep an eye on her.

Adi was gold today. I loved the scene where he wiped his own tears before going in to the room. He is determined to help Maan and Geet overcome their grief. He genuinely cares for both of them as evidenced by his pain. He is their true friend. He will stand by them through thick and thin.

GC and DD do I need to even say anything? They were beyond awesome as the couple mourning the loss of their child. Maan is dealing with his own loss and trying to help Geet overcome it. Very frequently when a mother loses her child, people tend to concentrate on her loss and forget about the father. I am glad they are showing both sides here. Thumbs Up

Geet will come out of her depression when she is ready. She needs to mourn the loss before she can begin to heal and daadi needs to recognize that though her intentions are honorable. Geet will not respond to anyone else except maybe Maan because she understands that Maan is suffering too. She told daadi off today because he is not ready yet. She needs time to come to grips with the situation and let us not forget "Time is the greatest healer of them all."

While grief is fresh, every attempt to divert only irritates.  You must wait till it be digested, and then amusement will dissipate the remains of it.  ~Samuel Johnson

So Maan will have to bide his time. Geet may rebuff his first few attempts but if he keeps at it he will break through the grief and then the healing can begin. Please develop this properly and please do not make a mess of this like the pregnancy track. I hope you will treat this with the delicacy and dignity that it deserves. Will Maan succeed in getting through to Geet? Absolutely. His love for her and her love for him will triumph in the end. Big smile

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