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nice update
cont soon thanks 4 pm

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awesum more romance plz...thnks

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wow its awesome
plzzz plzzz pm me for next part
continue soon

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Very nice update
Please continue soon

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knck knckkk...
update nahi aaya,...!!!!!!!!!! POUT
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part 31 on page 113


While armaan was feeling so helpless he was not sure what to do right now , he was quietly sitting on a sofa near her , few minutes ago they all were so happy and now again their happiness is taken by some unknown enemy

"I still cant understand that who can this person be and why this person warn riddhima like this, first attack on her and now this" samrat along with adhiraj standing there just cant understand what to do

While mayank was still busy in security checking and looking at cctv footage of all the external coverage boundary of the house to find from where someone entered inside the house

"anyways for the time being we have rechecked the security and systems and now no one can enter this house without passing the tight security" said adhiraj assuring

"but still we cant just sit and wait for that person to come and attack so that we can caught him,I knew what I have to do" said armaan getting up and making some calls

"atul , hey champ its me armaan, I need a favor, I need all the details about Shyam Manohar Malik, where is he right now what he is doing, yes thanks I hope you will let me knew soon" said armaan talking on call with atul joshi
And after talking on phone

"I think its time to meet some more of my special old friends" said armaan to himself

While here riddhima sitting there was also looking at armaan, she don't knew why but she just wanted to stop him here , as she could see something worse waiting for them ahead

And as armaan turned back he saw riddhima standing just behind him

"you are not going anywhere" she just said this , her voice and eyes showed the amount of fear she was having right now

"riddhima listen you just dot worry I will make everything fine" said armaan trying to make her calm

"you are not going anywhere" said riddhima again this time with tears in her eyes she was not saying much words but her eyes said volume right now

"no riddhima please this is required but you don't worry at all nothing will happen now , I promise I wont let anything happen to you after this, I will make everything right" said armaan trying to convince her

"you are not going anywhere" riddhima said again and this time it was loud and clear as she ordered him

"I am riddhima and I will I have to end up with all this" said armaan

"no , please armaan don't go, there is just no use of digging in the past specially the part which I never want to even remember, just forget about all that and think of our present and future" said riddhima trying convincing him

"riddhima why are you getting so scared, trust me I wont let anything happen to you" said armaan

"then there is just no need to do anything in this, lets just forget everything" said riddhima

"riddhima why don't you understand that it is important we have to stop all this and for that we need to catch hold the source causing all this" said armaan trying hard to make her understand

"I just don't knew and I just don't understand anything , I knew only one thing that you are not going to risk your life in anything, and still if you plan to meet any such person related to our past then I am going to go with you" said riddhima

Armaan was getting helpless making riddhima understand when mayank tried to make her understand

"you are just over reacting riddhima, stop being so stubborn armaan is just trying to stop all this" said mayank trying to make riddhima understand

"no bhaiya you don't knew anything , you knew he is a very dangerous man, anything can happen bhaiya no its just foolish to take such risks" said riddhima she was getting really panicked

"kiddo , kiddo its ok baby calm down you just calm down first , ok armaan wont go, ok now relax , I will be with him and make sure that he wont do anything, ok kiddo we will not do anything now you just relax" said mayank trying to make her calm as she was getting really panicked

While mayank signaling armaan to just agree right now to whatever she wants

"ok riddhima, you relax I wont go anywhere I promise, I promise I wont do anything in this matter just will tighten the security here around us so that nothing can harm us" said armaan sitting near her riddhima and making her convince

"ok now kiddo you just rest for sometime we will talk about this later and yes we all are here outside in the house only , no one will go anywhere" said mayank trying to calm her a little

Soon riddhima relaxed a bit still gunjan , kripa and nupur were there with her ,

While armaan , mayank , samrat and adhiraj were out in the hall, discussing the issue and their step ahead in this

"I am , I am just so sure mayank bhaiya that all that happening here is related to our past itself, so I just wanted to be safe" armaan trying to explain

"we understand that well armaan and you are right we are here with you in this but riddhima its better to keep her out of this, moreover we are just not going to drag her at all in this so is better we should work but secretly, and as for riddhima we have to hide all this from her" said mayank

"hmm I think you are right, I will arrange for everything" said armaan

"yes but in all this armaan, you are forgetting one thing that its your engagement tomorrow, and you have to do many preparations for that as well" said adhiraj smiling trying to make all of them a little relax

"yes right and in engagement there will be a long list of guest as well" said armaan thinking

"and we would need a tight security check done" said mayank ahead

And all were busy the whole day was tough for them with the preparations and surely the special preparations regarding security that have to be done as well

On the other side

The elders came back home just when they got to knew about the fire incident while all the gents were discussing the issue of security and all

Here ladies busy in there type of chat

"I am so sorry kashish aunty for the gifts and dresses you got for me , they got burnt and" riddhima said feeling little guilty

"first think call me mom like armaan calls and its ok baby why are you feeling sorry in this , it was nowhere your fault and as for the dresses you don't worry we will arrange them again" said kashish assuring her

And seeing her still upset , nandini came to her

"oh ho kiddo just relax now its ok baby look tomorrow is a big day for you , its your engagement and here there is not a bit of glow on our bride face, you young girls what are you sitting here for gunjan kripa get started with that pre bridals beauty treatments and comeon riddhima go and just pamper yourself a little with facial spa, and all" said nandini trying to make her feel better

"what nandu chachi I am fine like this and I think my face as well is just fine" said riddhima

"yes she is just fine nandini ji look at the already natural glow on her face" said kashish smiling

"yes and this glow will automatically doubles once armaan will come in front of her" added prerna ahead teasing riddhima

"mom can you just please stop teasing me" said riddhima annoyed

"well I think that you are absolutely correct in this prerna ji I can see an extra glow on riddhima face already only on the mention of armaan's name I am impressed seeing that effect of him on her" said kashish ahead

"well he do have that am I right riddhima" said prerna teasing her ahead

"you knew what its said that if you have a little sister or a sister in law , she is the one that teases the girl a lot, but here see my mother and to be mother in law are enough for this work" said riddhima getting irritated

"tease we have even not started with that yet girl, as in we have not even started that like did we yet ask you any question regarding your time alone and armaan looks like he is really romantic" said prerna teasing her ahead

"yes that he surely would be just like his dad , but still what you were doing and what you did , look we didn't asked at all" said kashish ahead smiling

"ok fine I think I should go from here look you ladies getting little to out of control cant hear that much" said riddhima getting up and running away from this ladies talk they were so embarrassing for riddhima

While all the ladies laughing looking at her running like this , she was surely chilled up enough from the morning incident now

Here riddhima moving back in her room, but then on the gate she remembered about the fire and her room must be a mess but she was surprised to see that her room was clean and proper like it always been and no one can say that this room caught fire

As she went in she realized that all the burned thinks were taken out of the room and in place of that new furniture was set and that to in just 3 hours ,

She was about to close the door of the room when she felt a pull as if someone opening it, and as she opened the door it was armaan

"what are you doing here" asked riddhima looking at him , as he got inside the room and closing the door

"well you can say stealing some time to be alone with you" said armaan getting close to her

"are you crazy armaan this is my house and everyone is here around us what if someone sees this , I am already gone though a lot of embarrassment for the day didn't need more" said riddhima

But she was not able to say ahead as armaan shut her lips with his

Without even letting her think what was happening he started kissing her passionately and finally after a little protest she also started responding, and after sometime breaking the kiss

"you talk a lot all the time you knew its been like so many hours I am here and still didn't got a single minute alone with you so here I am" said armaan still holding her tight

"armaan leave me and you closed the room as well please what if anyone find this" said riddhima

"relax riddhima all the gents are in the hall down chatting together , while as for the ladies they are in the room from where you just came , I checked it all no one is here around, now will you just be quite for a while and let me feel you being near me" said armaan hugging her tight

And riddhima also relaxed after a while she was relaxed she felt all her worries tension stress gone away just being with him in his arms she felt so secured

"riddhima I got something for you" said armaan breaking the hug while riddhima didn't let him move at all

"please stay just be with him like this forever" said riddhima still hugging him tight

"I will riddhima I will be with you by your side forever I promise you that and see I got the seal to make this promise last forever" said armaan

"seal what seal" asked riddhima confused getting little away looking at him

"this ring I came here to show you this I got this for you" said armaan showing a delicate yet a unique and a beautiful piece of solitaire engraved in a platinum band

"this is armaan , I mean this is" riddhima still finding the word to say

"beautiful, its just like you riddhima so delicate yet the most beautiful and the most extraordinary unique in this word , no one can be like you riddhima and tomorrow I will make you wear this ring and then you will be mine , mine forever" said armaan looking at her

And riddhima just cant say anything ahead she lightly kissed him back on his lips ,

"I love you armaan" riddhima said ahead

"wow if I get such a romantic thank you then I will get a ring everyday for you" said armaan smiling bringing her more closer to himself holding her tight

"oh really" said riddhima smiling looking at each other when they heard some voices

"ahem ahem hello can anyone tell me whats happening here" said nupur entering the room

And riddhima was so scared for a while but then relaxed seeing only nupur and no one else

"oh nupur bhabs its just you" said riddhima relaxed

"oh how you wished but sorry we all are here" said gunjan and samrat coming in

Along with mayank as well

"armaan I thought you were gone for some business call" said mayank entering in

And riddhima and armaan immediately got away from each other looking everywhere but not at them

"bhaiya cant you see what a perfect business he having I should have guessed armaan and his new business" said samrat eyeing the two of them

"bhaiya actually I , I mean we , no he just wanted to show the engagement ring" said riddhima fuming with words

"which is tomorrow and you have to wear it then not now" said mayank

"no I was just I mean I" riddhima tried saying ahead but she was just getting little scared right now

While here after lot of controlling finally mayank and samrat burst out laughing

"god look at your face kiddo its so funny" said mayank laughing

"oh chill kiddo we were just teasing you guys a little, I mean we are angry with this its ok that you both are getting married soon , but there is still time in that so all this meeting alone is just not permitted , but for sometime its fine" said samrat smiling

"what bhai, you scared me so much" said riddhima making cute face

"well you can say it a little revenge for all the teasing you keep on doing all the time" said samrat smiling

And soon they all went back down in the hall where everyone was sitting and after having dinner with lots of chit chat and teasing finally armaan and his family left

Armaan, angad and sujal kashish entered his house only to find it filled with not so many but four people waiting for them

The two were armaan grandparents, as in raja sahib and maasa
And the others were angad parents, as in Sumit and sapna khanna

Everyone after meeting each other

"grand mom , grand dad I am so happy that you both came" said armaan happily sitting with them

"how could I have not came afterall its our only grandson wedding, I just cant tell you how excited I am to meet my to be granddaughter in law" said raja sahib happily

"I you will get a chance to meet her tomorrow in the engagement ceremony, infact you have already met her earlier as well baba when she came to our place" said sujal happily

"yes at that time I didn't knew that she is actually going to be our daughter in law, but still I knew I surely smelled something" said raja sahib teasing armaan

"even me as well" said sujal smiling with a wink

"what now will you both mans stop teasing me" said armaan irritated

"you knew what kashish bahu I was not at all happy with the fact that armaan getting married like this in such a short time, but then when I came to knew that Guruji asked for that so I was more then happy,  because I trust guruji a lot , and if he wants this marriage like this then we all are more than happy" said maasa happily

"I am so happy as well specially with the fact that armaan getting married to riddhima whom I like so much she is just an angel" said kashish

"correction kashish not only you infact someone standing here like her like anything" said sujal tesing armaan ahead

"ok I got your point I think I need to leave cause if I stay here for long you will not stop irritating me" said armaan

And then looking towards angad standing with his parents

"sumit mama angad , what say let play a round of billiards" said armaan smiling

"yes sure why not" said angad smiling

"armaan I think you should rest now its already late and tomorrow is a big day" said kashish

"oh comeon mom , you knew i cant leave sumit mamu without playing one round atleast this is our pet way of meeting each other" said armaan smiling

"yes sure you boys go ahead me and sujal will also join you soon there, lets just have one game" said raja sahib smiling

"great now all the men's are happily busy in there playing for your information I should tell you that its armaan engagement tomorrow so just make your playing game fast so that he can rest after that" said maasa warning

"ok grandmother you just don't worry I will rest soon and then your grandson will look fully fresh and handsome as ever for his engagement party" said armaan smiling side hugging maasa
"well how you will look tomorrow that certificate I will get from my to be daughter in law only, when her eyes wont leave admiring you" said maasa teasing

"well as for that I am not sure about this but yes I am very well sure about one thing that your grandson eyes are not going anywhere other than her cause I am so sure she Is going to look so gorgeous for armaan to leave a sight of her" said kashish teasing ahead

"ok mom, grandmom enough of your teasing sessions now can I leave or you planning to irritate me more mama ji and angad waiting for you in the refreshment room" said armaan irritated and he left from there leaving all others laugh at his state

After sometime sumit , angad and armaan in the refreshment room , where many indoor games setup was done, as armaan love playing indoor games with angad and there was also a mini gym only of armaan choice, along with a home theater setup while the billiards table was in one side and in the corner of that it was a bar table set

Sumit was playing while armaan and angad pour Champagne for the three of them  

"stop that armaan even raja sahib and your maasa are here what if they saw you drinking like this" said sumit warning

"oh comeon mama ji its fine with them as well you knew I had even drank with grandpa he is such a cool man in this case as well so just chill, and now its my turn" said armaan and taking his stick he aimed at one of his target

"mamaji till now not even once you asked me anything,  nor you congratulated me for my marriage, aren't you happy with my marriage" said armaan normally playing the game

"no its not like that its just that it all happened so much in hurry , anyways I am so happy that you are happy armaan, its just that it all happened so fast that I am just not able to understand how to react " said sumit getting normal

"yes it all happening so fast that even I don't knew how to react to all this" said armaan playing his game ahead ,

Soon sujal and raja sahib also joined them and they all played for little time and after that armaan excused himself and went to his room he went in the balcony but found riddhima rooms light off , he wanted to call her but then he supposed she must be sleeping so he didn't called

The night went really fast

And here came the next day,


Whole Sharma house as well as rathode house was busy in the preparation while here on the other side armaan was so busy in his preparations , he was talking on cell with the security head for the engagement party along regarding the security arrangements he was about to leave for his office when kashish called him

"armaan where are you going right now I told you , you are not going out of house until your wedding" asked kashish

"mom its little urgent I mean I will be back soon I have to go" asked armaan

"but how will you leave it's a huge rush of media outside the gate , I mean today it was so tough for sujal to get his car out of there as whole media people covered him and asking all sort of question" said kashish

"what now from where did media got involved in this mom , I mean we wanted to make it a secret affair and here whole media now knew about this" said armaan frustrated

"I knew that baby and even we all tried our best to keep this a secret but you knew all this media people they get all the information so fast and specially this rathode heir , Yuvraaj Armaan getting married to business tycoon Rishab Sharma daughter, I mean the Sharma and Rathode alliance do you even feel that this news could have been left as a secret anymore" said kashish

"I knew mom , its ok mom I have some urgent work and have to leave please mom I don't care about media  you just don't worry I will handle them" said armaan and left the house

And as said by kashish as armaan car stepped out of the main gate it was jammed by media people there were a big , a very big group of them , armaan as like always was with his bodyguards who were trying to handle the situation when armaan stepped out himself,  and as he stepped out he was covered with a big amount of reporters bombarding him with there questions none of which armaan was able to understand, while his bodyguards tried maintain a distance between the reporters and armaan still there was so much of pulling and pushing going

"easy easy guys , please relax I will answer your question only when asked properly please be calm and ask one by one" said armaan trying to calm all the people and so it worked

"sir first of all is it true that you getting married to Rishab Sharma daughter and that to in just 3 days" asked one reporter

"yes its true that I am getting married to Miss Sharma and in next 3 days" said armaan calmly

"why in such a hurry" asked some other reporter

"well just cause our family priest found this date auspicious for the same, and hence the wedding is going to be a very small family affair but yes you all will get invited in the Grand reception to be organized soon after the wedding and then you can ask all questions you want" said armaan calmly

"sir one more question" asked another reporter

"please I will held a press conference soon to answer all your question till then please excuse me I am in hurry" said armaan and sitting back in the car

When he heard one more question

"sir is it a love marriage or an arranged one" asked one reporter , when armaan sat back smiling , over what to say

And without replying his car left from the mob of the reporters
while here the reporters presenting their reports live on news, showing armaan and his statement again and again

"well this was Prince Armaan Singh Rathode who just now confirmed the speculations and news about rathode and sharma's personal alliance, marriage of their kids, its confirmed that Sharma's only daughter whole only few pictures were found name and identity is still now known to press ever cause she never made any public appearances for media, is getting married to heir or rathode empire and this is going to be a very personal family affair, as specified by Armaan singh rathode himself" media person speaking live and armaan pictures flashing again and again

and here we see a man sitting in one room hearing the news and looking at the pictures again and again,

he holding a glass of whiskey which he broke in his hand in anger looking at the news, and as the glass broke in pieces and his hand bleeding

"armaan malik even now when this blood is not same with yours still my blood boils today also seeing you happy and I wont let you be happy forever armaan, smile and be happy as much as you want cause very soon I am coming to turn your smile in sadness in fear, in death" said the man turning his face , and moving towards one counter nearby , from where he picked one picture of riddhima , old riddhima gupta

"riddhima you betrayed me in the past for him but this time I wont give any chance to him this time to let you betray me cause this time you are going to be mine , once you will became his again then you wont be of any use of mine, this time I am going to get you before armaan and then you are going to be mine only mine, god also wanted you to be for me that's why he send you again and this time to be my forever before being of armaan" said the man looking at riddhima pictures

"you both came back this time for me armaan for making you unhappy again and satisfying myself seeing you shattered and riddhima to become mine this time, I loved you but you became armaan's in past but this time that you are back I wont let armaan win again on you, you are going to be riddhima shyam manohar malik this time" said shyam

Yes here we see shyam standing in his late 40's of age , turned little old but still the evil grin bad intentions young in him and his baseless life got an aim again seeing armaan and riddhima
he picked his cell
"i want a booking of first flight to Delhi, right now, in 2 hours , fine book one ticket named Shyam Manohar Malik for the flight" said shyam on call

while here on the other side

After sitting back armaan called riddhima cell

"just now someone asked me that its our love marriage or an arranged marriage, I am thinking a bit what to reply to this, just say you love me and then I can be sure" said armaan in a romantic way

When he heard a male turned female voice
"I love you too armaan"  and then felt someone kissing on the cell,

Armaan was confused first but then he heard loud laughing voices and he understood it , when he heard riddhima shouting

"samrat bhai I already said you I will kill you if you will pick my cell and adi bhai just leave my hands and you knew you covered my mouth so tight so that I don't speak , now I will kill you both" said riddhima shouting

"hww look at her adi , what a perfect example of changing relationships, now that she got armaan she has became only his and what about us, we brothers and our love she had no value for that anymore" said samrat teasing

"yes look at her she is scratching my hand like a wild cat oww kiddo it hurts" said adhiraj

"ha ha very funny you two, now just give me my cell or I swear you are going to be really dead" riddhima shouting

While armaan was waiting for himself to be heard

"hello guys , riddhima I am also here hello" said armaan

"oh look your freshly made majnu getting impatient for talking with you" said adhiraj

"adhiraj don't worry your time will also come and then you will also have a nice kind of revenge from us for all this, today even my best friend turning back on me" said armaan all so melodramatically

"oh no no , right now I am just not your best friend armaan to be jijaji, and here I have full right to irritate you, and think twice before what you have to talk and speak with my sister" said adhiraj

"oh hello then to be saale ji for now and as for talking with riddhima so she is my to be wife I can talk anything and everything with her stop keeping your ears on our chat maybe some of them even won't be suitable for you to hear" said armaan smiling when he heard a loud voice of riddhima from behind

"shut up you guys have some courtesy of what to talk and what not to talk , how cheap" said riddhima shouting

"look who is talking madam then what was happening in your room yesterday, would you try and explain what was that" said samrat teasing her ahead

"exactly what you and gunjan were doing and have been caught doing red handed many times by me" said riddhima

"ok ok you brother sister group can you stop this talking for later I have to hang up the call just can I talk with riddhima for a minute in private" said armaan holding his laughter

"well sorry for that armaan you are not permitted a single minute in private from now on till your marriage" said adhiraj

"ok fine go ahead guys you are just going on the right track and giving me all sort of ideas for future, its just a matter of 3 days now that you can tease me and keep riddhima away from me, once she will be with me then I will also do the same thing lets see whom of you would get a chance to even talk with her" said armaan smiling

"oh really dare you armaan singh rathode keep our riddhima away from us ever and then you will have a good lesson from us , got you and stop even dreaming about ever stopping riddhima to be with us , cause you just cant do that ever" said adhiraj smiling

"is it a challenge or a warning" said armaan smiling

"well its up to you whatever you want to take it as, and as for now the cell is on speaker say whatever you want to say" said samrat

"ok really in that case don't say me anything later that you were not suppose to hear it etc etc, anyways riddhima how are you" said armaan

"oh great what a question , how can I actually be here I have been house arrested in my own house since morning now allowed to keep a step out , and over that even my cell is being seized cant even use it , and over and above all this two bodyguards sitting on my head and eating it up" said riddhima irritated

"its just a matter or little more time you just don't worry jaan soon everything will get fine, take care and I love you" said armaan on cell caring less about who listening to it

" I love you too armaan jaan' and that's it you can have chat till here only ok armaan bye , see you later" said samrat in between not letting riddhima say anything

"ok samrat I love you guys too , bye see you in the party" said armaan cutting the call

" jaan love you, he is just too impatient kiddo I tell you" said adhiraj imitating armaan

"and shameless as well" said samrat ahead

"really if he is cheap than what is hearing to your sister talk with her to be husband called" said riddhima irritated

"very nice kiddo you have no importance for our saying , you  just care about that armaan now" said adhiraj

"hww now stop behaving like that old over possessive brothers avtars of yours not now atleast now when I will be leaving you all in just few hours as in like just 84 hours " said riddhima

And then remembering the countdown that had began

"just few hours left , how will I be able to leave you all" said riddhima and her eyes filling with tears

"oh our kiddo, its ok baby no matter whatever that armaan will say still we will be together always, and you are just not going too far away from us just a little distance and whenever you want to be with us just call us and in 5 minutes we will be there with you" said adhiraj side hugging her

"as if she going to miss us with that armaan around her she like always forgets everything" said samrat trying to lighten the atmosphere

"ok I got your point , now will you both get out of my room I have to get ready for the party, gunjan and kripa will be here soon with the beauticians to get me ready" said riddhima

"there is still 5 hours for the party kiddo , you going to take that long to get ready" said adhiraj

"yes , do you have a problem with that and why don't you both do some work other then irritating me" said riddhima as she pushed them out of her room  

"ok ok we knew that you want to talk with that armaan in private so sending us out, but now possible kiddo your cell is here with me and you not getting that today" said adhiraj smiling and running in the hall

"hww I so hate you guys" said riddhima from behind

But soon her friends came there and she got busy with the girls and their chat, didn't even realized when the time flew and it was time for her to get ready for the party

while here on the other side

armaan in his office, when after that fire incident armaan called his past life friend Atul Joshi to get information about shyam malik, later atul had informed him that shyam is possibly in Mumbai currently and not in Delhi, and its been years he got any news regarding him so after that armaan hired one detective to get all the information related to Shyam manohar malik

and here he was waiting for that information but that to was of no use other than shyam living in Mumbai for years now and handling his business from there, possibly he have nothing to do with the current attacks and occurring in their life

still armaan wanted to be fully sure that's why he asked detectives to keep eye on him and his activity and keep armaan intact with that

armaan was really disappointed that he was not getting any lead in this at all, who was doing this and why he was so clueless about this, he only knew one thing that his riddhima life is in danger and he have to keep her safe and secure by any and every possible means

and that is only possible when he will be near her all the time, he called mayank and discussed their plan ahead with him

later after few hours , he went back home to get ready for his and riddhima engagement party, which was to be organized at some party hall,   

where all the sharma's have already reached few guest including the past group of armaan and riddhima life, that were anjali atul , shubhankar and keerti were also present , ready to welcome groom and his family

later after few hours , he went back home to get ready for his and riddhima engagement party, which was to be organized at some party hall

ok thats all for now

i promised a maha update AR engagement part , and here i am

this is half part right now ,

part A you will get Part B soon for the same as well

till then enjoy reading part A

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..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 September 2012
Posts: 4125

Posted: 15 December 2013 at 8:25pm | IP Logged

osome blossom part i loved when ridhima authoritivly said armaan tum kahin nahi jaoge ...
jaoge toh mein saath jaungi...

and armaan ko sab pata hain smart guy...
i loved the part soo much...

bechari ridhima kahin toh sisters and sister in law tease karte hain par yahn toh mom and mom in law hi kafi hain... hahahhahaha

continuezz superszzz sonnnzzz

Edited by Aayu-loveKaJen- - 22 December 2013 at 9:16pm

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SacredLove Goldie

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Posted: 16 December 2013 at 2:19am | IP Logged
Awesome part yar very nice
Ridzi mom and her mother in law teasing her
and her brothers are too much
shyam still wants her hope arman use acha sabak shkhaye
if shyam was in mumbai then who is behind those attacks
hope they get married soon i love their romance
nice work do cont soon

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