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part 29 on page 105

and here i knew i am late actually very late , i dont knew i have my readers anymore or not , still if all my readers are still interested in my ff , so please do read the ff ahead

now that i am back i will surely give regular updates after this ,

i knew i was very irregular lastly just cause of my last few months of pregnancy it was tough for me to use laptop and then my delivery and baby and his responsibility, but now i am trying to get some time out of all this just for me , just trying cant promise to be soo regular like earlier , when i was alone , now i have someone to take care of, not all the time i can get that much time hopefully my readers will understand me,  till then please enjoy my parts ahead , hopefully you will like that


riddhima sitting on a bench in the garden area , she just don't want to face anyone now ahead, she was crying hard , it was tough  it was tough and it pained a lot as well getting away from him, making him suffer in pain , she loves him , he is in her soul , she just cant deny the fact but still on the same time she don't want the history to repeat itself, she was feeling so guilty , so bad right now thinking about the past again and again , she just cant get one thing out of her mind , that she was the reason for armaan dying in their past life , armaan could have lived longer only if he was not there with her , she just cant forgave herself for this , and now repeating the same mistake no , what if she dye atleast armaan will be safe and live forever.

She was lost in her thoughts didn't knew when armaan came there, and sitting by her side

"if you are so happy with your decision and if you think you have taken the right step then why are you crying" said armaan sitting

"why are you here till now you should have left please go armaan, just go away and forget me and live a new life, a happy and most important a full life" said riddhima

"you knew this is like the irony of my life my life is saying me to get it away from me and then you will live a full life" said armaan

"I don't want to argue with you ahead on this, so please leave" said riddhima getting up , she just cant get weak now

"ok ok riddhima if you want so ok then let it be like this , I will go away I will leave you forever , I will do whatever you want but in the repayment I also need something" said armaan

"we aren't playing any business game here" said riddhima irritated

"just a little request , just a little time , just one evening , just one dinner, just one last love, just one last" said armaan getting more and more close to her

"stop it armaan, please" said riddhima when she found him getting very near her

"ok I will , just after you say yes, please lets have dinner we can atleast live the last few moments happily with each other" said armaan pleading

And riddhima didn't knew what to say she have no choice somewhere inside her she was just dying to say yes , she just wanted to be with him and not leave him ever but still she can take this as her last wish , her last few moments with him

"ok , but please don't try and act smart just stick to your saying" said riddhima warning

"ok , lets go then" said armaan and didn't even waiting for her reply he literally dragged her along with her

"armaan wait, are we going to go like this I mean I am not even properly dressed for a dinner" said riddhima  pointing towards her appearance

"you knew what you look beautiful like ever, so as far as I am concerned I really don't care you are perfect for me" said armaan getting little close , still holding her one hand

"ok , please maintain distance, and plus I need to inform everyone inside, we cant go without their permission" said riddhima

"I have taken that" said armaan making riddhima sit in the same car and then instructing driver something he also sat with her

Like before , one car ahead and one back accompanying them , and armaan and riddhima in the same high security car

"you did asked everyone earlier for taking me out, listen armaan I knew what you are thinking that you will try and make me agree for changing my decision but let me tell you whatever happens I am not going to change that" said riddhima , very well understanding his plans

"shhh you talk a lot riddhima , just be quite and feel this silence these moments of us" said armaan keeping a figure on her lips , and getting really close to her  "oh yes forgot about the morning kiss I didn't said one thing earlier that it was perfect but I said one thing no matters whatever happen I love you" said armaan

Getting more and more close to her , literally she lying back on the seat and he coming on top of her

And getting really near her lips to kiss her , and as he touched his lips with her , she pushed him back , with all strength she can

"just stop this armaan, please stop, what are you doing , what have gone into you I don't knew but stop getting near me please or else I will go back" said riddhima sitting straight and at a distance from him

"ok , I am sorry I wont" said armaan sitting back

Soon the car stopped and as she stepped out and she was confused she expected that they were going to some hotel or some public place , but no they were standing in front of the malik mansion, their house in the past the place where they spend their married life, their home

"why are we here, I suppose we were going to some hotel for dinner not here" said riddhima pointing at the place

"I wanted to spend few time here with you , not any other place , I hope you wont mind please let get in" said armaan

But now riddhima was scared , she thought that they will go to some public place so they can maintain their distance , but here alone back in the lane of all romantic and love memories she cant take this risk , she will melt down here

"what are you thinking riddhima please step in , its your own house" said armaan seeing her still standing back

"no armaan I don't want to go in here, lets go back" said riddhima

"riddhima you promised me this time of yours and I want you to let me spend this the way I want" said armaan , holding her hand and taking her in
"no I wont , don't you think that I am a fool or something that I don't understand your plans armaan, you taking me alone in this secluded house, so that you can force me to change my mind or anything worse than that, what are you planning to do here now armaan" said riddhima running her mind over fast and thinking all possibilities and like always armaan was enjoying this nervous state and over thinking on all assumptions form of riddhima , he thought of playing a little ahead

"you are so right riddhima , I got you here for that only , well you knew making you say yes there in front of your family was not possible so I trapped you here ,and now here you will be all mine riddhima , here is no one except us both so you cant do anything , nor I will let you run away" said armaan smiling and picked her up in his arms

"hwww armaan leave me,  put me down, you cant do like this with me" said riddhima with full confidence she know armaan can do anything but nothing that can in any form or way hurt her , she trust him so much on that

"how can you be so sure riddhima , don't trust on me now that when you have already made your mind and planned to go away from me then why would I care about you I will do whatever I want" said armaan looking at her she was so confident that armaan cant do anything , which was so true never even in his dreams he can think of hurting her , he was just playing around and teasing her earlier

"yes I knew that well armaan, please put me down I don't want to go with you in" said riddhima

"oh ho riddhima just stop behaving like a kid I just want to spend a little time with you in here alone that's why I am here and don't panic I am not taking you in for doing anything else" said armaan looking at her

"that I already knew" said riddhima

"then why are you so nervous , let me guess , you are scared for yourself as you just cant control your hormones with me being around alone and that to in our house , the same where he had loved each other a lot of times in all the way and we will end up doing anything else" said armaan huskily

"ok topic change" said riddhima looking away

And armaan smilingly entered the house and she was stunned to see the house , it was not like before anymore no dust , nothing , the house was fully clean and fully furnished , walls were freshly painted interiors of the house looks so familiar infact it was the same at their house looked years ago,

"armaan you did all this"  said riddhima smiling looking around

"yes I just gave life to this house a little as it got lifeless in all these years" said armaan putting her down and then walking together hand in hand entering their house

"now this house became home , as its life is back in here , as my life is back in here" said armaan as riddhima entered the house

While riddhima was busy looking around the house , she do listened armaan's comment but preferred keeping quite

She was looking all the things around the memories were still so fresh , the time they had in this place , she still remembered when she entered this house as a bride holding armaan's hand

She went towards the kitchen and it was the same , all the flashes of her cooking for armaan in there and armaan disturbing her while romancing from the back , and she getting irritated , they cooking together less cooking more romancing

A small smile came on her face automatically remembering all that , but then came the flashes , the flashes of their dying , armaan dying because of her

"you must be hungry, but I wish my lovely wife Mrs riddhima armaan malik cooking for me today, will you please" said armaan to riddhima

"maybe you knew that I cant cook, I don't remember that I forgot cooking" said riddhima looking away

"you forgot loving me as well riddhima" said armaan looking at her with intense eyes

"ok topic change" said riddhima getting away

"life is not a movie that if you don't want you can change it all the time, its our life and it cant change like this in just a day" said armaan holding her hands and pulling her towards her , he was getting impatient now with her avoiding

"armaan please leave me, let me go , I think I should leave" said riddhima looking away

"no you are not going anywhere riddhima till you listen to me,  first thing I want you to just stop this nonsense and stupid acts of yours we will go as per everyone decided for us, engagement ceremony that is going to be day after tomorrow and then exactly 5 days from now our wedding" said armaan , rather he ordered her

"no this is not going to happen like this I wont do this marriage and you cant force me in this" said riddhima looking at him

"yes offcourse I can, and I will, if you don't agree by yourself then I will do that with you, i will lock you tie you in one room and will directly open you on the wedding day and picking you up in my arms force you getting married with me, but i wont ever leave you" said armaan

"you cant do this with me" said riddhima

"if you will stay so adamant to your stupid decision of keeping me away from you then I will definitely do that" said armaan and riddhima can see full determination in his eyes for that

"ok lets see how can you do that, armaan I thought you said that you will agree with my decision if I come with you today , and I agreed to your demand , now you cant backoff" said riddhima

"yes but you are not agreeing to my demands either then why should I" said armaan

"ok go ahead I will agree to all your saying other then changing my decision" said riddhima

Armaan thinking a bit ,

"ok fine then think again you will agree to whatever I will say then in that case I want you tonight" said armaan looking at her

"what ! what did you just said" askeed a confused riddhima as she thought she heard something wrong
"I suppose you heard me well,  it you really want me to leave you and go away from your life then give me what I want from you comeon riddhima just one night, just give me your soul let me mark you as mine so what if it will last for just one night that will be all for me" said armaan
looking in her eyes he knew this is wrong he knew this demand is not correct morally ethically or any other way he don't want this from her but he has no other option left he just wanted to change her decision and for that he can do anything

"are you serious i knew you can never do this to me" said riddhima, with confidence
she was shocked earlier really shocked but not on the demand he made but with the fact that he said so, she cant even imagine him saying that , she knew armaan so well that he can never even think of hurting her in any ways and she was just a little surprised with his demand, but then she knew it well why is he doing so, he just want her to change her mind and for that he was putting her in more bigger complicated situation
this was the purity of their relationship they know each other so well, one can make and guess well the others action and they very well knew each other reaction on that, just dont knew why god was taking so many test of their love
and here armaan was not at all surprised with riddhima saying that he himself cant do this to her,
he knew that his love for her is so pure that it just dont need or demand anything, and so was for riddhima , and he knew that riddhima loves him the same that's why they were here in this situation tight now, but this was not the time to think for that he has to change her decision
"how can you be so sure for that riddhima right now, i already said you earlier when you have already made up your mind for leaving me and now why should i care about you, i will do that i want" said armaan keeping her face straight so that riddhima cant read his mind
"oh please armaan just stop this right now I knew that you are just tricking me up , by putting me some bigger difficult situation so that I can choose and change my decision, but no use I am just not falling for your tricks, and there is no way that you can change my mind , so just stop making attempts" said riddhima
"ok in that case very well then" said armaan and picking riddhima in his arms start moving
"armaan put me down where are you taking me" said riddhima struggling in his arms
"to the bedroom where else, now we cant do it here , or you want to do it here in the hall it wont be that comfortable" said armaan walking up the stairs
"have you gone crazy armaan put me down I don't want to go with you" said riddhima struggling
But armaan didn't replied he just kept on moving ahead
"well I am just keeping my words riddhima, deal is a deal and I am just fulfilling the conditions" said armaan reaching near their old bedroom opening the door
While here on the other side
Sharma House ,
Well you all can surely guess the situation there and over that the condition of the brothers, the over possessive bodyguards mayank was pacing from here to there in the hall looking again and again on the watch, nupur cant do anything just keep on looking at him sitting back on the sofa
"nupur kiddo is not back home yet" said mayank looking again at the time
"I knew that mayank , this is like the 20th time you telling me that in the past one hour, mayank its just been an hour that they went and armaan have taken her out with everyone permission ,and your warning of returning before 10 , and I think its still 2 hours to that deadline, so why don't you just relax yourself" said nupur getting irritated
"do you think I should call armaan once and just get to knew when they are coming back" said mayank
"no use bhai I tried calling armaan and riddhima twice but the call is just not reachable" said adhiraj coming in the hall
"what not reachable,  why, hope kiddo is fine and why is their cell out of reach" said mayank getting panic

"what not reachable,  why, hope kiddo is fine and why is their cell out of reach" said mayank getting panic
"oh ho guys just chill maybe they are inside some restaurant , and you knew that yourself that the signals are not very good inside them sometime, its just so common" said nupur trying to relax them both but till then the third one also come
"but bhabhi if it is so then atleast they could have called and informed us once, how irresponsible I always knew this armaan is so irresponsible we should have just not let them go alone I will just try the call again how about calling armaan driver" said samrat 
"no not at all, you are just not going to do that oh please mayank adhiraj and samrat just get to reality , kiddo is out with armaan the man whom she is getting married in the coming 5 days  I mean atleast for us ,and then she have to live her full life with him , and you knew kiddo she is so adamant we all want her and armaan marriage and armaan must be just trying to convince her to change her mind on that , its not just our wish but also our need to get them married remember what guruji said , I knew being the modern people we are we are just not feeling his prediction right but just in case his prediction is accurate and riddhima life is actually in danger then what mayank , no we cant take that risk, moreover riddhima has to marry someone someday and you all agree that we just cant get any other better life partner for her then armaan, he is just perfect in all the ways, then why are you thinking of him like this, I knew mayank you agree to me on  that, can we get any other better partner for kiddo, don't you think armaan has got all the quality we ever wished to have in riddhima's future husband" said nupur
"but nupur bhabhi I am still little worried and then all that predictions and all" said samrat getting tensed
"its natural samrat its actually is, you knew you all are just not able to digest the fact that your kiddo is going to leave you in few days , that she will get married and go away with armaan but samrat this is nothing new we all knew that this is going to happen one day and now when it is finally happening we are just sad for getting away from her" said nupur getting teary herself
Yes that was the only fact , there anger frustration all was cause of this reason,
"nupur bhabhi you are so right it was actually the reason why we are just not able to accept armaan as well , we are just feeling jealous of him as he is going to take our kiddo from us, she is so precious to us all that we just cant imagine a life without her right now" said adhiraj
"but in all this one thing is so correct that we have chosen the right person for her armaan is a nice man strong powerful, rich, good looking and on the same time with a heart of gold, and more than anything he loves care and understand our kiddo so well, you knew we are just jealous of armaan for one reason also that somewhere we are not ready to accept one more fact that anyone can love our kiddo even more than all of us, which he does, I think we should need to accept him as a part of our family soon" said mayank "I trust armaan that he can never hurt our kiddo" said mayank
"he better not otherwise we wont leave him" said adhiraj and samrat in together

Ok scene change again back to armaan and riddhima
Armaan entered the room , with riddhima in her arms , and the same room the same place , so many memories came back to her mind but then the fact for which armaan got her here came back to her mind,
Armaan putting her down in the bed the same where they had spend a lot of passionate nights together the memory of them all were still fresh in riddhima's heart , still she can feel all the
Goosebumps in herself with imagining them
"armaan stop this I knew you don't want this, I knew you are just pretending so that I can change my mind in panic but this is not going to work" said riddhima getting little relaxed
"oh really do you still feel that I am just playing around with her riddhima , well agree I was doing that earlier , but right now getting here back in the lane now , right now its not at all right , she want to be away from him and not with him of all old memories we had here I just can't stop all this and me right now" said armaan getting on top of her as she was half laid on the bed,
"armaan stop" said riddhima rather manage to say her heartbeat was increasing with this much amount of closeness they were sharing , she was just getting back and back and in no time she lied down completely on the bed her heart beat was as usuall faster all the feelings of the past have taken over her in  that moment , maybe due to the aura of the place which got all the love and romance in it as it was once shared by a totally madly and crazy in love , lovers and it was them
"you remember last time I kidnapped and got you here before you remembered our past I said you that I want you and want to make love to you like we use to do earlier , I was serious at that time and I am serious at this time as well" said armaan looking at her
The moment was so strong that it took over everything , they have forgotten their fight for each other the changing decision game was left far behind only the two lovers were lost in each other eyes and the only thing audible was their heartbeats
"I love you riddhima I love you more than anything" said armaan and sealing his statement with a kiss which eventually started slowly and soon turned in a passionate desire which they had for each other , the long awaited desire to be in each other arms , to get each other
Riddhima was so lost that she don't knew what she was doing she was just acting like a puppet under his touch , her brain was numb , she can only feel one thing his lips on her and the fire they were creating on her she was equally responding to his touch it felt so good like always
They never wanted this to end , they were having their moments holding each other both hands tightly on both side not letting anyone to leave tasting each other saliva playing with each other senses the kiss continued for few minutes and then finally they both left each other for breathing while they didn't wanted but still breathing is required
After a while armaan came down on her neck her beauty bone he started giving light kisses to her on both side of her neck making very sure not hurting her at all, he lightly made her top down from her neck and exposing her shoulder a bit giving wet kisses there while riddhima was so lost in him that she just closed her eyes and let him pleasure her with his passionate yet so pure and soft love
Armaan just wanted to stop himself here, but he just cant he knew they have gone a little far and he should stop but then his mind was not in his control anymore and he knew the same for riddhima
He came little down to her stomach and pulling her top a little up from there kissed on her belly button and giving little tickling sensation
Riddhima can feel the little tickling sensation he was giving her she was feeling so lifeless at the moment she knew that armaan and only he have the power to control her and he was doing that
"I love you armaan" she mummer to herself not intentionally but the moment made her say that it was mere a whisper but still very much audible for him to hear  which made him very much attentive, it was nothing new that he was listening riddhima have said this even before to him , but still something made her stop at the statement and that was the situation , he was happy on his victory finally
 "then why are you even thinking of leaving me" said armaan getting back still on top of her exactly face to face
This was when riddhima opened her eyes just to find him looking at her face with so much intensity and lots of pain in his eyes and then the moment strikes her what were they doing if armaan have not stopped then they would have ended doing something which was not so correct right now she suddenly got really conscious of all this, and armaan don't knew maybe sensed that or he already knew her reaction to that, rolled over from her to the other side of the bed while riddhima just sat back on the same place covering herself back properly like it was earlier
this was surely one of a most embarrassing and awkward situation they both got themselves into

armaan also sat back with her in the same position
"I need to go back home" said riddhima getting up from the bed she need to get out of here now
And armaan coming in front of her and blocking her way ,
"no you cant, you wont go anywhere till you answer me, why are you even thinking of leaving me riddhima when you love me so much" said armaan , it was high time and lots of test of his patience
"armaan please you already knew the reasons for this" said riddhima trying to escape
And armaan holding her arms to stop her
"I care a dam about your excuses riddhima this is not about you and your love for me that you can take all the decision its about us and our love together  and the decisions are also ours together and I deny your" said armaan and then thinking a bit over the whole situation
"ok fine if you want to get away from me you can go I wont force you, and nor I will stop you from going, you just don't want to be with me just not be with me but just give me this 5 days with you, just this 5 days riddhima , for mine for everyone satisfaction just let guruji do all the rasams of marriage , just be there and just marry me in the rituals only please just complete the rituals of the marriage the way everyone wanted and I promise you are free after that , I wont force you into anything if you want to go out of my life you can go, you are a modern girl and don't believe in those rituals then I suppose it wont matter you much lets just complete all the rituals on that day and then I promise I will never come back and you will have full right to go anywhere you want" said armaan trying to make her agree to this
"no armaan , why are you doing all this,  please armaan I don't want you to die again with me not in this life , I just cant get myself out of the guilt that I was the cause of your death I am a curse to you armaan I am a curse on your life" said riddhima crying and breaking down on the floor

"riddhima just with what guruji said you made yourself the cause of my death but have you even thought that if I didn't died with you in that life then also what would have I done without you, I would have killed myself as well, I thanked god like 1000 times for the fact that he gave me this curse in my life which is actually his biggest blessing to me , riddhima you are my angel, the good blessing of that god on me that he gave me you ,and over that the most beautiful part of our love that not only god made our love eternal for ages but also made our togetherness forever, tum nahi to main nahi, aur main nahi to tum nahi" said armaan looking straight in her eyes [if you are not then I am not, if I am not then you are not]
Riddhima didn't said anything just listening to him
"just for once imagine riddhima if something like this happened to me , if guruji made a prediction which was opposite and that I was the one the reason for our death, then what would have you done , left me alone and went away from my life, would you have accepted me sacrificing my love and life for your living and well being" said armaan ahead
And it was so true , riddhima would have never let him do the same she is doing yes she would have done the same what armaan is doing right now, she would have married him even after knowing the fact that she can die being with him
"then why cant I riddhima , only you don't have the right to prove that you love me more than anything , even I have this right that I love you the same you love me" said armaan
"but armaan what about the future" said armaan
"who have seen the future riddhima and who knew that what the future holds for us do , no one and what if today also we didn't heard what guruji said then we were still unknown of this future , I knew only one thing riddhima that whatever the future is how cruel it is going to be , and how many  problems and troubles it have until and unless we are together we can face it ,I cant fight it alone we together will fight it, because I knew one thing if you are not with me neither do I have a present and nor do I will have any future" said armaan broking down with riddhima ,
Both crying,  and hugging each other
"I love you armaan , I love you a lot I cant imagine a life without you" said riddhima crying
"so what do you think can I do that , you cant imagine a life without me and you wanted me to live a life without you, you knew if anything happened to you I will kill myself as well, whether you want it or not we both will die together" said armaan
And riddhima keeping a hand on his mouth
"we wont talk about this now" said riddhima
"yes we wont , don't worry riddhima nothing will happen to you until and unless I am here with you I promise this time history wont repeat itself as we have so many people's loving us our great families supporting us , this time we all together can easily fight this" said armaan
And then suddenly
"oh no" said armaan
"what happened" said riddhima
"mayank bhaiya , he said us to return before 10, and its already 9, I think we should go" said armaan
"its ok armaan bhaiya is very nice he wont say anything" said riddhima smiling
"Finally I got my smile back, god riddhima you are such a melodrama sometimes and drags it soo much" said armaan seeing her
"What you called me a melodrama armaan mind yourself don't you dare call me drama ok" said riddhima
"Finally my princess is back , I love you like this riddhima just be like this always" said armaan hugging her tightly
"armaan I think we should finish the work we are here for I need to go back home as well" said riddhima
"what riddhima are you ok , do you really want me to finish the task we were here for" said armaan getting close to her and kissing her again
"stop your dirty one track mind armaan I am talking about dinner I am hungry" said riddhima pushing him back
"oh you are talking about dinner, yes so is my princess ready to cook now" said armaan getting up and laughing on his own silliness
"no this time its not me its you who is going to cook" said riddhima getting up and making her clothes fine and hairs done again getting back in a pretty presentable form
"riddhima I have just renovated this house do you really want this to be burnt again with my cooking" said armaan making a scared face
"no I don't want that, then what to do" said riddhima laughing on his face
"how about I order something from outside" said armaan
"good idea but just make that fast we don't have much time I need to get back home" said riddhima smiling
"yes I knew my brother In law's deadline" said armaan smiling
 And then armaan hugging her tight and lightly kissing her on her lips , still in his hug
"I am so happy everything is back to normal , I love you riddhima" said armaan leaving her
"come fast I am waiting for you downstairs" said armaan hurriedly moving down
Leaving a shocked riddhima behind with the sudden kiss, but soon she also got back to normal she need to get adapted to this now , she is about to get married to him in 5 days
This mere thought was giving a whole lot of Goosebumps to her right now
But still lets see what future holds for them , till then they need to live in present and enjoy and cherish each and every moment in that

ok thats all for now ,
hope you liked the part ,

i try writing and this little angel by my side started crying all the time, seriously i dont knew when will he let his mom do some writing 

will try and update ahead as well very soon , and that means soon.


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Awesum update..luvd

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excellent update..
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finally riddhima man gayee.. thnk god..Smile
update soonishhh..
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Posted: 10 November 2013 at 6:30am | IP Logged
awesome amazing update loved it thanx for pm

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Joined: 17 April 2010
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Posted: 10 November 2013 at 8:09am | IP Logged
loved it

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Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2013 at 9:48am | IP Logged
welcome back di!!
hows my little angel doing?

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SacredLove Goldie

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Posted: 10 November 2013 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Finally u update how r u dear
hope now u and ur little angel are fit and fine
coming to part it was amazing love it
Finally arman ne ridhima ko mana liya
hope they leave happily now waiting for more romance
thanks for pm do cont soon take care

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