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hey plz update no... Plz

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ojaswi_kajen Goldie

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di please update had been sooo long...plzzz...!!!!

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first of all i am really very sorry for being late this time, i was so badly busy in my duties and responsibility , that i cant get much time to be here , but still i try much hard to get time for you all guys , my lovely readers ,i love you all guys a lot for your support  
part 28 on page 101
 While still few were quite , infact all this talks were going on in between the elders while here all the youngsters were quite , none of them said anything , all were just listening to the elders making decisions
For the marriage dates regarding which day what tradition to be done, and how is marriage going to happen in a pure rajasthani style as armaan was that , or in traditional Punjabi style , as riddhima was a Punjabi
So finally after kashish pleading it was decided that they will have a big fat Punjabi wedding as kashish was also biologically a Punjabi girl and always wished to follow all that traditions in her son's marriage
"so finally decided we will have a nice big Punjabi wedding for armaan and riddhima" said sujal happily
When finally riddhima got up , since the time guruji said all that words and he went she was still sitting in the same position quietly finally she stood up, don't knew what to say and how to react to all this about guruji predictions and over that a biggest step of her life her wedding and that too at such a short notice in just 5 days , this was big , but then standing up she saw all the faces , her parents busy in talking about wedding preparations , her brothers sitting quietly and to the all armaan who was just not saying anything, just lost in his deep thoughts.
As she got up , everyone attention went towards her
"kiddo what happened" said prerna looking at her standing
"mom I actually" riddhima tried telling but then seeing everyone around , she don't want to hurt anyone with what she was feeling , "nothing mom I am just not feeling well I am going back home" said riddhima and she didn't even waited for any replies and left from there
"kiddo , kiddo wait listen" said prerna but she went out of the hall
"its ok prerna ji we all understand suddenly all this marriage thing she just need a little time to accept all this" said kashish
"yes that's ok , still she went out alone without any one, it can be dangerous" said sujal , as she was been attacked once and anything can happen again

Here he had not even completed his sentence , when armaan , along with mayank , samrat and adhiraj rushed out of the hall following riddhima
While riddhima had still just crossed the main door of the villa and walking down the garden , as she refused to go by the car the driver offered her
She was walking in the garden when armaan stopped her
"riddhima wait , listen to me" said armaan
"Please armaan I don't want to talk right now , please just leave me alone" said riddhima
"ok fine i wont say anything , let me drop you back home" said armaan
"no its ok I can manage" said riddhima
"no its not ok I cant let you go alone" said armaan
"oh stop that armaan I am not a small kid or anyone that I need my bodyguards around me all the time , why cant you just leave me alone" said riddhima getting frustrated
"riddhima what happened to you why are you talking with me like this" said armaan
"that's why I am saying that I don't even want to talk with you right now ,please just leave me" said riddhima calming a little
"no I wont , until that I am satisfied that you are safe" said armaan as a final verdicts
"oh please making me feel again and again that I am going to die soon, and that only you can save me" said riddhima irritated
"now from where does that came from riddhima , please why are you saying this I wont let anything happen to you" said armaan
"exactly that's what I am telling you , stop this, just stop making me realize again and again" said riddhima , but then just stopped in the middle realizing what she was going to say ahead
"what , what realize, riddhima will you be clear that exactly what you are talking about" said armaan getting little confused
"forget it I don't want to talk about all this" said riddhima
"no I have to I want to knew that exactly what is it going on in your mind" said armaan
"you wont give up, stop forcing me again and again I really don't want to say anything for which I have to regret later"  said riddhima getting little tears in her eyes , she just dont want to discuss the turmoil going on between her , specially not at all with armaan , but here he was forcing her again and again for the same
"riddhima please , please tell me what is it, why are you getting so upset look dad and uncle said that we dont have to think about what guruji said , so you also should not thing about this much, nothing will happen riddhima" said armaan trying to calm her
"yes nothing will happen right then we shall stay with that, in that case we dont have to do all that drama right, no need for all this if nothing going to happen" said riddhima
"drama what drama, and what you dont want to do exactly" said armaan confused
"all this marriage deadline and all, armaan if you are so sure that nothing like this is going to happen and that you also dont trust all this , then whats the need of this marriage in so hurry , I mean just 5 days and then" riddhima tried saying ahead
"drama , riddhima you are talking about our marriage , no matter whatever the situation is , still it is our marriage and no where it is a drama act for me atleast" said armaan getting little hurt with riddhima words
"oh I am sorry yes right marriage our marriage as if marriage is the last think left in this world" said riddhima
"riddhima what happened to you why are you saying all this and what do you mean by for me, this marriage our relation does it means nothing for you" said armaan feelig really hurt
"now dont take this talk to the other side , i just meant that" riddhima trying to say
"its ok riddhima now there is no need for clarifications you have said whatever you wanted , the damage is already done" said armaan
"armaan"  riddhima was about to say something ahead , but then thinking a little, "ok if you thinks it like that then let it be like that only,  that's exactly what I want so lets just end up with all this" said riddhima

"oh really so now you wish to end up with this, fine then do whatever you wish to do I wont come in your way, never will I" said armaan in the same anger
"ok fine, I am leaving and please now let me go, dont you come behind me" said riddhima

While they were busy in fighting the discussion turning out in a big fight

Here mayank , samrat and adhiraj who came out following riddhima and armaan,  listened to all their talks
"riddhima , armaan , guys stop this" said mayank angrily coming there

"what is happening here , guys there inside in the hall everyone happily discussing about you both marriage and here outside you are fighting like anything" said mayank

"bhaiya its good you came now you have seen it , bhaiya please I dont want to get married just stop all this drama inside , bhaiya I" said riddhima

"stop this kiddo what happened to you everything was perfect between you two and now suddenly you dont want to get married why kiddo" said mayank trying to make riddhima agree
"yes kiddo you both love each other , you are born for each other as the soulmates , then what happened suddenly, see kiddo getting on such big decisions at such a small and baseless arguments is just not right" said adhiraj

"see kiddo we also understand that all this marriage in just 5 days think have disturbed you a lot but still this is no way to end with this, w can take other solutions out of it as well" said samrat
"I dont believe you guys you are my brothers or armaans you all supporting him , ok fine you all stay back here and do whatever you all want , as for me I am out of this ,all this drama and forget it" said riddhima turning to leave

And at that armaan again holding her hand

"I hope you didn't listened to me earlier you are not leaving alone from here" said armaan still concerned with her safety

"leave me , leave my hand armaan dont you understand once I really dont want to be here , and anywhere around , I just dont want all this ,I have to go back home , my home , it was the biggest mistake of my life to get in here, and getting in all this, the mistake I did once in my past life , I am surely not going to repeat it again it was my biggest mistake to come back to India , and getting in all this, specially meeting you" said riddhima and that was all for armaan , he left her hand feeling really hurt
While here mayank , samrat and adhiraj were equally depressed , they never expected this from riddhima

and over that , by this time even elders were out , looking for the kids and they to overheard riddhima
everyone was shocked with what riddhima said,
prerna and rishab were seriously angry on their own daughter  but before that they can say her
anything she sat back in a car and left from there driving that alone
"kiddo , wait,  kiddo , I am so sorry armaan I seriously dont knew what got into her and why was she saying all that" said mayank feeling sad for armaan
"its ok bhaiya please you all go behind her she went out all alone it wont be safe for her" said armaan gathering himself to say that
"riddhima said you soo much and still you are concerned only for her safety , I knew my daughter cant get a more better partner for herself , and she being a fool what had she done" said prerna angrily

"its ok aunty, everything will get fine" said armaan
And soon all the sharma's left leaving armaan and his parents behind
Here as Sharma elders along with the kids reached back home and all rushed to riddhima's room only to find her packing her stuff
"riddhima what are you doing" said prerna little confused

"packing my stuff , I am going back to London , I dont want to stay here" said riddhima still busy with packing

"going back , kiddo are you serious , dont you knew that its your marriage in 5 days how can you go" said nandini in disbelief

"marriage which marriage , nandu chachi , didn't you heard me well there , its all over no marriage is going to happen and as for me leaving well that's required because I knew you all that if I will stay back here you all will force me into this marriage with all your emotional blackmails and I dont want that to happen" said riddhima
"stop it stop this nonsense now riddhima, and sit back here"  said rishab in anger , he was a very gentle man didn't get angry so early but when he gets its too dangerous and maybe for the first time in her life riddhima was seeing this side of her father , he being so angry on her

She knew this was it , she quietly sat back on the bed side , and prerna and rishab calmly now , sat back with her
"kiddo now please without any hesitations , please tell me what exactly happened , everything was so normal and then suddenly what" said rishab , finally really calmed

And seeing her parents like this, riddhima broke down , she started crying hugging prerna
"shh , its ok kiddo please tell me what happened" said prerna calming her
"mom I, mom I actually" riddhima tried to say , but then again thinking a little over that
"yes kiddo, just be calm and tell" said prerna
"mom I dont want to go, I dont want to leave you all said riddhima
"what is this the reason said shocked prerna
"mom , I , I mean this marriage and that to in 5 days , that means I will leave you all in just 5 days , I have to go away from you all forever" said riddhima looking at her family

"kiddo its nothing new every girl have to leave her parents and family behind and go to a new house, you also knew this and understand this as well plus we are not getting you married to any stranger you are getting married with armaan whom we all suppose you loved the most somewhere more than all of us , still you dont want to get married" said prerna calming her down
"yes mom but still I thought there is time for that , but now only I have 5 days , I thought I will get a lot more time than this, how will I live without you all , I still wanted to have so many good memories with you all saying the first good morning to dad every morning , and again and again making him guess who I am by blindfolding his eyes from back, then after returning from jog, making samrat bhai irritate by waking him again and again with adhi bhai , making adhi and samrat bhai run behind me the whole house , and then playing cupid between karan chachu and nandini chachi fights, getting the usual earthquakes on breakfast table , teasing mayank bhaiya and nupur bhabhi all the time and over the all sleeping in yours and nandu chachi laps every night , how will I live without all this mom" said riddhima remembering all her lifetime , all the lovely family moments all the care love and support of her family

While here all the family members were getting teary with the same fact , yes that was right if riddhima will get married in the next 5 days then she will have to go and all this will be over , infact there life will stand still , riddhima was the charm the life of this house , without her this home will became lifeless

"oh my baby , we all understand that sweety , but if all the girls will think on it like this then no one will get married cause all the girls have to leave their family" said nandini , hugging her tight
"yes nandu chachi is absolutely right kiddo , we also knew that this is tough not only for you but for all of us as well, this is not easy but still not getting married is no option over that I knew how it feels but on the other side , see the positive side you also going to get another lovely family, leaving one family and going in another, with the same love, and over the all armaan , think about him riddhima he also loves you soo much dont you feel any responsibility over him you cant be that selfish" said  nupur trying to make riddhima realize
"nupur is right riddhima , stop all this acts now and get prepared for the marriage , and before that you have to clear a lot of mess that you created" said prerna

"mom here we are discussing such a serious issue and you are still concerned about the messy room" said adhiraj ,

"well as for your concern I am not talking about the room , I am talking about armaan and his parents, and the mess she did in front of them , god knews what not have she said to armaan poor boy was so hurt and so were sujal ji and kashish, you have to say sorry to them first" said prerna
"riddhima are you actually listening to what we all are saying, get up , lets go" said rishab
"no  dad I am not going anywhere , I am sorry dad with all the talks of yours after hearing everything still I am stick to my decision I dont want to get married" said riddhima still sitting back

"what , riddhima what had happened to you , look at me kiddo , is there something else you are hiding, had anything happened which we dont knew, what is it riddhima why dont you want to get married to armaan , riddhima seriously tell us , its not that you dont like him or anything we all knew that you love him a lot, then whats the matter" said mayank getting irritated now
"bhaiya is right kiddo , please atleast tell us , you never hide anything from me and samrat , please atleast tell us" said adhiraj ,
"its nothing like that bhai, I just cant let my family my freedom go away so soon in this marriage" said riddhima

"oh so you are saying no for the marriage , because of your own selfish reasons, when did you became so selfish riddhima" said prerna getting angry

Only then armaan came there ,

"I wish aunty , I really wish that she would have been selfish,  then there would have been no issues" said armaan getting inside the room , along with sujal and kashish
"well I knew we are not supposed to be here in this family talks but still we just wanted to get solution to all this" said sujal getting in

"oh please welcome sujal uncle you all are also like a family to us , so please dont say that" said mayank welcoming all three in

"yes I was telling that I wish riddhima could have been little selfish , she should have , but the problem is that she is not, she just cant be selfish she was never selfish neither in the past nor now" said armaan getting close to her , and sitting on his knees in front of her  where already adhiraj and samrat were sitting while taking to riddhima
"why are you here now , please dont you get what I said , that its all over and for your information am going back to London today itself" said riddhima again in the same rude tone
"and as if I will let you go" said armaan challenging her
"oh really in that case you wait and watch I am going and no one can stop me" said riddhima
"oh now please stop this riddhima , you aren't that a good actress that you are trying , all thi drama and acting of yours is not working on here" said armaan , looking straight in riddhima eyes , which were already saying a lot
"what happened why are you getting so nervous riddhima, what about your anger your freedom your family , and over the all your selfishness" said armaan rather teasing her
"i dont knew what you are talking about armaan as for you why dont you understand one thing that I really dont wish to marry you or meet you or even see your face, so you get the hell out of here right now" said riddhima , getting angry rather pretending angry
"riddhima thats enough this is no way to talk with anyone specially our guest, moreover he is armaan you like it or not he is the to be son in law of our family  say sorry to him right now"  said prerna getting angry
"no mom , there is matter of liking it at all , I am not getting married to him ever , I would rather prefer dying than marrying him" said riddhima in anger
"thats what you are exactly doing right now" said armaan , finally making riddhima nervous  can die alone but don't want to be with me right riddhima" said armaan
"armaan what do you mean , we are now really confused please be precise" said rishab
"no dad he is just giving lame excuses its nothing true in that" said riddhima getting scared of her drama getting ended
"well lame excuses are the one you are giving here , I will be really precise on that and now you will just shut your mouth you have already said a lot for the day" said armaan feeling his full authority on her
"you all guys really wanted to knew regarding this sudden change in riddhima , and why is she doing all this, well you all are right she is doing all this purposely and that too just to get away from me , rather keep me away from her fate, right riddhima" said armaan , seeing riddhima sitting back quietly without saying anything ahead
"maybe you all here are still confused as you didnt heard guruji's words properly, but i knew riddhima did, she clearly heard that she can die in the next five days as it is her destiny" said armaan

"Please armaan dont repeat that again and again yes we all heard that well, and even that if you both will get married than riddhima can be safe" said mayank
"yes you are right mayank bhaiya and i can assure that as well that till the time i am here i wont let anything happen to her, but the problem is that riddhima she just dont want tme to be near her as she thinks that the history will repeat itself and that if I will stay with her I will also die just like in the past and she just don't want that that's why I was saying that she is not selfish  I wish I really wish she actually have been selfish she can face everything alone but just cant let me suffer with her" said armaan looking at riddhima with little pain as he was hurt with riddhima decision to be away from her
while everyone looking only at riddhima

and now everyone remembered what guruji said he said that armaan was not destined to die but as he was he loves riddhima and was with her and never let her go he also died with her and that it was his love and that had bought riddhima back again in this world now also it is only armaan's love that can save her but still destiny can play games again and she was scared that what if their destiny win again and there love was not able to live again against their cruel destiny now it was very much clear everyone understood why riddhima was doing all this , she doesn't want armaan to die again with her all the tensions and anger over riddhima changed with the form of proud and guilty
"no this is not right its nothing like that" said kushi
"oh really then what is the real reason you tell" armaan questioning her
"I don't know I just know that I want you to just get away from me from my life and everything" said riddhima
"No this is not right its nothing like that" said riddhima
"oh really then what is the real reason you tell" armaan questioning her
"I don't know I just know that I want you to just get away from me from my life and everything" said riddhima
"in that case just check on your heart is that one thing really possible come on now admit riddhima that everything I said is right said armaan
ok fine if you feel this is the case then let it be like that  , fine I dont want you to be here with me , I dont want you to be near me , because I dont want this to happen again said riddhima looking at armaan wounded hand that was caused while saving riddhima from that gunshot attack in the morning
I care a dam about this riddhima until and unless you are here with me i dont care at all about anything , riddhima please just forget all this and say yes , nothing will happen to you , and not to me either i promise you that , just try and give our fate one chance this time , we can fight it, but only till we are together said armaan , trying hard to convince her but she looked adamant on her decision and this was frustrating armaan now
for god sake riddhima why dont you understand that if you will stick to your idiotic decision then anything can happen to you, why dont you understand that, prerna aunty , mayank bhaiya just say something to her , just give her some senses , she is not thinking at all about herself but you all , you all being her family at least you all try and convince her , hope you all remember guruji words , if she will not agree to this marriage then nothing can save her said armaan looking at everyone around helplessly
while here everyone could understand both the state  , riddhima doing this for armaan safety and armaan doing this to save her , both sacrificing rather both taking risk for each other , this surely reflects there true love in all senses, but here as they all being riddhima family somewhere selfish for her , as they all love her a lot and cant afford to lose her in any case, want riddhima to be convinced
kiddo , baby I am sorry for being rude to you earlier , I just didnt understood your behavior earlier but now that we all understood why you doing this I am so proud of you sweety , its too tough to take such a drastic step I can understand that you want armaan safety , but then what about you, do you have any idea that if anything happens to you then what will happen to us , your family , that also loves you a lot and want you to be safe and happy , kiddo please say yes to this marriage please kiddo if not for yourself if now for your love then atleast for us , your family , please kiddo said prerna trying to convince her
mom please dont say that again and again,  mom my fate is decided and no one can change that , please mom let the destiny play its game whatever god have thought for me let that happen I really dont care at all for that , but being with armaan and putting him with me in the same danger I am sorry I cant do that , and I will never do that , no matter whatever happens I wont mom said riddhima
Saying that riddhima stood up from there ,and then seeing sujal and kashish went to them
all the family , my family present in this room want me to say yes , and i knew that they all are saying this as they are my family and love me very much and want me to be safe, but you aunty sujal uncle , please give some senses to armaan and make him understand that not only to me , now he is your one and only son and have few responsibility towards you both as well, being his parents i knew you  want his safety first , just take your decision can you allow your son to marry me even after knowing the fact that i am dying and he being with me , he will also die with me , can you allow that to happen , i knew you both cant ,please sujal uncle , kashish aunty i respect you both a lot , i dont want you also to go through the same pain my parents going to get its better to save atleast the one that can be safe said riddhima looking at armaan
And as she didnt wanted any further contact with him , as she knew she can go weak she have to stay on her decisions , she ran away from there
kiddo wait , kiddo where are you going said rishab as she left , while no one moved this time to follow her , not even armaan , he stood on his place rooted
its ok aunty , no need to say anything to her right now said armaan stopping anyone to follow her
but armaan , oh god what is she thinking why dont she gets that nothing will happen to anyone if she agree to what all we are doing said mayank little worried for his sister now

but still armaan how do you knew that this was the reason behind her changed behavior asked adhiraj
so what else it can be adhi , it was so simple she was doing all this drama after hearing this and she was doing this purposely, she is not that a good actress and I knew it since the start that she was acting just didnt said anything as I wanted to see how far she can take it said armaan
but now what , she is very adamant on her decision and she wont change it so soon said mayank looking tensed
I know what I have to do I wont let her go so easily don't worry bhaiya she will say yes I know she is a bit more drama queen I know how to tackle her  said armaan smiling and then looking at his parents , who were looking little lost in what riddhima said them regarding they losing their son
dad mom , I knew whatever she said you are thinking about that , dad mom please dont panic nothing will happen said armaan
we already knew that son , and relax we are not at all thinking of it like this said sujal smiling
yes I am proud of riddhima she taking you and your family happiness over her , I knew that nothing will happen to you both I have full faith in my god , he will protect you both and as for what riddhima said then even if we think of it that way still we can never stop you from being with her , who are we to get in between you both when even destiny was not able to separate you both then who are we said kashish smiling
yes go ahead son and I want you to make her agree, then only I will feel that you are actually my son , go get your love for yourself, as she is just not getting one thing that here you are making her agree not for her but for yourself because I knew that you just cant be without her at all said sujal smiling
And with that everyone agreed to it and now started a new mission , mission make riddhima agree, well as on armaan request , everyone let him be the one to make her agree, somewhere both family thought that this is their personal matter and they all wont be interfering in that  no one will
Armaan took permission from riddhima parents to take her out with him , and no one had any objection with that , afterall they have a right to talk alone they were the one to get married and
even the bodyguards brothers of riddhima , didnt said anything , except be back soon dont be late , lols few things are tough to change

Ok now ahead in next part , lets see how armaan make riddhima agree, or will she or will she not , well there is lot more to this , lets see whats coming ahead  


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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2013 at 7:12am | IP Logged
nice one
waiting 4 d nxt part
thanx 4 d pm.

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Gudduluvs IF-Dazzler

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awesum update missd ar scenes aar...make it happy na..want to enjy dere weddng..plz..thnks..

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Teja.... IF-Rockerz

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nice update dear
armaan and ridhima are true solumates I love then yat
plz plz dnt delay updates
cont soon

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Hiii...Awesome update...Loved it...loved AR...both r thing about each other...will ridzy agree...Can't wait 4 more...Con soon...Thanks 4 da pm

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