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sweetie_angel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 7:55am | IP Logged
just caught up with ur ff
loved th story so far
do pm me the next time u update

pr1ncess12 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
loved it
thanks for the pm
sweety7395 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
Hey awesome ff....I just started reading this ff and it is amazing.....really love the whole concept of this so AR were married in their previous life......really curious to know what happened....Armaan has already fallen for Riddhima....cant wait to read the next all the characters 
Please send me a pm when you update 
Continue soon
Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 7:25am | IP Logged
heyyy dear,
  nice part
continue soon


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ekts_dmgmjht Senior Member

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 2:14am | IP Logged

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armaans_desire Senior Member

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 6:01pm | IP Logged
gr8 update
cont soon!

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 12:27am | IP Logged
thanks a lot guys for your lovely response and i m soo sorry for being soo soo late for this update
i m updatting the next part in a while for sure

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 12:42am | IP Logged

RECAP: ARMAAN AND RIDDHIMA CAME TO KNOW ABOUT EACH OTHER ORIGINAL IDENTITY adhiraj armaan and angad met again and relived there old friendship
angad and kripa are together now and armaan and riddhima hopping that they both get a chance to meet each other
The whole Sharma family was sat there quietly having there dinner
Riddhima was sitting next to samrat and Adhiraj was sitting opposite side of them
adhiraj: you know samrat today I went to a mall to shop and there I met nanav
[it was when riddhima almost choked her food , what if he ask anything about like she knew him and all , she was totally avoiding this topic]
samrat: [confused first then remembered] nanav as in armaan ?
mayank: who is this armaan?
adhiraj: bhai he was our friend in New York high school...and I just met him today after 3 years
samrat: yaa and as far as I know he was in Italy naa
adhiraj: yaa but now he is also staying here in India with his family I just met him in the mall and well riddhima how come you were there today
that was all , it make all attentive riddhima and in mall ,and there with some guy hehe , all over possessive brothers got attentive ,specially samrat , now riddhima was thinking how to avoid this , well the good thing for her was that adhiraj didn't had a clue that riddhima went there to meet armaan]
riddhima thinking "oh noo what shall I say now"
riddhima : actually adi bhai ..I ..I told you naa I went there with kripa , for some shopping
samrat: riddhima don't you think you r doing so much of shopping here I mean yesterday you went with us and today also you went for shopping ...
riddhima : so what can't I goo and hang out at different places in Delhi and you don't worry bhai wee r not gonna get bankrupt with my shopping just relax
samrat: ok ok...chill why r you getting hyper I was just asking...forget that ..
[with that the topic ended there ]
riddhima: [to herself] thank god ..adi bhai didn't asked any further questions.
that night was again a sleepless night for both Arhi they were again lost in eachother thoughts and the confusion as too why they r so connected to each other ,
Next Day
Riddhima's Room

Riddhima and Kripa
riddhima: I don't believe this what r you saying you actually like him .but sweety you have just met him 2 days back
kripa: riddhima I know him from a long time remember wee used to chat for a long time...

riddhima: but kripa chatting on net and meeting face to face r two different thinks can u bee so sure that he is the one the perfect one for you
kripa: riddhima you know what these logics and all never work when it comes to heart .I m just doing what my heart says me and for now I know one think that I think I m in love

riddhima : r u sure kripa...

kripa: why r u not happy that I m in love

riddhima : [happily] .off course not I m damm happy for you .I m so happy that you got your Mr. right...I was just interrogating ...cause I was worried about you sweety

kripa: [hugging her] oh riddhima you r my best friend I love you so much for always being there with me

riddhima : I know that sweety

kripa: [seeing the watch] gosh I m getting late I have to meet angad

riddhima : oh what let him wait for you for sometime hmm ... [she said with a wink]

kripa: riddhima I m just going to say him bye actually he and armaan r going tonight to Rajasthan ...for few days

riddhima : [felt bad hearing that] ..oh then I shall also come with you

kripa : [a bit shocked] really you want to meet them , as far as I remember you were the one who said yesterday that you don't want to see there face again and now you want to meet them

riddhima : ok fine I was angry yesterday and moreover if you r not forgotten they r adhiraj friends and if they say any think to adi bhai regarding our meeting then wee will be in great trouble so I just want to meet and tell them not too tell him any think regarding this or if there any other problem with my coming there I mean if you want to be alone with him then you can straight away tell me

kripa: ok fine you don't have to give me so much of reasons for this lets go I will just call angad to tell him that you will also accompany me

and kripa calls angad and tell him that and then they decide to meet in DELHI HAAT


angad: I m going too meet kripa

armaan: [winking] go ahead and enjoy yourself

angad: armaan ...I m just going too meet her and moreover her friend will also be there with us

armaan: her friends you mean riddhima

angad: yaa she is also coming

[armaan's smiles doubles hearing this]

armaan: [riddhima this is a nice chance to meet her] angad , by the way where r you going to meet them

angad: Delhi you want to join us

armaan: [hiding his curiosity]...ya sure why I m really getting bored here

angad: lets go then

armaan was so curious to meet her to see her and on the other hand
riddhima was so nervous as to how to face them or talk to them

soon they met

riddhima was wearing a normal jeans and a pink top and was looking really cute in that

as armaan saw her he just can't take his eyes off her , whereas she was just looking down preparing herself to face them

armaan staring was disturbed by kripa talking

kripa: hi r u

armaan: I m fine .

angad: hi riddhima ji

only then she looked up she was nervous and it can be clearly seen on her face angad understand that

angad: look I know whatever happened yesterday and all see we [from armaan side also] are really sorry for that

riddhima : noo you don't need to be sorry I think I just over reacted and no one was at fault

angad: that's great so you mean all problems solved and no more grudges ...then [ forwarding his hand for a hand shake] friends?

riddhima : [ smiling now and accepting his hand] ...yaa sure

angad: so I think now finally everything sorted so no more complaining and noo more fighting's

armaan: definitely more fights...only friendship from my side too [forwarding his hand towards riddhima.]

she accepted it ...and they had a friendly handshake

and now the two love birds kripa and angad ...want to spend some time alone

angad: armaan...why don't you both look forward for some shops here...I think me and kripa will see the other section

armaan: [understanding his meaning that he want to spend some time alone with kripa] yaa sure you guys go ahead

but riddhima feeling uncomfortable being alone with armaan and moreover she really didn't understood there meaning .

[she was still a child from heart to understand all these kind of thinks]

riddhima : but wee all can go together too see that

kripa: come on riddhima, you enjoy here naa , wee will be back soon

riddhima : but kripa [but it was too late angad and kripa already left them]

after they left

armaan: let them spend some time together ... this is what loves wants ..a few precious moments with your loved ones [said in a meaning implementing to himself and her]

riddhima : [thinking a bit ] how would I know I have never been in love

armaan: don't tell me that you never had a boyfriend [riddhima approved]...a beautiful girl like you never had been in love

riddhima : I don't believe in all these love and all kind of stuffs

armaan: [very slowly with love ] but now I think I do

riddhima : [not heard it properly] what did you said ?

armaan: oh nothing do you want to see shops over here

[changing the topic]

riddhima : oh I would love too [excited like a child ]

armaan smiles seeing her excitement

armaan: you r so interested in all these ...oldies stuff...historical thinks and all

riddhima : off course I m after all I m an archaeologist student

armaan: what you r an archaeologist ?

riddhima : yaa I used to study archaeology in London
armaan: that's interesting...then you should definitely visit Rajasthan ...I m sure you would love to bee there its great when it comes to archaeology

riddhima : sure I would love too...well by the way where r you going in Rajasthan

armaan: Jaitpur its a small town there

[Note : armaan never told her that he was a yuvraaj there and all and she don't know any think about him and his family background]

riddhima : ohh

[and then she started with watching all the shops with excitement and armaan just smiling at he innocence]

some pictures of Delhi haat and the shops which they r watching

[ I had taken these pictures from Google I don't know if they gonna give a look of the actual place]

armaan and riddhima were watching all these thinks and riddhima was very excitedly roaming around

well this song goes with armaan feeling for now
I love this song a lot its a lovely song form movie ...main prem ki dewaani hoon
tu hi tu mere paas hai
phir ye kaise pyaas hai
ye kaisa ehsaas hai
koi batta de mujhe

aaj main hu ...aur tum hoo
aur muhaabat hai ...-2

main bhi gum hoon .
tum bhi gum hoo.
haa yee chahat hai -2
aur muhaabat hai
[just following her and watching her]

ye kaise mumkin hai
tumko kisse ne ab tak pyaar naa kiya
main kaise ye maanu
tumko kisse ne ab tak dil na diya
[remembering there talk that she never been in love]

kaise hai ye uljhanee
dil ye lagga sochne
[as she just liked something in some shop when and got excited soo , her hand by chance touched his elbow in excitement and his heartbeat increased with her touch]

tez hai kyon ye dhadkanne
koi batta de mujhe

aaj main hu ...aur tum hoo
aur muhaabat hai ...hmm hmm hm-3

jo tumse kehna tha
maine kaha naa lab per baat hai rukke
lagta hai ye aksar
mere liye hi shayad tu hai banne
[remembering her being his dream girl]
kaisa aitbaar hai
kaisa intezaar hai
kyon tumse itana pyaar hai
koi batta de mujhe

aaj main hu ...aur tum hoo
aur muhaabat hai ...hmm hmm hm-3

main bhi gum hoon .
tum bhi gum hoo.
haa yee chahat hai -2
aur muhaabat hai

while all these window shopping they went towards a shop of an astrologer[ the one who reads hands , palmistry] it was like a stall you can find them at many places
riddhima : armaan ji see a palmist lets go there

armaan: come on you can't be serious ... do you believe in all these

riddhima : no I don't believe in all this but then lets just go there for fun

armaan: [armaan was so pleased looking at her cuteness and don't want to say noo to her] ok lets go

they went near that stall

astrologer: aayeye kya jaannaa chahate hai [come what you want to knew]

armaan: [to riddhima ] so tell them what you want to ask

riddhima : noo I don't want to ask any think go ahead you show them your hand

armaan: what noo ways I don't want to ask any think

riddhima : please armaan ji come on lets see what your future have stored for you

armaan: but riddhima I don't believe in all this

riddhima : oh hoo ...please for mee

[she said so cutely that armaan can't say any think further]

and so the palmist start reading armaan's hand

astrologer: tumhaara ateet tumhe bulla rahha hai [your past is calling you]... zindagi ateet aur vartmaan mein ulaz gaye hai [your life is stuck between past and present]

armaan: jee hummhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha [I don't understand what you r saying]

astrologer: aayega bahut jaldi ...sach saamne aayega [ you will understand, very soon truth will be disclosed ]

armaan: aap kya kehna chahate hai? [what doo you want to say?]

astrologer: naam kya hai tumhaara [whats your name?]

armaan: ...jee .armaan

astrologer: ye naam hi kyon...[why your name is armaan?]

armaan: [thinking that the palmist is crazy] ... aap kya keh rahe hai? [ what doo you mean by this]

astroger: harr naam ke peeche ek kahaane hote hai tumhaare naam ki kya hai ? [there is a story behind each name and so what's yours]

[riddhima standing there thought that armaan was getting pissed off by that astrologer bakwaas so she said armaan to leave it]

riddhima : armaan ji just leave it ... lets goo form here

armaan: yaa I also think so .. [he paid the palmist ]

and so they left the stall of the palmist

riddhima : [laughing] god that was crazy I didn't got what he was saying

armaan: even I didn't got that

riddhima : can you imagine story behind your name ... ok so do you have one

armaan: what?

riddhima : I mean is there any story behind your name

armaan: yaa I think actually once I asked mom regarding who kept my name as armaan and why ...then she told me that there was a lady mom caretaker at the time when I was about to born ...she said that if my mom had a boy then his name shall be armaan

riddhima : really who was that lady

armaan: some shehnaz bi ...I really don't remember her I was very small when she died actually she was always very sad she had been a caretaker of a boy he was more than a son to her and she loved him very much but that boy died and after his death she was always very sad and so she gave me the name of that boy armaan by mom says she was a very nice lady and use to love me a lot

riddhima : how sweet that's nice

armaan: now tell me

riddhima : what?

armaan: the story behind your name ...

riddhima : I don't know that I never asked anyone about that

after sometime angad and kripa joined them and then they left after bidding a bye to each other ...

no one want to go but they have too ..

that night was again a night was sweet dreams for them

both dreaming about each other


"I don't want to leave her but I promise I will be back soon ...I will miss you riddhima and you too please do miss me" he was thinking in his thoughts , as he was leaving back to Rajasthan


thinking: "armaan please don't go I will miss you [what the hell I m thinking ...why will I miss him he is just a friend then why will I miss him so much]"

"god I m getting crazy I need to sleep" she said to herself

only then riddhima mom prerna came there and saw riddhima sitting on her bed

prerna: bachaa ...what happened you r still awake

riddhima : like that only mom not feeling like sleeping

[keeping her head in prerna lap]

prerna: what happened bachaa [patting her head with love]

riddhima : nothing mom ..just want to be like this for sometime .[then she remembered armaan's word regarding story of her name] mom can I ask you some think

prerna: yes sweetheart tell me

riddhima : who kept my name and why this name

prerna: why r u all of a sudden asking this

riddhima : just like that mom...please tell me

prerna: well there is a story behind it ...actually when you and adhiraj were born [note: adhiraj and riddhima were twins] I was in Mumbai that time there were complications in my delivery and at that time my doctor she worked so hard just to save me and my children she was so nice she gave you this name riddhima ...she said that this was her daughter's name .

riddhima : oh ok and then

prerna: then what her name was doctor Padma yaa and she was of around my mom's age she told me that she had a daughter named riddhima but she was noo more I felt so bad for her at that time I loved that name so I gave you that name that's it wee never met again after that

riddhima : ohh

prerna: ok now you go to sleep its already very late good night bachaa

riddhima : good night mom





KRIPA'S SISTER WAS BACK FROM THAT CONFERENCE IN MUMBAI and kripa told her about riddhima state and her dreams so she agreed to help riddhima with that


kripa: adhiraj ...I asked suhaani ...she said that she will help us with riddhima's problem she had given an appointment for tomorrow

adhiraj: that will be great wee will take riddhima there tomorrow only as dad , chachu and even mayank bhaiya r going out of town for some business work so no one will come to know about this and kripa please don't tell riddhima that wee r taking her for treatment she will get scared unnecessarily tell her that you are taking her too meet your sister

kripa: ok adhiraj you don't worry I will do as you say


Outside Suhaani's Clinic

[well suhaani mehra she is a psychiatrists and kripa's sister she is of riddhima and kripa age only]

riddhima : kripa we should have met your sis at your home why you brought me here to her clinic she must be busy with her work hope wee are not disturbing her

kripa: not at all riddhima , suhani was really excited to meet you so I bring you here...come on lets go in to meet her

they went in
kripa: hey suhaani di I m here ... hope you r free right now

suhaani: hey kripa come in I m always free for my sweet sister

kripa: suhaani di meet riddhima as in riddhima my best friend

suhaani: [being very friendly ] hi riddhima nice to meet you kripa always talk about you so much .

riddhima : hi ...suhaani di  I mean

[don't know shall she say her with her name or not]

suhaani: hey riddhima relax you can call me suhaani di after all I m also like a sister to you right

riddhima : yaa

[after a few chit chat ...riddhima got really comfortable with suhaani in she was her sister only and suhaani was closely observing her nature and trying to figure out about her problem]

suhaani: well riddhima kripa told me that you used too see many bad dreams

[at once got attentive hearing this ...yes how can she forgot about all her weird dreams but truth was that from the day she met armaan she only had sweet sweet dreams and so she almost forgot about all that]

riddhima : oh yaa suhaani di forgot that they r like a part of my life now

suhaani: yaa so you always see these dreams

[riddhima not so attentive and not at all got a hint that she was actually asking her all these as a part of there treatment]

riddhima : yaa almost every time

[and with that suhaani asked riddhima a lot more questions regarding what she see and how she react on that and all but riddhima didn't got a hint that she was actually asking all this as a treatment]

[after few more chat and in between few questions finally kripa and riddhima left from there ]

after riddhima left the clinic adhiraj came to talk to suhaani

adhiraj: hello doctor I m adhiraj riddhima's brother

suhaani: please Mr. adhiraj seated

adhiraj: so what do you think

suhaani: as per I got to know from you and kripa and after talking to riddhima I think that see is actually facing some problems

adhiraj: means ?

suhaani: look Mr. adhiraj ...riddhima's problem her fear definitely have a connection with some events occurred in her past

adhiraj: but riddhima ..had never gone through any bad incident in her life I mean noo such incident happened with her that she shall get so many bad dreams remembering all that

suhaani: you know everything about her I mean may be some think happened in your childhood state which is not known to you

adhiraj: so what do you think we can do in that case

suhaani : may be there is some think that is hidden in riddhima's subconscious mind

adhiraj: but how will we get to know that

suhaani: well in that case I need to HYPNOTIZE her

adhiraj: hypnotize..!!!! no ways that can bee risky for her I don't want to get her in any risk

suhaani: listen adhiraj...I know you care about her very much but I think this can help her a lot all is your decision I can't force you for any think


will adhiraj allow suhaani to hypnotize riddhima
and Armaan's Introduction Party , and Sharma industry got an invitation as well
soo rishab , karan and mayank in Rajasthan and There Meeting With Armaan

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