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plz do update soon.. u've paused at a crucial pt.

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AR are back with their love care fun and cute little figts and then ruthna and manana...
love the part too much and plz update soon na...

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It is the best story evr i read in my life
Mindblowing ff please continue soon :)

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OmG Di!!
you sure know how to make up for all the wait that you make us do Big smile
Riddhima and Armaan are together and still their family love them so much!!
I want more of brother-sister moments and father-daughter moments Di Unhappy
and they are together, and Armaan even came to her window in the night…I wonder how as her house is like in the middle of huge garden and the entire compound is walled.
and Anjali and Atul came at Sharma's :D but then Shashank I had thought was a changed man, the way you showed him to be crying in front of Armaan's and Riddhima's photograph in the hospital and he was so understanding when they all had come face- to- face, but then he turns out to be evil, calling someone and then this life-threatening attack on Riddhima.

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blessed4 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 July 2013 at 7:46am | IP Logged
Amazing part
Please continue soon

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ojaswi_kajen Goldie

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Posted: 25 July 2013 at 9:12am | IP Logged

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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part 27 on page 97 

Armaan and riddhima still lying on road , armaan on top of her to cover her properly
"riddhima are you ok" said armaan looking at her face ,
"armaan , kiddo are you guys fine, come I will help you" said samrat holding armaan making him sit ,
"I am fine , I am" said riddhima as all made her sit ,
"oh no armaan your arm is bleeding are you hurt" asked adhiraj
"no maybe got hurt by the road when I rolled but I am fine , riddhima are you ok" said armaan
"yes I am but what was that" said riddhima
Soon mayank was informed on firing outside the office , and he rushed there , to see armaan and riddhima and adhiraj and samrat making them both stand
"oh god , kiddo armaan are you guys alright , and what happened here" said mayank , coming hugging them both together
"we don't have any idea either bhai , but it looked like someone wanted to kill them" said samrat
"not us samrat this attempt was not for me it was for riddhima , someone wanted to kill riddhima" said armaan looking at riddhima scared face

"ok guys come I will help you first lets get inside the office premises , then we will talk regarding this" said mayank looking over the road , first he wanted to assure their security
Soon we see all of them in one side resting area of mayank's cabin , adhiraj made armaan sit properly , while samrat made riddhima sit on the chair and made her drink some water
"armaan your hand is bleeding badly wait I will just get the first aid kit" said adhiraj 
"I am fine just a little cut" said armaan
"yes we can see that its bleeding so badly and you saying you are fine" said riddhima sarcastically
Soon mayank came there with first aid kit and riddhima taking it from him started wetting cotton with antiseptic
"I am still so confused how can any unknown car enter our office premises , what were the main gate keeper and security people doing , how did they allowed anyone enter the premises just like that only" said mayank getting angry
"you are right bhai , the security people let anyone come in like this its not safe , the area where this attack happened to reach there anyone would have to cross through the main outer gate for
security check" said samrat
"I will just go and check with them" said mayank  and he went out of there
"yes even I will call my guards that were following that attackers car, I will just see in that I get some information out of it" said armaan
"well its not required right now first let me get you bandaged" said riddhima rather ordered and started cleaning armaan wound with cotton

"but still I am so shocked who can it be I mean we don't know anyone who would be having any concern with you all then who can it be" said adhiraj confused
"even I am not sure of that , we don't have any enemy no rivalry, and as for riddhima she never had any issues or any kind of experience with any person" said samrat
"except for one, that guy Ranveer , remember armaan beating him for riddhima and over that his mother even gave threatening warning to us for taking the case back what was that lady name" said adhiraj
"maya kapoor" said armaan remembering their past experience with maya how she tried on armaan lots of time and even after armaan and riddhima wedding she tried creating misunderstanding between them she only wanted to break their relation
And here riddhima looking at armaan on the mention of that name
"that means she want her revenge from me for the present" said riddhima shocked
"and the past as well , remember riddhima she openly warned you that she wont leave you for the insult you did of her I am so very sure its her , otherwise other than her who else would be interested in killing you" said armaan making riddhima remember
"killing me , but armaan how can you be so sure that this attempt was for me and no one else" said riddhima
"cause the car target and the target at which gun was aimed was you , they only wanted to shoot you , that's why when I covered you they didn't fired ahead as they missed their target" said armaan
"guys I think this is a serious matter now we need to call the cops , I will just call them" said samrat and went out
"whatever happened but thank god you both are safe and nothing worse happened" said adhiraj , keeping hand on both armaan and riddhima
"its really ok bhai , I am fine and till the time you all are with me I will be fine always" said riddhima but with eyes she looking only at armaan with all her love, she knew he was the one with whom whatever the situation maybe she remains fine
And adhiraj looking at both of them , somewhere feeling that they both need a little time alone for each other
"ahh I will just go and see that if mayank bhaiya not killing  anyone cause he was too angry on the security" said adhiraj making excuse left from there
As adhiraj left the cabin armaan without wasting any moment just hugged riddhima tight , he was so scared for her he knew he have just lost her , that her rather which was his own  life was in danger this mere thought had made him shiver
"I was so scared riddhima, if anything happened to you then what could have I done" said armaan still hugging her tight
"its ok armaan look here I am fine" said riddhima patting her back a little and making him calm
"but look what you did , your arm" said riddhima holding her wounded hand she dad already done the bandage on that
She bend down and lightly kissed his arm on the wound above the bandage
"well I am little hurt on the head also" said armaan getting little naughty , but riddhima didn't understood his intention
She moved above and lightly kissed him on his head
"and I was hurt here as well" said armaan ahead pointing towards his lips with a naughty grin on his face
"shut up armaan you are too much" said riddhima hitting him lightly on his hand in which he groaned in pain as she hit him exactly on his wound
"oh I am so sorry , I am sorry I dint realized are you ok" said riddhima getting concerned
"not until I get my kiss" said armaan again back to normal
"armaan you are too much" said riddhima smiling
"I knew that" said armaan ahead
Only then the room door opened and they both sat back straight
It was rishab and sujal together
"riddhima armaan what happened to you are you guys all right" said rishab coming in and hugging riddhima ,
While sujal hugged armaan ,
"dad we are fine there was no need for you to come here" said armaan
"how cant I the moment mayank informed us that you were attacked i just cant control myself, hope you both are fine" said sujal , from armaan now looking towards riddhima
"yes papa , sujal uncle we are fine , see , everything is ok, so you both please just cool down" said riddhima
"thank god for that , still armaan do you have any idea who were they  , just let me knew about that and I won't leave them" said  sujal
"no dad I have no idea , I send the guards behind but by now I have no knowledge from them as well" said armaan
"oh yes guards informed me , actually the car speed was too fast they tried following them but they were missed , still we have informed the cops regarding this , hopefully they get any clue regarding that" said sujal

"whatever it is just a little request dad , sujal uncle please can we keep this topic till us only , I mean I really don't wish mom and kashish aunty to knew about this , please dad I don't want them to get tensed with this" said riddhima
"its ok beta , we surely keep this attack talk till here only" said rishab assuring
They all settled down after sometime , everything looked fine
Soon sujal got a call from kashish
"hmm kashish, I am in office right now , what , we all come home , and tell armaan to bring riddhima with her , what is it kashish , ohh ok I will just be there , yes we all will be there soon" said sujal on call with his wife
"oh actually kashish had invited all at home , today" said sujal
"anything urgent dad" asked armaan
"yes actually our RajGuru  , is coming home today so kashish wanted you and specially riddhima to take their blessings today" said sujal smiling
"rajguru , who" asked confused riddhima
"oh that's our Royal Priest , you knew he is very smart priest , andeach and every word he says is always right , all his predictions have always turned right , and moreover he is our ancestral priest since centuries they have treated our kingdom so we all really respect them and kashish want you to take their blessing" said sujal smiling
Only then karan also came in there , he went towards rishab
"bhai sahab, just now nandini called me and she told me that they all are going at armaan's house ,and prerna bhabhi wants us all to directly reach there now" said karan
"yes we just came to knew about that from sujal ji , ok then I think we should go in there, I really doubt what all this ladies are upto now" said rishab smiling
"yes right dad  all ladies together at one place , and they calling us all together definitely something major cooking up" said mayank smiling
"ok then lets go" said armaan smiling
All of them came out of the office just on the gate drivers brought cars for them
"well not like that , armaan wait I want you and riddhima to come in the middle car with the guards , and the high security car" said sujal
"dad its not really required" said armaan
"now you will not inform we whats required or what's not, you will be in this car and that's all" said sujal pointing to one car
"well just curious sujal uncle what is there special in this car" said samrat
"well beta it's a completely bullet proof as well as accident free car , the person sitting inside the car cant get hurt even if this car turned upside down or hit hard somewhere , as automatic safety locks didn't let any sensation been felt to the one inside" said sujal

"oh wow that's amazing , well I suppose sujal uncle is right, you both need security and after today's attack you need to be little careful" said samrat
"yes and don't worry we all are with you , we will move together few cars before you and few after" said sujal smiling
And soon everyone settled in their respective cars while armaan and riddhima in the middle car with just one trustworthy drivers of rathodes while armaan was quite happy with the fact that he is going to get this time alone with riddhima, the best part of the car that armaan loved the most was that there was partition in the middle of the front and back seats so literally they were all alone in the car not even driver can see them , else no one can see inside the car as well
The moment riddhima sat inside the car and noticed the car from inside , it was spacious yet very secluded now in this  somewhere getting nervous as well she knew she was all alone with him and no one can see them
After remembering the past and confessing their feelings it was the first time they were going to be alone for so long journey
She was just thinking over all this when armaan sat inside the car and closed the door ,the car started and so riddhima sat straight , she didn't even dared to look towards him
"finally it looks like ages that we got some little time alone with each other" said armaan smiling , looking at riddhima she was not even looking at him
"riddhima what is it, what are you thinking" said armaan looking at her sitting straight

"oh nothing , nothing at all , I was just" said riddhima looking at his face and falling in that intense gaze of him
While armaan also wanted to be with her and to just feel her to realize the fact that they were together now she was here with him
He  lightly kept  his  right palm on her cheek and lightly moving it there , feeling her soft skin ,  
"you knew what riddhima I have been dying to be with you since so long , even before I remember anything I just wanted  to be with you, you knew how much I loved you from the day I first saw you in that while suit you looked angel just you riddhima sharma, oh no correction kripa for me at that time, seriously I still remember what confusion we did with that names" said armaan smiling
And riddhima as well smiling remembering there first meet when she introduced herself as kripa to him and he also Introduced himself as angad
"that was the first time I saw you and at that time only I felt so connected to you, so much fallen for you, you knew after that day you were all over my senses , I imagined you everywhere , it was you and only you that I remembered and I forgot everything else, I falled for this riddhima Sharma , head over heels that day only" said armaan smiling
"then why didn't you ever tried to express your feelings" said riddhima
"well I did,  but whenever I saw your face I got so lost in you that I was not able to think and talk about anything it was you and only you, I was just so much craving to be with you just feel you with me ,just talk with you just express all my feeling" said armaan
Armaan was saying everything so sincerely that riddhima cant control herself ahead , tears started forming in her eyes
"I love you armaan" that's all she said 
It was kind of permission , or urge whatever it was
Armaan keeping her left palm over the other cheek of her as well cupping her face with her hands, getting really very close to her face
Just very little distance between their lips
"just stop me riddhima if you want to" said armaan as a last warning
While here riddhima closed her eyes maybe just an assurance

And armaan didn't wasted ahead as he just cant control ahead his urges , kept his lips on her , to seal there love and confession with a sweet kiss
Kissing her ever so lightly on her lips , first then deepening it they both lost in their sweet kiss, just feeling each other
But that was not all for them , they both deepened the kiss into more passionate one slowly slowly ,riddhima sliding down on the car seat only and armaan on top of her,  soon she was lying back and armaan completely hugging on top of her and they having there never ending passionate kiss , so lost in their desires the burning hot sensation they didn't even realized where they were and what they were doing
After few minutes finally they broke there kiss, but still didnt wanted to let each other go 
Armaan sliding a little down from her lips to her neck and lightly kissing her there , while riddhima just feeling that new sensation forming in her
Armaan again came to her face and seeing her close eyes she was so lost in the moment, how much he loved her and wanted her , still he realized the fact of where they were and who they were now
"ok I suppose this car journey is not so long for us" said armaan making riddhima open her eyes and looking around
It was then she realized that in what position they were and in what situation as well and she became attentive of that
she slowly tried to get up but not possible as armaan was on top of him so she got back and armaan slowly got up and sat back and after that she did the same  
"oh I actually" riddhima trying to say , striating her clothes and hair to the normal state as they were 
"hey its ok just relax" said armaan and looking away from her a little
later the whole car journey was quite soon they reach rathode house , as riddhima was about to leave outside the car armaan holding her hand and stopping her
"i love you and will always do no matter whatever happens" said armaan just an assurance
"i love you too" said riddhima smiling and moved out of the car
soon everyone reached inside the house

Riddhima also trying to be normal hiding her blush reached in with armaan
And in there we see all the ladies sitting together and taking with someone ,well it was one aged man with traditional dressing and wearing all that god's armlets , rudrashk mala , anyone can say that it was RajGuru  they were taking about
"ooh sujal please come in, Guruji have been asking for you since long, Guruji Sujal is here" said kashish
And then sujal came there and taking Guruji's blessing
"pranam guruji, its so good to see you, thank you for coming here" said sujal
"oh sujal you knew I called guruji here I wanted him to give his blessing to armaan and specially riddhima" said kashish smiling
"ok ladies will you now tell me whats cooking up in here" said sujal seeing all the ladies sitting and their smile say that definitely something was cooking up in their minds
"well nothing much as we wanted guruji to just give his blessing to our kids , and over that I no actually we all ladies decided that we don't want to wait much now for armaan and riddhima marriage so prerna ji asked me to get some nice date for that ,that's why I call guruji to get the best time for their marriage" said kashish excited
Now that was a shock for all , everyone knew this to 'happen but they didn't knew it occurring soo soon 
"just hold on , prerna nandini so you ladies are involved in this plan as well" said rishabh conforming
"well actually yes, now as we all want this to happen so we just took a step ahead" said prerna
"ok now other talks later on first let the kids take guruji's blessing" said kashish
And so talking armaan and riddhima together to the guruji
"guruji please give your blessings to our to be daughter in law, riddhima armaan go ahead" said kashish
 And here as riddhima and armaan bend together to touch Guruji feet, he looked at them together and giving them his blessing,
"guruji these are our kids you have to just get a perfect date for their marriage, here are there horoscope cards" said kashish bringing her hands ahead to give that to guruji , but he stopped her in the middle
[friends , here I knew guruji a traditional person will say in pure hindi , but still I am writing his dialogues in English just so that all my readers can understand that , just imagine he saying all that in pure hindi language]
 "past present and future is so clearly written over this girl face I don't need any horoscope to read that" said guruji looking at riddhima ,
"sit down here and give me your hand" he said ahead to riddhima
And so riddhima did the same , and now guruji reading her palm
"her birth is just for giving and taking love, she is born to be loved and shower love on everyone" said guruji
"you are so right on that as you knew she and my son armaan" said kashish trying to say ahead but guruji started saying first
"Reborn together, right , well this is to happen this was destined to happen , and like that history also repeat itself, and that is also destined to happen" said guruji
"what are you trying to say guruji" asked confused prerna
"now give me the kids horoscope I need to be sure before telling you all this" said guruji and taking armaan and riddhima kundali's he started reading them and calculating his own priest way
"I knew this, like everything this is also going to repeat" said guruji
"what is going to repeat guruji , hope there is nothing to worry about" said sujal as now all sitting there were little tensed
"this girl life is in danger there is a risk of sudden death in riddhima's kundali and that is unstoppable" said guruji
And this was a shock more than that for all present there , I mean what was he saying that riddhima going to die soon , everyone was shocked and no one said anything they all were scared, but most important armaan he was like what the hell was that
"what nonsense , I don't believe this , mom, I don't believe him" said armaan in frustration
"armaan shut up , he is an elder you cant disrespect him" said kashish
"I mean see mom what all is he saying" said armaan feeling offended
"love , this love of yours, love always binds love , this was destiny , this was her destiny to die ages ago in your previous birth , but then your strong love that was bind with her , you also died with her binding yourself with her, your love with her, and so she was back, your love brought her back again to born again, but then her destiny was the same , god had showered you both with a beautiful strong bond of love , but not with that much of time to be with your love" said guruji looking at armaan
"guruji please tell us that is there any way to get riddhima out of this situation" said prerna , she was worried , she was crying
"in previous birth it was riddhima who was destined to die, not armaan , but he also died as he didn't left her love he didn't let her go alone , and in this birth also its only armaan love that can bind her last birth they were not able to fight the evil just because they didn't have anyone with them no one love or blessing,  but now this time they have many peoples to love them to death  plus so many blessing so this time they can fight this destiny only when they are one , and bind together" said guruji
 "yes guruji tell us what we have to do in this" said prerna looking in a sudden hope
"5 days , in the next 5 days armaan and riddhima have to get married, there kundali need to be joined together and it occurs only after they take sacred 7 pheras , in front of the sacred fire , only then riddhima can be safe" said guruji
"you mean armaan and riddhima to get married on the 5th day from now, so early" said kashish in shock
"that's the only way to save riddhima , it the marriage is not done on that sacred time then there is no way to save riddhima" said guruji
And everyone was like too much shock , cum confused plus not so sure that they should trust him or not
And here guruji stood up
"just do the preparations for the marriage make sure all the rituals to be done fully traditionally , and yes there will be no risk on riddhima after 5 days if the marriage happens then she will be safe ahead forever, but still this coming 5 days each day is crucial" said guruji
"there is a danger all around and maybe just passed through one but all the time you cant be this lucky and fast" said guruji looking at armaan face and then his wounded hand ,
Making them realize that they actually passed a dangerous experience today when riddhima was attacked
This was trigger for all mayank ,samrat and adhiraj , along with sujal and rishab  ,as they were the only one who knew about that attack ,
Yes riddhima life is in danger , they have no other option but to believe guruji verdicts words by words
"sujal ji I am still now sure to believe it or not, but for my daughter sake I am ready to do anything" said rishab after guruji left
"I think we don't have any other choice , cause I knew guruji's each verdict have always been true" said sujal
"then there is no other thing to talk about or even waste time on thinking I am ready for this, I want my daughter to get married , only if that can save her I am in this" said prerna keeping a hand on riddhima's head , who was still sitting in the same place and was lost , or was in a shock state after listening all that guruji said
No one said anything else much , everyone was little sad and disturbed
"guys what are you all thinking , lets just not think about this is sad way and take it positively that guruji took out a date of 5th day from now for armaan and riddhima marriage and moreover we all wanted them to married so why not now" said sujal cheering everyone
"yes right we just take it as a good thing and just get started guys there have to be so many preparations in marriage we have only 5 days" said rishab
"hmm whatever situation is in which we doing this but still its our kids marriage and I want it to be a grand affair , after all its Armaan singh Rathode marriage and it will be a grand royal wedding" said kashish 
"so decided no one going to think about guruji saying and we all will just think about one thing and that is we have so many preparation I have so many  thoughts and dreams for my daughter marriage and I have to complete all them" said prerna happily
"sujal ji I think the 2nd day from now we can have an engagement ceremony" said rishab
"yes and then the 3rd day mehandi and haldi ceremony, 4th day sangeet ceremony and finally the marriage on the 5th day" said sujal completing there functions calculation
"so literally guys we have just today day  and tomorrows day free so shall we start with all the preparations from now" said sujal
And suddenly all the tensed and shocked faces turned in tension ridden ones, tension for the marriage preparation 

And right now I am also veery tensed to think over how to write a perfect wedding for armaan and riddhima the must awaited in my ff, so give me time to think and write on that , till then enjoy reading this part , another maha update , compensation of my being late
Will try update ahead soon 

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Awesum d weddng in 5days..plz don't make bad on weddng funs gt ruined..maje it a happy one...update soon..thnks

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