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part 32 B on page 121


And armaan and riddhima reaction was also the same , first shocked then anger , shocked with the fact that they can never think that there death can also be planned , but looking at the thinks happening here this was sure that they didn't had a natural death , and this was the biggest shock for them right now that they were killed , but by whom , they knew there prime and first suspect was shyam still they cant be 100 percent sure with that , they have to find all this out soon , very soon...

Armaan was still thinking what he have to do next and trying to register what anjali said while here riddhima almost lost her balance she was about to fall when he hold her

"riddhima carefull what happened to you riddhima talk with me" armaan making her sit on a couch nearby while her condition was getting worse

While everyone came there near her , trying to calm her down

"kiddo are you ok look you will be fine, god kiddo you are so cold why are you shivering like this kiddo" mayank came there sitting by her side hugging her

"I think now we all just move back home she is just not well" said armaan looking at riddhima

While here anjali came near armaan looking at riddhima condition

"armaan I am really sorry I should have not said all this just like this you knew this that she is scared and so scared of all this I was just , I mean I wanted to warn you, and make you prepared for what" anjali tried telling armaan

"I knew that anji ,I knew it all , I knew how much you loved your sister at that time and even now and you only wanted her happiness and well being, don't panic anjali nothing will happen , I promise you this time nothing will happen to her , I will go to any extend to save her out of all this" said armaan

"I knew that armaan and I trust you a lot, I just wanted to tell you all this, I tried a lot to knew the real reason behind your and riddhima that accident and then just after you both left , shyam coming back to our lifes and his acquiring all your property that all made me more sure that there was something that was hidden , there was something that had occurred which was so wrong, I even tried to attack him legally but he was so strong and I didn't had any proofs against him so he I am sorry I cant help you both at all , I was unable to get you both justice" said anjali while crying remembering all the past

"anji , anji its ok , its ok relax, don't worry anji now look here we are here , we are back and I promise that this time there will be only justice and nothing else" said armaan trying to calm anjali as well,

"look everything will be fine , but right now anji please I think its not time to discuss all this we will talk about all this later, atul please take anji home she needs rest, go anji you I promise everything will be fine and nothing will happen to riddhima this time" said armaan

While anjali looking at riddhima and her shivering state
She sat near her and holding her hands

"why is my little riddhima worrying so much, look here your armaan is here with you and I knew he will make everything alright, right, this is what you always said me" said anjali trying to sooth her a little

"my riddhima always use to say me holding my hand that Anjali di why are you worrying look up there is someone else worrying for us , that god, when he have got us till here he will surely make us look the way ahead , he has created this problem and he will get us out of that my little sister who have so much of faith in god how can she is scared of any evil in this world I am so sure your god will get you out of this as well and then there will be happiness and oly happiness for you" said anjali crying

While riddhima hugging anjali tight and crying , she let her fear in her cries she

Only she knew what was going inside her mind right now, just one name the mention of the name that was haunting her in her dreams right now, she was already so scared today since morning after seeing her dreams somewhere related to that evil and then all this incident, but then what anjali said to her made her remind of her faith the faith which old riddhima have always shown on her god, and over all on her armaan , how can she let that faith get lost so soon she will be strong she have to be strong , she will stand by armaan and fight that evil this time

"I love you riddhima, I missed you so much" said anjali while crying

"I love you too di, and I promise this time I wont be scared, I wont let any of my fear took over me, I promise that whoever is responsible for all we will fight together against that and this time we will win" said riddhima holding anjali hands but her eyes were looking at armaan

She was saying all this looking towards armaan , telling him that she was here with him and this time she will be his support in all this and not his weakness

while all the people there were also relaxed looking at riddhima with this new determination, they knew it was not their little kiddo, she was the riddhima, the strong riddhima who is mature enough to fight all the bad's

soon they all started to move back to there house , while as almost full sharma family and armaan family left ,

we see in one corner someone on a call, a man is standing there making a call

"i told you not to do any stupid acts , what do you want now your revenge , your anger was with armaan malik , and he was dead long back , so just forget all that what is the need to dig in the long buried grave, it will only make everything more messed and dirty" said the man he was on a call with someone

while he hear to the other side this man talking with some other

"why are you scared that if the whole truth will come out your little secret will also be out" said the other man on the call

"dont forget that there were many secrets of you as well buried in that grave 22 years ago, if i will be caught than you will also not be safe, moreover you are already not safe after that dirty game of sending that painting here armaan knew that it is you who was responsible for his death 22 years ago" said the man this side , and till now you must have guessed this man from the party is calling noone other than Shyam

"as if i care , shyam mannohar malik dont care about this, its good that armaan knew about me the adventure of playing became more interesting when your competitor is strong now it will be more fun in playing" said shyam

"listen shyam you and your rivalry was with Armaan malik , and he was dead than why are you started with this dirty game again" said the man this side

"oh really than who was the person i saw on news today , you knew this, you knew all this for soo long that armaan and riddhima are back , you have seen them long back then why didnt you told me that, if i would have not seen the news today and seen armaan and riddhima pictures then i would have never got to knew about this, moreover my life was getting so boring without any aim and seeing them today my life got my aim back, specially getting riddhima , riddhima riddhima god she looks even more beautiful now than earlier, you knew my obsession for her it got buried in her grave years ago but now seeing her live again my obsession for her is live again, and this time she is not even marked as riddhima armaan malik, cause i am going to get her before armaan this time" said shyam with evil grin

"stop it shyam this obsession of yours will destroy you completely this time armaan is far too strong and powerful and even riddhima would also not be the same easy target , she is not a naive riddhima gupta, she is riddhima sharma and she is really far from your range if you have no fear of your life then only dare to come for her" said the man this side

"let her be strong its good that your target is so strong , agreed riddhima sharma is too strong for me to get , but i can get her to me cause i have her weakness i knew the weakness of riddhima gupta malik , and that weakness is my power and it will get her to me" said shyam

"keep on dreaming shyam, just make sure that this baseless revenge of yours dont get me in any kind of trouble" said the man

"you are not going to get in any trouble till the time riddhima dont remember everything that happened 22 years ago, i knew you are more scared of the fact that the day riddhima will remember everything then you will be the one in the biggest trouble" said shyam

"riddhima dont remember anything , she just remember her past life with armaan , when i first time saw riddhima sharma i was also tensed and then after her remembering their past i thought my game was over but then she dont remember all that happened she just remembered that much past which she spend with armaan and nothing other than that, and that she will never remember as well, cause she will be dead, dead before that i cant take the risk to let her remember more of her past and getting me in any kind of trouble and for that i also threatening her to stop this wedding cause i dont want her to be more with armaan, cause then it get more difficult for me to target her" said the man

"no , you wont do that nothing like this will happen this time i want riddhima she will be mine and you cant kill her if you want your secrets to be safe kill armaan and get riddhima to me" said shyam in anger

"are you again making any kind of deal with me shyam" said the man

"well you can say once again we can work together this time , like we once got armaan out of our way we can get him this time as well but this time i dont want anything happen to riddhima, think over this to keep your secrets safe i want riddhima" said shyam

"ok we will plan like this , but remember shyam my name should never be dragged in this" said the man here cutting the call

and soon the shadow moved out of the hall, where engagement party was held

on the other side

In sharma house

it was too late at night, when they all came back, armaan was still busy in his work talking to his detective team and security team

"how can you miss giving me such big information that Shyam malik was in Delhi, he took a flight and came here today and still you got no information, trace him now , i want to kne where is he staying in Delhi, i care a dam check each and every hotel every house just get shyam out from anywhere" said armaan shouting on call

"what do mean it can take time what is your agency paid for , hell with time, i will make sure your agency is closed as it is of no use" said armaan in anger cutting the call

"armaan relax, getting angry on detective cant get us anything, they are also right searching for one man in a big city like delhi is surely tough , and it will take little time" said adhiraj trying to calm him down

"i knew that adhi, but thats one think we dont have right now time" said armaan getting frustrated

"relax , ok relax, we will plan something else out of this" said samrat

returning from the party hall sharma family and rathode family came to sharma house ,

sujal kashish and armaan grandparents were also in sharma house right now

as armaan grandparents who had no detail till now regarding armaan riddhima past , were little confused and they needed explanation, which kashish was giving to maasa and sujal to raja sahib

and after hearing to armaan and riddhima and about there rebirth, both armaan grandparents were worried for their kids safety, so Raja sahib being the senior most head of family made one decision

"armaan and riddhima both are my kids, and i cant take any risk with their security now , no risk at all, if as guruji said the trouble is up on them till their marriage then i will make sure my kids are safe till their marriage, i have decided that now armaan marriage will be held in Jaitpur, in our palace over there, thats only one place where i feel my kids being safe the most" said raja sahib

"but grandpa everything is planned here and like this last minute change in venue from Delhi to Jaitpur, we dont even have much time its just a matter of 2 days, how can we arrange all this so fast" said armaan

"and my dear armaan worrying about arrangements preparations that is just not your part of concern right now, why are you so worried about all this your grandpa is here and he is enough to take care of all this, your concern is just to get ready on time and sit in the mandap to get married, and leave all other worries for us now, got you" said raja sahib

"but still grandpa i dont feel this is a wise decision there is some danger everywhere around us and like this getting married in palace, i mean it can be risky for all of you" said armaan getting tensed

"and who are you to decide that armaan, dont forget that whatever you were in the past , that was past , but now you are Armaan rathode, my grandson, and i have full right to have my grandson and grand daughter in law to be safe and no one can interfere in that matter not even you, i have taken the decision and thats final" said raja sahilb

"but still grandpa" armaan tried saying

"Yuvraaz dont forget that i am still the king ,and you are bind to follow king decision so no more saying" said raja sahib

"ok Raja sahib , your wish my command, we will prepare everything and will leave early morning for Jaitpur" said armaan smiling and teasingly bowing head down to raja sahib

while all agreed happily to this , getting armaan riddhima married in the palace was a nice decision for everyone cause noone can enter the palace premises without permission and like this armaan and riddhima will be safe

while armaan and his parents and grandparents left sharma house and went back , for the completing the preparations for leaving

as like earlier the youngsters decided to travel again together in a Caravan, just like the last time they all did, when they went to Jaitpur for business trip,

while all other family members going to travel by cars, it was a journey of like 6 hours soo it was fine for everyone

Early Morning

kashish sujal , raja sahib, maasa , along with angad parents sumit and sapna , plan to leave early and make preparations for before kids reach there, even rishab prerna , and karan nandini accompanied them , so hence all elders went together early it was still 5.00 in morning when they all left

while armaan and angad came to sharma house so that they all can leave together,

they were with adhiraj, and nupur mayank as samrat and riddhima were still sleeping they didnt wanted to disturb riddhima so early in morning

"i really feel that after seeing off mom dad, its still to early for us to leave , armaan why dont you rest for a while, as we all slept really late because all were busy packing , and its too early for us to get up as well, as for me i am also very tired" said adhiraj

"yes me too you knew me and armaan were just packing and then the moment we slept , mom dad waked us saying they were leaving and you knew sujal uncle and his long list of instructions, about how to travel and security checking again and again" said angad

"same here mom dad and their instructions, chill angad come lets sleep for sometime and sujal uncle said me that there is no hurry for us to leave early we still have 6 or 7 hours before we leave, this is my room you can rest here" said adhiraj entering his room while chatting and mayank nupur went towards their room

"and riddhima, is she fine" asked armaan looking at riddhima room which was just next to adhiraj's

"i suppose actually after all that party incident she was really tensed and tired, if you want you can check" said adhiraj, understanding armaan concern

"no its ok adhi, let her sleep i think we should also rest for sometime" said armaan and they went in adhiraj room

while here riddhima screaming armaan name and then

"no please, no please leave me, please armaan please help me" riddhima screaming while running in the room a dark room

"as if armaan will come to save you, stop wasting your energy riddhima, armaan can never come to save you" said someone , some shadow, in front of her ,

while riddhima was scared she was shivering , she need help

"someone please help me , help me , help mee" riddhima screaming as the shadow covered her and all become black,

she got up screaming , she was sweating "please help me help me" she was screaming,

when lights came in, it was a dream , she was dreaming, she was so scared, she knew adhiraj came listening her screaming , and she hugged him tight

"please help me adhi bhai, please i am so scared, adhi bhai" said riddhima crying hugging him

"riddhima calm down relax, jaan nothing will happen , riddhima" riddhima heard him saying and it was then she realized it was not adhiraj, it was armaan

actually armaan was still waken while adhiraj and angad were sleeping and hearing her scream armaan came rushing to her room , and seeing her condition he was so tensed so just tried to calm her

"armaan, armaan its you , you are here, you came or its just dream" said riddhima looking at him cupping armaan face , and then again hugging him tight

"yes riddhima its me , real armaan you are not dreaming" said armaan smiling lightly kissing her head ,making her feel that it was reality

and it works magic for riddhima, she was so relaxed she hugged him tight and then remembering something getting away from her

"but armaan this is my house, my room and what are you doing here and that to its just 6 in morning what if anyones sees you when you came here" said riddhima looking everywhere

"chill chill jaan i knew its your room actually mom dad , uncle aunty all of them left an hour ago and then i came here i was with adhiraj in his room and heard your scream so i came here" said armaan making her calm

"oh i am sorry i disturbed you" said riddhima

"its ok baby you and only you have a full right to disturb me any time, what was it riddhima why were you so scared" said armaan getting tensed

"nothing armaan it was just a dream i just saw a dream and" said riddhima

"and was i there in your dream" said armaan smiling , teasing her

"no armaan that is the only thing that scare me about this dream that you were not with me, i feel so scared armaan i keep on calling you for help and you were not with me, you didnt came, i get only darkness" said riddhima again crying and tensed remembering that dream

"riddhima just relax, firstly there is nothing to worry it was just a dream and secondly how can it be even possible that i wont be there with you when you need me or i wont come to help you even after you calling me, this is just impossible this can only happen if i am dead to" armaan was about to say ahead when riddhima hugged him tight to stop him to say ahead

"dont you dare say that word ever again from your mouth got you, this time we have to make it, we have to live a full life of being together, full life of our love together and if you ever say like this again i swear i will kill you myself" said riddhima

"i am sorry jaan , sorry i promise no bad words will be used from now on , just good and happy things and riddhima just leave me and maintain a little distance its your room and your house yet what if someone sees us like this" said armaan teasing her a little, to make her feel little better

"armaan its to early in the morning i think you need to relax also go armaan and sleep for sometime i will be fine" said riddhima

"ok fine i will go just wanted to tell you that i will be with you forever and even if you like it or not i will never leave you alone in any trouble not even for a single minute" said armaan cupping her face

"i knew that and thats why i love you so much" said riddhima

"i love you too riddhima" said armaan lightly kissing her forehead

while here on the gate adhiraj looking at them actually riddhima scream was too high enough to wake him up as well, but then he felt armaan reaching there before him so he let them chat for a while,

and now the chat was going somewhere else so he intervened a little

"i think all were really tired and needed a nice sleep for a couple of hours , so" said adhiraj , making them aware of his presence

"ok ok adi i also remember that, stop acting like typical brothers" said armaan

"that i am and i will forever , even after your marriage , and now armaan you shall come with me and let riddhima rest" saying so adhiraj went back in his room smiling

while armaan also came out after a while making riddhima relaxed more, while here riddhima was also really tensed regarding why she having this repeated dreams

she was really scared with that dream, she dont knew why she seeing the same kind of dream again and again

Still with all this though she went back to sleep

Later after few hours everyone was getting ready for leaving

mayank nupur busy in shifting the luggage in the mini bus, by which they were going to travel, and armaan and adhiraj were also in the hall down, while samrat and angad were gone to pick gunjan and kripa as they were also going to travel with them

riddhima also came there after sometime, she was just looking around all the place in the house, traveling all over the house

"kiddo what happened what are you looking for" asked adhiraj confused

"nothing bhai just looking around my house where we all have had so much fun and spend happy moments its the last time i am seeing it" said riddhima getting sad

"what, kiddo how can you even say that, why is it the last time , you will be back here soon kiddo" said adhiraj

"i think you have forgotten one important thing, that i am going to get married after 2 days, and after that even i come back , i will never be staying back in this house , like i always used to stay" said riddhima feeling sad, yes it was the last moments she spending in her house , definately after her marriage her house will be armaan's house and not this

"oh kiddo, dont even think like that ever, even if you get married and live with armaan, still this is your house baby and you can live the way you want here always" said nupur hugging her tight

"i knew that i love you bhabs" said riddhima

"kiddo how many times i have to tell you" nupur tried saying when riddhima started saying

"that dont call me bhabhs, its bhabhi and this bhabhs looks too weird, the same way that i have always said you to call me riddhima, not kiddo as i am no kid anymore" said riddhima smiling

"yes look you getting married in 2 days , so you are surely not a kid anymore" said nupur smiling

"ok if you girls done with your chat can we leave as its getting late, look angad and samrat are also back" said mayank

"ohh look here come my two supposed to be best friends" said riddhima looking gunjan and kripa

"good morning our bride to be ready to leave" said kripa smiling side hugging riddhima

"dont you even try talking with me, i am really pissed off right now where the hell were you two since yesterday , you got invisible from the party itself, you were supposed to be with me all the time" said riddhima complaining

"oh really and what about that change in venue thing at last moment the moment we got the info that your marriage is going to be held in Jaitpur and not here we were like running all around, whole night we were busy packing" said kripa complaining

"yes and you knew this kripa madam early morning at 6 she actually went to designer house and made him get up from sleep and get her dresses done" said gunjan

"so what already her marriage was fixed suddenly and  over that this change again so what else could i do in this" said kripa complaining

"kripa you went to some random designer guy house and that to in early morning" said angad coming in

"hww angad bad manners you are not suppose to over hear our best friends chat" said riddhima smiling looking at angad possessiveness

"i am really sorry for that riddhima bhabhi but still i really want to knew that what was the need to go to some random guy house at such odd time" said angad to kripa

"ok time out for a while guys , can we stop talking here and sit in the car i mean its getting really later we have to leave" said the frustrated group of boys waiting for the girls chat to get over

after a while they all were settled in the same kind of carovan in which they all went last time, just a little change was that this time this was arranged and properly checked by armaan before so no risk of breaking down this time

the Journey began,
everyone was quite,

samrat and gunjan as usual in their on corner, adhiraj also got his special company with Suhani , kripa sister who is a psychiatrist as she was also going with them

while mayank nupur, sitting with riddhima, kripa  and armaan and angad

where angad is still little mad

"i seriously didnt understand the need for this, you could have called me if you wanted to get your clothesd angad to kripa

"angad i just went to get my dresses thats all what is the need to get so hyper in that" said kripa

"but still did you went alone" said angad

"oh god angad stop that , i mean stop behaving like what you call yes typical indian man" said riddhima as she was sitting next to kripa and getting irritated with this as well

"correction riddhima typical over possessive man" said kripa completing

"now what is so possessive came in here , i was just worried for kripa safety" said angad

"really check again angad were you worried for kripa safety, or are you irritated of the fact that she got to meet some random stranger boy like this, as in if the designer would have been a girl then you would had no issue with this , am i right" said riddhima

"yes really if it would have been some girl then i would have not mind accompanying kripa as well there" said angad smiling

"see i told you man's will be man's they already have one partner by their side but no that is not enough for them the movement they get a chance their eyes roam all the way round" said kripa complaining

"exactly all man's are the same" said nupur complaining

"you are so right nupur babhs" said riddhima also

"oh hello from where did all the man's came in this where and what have we done in this"  said mayank feeling offended

"exactly  bhaiya and riddhima why are you saying yes and supporting girls in this, do you really believe me looking at anyone else, except you" said armaan coming near riddhima

"ahem ahem, armaan we are still here" said mayank making armaan away

"no bhaiya i mean i was just saying that there is no respect for us and our loyalty as well, no matter whatever we will do for this girls still they will think us as unfaithful" said armaan trying to divert everyone

"oh really and who was the one flirting all the time with all his colleagues specially my friends and co workers and hopefully you didnt forgot that maya yet plus adhi and samrat bhai told me about you and your affairs in your college life when they were with you" said riddhima

"oh god riddhima that was past and not i got this adhiraj and samrat are intentionally doing all this spoiling my image in front of you, i didnt knew they are so possessive for you" said armaan

when samrat gunjan and adhiraj came near them

"someone talking about us" said samrat coming in

"look think of the devils and they appear" said armaan getting irritated

"armaan dont you dare speak a word against my brothers got you, whatever and however they are atleast they are better then you , and have no long list of affairs like you" said riddhima pointing a figure

"oh really your both brothers and innocent, hopefully you really dont want me to disclose the amount and the numbers of girls samrat was with and adhiraj and his popularly was too good especially with girls" said armaan

"samrat really you also , i mean here you are with me and on the other side you had affairs with other girls in your college" said gunjan

"oh gunjan baby that was past i mean much before we i mean" samrat trying to calm her

"i really dont want to hear anything, you are so right kripa all mans are same , they are so not worthy" said gunjan

"yes just forget about them they are not even worth it to talk about, lets just talk about something else" said nupur and all the girls sitting one side in their group

"oh hello girls, in all this have you forgotten that we are going together" said mayank

"you guys have so much to talk about like your list of affairs and chat of other girls spend you time with that whats the need of us for you all" said riddhima and all girls turning one side

"great now only this was left now even being together we will be sitting like strangers, and its all because of you angad what was the need of creating so big scene out of a small think so over possessive" said armaan

"oh really and look who is saying that , you are just telling cause here we are talking about me and kripa, just in case if it was riddhima bhabhi at kripa place then i already knew what and to what level kind of reaction you would have given, and we all already knew who is the one most possessive here" said angad

"ok fine lets not talk about this now,  first we need to get to the point over how to pacify the girls they are just not going to listen" said armaan

"chill man you knew this girls the way and the speed with which they get angry , they cool down as well the same way , so just let them relax a little and i am sure till we reach the place they all will be fine themselves" said mayank

soon they all reached the place ,

and as said by mayank seriously all the girls and there anger was really gone away still they all were just pretending to stay angry

while as they reached the place , the same palace they all came earlier a well but unlike the last time , this time the palace was decorated like a bride all the way with flowers lights clothes etc,
"wow this is looking great i still cant believe that grandpa did all this in just few hours" said armaan admiring the place

"thats why raja sahib said that you dont have to worry about anything , seriously i think you underestimated raja sahib a lot" said angad smiling

as they all reached the entrance , where all the preparations were done for their grand welcome as the car stopped there the music started playing and the line of womens standing there showering flowers everyone stepped out except riddhima and armaan as she was getting so nervous stepping her to be house for the first time as armaan's bride

so armaan holding her hand stepped out together

while everyone showering flowers on them

as they stepped the main entrance , maasa and kashish standing there holding the sacred plate to do a little aarti to welcome riddhima , and then she was warmly welcomed by everyone in her new house

"you all kids must be tired why dont you all just go and rest for sometime, angad please take everyone with you towards the rooms, armaan riddhima you both please stay here we need to talk" said sujal

"yes sujal we all elders were also discussing the same the sangeet ceremony is organized here and it will start in another few hours before that i suppose that all the kids should just relax for a while, and as for we elders well i was about to give a little tour of the palace to everyone , its the first time they all visited here so they all just wanted to see the palace" said kashish smiling

"thats great kashish , you all go ahead i will just join you all , actually wanted to have a little chat with armaan and riddhima then i will be there" said sujal smiling

and so all the kids along with other elders went away from there , towards the rooms , well all young kids having the same rooms as they had earlier when they came last [please readers refer or re read part 11 it have all details about armaan palace , family , and rooms etc, i cant repeate again here]

while everyone went away only sujal , armaan and riddhima were left

"armaan raja sahib have made sure that everything is done perfectly or not infact he have himself checked the securities twice so i suppose there is nothing to worry in here now , still i wanted to be sure from my side , thats why i am discussing this with you , the whole palace is tightly secured and safe so now take it as my request or as my order you both are not going to leave this palace at all, whatever happens no matter what you both are not going to step out of the palace till your marriage ok" said sujal

"dad why are you even saying that , its just a matter of two days dad and i promise nor me and neither riddhima is going to leave the palace before that" said armaan smiling

"that i knew and yes Balram ji is here, riddhima hope you remember this is balram ji our royal guard, he and his ancestral have been oour loyal since ages, he is the most trustful person i have right now, and he will be with you all the time" said sujal

"but sujal uncle i am , i mean i think he should stay with armaan" said riddhima

"no balram ji you will stay all the time with riddhima, dont worry about me i will be fine , this time riddhima and her security is more important" said armaan protesting

"ok yuvraaj whatever you say, i will make sure that riddhima bahurani will be fine , and yuvraaj you just dont have to worry at all from now on" said Balram

"look now armaan balram ji also said that he will take care of everything so just relax son , its your marriage and look at you just chill and enjoy this time , and dont worry about anything else we all are here for all this go and show riddhima her room , and you also rest in your room for a while" said sujal smiling  

and as armaan riddhima going to leave , balram followed them

"balram ji you want i need to talk with you a little about security check" said sujal smiling , leaving them a little time alone

and so armaan and riddhima left walking silently in the passage towards the rooms riddhima looking straight while armaan looking everywhere as he found that noone was around and looking towards them , he holding riddhima hand getting her more near

"so madam what was all that happening, i never knew that you are so effected with my links with other girls" said armaan

"armaan stop it leave my hand what if anyone sees us like this" said riddhima looking everywhere , and finding that they were in a passage where there was no one just few doors leading to different rooms

"noone can see us here, cause here are only rooms that also of mom dad, uncle etc, and all of them are right now not here as they are having a tour of the palace, so its just you and me and no one to disturb us" said armaan getting more and more close to riddhima , while riddhima moving back, finally hitting the wall

"still armaan what if someone came here and' riddhima trying to say , when armaan keeping a hand on her mouth

"shhh why you always speak so much cant you stay quiet for a while and let our silence speak for us" said armaan getting more and more close to her,

"what if in this silence i can even hear some foot steps , someone is coming armaan what if anyone see you and" said riddhima a mere whisper

"so what let it be its my house you are my wife to be i can do whatever i want who can stop me" said armaan kissing her lightly on her cheeks

"please stop it armaan and get away i still feel here is someone" said riddhima

and as armaan looking at her annoyded the door just next to them open , as riddhima was pinned on the wall and armaan ahead her , they both got apart as the man came out of the room , it was sumit khanna

"oh sumit uncle you here i mean" said armaan looking at sumit coming out of the room

"here means this is my room" said sumit , looking at armaan and then towards riddhima

"no i mean yes this is your room its just i thought you were with mom looking the palace, i was just leaving , i mean showing riddhima the palace" said armaan fuming with words

"oh actually i was little tired so resting in my room , when i heard , anyways forget it you also leave you must be tired" said sumit

"yes i am i mean , riddhima , this is sumit uncle , you knew him right" said armaan

"offcourse i knew him armaan this is not the first time we are meeting , right sumit, i mean sumit uncle we met earlier as well many times" said riddhima looking at sumit

"yes offcouse you both must have , actually as angad dad you met him so many times still i am introdcing you" said armaan smilng at him own stupidity

"well we have met many time but never got a chance to talk or chat with each other ever, Dr sumit khanna everyone says that we are the same , same face name , its not that tough to recognize me that you looking at me like a complete stranger or you with the years you even forgot me" said riddhima smiling

"just a minute , you knew him i mean you met sumit uncle earlier when" said armaan questioning

"well thats a big story armaan sumit and i we both were doctors and co workers and surely good friends right sumit and i still remember sumit but i think he dont" said riddhima

"oh really wow now thats a news , i mean sumit uncle, really i never knew this, and how come i never got a chance to meet you ever" said armaan

"well that was just cause sumit left the hospital and even country i suppose much before you came in hospital and so" said riddhima looking at sumit

"really look at this what a small world how everything is just again falling in place" said armaan smiling

"yes really what a small world we got a chance of meeting people again and again sometime anyways its nice meeting you again sumit i am glad that you are happy in your life and got all the happiness you deserved" said riddhima looking at sumit

"yes i got all that i deserved thanks riddhima" said sumit , looking at her with meaningful eyes only he knew what emotional turmoil he was going through right now

soon armaan and riddhima left from there , leaving sumit behind lost in his own thoughts

while here they both entered riddhima room

"so this is your room and hope you remember the next to this room is mine, and you probably knew well how to come in there anytime, remember riddhima you came to my room so late in night last time we were here" said armaan

"yes and i still remember the coffee you made that was probably one of the best coffees i ever had" said riddhima remembering

"if you want you can have that coffee anytime as i really wont mind you coming and disturbing me tonight as well infact i will surely appreciate your visit" said armaan bringing riddhima close to him and holding her tightly in his arms

"ahem ahem hello guys are you done with your task we really need to open our eyes" said kripa

as kripa and gunjan were standing on the gate with eyes close just for teasing them

"guys for god sake you both are getting married day after tomorrow so just have some patience just for two days then you can get a lot of time together alone and that to without any interruption" said gunjan smiling

"you girls call yourself an interruption, you are just not an interruption, you are like a big time hurdle here for me" said armaan getting frustrated

"oh really to be jijaji , in that case this hurdles are going to create more problems for you and riddhima madam have you forgotten that we girls were not talking with the boys why are you talking with him" said kripa dragging riddhima way from armaan

"oh hello girls you do whatever you want to do with your respective partners why are you dragging my riddhima in all this" said armaan trying to hold riddhima but kripa pulled her more

"no ways not so soon jijaji , if you want to get her you have to do something worthit for that" said gunjan smiling

"and what exactly that can be" said armaan

"ok today is sangeet ceremony , so think yourself with your style and efforts how to get close to her , if riddhima and we found that well than we will see" said kripa smiling

"girls riddhima is already mine and she will be with me i really dont need to do anything for getting her to be with me" said armaan

"oh really now so lets see riddhima look this is the matter of our reputation now, you have to support us in this now ok" said kripa smiling

and riddhima was like ball in the court being passed from here to there

"riddhima wont say a word now she knows what she wants she will support only her friends, and riddhima you wont say a word in this, dont forget that for the next two days you are our friend first untill you get married to armaan cause we all knew after that we all will be thrown far out, so till your marriage you will be with us and support only us , got you" said gunjan

"ok ok sorry armaan i have no option left, so be it the girls way or no way" said riddhima pleading

"ok fine so let it be this way , i will also see who can stop me from getting near you" said armaan in a sweet challenge gesture and left from the room

here come the sangeet ceremony

all the guest were already there , everyone were busy in party meeting the guest attending them

while all young boys were standing in one group, and the girls were another opposite each other

"now this is the heights guys there girls and there stupid challenges , armaan i think we have to do something" said angad audible to everyone around all the girls and guest

"yes you are so right we have to show this that it wont be always the girls way, that they will get angry and we will run behind them pacifying them all the time" said samrat supporting them

"oh really then what can you do we all girls really want to see" said gunjan

"well now its up to you girls accept us happily or else we have our ways as well" said armaan

"oh really in that case lets just see to this how can you take riddhima with you from here armaan, cause she is with us and wont come with you so easily" said gunjan smiling

and so the music began

and sweet challenge and a little fun and dancing

well the song they singing is Chal Pyaar Karange song from one movie , its a special sangeet song here is a little video for you all to listen if you want

[all girls excluding riddhima singing , while pinting from armaan to riddhima]
o ladke deewaane, kahan se aaya tu
Dulhan ko le jaane kahan se aaya tu

[oh crazy guy where have you come from
where have you come from to take the bride]

Armaan singing

Chal pyaar karegi
will you love

riddhima replying

Haan ji haan ji
yes oh yes

Mere saath chalegi
will you go with me

Na ji na ji
no oh no

again singing the same this time coming in front near riddhima

Arre tu haan kar ya na kar teri marzi soniye
Hum tujhko uthaakar le jaayenge
Doli mein bithaakar le jaayenge

[whether you say yes or no that is up to you beautiful girl
I am going to carry you off
I am going to seat you in the Doli (palaquin in which newly wed brides traditionally leave their fathers home) and take you]

armaan picking riddhima up in his arms and dancing , then as he left her back down riddhima going back towards the girls and dancing with them

Hum ghar mein kahin chhup jaayenge
Sang tere nahin hum aayenge

[I will hide some where in the house
I am not coming with you]

armaan coming near the girls

Chal pyaar karegi
will you love

Haan ji haan ji
yes oh yes

Mere saath chalegi
will you go with me

riddhima hiding behind the girls
Na ji na ji
no oh no

[armaan going to her and getting near her]

Arre tu haan kar ya na kar teri marzli soniye
Hum tujhko uthaakar le jaayenge
Doli mein bithaakar le jaayenge

[whether you say yes or no that is up to you beautiful girl
I am going to carry you off
I am going to seat you in the Doli and take you]

Hum ghar mein kahin chhup jaayenge
Sang tere nahin hum aayenge

[I will hide some where in the house
I am not coming with you]

Chal pyaar karegi
will you love

Haan ji haan ji
yes oh yes

[everyone dancing all the youngsters dancing in a group]

[armaan again coming to riddhima and singing while circling around riddhima]

O gore gore mukhde waali, o kaale kaale nainon waali
o fair complexioned girl, o girl with black eyes

[then going back towards the boys group]

Maan mera ehsaan ke maine haan kar di
be grateful to me for saying yes

[all the boys dancing teasing the girls]

Tu varna kunwaari reh jaati
Yeh shaadi hamaari reh jaati

[otherwise you would have been left a spinster
this wedding of ours would not have happened]

armaan singing while all the boys pacifying their respective partners

Chal pyaar karegi
will you love

Haan ji haan ji
yes oh yes

Mere saath chalegi
will you go with me

Na ji na ji
no oh no

now riddhima and the girls dancing teasing the boys

Jaa main nahin karti shaadi vaadi
Mujhko pyaari hai yeh aazaadi

[go I am not getting married
I love my freedom / independence]

[then riddhima going towards her parents and dancing teasing armaan]

Main to apne baabul ke baagon ki bulbul hoon

[I am the bird in my fathers garden]

Bas tujhse mujhe yeh kehna hai
Pinjre mein mujhe nahin rehna hai

[all i have to say to you is this
I don't intend to live in a cage]

while all the other girls also singing teasing there respective partners

Bas tujhse mujhe yeh kehna hai
Pinjre mein mujhe nahin rehna hai

[all i have to say to you is this
I don't intend to live in a cage]

Chal pyaar karegi
will you love
Haan ji haan ji
yes oh yes
Mere saath chalegi
will you go with me
Na ji na ji
no oh no

everyone dancing even the elders also joined them
armaan and riddhima dancing together

Aankhon ke kaajal le jaayenge
Zulfon ke baadal le jaayenge

[I will take away the kohl of your eyes
i will take away the clouds of hair]

Arre hum aaye hain door se yun vaapas na jaayenge
Hum apni sajaniya le jaayenge
Arre hum apni dulhaniya le jaayenge

[I have come from far away and will not return just like that
I will take my lover
I will take my bride]

Chal pyaar karegi
will you love
Haan ji haan ji
yes oh yes
Mere saath chalegi
will you go with me
Na ji na ji
no oh no

Arre tu haan kar ya na kar teri marzi soniye
Hum tujhko uthaakar le jaayenge
Doli mein bithaakar le jaayenge

[whether you say yes or no that is up to you beautiful girl
I am going to carry you off
I am going to seat you in the Doli and take you]

armaan picking riddhima up in his arms and dancing]

Hum ghar mein kahin chhup jaayenge
Sang tere nahin hum aayenge

[I will hide some where in the house
I am not coming with you]

everyone dancing with them joining them finally everyone happy with each other
Hum apni sajaniya le jaayenge
Arre hum apni dulhaniya le jaayenge

[I will take my lover
I will take my bride]

finally after lots of dancing fun and masti, the sangeet ceremony ended nicely

everyone was really happy, most important with the fact that the ceremony ended without any obstacle of problems, maybe now everything will get fine and end nicely

while here in riddhima room

riddhima seeing the dream again

the same way the same dreams, she asking for help , again and again but no one to help her ,  no one to come for her, and then again she covered with that darkness the same darkness
she asking armaan calling armaan but he is not there no where he was not there to help her, and then someone came in front of her with the evil grin

the darkness that scared her it was him , her biggest fear yes it was Shyam...
and his evil darkness taking over it all

ok thats all

pretty long update i suppose , i am sorry for being soo late , have very little time to write , but whatever time i get i just write in that ,

will try and get more free time, so that i can write more fast and update here

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loveuarmaanu Goldie

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Posted: 26 January 2014 at 7:52pm | IP Logged
nice part
but who is the man with shyam
continue soon
..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 January 2014 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
osome... continue super soon plzzz

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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superb gr8 part
plz pm me for next part
continue soon

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cool_sri IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2014 at 3:46am | IP Logged
yipeee update..Tongue
after a long time...
awesome update..loved it..Embarrassed
I guess the mystery guy along with shyam may be sumit or shahshank..Dead
plzz pm the next update..

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loved it all so much di!!!
lovv Goldie

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is the other man sumit or shashank...

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