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Posted: 19 December 2013 at 1:01am | IP Logged
nice update...
waiting for the next update...

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Posted: 19 December 2013 at 8:51am | IP Logged
nice update
cont soon thanks 4 pm

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update na plz... parso ko kardo n update ...
mela bday mast ho jayega ek aur update se...

haye... mein pagal ho jaung sab se update maang rahi hun  bday ke liya ... hahah

aap bhi kardo na di...Big smile

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..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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part 32 A on page 117


Armaan and riddhima engagement party, which was to be organized at some party hall,  

where all the sharma's have already reached few guest including the past group of armaan and riddhima life, that were anjali atul , shubhankar and keerti were also present , ready to welcome groom and his family

after sometime armaan came there with his full family ,

armaan wearing a nice light golden and white sherwani , looking handsome as ever

he was warmly and nicely welcomed by full Sharma family, all the guest were busy chatting and meeting each other while here riddhima was sitting in a separate room she was dressed in a light golden white dress, lehanga dress, given to her by her to be mother in law kashish , the dress matching armaan's, specially selected by kashish for her and armaan,

while riddhima was sitting in the room with gunjan and kripa,

"loo madam your majnu is here already"  said gunjan

"hey you saw him so how is he looking today hot or sexy" said kripa with a wink

"angad must be looking smoking hot today kripa and gunjan as for samrat bhai he is handsome and I suppose sexy too" said riddhima  "girls I knew you and your giving special attention to armaan but I think you girls for sometime should look over and concentrate on your respective fianc" said riddhima

"and leave armaan just for you so jealous you are riddhima"  said kripa teasing

"oh please I getting jealous and of you impossible you both cant even be counted as a danger ever" said riddhima  smiling

"thank god you smiled atleast , because from past half an hour you are sitting here like a statue and looking in space and look at your hands girl they are so cold" said gunjan

"riddhima I cant understand why are you so nervous and scared look you are shivering as well, chill yaar its just an engagement party and nothing else" said kripa trying to make her little more relax

"I don't knew yaar but I am so nervous , I mean I am so scared , I mean is all this necessary I mean going down when all eyes on you , this is so scary" said riddhima holding gunjan's hand tightly

"riddhima baby you are really cold girl , do you want me to switch off the air conditioner" said gunjan with concern

"or if you say I can call your to be husband here , I am sure if that hot piece will come in this room then the room temperature will surely go out of control here" said kripa teasing ahead "chill yaar its just an engagement , you just have to exchange rings with armaan and that's all, spare this nervousness and being so cold for after 3 days , on your suhagraat" said kripa with a wink

"stop it yaar I am in no mood of jokes right now" said riddhima taking deep breaths

"joke ? suhagraat is joke for you , poor armaan what will happen to him now" said gunjan teasing her little more

"chill yaar so what riddhima don't knew anything armaan is here so just chill he will make her learn it all , right riddhima" said kripa winking

While riddhima was still sitting quietly

"oh god riddhima chill yaar why are you getting so nervous relax girl, and just smile you are looking absolutely gorgeous today, but this nervousness and scared face of yours is just overpowering it , so smile lady it's a big day for you" said kripa making her understand

"hmm I am fine feeling better , but please you two be with me please don't leave me alone" said riddhima

While girls were chatting nupur and mayank came there

"kiddo its time to go" said mayank smiling and forwarding his hand to make her come

And seeing her cold and shivering , lightly hugging her and making her relax

"its ok baby chill you will be fine" said mayank assuring her

"yes you have to be fine cause we are not going to leave you for a single second ahead now" said samrat entering along with adhiraj

Soon they all moving down in the hall

As everyone looked towards the bride coming everyone's attention in the hall shifted towards the stairs from where the bride is to move down, here we see a long piece of cloth covering everything

In the shelter of that duppata riddhima coming down

Riddhima in the middle while mayank , samrat in front and adhiraj and nupur from the back holding each four corners of the beautifully decorated netted piece of duppata , with sparkling work on it giving it a perfect traditional look, and riddhima blurted yet shining beauty not so clearly but perfectly looking from behind that netted piece , nicely covering her

She moving down while slowly while the background music being played by the dj, giving the whole scenario a perfect finishing , to clear confusion please watch this video, from 1:15 minutes to 4:15 minutes , riddhima also coming the same way the bride coming in this video, and the same music playing in the background

as the music ended and riddhima stood there in front of armaan ,whose expression and face was till now numb, he was just standing like a statue and only and only looking at her and nothing else, he was lost in his own world looking at the angel like coming down on the floor from sky

"if you have ended up with your staring armaan then can we start with the customs ahead" said angad making armaan come back on the earth and his surrounding where all the guest and family were looking at only her , she standing there in front of him looking down, not even once since she had came there she have looked up, still she was standing looking down , hands folded holding her hands tightly near her stomach, she was looking extremely nervous that was so visible in her act

After a while nupur and gunjan made her sit on the other side of the place where armaan was sitting to start all the customs

While armaan secretly hold her hand tightly seeing her cold and nervous, just assuring that everything is fine , when kashish came there in front of them along with maasa , who was so keep to meet her to be daughter in law, maasa happily gave riddhima her blessings and then did little aarti taking the place of lighted diya and then gave riddhima her blessing in form of gifts and their traditional jewelry making riddhima wear one of the best piece of jewel necklace and bangles

When the ladies were done with blessing and welcoming their new daughter in law the same process was repeated  by riddhima parents as in prerna and nandini they did the same aarti with armaan and then giving him gifts and some male jewels as in male chain and bracelets as present and welcoming their new son in law

Soon after the customs were done came the time for rings exchange first nupur gave the ring to riddhima , which she was holding now but still her hands were trembling, she was little scared of all this happening all the party and everyone looking only at her , she have never been in such limelight ever before , she always been little side character in all the parties , but this time she was the centre of attraction and so was getting nervous, over that it was the time

The time when she was finally going to be armaan's after exchanging the rings she will be his and first right on her will be his, and all her family will became second from now

She was still lost in her thinking and then she was scared when she realized one hand on her shoulder holding her securely that was mayank , keeping his hand on her shoulder while adhiraj also came there holding her from the other side

She was nervous and this can be clearly sensed by everyone present there , so mayank , adhiraj and samrat came ahead holding her tightly, and then with their eyes instructing her to just go ahead , its time to move ahead in your lifes and all changes should be welcomed wholeheartedly

And then after a while riddhima made armaan wear the ring and hall was filled with loud applause everyone

And then it was riddhima turn she without any hesitation now made her hand forward and armaan happily made her wear the ring, and with just his eyes giving her the promise and assurance of him being with her always and forever

Soon all the guest came one by one congratulated the couple, they were busy on stage meeting the guest when angad came on the stage

"soo my lover sick boy , finally are you happy now , and riddhima ji , oh sorry riddhima bhabhi, now I can officially call you that ok" said angad

"hell angad where were you since last half hour, look here I am so badly struck here meeting this guest and you not even for once you came for my rescue" said armaan irritated

"oh really we all thought that you and riddhima have to be really busy in your stealing glances at each other game so no one came to disturb you" said angad teasing

"being alone with this long list of guest coming one after the other" said armaan sarcastically

"ok now stop complaining you were the only one laughing at my same state on my engagement so now enjoy, anyways I just came to tell you that all the customs and meeting guest is already over now so you can come down from this stage if you want , but if you don't want then you can stay here don't worry I will tell everyone no one will look here towards you two" said angad with a wink

"oh thanks a lot for your generosity, what would have I done if you were not with me" said armaan sarcastically and he moved down from the stage , and riddhima as well

"riddhima everything is fine and over now , so just relax and for god sake stop shivering like this or else I will hug you tight in front of everyone to sooth you down , so don't complain me about that later, by the way what happened to you why are you actually so scared riddhima, its just a party and nothing else you should calm down" said armaan while walking  "riddhima what are you thinking since you came down you are like this , didn't even said a word , is everything fine or is there something else" said armaan looking at her

"no I am , I am fine ,its just that I was little nervous all this guest that's it" said riddhima trying to smile

"you sure , I mean if there is something else then you can tell me" said armaan getting little doubt that something was wrong

"armaan actually I was I mean there is something I just done understand I cant tell you I am just scared I am having a feeling  that something wrong" riddhima trying to say

 "riddhima please be clear please tell me what is it" said armaan now holding her from both sides arms looking straight in her eyes

"armaan I saw I mean I had a dream or I saw it, I don't knew" riddhima tried saying and her eyes filling with tears

But before she can say ahead nupur and gunjan came there

"now what is happening here , have some patience guys all the guest are still here" said nupur and distracting them and riddhima looking away as her eyes were filled with tears which can fall anytime ,so she quickly cleaned them

"kiddo what happened are you ok" said nupur

"nothing bhabhs just a little tired in all this" said riddhima trying to get back to normal , while her gaze fixed on armaan who was looking at her continuously trying to figure out the reason for her being so tensed, he have to talk with her in private

"tired riddhima you already tired its just the starting of the party and you are tired already you knew what we all have planned its like" said gunjan

"gunjan will you say all that here only, or let her see that on her own, and kiddo come here and armaan you both sit here for a while till then I will send something for you both to eat" said nupur interrupting and making armaan and riddhima sit on a table nearby they left

"now tell me riddhima what is it" said armaan

"nothing armaan I think I am just thinking too much , I just had a dream and god knows what all I am thinking just forget that armaan I am sorry for destroying the best day , our engagement day like this" said riddhima trying to act normal

"riddhima its ok there is nothing that you should be sad in this about, so just relax and be happy everything is fine and I promise it will be fine" said armaan assuring

Soon the lights got dim and a little light came on angad standing in the middle of the hall who started dancing and singing

Angad singing

waah waah raam ji jodi kya banaayi
[Splendid, excellent, Lord Ram, what a match you have made!]

[angad coming near armaan and riddhima and side hugging both together]

bhaiya aur bhaabhi ko bhadhaayi ho badhaayi
[brother and sisterinlaw, congratulations!]

[then coming in the middle of the stage again and dancing]

sab rasmon se badi hai jag mein dil se dil ki sagaayi
[of all the traditions in this world, the greatest is the engagement of two hearts]

[soon kripa joined him in the dancing and singing]

aapki kripa se yeh shubh ghadi aayi
[thanks to you, this auspicious moment came]

[pointing towards armaan riddhima]

jiji aur jijaa ka badhaayi ho badhaayi
[sister and brotherinlaw, congratulations!]

[angad and kripa dancing together]

sab rasmon se badi hai jag mein dil se dil ki sagaayi
[of all the traditions in this world, the greatest is the engagement of two hearts]

waah waah ramji ...

they both danced and then as the song ended with a loud applause,

"wow angad kripa you guys were too good" said kashish complimenting

"thanks bua , look we told you that we boys family are the best, hip hip hurray for us larke waale" said angad in a teasing way

"that is just not correct we ladki waale are also too good ,and more entertainer then you boys side" said nupur interrupting

"ok so prove it" said kripa challenging

"yes sure we will" said gunjan coming ahead

"come nupur bhabhi we will show this ladke waale that we are also not less than anyone" said gunjan

"oh please guys stop this now there is no challenge going on here, so just relax" said mayank coming in

"oh comeon now mayank its just a dance please" said nupur

"yes mayank bhaiya please its just a dance" said gunjan coming ahead

"no guys this dancing is just not for me, please you guys go ahead" said mayank and moved from there

While armaan and riddhima also came there near nupur and riddhima said something in nupur ears and then  nupur started singing

aaj hai sagaaii sun laRkii ke bhaaii...    
zara naachke hamko dikhaao    
[Today's the engagement; listen up, brother of the bride...
just dance for us a little]

[pointing towards mayank and then going near him]

aaj hai sagaaii sun laRkii ke bhaaii    
zara naachke hamko dikhaao    
[Today's the engagement; listen up, brother of the bride:
just dance for us a little.]

[dancing by mayank side and saying him to do the same]

gorii kii tarah na sharmaa...    
[Don't hang back like some bashful maiden...]

[gunjan joining nupur and they both dancing while samrat also joined them soon and saying mayank to just dance with him]

tuu merii gal maan jaa...    
[do as I say!]

[mayank coming near nupur and then singing by her side]

sabko nachaauun naach naachke dikhaauun    
aa mujhko gale se lagaa    
[I'll make everyone dance; I'll show you how it's done!
Come and take me in your arms!]

[hugging her lightly and little romancing while dancing with nupur]

sabko nachaauun naach naachke dikhaauun    
aa mujhko gale se lagaa    
I'll make everyone dance; I'll show you how it's done!
Come and take me in your arms!

[as nupur looking away shyly mayank teasing her]

munDe se zara aankh laRaa
Meet your lad's eyes

[and soon samrat and gunjan also joined him ,and then all dancing]

tuu merii gal maan jaa    
oye soniye    

do as I say!
Hey, beautiful! ['soniye' literally means 'golden one']

[Then all the girls dancing and even taking riddhima to dance with them while all the boys dancing and clubbing on other side, when samrat singing while standing with armaan as if singing from armaan's side , but samrat singing pointing at gunjan]

sar pe sajaake sehara baaraat leke aauon    
dulhan tujhe banaake Dolii mein leke jaauon    
Donning the groom's garland, I'll come with a wedding procession at my heels;having made you a bride, I'll take your palanquin away.

[dancing coming near gunjan]

o shaava o shaava...     ['shaava' is a Punjabi exclamation, reserved for a rolicking good time]

[and gunjan also replying him as in standing by riddhima side first then to samrat]

bholii samajhke mujhpe na daal aise daane    
shaadii nahiin karuungii jaa maan jaa diiwaane    
Don't assume I'm some innocent you can bait.
I won't ever marry, so get lost, you madman.

o shaava o shaava...    

[while samrat holding gunjan hand and singing]

sun albelii merii tanha akelii ab kaTtii nahii.n ratiyaan    
Listen, gorgeous, I'm so lonely alone; the nights last forever.

[gunjan singing feeling little embarrassed looking everywhere]

jaa re harjaaii chal chhoR kalaaii    
sab dekhtii hain sakhiyaan
Off with you, playboy; let go of my wrist,   
all my friends are watching!

tuu merii gal maan jaa   

maan jaa   
Do as I say
Obey me!

[after that everyone dancing when nupur and gunjan telling something to riddhima and signaling her to go ahead, while riddhima feeling little shy but then started dancing]

[riddhima coming in front of armaan and singing the song ahead]

kahatii hain merii sakhiyaan dil mein hai chor tere    
kyon haath dhoke aise piichhe paRa hai mere    
[My friends tell me there's theft in your heart.
Why're you bent on destruction? Why are you hounding me so?]

o shaava o shaava...    

[while armaan replying to riddhima looking at the group of girls]

sakhiyon se apnii kah do ki biich mein na aayeen    
Tell your friends not to interfere.

[then taking riddhima along with him and going towards nupur and gunjan]

ban jaa'e merii saalii jiija mujhe banaa'e    
[One might become my sister-in-law; I might become her big sister's husband.]

o shaava o shaava...    

[when riddhima replying him while getting along with other girls]

main na aauun tere sang tere achchhe nahiin DHang    
na aise baat baRHa
[I shan't come with you; your tactics are poor.
Don't expand our argument.]

[While armaan coming near her]

mujhe kar na tuu tang ab band kar jung    
aa banke dulhan ghar aa
[Don't give me a hard time; end this battle now
Come to my home as a bride.]

[Armaan singing and dancing , when everyone joined them at the end in the music]

tuu merii gal maan jaa   
tuu merii gal maan jaa...
Do as I say

Soon everyone settled as after dancing so much all were so tired,  while all the guest started leaving and then later only left out the family members having their dinner together

Everyone happy and relaxed cause the whole function ended very nicely without any kind of problem, but this happiness all the time just don't last for long

There was one special security checking the gifts got by the guest for them , when a security head came near armaan

"sir all the gifts are fine and well tagged by guest except for this one pack , which have no name tagged and as per security check none of the invited guest got this with them , just checking again with the video's that from where it got here" said the security officer

"open it" said armaan looking at the  pack

"but sir, first let us take it though the security check" said the security officer and then getting it through a lot of security check while all the family members being standing on other side, when the security officer opened the box

And when that security person saw that, he cant understand how to react and so armaan went near him and looking at that he got so shocked and specially scared with the fact that he didn't wanted to show that to riddhima

"what is it armaan" asked mayank

"no , nothing bhaiya just a gift maybe some guest forgot to just tag the name" said armaan but his face was still tensed

"are you sure armaan , cause your words and your expression are just not matching , what is it armaan" said riddhima  coming ahead

"no nothing its nothing I said, just take this away" said armaan getting little scared

"wait, first I have to see it, if its nothing then its ok I will see it" said riddhima coming near armaan

"no riddhima I said its nothing so just let it go" said armaan taking the box away

While riddhima was also adamant , she simply came by armaan side and snatching the box from armaan hand she had a look in it

The box had one painting inside a painting of a sinking ship , a ship sinking in water ...

And on top of painting the same warning was written with red  "STOP THIS WEDDING" and on bottom of that painting the warning was "OR THE HISTORY WILL REPEAT ITSELF" written with red marks

That was so scary for riddhima to read as she saw that the box and painting fell down from riddhima's hand, as she was shaking with fear

And armaan supporting her

"its ok riddhima its just a baseless think don't worry , there is nothing to be scared in this" armaan trying to make her calm

"nothing to be scared! Even after so many security and best checking still this is here , someone is successful to get this to us here , and still you feel there is nothing to be scared in all this" said riddhima "I told you ,I told you that this wont end like this, there is something more in this, its too dangerous, this is" said riddhima crying

"riddhima , riddhima please calm down look nothing like this will happen you trust me , please riddhima mayank bhaiya , samrat please take her back home" said armaan

While the old family group as in riddhima old life sister anjali was also there looking all this

"oh no I knew I always knew this I have some feeling that something like this have happened, and its true" said anjali looking at the image

"anjali di you ,you saw this , you remember di same thing happened earlier and now also" said riddhima going near anjali

"yes riddhima, yes I remember , and that's why I always had this feeling that there was something else something more than what we all thought" said anjali consoling riddhima

While armaan was getting little confused

"anjali please can you be clear and tell me what you meant with this which warning and what doubt" said armaan getting near anjali

"armaan , armaan riddhima you don't knew all this when you both armaan , when you both left for goa to celebrate your wedding anniversary ,  and never returned , it was then when he came, he was released and was mad in revenge, and then that unnatural accident , that unnatural death, I always had this feeling that this is just not natural and today after seeing this it was just not natural" said anjali crying

"who came back anjali , who created all this" said armaan

"shyam" screamed anjali , "I knew he killed you , he did that I always wanted to punish him for that but I have no clue I was so helpless I am sorry" said anjali crying

And armaan and riddhima reaction was also the same , first shocked then anger ,  shocked with the fact that they can never think that there death can also be planned , but looking at the thinks happening here this was sure that they didn't had a natural death , and this was the biggest shock for them right now that they were killed , but by whom , they knew there prime and first suspect was shyam still they cant be 100 percent sure with that , they have to find this all out soon , very soon...

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..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 2:33am | IP Logged

cholly lste res shayad nahi hataya mein ne... ye hataungi pakka

finally it is conform ki ye sab shayam kar raha hain budha ho gaya aab toh sudhar ja.. hum...
ye bhi koi gift hua bhejna ka... hunh...

i want AR ridhima to get over all this together standing by eachother.. and i know it is meant to be but still.. hahah

continuess sooper soon di..

and thank u soo much di for this gif.t...


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SacredLove Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 2:47am | IP Logged
Amazing part far love it
finally engagement ho gayi yayee
song sequences and fun was awesome
ab dono ki shadi bhi karwado and then reveal dis mistry
tab tak dnt seperate AR
nice work do cont soon

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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 3:37am | IP Logged
here comes my christmas and new year present :D

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