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ojaswi_kajen Goldie

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Posted: 11 November 2013 at 5:51am | IP Logged
wow di finally ur back...
the part was just awesome...
the way armaan convinced ridzi was soo nice...
i just love the caring nature of sharma bro's...
fab one...loved it...cont soon...
waiting eagerly for the next update...
thanks for the!!!

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..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 November 2013 at 7:48am | IP Logged
armaan have his way to agree ridhima...
i loved it to bring her to old memories and make her agree...

osome update di... 
sooo cooolll...

luved it di...
continue soon

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worldequalsyou Goldie

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Posted: 11 November 2013 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
First of all a big congratulations to you Clap Big smile  Big smile Smile Smile Big smile 
and second thank you so much for updating :D
loved your update :D

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Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 November 2013 at 4:31am | IP Logged
it was so awesome!!
they care for each-other so much and finally she agreed. wonder what the mystery is.


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Luvforever Goldie

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Posted: 13 November 2013 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Thank u so much 4 d pm di... & congrats abt d baby... :)
d part was superub d over possessive bt lovely brothrs of riddhi & d AR romance & love was awsome finaly dey r ready to get married... Do cont soon di wil be eager to read d nxt part...

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ekts_dmgmjht Senior Member

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Posted: 16 November 2013 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
the update was really awesome
just loved it
the way ammy made riddhimaa realize that was just awesome
I had tears in my eyes whilst reading that part
love the over protective brothers convo
continue soon
n thx 4 d pm

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anshara Senior Member

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Posted: 17 November 2013 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
awesome update
cont soon thanks 4 pm

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Posted: 20 November 2013 at 4:45am | IP Logged
part 30 on page 110


RECAP: armaan convincing riddhima for saying yes to their marriage and she changed her decision now ahead

After sometime riddhima came down in the main hall ,

Armaan have already ordered food for them which was arranged well on the table

"wow the food is already here , so fast service" said riddhima

"so you already knew this that ultimately you have to order food from outside so you actually ordered this earlier" said riddhima

"well yes, I knew that you must be hungry as you have not eaten anything since afternoon today" said armaan

"and so must me you as well armaan, come let me serve the food" said riddhima taking a plate

"the food look tempting and you knew I am actually starving" said riddhima handling a filled plate to armaan and then pouring food for herself

But armaan stopped her the midway and offered a bite to feed her which riddhima eat without any hesitation , and so she repeated the same with armaan , and they both made each other feed the food from one plate

"why are you looking at me with so much intensity" said riddhima looking at armaan

"just trying believing the fact that you are actually here with me , for me I still doubt that its actually reality or am I still dreaming" said armaan

"well dreams are the one which we see with closed eyes and reality is what actually it is" said riddhima smiling

"well if the reality is just this beautiful and perfect then who on the earth really want to even close his eyes" said armaan looking at her

"oh no" said riddhima suddenly

"what happened" said armaan

"armaan time , its almost 10 and you said bhaiya asked us to return before that" said riddhima looking the clock

"hmm its time to go back , with you being around me I didn't even realize how the time passes away" said armaan

"yes I knew that really well armaan now you stop this buttering acts of yours , this is so irritating" said riddhima

"oh so my really feelings are irritating to you riddhima you hurt me a lot" said armaan making faces trying to act that he is hurt

" armaan now you stop this melodrama act of yours as you aren't that a good actor" said riddhima smiling

"ok I lost you won , now shall we go home" said armaan

Soon they both went back home

"armaan come inside everyone must be waiting inside you can meet them all" said riddhima getting out of the car when armaan suggested he will leave from outside

"its ok riddhima it was already a big day today and everyone must be really tired in as well, so let them rest I don't want to troubled them all more right now" said armaan

"you sure , I am sure no one will be troubled" said riddhima

"its ok , good night riddhima , and yes I just wanted to ask a little thing, as it's our engagement ceremony day after tomorrow, so how about we go to shopping tomorrow" said armaan

"tomorrow, no not tomorrow , actually armaan please don't take me wrong but tomorrow is a very special day for me and I want to be whole day with my family and don't want to leave them" said riddhima thinking of something

"oh , its ok riddhima I knew its like your few days left with your family and you want to spend it with them no problem we will shop some other time" said armaan sitting back in the car

"ok you go inside so that I can leave now, bye riddhima , and ya I love you" said armaan

"bye armaan" said riddhima getting inside the house feeling a little upset that maybe armaan didn't liked her saying no to him, but what can she do she was so badly struck in this situation, tomorrow was surely a most special day of her life for which she waited every year ,

It was Raksha Bandhan [I knew I am late in updating my rakhi special part but what can I do due to my health and medical emergency I am here after 2 months so here I am updating it]

The only one day she want to be with her three brothers , it was the day she considered as a symbol of their love and she was already feeling sad and upset with the fact that it was their last year like this,

Its not that she was going anywhere far from them she would every year come from her in law's house to spend this day with her brothers like all the girls do, but still the charm and excitement is certainly different for an unmarried girl in that

Here riddhima got inside the house , only to see her lovely brothers sitting in the main hall and waiting impatiently , for her obviously

"kiddo you back , oh thank god , what took you so long I already told armaan to be back soon and still you are so late" said mayank seeing riddhima back
"oh I am so sorry bhaiya I am late but relax no need to worry bhaiya I am fine" said riddhima

"kiddo we need to talk a little actually about all this marriage thing" said mayank trying to make a conversation with riddhima

"oh no not now bhaiya , please I am really tired right now, and I am sure you all also must be tired, so can we talk about all this tomorrow" said riddhima

And mayank can surely see the tiredness on her face

"its ok kiddo, I knew its been a long day today, no problem you go and sleep we will talk tomorrow" said mayank

And with that samrat and adhiraj got up from their and took riddhima along with them

"its ok sam and adhi bhai I can walk well, I will go myself" said riddhima getting irritated with samrat and adhiraj holding her from both side taking her to her room

"I knew you can still is there any problem if you take you with us" said samrat

"ok do as you wish , bhai but where is everyone else mom dad , chachu and chachi" asked riddhima looking the whole house but didn't found her parents

"oh well actually they all are sitting in dad's study, maybe discussing something , we were also going there , but just waiting for you to come back, do you wish to meet anyone right now, then I can call them" said adhiraj

"no bhai its ok , maybe they are busy, don't disturb them bhai, I will meet them in the morning" said riddhima getting in her room

"you go to sleep you must be really tired" said adhiraj

And they both went from riddhima room greeting her good night

and riddhima laying back on her bed she was hell tired , remembering the whole day event which

Started with her being attacked by guns outside Sharma office and armaan saving her , then their awesome romantic drive back to armaan home, and then guruji's prediction fixing their marriage 5 days from now , and her breaking up with armaan his making her say yes till this romantic dinner date

It was like so much happened in this just one day , but the good part was that in the end of the day everything was perfect and fine and finally everyone is happy around them and so was she but still a big turmoil was going on in her , the fact that she is getting married and about to leave her parents her family was also giving her so many different emotional feelings , its so natural with any girl no matter how much you love the person you are getting married to , no matter how much you want to be with the person but still the mere thought of leaving your parents took over all the other feelings from you and somewhere you hate this custom, that is it really required to leave your parents and family , why always happiness come with the course of sacrifices ,

Well this is one question that each and every girl must be asking herself before getting married,

Well not to discuss much about this I thing I am getting little away from the topic the ff lol's

Ok back again ,

Soon riddhima was drifted in her sweet dream world ,

While on the other side , in the same house

In the study room

Full Sharma family was sitting and discussing the affairs regarding how and where the ceremonies to be held
Making guest list and the works to do list which they have to do from tomorrow, ladies took incharge of shopping as usual, from picking dresses for riddhima to getting gifts ready for all the guest and specially riddhima's in law's
and same was the condition in armaan's house
Sujal , kashish and angad the three were so busy in getting all the preparations done
"kashish buaji i just informed mom and dad about armaan marriage in 5 days dad is to shocked he said they will be back in India by tomorrow" said angad , as his parents went back after his engagement
"oh great i knew this was going to be a big shock for sumit and sapna that armaan is actually getting married and that to in such a short notice as we have didn't given him any hint for that as well earlier, sujal don't you think we have to inform raja sahib and maasa as well back there in Jaitpur" said kashish
"kashish i just talked with baba and maasa few minutes back , they are also coming tomorrow , afterall its their one and only Grandson wedding they won't miss a single ritual" said sujal happily
"oh great, ok sujal have you called that printing company , when are they getting the samples of the wedding invitation card , tell them i want their best designs no no actually i want them to design their best design for this invite" said kashish
"offcourse kashish i did that already and you just don't worry they will get the best and the most unique designs for us tomorrow morning you can get the best out of that" said sujal
while here armaan was looking at his cute little family so busy in their work that none noticed that armaan was already here like a long time ago
"dad mom , just relax why are you all getting so panicked everything will be alright and perfect" said armaan making them calm
"it has to be perfect armaan afterall its my son wedding" said kashish smiling
"yes seriously armaan i never thought that you will get married so soon, i mean look at me already hanging on wait even after the engagement and here you and riddhima beat us all and came first" said angad
"so why are you getting so impatient , and if you are then do one thing why dont you and kripa also get married with us on the same day , i am sure kripa wont have any issues with that" said armaan teasing
"what you mean both my son's wedding on the same day and double preparations no thats impossible" said kashish making a horror face

and armaan and angad cant do anything other than smiling at their mother
"oh ho mom , we were just kidding and as per preparations why are you getting so panicked come tell me what works are there to be done I will do them all" said armaan
"you no , you are not going to do anything armaan , its your wedding and you are excused from working in that, moreover we all are here and enough for that and as for your mom you already knew her she and her panicking without much reasons she get so over excited all the time" said sujal teasing kashish
"I heard that sujal , and what do you mean by saying panicking without any reason why should i not be tensed after all its my" said kashish and as she was about to say ahead the remaining three men's said that

"its your only son marriage" said armaan , angad and sujal together

"this is like 100th time we are hearing that from you kashish" said sujal teasing her ahead

And kashish making a cute faces ,

"oh my the perfect family i love you all" said armaan melting at the scene ahead , hugging all together

"now its just riddhima missing then our family complete" said kashish happily

And soon the day ended , the long day

One side everyone happy and waiting for a new member in the family
And on the other side everyone sad and making themselves prepared for letting the most important member of their family go

Next Morning

sharma house back to its normal routine
riddhima Got up early in the morning all ready for the day
She went down in the hall only to find her dad in the same way sitting in the hall and reading newspaper doing his daily normal routine
She quietly went near his back and making his eyes close with her palm
"So my princess is waken up already" said rishab smiling
"Thats not fare dad how do you always get to knew that its me" said riddhima making a cute puppy face
"well you can say that i always sit over here and wait just for you to come and cup my eyes and ask me to guess , without this i feel my day is incomplete , i always wished to see this angelic face the first thing in morning" said rishab cupping riddhima face and lightly kissing on her head
"but i knew its just a matter of few days now and then my kiddo will go away from me, then who is going to cup my eyes every morning, i am going to miss you my kiddo" said rishab in moist eyes
"i love you dad, i am going to miss you too a lot" said riddhima crying
and one emotional seen going on while karan came there and saw rishab and riddhima crying
"oh hoo look you made my kiddo cry in morning and that to on this so special day, you are too much sometime bhaiya" said karan coming there seeing the father daughter emotional scene,
"good morning chachu" said riddhima hugging karan as well
"good morning kiddo, so all ready for the day, you are already fully dressed up but here i am sure your lovely brothers for whom you did all this they all are still sleeping" said karan seeing riddhima ready with rakhi's and the aarti stuffs for her brothers
"its ok chachu let them sleep I will wait for them to wake" said riddhima smiling
"well in that case you don't have to wait , is it even possible  that we will be late today" said mayank coming there

"yes the only day for which we wait for whole year how can we let our kiddo wait on this day" said adhiraj and samrat coming together

"I knew that bhai , look that's why I am all ready with my stuffs, come sit one by one I will tie the rakhi's in your hands" said riddhima happily

And soon mayank sat on the sofa nearby and riddhima lighten the diya in her decorated plate for aarti

"bhaiya where is nupur bhabhi, without her how can I tie you rakhi" said riddhima , as now mayank was married and sisters tie rakhi to both her brother and sister in law together rakhi was brothers and lumba for sister in law,

"kiddo I am here only just went to call mom and nandini chachi so that we can celebrate the day together" said nupur coming there along with prerna and nandini with lots of gifts in their hands

"oh my god , so many gifts are they all for me" said riddhima in excitement

"yes kiddo all of them are yours" said prerna seeing her daughter still the same kiddish

As she came there running to grab all the gifts

"kiddo , relax all the gifts are for you only , but you will get all only when you will tie the rakhi to your brothers, go complete the rituals first, you are still such a kid" said prerna seeing the changing expressions in riddhima with this

she came back and started doing the pooja and then tied rakhi to mayank , and then the lumba in nupur hand , doing the little pooja , and then making them eat a little sweets

"always stay happy kiddo , your smile is everything to us" said mayank keeping a hand on her head

"I knew that bhaiya, come adhi bhai , samrat bhai , sit here I will tie rakhi to you both as well"  said riddhima

And then repeating the same rituals with samrat and adhiraj , it was like mayank , samrat and adhiraj sitting in the sofa and
riddhima sitting on the chair in front of them

"ok done now I want my gifts" said riddhima in excitement 

"all this is for you kiddo, and tell me if you want anything else also we will get everything for you" said adhiraj

"I knew that bhai, I was just kidding I don't need anything other than you all being fine and happy" said riddhima smiling

"you really wish to see all of us happy, then you also have to do something for us" sad mayank getting serious

"yes bhai tell me I can do anything and everything for you" said riddhima smiling

"then say yes for this marriage kiddo, we all want you to be fine
and happy at the same time, I knew whatever happened yesterday you are upset with that, but still kiddo in case if that prediction is right we don't want to risk your life at all kiddo, you knew we can do anything for you to be safe even if its getting you little away from us , we can do that but please kiddo don't put your life in danger , just say yes" said mayank almost pleading

This was then riddhima realized that she didn't even informed her family that she said yes for this marriage happily, they all still thing that she is not ready to get married

"bhaiya please you don't have to ask me that I mean I will do whatever you all want" said riddhima

"you sure for that kiddo, you are happy with this marriage and have no issues with all that predictions" said mayank just

"yes bhaiya I am ready for this and happy with this marriage, and when I have so many people loving me and caring for me why should I worry about any predictions, I knew till the time you all are here with me nothing can happen to me" said riddhima smiling

Only then riddhima two best friends came there , kripa and gunjan

"hello all , oh wow what a lovely family scene going on here" said kripa coming in

"oh yes now that our riddhima will leave all of us in few days and get married we are really going to miss seeing all this" said gunjan happily

"oh ya by the way angad told me that you changed your mind and you are said yes for this marriage to armaan , congrats riddhima I am so happy for you" said kripa hugging riddhima

"oh wow so you already said yes to armaan yesterday , wow look bhai and here we were just getting happy that our kiddo said yes on our demand" said samrat making hurt faces

"yes look samrat we have already become side actors in kiddo life now only armaan is like the most important to her" said adhiraj teasing riddhima ahead

"its not like that bhai , I was just" said riddhima trying to explain

"forget that kiddo we all already knew that  yesterday earlier when you were saying no for the marriage we for once thought that you were actually sad and saying no cause you don't want to leave us , but then that also you did for armaan" said nupur adding a little more spice to the teasing

"oh no that is not true bhabhi , I am sad for leaving you all as well, I just don't want to leave you all I swear on that bhaiya" said riddhima trying to explain

When mayank finally smiling seeing her condition

"relax kiddo we all knew that they all are just pulling your leg and teasing you" said mayank smiling

"what you all are not serious and angry with me" said riddhima looking at all of them

"how can you even think that we all will be angry with you kiddo, and that to now when you are actually going away leaving us" said adhiraj smiling

"yes we were just teasing you so that we can get a little more time to stay with you" said samrat

"and we can remember this time and you in this time with us , once you will go to your new house , leaving all of us crying here" said nupur

While riddhima who was still sitting in the same place in front of mayank, started crying. She didn't bothered hiding her sorrow her tears this time. She was already upset for leaving her family and then seeing her brothers her loving brothers caring so much for her, broke her confidence of being strong

"oh kiddo , its ok baby stop crying, why are you crying is everything alright" said mayank in concern seeing her crying 

"ya kiddo tell me what is it , why are you crying like this" said samrat sitting by her side ,

Seeing the concern in everyone eyes there she started crying

"I am going to miss you all very much" said riddhima in between her sobs

"oh my baby we are also going to miss you the same way, but don't worry you are not going to go anywhere far from us , whenever you feel like meeting us you can come and if that armaan will try and stop you from that just let me knew I will teach him a good lesson" said mayank making her smile
"sure bhaiya I will always do that" said riddhima smiling in tears

"see even the mention of armaan's name made our kiddo smile even in tears , look what effect he have on her" said nupur teasing her ahead

And riddhima face was open for a while

"bhabhi now this is not fare , you all please stop this teasing session of yours now, not today atleast its our day , and I want to spend this whole with you all" said riddhima making cute faces
And everyone there melting seeing her pleading
"ok kiddo as you say, today whole day is all yours we are going to stay together the whole day and live all the memories of us together" said mayank smiling
"yes that will be a good idea so where shall we start from" said samrat excited
"ok shall I tell that, lets play carom with mamma making that chocolate shake and cookies for us like always and watching some old video of us together" said riddhima excited
"ok I will get the carom board and cd's for that" said samrat leaving
While prerna and nandini got in kitchen to get all riddhima demands ready , and all other got busy in making setups for playing and watching video,
In no time the main hall was empty and soon few floor sitting were arranged so that everyone can easily play, rest and sit there
Samrat played an old dvd , which have few precious memory of all four kids , together the three brothers like always pampering riddhima
While they all playing games , soon prerna came with riddhima favorite cookies and shake and lovingly feeding her daughter
carom board the four peoples play and it was like adhiraj and mayank one team sitting opposite to each other while riddhima and ssamrat one team facing each other
"oh wow you saw that scene bhaiya in the video , remember how you use to teach me skating and I was so scared of that" said riddhima smiling showing everyone one scene in the video that was playing , while as everyone was concentrating on the video
She quietly picked one while coin from the board , and put in aside
"kiddo, where in the while coin that was kept here" said adhiraj seeing the coin missing and knew his kiddo and her cheating pranks well
"coin which coin bhai, I don't knew what you are saying" said riddhima acting normal
"oh really as if I don't knew you well kiddo, you and your cheating skills I knew them all really well" said adhiraj
"hww cheater , you calling me a cheater bhai , that's so not fare" said riddhima making cute faces
"ok kiddo that is all for the melodrama of yours give the coin back that you are hiding in your back, we all already knew you well here" said mayank smiling
"ok fine" said riddhima keeping the coin back
"come lets play ahead, and no cheating by distracting us" said mayank
Soon they again started and riddhima again started her cheating act , sometime samrat winks her to pick one coin sometime he himself picked one , both were playing and stealing everyone knew that , still let them win only for riddhima happiness
They were still watching movie , where riddhima was sitting on a swing and mayank , samrat and adhiraj making her swing on that
"you remember this swing ,I loved that bhaiya , you samrat and adhi bhai tied this specially for me as that girl in the garden didn't allowed me to sit on that and I was so sad" said riddhima remember  her sweet pampered childhood
"yes I remember that I even remember that song that mamma use to teach you all the time, and you never use to understand the meaning of that" said mayank smiling
"yes and then we all three would make you swing if you sung even a single correct line we just wanted to hear your voice" said adhiraj smiling
"I never understood the meaning of that song earlier bhaiya , but now I knew and I understand them well" said riddhima watching a video of some particular song prerna use to make her learn
"yes this song was really sweet all the words and meaning of that were just made for us" said samrat
"I want you to sing that song for us today as well" said adhiraj
"but on one condition I want you to do the same as I ask you , I want you all to swing me in your arms the way you use to do earlier and even tie that swing for me today again will you" said riddhima getting little teary
"wait we will be back soon" said samrat and adhiraj and samrat rushed somewhere outside
After a while mayank took riddhima outside in the garden in a covered hut type area where they actually tied one swing just for riddhima
"come kiddo" said mayank making riddhima sit on the swing and all three together making her swing,
That was so sweet gesture and everyone was having teary eyes, when prerna played the music in the background
The same song, and riddhima started singing with the music
link of the song they were singing just in case anyone wanted to hear, otherwise you can read the words i am giving english translaion
jhuula bahon ka aaj bhi do na mujhe...
Swing me in your arms today as well..

[riddhima sitting on the swing and all three brothers swinging her]
bhaiya god mein uthaao na aaj mujhe
qad se huun badi man se chhoti main aaj bhi
maan lo zid meri
Brother, lift me into your lap
I've gotten taller, but in my mind, I'm still small
Humor my conviction


[everyone looking at the four and smiling]

jhuula bahon ka aaj bhi do na mujhe...
Swing me in your arms today as well...


[riddhima got up from the swing and swinging and dancing with mayank , adhiraj and samrat one by one]
bhaiya god mein uthaao na aaj mujhe
qad se huun badi man se chhoti main aaj bhi
maan lo zid meri
Brother, lift me into your lap
I've gotten taller, but in my mind, I'm still small
Humor my conviction


[mayank , samrat and adhiraj standing in one row  holding riddhima together in  their arms swinging her and singing for her]
tu khushi hai tu karaar tu bahaar hai
dam se tere hi to ghar pe nikhaar hai
 tu khushi hai tu karaar tu bahaar hai
dam se tere hi to ghar pe nikhaar hai
You are happiness; you are peace of mind; you are spring itself
You and you alone illuminate this house
You are happiness; you are peace of mind; you are spring itself
You and you alone illuminate this house

[riddhima running in whole house and making all the mess running behind her brothers and then making adhiraj and samrat irritated and then when they running behind her she hides in some corner sometime or behind mayank to be safe]
main shor sharaaba dhuum karuungi
thumak thumak naachuungi
I'll create a tumultuous uproar
 I'll put on airs and dance

[dancing with prerna, rishab , karan and nandini]
chanchal koyal ke jaise main to chahak chahak jaauungi
sare rang dhanak ke main chura luungi...

Like the playful cuckoo I'll go warbling about
 After setting every color ablaze, I'll steal away...

taare falak ke tod laauungi
chhup chhupke meri hansi na udaana

I will break the stars from the sky
I'll let fly my laughter in private

[coming back to her brothers]
jhuula bahon ka aaj bhi
Swinging in your arms today too


[holding her brothers hand and getting in the main hall]
jhuula bahon ka aaj bhi do na mujhe
bhaiya god mein uthaao na aaj mujhe
Swing me in your arms today as well Brother, lift me into your lap

qad se huun badi man se chhoti main aaj bhi
maan lo zid meri
I've gotten taller, but in my mind, I'm still small
Humor my conviction

jhuula bahon ka aaj bhi do na mujhe...
Swing me in your arms today as well...

[again singing the same lines together with her]
tu khushi tu karaar tu bahaar hai
dam se tere hi to ghar pe nikhaar hai
You are happiness; you are peace of mind; you are spring itself
You and you alone illuminate this house

[riddhima passing from mayank, going to adhiraj and then samrat pointing at them one by one]
ek nahin do nahin tin mere bhaai
tinon jaise mere sipaahi
Not one, not two, but three brothers have I
Three of them, like guards

[then pointing at herself that what mess she always creates]
meri sharaarat meri tabaahi
bacha le khuda
My mischief, the destruction I wreak,
save us, God!


[then going to nupur and telling her that when her brothers get angry they are too tough to handle but then they cool down very soon]
lekin inka gussa aisa gad gad garaje baadal jaisa
phir barasaaye pyaar bhi vaisa o mere khuda

But their anger is like rumbling, thundering clouds
after which their love showers down, o my God

[going to rishab and cupping his eyes again , and then going to karan and swinging on his back]
moti huun main in aankhon ka
phuul huun in ka baag ka

I'm a pearl in their eyes
I'm the flowers in their garden

[And then finally coming back in the garden towards her brother and dancing with them everyone came out behind them watching them]
jhuula bahon ka aaj bhi do na mujhe
bhaiya god mein uthaao na aaj mujhe
Swing me in your arms today as well
Brother, lift me into your lap


[and then swinging with them , all four dancing that was really a cute scene to watch]
qad se huun badi man se chhoti main aaj bhi
maan lo zid meri
I've gotten taller, but in my mind, I'm still small
Humor my conviction

jhuula bahon ka aaj bhi do na mujhe
bhaiya god mein uthaao na aaj
Swing me in your arms today as well
Brother, lift me into your lap

[all three singing for her while swinging her one by one from one arms to another]
tu khushi tu karaar tu bahaar hai
dam se tere hi to ghar pe nikhaar hai
You are happiness; you are peace of mind; you are spring itself
You and you alone illuminate this house

tu khushi tu karaar tu bahaar hai
dam se tere hi to ghar pe nikhaar hai
You are happiness; you are peace of mind; you are spring itself
You and you alone illuminate this house

soon the song ended and riddhima was still swinging in mayank's arm , when everyone was just looking at them with a awe
when someone clapping distracted all of them , it was none other than riddhima to be in law's sujal and  kashish 
everyone got attentive at once, they all didn't knew that they all were present here
"oh sujal ji when did you came , we didn't even noticed" said rishab meeting them nicely
"only the time when all of them were busy singing and dancing" said sujal smiling
"really we never knew riddhima you sing so well, that was really sweet, and we are really sorry to disturb you in this special moment" said kashish smiling
"oh no kashish ji that's really ok with us , you really don't need to say sorry , its your house only you all are always welcomed in here please come in with us, this kids are just busy celebrating" said prerna
"oh that's really ok , please you all carry on, we were here just for giving you this sample for wedding invitation cards" said kashish smiling

"that's great we all were also about to select designs for the same come lets select together, well in any case armaan didnt came with you" said prerna

"oh actually armaan and angad have gone for some important work he will be back soon" said kashish

"then its great you should call them here directly now as you are here you all should have lunch with us" said prerna being a nice host

"oh thats really nice of you and i am so sure kids would love to have lunch together so let them have that as i want all you elders to come with us we all have many discussions to go ahead with" said kashish

"yes sure lets go then the kids will take care of other thing mayank do call armaan and angad for lunch here" said rishab

And all elders went in discussing the cards design

 and mayank invited armaan for lunch

while nupur, adhiraj , samrat gunjan along with kripa discussing something

only riddhima was left aside

"kiddo do you have any idea what all is happening there" mayank asked riddhima

"I don't knew bhaiya but I definitely feel that they all are surely upto something and I am excluded out of that then I knew that what it will be surely related to" said riddhima getting little scared , she knew her family and best friends and there level of pranks and masti , and she also knew that it was armaan that was their target

While here after sometime armaan and angad were there for lunch

riddhima still standing with mayank, while samrat and  adhiraj happily meeting angad and armaan
"ok armaan for the first time lets have a nice brother in law type meeting" said adhiraj happily hugging  armaan
"yes right finally an official meet" said samrat smiling hugging armaan
"you are really not going to hit me anymore samrat" said armaan smiling
"actually no" said samrat
"finally we having a nice civilized meeting" said armaan smiling
"ok now finally when everything settled can we get in I mean armaan  you are the to be son in law of our family and we didn't even got a chance to serve you well , please come in" said nupur smiling
"yes armaan surely deserve a special treatment , what say samrat" said gunjan  and here riddhima understanding nupur plans a little
"oh yes ofcourse to be jijaji , come lets go in" said samrat taking armaan inside
"oh guys you leaving angad, jijaji brother he is also special we need to give him a special treatment as well" said adhiraj holding angad as well
While armaan surely found something really fishy in all this, but cant do anything ,
 while riddhima who was standing there and smiling at him knew very well something was surely cooking up in her dear family mind
"oh nupur bhabhi actually I feel" riddhima trying to say something

"oh please riddhima you don't knew anything , armaan and angad came first time as official family members , how can we leave them like this , I mean let them sit like this they must be hungry come we all lets have lunch together" said nupur smiling
She cant say ahead but knew that poor armaan going to have a tough time ahead

And so it happened started the over welcoming of armaan rather the over torture
armaan sitting on the table , and lunch was been served to him the whole table was full with variety of dishes and armaan was the main target along with angad
"to be damaad ji try this, this is very tasty" said nupur pouring one item in armaan's plate
"no thanks bhabhi I am fine" armaan tried saying but before that nupur pour that dish in armaan plate
"aree jijaji have this nupur bhabhi cooked this dish , she make it so nice I am sure you will eat the whole bowl" said samrat pouring another item in his plate
"no no samrat that will be all" armaan tried saying
On the other side angad was also given the same treatment
"aree angad ji you didn't tried this dish, here have it" said gunjan pouring one dish then another and another
"oh that's it, I am fine with this" said angad
"oh the sweet dish , you didn't tried this gulab jamun , have one actually have two I am sure you will love them" said kripa pouring them
"kripa I hope you are forgetting I am your to be husband please have some mercy on me" said angad
"well not so soon on current status you are riddhima that is my best friend brother in law so I am just doing my job" said kripa teasing
While here armaan plate was already full
And now the next attack was of sweet dish
"here to be damaad ji have one sweet from your to me sister in law" said nupur and made armaan eat one laddoo
"jijaji, oh wow I think you love gulab jamun , here take one" said samrat
"oh no samrat I am fine like this" said armaan
"no ways how can you not have it come I will make you eat it myself" said samrat and making armaan eat another piece himself
riddhima was just sitting on her seat opposite armaan and was just looking at his poor state he was being over stuffed

When finally a ray of hope entered in when mayank came there

"sorry guys got stuck in an important call, so armaan, angad did you guys had lunch, I hope everyone here served you well" said mayank sitting there

"yes pretty well I am loving their hosting that I can end up with this lunch till the dinner" said armaan smiling but making cute faces

While here riddhima burst out laughing on his state , she was trying controlling herself for so long seeing armaan condition but now it was limit

"sorry , so sorry guys but I cant take it anymore look at their faces bhai , bhabhi they are already stuffed a lot" said riddhima controlling her laugh "I cant take it anymore you knew what bhabhi , bhai you are truly so nice host but yes never try your guest to come at your place second time cause with this kind of hosting no one will dare come again" said riddhima laughing again

"thanks for your commenting kiddo , but you don't worry this special treatment is for just our very very special guest which is only armaan" said adhiraj smiling

"adhi , nupur , samrat just stop this now and sit and have your lunch as well" said mayank smiling
"yes that's a great idea , now that I am done with my lunch you all guys please sit and I will serve you all" said armaan smiling and standing

"oh no its just not required damaad ji , you are our special guest how can you serve us" said nupur making scared face

And soon the game changed this time and they all were enjoying their time together

Riddhima just cant do anything other than laughing on them they all were so cute stuffing each other

"ok guys I cant take this anymore, just excuse me" said riddhima getting up

"hey kiddo where are you going sit oh by the way you didn't have lunch yet , oh yes in our stuffing each other we all forgot that you didn't had lunch" said nupur smiling

"oh no I am full, I mean looking at you all guys I think I don't need any lunch anyways mom called me she said that she had kept some dresses and jewel for me in my room I have to see that" said riddhima smiling

"oh ho kiddo is to excited to see her engagement and wedding dresses" said nupur teasing

"ok guys no more teasing right now , I will be back soon and as for food I am not hungry yet I will eat when I feel so" said riddhima moving out

While here everyone were happily sitting and chatting and enjoying

When they heard riddhima screaming loud scream and within a second all of them without waiting rushed towards riddhima room armaan and mayank reached there first

She was standing outside the room and there was lots of smoke there , actually as riddhima came up and opened her room she saw her room burning , there was fire burning inside her room

Armaan immediately rushed to riddhima and hugging her

"riddhima are you ok" asked armaan

"yes i am i came here it was all burning it" said riddhima she was really scared

"its ok its ok kiddo, you go back we will stop this" said mayank

and soon all the servent and all came running with fire extingushers and water etc , to stop the fire

luckily the fire was only in one corner the sitting area and so it stopped immediately

"thank god we suppose the fire just began, and seen on time otherwise if the fire would have grown more it would have been tough to stop that" said nupur calming riddhima

"no there is something else in this" said mayank tensed

"what do you mean mayank bhaiya" asked armaan

"this house is centrally fire secured , what about the fire alarm if there was this much amount of smoke in kiddo room then fire alarm would have buzzed a long ago" said mayank checking the place
 "bhaiya you are so right the moment i heard about the fire i rushed to fire control room and there the fire alarm was broken infact someone tried to destroy all the security panels of the house, the watchman who use to control from there is lying unconscious" informed adhiraj
"but if anyone was successful in entering the house like this then why only he preferred creating a fire and that to in kiddo room knowing well that no one was here"  said mayank
"it was done on a special purpose who ever did this only wanted to warn me rather threat me with this" said riddhima still she was little shivering and armaan was holding her tightly at this stage none of them cared for all the people standing there
Soon mayank came near riddhima
"kiddo its ok you don't panic everything will get fine" said mayank assuring
"whoever did this just burned the wedding clothes , this fire was to destroy only the dresses the jewels related to my wedding ritual , my future" said riddhima crying
"no riddhima it cant be like that, I think we are just I mean why will anyone do that" tried armaan to control her
"yes kiddo you just don't feel scared its not the way you are thinking" said adhiraj ahead , seeing riddhima condition right now they all felt to control her first
Whatever it was they all just wanted to keep riddhima out of this ,
"it is like that look inside the fire was not to burn the room or harm anyone it was just to burn my engagement and wedding ceremony dresses kept there , someone just burned that with this note  that was hanging on the door when I came here" said riddhima showing one paper in her hand

When armaan took that he was shocked to read that it was a message rather a threatening warning on which it was written


And then riddhima saw that burning dresses, she was shivering again, armaan was also burning in anger reading that note tightening his fist he tried calming himself, as right now he wanted to make riddhima fine first

"security security ,where the hell is everyone, what were you all doing how can anyone enter our house and none of you got any knowledge of that" said mayank , rather angrily shouting on all the watchmen's, guards and all

"calm down mayank , please, we will find out soon how it all happened but right now lets just move from here as here is so much smoke plus I will instruct the servants to clean kiddo room properly and make it same like before" said nupur trying to calm mayank

Soon they all moved from there in some other room away from there

Riddhima was so tensed she was sitting on the bed holding nupur tightly along with gunjan and kripa by her side

While armaan was feeling so helpless he was not sure what to do right now , he was quietly sitting on a sofa near her , few minutes ago they all were so happy and now again their happiness is tken by some unknown enemy

"I still cant understand that who can this person be and why this person warn riddhima like this, first attack on her and now this" samrat along with adhiraj standing there just cant understand what to do

While mayank was still busy in security checking and looking at cctv footage of all the external coverage boundary of the house to find from where someone entered inside the house

"anyways for the time being we have rechecked the security and systems and now no one can enter this house without passing the tight security" said adhiraj assuring

"but still we cant just sit and wait for that person to come and attack so that we can caught him,I knew what I have to do"  said armaan getting up and making some calls

"atul , hey champ its me armaan, I need a favor, I need all the details about Shyam Manohar Malik, where is he right now what he is doing, yes thanks I hope you will let me knew soon" said armaan talking on call with atul joshi

And after talking on phone

"I think its time to meet some more of my special old friends" said armaan to himself

While here riddhima sitting there was also looking at armaan, she don't knew why but she just wanted to stop him here , as she could see something worse waiting for them ahead

ok thats all for now , i suppose i wrote a lot in this

i knew many of you must be disappointed with this part as you all want to read only the wedding part

but sorry guys i thought that this all is required for my story ahead , as in all the twist and turns of this story are kept only in this 5 days , so stay tuned these are really going to be long 5 days , ops 4 days now , i day finally going to end

as for precap , well its the engagement party and all my readers are cordially invited for that 

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